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Remember feeling like, in Time Traveller’s Pig, Stan’s looking for his red screwdriver was so awkwardly wedged in there? 

Why would Stan have a red screwdriver he cared enough about to notice if it was missing? He hardly seems to notice or care when way bigger/more expensive things go missing or get destroyed.

Then we see where the red screwdriver ended up and it appears it was just sort of artless dialogue and characterization so that Blendin could be introduced. A little unusual for a show like Gravity Falls, but hey, writers get tired, too, right?

But THEN, fast-forward to season 2, and we see Blendin’s Game. In the last minute, we see the red screwdriver again:

AWW, so it’s the red screwdriver that led Soos to the Shack and ended up getting him the role of adopted son handyman.

No wonder Stan actually cares about that screwdriver. Mystery solved.

And that’s it, right?



Otome games be like

Heroine: i love white dresses
Guy: oooh wow just soo pure ahhh like an angel’s wings white YASS !!!!!

Heroine: ouch i pricked my finger
Guy: well better carry you.

Herione: hi ! Im new-
Guy: don’t mind but i just realized i am in love with you.
Heroine: ohhh nice to meet you too !
Guy: but
Heroine: yeah ur r a very nice person.
Guy:  D:

Guy 1: do u love me
Guy2: or me ????
Heroine: yes .

Heroine: but i dont feel the same way right now.
Guy: ok i understand , but i will make you fall in love with me.
Guy: *proceeds to have no chill for the next few years*

Soulmate AU Pt.2 // Harry

Requested- surprisingly by a lot of yall

Summary- it’s taken harry a while, but he’s finally accepted his soulmate especially after something happens (does that make sense idk im sorry)

Pairing- harry hook x reader

AN- this is the ‘happy’ ending, there’s gonna be an alternate one where things don’t go as planned soo keep an eye out for that! also, i couldn’t do smut just bc it didn’t feel right?

part one

“You sure Harry is okay with me being here?” Jay asked for the third time as he sat on your bed, books sprawled out in front of him.

You shrugged, “I don’t see why he wouldn’t be. We’re just studying, now c’mon, I can’t find my book so we need to share.” You explained as you moved to sit closer to the boy.

Harry walked down the hall with a grin on his face, he was on his way to your room and he couldn’t be more excited to see you. After months of hanging out and getting to know each other, he had developed feelings for you and he was finally going to admit them to you.

Until he opened the door and saw you sitting rather closely to a certain former VK. His stomach dropped when he saw how you giggled at whatever Jay had said. That was supposed to be him making you laugh, not some other guy.

“Harry!” You beamed, going towards him and wrapping your arms around his neck. He held you close to him, even as you tried to pull away.

“What’s he doing here?” Harry asked, glaring at the boy who quickly got up from your bed and gathered his stuff.

You playfully slapped Harry’s chest before turning your attention to Jay, “Where are you going? We haven’t even finished the chapter.”

Jay was about to respond when Harry cut him off, “You two were too busy giggling to even study…” He grumbled.

Ignoring his comment, you waited for Jay to answer. He looked between you and Harry before stuttering out an excuse about being late to tourney practice.

You thought it was odd but shrugged it off.

“You know, I came here to tell you something, but now i’m just gonna go. Feel free to catch up with Jay,” Harry faked a smile and turned towards the door.

It took you no more than a few seconds to realize why he was suddenly acting so cold, “You’re jealous.”

Harry scoffed as he turned around, “I came to tell you about my feelings for you and I see you all cozy with a thief.”

“He’s not a thief!” You defended, but paused once taking in his words. “Y-You  have feelings for me?”

He shook his head, a sarcastic chuckle coming from him, “You defended him before addressing what I said. I’m leaving.”

You couldn’t let him leave so you did the only thing you could do, you started to beg, “Please don’t do this, don’t walk out the door.”

Harry didn’t even bother looking at you before walking out of the door.


Crying wasn’t do anything, you knew that, yet here you were with tears streaming down your face. You hadn’t realized it, but you loved Harry. Sure he was cocky and sarcastic and rude at times, but he was changing and everybody saw that and credited you for the change,

An almost inaudible knock sounded from your door which made you get up.

“Evie, I don-” You began, but stopped once seeing who it was, “Did you need something?”

Harry sighed, “I care about you, lass, lot more than I want to admit.”

Scoffing, you shook your head and walked back into your room leaving him at the door, “What do you want me to say, Harry? You left without letting me explain anything! I shouldn’t even need to explain myself though, I was just studying with him!”

The silence coming from behind you made you turn around and to your surprise, Harry was wiping his eyes. He was crying.

“Can I say something then if you don’t like it, you can tell me to leave, yeah?”

You nodded, taking a seat on your bed as Harry began pacing in front of you.

“You’ve shown me what love can feel like a-and I haven’t felt that in so long. When i’m with you, i’m happy and I can’t lose you - I won’t lose you. I realized we’re meant for each other and we can’t change that.” He rushed everything out so fast you barely understood him.

