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would you be willing to write some more tony stark with peter parker and their father-son relationship? because i think it's so precious and i loved your story with peter getting drunk! maybe you could write something with peter being really, really sad and crying and desperately needing a hug and feeling like nobody cares about him and someow he finds his way over to tony. and before tony can even ask what's wrong peter just breaks down crying, so tony comforts him and hugs him maybe?


Everything was blurry. He felt wobbly on his legs; a little bit like he’d been concussed, except he knew there would be pain if he had. Physical pain, anyway. Or blood.

From behind him, people were laughing. It was loud and grated against his ears. He wanted to tell them to shut up; to scream at them, or hit them, but he knew he couldn’t. He was too strong. One punch might kill them, for all he knew.

He couldn’t do a damn thing.


More laughs. Someone shoved him in the shoulder, and he would’ve ducked out of the way, but it would’ve looked too fast to be normal, so he let them. 

“Awwww, guys, look at him, he’s going to cry!” Someone called out, and Peter looked down to the floor immediately, desperately fighting back the hotness behind his eyes. Fuck fuck fuck fuck- he wasn’t supposed to cry, he was bigger than that, he was a superhero for Christ’s sake, he could take a little teasing-

“Oh my God, look at him! He’s actually fucking crying!”

He wanted Ned. Or MJ. Where the hell were they- it was their spot in the school cafeteria, they were supposed to be here, he needed them to be here right now, everyone else was stood around him, crowding him, crushing him, he couldn’t breathe- he wanted at least one person on his side, Jesus-

“Aww, Peter,” came a soft voice to his right, so pretty and nice and exactly what Peter had loved listening to for such a long time now, “you really think I would actually have said yes? For like…serious?”

Someone shoved his shoulder again, harder this time, and Peter gritted his teeth, getting to his feet. He’d had enough of this, he needed to find…something, a toilet maybe, or an empty classroom-

Hands grabbed on to his jacket and shoved him back on to the seat again, and Peter physically fought back the urge to grab their wrist and force them off. He’d hurt them. He’d hurt them he’d hurt them he’d hurt them, he was too strong, he’d hurt them-

“You’re honestly one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen, Jesus, Parker,” someone else, a boy this time, leaned down and ruffled a rough hand through his hair. Everyone laughed again.

He was done.

Getting to his feet, he ignored the people who tried to push him back down again. Strength be fucking damned, he wasn’t going to spend another second in their company. He pushed at the nearest person he could reach, and then watched as they were yanked out of place and sent hurtling across the room, falling on to their back and rolling all the way across the cafeteria.

There was dead, stagnant silence.

Peter stared, horror-stricken. Oh…fucking Christ, what if he’d hurt him-

“What the shit?” The boy called out angrily, getting back to his feet and staring across the room with a look that could’ve curdled milk.

Right. Not that injured, then.

“What the fuck is your problem, Parker?” The boy snarled, beginning to step forward, and there was a crowd gathering now, obviously preparing for some sort of fight, and where the hell were all the teachers, shouldn’t they sort this shit out-

“FIGHT!” Someone called, breaking the silence, and then suddenly they were all yelling; chants and sneers, egging the other boy on as he took another step, vicious grin on his face.

Peter had to stop this. Immediately.

Turning on his heel, he did the only thing he could think of.

He ran. 

He ran and ran until he reached the main entrance, and then he kept running until the school was just a distant building amongst the many in Queens.

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Being a highly sensitive person (HSP) is like having your internal dial turned up just a little more than other people’s dials. You notice subtle details that others don’t notice, and certain situations impact you more than they impact non-HSPs. Your sensitivity is your greatest strength — it makes you a perceptive, compassionate, creative person — but it can also be your greatest challenge. Often, you do things to protect your sensitive system, and other people don’t realize the real root of your actions.

Here are 27 things that people don’t realize you’re doing because you’re an HSP. These things may not be true of every HSP (we’re individuals, after all), but I believe this list is generally true; it draws on research by Dr. Elaine N. Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person.

1. When you’re in a loud, busy place — like a bar, restaurant, or party — and you shut down because you’re overwhelmed by so much sensory input.

2. When a commercial that shows abused animals comes on TV and you have to change the channel, because seeing such cruelty nearly makes you burst into tears. Likewise, you cover your eyes during a gory fight scene in a movie because the blood and violence make you feel sick to your stomach.

3. When you have a particular bedtime or morning routine because doing things the same way each day brings you comfort. Chaos, change, and the unknown can be quite stressful and overwhelming for you.

4. If your roommate or significant other walks up behind you without making noise, you jump sky-high like a frightened cat when you do notice them. Because of your sensitive nervous system, you tend to startle easily.

5. When a friend, coworker, or partner raises their voice slightly at you and you immediately become anxious. Dealing with conflict — even minor disagreements — can quickly become overstimulating. Likewise, when there is ongoing tension in a close relationship, such as with your spouse or a family member, you might feel physically unwell and have trouble sleeping.

6. Even when people who are complete strangers are fighting (like a couple at a nearby table in a restaurant), you get uncomfortable.

7. In school, when the teacher scolded another student for something, you became anxious, even though you had nothing to do with the situatoin.

8. When you have to finish an assignment or a task by a deadline and you become increasingly stressed out to the point where you can only think about that one task — HSPs tend to be quite sensitive to time pressure.

9. When you fall in love, you fall hard. It feels like your whole world is changing. This can be exhilarating, but so exhilarating that it’s almost overwhelming. You’re happy about this exciting change, but regardless, it’s still a change, and that can make you feel overstimulated.

10. Being a sponge that constantly absorbs the moods of the people around you. Sometimes this gets to be so overwhelming that you want to be by yourself, just so you can feel only your own feelings.

11. When you feel so exhausted after a busy day at work that you head straight home and lie down in a darkened, quiet room to calm your overactive senses.

12. When someone who is wearing very strong perfume walks into a room and you have to move away from them because the smell is overpowering to your ramped-up senses.

13. When you refuse to eat certain foods, like seafood or berries that are very tart, because the smells/tastes cause a very strong reaction in you.

14. When you get so hungry that you can’t concentrate on what you’re doing — HSPs tend to be especially sensitive to dips and spikes in blood sugar.

15. You don’t drink coffee because caffeine has a strong effect on you. Likewise, alcohol affects you very strongly, more so than most other people.

16. When you can pinpoint exactly what makes a room physically uncomfortable or unwelcoming — bright florescent lights, chairs with hard backs, or the way the furniture is arranged.

17. When you have a very strong reaction to art, music, or other beautiful things. No one else seems to be as moved as you are; beautiful sounds or sights can put you into a near trance-like state.

18. Because you have a vivid inner world, your daydreams and nightmares are intense. Similarly, you tend to be a creative, artistic, and imaginative person.

19. When you’re in pain — like a headache or an injury — you really feel it. HSPs tend to have a lower pain tolerance than non-HSPs.

20. When you tell your friends that you can’t hang out tonight because you feel so overstimulated already — from a busy work day, a busy weekend, or stress in your life.

21. You avoid going to stores when you know there will be a lot of people there; it’s too much noise and activity for your sensitive system.

22. When you’re sensitive to the volume of music or other things. You’re always trying to move the controls by a millimeter or two to get the level just right.

23. When you notice little things in your surroundings, like how your friend’s mood subtlety changed when you brought up a certain topic. When you point this out, your friend is surprised that you picked up on that detail.

24. When you don’t get enough sleep so everything feels literally awful the next day.

25. At work, you end up doing a worse-than-normal job when your boss is watching and evaluating you. For HSPs, the mere presence of a person who is watching them can be overstimulating.

