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Hello from the queue! By the time you read this, I will hopefully be out having all sorts of adventures. I know I’m sick, but I’m so excited to be on the East Coast, friends. I’m jazzed. I’m ready to sprint down the Freedom Trail barefoot and arm wrestle the ghost of Goody Proctor, but at the time of writing it’s 3 am, so I’m going to hold off on that.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall Darkiplier, just as promised. I’m still not great at the art thing, but I really like the tie! Hooray, progress! Sort of. Well, I had fun, anyway. 

I’ll leave you with some words of advice from @markiplier: If you want to do anything, anything at all, all you have to do is start. You started just by getting up today. I’m so proud of you! Keep it up!

I’ll be back soon. Make good choices!


I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this piece for the past month. I was inspired by Lost’s (please forgive me) Music and Silence where it seemed we had similar HCs. I drafted it with hopes of also sharing it for eruri of the month even if it was a stretch for June’s topic. But then I became my own worst critic and only saw the flaws of my literary skills and weak vocabulary. I still don’t believe I did the scene justice. Well here’s a piece of my soul anyways.

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hello, its me yonna ♡  this is going to be my first follow forever

☀ So firstly, thank you all for making my tumblr experience perfect! i´m enjoying it alot being on here just because you all give me motivation to post something or reblog something and edit stuff :) Also i have met amazing people on here and made many friendships! its been ayear now since i made this blog and i have reached quite some followers so here, this is for you ☀


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I agree with you. Tumblr is making what is practically a perfect game into hell.-same anon

I havent seen the whole thing so i dunno if its perfect but people are flipping out for stupid reasons and like. Itd be different if it were just another run of the mill dating sim but this is HUGE. Tumblr loves taking things that were practically made perfect for it and stomping all over it– no one wants to cater to your demographic when you spit in their faces. You dont get endless chances.