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Professor Turned Call Boy | Taeyong Smut

Can I have a call boy smut with Taeyong? He’s your professor in Uni and you’re stressed so you want someone to help with that 😏 You call and ask for the one under the name “Taeyong” not thinking it would be him despite the same name? You’re both surprised, but he found you a sexy student so he does so anyways (really rough, and daddy kink?) Please and thank you 😊😊

Character: Taeyong (NCT) / gender neutral reader (*ignore the fem in the gif, I swear this is gn*)
Word Count: 2989

Warning: well, smut of course. bad language, slight name calling, no condom, creampie, rough daddy kink, teacher/student kink, call boy?? can’t think of anything else :) enjoy!

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I’ll never forget the moment I realized I loved you.

The feeling I felt could only be described as a high.

You know, the high you felt before you actually knew what getting high was.

Before you had drugs and problems.

Years have gone by, but I’ll never forget that night.

For so long I searched for that feeling at the bottom of a bottle.

For a while I tried anything that I thought would compare to that feeling.

But nothing has made me feel quite like that night.

That’s something nobody ever talks about with being high.

The low feeling afterwards.

The feeling that nothing will ever be as good as that moment.

So maybe I should thank you for showing me that high.

Or maybe I should hate you for making me feel so low.

Either way, I guess it doesn’t matter.

Because as much as I think about you, dream about you, or try to hate you… I always seem to end up in the same spot.

Missing you.

—  Maybe we were too young / SM

that moment during an atl show when the entire crowd screams “FUCK THE WORLD ‘CAUSE IT’S MY LIFE, I’M GONNA TAKE IT BACK” with Alex during the bridge of Missing You is probably the most beautiful feeling of togetherness in the entire world

Dreaming of You (Baekhyun x Reader)

Title: Dreaming of You

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

Warnings: phone sex

1.5k words

For @chanyeolsabs

It was a Thursday night and after you had gotten off work you headed straight home to relax. It had been a long day but you couldn’t wait for it to be over because as soon as you got home you could finally call your boyfriend Baekhyun.

With your full time job and him being so busy with his schedules it was hard for the two of you to find time to see each other let alone talk. He was all over the place while you were either at the office or at home. You missed him like crazy but you knew what he was doing made him happy. You would never make him choose between you and his career.

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I'm the Only One

(your rec was good, they always are, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I wrote it. Enjoy Aeren!)

