you make me laugh but it's not funny

  • taehyung: *does something exactly in sync with jimin*
  • jimin: yes soulmate connection at its finest
  • jungkook: *does something exactly in sync with jimin*
  • lance pointing to a trophy: what's that for
  • keith: oh i did trick riding when i was a kid
  • lance: trick ri- like what?
  • keith: like handstands and stuff, i guess.
  • lance: ...handstands. i've never seen you do a handstand in your life.
  • keith, shrugging: it's easier to do on a horse.
  • lance:
  • lance: who are you
We first met when we were 15. Back then, I didn’t have a clue on what love was. I doubted its existence. I was a complete cynic, equating love to myths.
If this was a fairy tale, this is where I would say we fell in love. This is where I say I saw you, and I knew. But this isn’t a fairy tale. It didn’t start with love at first sight. Somehow, that makes our story even more beautiful.
If someone had told me back then that I would fall so deeply in love, I would have laughed my head off. If someone had told me it would be you, I would have dismissed me as irrationality. Funny how life works.
random quotes from Super Best Friends play Final Fantasy XV

“I want him to just pick this thing [Carbuncle] up and eat it.”

“I remember that first trailer back when I was nine. This game took 85 years to come out.”

“Noctis looks like such an asshole I can’t stand it.”

In game: Find out what Gladiolus is weak to and let him have it.
Matt: “He’s weak to insults about his performance in the bedroom.”

“Prompto is the most boyband of them all.”

“When Noctis’s Papa Roach CD is done, the game is over.”

Patt: “I will rescue you buddy.” *revives Prompto*
Matt: “I rescued you with my magical boy hands.”
Patt: “My magical boy hands for my magical boy bands.”

“When teaming up with your buddies nobody can stop the amount of dicks you draw on each others faces.”

*seeing Ifrit in the first cutscene*
Patt: “The fact that it’s a perfect naked man that will not leave his chair–”
Matt: “I feel like at the end of my life that’s what I’ll be fighting. And I will fail.”

*imitating Regis* “So your boybands doing shit huh, what, you’re gonna go on tour?”

“Gladio can you please button up your shirt it’s distracting everyone.”

“Gladiolus looks like he’s from The Bouncer. In fact he might be from The Bouncer for all we know.”

“Gladiolus and Ignis look like that one guy from The Bouncer in the cactaur outfit put into two people.”

*Matt, imitating Regis again* “Remember Noctis, every moment you live is a disappointment for me.”

“And please… do something about your hair. It’s a constant embarrassment.”

*Patt, now imitating Regis* “You look like such an asshole, but, you’re my asshole.”

“It would really suck if he was doing the deed with Lunafreya, and he yells out some other dumb girls name in the Final Fantasy universe. Like ‘Oh! Yunalesca!’ and she’s like ‘Who the fuck is Yunalesca?’ ”

Matt: “Push the fucking car losers!”
Patt: “Push the car, and make sure that Gladio’s butt is the one that’s really in center there.”

“Why is Prompto always on the floor?”

“Wait, I don’t wanna play as Gladiolo– Gladiyolo, god–”

*after seeing Noctis summon his weapons* “No wonder she’s getting married, she probably saw that and went ‘Yes!’ ”

*sees Ignis walk off in the background* *Matt bursts into laughter* “Ignis is just like ‘fuck it I’m out of here!’.”

“I’m seeing photos people are posting of these guys taking selfies with themselves walking around in the background.”

Patt: “I just did a backflip slash for no reason, other than I think Noctis thought it was cool.”
Matt: “Well it’s because he knew Prompto was watching.”

“That should be the Logo of our channel – stop bitching, start killing.”

*Prompto starts singing the FF victory tune* “AHH!!– AH YEAH! ALL RIGHT, YOU WON ME OVER!”