26. When you feel things very strongly — sadness, anger, and joy.

27. You seek meaning in everything you do, from the career you chose to the relationships you maintain to the conversations you partake in. As an HSP, you want to engage with the deeper aspects of life.

Want to learn more about being an HSP? We recommend Dr. Elaine N. Aron’s book, The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You.

college! au shidge

I may not yet be in college but I am however still a student and really I just pulled these from my butt and accidentally ended up writing a fic ok anyways

  • shiro’s staring dumbfounded at his best friend’s little sister who managed to jump three whole years into his grade like H O W
  • them at the library and pidge cursing her smolness and shiro just hoists her up on his shoulder to the right shelf
  • for some reason they have a lot of classes together. A LOT.

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-he wouldn’t leave your side at all, in fact he’d stay up and refuse to leave for days at a time; he just prayed and hoped you’d wake up- 

*with his head resting on your thigh, he’d hold your hand*
“Baby.. please.. wake up..” 
*feels your hand twitch, but would shoot up the second he saw your eyes open*
“Y/N!!! You’re awake!” 
*with the biggest smile on his face, he’d fight back tears while running to get the doctors*

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-ever since you’ve been asleep (as he liked to call it), he wasn’t his usual self anymore and despite the doctors less than comforting words; he never gave up hope- 

*with the nurse’s permission, he cuddled up beside you*
“My precious angel.. I miss you so much..” 
*you’d suddenly stir, making a soft groan before turning to look at him*

You; “W- Where am I?” 

*practically stubbles off the bed before bursting into tears, unable to say about but hug you* 

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-though he wasn’t in the same condition as you, he still had a fractured rib but despite his own pain, he never missed a second with you- 

*sniffles, tears trickle down his cheeks while laced his fingers between yours*
“The doctors say you more than likely will never wake up..”
*chuckles through his tears*
“I think they’re lying, they have to be, right y/n?”
“You’ll wake up for me, won’t you?” 

*just as he was getting up to get his meds, you’d stir in bed- slowly opening your eyes* 


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-he’d never forgive himself, though he’d be with you every single second; not wanting to be apart no matter how much he blamed himself for your condition- 

“I’m so sorry, Jagi, this is all my fault… but please wake up, babygirl..” 
*caresses the back of your hand*
“I can’t lose you..” 
*as he begins to sob, you’d squeeze his hand* 

You; “Ko- Kookie..” 

“Sh, sh, don’t talk baby- Don’t move, I’m gonna go get the doctor.” 

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-he’d always try to fight crying when he was with you because he read that though coma patients couldn’t react to anything they could still hear, but after receiving heart shredding news from the doctor he couldn’t help it this time- 

 *as soon as he lays beside you, he bursts into tears*
“Jagi, please wake up- they keep telling me to prepare for the worst..” 
“But I can’t, I don’t want to.. please prove them wrong, my love..” 

*he’d begin to drift off into a heartbroken sleep when he’d feel you move, whimpering as you couldn’t create a coherent word*

“Y- Y/n.. sh, sh, angel- I’m right here, everything’s okay..”

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-he may have not been hurt physically, but every time he saw you connected to all those wires everything seemed to pain him; he just wanted you awake, healthy, and back home safe in his arms- 

“Jagiya..I- I know I’m not good with my words, and I know I never told you how much you mean to me.. but..” 
*brings his hand up to your face, caressing your cheek* 
“But, you’re my entire world.. I won’t be able to on without you.” 
*just as he was about to brush stray hair out of your face, you buried yourself into his palm*  

You; “Yoongi… Why do I hurt all over?” 

*stays there in shock for a moment before gently pulling you into his arms*

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-he tried to be tough for you, he really did; and though he had hope, he was plagued with the thought of the possibility of losing you, he couldn’t help breaking down- 

*sitting there with you, he just looked over you- adoring you for the sleeping angel you were*
“You look so beautiful, like always, but.. I want you to wake up..” 
*softly pets your head*
“I miss your smile, I miss you…” 

*before he could go on, your eyes gradually opened as you tried to sit up*

“Oh my god, ba- baby…” 
“No, no don’t move- lay done, I’ll go get a doctor.” 

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Sometimes lesbians do get happy endings. 

Mum wasn’t going to come to my wedding. It was hard, but I’d made peace with that. My girlfriend and I would get married without her blessing. 

Then, two days before the big day, when we were already in New Zealand, I got a frantic call at 11pm at night. I answered it and it was her, crying and asking if she’d still be welcome. We said yes, of course, and she booked herself last minute flights to get to New Zealand. 

When I first saw her outside the registry, all dressed up with her hair done and holding flowers, I burst into tears. She came up to me and touched my face, saying, “You look so happy. Both of you, you look so happy,” and gave us these roses.

They’re more than flowers to me. 

They’re given to me by a women to cried and shouted and refused to talk about my sexuality for seven years after I came out to her. It may not seem like much: but she had to walk into that flower store and buy these. She had to choose roses - the symbol of love - for her gay daughter and her gay daughter’s ‘friend’. There’s an admission in that. There’s acceptance in that. These roses say, “I know you love each other,” and she gave them to us at our wedding, which she flew three thousand kilometres to attend. 

I sobbed as she placed them in my hand. 

Because nothing will ever touch what it feels like to finally, finally know your mother loves you just the way you are. 

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Kuroo + his gf who gets a lil drunk so he decides it's time to leave but his gf says she can't go with him bc she has a bf (she's talking about him to him without even realizing bc drunk) he plays along and starts asking her about her bf and she gushes about him and says silly things he does. Eventually he asks if she loves him and she says yes and how she wants to marry him, have kids and grow old together. He gets emotional because holy fuck I love this dork so much

Okay, so this is going to be like a continuation of this scenario I wrote a while ago: X

[College - Almost adult life ! AU]

“Oh yes, the gods are favoring me now” Kuroo thought as he looked at his drunken partner.

Currently, he was trying to convince her to go home, but without avail. She looked up at him and said “Ya‘now dude, I know what you’re trying to do” she snorted “and let me tell ya, I have a boyfriend so go away before I call him”

She didn’t recognize him, perfect timing to get a mini revenge on the last time he got drunk.

“Ohh, excuse me then, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend” he said seriously “is he going to come if you call him?”

“Of course he is” she said “he’s like, ya’now, super caring and all those thingsss” she slurred a little “like, almost a father, always worrying and trying to help me”

His heart swelled with pride, knowing that his girlfriend saw him like that, someone whom she could rely on. “That’s very nice, I hope you have a long, love-filled relationship” he said

She smiled “I hope so!!” she laughed “even though he’s a biiiig nerd, always making those horrible science puns” and then she said “but he makes me happy, so I’m willing to hear them everyday”

His puns were amazing, why did she consider them horrible? She had no sense of humor, of course she didn’t. “Do you love him?” he asked cautiously.

She fell silent for a few moments, and those moments were the worst torture for Kuroo. Did she doubt her love for him?

“Of course I love him!!” she said excitedly “I love him lots and lotsssss, like I really can’t imagine a life without him?”

Oh god, someone please save Kuroo’s heart “I like to think of us in the future, happily married, with little children running around our house” she said sweetly “and I want to hold his hand every day, even as the years start passing”

She sounded surprisingly sober right now, but he couldn’t think about that at all. His heart was about to burst from his chest, happiness taking over his body. He didn’t realize a few tears slipped from his eyes, until he felt her hands on his face, and her fingers wiping them away.

“I may be drunk Kuroo, but I’m not stupid enough not to recognize you after a while” she said smiling at him.

“Oh” was all he could muster at that moment “did…did you lie about the things you said?” he asked slowly.

“Do I look like someone who’s going to lie about those things?” she asked.