Tears began to well up in your eyes once again as you walked to him, “Kiss me,”

“Wha-” He began.

“Harry please-”

Then his lips were on yours. You two have kissed before, but this time it felt different. There was more emotion and passion it it. Harry held your face in his hands as you gripped his shirt.

Pulling apart, you spoke, “You haven’t lost me and you’re not going to, okay? I’m not going anywhere unless it’s with you. Like I said the day we found out, we’ll figure this out together.” You held his gaze as you talked.

Harry nodded, “Together.”

And you did end up figuring it out together. 

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I feel so betrayed when people ship Midoriya with someone other than Todoroki, I mean, do they not see how far he's gone for that boy?? He can hardly think without Midoriya somehow fitting into his train of thought. Why would they hurt this precious prince Shouto ?? I ?? Love him so much?? He deserves to be loved?? Why would they let him down like that shipping his true love with someone else?? Even if they ship him with a different character too it just won't click for me, it makes me sad :'(

i agree?? so much?? though i respect all ships, seeing other ships (like todomomo and katsudeku) like… i can see why they ship them but it doesn’t make complete sense FOR ME (you can be allowed to ship them w whoever you want), it doesn’t feel right,, i always feel like people who don’t ship tododeku are missing out?? or aren’t aware on how much midoriya changed todoroki and how supportive they relationship is, and soo so healthy,,i love them w all my heart and even if they don’t end up canon those precious beans are always going to be my otp and nothings going to change that, i love them soo freaking much it hurts 

LISTEN, todoroki is such a precious and beautiful boy who deserves all the happiness in the world and i wholeheartedly believe that midoriya is the only one capable of giving him that,, and midoriya is such a cinnamon roll who also deserves all the loveee


natasha is young

[in honor of the iconic (*cough*) production that is natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812, I’m making icons of the characters!

feel free to use, cool cats, just be sure credit me

(plus if you’d like an icon with a different background, maybe your pride flag right around there, anything at all, let me know rosebud)]

sonya |

Good Girl Ch 27: Birthday Pt 2

“Come on Taotao,” The older teases, sheading his winter jacket and rolling up the sleeves on his button up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him looking so hot. “Do it for our baby, she wants to see her daddies in action.”

Tao sighs and closes his eyes for a minute as if silently praying, “Okay, lets do this.”

“That was awesome!” I cheer from where I was placed before the fight began. The fight ends, Tao has his hands up in surrender, his chest is heaving, and sweat is dripping down his face. Lay is in the same sweaty state, both of them looking absolutely sexy. I would have never thought Lay would be so good at boxing, it feels so out of place with his warm nature. There fighting styles are so different and it showed as the fought each other, Tao was flipping around doing all sorts of cool wushu moves while Lay goes right into with his fists up.

“I’m happy you enjoyed it,” Tao laughs as he flops to the ground.

“Are you okay?” I worry as I rush over to crouch down by him.

He pats my head, “I’m fine baby, its just been awhile since I had a good fight like that.”

Lay chuckles behind me, “Aw yes, the good old foot solider days when we actually used to use our skills.” I want to ask about it but I know it will tense everyone up. They make vague jokes, leaving out any gruesome details, I sit back and enjoy watching their playfulness.

“You guys should get going, I don’t want to hear Kyungsoo hyung complaining that you kept her longer because of me,” Tao stands up.

Lay nods and grabs my hand to lead me back into the bathroom where I’m changed back into my jeans and sweater. After I have my winter wear on Lay drags me back out into the cold, our arms locked the small walk to a salon. I raise my brow at the sight of such a fancy salon. Walking in I’m not surprised to find it empty like all the other places I’ve been today. There are two hairstylists waiting past the lobby standing by one of the chairs. Lay takes my jacket and scarf before discarding his own and taking a seat in the chair next to mine.

“What would you like us to do?” One of the women nervously asks Lay.

His soft eyes are focused on me, “I’ll let her decide.” She looks at me expectantly.

“I’ve always wanted to dye my hair,” I answer honestly. I’m not surprised when she looks back at him for approval, he nods with a soft smile on his face.

“You will look beautiful.” He smiles softly at me.

“What makes you so sure? They could fry my hair and I could become bald,” I tease, but end up making the women tense, afraid of his answer.

He chuckles, “You would still be absolutely beautiful. Though one of these women might loose a finger or two for making you upset.”

“Oppa!” I swat at the man as he laughs. We both sit there and watch as the women go about bleaching all of my black locks. My hand latches on to Lay’s when they apply the bleach to my scalp. I can’t help but stomp my feet and curl my toes at the burning sensation going on, on the top of my head. He can only sit back and watch with irritation, his mouth set in a line, and I can tell he wishes he would have picked something for me. “Talk to me to distract me.”

