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Negan x Reader - My One and only


This is my first fic about Negan (sorry Daryl, but my baby wanted a reader x Negan, you’re still my favourite tho)

This is a gift for my baby @lunalowell , on my requests’ waiting list i wrote that she wanted a drunk daryl x reader smut, but then she fell in love with Negan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (it’s my fault lol) so she wanted a smutty Negan x Reader.

I hope you like it, queen♥

SHOW: The Walking Dead

Pairing: NeganxReader


NOTE: - Reader isn’t one of Negan’s wives.

- Italics are (Y/N)’s thoughts

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Keep running (Y/n)…keep running you’re almost there…almost out of the woods

Why I can’t move?

I’m surrounded by walkers

So It’s over for me?

I woke up suddenly, my breath is heavy.

Today I had a close call during a run and if it wasn’t for Dwight, I would be walkers’ food now.

I lay down again  hoping to fall asleep but there’s no use
“Maybe a glass of water will do”

With that in mind, I take my hoodie and I wear it over my white tank top and my black shorts.

Once I’m on the hallway I start to heading toward the kitchen silently.

The Sanctuary is pretty big, and after 2 months of me living here, I’ve finally learn how to reach each place here.

When I reach the kitchen I notice that nobody is around so I walk toward the sink

“Well well well what we have here?”
I jump letting out a scream
“Oh God Negan are you crazy?”

He start to walk towards me, keeping his shit-eating grin on his face…his awesome face

 Since I came here me and Negan keep flirting with each other, however, knowing that he has an harem keep me to go beyond.

He even asked me to become his wife but I say no, telling him I’m not a “sharing type”.

After my refusal, Negan keeps flirting and joking with me, and I really like it; however I don’t know how much I can take before surround at the lust I feel every time he get close to me.

“So, why my babygirl is up this late?”

I almost moan at that pet name

“Keep yourself together (Y/n)”

“I…I c-can’t sleep”
“Perfect now I’m stuttering”

Smirking, Negan put his hands on my hips.

He lean down until I could feel his hot breath on my ear: “You seem tense…I can help you with that…Fuckin’ the stress out of you”.

After he finish he stare at me, licking his lips.

“oh God I think I’m wet”

I almost give in but then I remember that he has six wives and I really don’t want to become number seven.

Smiling I walk past him, feeling his eyes on my back, specifically on my butt, and I sit on the chair near the door: “You’re kind but I will not become another one of your “Wives”, beside, I don’t like to share”.

Negan looks at me silently, before smirking again:
“Did you sit in a pile of sugar?”

Taken aback by his question I answer: “What? No!”
“well I thought so because you have a sweet ass”
Of course Negan will start with shitty pick-up lines.

“You’re a jackass” I say giggling

Grinning he starts walk toward me: “I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on” he says groping at his crotch.

That makes me laugh loudly: “Negan please stop”.

In a blink of an eye Negan is right in front of me, he extends his hands at me:

“Do you have a map?”
Knowing too well where this was going I rolled my eyes: “Negan please don’t” I say giggling while I take his hand.

“Because I’m getting fucking lost in your eyes” he continue, pull me onto him.

“You’re an idiot” I say laughing, burying my head into his chest.

He was so warm, and being this close to him makes me want him more.

Once I stop laughing we stare into each other eyes.

His hazel eyes were dark and hungry: “Do you have a name or I could just call you mine?”

He wants me and I want him, I can’t wait anymore.

“I’m yours”.

Grinning Negan finally kiss me on the lips.

I expected to be raugh but actually the kiss was slow and sensual.

While his tongue parted my lips, his hands went down from my hips to my butt, grabbing it and squeezing it hard.
“Mmh…” I moan, interrupting our kiss.

“You like it rough baby girl?” He asked, while he starts to rub his salt and pepper beard on my neck, causing goose bumps.
“mmm…yes daddy”

Giving out my daddy kink, I thought Negan would stop, instead he growled and starts to bit and kiss my neck.

“Daddy will make his baby girl feels very fuckin’ good”.

All of sudden he takes me up by my thighs.

Gasping I put my arms around his neck, kissing his neck while he walk toward his room.

I was so focused into making him moan that I didn’t realize that we reach our destination, until he put me down.

Negan walks straight toward his couch: “Take them off baby girl”.

I start to unzip my hoodie, a little insecure and self-conscious.

However once I took off the hoodie, Negan stares at my breast which sticks out from my tank top.

“Come here baby” he says licking his lips.

I literally run toward him, needing his hands all over my body.

Feeling wetter and wetter I just push him against the sofa’s back so I could straddle him:
“Feisty, I fuckin’ love it”

He didn’t get to add more because I grab his head and push it against my breast.

He starts to kiss them and bite them above my tank tot:
“You wear too fuckin’ much”

He literally rip my tank top and keeps devouring my breast:
“Goddamnit Negan…nngh… Did you really have…ah… to do that?”
He didn’t answer, he just growled.

It was so good with his lips that I start to grind right onto his crotch, feeling him growing under me.

That arouse him more, he yanked off my shorts and panties:
“You’re so beautiful…I fuckin’ need you, I fuckin’ needed you for so long baby girl”.

I moan and unzip his pants, tacking out his cock and start to stroking him.

He moans loudly and start to thrust into my hand:
“Baby girl, daddy needs you, next time will take it slow, but now I need to bury my fuckin’ big cock into your little pussy”

Nodding I align his cock at my entrance and I sink down:
“Fuck yes daddy”
“You’re so wet baby, now show daddy how much you need him”
I start to bounce on him up and down, while he thrust up into me.

“Look at this beautiful tits” he plays with my boobs, making me scream.

We keep a fast rhythm, the only sounds in the room where our moans and the sound of skin against skin:
“Now (Y/n) c’mon, come for daddy, let me see you come on my cock”
His powerful thrusts and the dirty talk were enough to take me over the edge.

I came  so hard, screaming his name, while I keep riding him:
“Daddy, come in me”

Negan wasn’t too sure about that so I assure him that I take the pill.

At that his thrusts became harder and faster; I keep riding me even if my pussy is sensitive now.

After a couple of thrust Negan came, muffling his moans into my neck.

I lay my head into the crook of his neck:
“It was…”
“So fuckin’ good” He complete my sentence.

After we catch our breathing I got up and start to dress up again, putting my hoodie on my bare chest.

Negan’s eyes were on me while I dress; he was staring at me silently:
“(Y/n)…Do you want consider my proposal again?”.

I turn around and walk toward his figure, still sitting on his sofa.

“This was amazing Negan…It really was…but I don’t like sharing my man. I need to be the only one, I don’t need a man who fucks multiple women…that hurts me too much”.

I peck his lips before turning around and walk toward the door.

Before closing it behind me I add: “If you wanna repeat that, you know where to find me…daddy” I wink at him and close the door behind me.


Negan smirk at her calling him daddy.

Since he lays his eyes on her, he thought about her just as another possible good fuck but after he had her, he feel something strange, like she’s the only one he needs.

He didn’t feel like that since Lucille.

Maybe he didn’t need all those wives after all.

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