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🐝 spread the love :)

Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!

@ask-yakov-feltsman MY VERY FIRST ASKBLOG TO FOLLOW. i had a lot of feels about yakov as an important father figure to the russian skate team and fj;oraueh I’VE NOT BEEN DISAPPOINTED i love mod Faith

@ask-cgiacometti MY SECOND IN THE GROUP THAT I’VE EVER SPOKEN TO and we nerd out guys, mod kelina has so much merch and i am jealous

@katuki-yuri YOU’RE A DORK and i love you. random messages make me smile and i don’t think i’ve laughed this much in a long time

+1 - @ask-minako ;A; thank you for being so welcoming when i first started you’re amazing and inspiring even when you’re going through a rough patch your optimism belongs in a fairy tale


Moodboard: Everlie ☠️

rules:  put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it.

I tag: @thatsimslove |  @explosionofpixels |  @simphonious |  @liaryoullpayforyoursims |  @lilacprettysims 

Fun Fact: With rules and policies at any place (a theater, store or fast food joint) there is typically a small amount of wiggle room where you can skirt around a rule to help someone out.

So if you are nice about it and apologetic, I can usually bend a rule to make sure that you are comfortable and happy. I’ll get you that free refill or give you a discount when you don’t have your ID or let you stand inside a few minutes before we open so you don’t have to wait out in the cold. 

BUT, if you are a rude, condescending dick about it, complain a lot or act like you are above the rules becuase, idk you’re ~special~, I will become the physical embodiment of Policy and dig my feet in anywhere I can, all the while giving you my best Customer Service Smile™ as I explain that rules are rules and I’m sorry but that’s just the way we do things around here. 

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If it's not too much of a bother, how did you put your links in the description? I have a headcanon blog as well and the past few days I've been trying to figure out how to put my rules in the description xD Thanks in advance :)


So before you do anything make sure you copied the link to your rules!

 First you go to Edit apperance, click Edit Theme, and click on the description box, you type:

 <a href=“(Put the link to your rules page here)”>(whatever you want to call the link here)</a> 

if you put it in correctly the blog preview thing should show the whatever you named the link in your link color. For example, my links are in this light blue color like this:

There you go! Thats how to put links in the description! ~Madre Mod

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have you ever been in an open relationship before or know anyone who has? my girlfriend asked me about possibly having one later and i'm not exactly sure how i feel about it

I have not. And I can’t think of anyone who has off the top of my head. So I don’t really know a whole bunch about it. But it’s understandable to not know how you feel about it. I recommend making some rules and boundaries for it to make you more comfortable for it.

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omg you Radiate positivity you are a blessing to my dash!! thank u for brightening up my day with ur presence

Ya don’t need to thank me bout that, angel! is my job! 

Btw you are incredibly adorable and super pretty, sorry i don’t make the rules

au week: soul mates

hey howdy friends! it’s time for our first au week! this week’s au is soul mates au, and under the cut (after I explain the rules) you’ll find the all the match making and what their soul mate marks are. 

here’s how this gonna go:

  • you don’t have to participate, but you should, cause it’s going to be fun.
  • i’d appreciate putting a pause on non-au threads for a bit, so there’s not a whole bunch of confusion happening on the dash
  • when you tag starters this week, also tag them syf:soul mate au so people know! it might also be helpful to have a way to tag all au week posts on your blog so navigating is a little easier
  • soul mates don’t have to be romantic, but if things do go that way, make sure you’re remembering to keep nsfw content under a cut and tagged appropriately!
  • this au week is starting tonight, sunday @ 9pm est and will continue until saturday @ 9pm est. after, you can resume old threads (or start new) and we ask that you wrap up au week posts within a few days, so the dash isn’t confusing

any questions, don’t be shy about sending them to the main, or reaching out to me or raine on k*k!

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My queue is empty, and I haven’t played in the past two days, but I had this idea today between coffees and I thought… why not? Someone might be interested?

This is a sim challenge based on plants - you know, ghardenia? Things you find in a sim garden?

Rules: Make a sim based on the following plants - you can give them a fitting personality too, or you can just base their appearance on these plants, whatever floats your boat! You can also do this in order, or start with the fun stuff, or just do one or two of these… I honestly? Don’t want to tell you how to play? Have fun!! 

DAY 1 pear
DAY 2 lily
DAY 3 basil
DAY 4 morel mushroom
DAY 5 plantain
DAY 6 potato
DAY 7 blackberry
DAY 8 snapdragon
DAY 9 grapes
DAY 10 garlic
DAY 11 fang flowers
DAY 12 lemon
DAY 13 chrysanthemum
DAY 14 strawberry
DAY 15 spinach
DAY 16 bluebell
DAY 17 apple
DAY 18 mushroom
DAY 19 onion
DAY 20 rose
DAY 21 death flower
DAY 22 sage
DAY 23 daisy
DAY 24 carrot
DAY 25 fireleaf
DAY 26 growfruit
DAY 27 chamomile
DAY 28 tomato
DAY 29 quill fruit
DAY 30 cowplant

You can also tag me / tag this as ghsimschallenge/ghardeniasimschallenge or something just so I can see all your creations (and reblog them)!! Can’t wait to see some potato sims!

I am instituting a new rule. If you ever make anything for/inspired by me, I definitely will want to see it. So given that tumblr shows a complete inability to consistently notify about tagged posts, please message me a link. Even if it’s:

[link*screams and runs away*

Because I always, always want to see it, you will not bother me, and apparently we’re going to just have to work around this hellsite.