you marius

Les Misérables
  • Valjean: i stole fucking bread
  • Javert: five years
  • Valjean: i tried to check on my family you piece of shit
  • Javert: fourteen more
  • Valjean: im free
  • Javert: technically,,,, you're not,,,,, but ok,,,,
  • Bishop: hey u look like ur having trouble come over at my place
  • Valjean: fuck it
  • Valjean: *steals*
  • Javert: ffs you wouldn't be in jail if-
  • Bishop: no it's cool i gave him that shit
  • Javert: oh.
  • 20 years later or smth
  • Valjean: aye im mayor now
  • Fantine: i have a daughter you inconsiderate imbeciles
  • Fantine's boss and coworkers: fuck you
  • Fantine: i don't want to do this
  • Valjean: u don't have to
  • Valjean: hey kid u want some candy
  • Cosette: fuck yea
  • Thénardiers: you want her? go have her
  • 20 more years later i think
  • Éponine: i lowkey love you
  • Marius: im oblivious as shit. ooOO a HOT girl
  • Cosette: ooOO a HOT guy
  • Marius: hey, take me to her
  • Éponine: ok
  • Éponine: (kill me)
  • Enjolras: REVOLUTION
  • Grantaire: you're gonna get us killed, moron
  • Grantaire: (but you're my moron)
  • Les Amis de'lABC: we died.
  • Éponine: me too
  • Javert: sTOP R I G H T THERE
  • Valjean: *gives Javert guilt trip*
  • Javert: oh
  • Javert: oh shit
  • Javert: *kills himself*
  • A year later I think
  • Marius: all my friends are dead
  • Cosette: i love you
  • Marius: love u too
  • Valjean: im dying
  • Cosette: please,,,, god,,,, no,,,, enough people have DIED already
  • Fantine: hey old pal. ur awesome
  • Éponine: u protected my crush. ur awesome
  • Bishop: ur awesome
  • Everyone: we're all awesome!!

Here, have another Marius-missing-his-friends picture. That’s sad every time. But drawing skills also get better every time, so I guess it’s fine. That was a long, long time since my first picture, that also was “Empty chairs and empty tables” related. How fast the time passes. I was younger and more naive back then, and my art was… well, I’m glad that it’d improved so much. I hope it’ll be better every time and my progress will go faster. That’s a sentimental talk, but what can I say, sometimes you draw Marius so much you become one=)

Sitting in courf’s room listening to him describe his choices of outfits but poor Marius is just too confused to help
Trolling Enjolras by telling him there’s ink on his face and seeing how long it takes him to realise there’s no way Marius could’ve seen it
“Even I can see you’re tired Feuilly!”
Staring lovingly at cosette (after jehan turns his head towards her)
Getting a guide dog who not only looks after Marius but joly too when his leg is acting up

  • Enjolras: do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist
  • Marius: yes
  • Enjolras: I was hula hooping. I attend a class for fitness and fun
  • Marius: oh my god
  • Enjolras: I've mastered all the moves. The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle
  • Marius: why are you telling me this
  • Enjolras: because no one will ever believe you
  • Marius: you sick son of a bitch