you make me wanna speak spanish

These are some of my favorite bands, artists and songs in Spanish. I’ve seen a couple of lists like these going around but I thought I’d make my own, too. These songs are not necessarily to study Spanish but you could always print out the lyrics and learn new vocab or expressions. I tried to include artists from different Spanish speaking countries, mostly Latin America, and different genres. I also included a Spotify link to the artist if you wanna listen to more of their work. Feel free to add more or tell me what you think of some of these!


Soda Stereo: x x x x

Gustavo Cerati: x x x x

Los Enanitos Verdes: x x x x

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs: x x x x

Estelares: x x x x

Babasónicos: x x x x

Virus: x x x

Los Abuelos de la Nada: x x x

Miranda!: x x x x


Natalia Lafourcade: x x x x

Zoé: x x x x

León Larregui: x x x x

Siddhartha: x x x x

Carla Morrison: x x x x

Hello Seahorse!: x x x x

Kinky: x x x

Porcelana: x x

Porter: x


Esteman: x x x

Don Tetto: x x x x

V for Volume: x (they sing mostly in english, though)

The Mills: x x x

El Sin Sentido: x x

Juanes: x x x x


La Ley: x x

Kudai: x x x (the emo kids of my generation)

Dënver: x x

Javiera Mena: x x


Los Outsaiders: x x

Tourista: x x


Enrique Iglesias

David Bisbal

Alejandro Sanz


La Oreja de Van Gogh

La Quinta Estación


Gloria Estefan

Celia Cruz

Silvio Rodríguez

Buena Vista Social Club

Ricky Martin

Calle 13


***Latin American Indie playlist on Spotify


Okay so some people asked me to post some selfies so here they are! 😊🙈

Also some people asked me some questions about myself so here they are too!

What’s your name?

Marianne, but you can call me Mazzi 😁

Where are you from?

I’m from England! Although I was born in Thailand and my mother is Thai and my dad is English. But I look more English and Thai and I have a British accent so I normally just say I’m English 😂

What are your aspirations?

I want to be an actress! I wanna be in films and tv shows so I can see people make gifs of me and stuff cause idk 😂😅 I really wanna be in a batman film. I have loved batman from a young age and I want a Batman tattoo!

What languages can you speak?

Well obviously I’m fluent in English, and I know a few languages I’m just not fluent in them; I know Spanish, Thai and I’m teaching myself Romanian! 😊

If you had to choose a character to date out of any universe or anything, who would it be?

It’s a tie between Bucky Barnes and Jason Todd really, but I guess by how I image my ‘type’ is, I would have to say Jason Todd.

What got you into writing?

It’s a long story but in short, I just wanted to try it out! Plus it’s a good hobby and I enjoy it a lot!

Most things precious to you?

1. Sleep
2. Batman (and Jason Todd 😆)
3. Tv and Film
4. Food
5. My phone
6. Family
7. Friends
8. That’s all I can think of at the moment 😂
9. Ooooo I forgot books!
10. And drawing!

What’s your favourite colour?

Black and Red.

Do you prefer Batman or superman?

Batman. 💯

What is your style?

Well I like leather jackets, jeans, dr martens/timberland boots, oversized tshirts and hoodies and anything.

I guess you could say my style is like 'bad girl’ or 'biker girl’ or just a female Jason Todd.

What’s your personality like?

I’m horrendously dirty minded. I’m a sarcastic little shit and I tend to swear a lot 🙈 but I guess I’m nice and I care a lot I just tend to come off as someone who doesn’t care and is a cold hearted bitch. But! Once you get to know me apparently my friend calls me “a huge, dorky, loving teddy bear.”

Another friend also told me, before we we’re friends, that when she first saw me she thought I wanted to kill her because of my apparent “bitch face” and my headphones were in and I was listening to like slipknot or something 😂

That’s all the questions I think that I have been given, if you want to ask me ANYTHING - come ask! 😊 or if you just wanna talk that’s fine too 😋

anonymous asked:

I've always wanted to know what music in Spanish sounds like to someone that doesn't speak the language. Do you think you could listen to the song 7 Dias by Romeo Santos and tell me how it makes you feel?

i checked it out and i love it. it makes me wanna put on a red dress and dark lipstick and go on a date to a dark restaurant with candles and roses and make out w/ someone tbh



He utterly slayed me with this. I still have the mp3. I still have the entire song memorized. I might even still have the notepad document where I typed it all out phonetically to learn the words since I don’t freaking speak Spanish. I MEAN. Some things just transcend language. When he sings in Spanish, it’s with such beauty and power and feeling that I wanna live inside his voice forever. That’s normal, right? Yeah. Perfectly normal. 


I’m in like an 9th grade level for spanish a 3rd grade level for mandarin and a fetus level for hindi so if you speak any of them and wanna help me get better please for the love of god make me a study guide or something

Epic Rap Battles of Candidates: Rubio vs. Cruz
  • Cruz: Well looks like it's my turn, I suppose/Who could ever match such inspiring prose?/I "Cruz" your port and I don't need an anchor/Hillary makes me likable, I'll be sure to thank her./You don't want to mess with the storm that I'm brewing/I promise you I know "exactly what I'm doing"
  • Rubio: Come again, friend?/You really wanna go?/Perhaps this rap would be better en español/Oops, my bad, I forgot one thing though:/You don't speak Spanish and I don't speak gringo./You've got cute rhymes but they're mostly filler/Guess that's what I expect from the Zodiac Killer.
  • Cruz: Oh real original, mi hermano/why don't you and Obama go smoke some Cubanos?/Since he's your best friend it would be a real treat/he just loves hanging out with other amnesty freaks.
  • Rubio: Are we doing that thing where you redefine words?/you're the only one I know who could be that absurd/It was never amnesty and your argument is weak/But why waste my breath? You'll change your mind again next week.
  • Announcer: Who won? Who's next? You decide!

i am obsessed with this song. IT’S SO GOOD.