you make me want to shoot myself

  • Yang: Thank you for taking mine and my team's suggestions in creating a new arm for me General Ironwood.
  • General Ironwood: It was no issue Miss Xiao Long. It was the least we could do after you fought so valiantly in Beacon's time of need. However I must say some of the feature's you listed were rather interesting.
  • Yang: Hehe, yeah, well I wanted to be designed like Ember Celica of course.
  • Ruby: And I took it upon myself to make sure that hand part can shoot off and act like a grappling hook.
  • Weiss: I thought a Dust feature should be added so Yang can have a new range of weapon techniques.
  • Blake: I figured Yang could have something she can enjoy.
  • Yang: Oh yeah, that's right! I haven't had chance to test out Blake's feature yet.
  • *Yang presses a button on her new arm causing the finger's to vibrate*
  • Yang: Huh...I thought it was meant to play music.
  • Blake: It was.
  • General Ironwood: It could be a small misplaced wire. I can take a quick look at it if-
  • Yang: No! This works too.
  • *She winks at Blake causing her to blush deeply*
It was my 3rd day working as a PA for a big studio production

The AD came up to me and said, “I need to give you a tour of the backlot.” 

However, about 10 minutes into chatting he asks if I want to make out (while playing with his zipper).

I politely decline. Come to find out,  I am not invited back for the rest of the shoot. 

This still pisses me off. 

What pisses me off even more is the fact that I kicked myself for ages for saying no. 

Ugh, he was such a creep.

Full translation of Kai’s NYLON Interview

Q: Are there any immediate mountains (obstacles) you need to jump over/surpass right now?

K: I always have to surpass myself. Yesterday’s me, no matter what good things happen, I forget them and want to do great things again. Instead of materialistic or physical outcomes, I want to spend time personally accepting, understanding myself. Activities are fun and make me happy, but I’m also happy seeing myself growing day by day. I would like for the me of today to sing better and dance better than the me of yesterday.

Q: Is there an image you want to try today?

K: I really like doing photoshoots. There aren’t any particular “images” I want, but I just think that I need to have fun while taking pictures. I like diverse of concepts and like, whatever pictures need to be taken, so I want to take a variety of shoots. I don’t do many photoshoots in a year, so I think it’d be fun to keep a record by doing shoots like “22-year-old Kai” - “23-year-old Kai”, or capture my everyday life like a photoshoot.

Q: What about a homage to someone you respect? Have you ever thought of becoming something else?

K: I haven’t ever thought about that. I like being comfortable. Just Kai, I like being myself. Because I’m always doing strong and intense things on stage.

Q:  Would you want to be Kai even if you were born again?

K: Yes, because it’s fun. Since I did ballet when I was younger, I also want to be a ballerino, but I think I’d have to be Kai. But I’d like to be born as a better Kai.

Q: Since you’re alone, should we praise the other members or talk badly about them?

K: My first thought was, “This is fun!”. Compared to the loud and chaotic photoshoots with the members, shooting by myself was comfortable. But on the other hand, I missed the loud chaos and quickly began to miss the members.

Q: What do you often observe, and from what do you gain influance?

K: I don’t discriminate and take influance from a lot of things. Even from simply passing by a river, or just now, when I was changing during the shoot, my mask fell. I thought of a lot of things just from that. I valuably consider thoughts when I listen to music or when I’m alone.

Q: Do you watch and read books often?

K: I mostly read fictional novels, but not self-improvement books. They’re boring. I like the fun of imagining when reading fictions. You watch movies, you see the story and what’s visually pre-planned, but you can imagine things while reading books. Even if the same characters are portrayed in a novel, I like that each reader sees a different image. I think that’s why I read a lot of books. Especially mystery, fantasy and image stirring novels. As for movies, I watch them often, but I don’t watch melodramas or romance. 

Q: Is there a special reason (why you can’t watch melodramas)? 

K: I just can’t watch them. (laughs). They’re boring. I get sleepy. But no matter what movie I watch, there’s something to be gaines. When I look at the clothes from medieval times, I relate it to my stage clothes. Or when I see a character’s situation or setting, I gain influence to try and make choreography.

Q: What about seasons and weather? (Is there any influance?)

K: There is. Not too much of a difference, because I don’t typically have a huge emotional fluctuation. I like winter more than summer.

Q: Why do you like winter more?

