you make me heart sing

The perfect visual to match this perfect line

  • jaal every other moment: darling one, you are so soft, take me everywhere with you, never leave me, you make my heart sing, I want to devour you, I love you
  • pathfinder, about to die for the second time:
  • sam: pathfinder, I can free us but you'll have to die first, in theory I can bring you back to life, but I might not be able to.
  • jaal: well it was nice knowing ya

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May I request a gendrya modern au where gendry's a cop who is investigating a con(wo)man who has led the Freys to destruction and now seems to be doing the same to the lannisters?

“Smith, don’t get too close,” Lem warns him through the earpiece.

“I’m not going to get too close,” Gendry says, holding a styrofoam cup of coffee to his lips to hide their movement.  “I can’t get a good view of her is all.”

“She’s twistier than a cat.  You get too close and she spots you we’ll have to find a different eye for her and we’re under-staffed right now.”

“I know.  I know.  Ever since Beric–”


“I’m just trying to get a better view.”

They’ve been tailing her for weeks–ever since they’d found the remnants of a fake id in Frey’s burned down place.  She clearly hadn’t meant for it to survive, but somehow it had.  Facial recognition software at the precinct hadn’t brought up who she was but Gendry…well, he’d recognize those eyes anywhere.

“Smith,” Lem barked into the earpiece, but he’s close enough now to see her.  She’s typing into a computer, staring intently at the screen.  She hasn’t noticed him yet, Lem can quit worrying.  Except he won’t.  “Smith.”

Gendry pretends to stumble, knocking his coffee over her table and ripping the chord out of his earpiece so that it won’t work anymore.  “Shit!  Sorry!”

Lightning quick, she grabs the computer away from the coffee that could kill it and her eyes flash up to Gendry and just as he’d known it was her immediately–

“Gendry?” she says slowly.  Her voice is lower now, older than a ten-year-old’s, and he remembers what it’s like when they’d found Harwin, he remembers hearing it thick with emotion like that. 

“Arya?” he breathes.  Breathes because she’s alive.  She’s really, and truly alive.

Gendry’d never thought anything would distract him from his career.  He never thought that he’d ever compromise what he knows to be right, what his marching orders are from the chief, that he’d be the best he could be in a job that–ideally–is about helping people.

But he’d never accounted for Arya.  Maybe Lem’s right.  He shouldn’t have gotten close, he should have stayed back and watched her from afar.  But he’d spent how many years looking for her, hoping that the Hound hadn’t brutalized her the way the Hound had brutalized everyone, only to find that it was she who had somehow flattened The Twins.  

He shouldn’t have been surprised.  He shouldn’t have been relieved.

He shouldn’t have gotten close to her because the moment he did it was like he was sixteen again and the only person who mattered was the ten-year-old who had more spine to her than anyone he’d ever met.  The only thing that mattered was that Arya was alive, and what did it matter if she was working on bringing down the Lannisters–the justice system wasn’t doing it.  They practically owned the justice system.

And maybe it was that he’d liked comic books too much as a kid and Arya was a little too much like Batman.  He was fine being James Gordon.  A little too fine with it.

He can tell she doesn’t trust him–not the way she used to.  Maybe it’s because wherever she’s been, whatever she’s been doing has made it so she can’t trust anyone wholly anymore.  Or maybe a shrewd kid had gotten to be a shrewder adult.  Or maybe she knows he’s a cop somehow.  Some sixth sense.  She’s always had one.

He’s not going to rat her out, though.  He can’t.  There’s some part of him that knows that it’ll mean his badge, his life, but losing Arya again is more than he can bear and he hadn’t realized that would be true until she’d been there on her computer, researching Lannisters.

He knows she’s researching Lannisters.  He’s not stupid.  

She still calls him stupid though.  

It makes his heart sing.

“Are you in it with me?  For true?  And don’t you dare lie.  I’ll know if you do.”

It’s raining and windy and they don’t have an umbrella.  If he were wearing a wire it would be impossible for them to hear her.  She knows.  

He’s not wearing a wire, though.  Lem took him off the case ages ago–after the coffee incident–because he wasn’t following orders.  He benched him and Gendry doesn’t care because being benched means that he can help her and feel less like a good cop gone bad.  Or a bad cop gone good, maybe.  It doesn’t matter.  He doesn’t feel like a cop at all.  He feels like he’s standing with her in the wind and the rain and like they’re kids again.