“Of course not” he said looking in her eyes “God, I love you so much (Name)”

Never in his life had he felt so sure about something. When the right moment arrived, he definitely was going to ask her to marry him. He hoped she liked the ring he saw on a jewelry a few weeks ago.

Dean collapses on top of Castiel’s chest, sated and warm with afterglow. He presses soft, wet kisses to the angel’s chest with a hum. Cas smiles, and of his part, runs his fingers through Dean’s light brown hair. He doesn’t speak until sometime later: “Have you ever read the Song of Solomon? Sometimes referred to as the Song of Songs?”

Dean shakes his head minutely, loathe to dislodge Cas’s hand. “Maybe Sam has,” he sighs, eyes slipping shut. “Who wrote it?”

“It’s in the Bible,” Castiel says softly, blunt nails scratching gloriously at his hunter’s scalp. “The story of two lovers, written by a man named Absalom. Not King Solomon’s son, this Absalom was a shepherd. Kind. Generous. Devout. He wrote, arguably, the most beautiful book in the Hebrew Bible.”

Dean hums sleepily.

“He wrote it for the King,” Castiel continues. “Which is where the name comes from. Of course, Absalom was not truly important, and so he has been forgotten… but his poem was remembered.” Cas pauses, other fingers tracing patterns on Dean’s bare shoulder. “It’s my favourite part of the books of Wisdom.”


Castiel smiles at his sleepy human, shifting to press their mouths together softly. “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is better than wine.”

In slow, lovely blinks, the green of Dean’s eyes become visible.

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Y’all I just cracked myself up so badly oh my god I’ve got tears in my eyes

Look the bros must have absolutely insane tan lines, not only that but just general endeavors with the sun

You guys

Noctis having the worst shirt tan line, and oh my lord his gloved hand. His gloved hand tan line. He takes off the glove to go take a shower in the hotel bathroom and oh my god you cannot help but burst out laughing because it’s just this huge strip of pale-ass skin. It’s like a watch tan line but 25 times better

Prompto may have all the sunshine in his soul but his body reacts terribly to it. This boy could get a sunburn during a snowstorm. All the bros use sunscreen but Prompto uses the most and he gets a neopolitan tan because he’s so pale underneath his clothes, and he sometimes takes off his vest if it’s particularly hot but there’s the tan line from the vest and oh my lord. So at the end of the day there’s his pale skin under his shirt, there’s this sliver that’s burnt and there’s the rest of his arm that miraculously tanned over and it looks hilarious (and you take lots of pictures)

Gladio has his chest out all the time and then those tank tops, man oh man, he doesn’t get any tan lines torso-wise but his legs oh my GOD. You pranked him one time and snatched the change of clothes he had for post shower, and when he came out of the bathroom you burst out laughing because now you know where Casper the Ghost’s legs are, Gladio stole them, my god he’s just so pale underneath his pants

Ignis regrets his choice of gloves sometimes because he’ll take them off and you’ll just laugh because just his thumb and the four knuckles are tanned and the rest is just pale af. And my lord the rest of him is just as pale, y’all know he shows the least skin out of the bros, and he just has this distinct line right at his collarbone from his tan.

you guys i can’t breathe i’m laughing too hard help me

i can’t stop imagining the boys with tan lines

Super Junior Reaction to: Spotting You At A Concert

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Yesung: Baby Yesung would be so happy to see you. He would tell the members and they would all come over and sing to you during songs. He would cutely act jealous when other members stayed too long, pushing them out of the way and serenading you with his soulful, rich voice.

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Leeteuk: During a conversation segment of the concert, he told everyone you were there after he’d spotted you during “Sapphire Blue”. He wouldn’t hesitate to shower you with affection all through the rest of the night.

Originally posted by mysilentmemory

Shindong: He’d actually become quite shy upon seeing you. He’d wave, a blush blooming in his face. He would most likely stand near you the whole concert, a bright smile on his face.

Originally posted by shirade

Donghae: Like Shindong, he’d be a bit shy, but also super surprised. He wouldn’t become hyper until the upbeat songs came on. He’d race over to your side, dancing and maybe even doing aegyo to make you cringe. If he caught your gaze while dancing, he’d purposefully be a bit extra, smirking and biting his lip.

Kyuhyun: Surprised everyone by randomly bursting into tears. When Kyu had saw you, he’d fixed you with a dazed smile, waved and blown you a soft kiss before leaving and you hadn’t seen him again all night. Wiping tears from his eyes, head bowed, he explained the reason of his tears. “I-I’m just so happy from all the love I’m feeling tonight. Mostly from my significant lover here tonight. I may not say it much, but I truly want you to know–I love you.”

Originally posted by thesuperjunior

Heechul: He’d pretend you were a reporter in the audience for laughs. “What magazine are you from?” he’d inquire, shoving his microphone in your face. He’d then pull you into a hug and probably kiss you, making sure to be extra (at least, more than usual) just for your entertainment for the rest of the night.

Originally posted by welovehaehyuk

Eunhyuk: He’d wave at you, bending down on his knees to shyly talk to you. “Babe, when’d you get here?” You two have an adorable mini conversation and Hyukkie wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. Throughout the whole concert, he’d be staring at you with loving, amorous eyes.

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

Siwon: He’d be a bit shocked seeing you, jokingly asking who you were just to make sure he wasn’t about to blow a kiss to the wrong person. When you indeed confirmed it was you, he would be about to burst with happiness on the inside, but would just beam with silent mirth on the outside, grabbing your hands and kissing your knuckles, playfully reminding you to cheer for him when he sang.

Originally posted by duckflyfly

Kangin: He would jokingly act like he didn’t see you, deliberately running away from your side of the stage. However, if Eunhyuk or Donghae came and greeted you and stayed by your side, joyfully singing and dancing to cheer you up, he’d come running over there, pretending to be mad, shooing them away as he made sure all your attention was dedicated to him. After the show was over, he’d make up for playfully ignoring you, giving you flowers and taking you out to dinner, showering you with affection.

Originally posted by kyuteu-k

Sungmin: His cheeks would turn red upon seeing you, mostly if it was in the middle of the concert, as he realized you’d been watching him the whole time and he hadn’t even noticed. He would stay by your side of the stage the whole time, singing and gesturing to you while singing certain lyrics. He would feel bad for showing favoritism, but what else could he do when his favorite boy/girl was around?

Originally posted by gaemerkyu-ssi

Ryeowook: He’d be so adorably shy and probably would lean over and give you a hug immediately upon seeing you. He would act his best, dancing as hard as he could, singing as powerful as possible, making sure you had a great time. After it was over, he’d be inquiring all about what you thought. If you paid him a compliment, he wouldn’t be able to help but blush. “Love, you’re so sweet.”

