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Blossoming ~ Neville Longbottom x Reader

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Requested:  I was wondering if you could do a fluffy neville imagine


Strong scents of fertilizer and heavy perfume fill the Hogwarts greenhouse. The early morning sun floods the room giving the plants and shrubbery a lively glow. With a spring in your step, you make your way to the Umbrella Flowers in the corner of the room. They hang from the ceiling with long, thin, roots dangling from the bright red and orange petals. With the wave of your wand water flows to the flower in a large sphere-like shape. The roots quickly absorb the water, the petals practically glowing.

As you tuck away your wand in your robes, a small note set on the desk below your plant catches your eye. It reads your name in small cursive letters. Out of curiosity you pick up the note and unfold it. Inside is a single rose petal and in the same handwriting a small note is written…

you are as beautiful as a rose,

and as stunning as the stars

You blush at the writing before you. A creek comes from the opening door. Quickly, you shove the note in your robes and casually twirl the fragile roots around your finger. 

“Mornin’.” A kind voice says.

You turn around to see a beaming Neville Longbottom wave your way before picking up a small pot with a Mimbulus Mimbletonia plant inside. He as well seems to be in a good mood, seeing as he hums a light cheery tune under his breath while tending to his plant.

You always have had a liking towards the kind, shy, Gryffindor boy. On mornings such as these the two of you would care for the plants in the greenhouse and discuss any topic under the sun. However today you both stayed silent, as if there was a sort of tension in the air. 

You quietly step out of the greenhouse after wishing Neville a good day, the note still consuming your thoughts.

Oddly enough, the next morning you find another note, addressed to you, below your flowers. This one in the same handwriting but bearing a different message…

Join me for a Butterbeer at Hogsmeade this weekend?

Meet me at the Three Broomsticks at 2 o’clock.

You smile at the note. The thought of meeting your secret admirer fills you with a sense of joy and excitement that you cannot hide. Making sure no one is around to see, you grip the note tightly in your hands and give a little squeal.

“You seem to be excited ‘bout somethin’.” Neville smirks as he picks up a watering can, ”Aguamenti.”, the can fills with water, “Whats got you so happy?”

“Someone left a note asking me to Hogsmeade this weekend!”, you beam at Neville.

“Ah, so… who’s the lucky fella?” Neville seems uneasy when he says this.

You stop for a moment, realizing you don’t even know who it is you’re meeting. Who could it possibly be? You look at Neville and give a shrug.

“It’s a surprise I guess. I mean, what’s the fun in knowing?” You say confidently.

Neville nods, his smile growing,”Yeah, excellent point.”

And like the previous day, you bid Neville a goodbye, and stroll out of the greenhouse. The events of the next day preoccupy your thinking.

Brushing your hair for the thousandth time you nitpick at your clothes, the nerves getting to you. Walking down the front stairs of Hogwarts on the way to Hogsmeade you see Neville walking with Ginny Weasley. You catch up with the both of them.

“Hey Ginny! Hey Neville!” You smile.

Ginny makes eye contact with Neville and smirks,”Hey Y/n!”

Neville looks at you and blushes mumbling out some sort of greeting. This action makes Ginny’s expression even more smug. As the three of you reach the Three Broomsticks Ginny parts ways to look for her boyfriend, Michael Corner. 

“Well I have to go in to meet my date.” Neville’s happy expression fades.

“Uh yeah, about that…” Neville begins, catching your attention,”I’ve been leaving the notes.”

You open your mouth to speak but Neville interrupts,”Let me finish. I’ve liked you since I met you in the third year. You’re just so kind, and smart, and absolutely beautiful. I just assumed that you didn’t think the same about me. I mean how could you? You have these brilliant ideas that make your eyes sparkle when you talk about them. I love how you play with your hair when you’re deep in thought. You’re kind to those around you and you light up a room with your smile. You’re stunning! You deserve someone who can tell you that every single day.”