“Yeah,” he says.  “Yeah, I’m in it for true.”

There’s a fire in her eyes, and the smile on her face isn’t a happy one–it’s a purposeful one and it would be scary if he didn’t know her.

The Lannisters don’t know her.  They don’t know what’s coming for them.  But Gendry does.  And Gendry’s coming with it.

You’re lifting me up and setting me free
Showing me something I could believe
Giving me hope you know that I need
And I am blinded, by it
Open my heart I gave you my soul
Gave you permission, gave you control
Show me the world that I didn’t know
Let me inside it, inside it

“And when the end comes, that we shall be side by side to meet it with fire, thunder and all the vitriol we can muster.“ - @theash-hatrukoth

What are words// H.S- Short Story

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Warning: None

Another day I woken up to the sound of my phone beeping- continuous messages blowing up my notification and I sighed at the thought of what had been written across the screen. It was extreme torture being the girlfriend of Harry Styles not in the sense that he is a horrible person but I still haven’t gotten used to the fans that are not supportive of us, well me.

See, I wasn’t exactly the ideal girl for harry according to them- my native background had kept me from actually speaking proper English and they felt that our communication would be lousy but for the life of me I am trying.

Let me introduce myself; My name is Y/N and I am from France, my native language is French and I lack the capacity to write or speak English in a proper grammar. Yes, I am the girlfriend of Harry Styles and he is wonderful- for so long I had read about him being such a sweetheart and now I actually get to witness being one and it is true, I will support the statement of him being a sweetheart.

I opened my twitter as I scrolled through the various tweets towards me and most of them were negative messages being thrown at me for not speaking the same language as most of them.

‘Go back to France and bake, leave English girls for Harry’ I read through them and I know harry had told me to brace myself and try not to give into whatever people had to say because it wouldn’t change his feeling towards me.

Pourquoi me déteste-t-il? - I thought to myself.

“Y/N are you okay baby?” I heard a voice behind me and I snapped to his direction and I met those lovely green eyes.

“Non pas du tout“ I scoffed out as the tears prickles down my cheeks, instantly Harry rushed to my side and engulfed me in a loving rapture as he stroke my hair and attempted to make me feel better.

“What happened?” he asked concern coursed through his voice

“They make fun of me” I tried to explain but my accent and grammar weren’t coming out fully well and I hated myself for not being able to communicate with him all that well.

“I’m sorry you have to go through this right now but I can help you along the journey, you don’t have to be sad, please.” he soothed

“Parfois, je pense que tu vas mieux sans moi“ I retorted and sniffled at the thought of being away from Harry and throwing what we’ve built away.

“I don’t think ending what we have is the answer to our little debacle, you know I am here for you and this is a little minor set back in our relationship, I understand how intense it can be around people but I love you the way you are- the sexy tone in your voice when your voice as you pronounce each word, you sound like an angel everyday and I would never change a thing about you” he sweetly spoke as he still hung onto me, his chin pressed on my head and he squeezed my body to his.

“Just to prove how to you how much you mean to me” he paused as he walked over to his built studio, shuffling his finger across his laptops keyboard and pressing onto a selected beat had been working on for his next album.

“I have been writing a song for you and I want you to join me on it but you will sing in French” he said

My smile grew wide and it lit up the joy in his eyes by achieving his main priority in life- Making me smile everyday.

“Sing what you feel in your heart and I will join you on it” he instructed

The beautiful melody poured through the speakers as I help the headphones and closed my eyes to listen to sounds and instruments deeply, my lips parted as the words flowed out of my mouth

“Parfois, je me sens un peu irrégulier et parfois je me sens peu froid et seul, mais vous êtes toujours là comme ma lumière pour me guider et me garder au chaud, mon cœur se sent en sécurité autour de vous vous sentez un peu de bonheur et c'est toujours autour de vous. Je vous tiendrai toujours ma lumiere, je vous remercie de votre existence“


“Sometimes I feel a bit irregular and sometimes I feel little cold and alone, but you are still there as my light to guide me and keep me warm, my heart feels safe around you, feel a little happiness And it’s always around you. I will always keep my light, I thank you for your existence“

And then his sweet voice came along as he sang beautifully to me, his eyes showed passion and the noticeable veins popping at the side of his necks as he focused on moving me with me with his talent and he did, he really did.