“What is your favorite movie?” He asks randomly.

I try to ignore the burning pain and think of an answer, “Daisy.”

He nods, “I have that in my room, we should watch it later this week.”

“Where is your favorite place to go?” I ask, figuring we were going to play 20 questions.

“Home,” He smiles, “At least when you’re there, if not, I’m not sure anymore.”

I roll my eyes at him.

“What do you do with Jiyong hyung?” I’m surprised he asks me that, they never asks me distinctly what we do, just if I had fun, was he nice, should they be worried?

“We go out to dinner and talk,” I answer honestly.

“Just talk? For the last two months all you guys do for three hours is talk?”

I nod, “My life hasn’t always been exciting but I have some stories and you can already guess he does too. Are you nervous that I’m going to be gone for a whole weekend?”

“I’m beyond nervous. I want to scream, I want to cry, I’m starting to reconsider Chanyeol’s proposal to start a war.”

“No war,” I deadpan.

He huffs, “I don’t know how you expect us to do when another man demands your attention for a whole weekend. I’ve never gotten you to myself for that long, none of us have. He gets you for three hours every week.”

“And you get to share a bed with me every twelve days. You get to hold me, hug me, make love to me, all things he doesn’t get.” He tries not to smile at my words, but I can tell he’s satisfied with my answer.

“Are you nervous?” He stares at me.

I shrug, “I enjoy talking to Jiyong. But I have to admit I’m scared to spend so much time with him, I don’t know what we’ll be doing. I haven’t been away from you guys for more than 12 hours since I’ve known you, it’s a bit nerve racking.”

“If at anytime you want to go home, you call us. We will get to you as soon as possible and get you out of there.”

“Thank you guys so much for taking such good care of me,” I smile at him. He leans over and kisses me softly. I look at myself in the mirror, I can already see the lighter hair peeking out from the tin foil on my head. “I feel like I’m going to scare Soo.”

“He will be in awe.”

“You need to calm down with your sweet talking today.”

“It’s your birthday, I want to give you so much attention and make you so embarrassed your whole body will be red.” I click my tongue at him, looking away to hide the blush already creeping across my face. After a while longer the dye is washed out of my hair revealing my new blonde hair, a few shades lighter than Xiumin’s. The women dry it and style it nicely, I give them a sweet thank you, and get out of the chair. I’m surprised when Lay helps me put my coat and stuff back on. Noticing my confusion he is nice enough to explain, “I’m bringing you to him.”

Our gloved fingers entwine as he leads me out back into the cold. I don’t know how they were able to plan all of this so quickly. We only decided that they would each get me for an hour on Sunday, yet they were able to make a schedule, duel out who gets me when, and than get everything they need to together. I’m very impressed by them like usual. We find ourselves stepping into a nice restaurant and I suddenly feel very under dressed to be here. Lay leads me threw the empty restaurant to the kitchen where we find Soo dressed in nice dress pants, a white button up and black apron.

I giggle at the sight, “Daddy! You look so cute!” Soo cracks a cute smile, his eyes focused on the pot of food in front of him.

“I’ll be going but I’ll see you at dinner,” Lay whispers in my ear before kissing me.

“Thank you for the new hair,” I wave to him as he leaves out the kitchen door. At my words Soo’s head pops up, his big eyes open wider than I’ve ever seen.

“Your hair,” His mouth hangs open.

My heart drops, “Do you not like it?” I play with a wave, twirling it around my finger.

He automatically drops the spoon he was using to stir the food and comes over to me, he cups my face before kissing my softly, “I’m sorry, I love it. I was just shocked.”


He nods with one of those beautiful heart shaped smiles on his face, “I love everything about you.”

“I love you too,” I gave him a small peck. “What’s for lunch?” I wonder wandering over to the massive amount of food he has going on the stove. He pulls me away from the stove, placing my on the one of the counters away from the boiling pots.

He tells me what I’ve already heard today, “It’s a surprise.”

“Of course,” I chuckle. With that smile on his face he continues to stare at me for a few more seconds, “What?”

“You’re just so beautiful,” He coos.

I flick his forehead, “What is with you guys today? I know it’s my birthday but is all the fluffiness really needed? Stop with all the staring.”

“I can’t help it. I just want to stare at you all day. I’m jealous that Kai and Sehun get to stare at you during class.”

“You should stare at your food, it’s boiling over.” I laugh as he panics and rushes off to save whatever is in the pot.

I sit back and watch him cook, something I’ve grown to find incredibly attractive, especially when he’s doing it so cutely. He walks from counter to counter adding in vegetables, meat, and all sorts of spices, most of which I didn’t even know existed. When he is done he dishes the food up beautifully, I can barely get myself it eat it when he puts it down on the table that he sat me at in the dining room. But after a five-minute argument on how he will make it for me again if I eat it, I obey and happily stuff my face.