“Do you even understand how perfect you are in every way?” Dean asked as he gently tugged the socks off Sam’s long feet. He kissed the arch of Sam’s right foot, followed by his left as Sam giggled and squirmed. Dean slipped soft fingertips up inside the cuff of Sam’s jeans and stroked the inside of his ankle. “So smart, so funny, so beautiful.” Dean crooned to the inside of Sam’s slender ankles as his long arms reached up and tugged at the waist of the jeans to pull them down Sam’s long legs. Sam laughed breathlessly as he lifted his hips off the bed to make it easier for Dean to get his clothes off. “You’ve already got me, you don’t need to seduce me anymore.” He added and Dean stopped, a frown on his pretty face as he looked up and caught Sam’s eye. “You’re wrong, so wrong. How can someone so perfect be so wrong? I always need to seduce you. You don’t know, do you?” Dean asked, pausing to dip his head down and press kisses into the muscular, hairy calves now exposed to him. “You don’t know how amazing you are Sammy. How much I worship you. So I have to tell you. I have to show you.” He looked back up just in time to see Sam avert his eyes and for the apples of his cheeks to turn the slightest pink. “You’ll know by the time I’m done.” Dean promised and bent his head back to his task, worshipping those mile-long legs. The pale skin and dark hair looked so amazing to him, and he tickled the pit behind Sam’s knobbly, colt knees to see him kick and giggle. “These long legs. They make you stand out in in crowd. They look so good in jeans, or your fed suit or in nothing at all, but they really look best in the air.” Dean smirked and kissed above the knee as he dug his fingers into the tough muscle of Sam’s thighs. Sam groaned and went limp, melting into the bed and Dean pulled himself closer and massaged those thick thighs.“So strong and they make you go so fast. I only run so fast because I have to keep up with you. BUt the view from behind….” Dean trailed off as he slipped his fingers up the backside of Sam’s boxers and rubbed his rough fingertips over the soft skin at the crease of butt and thigh. “Dean, I promise, that’s enough.” The words were breathless and anyone with eyes could see the monsted cock tenting the front of Sam’s boxers, but Dean would not be deterred. He shifted his body to one side of Sam’s and lay down next to him on the bed, skipping over the boxers and jumping right up to Sam’s face. Dean cupped SAm’s face between his hands. “Do you know how precious your face is to me. So expressive, little brother. So gorgeous. YOu could stop traffic. You could get me going with the lift of an eyebrow or the flash of a dimple. Your pretty eyes and your nose and perfect perfect pink lips.” He paused to press a kiss to those perfect lips. “And it’ll be enough when you’re beyond words. When you can’t speak. That’s when it’s enough.” He added in a whisper like a secret. “Your brain , though, baby boy. Your brilliant, brilliant mind. You’ve come up with so many solutions to problems. You’ve saved us over and over and over again. You’re brilliant and it makes you shine.” Dean tilted Sam’s head so that he could press a kiss into the hair at the top of SAm’s head. “This long neck. It’s drives me crazy Sammy. The way it shines with sweat. The way it turns red when you exert yourself. I want to have my mouth on it all the time.” He licked up the side of Sam’s neck, ending at the corner of Sam’s perfect, stubbled jaw. “Your shoulders, man, you could be a model. So big, so strong. Everyone who sees you thinks about it. These big arms and shoulders lifting them up and holding them in the air or…my personal favorite… up against a wall. Love it when you get all Alpha on me, little brother. My BIG little brother.” Dean trailed a line of kisses from elbow, up Sam’s bicep, across his collarbone and then down the other bicep to his elbow. “And you hands. They might be my favorite part of you. Show the whole world what they’re missing out on. Those long fingers; they can be so delicate and yet they’re so strong. And they’re so good and fingering me open. You find all the right spots every time.” Dean sucked Sam’s middle finger into his mouth and pulled it back out, repeating the action with his index finger and back again until both were shining with saliva. Sam was panting, his stomach heaving with each breath and his neck shining with sweat. “Please Dee. I get it, I get it.” He