*Ignis explains the Crownsguard attire* Patt: “Oh, so that’s why. They’re forced to dress boyband.”
Matt: “Or forced to dress like they just raided a Hot Topic.”
Patt: “It’s the law… So the King, that King? [Regis] Was like ‘everyone has to dress like this in my army’.”
Matt: “Okay, you know what? Fair enough. I never realize that.”
Patt: “That King is the weirdest old man in the world.”

*imitating Regis* “I want all the hot boys to dress in leather in my army.”

“Cindy, and one of these guys, I wanna help that along.”

Matt: “You know what this place [Hammerhead] needs!? It need one of those big inflatable floaty guys!”
Patt: “And it should be a cactaur.”
Matt: “Yeah! OH!! That makes me so excited!”
Patt: “There might be in here, who knows?”

“Why aren’t your lips moving Ignis?”

yknow that shit allistics do where they randomly say shit like “hey do you wanna be my friend??? 😝😝😝” in that fucking stupid mocking voice so they can laugh at your awkwardness and stupidity when u dont know how to respond bc of your autistic traits??? bc they assume youre too fucking dumb to understand sarcasm and malice bc ur autistic??? yeah its fucking evil and it makes me feel like shit constantly please hardblock me if u do this or think its funny lmao

ronan and gansey lose a bet to henry and have to dress like each other for a day. gansey’s bright polos are all way too tight on ronan and ronan’s ripped jeans cling to gansey’s thighs but bunch at the ankles because they’re too long and it’s absolutely hilarious. blue and noah can’t stop laughing and adam takes a photo to commemorate, which quickly makes its way around to the whole gangsey and becomes pretty much everyone’s phone lockscreen for the foreseeable future

day6 as “bob’s burgers” quotes

jae: i’m a blonde now, so i’m better than you.

sungjin: what kind of a god would give you those legs and no rhythm?!

brian: i’ve eaten nine birthday cakes and i still feel empty. 

wonpil: time for the charm bomb to explode.

dowoon: do you think horses get songs stuck in their heads?


Nasty Foxboy’s reign begins.

If You Like Be More Chill...

Here are some more songs you might like by Joe Iconis!

Kevin : This song is sung by Andrew Rannells (a god) about being bored in Brooklyn. Plot twist song with a catchy tune that I sing in all my free time. Features this breathtaking ending and amazing chorus.

Jeff : Jeremy Morse sings about spying on his neighbors. Its funny and awful on the surface, but gets extremely interesting. It has some amazing one liners and moments that really make you think about this character and his life.

Party Hat : MK Lawson and Eric William Morris have this amazing chemistry that is reflected perfectly in a story about a lonely girl and a cat. Its unbelievably charming and well done. The fact alone made me laugh that Eric was playing a cat.

Blue Hair : Jordan Stanley has a young boyish charm that is beautiful and gorgeous and I love this song. Its about a boy who decides he wants to make a statement and just dyes his hair blue because he can. Its actually from one of Joe’s other musicals called The Black Suits. Highly recommend. 

The Goodbye Song : Jason Williams. Deep song. Kinda sad. I sing it and pretend I’m on a stage all the time. This song is gorgeous and I don’t really know how to explain it, but its basically this song about a death and how the person dying wants everyone to be okay when he’s gone. 

Right Place/Wrong Time : Eric William Morris and Katrina Rose Dideriksen both have amazing voices that work so well in presenting the concept of the song. They sing about how they always seem to be missing their chances even when they might have talent. 

Honey : Listen as Jared Weiss tears your heart out as he sings about pining over his best friend. Its an extremely cute piece that is so well sung and portrayed. No jokes, just cuteness.

Lisa : Katrina Rose Dideriksen sings about feeling like you’re not enough to be with a girl. It is actually the best thing. Katrina brings this amazing emotion and power into it that just wow. Honestly, its a gay anthem. (Also from The Black Suits)

Velociraptor : Liz Lark Brown sings about being a velociraptor and its hilarious, but actually a metaphor for societal expectations and where we all belong in the world??? She has an amazing voice and there’s some parts where you laugh and some parts where you have to furrow your eyebrows and really appreciate it.