He eats slower, I can feel his eyes on me the whole time we are eating. We talk about silly things, cooking, and school, and I feel totally at peace with him. Our hour flies by quickly and before I know it there is a tall blond on my right picking at the leftovers on my plate and giving Soo a compliment.

“That isn’t for you,” Soo scolds the older.

“Excuse me for trying to appreciate your delicious cooking,” Kris sticks his tongue out at him.

“What are we going to be doing? It’s not physical right?” I sigh holding my full belly.

“We were going to go ice skating but after a talk with Chen I convinced Luhan to let me take his option and he’s going to share time with Xiumin hyung.”

I nod, “So what are we doing?”



“This is ridiculous,” I groan form inside the dressing room.

Kris chuckles on the other side, “Come on baby, let daddy see.” I sigh before stepping out of the dressing room to show him the frilly pink dress he had picked out for me. It’s straight off a doll I swear to god. I can usually handle girly clothes but this is just ridiculous. He gives me a massive smile, “You look precious.”

“I’m not wearing this, even for you guys,” I stomp back into the dressing room. I scan the other just as ridiculous dresses before finding one that isn’t too bad. I pull on the cute red dress that puffs out at where it ends at my thigh, and I’m quiet disappointed in its girly cuteness. Peeking back out I find Kris with his eyes fixed on my door, his eyes light up at the sight of me.

“I knew you would like that one,” He snickers as he stands up to get a closer look. His large hands start at my shoulder before sliding down my arms. They find their way back up to cup my face, his eyes scan ever inch of me before he leans in for a not so innocent kiss. I push myself up on my tip toes to try and get more contact with the giant. Noticing my struggle he chuckles into the kiss, his arms reach down and pick me up so my legs are around his waist.

“We can’t do this here,” I grumble in between kisses.

“Aw, come on baby,” The giant whines cutely, “Just a few more kisses.”

I huff, “Fine, a few more kisses.” I should say no, I should really stop this wandering hands and hot aggressive lips but I’m enjoying it way too much. We are interrupted by someone clearing their throat, looking in the direction of the noise we find a old man awkwardly staring at the ground.

“What the hell do you want?” He growls, shifting so my disheveled appearance is hidden.

Peaking around Kris I can see the poor old man shaking under Kris’s glare, “There is a someone outside demanding to see you. I tried to tell them to leave but they wouldn’t listen.” Kris looks back to me, places one more soft kiss on my lips before letting me down.

“Let them in,” He snaps and the man rushes off. “I’m sorry baby, we will just have to continue this later. Please wait in the dressing room,” His request is too late when a familiar man steps into the back of the boutique.

“Hello again,” The blond man from the office is standing there staring at us, who am I kidding his eyes are fixed on me. Seunghyun, that’s what Jiyong calls him, smiles softly at me but my alarms are screaming and I find myself hiding behind Kris.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Kris snarls.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to cause any trouble. So stop it with that glare, I’m not allowed to touch the girl, boss man’s orders,” He chuckles causally, but his joking does nothing to ease the tension. His tongue clicks at us, “I just came give my best wishes to such a beautiful birthday girl. And a gift of course.” There’s something just so unnerving about his smile, he reaches into his jacket to grab something. Kris reacts automatically, pulling a gun out from behind his back and pointing it at the man; how long has that been there? Seunghyun chuckles once again, “No worries friend, it’s just a card.” Like he said he pulls out a golden envelope with my name scrawled on the back. “It’s a gift from me and the others who are just dying to meet you. Jiyong speaks so highly of you.”

“We want nothing to do with it,” Kris spits.

“It would be rude not to accept it,” I say softly, looking suspiciously at the man. He smiles at me, I can tell from the look in his eyes that he thinks I’m a fool, a whore, easy prey. So I give him a small smile in return, stepping out from behind Kris to accept the card with two hands.

“You look lovely,” He compliments. When his phone rings in his pocket he hold up his finger to me before answering, “Yes Boss?” there is a pause while Jiyong speaks on the other side. “I’m delivering mine and other other’s gift to your favorite person.”

I’m not one bit surprised when he hands me his phone with an almost terrified expression, “Hello?”

“Hello Beautiful,” I can hear the smile in Jiyong’s voice.

“What can I do for you?”

“It’s the first Tuesday I haven’t seen you since we met, I miss you. I want to wish you a very happy birthday, make sure to have some fun now that you’re 18 but be careful.”

“Thank you oppa, I’ve got to go, I don’t have much more time with Kris.”

“I’ll talk to you on Friday, my hyung wasn’t rude to you at all was he?”

“He is fine, bye oppa,” I hand the phone back to an aw struck Seunghyun. “Thank you so much for the card but I don’t have much time left with my oppa.”

He nods, “Sorry for interrupting.” I surprised when he bows to be before leaving with the old man in tow. Looking back at Kris I can tell I’m no the only one surprised.

“Do you know what that was about?” I ask him.

