you may all burst into tears

guys i’m not gonna be like ‘pls vote for nct dream’ or whatever bc there are so many factors that go into deciding who wins and RV are there and so many other talented groups but


imagine the babies if they won. you KNOW mark will be the first to burst into tears and the other babies will start crying bc their dad is crying and they’ll all cry

AND can you imagine all the other boys??? like??? they’re going to be so unbelievably happy and proud like the older boys definitely see the boys from dream as their little brothers that they look after and want to see happy and can you IMAGINE how proud and how much they’d cry if the boys won? and got the first win for nct? it may not be this time round but i can’t wait for nct’s first win just to see them happy and proud of each other, even the boys not in the unit at that point in time i’m so soft

Okay but hear me out

I see the scenarios of Hana having babies with PBG, contracting MOPS, and dying tragically

But I raise you Jon and Hana adopting kids, from baby to teens, ending up with a big enough brood to practically start a theatre troupe

Or Mai bursting into happy tears when Satch and Hana ask her to be their surrogate

Or Paul and Hana being the best aunt and uncle ever and spoiling Nick and Josh’s babies

Or Jirard’s wish of them all living on the same street coming true and them not dwelling for a second on whether the kids popping in for dinner have Jared’s eyes or are shooting up like weeds like PBG did

Just, Hana and her boy of choice having healthy and fulfilling alternatives to her contracting MOPS?


Favorite Couples : Literature + Mythology + History

>Zeus and Hera

“You so easily forget that some of your demons are fashioned from your own hand.“ he fires back, "Do not toss blame around wherever it is convenient for you.” There is open lightening now above them, and clouds so gray with the threat of bursting at the slightest flick of their wrists.

She’s blind with anger, but it’s mostly pain lacing her tongue. Tears long since shed are pooling at her eyes, but she refuses, will not entertain the notion, that she may cry. “You, who gave me dominion over a sacred right, marriage, all the while knowing my own was the biggest farce in history, how are you not to blame?”

She thought she was immune to suffering by now, believing that only dead things could be found in the hollowed cavities between the ichor in her chest. She’s wrong though. So wrong. His eyes normally stormy, are still, and light, so light. “I am.”


How to Win a Breakup Battle

You won’t

There is no coming out on top
No winning in this game
There’s no way of justifying
Or rectifying any of your pain

You can cry out all your tears
You can watch those cheesy flicks
You can eat your weight in ice cream cones
You can suck a lot of dicks

You can sing T Swift for all to hear
You can scream til your lungs may burst
You can write a cheesy poem about it
You can give the world your worst

But you can’t succeed in any breakup
You can’t win this fight you don’t want
But you can’t lose in this game either really
They can’t make you something you’re not

You’re a queen, a king, a fucking dragon
You built a castle of tears
You were been okay before they were here
You’ll be okay for years

So drink until you forget their lips
Or hide in your room for a week
You are royalty and the way you rule
Will never make you weak

So rule the way you chose to rule
And know that better days are ahead
So stop pawning their love, stop checking their page,
And get this through your head

You won’t win in a breakup, it’s not a game
You choose the way you morn
Don’t tease or critique how someone plays
Don’t fill your screen with scorn

So don’t read their page, don’t read the texts
Delete all the photos off your phone
And no, you can’t win this fight
But you don’t have to fight alone

Make your army of music and poems
And tumblr and cute boys and drinks
Make a courtyard of pizza boxes and soda
Make a navy that will never sink

You’re a queen, a king, a motherfucking dragon
And no one can take that away
But know that you can’t win or lose this fight
But you will, I promise, be okay

ok but imagine mother’s day in the Weasley household

Arthur gets Molly some lovely flowers in a vase that he may or may not have charmed to sing

Bill takes out the fang earring and gets his hair cut (which he will of course charm to grow back out the next day)

Charlie gives his mother a hand crafted miniature dragon figurine

Percy sends an owl with his regret that he cannot visit as he is far too busy with work but wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day all the same

Fred and George decide to take a break on the pranking (for one day) and even help their mother clean up after their last explosion

Ron and Ginny are both in school but buy some Honeyduke’s sweets in Hogsmeade and owl them to her (there may have been a few missing from Ron’s package)

and little Harry Potter sends a shyly handwritten note with the words “Thank you”

and this is the gift that sends Mrs. Weasley bursting into tears