whined as Dean nipped the end of his fingertips. “Nah, you can still talk Sammy. And I’m just getting to the best part: your chest. Fuck, look at this chiseled from marble chest. Jesus, you could fit right in at a museum with all the classics. But, if you were on display I couldn’t do this.” Dean opened his mouth wide and sunk his teeth into the muscle of Sam’s pec above his nipple, causing Sam to arch his back and breathe out a harsh, turned-on breath. Dean sucked the skin into his mouth and let his teeth dig into the muscle until he almost broke the skin, then he released it and pulled back, admiring his mark on the perfect skin. “Love marking you as mine. Love having my teeth marks and finger bruises in your perfect skin.” Dean breathed over the giant, quickly purpling bruise, then snaked his tongue out over the peaked, tan nipple below it causing a squeak and a breathed “fuck” from Sam. “Still talking, I’m not doing a good enough job.” He repeated the bite on the other side then pinched both SAm’s nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, making sure they were as peaked as could be and nice and red with attention. He skimmed down Sam’s stomach. “Baby. Baby. this fucking stomach. It makes me stupid. Look at these hipbones, perfect handholds. Look at these angled obliques pointing me right in the direction I want to go. And Jesus. This line of hair leading down from your belly button right into your boxers.” Dean turned his head to the side and licked the hair in question, groaning like it tasted like a gourmet meal. “You make me crazy baby. I think you’re ready.” he curled his fingers into the waist of Sam’s boxers and wiggled them down over his giant cock, pulled them down his mile-long legs and tossed them off the end of the bed. “It people only knew” he whispered reverently as his lips closed, soft and wet, around the purpled head of Sam’s uncut cock. He wrapped a hand around the big shaft and pulled the foreskin back even more, the wet sound it made making both of them throb. He lipped at the head, loving the smell and the taste and the way that Sam whined and twisted and whimpered under him. No matter how many times he’d tried over the years, Sam’s massive cock is something that Dean can only take one way; it makes him choke and gag even only half-way in and that was not the kind of worship Sam needed. Dean shoved himself off the bed, tossing a bottle of his favorite lube towards Sam on the bed. “Can you help me baby?” He asked, tearing his clothes off and tossing them all over the room. He watched, his whole body thrumming with arousal, as Sam squirted a generous amount of lube into his big palm and wrapped it around his cock, coating it with lube. Dean rushed to pull off the rest of his clothes and kneed back up onto the bed, grabbing the lube for himself and giving himself the bare minimum of prep and stretch. “I like the burn of your big cock baby. I like to feel it push me open. I like to feel you inside me, oh fuck.” Dean threw a leg over Sam’s prone body and straddled his hips, grabbing the lubed up cock and pressed the head to his hole. He rocked backwards, his own dick bouncing in front of him, as he took Sam to the root with one long groan. “That’s it” Dean breathed out as he wiggled his hips to get settled. “Love you baby boy. Now, use those hips and those core muscles that I worship so much and make me lose my mind.” He grinned down at Sam as his hands came up to grip Dean’s hips hard enough to bruise and his own hips began to roll and buck beneath Dean. With all that seduction and build up, it wasn’t long before both were covered in sweat and nearing orgasm. Dean began to swivel his hips opposite to Sam’s thrusts making Sam’s thrusts go impossibly faster as the ned beneath them shook and squeaked loudly. “C’mon baby, gimme. Fill me up” Dean grunted as he began to strip his cock, aiming for the two matched bite marks across Sam’s pecs. Sam’s hips stuttered and his muscles locked as his face twisted with pleasure and Dean could feel his thick cock pulse and empty inside him. Dean lifted his ass off Sam’s softening cock and rolled off to the side to breathe and begin to regain his head. “Not that I’m complaining, but…” Sam trailed off, his voice weak, “you really don’t have to do that everytime someone makes me feel low.” Dean rolled onto his side, squishing Sam’s arm beneath his sticky side in the process. “Yes, I do, Sammy.”