“And with the the touch of your hand, my demons are silenced- with the voice of an angel my existence is clear for I am nothing without her.” He sang

Tears formed in my eyes as I listened to his words with intensive care; my heart was pounding at this point when he held my hands in his as he sang to me.

“You are beautiful and never forget that” he kicked off and looked me directly in the eyes

. “Je t'aime beaucoup, Harry” my voice shaky from the overwhelming tears.

“What are words? If you really don’t mean them when you say them?” he pecked my lips gently and I felt all the worries and trouble had slipped away from us, and I really was happy.

“I love you most” he whispered

Why now? - Another Saeyoung Angst Fic

Title: Why Not?
Rating: Mature, includes death and shooting
Genre: Angst, all the angst
Game: Mystic Messenger
Characters: MC, RFA and Saeran
Description: MC loves Saeyoung and wants to tell him, but it’s too late, he’s found someone else, what’s MC to do?

Hey my lovely lovely followers, been wanting to do an angsty fic for a while and I wanted to do an MM one, I was inspired by this prompt, so enjoy :D

How long had I known Saeyoung for? Too long. How much had I been through with him? Too much. Ever since I had joined the RFA nearly two years ago, I knew I had felt something for the infamous hacker of the group. We had such amazing banter on the group chat, he constantly made me laugh and brought light in my life more than I thought a guy could ever do. Every time I logged in and he was in the chat room already, we always greeted each other with such love and admiration for one another, it felt good. More than good, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, any kind of positive adjective you could think of.

After the first few days of being part of the RFA, getting to know everyone, it didn’t take me long to realise I had feelings for him. The trip to go save his brother, Saeran, kind of just confirmed my feelings. My problem was, I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way.  He kept talking to me throughout his troubles, we even shared a few moments between us whilst Saeran was still healing. He would hug me just a little tighter, our fingers would brush against each-others and he would purposefully do it again, we even almost kissed one time but Saeran had woken up badly from a dream breaking the moment. I didn’t blame him, not in the least, but I genuinely wondered what would have happened if he had continued to sleep.

Zen was the first one to notice how I felt, and naturally Jumin was the last. It was during a meal that Zen and Yoosung asked how I felt whilst Saeyoung was on the phone checking on Saeran at home. Of course, I couldn’t deny it, and thankfully they were more than happy to hear about it.

“Oh my God, I’m so happy for you!” Yoosung grinned like a child.

“You two would make such a good couple, honestly, you’ve been through so much together” Zen grinned too “you going to tell him?”

“I’m not sure, I mean, Saeran comes first right now and he’s doing so well, I don’t want to mess that up, you know?” I said.

“No, of course, but do you want to tell him?” Zen asked.

“I do, not sure how but I do” I smiled, the blush on my cheeks flaring up.

“We’ll help you figure something out, I bet if you do something romantic and slightly geeky, he’ll have to tell you how he feels and you’ll be together forever, and and….”

“Zen, calm down” I chuckled, shushing him when Saeyoung came back and sat next to me.

“Saeran’s ok, had another nightmare but they’re getting easier so, all’s good in the hood!” he grinned, digging back into his food.

“I’m glad he’s ok, like I said, if you need anything again in the future, I’m there” I offered.

“Thanks! I do appreciate that!” he said, giving me a quick hug and we all continued our meal.

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so I know you're not taking requests, but I have this hc I kinda wanna share: while nessian is quite new, nesta sees the other couples together, knowing each other so well (az cooks mors favorite cake?? Rhys buys feyre naughty clothes in her fav colour??) and gets a little upset. her and cass obvs knows the other inside out, how their partner will react, how they feel about certain things, they know each other on a deeper level, but they never spoke about the small things, like fav cake or.. 1/2

I think that it might be possible and mostly because Nesta was so angry that in her teenage years, when her sister both found something they loved, she found nothing and Cassian, on the other hand, was a bastard whose only chance in life was to fight, so I think he didn’t have the time to find something he loves.

And I tink that Nesta, wanting to get him a gift and being tired of getting him swords/leathers/knives or something that has to do with his work as Commander and she knows he likes to cook, but his cooking really doesn’t need improvement as long as she can tell, but it’s something he likes, so she buys him a cooking book.

Nesta Archeron lives from that point with the breath of anxiety on her neck.

