you make me smile you goof

"Guitarists finger faster.... Or maybe drummers do?"

REQUEST: “Ashton asks you which one was your favorite before they start dating and you say michael. Then he asks why and you say because how he "fingered” the guitar. Then ash gets really jealous and he shows you what his fingers can also do. Also daddy stuff"

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do you ever have one of those moments where you’re just watching an old random bangtan bomb and you find yourself completely immersed, watching the boys laugh and smile and goof around, noticing their little mannerisms and how they act around one another, and your heart just swells and you realize holy poptarts i am in so deep but this makes me so happy and it’s too late? 


Wait for the person that will make you coffee early in the morning when you’re too tired to get out of bed. The person that will scratch your back day or night, whenever you ask. The person that smiles like a goof after you kiss. The person that can’t sit next to you without touching you in some way. Just wait. Because when you find that person there is no better feeling than the love they give you.

1x03 "We Shall Overcompensate" - Episode Recap

If I got a dollar for every time this show makes me smile like a goof, I’d probably have made more money in 20 minutes than I do with my entire monthly paycheck.

I know, I know, the show is problematic at times and it’s impossible to please everyone, but it just makes me feel so many things and well, I’m allowed to let my heart win over my brain for once, eh?

I mean, when you have an episode starting in a bright and sunny school lawn, with Amy and Karma being adorable together, how else do you expect me to feel?

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Dating Bellamy Blake Would Include:

Originally posted by aimless-photographer

  • Goofing around to make each other smile
  • Cuddling
  • Bickering over stupid things
  • “You don’t always have to be the hero Bell”
  • Him making it his duty to keep you safe
  • Him freaking out if you’re home late from a mission
  • “You scared me half to death”
  • Sneaking out at night to get some time alone
  • Clarke and Raven teasing you
  • Loving how caring he is
  • Never leaving each others side
  • “You are such a dork”
  • Forehead kisses
  • Him holding your hand, waist, back, anything to keep contact with you
  • Playing with his hair
  • Becoming really closer with Octavia
  • Octavia threatening you if you ever hurt him
  • “We can do this Bell, we can beat the odds”
  • Arguing over what the group should do next
  • Always making up after the arguments
  • “I’m never going to leave you…”
  • “Promise?”
  • “Promise”

Requests Open 

It’s the little things that make me love you so much, you don’t have to do grand gestures (even though I do love those as well) but just playing video games and getting fast food or pizza, waiting in line or walking around the mall holding hands, goofing off in a parking lot dancing to music. I fell in love with you for your spirit, your happiness and sadness, I fell in love when you smiled and held my hand, I fell in love the first time you kissed me. I knew it was different, I knew you were it for me and I never went back. You’re my life Hunter, I love you so much. You make me understand why it never worked with anyone else, hell I no longer want to be with anyone else, I only want you forever and always. I can’t wait to spend forever with you and all the adventures we’ll go on.

a quick update for those who’ve asked~ i got my first full weekend out (aka a home trial) but i spent it at my boy’s house of course. i had a super nice weekend with charlie. friday night was so fun, we fucked for like 2 hours and slept naked and in the morning we made coffee and goofed around for a while and i can’t remember the last time i smiled and laughed so much. he makes me laugh so much it’s unreal. at one point i ate and m&m out of his mouth and he just started dying laughing and said “i love you sooo much” and that was pretty precious. and the other night he was like all serious and he just goes “baby….will you teach me about the clitoris” and i almost fucking peed my pants i could not stop cracking up it was so goddamn silly. he worked for like 6 hours on saturday and while he was gone i did wifey things around the house and then went over to my house to see kitty and maxxie boy which was really wonderful and i also got my hair re-dyed by my sissy. i had a rough weekend in terms of multiple different slip ups and stuff and i’m really stressed about how that’s gonna play out now that i’m back at the treatment centre, i know i have to confess to my sins and whatevr and i am very nervous. and saturday i also got a sweet little voicemail from one of my angels from work while charlie was working and ended up crying a lot in charlie’s car after listening to it later that night bc it made me so endlessly sad and nostalgic and…idk. it really hurt and brought me back to a place that made me really upset. and then we got a movie and went back to his house but we were both feeling pretty shitty and i ended up crying some more and telling him how bad i’ve been doing lately and sobbing in his bed for a while and he told me that i need to start telling him that stuff and he didn’t bug me about eating but he checked on me when i went to the bathroom and stuff and he made sure i was following my meal plan for the most part and even brought me some treats from the bakery he works at bc he knew i had missed some calories/fat in my meal plan and was trying to help me make up for them. then last night we went to see nightcrawler together!!!!!!!! and it was cute bc it was our first actual ~date and i’ve never gone to the movies with a boy before? (so many feelings about that movie also, i loved it i love jake gyllenhaal omg) and then we went back to his house and had sex and watched the walking dead (what a bullshit episode lmao? but charlie loves beth so he enjoyed it) and then we went to sleep naked again and this morning he brought me home (aka the clinic) and currently i am drinking coffee and procrastinating in regards to getting ready for the day. it’s gonna be a shit one and i’m not looking forward to it tbh.