“The whole thing was weird. Why did you take the card?” He looks down at me, obviously mad. “You’ll make him think you are buddies, you don’t want to be anywhere near a guy like that.”

“I’m hoping he thinks we are friends.”


I cut him off, “I know he is dangerous, he set off my alarms. I just don’t want him to know that I know he is bad news.”


I look up at him, “I could tell from the way he was looking at me that he is up to no good. He thinks I’m an idiot so I’m going to continue to let him think that. I prefer to have people estimate me.”

“I’m impressed, but I’m still mad. Don’t think about stuff like this, you are a baby, remember that.”

I nod, placing my heads on his chest and going up on my tip toes for a peck, “Of course, I’m sorry. So I’m guessing it’s pointless to ask who the others are who gave me this card?”

“Jiyong hasn’t told you about them?”

“He never uses details like people or places. I only know about Seunghyun because I asked about him.”

He nods, “You’ll probably meet the other three this weekend, they aren’t as bad as Seunghyun, they follow Jiyong without question. Seunghyun on the other land likes to cause trouble but is always loyal, which is why hyung keeps him a round.”

“What about the whole bowing thing? That only happens when I’m with Jiyong and I’m pretty sure they are only bowing to him.”

“He’s showing his respect, I could tell he was surprised by how causal you were being with hyung. Regardless for how much an asshole he is, he is very loyal. I think he is realizing that Jiyong didn’t claim you as a fuck toy but as a, um, companion.”

“What was Seunghyun hyung doing here?” Sehun growls when he comes into the boutique.

“He wanted to give our baby a card,” Kris explains pulling the card out of my hands.

“Did he touch you?” Sehun grabs my shoulders and scans me from head to toe.

“Do you really think I would let him touch her?” Kris slaps his hands away from me.

“Sorry Hyung, that guy just always gives me the creeps,” The younger visibly shivers. “You should go change so we can go.” I nod obediently before sneaking back into the dressing room to dress myself for once today. On the other side of the door I can hear the hum of their voices, whispering mostly likely about whatever is in the envelope the blond man gave me.

Coming out of the room I’m greeted wit a kiss to my head, “Your new hair looks beautiful” Sehun smiles down at me before stepping away to let Kris give me a goodbye kiss.

“We will need to finish what I started later,” He says in between pecks.

Smirking I say, “Maybe tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? What about tonight?” He pouts.

“I’m not picking until tonight but I have good idea of who it’s going to be.” Since it’s my birthday they gave me the option of who I want to have birthday sex with.

“I swear to god if it’s Xiumin, I’m going to kill someone.”

I laugh, “It’s a surprise.”

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MORE nonau??


  • Notice Meh - from FKO by hojichadust yeees!! very funny baekhyun kinda suggests ksoo making jongin jealous by paying attention to other members (poor jongin will be so pouty awg :\)
  • Invincible Love - fluffy and sweet af, they just play a ‘who-loves-the-other-more’ game c:
  • Please Don’t Fight - Jongin had a free schedule so he enjoys his free day in his dorm. Somehow, he remembers that he hasn’t watch Kyungsoo’s “My Annoying Brother”, so he decided to watch the film on his laptop while waiting for all the EXO members to come back.
  • i know (it’s hard sometimes) - yall this is abt their feelings and which makes it so realistic ahhh  
  • The Apple of My Eye - smut, top kai, kinks like voyeurism, daddy kink, rimming etc. + soo with specs on!
  • I’ll Always Come Home - smut (valentine’s day celebration hh)
  • Take Me Away - drama angst, ksoo wishes he could be so much more to oblivious ji who already has someone by the name of Krystal
  •  Waxing & Waning: Two Moons + Orbiting Bodies - SO GOOD i really really rec you going through each chapter bc they’re based off / inspired by many irl moments!! 
  • The Space Between Right & Wrong - smut, hurt comfort and angsty at1stsoo is just talented and amazing ok 
  • Quiet Rebellion - fluffy drabble, insp by one of the moments with exo dining and face-timing jongin and yixing
  • On Stage, Off Stage - fluffy and romantic and again based on one of their events and kd moments c:
  • Christmas Kisses & Reminisces - and more fluff! It’s Christmas Eve, and Jongin finds Kyungsoo on the roof, reflecting on the year they’ve had 

- Admin J


Yes, another WIP. I have issues, I know but I needed these soo….I’m just going to blame annachibisims & Orangemittens sims4studioofficial

I will probably upload these tomorrow because right now I feel like binge watching PLL with the other half. If you have any feedback on these before I upload then do let me know so I can make changes

Edit: I just realised these could  actually be my 400+ followers gift so that’s now obviously the reason I made them, not because I have issues. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Shibe ~

I love you so soo much! Meeting you was one of the best things that ever happened in my life. You helped me go through so much stuff and you make me feel loved and important. You have no idea how I am happy for having you by my side. How happy I am when we have our silly talks. How much I love to hear your voice. I know that we are really far away from each other, but everyday that we spend together, even if it’s just a silly talk. I feel like you’re right beside me. I love you with all my heart and soul. And I’ll keep loving you until the end of time.



