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Hey, I love your blog and the things you write. Do you think you could do headcannons for the RFA + V and Serran finding MC's anti-depressants? Thanks so much in advance if you do.

Awww thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate your patience since I really wanted to do this request justice! Thank you very much for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • You and Yoosung were doing some spring cleaning one day when the two of you had a free day
  • Yoosung was in charge of the kitchen and while he was going through the medicine cabinet, he found some strange pills that looked like something he’s never seen before
  • His eyes widened when he read the label saying that it was prescribed to you and that they’re anti-depressants
  • Without warning while you were dusting some shelves, Yoosung tackled you with a hug that forced both of you to the floor
  • Yoosung cradled your head to his neck, his tears streaming down his rosy cheeks but he somehow managed to talk to you
  • “I’m so sorry MC but I found your anti-depressants. I know that life can be tough and it may seem like you’re all alone, but please never forget that you aren’t! I’ll always be here for you through thick and thin. I want you to know that I love you and that you can fight your depression with me at your side!”
  • The two of you sat on the floor, both of you in tears as you held each other while Yoosung told you how much he loved you and how strong you are
  • Yoosung then picked you up and took you to the bedroom where the two of you spent the rest of the night talking about everything and cuddling the night away


  • After a long day at rehearsals, Zen was more then ready to come home and spend the rest of the evening with you
  • It had been an extremely long day for him, so much so that he developed an aching headache
  • So when Zen reached your home and went to grab some medicine, an unknown bottle fell to the floor
  • When he picked it up, his heart sunk when it read that they were your anti-depressants
  • Zen rushed to your shared bedroom, with you getting ready for bed, but instead Zen sat on the bed and pulled you onto his lap as he littered your face with kisses and kind words
  • “I love you so much MC. I want you to know that I accidentally found your anti-depressant pills but that will never stop me from loving you. I’m going to be there with you every step of the way until we beat your depression. But until then, know that I’m completely, utterly, and madly in love with you.”
  • Those kindhearted words were enough to set your tears flowing, feeling a great relief knowing that Zen knew the truth
  • That night you fell asleep to the sound of Zen singing as he held your hand, vowing to help you overcome your depression together


  • Jaehee was on the hunt to find the perfect ingredients to make the perfect cup of coffee with you waiting as her taste tester
  • She was searching through the cabinets to find that one perfect thing to add to the coffee
  • As Jaehee was looking, she noticed a medicine bottle pushed in the back corner of the cabinet
  • She grabbed it and slowly read the label, saying that it was your anti-depressants
  • Jaehee felt her stomach drop as she made her way over to you, taking hold of both of your hands as she gave you a swift kiss and plenty of caring words
  • “Please forgive me but I accidentally found your anti-depressants MC. I’ve never known anyone with depression but know that I’m going to be right here with you. We’re going to overcome this together, we’ll judo kick it away! A-anyways know that I love you and having depression won’t change that.”
  • Jaehee smiled gently as she kissed both of your hands and gave you a warm hug
  • You and Jaehee spent the rest of the night talking about your struggles while she listened intently, giving you words of encouragement and love as she held you close to her


  • You and Jumin were having a small party for Elizabeth the Third’s birthday
  • He opened the finest bottle of wine available so the two of you quickly ran out and since you both weren’t drunk yet, Jumin went to get more
  • As he scoured through the kitchen to find more wine, he stumbled across the medicine cabinet and saw a bottle he’s never seen before
  • His eyes quickly scanned the label, saying it’s contents had anti-depressants prescribed to you
  • Jumin was at your side in an instant, sitting next to you on the couch as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder and leaned you into his chest as he said sweet words to you
  • “I found your anti-depressants MC. I’m so sorry for not realizing soon about it, you make me so happy so I just assumed that you were too and that was foolish of me. I’ll do absolute anything to help you get better MC, just name it. But always remember that my love for you never falters and I want to spend every second of my life with you.”
  • Jumin kissed the top of your head as you cried into his chest, with him soothingly rubbing your arm
  • The night was spent cuddling with Jumin and Elizabeth the Third as he would kiss you all over, telling you how much he cherished and adored you


