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i am reading “the art of iron man” (birthday courtesy of a certain alyx ❤️) and let me just say this again: iron man the first is The iron man movie

i know i’m p much dead to the world atm but i s2g once riverdale starts airing i’ll be all over the place you guys would wish i had a mute button lmao


I’ve not been making these posts lately because 1) I was at my parents’ house and then traveling for the better part of a month and wasn’t doing much cooking myself and 2) my mental health went down the garbage disposal and so I’ve been in survival mode when it’s come to food lately. BUT HERE WE ARE TODAY WITH AN EASY BREAKFAST FOR EVEN THE MOST SLUGGISH OF MORNINGS.

So yesterday I woke up with a fever and a wicked sore throat, and developed a sinus headache late in the day. I didn’t go to the gym or think about my diet as a result of this (in fact, I didn’t do anything besides sleep, basically). But today I got back to the gym for some light exercise and figured that I should also give my body something nice in terms of input as well. So: savory oatmeal with kale and eggs sunny side up!

Sautee the kale in olive oil (1 tbsp) with whatever kind of seasonings you want (I used garlic and some pepper flakes as well as salt and pepper for the kale) for several minutes (5-7? I wasn’t keeping track tbh) while stirring it periodically. At the same time, prep a serving of quick/instant oatmeal, whether in the microwave or with boiling water. When the oatmeal is done, stir in 1 tbsp shredded Parmesan and any other spices (idk if just adding dried thyme to stuff at this point in the process is not technically correct or whatever, but that’s what I did). Fry up or poach two eggs until the yolks reach the hardness you prefer (don’t forget salt + pepper), and then add all of your pieces together!

This was honestly the richest food I’ve allowed myself in the last several weeks, as I’m on a four letter word that starts with DIE for training and health related reasons. And still it was under 500 calories. Also, oatmeal is one of the best foods I know of for staying satisfied for long periods of time, and the protein in the eggs is important and good. If you want more detailed info let me know, I have a good estimate at it. Either way this was a welcome departure from my normal oatmeal or scrambled egg breakfasts and it was really easy and yummy and honestly the only thing that’s kind of expensive here is kale so it’s really not bad for the budget either.

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Simon, I need help. I'm addicted to food in a way that is compromising my health. I eat emotionally and out of boredom and I'm trying to make a change in my life. Do you have any advice?

Remove every snack item from your home and replace them all with vegetables.

These sorts of things are, according to my reading, warning signs of chemical imbalance and a need for some other pursuit for the mind. You must find other things to do. You must have the discipline to swap out your snacks. You must have the confidence to seek help with the things that eating medicates.

/You/ must do this. You have it in you, or it would never have occurred to ask the question.

even though today is a shit show, i would like to take the time to say happy one month anniversary to my love and the light of life @gonegal !! you make me so happy everyday and i love you 💖💝💘💗💓💕❤️💛💚💙💜

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Hi Ro. I just wanted to say that you're truly amazing and a gift to this fandom. I don't know where we would be without you, you truly keep us together. You're amazing and I really appreciate everything you do for the fannibals. Thank you ❤


I love this fandom so much and I am so happy to be a part of it and to do what I can for it AND I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU ALL <33333

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE KIND WORDS!!!!!!! They really REALLY make my life <333333

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I saw what the other anon sent, and I'm here to tell you, you are not the only one, I'm 22 and I've never been in one relationship in my life either, it doesn't makes you less than anyone,there will be a time when things are going to happen naturally

Yes! To the first anon, you are not alone. Thank you anon <3

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Hi, this week have been rlly tough to me, today my crush rejected me and i was feeling super sad but.. Seeing your art makes me feel so much better, thank you so much i love looking forward to your work, it is so inspiring, plus, you're an amazing person omg i'm sorry i'm rlly awkward but i love you pls don't find me weird,,, i hope you're having a day as amazing as you are bOi thank you for making my life sweeter i wish u the best!!

Oh gosh you’re too good,,,, 💙💙💙 


The shock of the Assassin’s Creed Movie NOT premiering in my country this December really hit me hard. So I decided to cheer myself up by sketching my two current muses ( @therealjacksepticeye and Hugh Dancy) as modern day assassins.

I don’t think I’ll be lining or coloring these fully because I really liked how the sketches turned out. :)

[ Patreon is currently on hiatus but thank you for considering <3 ]

that one moment you just know a movie has such an impact on you. just the music, the actors, the scenery, story, everything. when you feel chills and know that this movie means something to you. to feel so blessed that you are able to witness it for the first time, and then feel the same way every time you see it. it never gets old, it never goes out of style, it’ll always be the masterpiece you know it is. its one of the best feelings ever.


                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.

This is it !

Today is a really special day to me, 7 years ago I discovered Flipnote Studio for the first time on my DSi !! It was the September 4th 2009 !

At that time I never animated on something digital in my entire life and I was scared to try, not being good to draw with a tablet or on a PC at all but drawing on a tactile digital screen helped me a lot to get confortable and I began to have fun with this little application, so much fun that I began to enjoy and taking it more seriously. Knowing that most of the animators animate on a PC I always thought I was not a real one and would never be taking seriously …. but with all of your love I believed that it was false and that any animators (and any artist in general !) can be awesome and passionate no matter what they use !!

This is an amazing and important meaning to me !

And now, 7 years later, I still use this application to make all of my little characters living and moving, bouncing to make you smile :)

I want to thank you for your big and awesome support, for the new fans like the first I got back on Flipnote Hatena, I would never believe in the past that so many people would follow me for the animations I made on the DSi or 3DS, thanks to you I’m proud to continue with it and to be respected for my work !

Thank you all so much, I will never forget all of these years and I will keep going ! I can’t thank you enough, you make my life !! :’D

I still can’t believe how far I could go with this amazing application, you made me believe whatever you use to share your passion, if you love doing it, people will also love it ! 

So again, Thank you all so much, you made my day, and I can say, you made my life, a huge part of it ! I’m proud to do what I do and you push me to do more, you are all Génial !  I’m sure U will animate 7 more years and even more :) Thanks for making me believe in my passion and my dreams !

Merci tout le monde pour tout votre soutien ! Vous êtes tous géniaux !!! J’ai vraiment hâte d’en partager encore plus avec vous tous !! 

Merci merci merci !!!!