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So Bakugou and Todoroki's hero names didn't get decided early on I think because they're each gonna get their own little mini arcs that get em to decide them, but I kinda wanted to know your opinion on what they might end up being? 'Course they'll probably be derived from future plot that we don't know right now, but I wanted to ask anyway!

!!!! I’ve never really thought about Todoroki’s, tbh? So I have no clue, honest, but as far as Bakugou goes I’ll keep on holding onto Ground Zero until Horikoshi officially and unequivocally tells me he 100% definitely scrapped it, my friend - it’s such a cool name??? I read it and I nearly cried when I realized that probably it’s not gonna be his actual hero name rip

Anon said: You need to draw Bok.uro more (i love them so much,(you to of course)

I’m sure you didn’t mean anything bad by this ask anon, but as I’ve said more than once I really, really don’t like the word need. I don’t need to do anything, no one’s paying me for this. When I’ll want to draw more bokro it’ll for sure happen, so don’t worry about that~

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Father’s Day Visit

Summary: After a fulfilling Father’s Day, Soos visits his own.

Today was a good day.

Soos was happy to be surrounded by his children all day and to be spoiled for being a father. He loved every moment of it and reciprocated the love whenever possible. He hangs up the gifts given to him in the museum and smiles.

The most beautiful art you’ll ever see… nice ring to it, Soos thinks with a smile.

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“You did an excellent job as our leader...”

I feel empty the second I finished the last episode of Lookout. Who could predict that the writer will this cruel to us? I just thought Do-han will be punished and go to the prison with the lookouts… but see what the writer has done to us. My heart broke into pieces right after Kwan-woo said, “It looks like he won’t make it through this night.”

But this kind-hearted writer made Do-han died as a hero (for me), after he saved Soo-ji and Se-won (indirectly). Too bad for Do-han, until his final time, thought he will still unforgivable, especially by Soo-ji. For Soo-ji herself, Do-han will still be remembered as she reminisces Yoo-na and vice-versa (even both of them died falling from the height). 

And for the Kyung-soo and Bo-mi, Do-han will be remembered as a good leader; For Eun-joong, Do-han will be remembered as his friend (IM SOBBING HARD), and for Kwan-woo, Do-han will be remembered as a good stepbrother and letting all the past go.

I’m quite sure Soo-ji forgives Do-han as time goes by, otherwise she won’t go to visit his stepbrother or remember him everytime she reminisces Yoo-na. And for you (and me) Do-han/Soo-ji shipper, I’m still not sure both of them had feeling for each other. The fact Soo-ji beside Do-han at his final time is more than enough for me.

“If this would be your end, why did you live like that? Why did you live such a difficult and intense life? You should find your peace now. I hated you to death, but I also thank you just as much. You did an excellent job as our leader.

Anyway, I found this thought from twitterland:

Jang Do-han is the only one who’s looking back.


I just wanna thank taylor swift for writing amazing songs that make me wanna dance no matter how I’m feeling or where I am, and for being on my side since 2007.
she is an incredibly strong women who inspires me more and more every single day.
I love her more than I can even begin to explain❤️
(yo, T if you see this, can that be our thing because in a majority of my posts you’ve noticed I’ve said that soo how cute would we be)
p.s. sorry for being sappy I’m just listening to the red album right now and it’s giving me all the feels

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I dunno if he was no homoing or what but Link pulling faces and saying "I'm soo comfortable up here right now"(sarcastically) and "I'm un- why you gotta make it weird... Right in here"(gesturing to fangirls) makes me think he really doesn't like shipping at all... And I dunno. It feels bad. Like he's not just doing it for the camera on the show but rhink legitimately makes him uncomfortable. Rhett can joke but Link not so much.

He doesn’t come off as deeply uncomfortable to me, more like the kind of response one has when something makes them blush. I’m not sure how to exactly encapsulate that, but it isn’t worrying to me.

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Hi same annon who asked for you to analyse kyungsoo thank you I think may have misjudged kyungsoo way of affections to jongin now that I did but more research on how reacts to jongin and other members and how most members try to spilt them up I think their relationship is more then just close friends thank you once again!! By the way can analyse both of them more depth? Did you happen to know other people are trying make other ships real just to block kaisoo out of the way?

Hi anon :) welcome back !

It’s okay dear, there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your mind about something. I’m just humbled that I managed to help you view things in a different light. 