  • You came down with a cold one morning so it was up to Nurse Seven to take care of you
  • Once he had you laying in bed, Seven went to fetch some medicine from the cabinet
  • While searching, he saw a bottle of familiar looking pills and as he read the label, he saw that they were your anti-depressant pills
  • Seven felt as if the world was spinning but he burst through the bedroom door, with you looking up groggily at him and were met with a tight embrace
  • You felt Seven’s tears land on your shoulder as he held on to you tightly, telling you the words that you needed to hear
  • “MC, I found your anti-depressants. I know what it’s like, I use to take those pills too before you came into my life. You saved me from my depression so I’m going to save you from yours. I’m going to make you smile so much that you’ll completely forget about your depression! I love you to the moon and back MC, never forget that.”
  • Not caring if he caught your cold, Seven locked his lips with yours, sealing his promise with a sweet yet sad kiss that made you cry as well
  • Seven kept true to his promise, you were smiling and laughing more then you had in a long time, this boy would help you overcome your depression no matter what


  • V had noticed you were a bit off the past couple of days, greatly concerning him
  • You seemed to put on a fake smile and he would hear you crying when he’d come home late at night from work
  • One night when V was looking for his eye drops, he found a bottle of pills that he’s never seen before
  • Squinting so he could read the label, V’s fear became true when he saw that they were your anti-depressants
  • V calmly walked over to the bedroom to find you reading a book and slowly snuggled himself into bed with you
  • He gently kissed your forehead and rubbed his nose against yours as he told you warming words of love
  • “When I was looking for my eye drops, I found your anti-depressants MC. Please know that I’ll always remain with you because I love you. I promise to help you get through this, I’ll do absolutely anything to help you with your recovery my dear. You make me so happy and feel loved so I vow to make you always feel the way I do.”
  • Hearing V’s sincere words of loved caused you to start crying as he held you close to his chest, listening to his heartbeat to calm you down
  • You and V worked together to help battle your depression, with V constantly reminding you how much he loves you


  • Saeran would be eternally grateful for all that you’ve done to help him with his recovery process
  • Even though it was hard for him to express it, he genuinely loved having you by his side and he’d do anything for you
  • So when the two of you were having a movie night, he went to get some ice cream and while looking for some sprinkles, he saw a bottle of pills in the back of the cabinet
  • Saeran cautiously took the bottle and covered his mouth in shock when he read that they were your anti-depressant pills
  • Without warning, Saeran picked you up and took you to the bedroom, wrapping the two of you in a blanket and whispered loving words to you
  • “Listen, I found your anti-depressants MC. They were… next to mine. I don’t want you to feel depressed, I know how much it sucks. So we’re going to work together to beat both of our depressions alright? I know I don’t say it enough but I love you MC.“
  • Saeran wrapped a protective arm around you as you cried into his chest, but feeling his warmth made you feel safe and secure
  • You and Saeran spent the rest of the night talking about what made the two of you happy, falling asleep in each other’s arms with both of you smiling

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May I ask for a hc with MC coming home after a stressful week and how the RFA members would cheer up MC? Thank you so much :'))

Hey anon! Thanks for this request, it was really cute ; w ; Hope you like it!

♥ If you ever came back to the house upset or stressed, he’d know immediately. Like you don’t even have to tell him that you’re upset, he just knows. He’s had many stressful weeks at college so he knows the signs.
♥ He will hug you and press your head against his chest. He’ll ask you about what’s wrong and he’ll let you vent about it to him. There was an asshole at work today? Your professor yelled at you?? Talk all the shit you want about them, he knows the feeling and he’ll support you 200%.
♥ He’d offer to play video games with you to take your mind off of it. If you didn’t want to do that, he would just sit you down on the couch with him while you vented to him.
♥ IF YOU EVER STARTED TO CRY FROM THE STRESS, HE’D START CRYING TOO. Just seeing you in such immense amounts of pressure and stress makes his heart break. He would hold you and tell you he loves you so much all while crying.
♥ “I’ve had so many stressed out weeks too, but now I’m so glad I get to come home to you. You’ve done so much for me, now, I can exchange the favor for you, honey. I love you.”

♥ If you were acting off or upset, he’d ask you if you were okay. If you ever said you weren’t, he’d drop everything and just hold you.
♥ He would hug you and caress your head and tell you that everything will be okay and that he loves you.
♥ He would ask about how your day went and why it was so bad. He would just tell you about how tomorrow is a new day with new things to come.
♥ He would serenade you with love songs he’s written for you. They’re so heartfelt and adorable, they will calm you down so much.
♥ “My acting career was a stressful, rocky road for me at first, but things will get better. Just as they will now. I love you.”

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