What if he doesn’t like it or thinks it’s stupid? Maybe he doesn’t even like cooking all that much.

So she walks to their Cabin and she knows he’s in, she can hear him humming in their bedroom and she takes the piece of paper from her purse, with the list of things she wants to ask him, grabs a pen and sits directly into his lap, which makes him a very happy bat, takes the list and starts reading her questions:

“What’s your favorite color?”

He looks a bit puzzled, but answers “Red. And the color of your eyes.” Nesta blushes and his arms go around her. She writes his answer just beside her former question and before he can ask what’s happening, she asks again 

“What’s your favorite book?”

“The one we read together three times a month, sweetheart. You know it.”

“I know that I know, but I wanted to be sure. Favorite Opera at the theater?”

“What’s with all the questions, love?” he says, his nose grazing the side of her neck.

“I bought you gift,” she answers, her body moving closer to his, “but I wasn’t sure you would like it, and I want to know everything you like.” 

She takes his face in her hands and the look of joyful surprise on his face makes her heart sing.

“You bought me a gift?” he asks, his lips just in front of hers, but only brushing against her mouth, the damned tease.

“I did. It’s a-it’s a cooking book. I thought you would like it.” she whispers.

He kisses her then, his hands going between her hair.

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

She kisses him again, just a quick peck, as if to say you’re welcome.

“What’s your favorite thing? The thing you love the most to do?” she asks again.

“Oh,” he says, “that’s easy. The answer is you, to both questions.” he answers with a grin. “And you, love? What’s your favorite color?” his voice is low as he asks, his hands going to her hips which she didn’t realize she started moving.

“Violet,” she answers “and hazel.”


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Don't Judge Me... Freestyle | 18 May 2017

Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

Say your name in threes, ironically, you are the breeze beneath my wings and you make my heart sing


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

Don’t judge me, but, there’s not enough I could say to relay the goodness you’ve afforded me


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

you me had, had me you, you had me straight trippin’ boo and like Holes, honey I’m diggin’ you


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

Lips softer than cotton, you’ve spoiled me rotten, this is the furthest I’ve gotten without being forgotten


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

Pure as gold, old at soul, got me thinking bout my life and goals, I now know I’m whole because you’ve been an admirable example


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

Judge me not, because my thoughts, are of you and of blue, the sky that is up and down at the same time reading my mind because I stay up just to be down for you


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

Like the River Jordan purify me, more humble than a the Mediterranean Sea, vision better than 20/20 and that’s why you see the things you see


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

Fire, fire, fire, and desire you make me aspire to inspire before I expire or get tired


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

The reason I’m no longer afraid of and love walks in the park, feel the spark when you make me laugh I feel like Etta… oh at last, at last I am free of my painful past… at last


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

Got me feeling like a sunday morning easy and free and every day I think of you is like my anniversary and that’s why I can’t wait for tomorrow to come


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

The God in you is the God in me and it moves me to tears spiritually heavy are the heads bearing His crown but we may be the only Jesus they see for miles so be proud


Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa…

I’m not quite sure what else to say, but all I hope is that I’ve made you smile and that you don’t judge me and my smooth freestyle

By: @ebonymagnolia

Space friend

Just kinda a little thing for @analogically-prinxiety  
Completely platonic,  I wanted to try cheer them up <3

My Solar flare.
Bright as can be,
You are always there.
Showering me in positivity.

My Moon.
Dark and gray,
Always pleasant to look at.
You take the pain away.

My Planet.
Bright colors, and new and interesting things.
Rambling me sweet words.
You make my heart sing.

My Star.
Soft and fluffy.
Our conversations are always fun.
How I wish I could hug you,
to thank you for what you’ve done.

My Universe.
You’re are the best.
You are amazing special and sweet.
So wonderful with words.
How I wish we’d one day meet.

(My love, my princess, my world, my starlight) I love you with all my heart, my soul and everything I am. You are such a strong, brave and just amazing person and one of the most loving. You deserve the best things in the world and all the love ten fold. You leave me breathless and have since I first met you, you give me butterflies and make my heart sing. You shine brighter than any star and truly I am blessed to have you as my other half *and the world to have you in it.*. You never have to be anything more than who you are. I love you and no matter what happens I want to be (and am) here for the long haul and hope you are ready for an amazing adventure.)