you make you

  • Ann: Yeah, let’s throw down just a big ol’ fireball.
  • Morgana: …Bum bum bum bum.
  • Akira: ~You shake my nerve~
  • Ryuji: …~And you rattle my brain~
  • Morgana/Makoto/Haru: Bum bum bum bum!
  • Ryuji/Futaba: ~Too much love drives a man insane~
  • Morgana/Makoto/Haru: Bum bum bum bum!
  • Half the party: ~You broke my will~
  • The other half: Bum bum bum bum!
  • Half the party: ~Oh what a thrill~
  • The other half: Bum bum bum bum!
  • Yusuke: ~Goodness, oh gracious~…
  • All: Great Balls of Fire!

Now why is he so damn extra..

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keith after he sees the voltron show

Keith: Sooooooo…….Shiro the Hero, huh?
Shiro: Keith shut the fuck up

Keith: Hey Lance
Lance: ‘Sup?
Keith: …….bi bo bi
Lance: You FUCKING–

Keith: Hey Pidge could you, uh, teach me how to revert the the electron whizzer capacitors into a binomial matrix code in order to do a loop de loop through the Tesla comms– 

Keith: So do you tell jokes? Like…like if I asked you to tell me a joke would you be able to tell me one? Or is that not….is that not what you do?
Hunk: Keith…
Keith: I mean I’m just asking
Hunk: Keith, no…
Keith: Like a knock knock joke or something, nothing major

Keith: Hey Keith! Oh my god, HUGE fan. Listen, I was wondering if I could get an autograph? Maybe a selfie with you brooding and looking off to the side to show my friends back at the Blades? They’ll love it. 
Allura: …….. -__________-;


Kolivan: Keith. what’s so funny?
Keith, crying-laughing in the corner: VOLTRON!! ON FUCKING!! ICE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


“More than anything else, I just want you to know my sincerity.”
Happy Birthday to the our one and only angel Jimin! ♡


just a quick pouty, blushing, younger shiro tryna get lance’s (aka his hero) attention

matt: aww someone’s got it really bad
shiro:…*doesn’t even deny it*

from @punkshirogane’s wonderful reverse shance au!

Here, have a thing


I never had a greater friend than you. And we traveled a lot and I’ve never had a greater friend than you.