Owen Grady imagine
You stood in front of Owen he stood in front of the raptor cage. Of course he was goofing off when wasn’t he. You were laughing even thought you know it would only make him goof off more you couldn’t help it. You went home after training and all Owens goofing off. You turned on your favorite song and sat down you went to grab a beer when you saw Owen. He was dancing like a idiot, and of course you started to laugh again.

“What the hell are you doing?” You asked him through your laughing

He smiled and said “dancing”

You laughed more and said “that’s not dancing that’s humping the air”

He stopped and walked closer to me and said “oh no it’s starting again”

You move away from him laughing at him, “stop it” you tell him smiling “your like a freakin dog”

“Nope” he says and then starts smiling “only if you give me a kiss”

“No, your not getting a kiss” you say and try and get away from him

He gets closer and grabs you and you both fall “one kiss, come on please it’s the only cure” he tells you sarcastically as he lays on top of you

“Fine” you say and give him a kiss, and since the dirt day you met him you wanted to that but you never thought you would

He does his stupid smirk and says “great now will you go out with me”

“If you get off of me I will” you say losing breath because it’s getting harder “like now or I might not make it to the date”

He gets off of you and smiles “great tomorrow at 8, don’t be late” he tells you

You wanted to yell at but you would be lying to yourself if you say you didn’t want to go out with him

If you have any request tell me please I need good ideas :)

liberou  asked:

hello there, love❤️. just here to give you your daily (and gaily) reminder that i love you a lot. im gonna be 100% serious here cuz bemusement and cutesy shit can't always cut it. i tell you it all the time but damn, hon, you make me happy. saying i get smiley from talking to you is an extreme understatement cuz you don't make me smile,, you turn me into a legit goof. i get the crookedest smile on my face around you. i look like a total goofer!!!all!!!the!!!time!!! (continued)

(the rest) you’re the only person who can really do that tbh. i mean, there’s people who make me giggle and smile but,, damn hon bun,,,, when it’s you, my body emits a constant trickle of laughing and dumb noises. i don’t know whether i enjoy it or not but hey,,, i know one thing, i enjoy you. your face, your voice, YOUR ACCENT, none of that means anything compared to your care or your humor or your offers to beat people up on my behalf. sure i love the physical and the verbal, but your personality is the shining gem to me. proof of this is in the fact that i actually like married you on the 2nd or 3rd day of knowing you, a time where i had no idea how you looked or what you sounded like. i based my love for you off personality and boy,, i have good taste. you may not see it all the time, but geez,, there’s a reason you’re #1 in my life. this is all so cheesy and crappy and unnecessary and i actually am so tired and should be sleeping, but always remember all this. i love you,, so much❤️❤️

OMg are you actually trying to kill me with how cute you are. this is the most adorable thing ever and you're so cute and sweet i swear. honestly, you make me so happy and im so glad we are dating. you are one of my favourite people in the world and talking to you always makes my day better. and don’t worry, im always going to offer to beat up the people who make you feel bad. after all, you are such an amazing person and you should never have to feel like you aren’t. i love you so much. and omg my accent isnt even that good ahhh. im just british. ahhhh i just love you so much. im legit grinning right now, you make me so happy. i hope you realise that you are legit my #1 as well. youre sweeter than suga and i love you more than anything. im legit melting right now. thank you so much for being a part of my life