ENTP Females I’ve Met (by an INFJ)

What I noticed and observed about them: (2 FEMALES)

  1. They underestimate their social skills. They don’t think they’re good in socializing and even if they say that they hate it, they’re so annoyingly good at it. They just don’t realize it. They just dislike the thought of forced socialization–when they have to talk to people they’re not genuinely interested in. 
  2. This continues on to the fact that they’ve got good social skills. They know that as long as they’re nice to people, they’ll be nice in return. But they do admit that only the first few hours of meeting people is exciting. If it reaches a certain point, socializing may get tiring and unbearable.
  3. It’s true, they’re smart and they don’t even have to try hard. Genius people. Both of the ones I know are considered as the beauties with brains. One of the ENTPs I know learned in a rather different school environment where teachers would just leave their students in a quiet classroom to self-study– so she got used to learning on her own pace effectively and independently. The other ENTP I know has a curious mind and picks up things quickly–probably because she loves thinking a lot about how things work. I swear, they can study a few minutes before tests and ace them.
  4. They hide their stress or well, they do their best to avoid it from getting to them. They pretty much don’t like dwelling on their problems and they find talking about stress or expressing their stress pointless. 
  5. One ENTP female I know doesn’t appear extroverted at first but then you realize that she can actually thrive well in big groups–even if she says she hates parties. I don’t even know how she does it. But she really does prefer small groups.
  6. The other ENTP female I know appears extroverted and is extroverted. But she really still prefers a small group of people because she tires out in big ones.
  7. They are rebels. They go by their own rules. And they don’t do it to be cool. Their coolness is just natural. 
  8. They two ENTP females I know are fashionable. They’ve got their own style and they pretty much surprise people by what they’re wearing. 
  9. A lot of people like them and they have no idea why–like really, they have NO IDEA. Their ego doesn’t even inflate because of it. 
  10. The two ENTP females almost always have suitors. They just attract people so easily– like they have this magnetism. However, they’ve only had a few relationships (or well, just flings) or even none. They seem to be in love with the idea of being in love, rather than actually being in love. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but I feel like they feel this way. And well, it’s hard for them to find someone that really attracts them. They want to fall in love with someone’s mind and it’s hard to find those kinds of people nowadays. 
  11. They love arguing in a nice and non-harmless way–just for fun. I guess they just want to see if anyone could try and prove them wrong. They actually do get competitive when it comes to things they believe in though. 
  12. They are so fun to be with and when they’re around, the mood is just so light (they do it to remove the awkwardness–they could actually be really anxious inside but are so good at hiding it).
  13. They tend to misplace and forget things and this trait of theirs may make them seem irresponsible and reckless. But this doesn’t stop them from being witty and intelligent people.  
  14. They can’t be mean, even to the people that they secretly dislike (or even to people that dislike them). They forgive easily and don’t really care about how people perceive them and always choose to kill people with kindness; because they find hating people so tiring. They would rather watch people be slowly killed by their own conscience. They let karma do its work. 
  15. There are days when they just don’t want to socialize and just wanna stay home and play Sims and be around their pet dog. Or binge-watch their favorite series. They can pretty much go both ways: be with people and be alone. 
  16. One of the ENTPs I know gets so disappointed in herself when she doesn’t get a high grade (even if it’s ALREADY HIGH). They’re actually really hard on themselves but don’t show it, which is why they seem effortlessly smart.
  17. When they end up failing though, they may end up bursting into tears because they have such high expectations of themselves. One of the ENTPs I know has an extremely strict parent who expects her to do well all the time; while the other one has a scholarship to maintain. 
  18. Their sense of humor is the best. And their spontaneity. You feel a sense of belonging when you’re friends with them.
  19. The two ENTP females I know get clumsy and it’s just really funny and cute and makes their personality even more real and perfect. 
  20. Both of the ENTPs I know are the ultimate grammar-Nazis. They cringe every time they see wrong grammar and express their disgust for it with their close friends. (But typos are okay for them–probably because they keep making a bunch of them)
  21. They are actually deep people and they may hide this trait of theirs by putting on sunny and happy-go-lucky facades. But they’re actually really into poetry and they enjoy analyzing things in their spare time.
  22. The ENTP females I know are good and skilled at a lot of things but they don’t even mention them; you have to be the ones to find out for yourself. One ENTP I know can play guitar and has been a valedictorian for years (which I didn’t even know about until people told me), and the other one I know is actually really good at sports and can sing. 
  23. The stereotype of them wanting to do so many things but not actually starting or finishing them is so true. The two ENTPs I know keep sharing their ideas and goals in life and well they do start–but that’s all they end up doing. Starting.  
  24. ENTPs don’t like things just to fit in or just to join the bandwagon. They like things because they truly like them. They aren’t here in this world to impress people–they’re here just to enjoy and express themselves with people that truly accept them for who they are.

p.s. I love ENTPs. (sorry if this post became pretty bias) Two of my best friends are ENTPs and man, I just can’t express how much I love and admire them. I don’t even think this post is good enough for them but well–in the future, I will make a post about why I personally think INFJs and ENTPs get along soooooo well. So watch out for that! :) 

Oh and I never got close to an ENTP male (or I’m just not sure) so this is why I labeled this as an “ENTP Females” post. But if you guys relate too, then well–that’s nice!

Colors of the Wind- Dino Fluff/Angst (Soulmate!AU)

Originally posted by mc-gyu

Request: seventeen dino soulmate au? thanks!

Genre: Fluff/ Angst

Word Count: 2396

Member/Group: Chan (Dino) of SEVENTEEN

A/N: I woke up to write this at 6:00 in the morning, but I actually think this may be one of my favorite pieces of writing that I have done so far. (It definitely is the longest.) I hope you all enjoy reading this, and let’s get on with the story!

 When you finally meet your soulmate, people say that color is finally visible to your eyes. At the first second your eyes meet, a wave of color just splashes across your vision and you can finally truly see the world around you. Every young girl and boy dreams of the day when their life will no longer be black, white, and gray, but vivid hues of reds and blues. It changes the way you view the sky when you can finally tell the clouds from the atmosphere and plant are no longer gray but a bright green that seems as if it will rub off on your fingers if you touch it for too long. You were no different from every other teen as you dreamed of this day, but there was one problem: You were blind.

 It hadn’t always been that way. You still had memories of the way the Earth around you looked when you played in the garden and skipped on the sidewalks, but when you were only seven years old, something terrible happened. The strongest fever you had ever experienced shook your whole life around, and it caused many issues with development, mainly your eyesight. As you lived in the countryside most of your life, there was no real access to medical care unless you had the money to pay for it. Spoiler: your family didn’t. All your parents could do was make you as comfortable as possible as you lost the only thing that would ever help you find love when you were older. There were many days were the symptoms were not as bad as anybody thought they would be and your family thought there was a chance you would make a full recovery, but all that optimism was thrown out the window when you woke up and burst into tears finding that you could no longer see.

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Solangelo Through the Ages

Age 5                          

Will looked around his kindergarten classroom. There didn’t appear to be anyone he would be interested in making friends with, and he was just about to give up and sit on his own when a boy a little smaller than him with glowing white skin, jet black hair and chocolate eyes walked through the door. Will immediately wanted to befriend him.

 Once the boy sat down, Will walked over to him. “Hi!” he said enthusiastically. “What’s your name?”

 “My name is Nico. What’s your name?”

 “My name’s Will.”

 “Cool. Do you wanna be my friend?” he asked hopefully.

 “Yeah!” Will said happily, sitting down next to Nico.

Age 10

It was a normal Saturday afternoon, and Will was on the couch reading a book. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it!” he called to his parents.

He opened the door. “Nico?” he asked. Will realised Nico was crying. “What’s wrong, Nico?” Will had never seen Nico cry.

“M-mama and B-bianca. They’re gone!” he sobbed.

“You mean…” Will couldn’t even finish his sentence.

“They’re dead,” he whispered, his eyes falling to his shoes.

 “Nico,” he whispered, opening his arms. “Come here.” Nico buried his head in Will’s shoulder.

Will’s mother walked in. ‘What happened?’ she mouthed to Will. She didn’t get a response.

Once Nico noticed that Will’s mom was in the room, he turned around and started apologizing. “I’m so s-sorry, Mrs. Solace. I didn’t know where else to go.”

“It’s alright, Nico. What happened?”

“M- my Mama and B-bianca. They were in a car accident. They’re gone now,” he managed, before turning to Will and bursting into tears again.