The Actress : Katrina Rose Dideriksen yet again. It follows the struggle of this girl and what she has to do to become an actress. The meaning behind this song is so impressively portrayed and once more leaves your jaw dropped at Joe Iconis and his writing. Its funny and charming as well. 

These are just my personal favorites! Feel free to message me or send in an ask telling me what you think of these songs, which are your favorites, or even recommend some more! Happy listening!


roasted gently, served with care

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Bts reaction to another member checking you out and when confronted admitting he had a wet dream about you the night before?¿ if this is weird you dont have to do it sorry for bothering you🖤🖤


He’d be offended all the way through. The boys all knew how much you meant to him so why Yoongi began to check you out was beyond him. When he pulled him aside and confronted him he’d watch Yoongi sigh with a sorry face and shamefully admit his dream. ‘I guess y/n is really hot huh.. Just tone it down and try to forget.’

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He’d be full on mad at Jimin for flirting with you. Usually men eyeing you meant nothing to him, you went home with him every night and showed in more ways than one that you were over the moon for him. But how could one of his closest friends do that to him? He wouldn’t care who he embarrassed and would call Jimin out on it. He’d be angry when Jimin told him quietly but he understood what it was like to have wet dreams about you. ‘Just knock it off. I don’t want to see you flirting with her again.’

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Jungkook wasn’t ever one to step up and flirt with girls around the boys so why he was doing it to you and in front of all of the boys baffled him. He let it slide though, not wanting to embarrass Jungkook but when you finally stepped up and asked Namjoon to talk to Jungkook he’d sigh in a way to try and mask his anger. He wouldn’t yell at Jungkook but he would most definitely make it very clear that you were uncomfortable which made him uncomfortable.

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He’d instantly get selfconcious. He knew that you had a slight crush on Taehyung when you first met the boys so seeing Tae flirting with you drove him nuts. He’d worry that this new side of Tae would make you fall head over heels for him, causing you to leave him. But when you started avoiding Taehyung and everyone else started to notice he’d muster up enough courage to call Taehyung out. When Tae told him he had a naughty dream about you Hoseok couldn’t help but laugh and relax. 'Of course you did have you seen her! Just be normal, she doesn’t like it when you flirt with her.’

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The hulk would be released when Namjoon started eyeing you from across the room like you were a piece of meat. He’d yell at him to back off starting an argument with Namjoon but when Joon confessed that he had a dream Jimin would bare his teeth and turn away. 'Don’t even look at her until you get over this. Its inappropriate.’ He’d say before taking your hand and pulling you out of the dorm.

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he wouldn’t fully noticed his Hoseok was flirting with you until you said something about it. The moment you said something thats all he could see and it would make him very uncomfortable that he would act that way. You would be the one to confront Hoseok about it, Taehyung standing right next to you and when Hoseok shamefully confessed his dream you would laugh while Taehyung got madder. 'You think its funny that he’s dreaming about you like that? That isn’t funny.’

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He’d be caught between wanting to call Jin out and not wanting to offend him. He’d be more than angry that he was doing it and would talk to you first. 'Is Hyung making you uncomfortable? Do you want me to talk to him?’ When you shrugged and told him maybe just to lay off a little he’d instantly approach Jin who would immediately begin to apologize for his behavior. Jungkook would get angry but he wouldn’t show it until later when he continued to pout and kick things around. 'How could he have a dream like that about you? Your just you why you?’ He’d say pouting, not wanting to share you with anyone, even in the subconscious.

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false teeth, aliens seeing people put their fingers in their mouths and just pull their teeth out to clean or them laughing and having the teeth fall out... imagine the horror

(Oh my God first suggestion or whatever!)

Oooooh this is a good idea! I think Imma write like a little story for this!