K: I was born in January. Since winter is cold, you layer on clothes. There’s that warm feeling. A warmth, different from what you feel in hot weather. I like seeing people in the streets dressed warmly.

Q: Don’t people often tell you that you’re mature?

K: I hear that often. I like hanging out with friends my age, but because I started training at a young age, I think there are more things that I learned than friends my age. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll force my thoughts on them or have any reason to say “You have to do it this way” or “This is the right way”.

Q: But not everyone who lives a group life matures/grows up.

K: I was a very quiet kid. I didn’t say much but when I entered the company, I became brighter. There were a lot of fun friends and people around me, so as I shared stories and talked with them to fit in, my personality changed. Still, I have large sensitivity, feel guilt a lot, and think so much to the point that some days I can’t sleep.

Q: On what days can’t you sleep?

K: When I make choreography mistakes at important events, I continuously blame myself and feel guilty. And at some point, I forget that and fall deep into the thought of something else, like “Why was I born?”. In grade school, seeing the world through my eyes was fascinating. In middle school I thought “Out of the many people, not this or that person but me, why?” “Why am I seeing the world through my eyes?”. In high school I thought “Isn’t there a reason why I was born?”. And now I’m absorbed with thoughts of why I dance, why I sing. I think that these are the thoughts that bite my tail and keep me up at night.

Q: Is ‘You’re sexy” another thing you hear often?

K: Surprisingly, I actually hear people say that I’m bright and nice. Not because I’m actually nice, but rather because I look fierce and cold, but when they get to know me, I’m not like that. People don’t outright tell me that I’m sexy, but I think it’s a good thing to hear.

Q: How alike and different is the image people see of you and the image you see of yourself? 

K: Every person sees me differently. It’s my dance, but some focus on lines, some focus on my emotions and some focus on my strenght. I want to be the Kai that everyone thinks of. I want to freely leave the thoughts of the people who watch me.

Q: Is there anything unexpected about you to share?

K: I’m shabby/lax. I often lose my belongings and when I eat I spill food down my chin like there’s a hole. And I have an instinct to be funny. I make people laugh by forcefully pushing words that don’t make sense in a ridiculous situation. It comes naturally with people I’m close to, but I can’t do it when someone forces me to.

Q: It seems like Kai is always thinking about being on stage even off-stage.

K: I get stressed because I think about it too much. The more I think about it, the more unsatisfied I become and go astray. And then I tell myself not to worry and dance and sing withouth any thoughts. I can’t mess up. I used to strictly pay attention to every little thing, but now that I don’t think and just have fun, I think things work out better.

Q: Does the stage always feel new? Or is it a completely familiar place?

K: Both. Overall, I feel comfortable and free on stage. Moving my body is the comfortable part, but the emotions I feel are new every time. There are choreographies that I dance happily and have fun, and there are choreographies that I dance to relay a message or feelings. 

Q: Kai’s dance seems special, because it seems like there’s something you want to pass on to the audience.

K: For concert performances, I consider the mood and lyrics of a song, and for my solo stages I put in my own emotions. Title tracks have distinct choreography and pairing with other members. If there’s an importance to lyrics, there are no limitations of solo stages. If it’s sad, the dance gets sad too. But even if it’s sad, you dance in a way that makes you feel good, so the people watching will recieve the emotion and also feel good.

Q: It must be control/command of the stage.

K: Dance is fun because it’s like the assembly of a well put together puzzle. You don’t simply dance because you memorize choreography, but because there’s a reason behind every lift and drop of your arm. It’s probably because I think of that.

Q: Do you have the greed to learn all types of dance?

K: I don’t want to dance with the heart of just gaining information. But it’d be nice to be able to pull out bits of each (genre of dance) as a tool to use if there’s something I want to express.

Q: Do you also go to see other artists’ performances?

K: I don’t have much time. But when I was younger, I saw a lot of ballet performances.

Q: There’s YouTube.

K: Right. I watch things on YouTube. I really go there every day. Not just dance videos, but a lot of funny videos too. But I watch a huge amount of dance videos. Not just famous dancers, but even small performances, musicals, dance scenes from old movies like Singing In The Rain. I like videos of foreigners doing funny dances and singing in videos.

Q: I’m curious of your song playlist.