Mrs. Solace, knowing Nico’s father had left, knew that Nico was now alone. She also knew that, if she sent him to authorities, the might try to send him to his father. She walked over to the boys, looking back and forth between the two of them. “Nico, honey, we will help you sort all of this out. Will, may I speak to you for a minute?”

He nodded, gave Nico a squeeze, and said he would be right back. Then he followed his mother into the kitchen.

“Can we let him stay here, Mama?”

“That is what I was about to ask you. You would want him to stay with us?”

“Of course! He is my best friend! 

“Okay. He’ll have to share your room, okay?”

“Okay!” Will turned to leave, but his mother stopped him.

“You know he’s hurting right now. He feels how you felt when you got news of Michael.”

Will grimaced before“I know. But I didn’t have anyone to make me feel better when Michael died. Maybe I can make him feel a little better.” Mrs. Solace smiled at Will, and he turned and walked to Nico in the living room.

“Would you like to stay with us Nico?” Will asked softly.

Nico’s eyes widened. “Would that be okay? 

“Of course, Nico. I’ll talk to my husband, Apollo, but I’m sure he will say yes,” chimed in Mrs. Solace. Then, she bent down and whispered to Nico, “He likes you.”

For a moment, Nico forgot his troubles. “Thank you so much!”

 Mrs. Solace and WIll both hugged him, and suddenly he remembered why he would be staying with them. His smile faded, and the light in his eyes diminished.

“Is there anything I can do, Nico?” Will asked timidly.

He gave a weak smile and replied, “You are doing more than enough already.”

“If there’s anything we can do, just let me know,” he volunteered.   

He nodded in response.

Age 15

“Hey Nico!” Will called one day as the two were headed to the pool. Nico turned around only to be greeted by a water balloon bursting against his chest. 

“Hey!” he shouted back, running up to Will, looking for the water balloons. He reached inside his friend’s bag and retrieved a water balloon, then another, then another, until his arms were full.

“I hope you left some for me, Neeks, or this won’t be a fair fight! 

“Was it fair of you to throw one at me without warning earlier? 

Will smiled and replied, “No,” before he launched another at the dark haired boy.

“This is war, Solace!” he cried, and the two became a blur of color and water, and they soon ran out of balloons.

“Got any more tricks up your sleeve, Will?” Nico asked.

“You’ll see,” he replied deviously.

After about an hour of messing around in the pool, Will dragged Nico out of the water and towards the table they had reserved for the two of them.

“What’s up?” Nico asked gently 

“Nico di Angelo, you have been my best friend for 10 years,” Will began, “You are the first person I came out to, and the person I trust most in the world. You are amazing and wonderful and you make my life brighter. Will you be my boyfriend?”

Nico’s jaw dropped to the floor. He attempted words, but it came out more like gibberish, and Will’s expression faltered for a second, but Nico quickly nodded, and the blonde’s smile returned. 

“You had me worried there, death boy,” Will admitted 

“Are you kidding? I’ve been in love with you since the seventh grade!” Nico assured him.

“Sixth. I win,” Will retorted childishly.

“Whatever you say, sunshine.” Will blushed at the nickname.  

Then, a look of realization struck Will’s face. “Oh! I almost forgot!” He dug into one of the zipper pockets of his bag and pulled out a black velvet box, which he handed to Nico 

“Will, you really shouldn’t have.”

“But I wanted to,” Will insisted, kissing his his boyfriend’s cheek. “Now open it.”

Nico obliged, and he grinned. “It’s beautiful,” he said, hardly a whisper, as Will slipped on the ring. It was simple silver with the sun and moon carved into it.

“It reminded me of us,” said Will.

“I love it.” Nico smiled. He pressed his lips softly to Will’s, and for a moment, they both forgot everything in the world but each other.

Should I do part two? 

Just Friends // Baekhyun (1)

synopsis: your relationship with Baekhyun used to be full of hatred until one little school project makes the feelings swerve everywhere

chapters: one // two

genre: fluff and angst in the future

pov: 1st

word count: 1,878

author’s note: if this chapter gets fifty likes or more, i’ll start working on the second chapter! this was actually really fun to write as well. as always, i hope you enjoy and requests are open!

TRIGGER WARNING: this chapter includes domestic/child abuse and alcoholism


It wasn’t always this confusing. In fact, when we were younger, we despised each other. I guess it was due to the fact of us being children, and like all children, we were most likely drama queen and king. Actually, the only reason our relationship is confusing, is because of what happened last week. You’re probably confused, aren’t you? Well how about this, I’ll go back and explain our relationship, what happened, and how we ended up in this situation. Then, we’ll be where we are now, does that sound good?


Walking through the doors of preschool consisted of me holding on to my mother’s hand, desperately tugging at it to make her take the both of us home. My older brother told me that preschool was the best year of school ever, and I believed him. Until we walked through the doors. Kids were everywhere, yelling, running, and playing. It’s terrifying. “Y/N, you have to let go of my hand, sweetie.” Mom chuckled, gently removing one finger at a time from her hand.

“No way!” I exclaimed, grabbing onto her arm instead. She gave me ‘the look’ before proceeding to walk away. She mouthed an ‘I love you’ before leaving the place. At the brink of tears, I slowly walked into the hectic room, trying to avoid any trouble, along with the noisy kids.

“Baekhyun, slow down!” a young lady, presumably the teacher, yelled, running after a brown haired child, who is most likely Baekhyun. Soon enough the brown haired kid would run past me, but he instead ran into me and knocked me down to the ground.

“Watch where you’re going!” he exclaimed. “You almost gave me cooties, how gross!”

I have never even heard of cooties until this very moment, and my small, frail body ended up trembling, the tears that welled up in my eyes being released. Cooties, he sounded so angry when he said that. And that was frightening. Needless to say, I started to think I was dying, as if I had this disease called cooties, which was the most deadly disease in the world. Thanks to me being an over-dramatic four-year-old, I thought I was on the brink of death, like I could die at any moment. To sum up, the word “cooties” made me think I was in danger and I ended up breaking down, tears finally streaming down my face.

The mysterious lady (who I had absolutely no clue of her name) scurried over to me, her face etched in worry. She picked me up and looked down at the boy and scolded, “I have had enough of this behavior, Byun Baekhyun! If I have to scold you one more time, there will be a call to mom and dad!” She yelled, she actually yelled. I remembered my brother saying, “if the teacher actually yells at a preschool student, it means they often get in trouble, so don’t worry about getting yelled at unless you choose to be an annoying rascal.” Did I know what the word rascal meant? No. But I assumed it was pretty bad, considering he used it in the context of “don’t get in trouble or you’re a rascal.”

After hearing her yell, I buried my face into the crook of her neck. I was never a person who could handle anything revolving around yelling or fighting. Call me weak if you must, but it’s who I am and I’ve come to accept it.

From that moment on, I swore to myself that I would avoid Baekhyun at all costs. That plan, however, failed. First of all, it just so happened that my assigned spot was right next to Baekhyun, which meant that he could torture and annoy me whenever he pleased. And let me tell you, he took up that offer every moment he could.

Ever since then, every single day I came home, I would whine and complain to my brother about how infuriating Baekhyun was. And every single time, he had the exact same reply: “He has a crush on you.” (Admittedly, the first time he said crush I was very confused since crush usually means smash, break, destroy, and etcetera.)

Then the next year of school came around, and with just my luck, I managed to be in the very kindergarten classroom of Byun Baekhyun. However, he ignored me for a few months. He was too busy hanging out with his newfound best friend, Park Chanyeol. He was (and still is) a lengthy person, his legs very long. For the most part, I really liked Chanyeol. The taller male was an angel: whenever Baekhyun came my way to irritate me, Chanyeol steered him away, instead dragging him along to the action figures and other toys, a great distraction for any five or six year old. To put it simply, I felt like Chanyeol was a guardian angel, always steering the annoying Baekhyun away from me.