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feel better

→scenario: You’re in the hospital after being in a car accident, and your boyfriend Hoseok visits you to make you feel better.

→genre: smut

→word count: 1,694

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A Fire Sparkling

‘Do you have to be so dramatic?’ Rose wondered.
The Doctor frowned, the firelight throwing his angular features into shadow. 'I’m not being dramatic.’
'I can’t wear wellies coz it doesn’t fit my aesthetic.’ Rose said mockingly. 'I’ve got to stand next to the fire and look all broody in my long coat.’
'I thought you liked my coat.’ The Doctor sounded wounded.
'I do. I do like it.’ she reassured him. She paused. 'Aren’t your feet cold?’ The ground was wet and mud had soaked into the sides of the Doctor’s converse trainers.
'A bit.’
'Is that because of- What was it you said about ginger ale?’
'Ginger beer.’
'Same difference.’
'It interferes with some physiological processes. Regulatory tissue-sentient stuff.’
'Why’d you do that then?’
'Makes me feel a bit human.’
A low rumble resounded from the air above. The Doctor looked up into the descending twilight.
'What do you suppose that is?’
'But it’s not raining.’
'It’s Scotland, it dinnae have to make sense.’
'How are you so good at that?’
'Good at what?’ The Doctor smiled, shifting his speech pattern to match hers once again.
'You’re never going to get your shoes clean, you know that?’