You know, to be honest with you, I’ve always found Kaisoo relationship to be questionable, even before I knew what shipping was. Something about them felt ‘different’ in a way. I had wondered for a long time why I was getting that feeling from and I came to realize that it was my subconscious picking up a certain ‘vibe’ from them. It was that sort of vibe that I , myself, didn’t even understand back then. I have always had intuitive tendencies and it’s hard to shut them off even in my own social relationships, especially with first impressions and the such. I’ve learnt that ignoring them what the biggest mistake I could do and that was proved to me over and over with personal exprience. That’s how it started for me and then I discovered that I wasn’t the only one picking on that. Later, I learnt what shipping meant and what was the Kaisoo fandom. It has been more that 5 years for me and I still believe that there is something more than just platonic feelings between Kaisoo. I will continue holding on to my intuition in that respect.

Yes, I am well-aware of those so-called exo fans who seem hell-bent on destroying the Kaisoo fandom. I come across them so often ( in places like that I have become entirely immune to their breed. they receive this immense sadistic pleasure from making you feel like the scum of the earth for shipping two people together (and for valid reasons nonetheless). You can ship any other pair possible in Exo and it’s all good but the moment you drop the word ‘Kaisoo’. You find yourself instantly crushed under this waves of unreasonable denial and unexplainable anger from, pretty much, every corner of the forums. Back in OneHallyu, a Kaisoo thread was established and thought to be a safe place for kaisoo shippers to discuss the ship and share pics/vids and generally be themselves and yet, that didn’t stop outsiders from coming in and poisoning the thread with their hatred and judgmentalism. They still do it to this day and the Kaisoo thread now has become as dead as it can ever be.

 Long story short, if you’re going to become an open Kaisoo shipper, you need to learn to grow a thick skin and to tune out the unexplainable hate you will come across on the daily. A year ago, I had an argument with a Kaistal ‘fan’ that almost made me quit the Kpop fandom all together. She was so hateful and aggressive towards me that I had difficulty wrapping my head about what she was saying. After disrespecting Kyungsoo with all sorts of fucked up nonsense ( like : he is ugly, he’s fat and Kai will never choose him over Krystal and so on), she went ahead and literally begun to insult my person with the classic : ( ignorant cunt, bitch, and stupid whore..). Right after that, I quit OneHallyu. 

I can’t stress it enough to you and to all the fellow kaisoo shippers, DON’T you ever let hateful excuses of human beings poison what you love. Shipping is something meant to bring you joy and pleasure, not agony and misery. Ship whatever couple you like, enjoy it and fuck anyone who tries to make you feel like shit for it. 

What being a Kaisoo shipper taught me most importantly that anything else is to never hate. Don’t hate on Chan*soo, Bae*Kai or any other ship. Respect other shipping fandoms in the same exact way you respect your own. Don’t hurt others and don’t make them feel bad for loving what they love. Learn your own limits, that’s always a good thing. Don’t blind yourself with your own obsessiveness that every other ship become a threat to yours. Ship what you love and let others ship what they love. 

I’m so sorry that this turned into such a long rant  but I guess I wanted to get it off my chest. I’m getting such sweet encouragement from many lovely people out there about individual Kaisoo analysis and I think I owe it to everyone to do so. I will start on it :)

If you haven’t checked them yet, I made 2 detailed previous body language analysis on Kaisoo and here are the links for the first and for the second. I promised I will do a third and it is in my list of thing to do. It’s just a matter of finding time between part-time jobs and school. 

Thanks again dear for stopping by. Wish you the loveliest of days <3 Stay positive ;)

SNSD reaction » Make up artist

» reaction: SNSD reaction  to having a crush on their make up artist

» genre: Fluff

» author note: I am seriously considering becoming a make up artist if it means I get to have any SNSD member crush on me. Like, where do I sign up for that position?

» warning: None

» requested by: anonymous

» gifs not mine, credit belongs to the owners

» MMM version → here

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She would be really calm about it, I feel. Tae Yeon would probably have small conversations with you each time you did her make-up, trying to get to know you. Later on, when she´d have enough courage to do so, she´d ask you out.

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I feel like Sica would want to be 100% comfortable around you first. Same as Tae Yeon, she´d try and get to know you first before making any moves. Once she´d know she can trust you, she´d ask you out.

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Sun Kyu would be super giggly around you the whole time, which would more than likely result in her members calling her out.

“Just tell her you like her!”

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She would be pretty straighforward about it. Although she wouldn´t confess right of the bat, she´d wait a little to see if the crush would linger. If it did, she would let you know for sure, not wanting to pass up an oportunity like that.

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Kim Hyo Yeon would be the biggest flirt ever! That is a fact, for sure. She´d express her liking towards you by complimenting you everytime she saw you, occasionally winking at you. Once she had her fun of making you flustered, she´d walk up to you and confess.

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Another flirt right here. Same as Hyo Yeon, she´d flirt with you any chance she got, though she would me much more sleek about it. I feel like it would also take her longer to confess, however, as she´d want to be sure she could trust you completely (much like Jessica and Tae Yeon).