For a majority of kindergarten, not much happened to me dealing with Baekhyun, though first grade is where hell truly took place.

During summertime, when I was transitioning from kindergarten to first grade, my mom lost her job and started drinking. For the first few days, she’d have a beer every day, but then it turned to more. It was three drinks, four drinks, five drinks, and so on, until it eventually became a new beer after the last was finished. Throughout the summer, all I saw of her was her either drinking, drunk out of her mind, vomiting, or passed out. My father was dealing with her, doing his best to make sure she didn’t pass, but then she did something truly awful. One time, my father refused to give her another beer, all the beer that had been in the fridge was either thrown out or stashed away, and that’s when my mom lost it.

She started becoming violent, both physically and emotionally. At first, it was aimed only towards my dad, so he often times came to mine and my brother’s room, discussing how we should at all times possible stay in our room or at a friend’s house, which is what we did for quite a while. That is, until, my mother started breaking even more. She eventually demanded we open the door, and when we wouldn’t, she kick at it. At first, we were fine with that. We knew she was out of her mind. But then she finally kicked the door down. When she did break the door, she started screaming like the madwoman she was.

Once she came in, she grabbed my hair and pulled. She kept pulling at it, even though I screamed and yelled for her to stop. She started pulling the hair out, and to this day, I have a scar on the right side of my head, forever there to remind me of the awful day.

Luckily for me and my brother, he was able to grab his phone in the midst of this and called for dad, when he picked up he was a sobbing mess, begging for him to come inside and take us away. The first thing my father did was call the police, to tell them about the domestic and child abuse going on, and then he ran. No matter how slow he normally was, he ran as fast as the speed of sound and made it to us, quickly hitting at my mother until she fell back, which is when he picked me up and grabbed my brother’s hand, running far away from the house.

By the time first grade started, I was still an emotional mess due to the whole mother situation. To make it worse, Baekhyun was still in the same class as me while Chanyeol was over in Ms. Kim’s classroom. He managed to make another friend though. His name was Sehun, but he’s an even shittier person than Baekhyun, which made my life ten times more miserable than it was on its own.

In addition to that, exactly one week before Mother’s Day, my class started our projects for gifts to, if not obvious enough already, give to our mothers. My teacher was kind enough to whisper to me during nap time (the one time other children would actually fall asleep, which was oddly strange) that I could draw my dad a picture instead, so that is what I did.

My drawing was a picture of my father, my brother, and myself in our quaint house next to the park. Of course, I never even thought of my mother once through the entire drawing process (as much of a process as there is for a seven-year-old). My time drawing my small family was peaceful, until the two notorious brats Sehun and Baekhyun decided to waltz in and think they knew enough about my life to criticize the picture.

Sehun for the most part was on the shy side, but once he was with Baekhyun he was the devil, which made this experience so much more enjoyable. “Hi, Y/N!” Baekhyun said, a cheery ass smile on his face.

“What do you want?” I asked, immediately furious, knowing the two boys were up to no good.

Sehun instantly replies. “You’re drawing is wrong.” Baekhyun just snickered in agreement. What assholes.

“How is it wrong?” I questioned, voice innocent yet dripping with anger.

“You forgot your mommy, the reason why it’s being drawn.” Baekhyun answered. Okay, I may have thought to myself that I had moved on from the situation, but do to my reaction, I clearly hadn’t in the slightest. Instead of the calm reaction I was hoping for, I ended up bursting into tears, not only making me even sadder, but also embarrassed for the rest of the school year (until Hoseok ended up peeing himself during snack time one day).

This scene seems all too familiar. Though at the time I didn’t realize this, Baekhyun made me cry just like in preschool, and yet again, I had a teacher scurrying over to me, ready to help out. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” she asked, eyebrows raised in concern.

“They-they said that… that m-my drawing was wrong!” I confessed, gripping onto the back of her shirt for dear life as I cried to my heart’s content. With her already glaring at the two boys, I continued on. “They said it was wro-wrong because it didn’t have a mommy!” I hiccuped. Once I finished crying and calmed down for the most part, she gave a stern look to the two boys and made them follow her outside to the hallway while some girls ran over to play with me and attempt to cheer me up.

“Just ignore them,” one of the girls, Jennie, said, giving me a hug before asking if I could join them. By the end of the school day, Jennie and I were calling each other best friends (but doesn’t every seven year old child do so?) and planning to meet up. My next few years were peaceful, as I managed to get through with the help of Jennie and Baekhyun being in other classrooms. But once I got to high school?

This is just the start of my life, I am nowhere near done.

Public Scenes

@mizjoely gave me the prompt:

22. I don’t know why I married you. 23. Have you ever lied to me? 24. If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away. 25. Aren’t you supposed to be the adult?  Any of them or a combo - my additional challenge is to use the same prompt(s) for Warstan and Sherlolly?                                           

I did the Warstan.  Now here’s the Sherlolly.  Incidentally for the rest of you guys waiting on your prompts, I see you. These ones just took forever.

He was walking but not running because running would make him look suspicious to the cranky gunmen watching him.  Then Molly Hooper appeared on the horizon like a glimmering beacon of… like a thirtysomething woman who was reliably helpful and had a store of useful medical knowledge, and nothing else.

Sherlock needed reliable helpfulness at the moment, so he dipped his head down to her ear and whispered, “Molly, I apologize, but I need to make a very dramatic scene here and so I’m afraid I will have to-”

The slap made his ears ring.  And Sherlock had to admire the intensity with which Molly screeched, “You… filth.  I don’t know why I married you. I could deal with the boozing and the gambling but now… the whores?  Rot in hell, you bastard.  Rot…in… hell.”

She was wasted in pathology if this was a sample of her acting talents.  It hadn’t been Sherlock’s plan, but it worked. They were able to walk easily out of the shopping center, her haranguing him all the way, him glum and hangdog and just incidentally carrying a stolen microfilm cartridge whose contents would send three members of Parliament to prison.

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After All Things (Part VI)

Or: ‘Today, We Are.’

Peter Parker x Reader

This is Part VI of my series that chronicles Peter and a new reader as they deal with the fallout of the events in ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.‘

Summary: He was here: Peter Benjamin Parker, the man who was made of light. Peter is 25. Words: 1.8k.

This is the end of all things. Thank you for reading.

After All Things: Part I  Part II Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI

Mood board and After All Things: A Playlist by @jedistardust

“Marry me,” and it wasn’t really a question, “tonight, let’s get married.” He was still on his knees, red and blue of his suit glowing against the pale color of your sweater, strong arms clinging to you, fingers tight and scrunching at the knitted fabric where he held onto everything. You pulled away from him, chestnut colored curls spilling all over the place as you ran fingers through sweaty, rain soaked locks; glossy brown of his eyes like kindling for the fire in them as he looked up at you.

The bird that was your heart rattled in the cage of your chest, his words terrifying and exciting and enough to cause that little thing nestled safely below it and the strength of his arms to shift and kick at your insides; precious, fluttery warmth asking you, asking him, the only way that it yet knew how.

The feeling of his words was crushing, but in that way that made you jittery and consumed with good.

But then your brain reined you in, clipping at the feathers of those wings a little to prevent your heart from flying away too soon. To prevent you from falling too hard when the reality of his words sunk in and he realized this was probably just a reaction to what had almost happened again.

When he started thinking too hard and too fast.

Your whole body shivered from the rain, the cold air, his words, and the remaining adrenaline pumping through narrowing veins; excess nerves your body was still trying to figure out what to do with.