Staring at Neville you stand starstruck. How could you’ve not seen that he had liked you back all this time? Neville looks as though all hope is lost, he looks down and begins to walk off, that is until you grab his wrist and pull him into a sweet and soft kiss. The cool spring breeze tickles your face as Neville cups his hand around the back of your head.

The both of you pull away, Neville looking baffled. With your hand still around his wrist you carefully intertwine your fingers with his.

“How does a Butterbeer sound?” You grin timidly.

“Perfect. Just perfect.” Neville squeezes your hand as you both enter the pub.

angdrewandcocoa  asked:

so i'm scrolling down and looking at all your art and i have four questions [i hope i'm not bothering you; i'm trash] 1. how do you make the colours so soft and glowing? especially the travlyn tally au with trav's eyes 2. hOW DOES ONE MAKE GOOD REALISTIC ART 3. for the smol katie artwork, eric says 'ya binti' aka 'my daughter' in Arabic. You know Arabic?!? (I'm part Arab wooo) 4. what soft and hardware do you use to draw? if you ever reply to my gay trashiness have a katie(perfect) day

ur not bothering me at all dw!! oK THO LETS SEE UHH

1. i tend to fix around colours, changing brushes modes to overlay to make colours pop and i use a brush thats a mixture of a block and airbush, it has a sharp edge on one side and an airbrush side :0 its from Mrjackart on yt it should be easy to find!


3. no actually! i had help with my friend ana on that one since she speaks arab ;v; i headcanon erik to be arab so i asked for her assistance on that!

4. I use a yiynova msp19u as tablet and I use photoshop CC for everything ;;

i hope you have a katie day aswell B)

1. Your mother is always right. Always.
2. Names shatter easily. I held on to some so tightly they were crushed in my hand. If it hurts to hold, let it go.
3. There are some people who won’t understand.
4. You probably won’t understand.
5. It’s okay to sit silently and drink coffee and simply exist for a little while. It’s okay. It’s okay.
6. Repeat the words I am okay until it feels like your tongue built the phrase itself
7. Repeat it until you are actually okay.
8. Pain can paint the most beautiful art you’ve ever spun from your fingertips -but this does not make the pain worth clinging to.
9. Highlighter can make you feel like a glowing queen. Use often.
10. Sometimes survival looks like giving up people and places and things you thought you’d carry with you til the day you died. But it doesn’t matter what anyone else sees.
11. Cut your hair off if you want to. It doesn’t matter who likes it.
12. Allow the future to be flexible.
13. The people who want to remain in your life will. Don’t blame them; see #12.
14. You’re gonna be okay.
15. Growth, by its nature, means you are not the same person you were before. Let that mess go when it’s time.
16. Growth requires grace.
17. Your space is sacred. Protect your heart and mind and body.
18. 19 will come. Just breathe.
—  Bethany Ann Warner, 18 Things 18 Taught Me

We were playing Yawgh at a friend’s Christmas party and I managed to accidentally give my character the magical pox that make you glow blue, lose your mind, and indiscriminately kill everything that gets near you, eviscerate an entire party of travellers in the forest so bad the entire forest was closed off to everyone for the rest of the game, become a vampire, and eat everyone at the arena all in the same playthrough.

Yawgh nothing, *I* was the tragedy that destroyed this town.

This year I’m trying to learn from the moonflowers.
Be the brightest thing for miles. Make them all wonder
how you learned to glow when you’ve never even seen
the light. I keep a growing list of pretty words under my
tongue. Repeat them first thing in the morning and let
my heart lead the way from there. Say orchard when
I mean forgiveness. Velvet when I’m talking about love.
Orange blossoms for loss. The silver lining about
spending a whole year this close to the ground was
learning that the roses tell the best stories. All dripping
crimson, sacrifice and patron saint of blood-soaked
sunrises. I am trying to substitute sadness with tree sap,
coat my wounds in honey instead of salt. Say: I am soft
and filled with light, even when you try to shroud me
with dark.
—  MOONFLOWERS, angelea l.