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Okay, so this girl right here. Soo Young would much rather use her facial expression than words. She´d send smirks in your direction, and stare at you with her piercing gaze, making you go weak in the knees. 

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She would be an absolute sweetheart towards you. She would always ask you how your day was, if you´ve eaten already. Occasionally, Yoo Na would bring you snacks if she knew you had a long day and would try to cheer you up whenever you were in a bad mood.

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I have a feeling she wouldn´t know how to express her liking towards you, so she would get distant. But after talking with her members and giving herself a little pep-talk, she´d approach you and start a conversation in hopes of fixing the impression she´d left on you.

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Can you recommend some of you favorite Rucas fics? I love all of your stuff and want to read stories that you've enjoyed

Hi! Thank you soo much! I’m glad that you enjoy them :) 

I have many fics that I want to recommend you but right now the ones that come to mind are listed below. The ‘(x)’ links are to the other works of these writers since I just mentioned the ones that really have my heart. 

i am a fangirl of @iwantyoutochooseme‘s work. My favorite of hers are Boy Next Door, British Invasion and Downpour (she actually has sooo many more that are always a pleasure to read) (x)

@sand1128‘s Fall of Friar series makes me cry and feel good at the same time. Her oneshot, ‘Hands’, also made me feel so many things. (side note: her rucas 365 series is amazing) 

@yuniesan‘s Season 4 series made me go, “I really wish the show had touched on this,” and “I would do anything for a season 4″ so many times (x)

@friarlucasgravity on the open road (aka gotor) has made me laugh and cry. On point characterization for all characters and it made me reflect on my own life while I was reading it (x)

@maryeemeeh‘s Basketball oneshot was really touching and heartwarming (I’ve read it like five times) (x)

@imaginarybird‘s Perception of a Thing is an AU of GM Yearbook in which Lucas speaks up and it was everything I wished had been said during that whole mess (x)

@ouat2011‘s Serendipity series is the perfect example of good writing with emotion-inducing moments (also through sensitive and mature themes) and well-written character developments (x

No More Candles

“Hey kid! New shipment of bobble-heads came in. Get off the chair and come help me with them. My fingers are too fat to rip off the box pull-tab dealies.” Stan Pines dropped three stacked boxes, which collided against the wood flooring with a detectable thud. He brushed off his hands and rubbed at the red indentations left in his fingers.

The Shack was empty save for one dull-eyed customer, and Stan’s voice was loud enough to echo off the far walls, but still his employee didn’t stir.

“Hey kid… Buddy. Squirt. Uh…” Stan stared off into space, right fingers snapping quickly, “uh Soos. Help me with these things.”

The boy seated behind the cash register looked up. His gray eyes were dim and disinterested. 

“Sure thing, Mr. Pines,” he answered. His words hardly carried across the room, flat and quiet, which didn’t make it past Stan Pines’ sharp observation. Stan glanced back and forth between the boy and the boxes, frowning.

“And quit moping like that. The customers can sense it; makes ‘em buy less.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Pines.”

“Ah you’re not even trying,” Stan chastised, though he had started moving toward his young employee, face still a mask of discomfort. He watched the boy lower himself from the cashier stool. The child’s sneakers dragged, shoulders slumped, eyes down.

“Sorry, Mr. Pines.”

Stan stiffened at the words.

“Nah, none of this ‘sorry’ business. Can’t have you infecting all our customers with your negativity.” Stan bent to one knee, eye-level with his employee, though the boy didn’t return his gaze. “Why aren’t you doing your whole—the uh—the smiley thing. With your mouth. That you’re always doing. Where’s that?”

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ok I’ve posted something like this in my old account but the feelings consumed me again and i need to share!

every time i listen to pentatonix “light in the hall way”

i imagine magnus holding baby max gently in his arms and rocking him to sleep while singing this lullaby to him :”)

it soo perfect for them !

Close your eyes, lay your head down
Now it’s time to sleep
May you find great adventure
As you lie and dream
If you’re scared of the darkness
I will calm your fear
There’s a light in the hallway
So you know I’m here

So count your blessings every day
It makes the monsters go away
And everything will be okay
You are not alone
You are right at home
Goodnight, goodnight

here he tell max to cherish every day and everything , for they are immortal and they need grounding they need to feel everyday to fight their regrets and loss

You won’t need me forever
But I’ll still be here
For we all have our nightmares
Even me, my dear
From now on, if you need me
You can sing this song
There’s a light in the hallway
Burning all night long

max will eventually grow up and go have his own warlock adventures and warlocks likes to keep to themselves , but magnus will be there.. litterally forever there for max if he ever needed him , and he understand because he have the same nightmares that max will have , same fears ,lost in time.

So count your blessings every day
It makes the monsters go away
And everything will be okay
You are not alone
You are right at home
Goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight

and alec listening from the hallway while crying softly with a warm smile , because the people he loves the most will be okay eventually..