you married her

Getting Married to Cheryl Blossom Would Include...

Requested by anon: A future!imagine it’s Cheryl and reader’s wedding day? Thank you!

  • Cheryl asked you to marry her right after college graduation
    • She didn’t want to rush asking because she didn’t want you to feel tied down before leaving Riverdale to pursue your future
  • You invite all of your family and friends to the event
  • You know that Cheryl has next to no one to invite so you make sure to invite people from Riverdale to sit on her side of the aisle
  • Waiting for Cheryl to come out
    • Crying like a nerd when she came out because a) she looked amazing and b) you can’t believe that you actually get to marry her
  • She was surprised that people actually came for her
  • Saying your vows and exchanging rings
  • During the party afterwards Cheryl can’t stop calling you her wife
  • Basically not being able to keep your hands off each other
  • Lots of dancing and celebrating
  • Cheryl pulling you to the side and thanking you for making the wedding feel magical
  • Throughout the honeymoon, Cheryl will make a point to tell anyone who would listen that you’re her wife and that she’s married to you

anonymous asked:

do you think its still possible to be friends w an ex?

Yes I do think some people can achieve that! When you care about someone, you might find out that romance isn’t the thing for yall, but that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t still take care of each other as friends.

Just because you don’t wanna marry her and have sex with her, doesn’t mean you don’t want to be in her life at all.

/Mod A

Ruby’s Wedding Dress  

Yang’s Wedding Dress

New headcanon for weddings in the World of Remnant: The bride’s wedding dress is traditionally the color which they identify with, but their flower bouquet is the color their fiancé identifies with.

I struggled a bit more with Blake’s dress, but after I decided to use her purple and black color scheme as an excuse to add constellation-like sparkles I managed to find my peace with this one. Can you guess whose next? XD


sorry, I actually went a bit overboard with this AHAH 
So, I wasn’t really planning in expanding the ‘lovechildren’, but I ALREADY BROKE MY VOW so here you go, JJ’s children. 

Jean Jacques Junior is the firstborn. He’s also a skater, he’s the same age as Mamoru and they debuted together. His nickname is Jr, and he’s actually the total opposite of his father. He’s responsible and cool and has a real ‘big brother’ air surrounding him.
On the contrary, his two little siblings, twins Jasmine and Jean, are JJ’s exact carbon copy. They skate as a pair and debuted the current season, snatching away all the golds. Their motto is ‘it’s double JJ’s style!’  
The twins are very fond of their big brother and he also loves them very much (even tho he has to go and stop them from doing unnecessary things cfr.) 
All the children have two names with J and all have at least one name from their father-but I think y’all already noticed-


the not-so-little Noah is the secondborn of Giacometti’s household. Save him as he has a terrific crush on Jr since junior days. (he also has an older sibling, still deciding whether male or female)

Yuri on Ice Lovechildren AU

I know that we will get married one day, because my heart is ready to share my life with you.
—  Poets Love Her

If you don’t think Percy still gets flustered around Annabeth, then what are you doing?

Our Waking Souls: Clary/Jace

That’s right, Clace! Original Coke. This was written on request as a gift for a friend who did something kind for me: it is, however, canon with the books and takes place while Clary and Jace are on their mission in Faerie in LoS. (If you squint, you can even guess when.) Clary struggles with what it means to love and keep secrets, and sexy times are had. Definitely R-rated, and with extremely sexy art by Aegisdea (a tiny bit excerpted above): so, warnings for sexual content both visual and textual.

Some spoilers for LoS; Clary and Jace are about 22, 23 here.

For Virna, Mari and Julia.

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Nohr siblings being taller than the father/daughter dorklords gives me life

I hope you marry her.

I hope she makes you happy. I hope one day you look into her eyes and know that she’s the one. I hope she makes you laugh. I hope she never dismisses your tears. I hope she’s there for you when you need her most and she never makes you question whether you’re enough.

I hope she supports you and you support her too. I hope you build each other up. I hope she feels like home after a long day, and her arms feel safe. I hope she does little things absentmindedly which make you smile, and she gets along with your brother. I hope her family are kind to you.

I hope you are happy together. I hope you marry her. It is none of my business anymore but I hope she gives you everything you deserve. I hope she gives you everything I never could.
—  Sue Zhao
Last Young Renegade Track List


2) WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE DRUG USE…But you know, what happens on Warped Tour… by Alex Gaskarth 

3) Someone please teach this bitch, how to use a washing machine by Alex Gaskarth 

4) WE AREN’T BREAKING UP by All Time Low 

5) Once you break up it is over !! …Unless you marry her. by Alex Gaskarth 

6) Where’s Waldo? More like where is my will to live? by Alex Gaskarth 

7) CASPER, FUCK OFF! by Alex Gaskarth 

8) Every album needs a sex song, you should know this by now by Alex Gaskarth 

9) MAN I FUCKING LOVE SPACE by Alex Gaskarth 

10) Listen to my sick drum beats by Rian Dawson 

like i understand this is a sports broadcast and fisher is on the team while carrie is obviously not, and i’m not saying nbc should sit around and lament about all of carrie’s achievements during the middle of a hockey game – tho like i wouldn’t complain if they did – but carrie underwood is one of the most successful country music artists of all time. carrie underwood is a 7 time grammy winning artist, a 10 time billboard music award winning artist, 4 time ‘female vocalist of the year’ winner at the CMAs. she’s widely known as the most popular female artist in country music and is responsible for continuing to grow and shape the genre. calling her ‘mrs. mike fisher’ like her only accomplishment in life was marrying a mediocre hockey player who happens to now be the captain of the predators feels bad, scoob. 

Imagine this,“ he said. "You meet her at a party. She’s wearing a red dress that catches your eye. But really, you’re just focusing on her smile; the way her eyes crinkle at the corners when she laughs. The way she brushes off compliments like she doesn’t quite believe them. The way she gestures with both of her hands.

"Imagine you fall in love with her,” he said. “Imagine that on the first morning you wake up next you her, you’ve already decided that you could spend the rest of your life by her side. Imagine getting to know her.

"Imagine deciding you want to marry her; confirming everything you ever thought. Imagine planning a future. Planning a life. Allowing yourself to dream. Feeling like things are finally falling into place; like you’ve finally figured it out.”

“Now,” he said, “imagine that one day you walk into the kitchen and she is already awake. Imagine her sitting you down with an expression you don’t recognise. Imagine her facial expression as she tells you things don’t feel the same anymore; that she doesn’t feel the same anymore. Imagine the sinking in your stomach, the punch to the gut. Imagine watching her walk away after a half-hearted-suddenly-awkward hug.

"Imagine a week later she comes to collect the box you’ve put all her belongings into. They spill out; her clothes; her toothbrush; her hair bobbles; pieces of her you never imagined you’d have to miss. Imagine you keep her scarf; the one she never wears anymore; the one that still smells like her.

"The thought alone is enough to destroy a person,” he says, “don’t you think?” He paused to look at his hands. “Now imagine it actually happens. Imagine the pain that follows that kind of love.

—  Sue Zhao // A Story