K: I listen to EXO songs, haha. Lately, I’ve been practising singing a lot. Since the past month, I’ve been listening to songs of our land’s (Korea’s) musicians. G.Soul, Na Yoon Kwon, Kim Yeon Woo sunbaenim’s songs. But I also like John Legend, Travis Garland and Boyz II Men.

Q: Is there a period when your interest in music over dance increases?

K: Recently I’ve bought audio cards and a mic at Nakwon Shopping District and now I’m recordind using Logic (an audio recording/editing software). I can’t make perfect songs yet, I just straighten out my voice to sound nice and do volume checks. I’m having fun with it, it’s like a game without getting stressed.

Q: Your birthday is on the 14th. Do you know what day that is?

K: Diary day? I have no idea. White day or what else? Valentine’s day? I’ve never celebrated things like that. I’ve never tried.

Q: Do you tend not to celebrate important days, anniversaries?

K: If someone remembers my birthday, I try to look out for theirs. But it’s okay if they don’t care for mine, I don’t think it’s so important.

Q: As of late, where is the place you want to go to?

K: Originally, if I hadn’t had schedules between August 1-11, I would have gone to Poland. I realized all the famous dancers go there and perform. I thought I could learn from dance workshops, but I ended up being unable to go.

Q: Would it be better to travel with family or friends?

K: I’d like both. I think it’d be fun with friends and comfortable with family. I think I’ll go to vacation spots with family and fun places with friends. It’d be fun to go to a deserted house and have a scary experience.

Translation by aiolosh, FULL CREDIT GOES TO HER!!

Language Universals to Violate for Alien Languages

If anybody wants to make up a scifi language and they want to make it inhuman, here are some things asserted as univerals of human language that you can deliberately flout. Unfortunately the language in this isn’t accessible without a basic or more background in linguistics but Google or shooting me a message can help. I’ll muddle through it. Though some of these i have no idea what they mean.

There are apparently shittons of these language univerals. There are very few absolute unrestricted univerals of human language where you go  “All languages do/don’t have X.” . But there are a lot of implicational univerals, which means there are lot of univerals which go “If the language has X, then it has Y.” And usually univerals aren’t absolute. Usually there’s at least a couple exceptions.

Here’s the list:

a. Grammars cannot ‘count past two.’ That is, no morphosyntactic process refers to ‘third position,’ ‘fourth position,’ etc.

b. In no language can a syntactic process be sensitive to the segmental phonology of the lexical items undergoing the process (e.g. passivization confined to verbs that end in a consonant cluster).

c. In no language is a negative, or a question, or a command, or some other speech act formed by changing the first sound of the verb.

d. All languages make a grammatical distinction between sentences and noun phrases (Carstairs-McCarthy 1999).

e. No language has segmental–phonological conditions on word order (e.g. objects beginning with obstruents precede the verb, but otherwise follow it) (Martha McGinnis, p. c.).

f. There is no language in the world where words are made up of individual sound segments, each of which corresponds in systematic fashion to some aspect of the meaning of the word. That is, no language has a word like blonk, meaning ‘elephant,’ where initial ‘b’ denotes a living creature, a denotes a living animal, following ‘l’ an animal, a following ‘o’ a mammal, a following ‘n’ a herbivore, and a following ‘k’ possessing a trunk.

g. In no language can an affirmative be turned into a negative by changing the intonation contour (Horn 1989).

h. Reduplication is never used to mark case (although it is commonly used for other inflectional categories such as aspect, tense, plurality, etc.) (Eric Raimy, p. c.; Grohmann and Nevins 2004).

i. No language allows more than four arguments per verb (Pesetsky 1995).

j. No language has a lexical item meaning ‘not all’, nor one for logical complements (‘all but three,’ etc.) (Horn 1972, 1989).

k. If conjoined phrases contain an element in the first person, then first person agreement forms will always be used (Corbett 1991: 262).

l. In every language in which there is a person and number inflection, there is also a tense, aspect, and mood inflection (Bybee 1985: 267).

m. No language has nominal objects obligatorily in post-verbal position and sentential objects obligatorily in pre-verbal position (Luis Vincente, p. c.).

n. No language coordinates two NPs with a preposed conjunction (Stassen 2000).

o. In all languages in which the lexical possessor NP is case-marked, the pronominal possessor NP is case-marked as well (Moravcsik 1995; TUA #20).2 

p. In all languages in which there is a marking alternation for objects in terms of definiteness and animacy, if indefinite or less animate objects are morphologically marked, then definite or more animate objects will also be morphologically marked (Lazard 1984; TUA #46).