His arms squeezed a little tighter, pulled you back into him.

“Peter, sweetheart, you need a minute to calm down,” delicate fingers smoothed over messy brows, working to put them back into place; disturbed from the violent way he’d ripped his mask off to get at you, to bring his skin to yours in the desperate way he’d needed to, the same way yours had called to him in that moment, “I’m not going anywhere, you don’t nee - ” Your lips halted as you took in the dejected expression on his face.

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Snow Days - Part 3

Genre: fluff/angst, highschool!au

Pairing: reader/jungkook

Length: 4.3k

Summary: Although you’d been warned about the snowstorm that would affect your area, you decided to go to school anyway. Several hours later, you were trapped in the library, the weather too severe to go outside. Fortunately, you had your headphones so you could listen to your favourite artist: a boy who went by the name JK. Unfortunately, you were stuck with the new transfer student, Jungkook, who was a right pain in the ass.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 [End]

Unfortunately, the storm didn’t end that evening. With the sounds of crashing and howling, Mrs Kang announced to the whole library that you would be staying the night.

“I’m very sorry,” she called loudly, trying to make herself heard over the whines and complaints of the students. Although there was barely over twenty of you, the frustrated cries grew into a loud din, and poor Mrs Kang looked like she was one more word away from bursting into tears. “I’ll try and find some blankets for you all,” she gulped, before disappearing into the kitchen.

Although Jimin didn’t say anything, which may have been because Jungkook had joined your group again, you could tell that he was the most affected by the extended lockdown. Even for you, the smell of books and the strange humidity of the room made you never want to return to the library ever again, so you couldn’t imagine how Jimin must’ve felt about it all.

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Mr. Squirrel. You were only on this planet for a year, one of the happiest of my lifetime. I’m so happy that I can look at your picture and not burst into tears, but celebrate your life. It was a joy to know you, fly high little buddy! May you be in heaven with all the Google Homes you can chew on.

Dinner with the Swedes- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by fasionfierce

(Omg this GIF works so well!!!)

I LOVED this prompt anon! I love the Caps (if any of you missed that) and I got to include a BUNCH of them! Ahhh!!! I love how this one turned out! And I know you like how I incorporate languages, so I used some more Swedish, and a Swedish dish (for dinner with the Swedes) so translation is at the end and I hope you like it!

Warning: None that I can think of?

Anon request: hi there!!! i love your blog, and you’re a really good writer! i also love how you try to incorporate other languages like swedish into it to make it more realistic! can you write one where andre takes his new gf to dinner at one of the swedes’ house and shes like super nervous but then they LOVE her and end up teasing andre in the locker room the next day about how heart eyes he is about her and embarrass him in front of the whole team?


              “älskling, you ready?” Andre asked, stepping into the kitchen.

              “Yeah just needed to put the cake on a plate.”

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anonymous asked:

hi can you write an angst that jumin gets into a car accident and he loses his memories so he doesn't remember mc and that he loves her and that she his wife so mc decided it's better for him that she leaves him but then jumin start to remember her and how much he loves her and try to fix the things

Ooooh, that sounds really neat! I’d be happy to do the request! Thank you and have a terrific day! Enjoy <3


Jumin had been in an accident.

It had been a head-on collision, ramming into a speeding truck down the highway, neither Driver Kim or Jumin having the slightest time to react. 

And while at least Driver Kim had made it out with only a few broken bones, Jumin had been far worse.

He hadn’t even been conscious as they dragged him out in his gurney. 

He fell into a coma.

You had rushed to his side the moment you had found out, your hand always laced with his, tears spilling from you as it seemed the nightmare would never end.

But even when it did, you weren’t entirely sure another one simply opened. 

For when he even did truly and fully awoke, his memories were gone.

He had stared at you blankly as he fully gained consciousness, his brow furrowing as he sat up, staring confusedly. 

“What am I doing here…?” He asked. 

You could hardly speak, lips parted in utter confusion, eyes wider than dinner plates in your shock.

“Y-You’re…you’re awake…?”

“Yes…?” He questioned. “Who’re you? What’re you doing here?”

You laughed weakly, wiping at the tears bubbling in your gaze. “W-What? A-Are you serious?”

“Yes…? Are you one of my father’s girlfriends? Do you know where he is?” 

You scoffed in your bewilderment. “Your father’s-” You couldn’t even muster the word. “Jumin don’t you remember?”

“Remeber what?”

“I-I…” You felt another onslaught of sorrow pour in you, jumping from your seat. “I’m going to go get the doctor.” 

And soon enough you found out.

His recent memories were gone.

His memories of you.

And they didn’t know when they’d return.

If they’d ever. 

Yet despite it all, you stayed beside him.

“We’re…married?” Jumin murmured, walking beside you as you made your way to the penthouse, permitted to finally leave the hospital.

“Yes, a few years now.” You said, approaching the front door, listening to a click as you slipped in the key. “You sure you don’t remember anything. Not even meeting me?”

“No, I don’t. You…You planned another RFA party?”

“I did, you helped me,” You looked up to him, frowning. “You fell in love with me then, and I fell in love with you.” 


You both stepped inside, Elizabeth 3rd greeting you as she usually did, not a hint of bother upon her face.

“You were upset after your father arranged you to marry a woman named Sarah, I had been staying at Rika’s apartment but-”

“What were you doing at Rika’s apartment?” He appeared a tad skeptical, his eyes narrowed. “How do I know any of this is true?”

You swore you felt your heart crack at his words. 

“…You can…you can check with any of the other RFA members…” You answered, softly. “They’ll tell you the whole story but…” 

You turned to face him, revealing your wedding ring.

“You gave this to me, you told me that even if the world had been reduced to ruin, as long as I was in this world, there’d still be something bright.” 

He stared at you, his expression somehow changing, as though searching for some sort of key.

He seemed so close to unlocking it, something close to warmth dotting in his sight.

But somehow, cloudy and unsure.

“I’m…sorry.” He let out a deep breath. “I just don’t…remember.” 

You tried to hold the tears, folding your lips sorrowfully.

“Right…I…I shouldn’t expect it all to just come back to you.” 

“I’m sure this is difficult,” He tried his best to be sympathetic, tipping his head to the side. “I feel as if I know you, but I…” He hesitated. “I don’t quite know how to put it.” 

“It’s well-it’s something,” You shrugged. “Maybe you just need some time to yourself.” 

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t force it on you, I’ll only make it worse,” You rubbed at your eyes. “O-On both ends.”

He sighed, crinkling his nose. “I don’t know what to say.” 

You swallowed hard. “Just…” You raised your hand to his cheek, sighing. “Take your time.” 

He nearly melted into your touch, his fingers hovering over your own, almost forlorn as you drew away.


“MC, I-” 

He couldn’t allow the words to escape him. 

You hung at the door, giving him one last small smile.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.” 

And the door was shut.

And he was left on his own.

He recalled bits and pieces, yet each one blurry and untold.

Yet still, he tried. 

He wandered about the penthouse aimlessly as time went on, staring at the plenty of photos of the two of you.

Yet in every picture, his gaze was never set on the camera.

He was focused on you.

And they were full of utter adoration.

A smirk would always decorate his face, beaming with delight as you were near.

He didn’t know he could be so happy.

He raised his palm up, examining the wedding ring ribboned upon his finger.

He moved it off, reading the inscription.

“As long as you’re in it, the world will always be beautiful”

“Darling…” He whispered, trying to connect to what was thought to be lost. “My darling…” 

And like a puzzle, a piece became connected. 

“MC…MC…!” His breath hitched as the memories began to flow like a tidal wave, an onslaught of happiness he had never known.