Ziexxuonae was just walking around, just checking up on the crew members. More specifically, the humans. Only because humans are always trying to do stuff they shouldnt do. And they’ll try to do it even after you tell them ‘no’ so you really have to catch them. So really,  Ziexxuonae was just checking up on the humans to make sure they werent doing anything that could potentially destroy the ship.

Ziexxuonae was walking past two of xer really good human friends. And they were already having a conversation, so Ziexxuonae decided to join in. Talking is a very good way to further your bonding with a human, so the human guide says.”Lana! Rosa! Hello!”

Rosa turned their head and looked over and up to  Ziexxuonae, “Yo! Zi!”

Lana looked up to Ziexxuonae and waved happily,”Hello Zi!”

Both of them bared their teeth. Even though the Human Guide said humans bare their teeth as a greeting and that its a good thing, it still sends chills down  Ziexxuonae’s spine.”What were you two talking about?”

“Oh, well, we were talking about a little accident that happened when Lana was little.”

“Yeah, it sucked then. But now its something I can laugh about!”

“Oh? Well… may I ask what the accident was?”

Lana nodded.”Of course, Of course! So, when I was 16, I tripped down then stairs and hit my mouth really hard. Long story short, I had to get most of the top row of my teeth removed.”

“But… you have top row teeth right now?”

At the moment, Lana reached into her mouth and just straight up pulled out her fake teeth. Ziexxuonae was immediately horrified.”Oh no! You need a medic! Human teeth arent suppose to come out like that!” Rosa and Lana immediately started laughing. And they were laughing hard. Ziexxuonae was very confused. Werent humans concerned when another human was hurt? Rosa wasnt concerned with Lana’s wellbeing at all! “Why are you two laughing! This isnt funny!”

“No, No! Zi its Ok!” Rosa was finally able to say. And they were still a giggling mess.”Those are fake teeth or well- dentures. They are suppose to be able to come out. You see, Lana lost her adult teeth so fake ones had to replace them.”

“B-But they arent attached? Like permanently?”

Lana put her dentures back in place.”I hate it when they’re called dentures! It makes me feel so old! But they arent suppose to be attached like that. Its just not how they are suppose to be.”

Ziexxuonae paused and then slowly nodded.”O-Okay…”

Rosa’s giggling was replaced by a concerned face.”Zi, you good?”

Ziexxuonae nodded.”Yes. I just… I just need to go take a little break.” Ziexxuonae waved bye to xer human companions and then went to their room to just think over what xey just learned.

Humans are truly terrifying

Anyway Niall has already a second single out, promoting the shit out of it since May 4th and its in the top 10 on iTunes and almost in the top 20 of the Billboard charts and yet people still make jokes, that aren’t even funny, about how Niall is literally doing nothing compared to the other guys lmao sweetie, maybe if you actually try to put some attention on his SOLO career you’d see that he’s actually been working very very hard on everything he’s pulling out there. And the worst part, the thing that makes me more upset about it is that even some niall stan still laugh about it… like, dude it’s literally disrespectful of Niall’s work and career that you should support lol

  • Jeremy: It's me again. I need someone who can help me be cool. Maybe send me an angel. The nicest angel you have.
  • The Squip: *laughs maniacally*
It’s Our Anniversary

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Artist/Person : Min Yoongi/Agust D

Group/Crew : BTS

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : 1986

Request :  Can I ask for some super fluffy fluff with Yoongi or Namjoon? (You choose) Maybe make it medium sized or long? (If that’s okay) tysm💓

My gaze was focused on his hunched form, a smile on my lips as I watched his head bob to the music playing through the headphones that covered his ears. Slowly, I stood from my seat on the dark couch and crossed the studio to where he sat. Draping my arms over him, resting them on his chest, I buried my face in the crook of his neck and placed a soft kiss on it. He paused the current track, slipping his headphones off with a chuckle. “Yes, baby girl?” Yoongi muttered, looking over his shoulder and chuckling at my puckered lips. Turning a bit more, he connected our lips, for a moment, in a chaste kiss.

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