q. In every language with an object agreement marker, that marker shares formal and semantic properties with an object personal pronoun (Moravcsik 1974; TUA #90).

r. In every language with any kind of overt marking (dependent marking, head marking, word order, etc.) in action nominalizations, that marking is also used in other constructions (Koptjevskaja-Tamm 1993; TUA #127).

s. In no language will the morphological bulk of affixes for direct cases, measured in number of syllables, exceed that of affixes for oblique cases (Haiman 1985; TUA #137).

t. In every language in which the property concept of shape is expressed through adjectives, then those of color and size are also expressed through adjectives (Dixon 1977; TUA #141).

u. In all languages in which adjectives are inflected, nouns are inflected as well (Moravcsik 1993; TUA #148). 

v. No language has more inflectional classes of adjectives than of nouns (Carstairs 1984; TUA #149).

w. In every language in which an adposition occurs as both an object marker and an allative marker, then it also occurs as a dative marker (Blansitt 1988; TUA #157).

x. In all languages in which the marker for NP conjunction has the same form as the comitative marker, the basic order is SVO (Stassen 1992; TUA #181).

y. In all languages in which there is incorporation of the nominal subject into the verb, there is also incorporation of the direct object (Kozinsky 1981; TUA #188).

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None of you around me understand what’s going on with me, the world, the other numb minds surrounding us. You are selfish, no one appreciates my music, watches my films or reads my writing. And it makes me feel so small and so fucking pointless. What is my purpose? If not to spread my opinions, my thoughts and secrets? Why do they all put their fingers in their ears and scream loudly just to block out the rambling of my being? It hurts, it really hurts because all of these thoughts are contained and they stab me and bite me and scratch me and shoot me because they want to be let out, they want to drip and run. Fall. Ignorant and vapid. Including myself, that’s all we are, nothing. I don’t understand why this is what we are all doing? There are over 7 billion of us hopeless fuckers on this dying planet and yet we are all so alone, I am so alone. I want love, not sex, not pictures on insta-fucking-gram, REAL FUCKING EMOTIONS. A real living breathing person, who loves me, who isn’t scared to be raw and real and reeling with me. Who wants to see me for who I am, who educates me and feels me and hopes with me and someone who really loves me. I am drunkenly stumbling down the street. What are we here for? Life is so full of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring things yet we can’t experience them. I’m done with trying to just scrape by. I want to glide and sprint and fucking fly. Not hurl to the ground and bruise my knees and sting my hands every step of the way.
—  titled “hatred”  submission #342

[ hey guys! REALLY really sorry for the lack of activity on my part! things just got rough for me school-wise as the quarter progressed, and i was honestly scrambling to keep my grades up x_x but now i’m on spring break, and although i am admittedly out of the country on vacation, i’m still gonna do my best to catch up on RPs (and some of those expression meme asks that I still really want to do!)

with that said, i’m making this post a sort of to-do list for myself, and if i mention you down here it means that i intend to reply to our rp within the next week! if i’ve forgotten you or if you wish to discontinue our rp (TOTALLY fine, given that its been a while since i replied), please shoot me a message and let me know! thank you and sorry for the inconvenience unu ]

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You make me what i am not
A fire in my blood cells
Crossed wires in my brain
Shooting high voltage off my tongue.
Too much for you to handle
Never asked to see the fire
Only wanted to feel the heat.

I build myself up again
Cooling waters
Pretty words
Flowers in hair
Stitches in heart
Gleaming teeth, and brown skin drinking up the sun.

You notice the way you always do
Maybe the way i want you to
You’ve got a tongue of silver
A way of making me forget I’m not for you.

you mention something about them and my heart jumps into my throat
my stomach twists into knots
and i have trouble breathing
i want it so bad. i want it.
i want to be recognized on name alone; on the lilt of my voice, i want people to grin in delight

it’s not just you.
(not everything’s about you)
it’s always me, me, me
I am shooting the lines of dust into my veins, whispering reassurances to myself that “yes, this will make people love me” and “i’m going to be alright.”

because when you look at me you think i’m the chubby bitch from history who couldn’t keep her mouth shut.
i am not who i was before.
i have been reborn into myself, rising from the bloodied corpse of the ideals you pushed upon me
i am not your silly little shit bitch anymore.
i am the person you were scared i would become.