Tears brimmed in his eyes as he crumbled to his knees, laughter, and devotion filling his mind, his heart bursting with the emotion.

He remembered.

He remembered the days he’d hold you in the night, his arms cradled around you, listening as you’d drift off to sleep, a hint of a grin tugging at your lips. 

He remembered the days you’d surprise him at his office after rough days, peppering his face in kisses, your fingertips ruffling through his hair. 

And he remembered the murky moments of you by his bedside at the hospital, never letting go of his hand, insisting on staying just another day.

You had never given up on him.

Never doubted him.

But he rejected you.


How could he have done that?

The very idea of you left a loving warmth coursing throughout him.

You were an absolute miracle.

You were everything. 

And he had forgotten that. 

He rushed to call you, scrambling for your number desperately, unable to withstand the moments as he waited for you to pick up. 

“…Jumin? Is something wrong?”

“M-MC w-w-where are you?”

“I-I’m just at the little cafe across from the C & R why-” 

“I’m coming, stay right there.” 

“Jumin what-” 

He suddenly hung up, bursting out the door and down the stairs, never stopping for a second.

By the time he had reached you, sweat dribbled down his forehead, shoulders heaving and exhaustion seeping from him.

Yet as he saw you, it all became worth it. 

He rushed towards you, holding a smile that stretched from ear to ear. 


“J-Jumin what is it-” 

He pulled you close, holding you as if you may disappear with the next gust of wind, tears threatening to escape. 

“I remember love,” He told you, finally feeling true content with you. “I remember everything.” 

You were speechless.

“I’m sorry,” He pleaded. “I’m so, so sorry.” 

“You really…you really do remember…?”

“I do…” He cooed. “I finally do.” 

He continued to speak, his words delicate and cherishing in every sense.

As though the future would finally be better.

Because it would be one spent together.

“And I never want to forget again. I never want to forget you.”

Patient Man

Originally posted by lunarjun

a/n: requested by anon who wanted a long distance type of scenario with Seungcheol

Genre: Angst to Fluff

Warnings: None

It was 1 in the morning, wrapped securely in his warm blanket, Seungcheol blinked repeated as the brightness of his cell phone reflected on his face. It was currently noon for you who was currently residing in New York City, Seungcheol crinkles his nose, trying to keep his eyes open as his phone rings constantly.

He was patiently waiting for you to answer the videocall. Seungcheol missed you more than anything in the entire world, he missed your touch, your warmth, your laughter. He misses the way you hand played with his hair in bed, the way your head tilted back whenever you giggled or laughed, the way your hands cannot sit still and he’d always hear the light tapping against a table in his still apartment.

pick up pick up pick up pick up

His phone buzzes and Seungcheol smiles for a split second until the screen reverts back to the message page.

Could not reach the person you are trying to call. Call back or Call another time.

Seungcheol shuts off his phone, he pushes it onto the lamp desk next to him. He rolls onto his side, staring emptily at the unoccupied space of the bed.

When you accepted the job in America, Seungcheol was ecstatic for you. He picked you up in your arms, ran all around the apartment complex while screaming congratulations. It was a temporary position, supposed to only be for six months and in those six months, you visited Seungcheol once a month.

Once a month he got you in his arms for 2 days. Once a month, he got to kiss your lips that stained his mouth of cherry lipgloss. He got to drag his hand along the outline of your body, he got to tug needless clothings and pepper with sweetness in bed. It was once a month at the got to wrap his arms around your back, your back hitting his chest and he whispers sweet nothings in your ear.

Seungcheol thought six months was nothing. After six months you would come back home to his arms and you and Seungcheol would fall back into the normal pattern of waking up together. But six months turned out to be three months ago. The once a months had suddenly halted itself four months prior to that and you began to state that you were busy.

‘Seungcheol i’m so sorry I can’t come this month, I have a deadline to meet’

‘There’s a meeting the next day and I can’t come’

‘Seungcheol please don’t me mad at me’

The excuses began to drive him mad. Here and there all he ever did was wait patiently for you. He did everything for you. Seungcheol adjusted his sleeping schedule, always planned his breaks to coincide with yours, always left work early just to spend five minutes with you on a call that you never pick up. And when you do, there’s always an excuse to end it early.

Seungcheol was done. He was tired of waiting, he was done being the hurt puppy sitting at the door eagerly waiting for the his owner to return home only to receive a pat on the head and nothing else. No matter how much he loved you, how much he wished he could drop everything and fly to New York himself, Seungcheol knew he couldn’t spend his time waiting for someone he doesn’t know when would come back.

It’s two in the morning now. Seungcheol’s phone buzzes as the light fills the dark room. Seungcheol groans, rolling around in his large bed, he slaps his hand on his phone. His eyes adjusting to the brightness and his heart thumps. Your contact picture shows on the screen and he’s almost ready to burst into tears.

“hello? Seungcheol?”

The video call on his end is dark due to the timezones, but Seungcheol is staring at you who’s face brightens up the screen, it feels like it had been years since he’d seen you. Your face looks thinner, your make up a different style, the earrings you’re wearing looks to be new.

“Yeah it’s me. It’s just dark in my room. You know, it’s two am after all.”

Your smile causes his heart to clench and he thinks, this may be the last time he gets to see it.

“Right. I forgot. I’m on break right now. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your call before, I was in a meeting”


Seungcheol shakes his head, “No, it’s alright. I understand.”

A breath of relief escapes from you, “I knew you would. Let me tell you all about my day, so–”

“Actually, we need to talk.” Seungcheol cuts you off and you tilt your head on the other end, waiting patiently for his words. He’s quiet, his voice meek, feeling as though he’s the smallest person in the world in that moment, “I think we should—–”

“Don’t.” Seungcheol is startled by your words. He can see your eyes softening and it hints with sadness, “I know. I know I keep giving you excuses, I know we don’t have time to see each other let alone call. I know how much this affects you but please don’t.” Seungcheol notices your eyes watering and he suddenly feels like a giant jerk.

You awkwardly laugh, bringing your free hand to clear your eyes of tears, “I miss you so much Seungcheol. I miss your lame dad jokes and how you put everything on the top shelf so I have to ask you for help. Oh god, I miss your hugs and kisses so much.”

Seungcheol slowly grins, a slow breath passes his lips and when silence fills the screen. Seungcheol’s eyes set lovingly on yours, the question he ask sets your heart on fire.

“So how was your day.”

One year. It was a little over a year since you accepted that temporary job position. Six months since you were originally suppose to be home. Eight months since he had last seen you in person.

Palms sweaty, Seungcheol nervously picks at the ends of his shirt. He watches the doors open and people flooding out. Eyes scan the entire room, darting left from right and his shoulders slump for a minute when he sees the crowd dwindling. When all hope is almost gone, that’s when everything moves slow.

You step out, dragging along your luggage behind you. A pair of sunglasses are decked on top of your head, your hair seemingly shorter than he had remembered a year ago. Your eyes scan the room that is slowly dispersing of people, and when you finally catch his, there’s a click. A switch is turned and the slowness quickens.

You’re running, your bag desperately trying to keep up with you before it falls to the ground, landing with a small thud. And you’re embracing the patient man. Seungcheol chuckles when you dive into his arms, your face buried into the safe chest of his that covers your silent sobs.

“Why are you crying?” Seungcheol grins when he pulls your face up, hands resting on your cheek, he using his thumbs to wipe away the tears.

“I missed you so much idiot.” Your words are joined with hard breathing and a few hiccups.

The grin on your face leaves you breathless. Your bury your face again into the chest of Seungcheol’s and he places a kiss to the top of your head, his hand rubbing your back reassuringly.

“Let’s go home.”