and yet, i am constantly wishing i wasn’t here.

anonymous asked:

How about whenever I want to trim my growing bangs, I'll tell you and you can be like "No that's a bad idea! You'll really regret it!" And I'll reply with "shoot girl, you right"? I'll even send you my trimmers bc my dumb self went to go buy a pair so I can cut them myself haha 😭😭

Ughhh this makes me conflicted. Because, I’m naturally one to be like ‘Go fucking do it, and damn the consequences!!!’ But, I also don’t want you to be sad with your hair lol 😂

Yowakutemo Katemasu's cast interview

Atsushi Shintarou :

“I thought on location we’ll eat in groupings or something. But even in Bus, or while moving, all of us always together.” (this is his first drama)

“This is Ninomiya-san’s first role as teacher, so we’re his first students. But after this, his ‘students’ might increase, and it feels sad. Somehow I want his 'students’ to be only us.”

Hiraoka Takuma :

“I nervously introduce myself to Ninomiya-san on the first day shooting. Even though it’s obvious I would already know about him, Ninomiya-san still stood up and introduce himself to me properly, "I’m Ninomiya Kazunari, pleased to work with you” like that.“

"At first I couldn’t make myself starting conversation with Ninomiya-san, so I’m always quiet on location. But Ninomya-san would come and make conversation with me. He also give me acting advice sometimes. I really learned a lot.”

Yanagi Shuntaro, Mamiya Shotaro, Sakurada Dori :

Mamiya : I never thought we’ll have this kind of interesting encounter.

Dori : We were awkward at first.

Mamiya : The atmosphere on our first baseball training…

Dori : It was so bad!

Mamiya : All of us wonder “How will this be?”




Dori : The closeness between us is so strong.

Mamiya : It’s like we’re comrades.

Dori : We became the real Jotoku.

Mamiya : Ninomiya-san’s influence in that is really big.

Dori : It’s thanks to him we became like this in the first place.

Yanagi : After this over, in another shooting, I’m not sure we could be like this anymore…well we don’t know yet.

Dori : We don’t know. It’s normal to think we won’t get to work with all these members again. Although we would want it.

Mamiya : I would really like a sequel.

Dori : We would~

Yamazaki Kento : 

“There’re times where I keep switching back and forth between being in catcher and batter’s costume. I wear the catcher’s costume for one cut, then pull them off to be batter for 1 swing, and then back being catcher. It’s quite hard, haha. But it was fun.”

Nakajima Yuto :

“Since I’m supposed to be the best in batting, I keep trying to improve it. This might be weird, but because of that my batting form between the first and the last (episode) is different (laugh).”

(about Nino) “We didn’t talk much, but I feel like I could learn something whenever I look at his back, so I really spend a lot of time looking at his back. After this is over too, I will keep looking at Ninomiya-san’s back.”

The signs as things said by my roommate part 2
  • Aries: I just want to make some soup! and then give it to him. and then make more soup. and drink it myself
  • Taurus: gargles earl grey tea* fuck you charles dickins! fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gemini: If there’s one thing I love it’s the jealousy of peasants
  • Cancer: stop niggle-ing my elbow! whats wrong with you!!
  • Leo: all romance is comedy. It’s a joke!!
  • Virgo: Just shrink me down and Put me in a plane
  • Libra: What’s the plan?? Put tomato sauce on your hair then eat it
  • Scorpio: It's like I wanna shoot him in the face with a shotgun but instead of blowing his face off I wanna kiss him
  • Sagittarius: Woe my shit that's old
  • Capricorn: god dammit leonard nimoy!! stop being so racy! (I’m sorry leonard. I’m so sorry)
  • Aquarius: Jessie McCartney wrote "beautiful soul" for Dwayne the rock Johnson
  • Pisces: Thousands of tiny penises hitting you in the face and dissolving on your skin!
new studyblr looking for studyblrs to follow!!!111!

Hi~~ My name is Vel and I am a high school student! I made this studyblr about a week ago, and decided that now is the right time to introduce myself. I’ve been posting original content, and I’m planning to keep posting more!! I am hoping that this community will keep me motivated and help me be a better student. I’m still learning about my interests and passions in life, and this community is really helping my learn more about myself!! 

Other studyblrs that inspired me to make my own: @elkstudies @etudiance @areistotle @studyign @studyingkid

I am hoping to fill my dash with motivation and studyblrs so if you are a studyblr, please reblog/like or give me a follow if you want and I will be sure to check out your studyblr and follow back!! Or shoot me a message, I would love to make friends from this community!!


Best of 2015 Meme: 2/12 Female Characters - Kate Fuller (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series)

He begged me to kill him, and I drove a stake into his heart. You don´t see me shooting myself full of poison.


Asexuality Awareness Photoshoot 2015

A majority of the photos were ready so I decided to post this part! There will be some other post later ~

Here is a little piece of myself I wanted to share in this photoshoot since Asexuality is often misinterpreted, judged and frowned down upon, among many other things… It was a chance to give awareness toward the matter but also to crush this very offensive stereotype that Asexual are ugly/unattractive people who just because they cannot ‘’ please’’ they label themselves Asexual. - roll eyes-

The photographer was such a kind man too! He went to look about Asexuality before making the shoot to get more information on it . He also told me : 

“- I may not understand Asexuality much, but you look so happy and content through the lens of the camera that It REALLY give life to the pictures and also show how deeply devoted to the cause you are!”

It made me very happy!

so enjoy and please do feel free to come to me if you have any question!

anonymous asked:

Do you like aries people? The aries make me either want to shoot them or myself in the head. Any advice you have for scorpios?

The only Aries I know of is a Tumblr user who posts videos of himself drunk lol
Something I hear a lot though is that they think they’re the queens of the zodiac 👀

My advice would be think before you try to trap people lol like, not everyone knows you’re testing them into proving their loyalty to you, they really will interpret your attitude and words as you wanting to push them away.

Not everyone speaks in code. People say what they mean, take the hint.

Learn or forgive small mistakes and move on from them instead of holding grudges and kicking people to the curb over minor things that can be fixed.
No one is as perfect as you think you are, or as you want them to be. If you hold people to such high standards you’re gonna end up with no one. No one is gonna be 1000% loyal (again, talking about minor things here)

Learn to dial it back a bit when you notice yourself coming on too strong too quick.

It’s ok to ask for help when you need it, it doesn’t make you weak.

Trust your gut, scorpios can see the future ;)

I don’t want to hold you back, I want you to be the biggest baddest Scorpio you can be, I just don’t want you to end up with no friends or end up being a serial killer lol

you are strong, and powerful, and all knowing, please use your powers for good not evil.

My last piece of advice is, everyone needs to stop assuming I know anything about the other signs lol I don’t know shit!

Edit: I just reread the anon and now I’m not sure if they were asking if I have general advice for Scorpios or advice on how to deal with Aries people LOL

Day 364

Tomorrow I turn 1. 

Tomorrow it will be a year since I underwent the biggest surgery of my entire life. Tomorrow also marks a year since the biggest complication of my life–one I thought would make me meet my demise. 

I’ve been having a rough week, so I’m choosing to upload a video as opposed to express myself on here. Its pretty much gonna be like expectations versus realities at a year post op phalloplasty. I hope you guys enjoy it and if theres anything specific you want me to hit, shoot me a message. 

I was turned down for a role, I was just told I was too fat for the part. I’m a size 2! I cried for 30 minutes, but then you have to let it roll off your shoulders or it could cause a serious eating disorder. A lot of people in this industry hear they need to lose weight more times than they should. It does make you stronger, though. Because if you let that affect you, you can’t be in this industry—you’d go crazy. I think Photoshop adds to that, I saw photos from a shoot of myself just the other day and thought, What the hell? That doesn’t even look like me! I was so disappointed. I hate to think that girls are like, ‘She’s so skinny! Her skin is so perfect!’ I have pimples just like they do. I want to show people I’m not perfect—no one is.
—  Ashley Benson on beauty in Hollywood

“I was turned down for a role, I was just told I was too fat for the part. I’m a size 2! I cried for 30 minutes, but then you have to let it roll off your shoulders or it could cause a serious eating disorder. A lot of people in this industry hear they need to lose weight more times than they should. It does make you stronger, though. Because if you let that affect you, you can’t be in this industry—you’d go crazy. I think Photoshop adds to that, I saw photos from a shoot of myself just the other day and thought, What the hell? That doesn’t even look like me! I was so disappointed. I hate to think that girls are like, ‘She’s so skinny! Her skin is so perfect!’ I have pimples just like they do. I want to show people I’m not perfect—no one is.“