For the Art Party: @jem-scribbles

How Will I Know (Part 2) - Jaebum

(Part 3)

Warning: slightly suggestive

The dreadful night ended and Jaebum drove you both back to his home, your home, to prepare for the next day when it was time to depart for the honeymoon. Once he opened the front door, silence echoed and it saddened your heart that you won’t be hearing the sound of your mother calling you in or your father giving you a hug. A sad smile dangled on your lips at the memory. You stepped in before Jaebum and then he led the way to the bedroom. He showed you the places to put your belongings then went back out to unload the car with all the wedding gifts. You were left alone in the master bedroom and you suddenly feel as lonely as ever. The space you stood in was going to be your safe haven from now on, so you had to get use to it.

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Negan X Reader|Roommates|Chapter 7
Alternate Version of chapter 7. Original version was posted to my main blog = @prettyepiic

Originally posted on @prettyepiic Alternate version without READ MORE link

“Mmmm Negan, you make me feel so good,” I moan out in a low raspy tone as Negan massages and sucks my toes. We lay facing each other in a warm bubble filled tub. I rise and lean my body into him to ignite a kiss. Water cascades down my skin as steam soars from my chest and breasts. “This is nice,” I purr into his parted mouth, “I’m glad that I’ve taken a chance on you.” A curl tugs on the outskirts of Negan’s lips, and he brings his hand to my neck, strumming his fingers across the front of my slick wet skin before suddenly grabbing my neck from behind and pulling me closer to him. I sit between his legs with mine on top of either side of his. My calves rest on top of his hairy thighs. “I know,” he says in a deep rugged tone as he tilts his head with a smirk “you’ve got all the time in the world to show me how much.” He kisses me hard as his other hand dips below the surface of the warm water. “I’m gonna show you just how fucking grateful I am that you finally came to your senses.” He breathes into my ear as I feel his finger slide between my slit and rub across my clit. Water flows over the sides of the tub as my body rolls in shock from his touch. “Mmm.” I suck through my teeth and moan, filling the tiled bathroom with erotic echoes. Suddenly my entrance is filled with his finger and a current of water, as he thrusts his finger in and out of me. My body flings back against the porcelain. I lift my hips slightly so that they’re hovering above the water, which causes a flood of water to rush over my breast and chest before settling in level with the base of my neck. I arch my back, causing my breasts to emerge from the wrath of the water. “This pussy is still fucking wet,” he says, as he slides his finger from my core. “Shit! Look at this.” He lifts his fingers and presses his middle finger and thumb together, showing me the sticky wetness he gathered from my heat. “Oohhh baby, are you gonna come for me again? Yeah, you’re gonna come for me again,” he commands with a toothy grin and tilt of his head. “Whatever you want daddy. I’m yours,” I purr, as I pinch my nipples and bring my free hand to touch my throbbing clit. “I can’t get enough,” I whimper, as I watch him lick his lips. His eyes indulge my fingers playing with my bud. “Lay on top of me with your back against my chest. Keep touching your clit baby doll, and I’ll play with this tight little fuck hole until I finger fuck you dry,” he growls. I lay my back against him, and my neck rests against the crevice of his neck and shoulder. The friction of the warm water and wet body hair against my backside sends an erotic shiver through my heat. My body is chilled lying halfway exposed from the warmth of the water. It’s up to the middle of my sides as I lay flat against him. “Lift that leg doll,” he whispers into my ear, causing the sensation of his breath and beard against my face to overwhelm my senses. I lift my leg and he brings his arm under, and I rest my thigh between the bend of his arm. I feel his chest heave up as he positions himself strategically to reach my core. Suddenly I feel the wet skin of two fingers pushing into my eager pussy. I feel his other hand scoop up my breast and pull my hard nipple before kneading the mound. He glides his long fingers in and out of my heat vigorously as I stimulate my clit. Sounds of the water crashing against the frame of the tub fill the room. With each thrust he pushes into me, I feel the warmth of water splash against my core, and I moan out in soft whimpers. “Oh yeah! Clench those fingers, baby. Show daddy how much you love these slender fingers.” He moans into my ear, kissing and sucking on it. “Fuck yeah, your fingers feel so good fucking my tight hole.. Mmm, they’re so long daddy.” I moan out as the small of my back lifts from his hairy stomach, convulsing from the gratifying strokes. My wetness tightens around his fingers as he digs deeper into my core, brushing against my walls and pleasures. I push my pelvis down onto his fingers, plunging them further inside. My moans are accompanied by the faint sound of my juices being dispersed with his thrusts. I rub my clit in unison with his thrusts before I quicken the pace. Suddenly, I’m struck with a shock of heat inside of my abdomen. I throw my head back into his shoulder and nip at his thick neck as I moan against his sensitive skin. My teeth scrape against his neck as my mouth involuntarily opens and closes as screams of pleasure escape. I continue to rub my bud vigorously, pressing firm circles against it and never leaving my skin. “I’m gonna come, baby. Yeah, oh my fuck!” My body thrashes as a surge of intensity washes over me. Suddenly his warm arm wraps firmly around my abdomen. My hips buck up and down against his stomach, as his fingers surf against the waves of come that roll from my core. “Fuck yeah, baby!” he roars out. He accelerates his thrusts, sliding in and out of my heat, slinging my dewy moisture against my thighs and dripping out into the tub and down his hand. My walls tighten and release rapidly as my body pushes the last of my climax from my core. “Oooohhhhh yeahhhh, baby,” I moan in breathy elongated outbursts into the crook of his neck. My hand slows against my clit as my orgasm begins to subside. He plunges deep into my pussy, “I can’t get enough of this pussy,” he groans, as he kisses the side of my forehead. He retracts his fingers, leaving the tight wet confines of my core. He grabs his hard cock and pushes it against the folds of my heat, blotting against my flesh. “Rock against this cock, baby. Daddy’s gotta bust a nut.” I smirk and place my hand against his shaft, pushing it deep between my plump pussy lips. “Ohh yeah, baby doll. Mmm, just like that.” I grind my hips up, making the tip of his cock graze against my hard, slick clit. He moans into my ear and scrapes the side of my cheek with his teeth. I feel him thrusting up from the bottom, making his hard dick slide effortlessly between my folds. I look down and see his cock smothered in my warm dew. Suddenly, I hear him let out a guttural growl, “Oohhhhhhh fuck me! Fuck!” Creamy pearls squirt and coat my mound and stomach, making it glisten. He shakes his cock against my pussy, and I lay my hand on it still grinding against it before I turn my head to him and run my tongue up his scruffy cheek. “I’ve never done that before,” he purrs through his rugged breath. “What?” I ask perplexed. “I’ve never came without being inside a fucking pussy or mouth.” He laughs. “Well there’s a first time for everything,” I giggle, as I slide back into the bathtub. The cool water shocks my heat infused body, sending waves of chills over me. “You are definitely my fucking everything,” he purrs with a wink, and I smile as I begin to cleanse my body. “Likewise.” I wink, splashing water over my body. “I normally take a bath to get clean, I never thought I’d be getting in to get so filthy,” I say, as I flick water towards him and I rise from the tub. He looks up into my eyes and grabs my hand. With a roll of his tongue says, “Well you are my dirty girl.” I smile at his expression and proceed, “Your dirty girl is now a hungry girl.” I wink, before escaping his soft grip and wrapping myself in a towel. “Should we have put clothes on?” I ask jokingly, as we sit at the table beside each other wrapped only in towels. “Fuck no! This makes it easier for when it’s time for dessert.” He wiggles his brows and takes a big bite of his steaming food. I laugh out and shake my head, “Where did you learn to cook?” I inquire, while shoveling into homemade broccoli and lo’mein. He raises his brows and wipes his lips with his thumb, tasting the excess juice. “Before I became a gym teacher, I dove into the cooking world, but that shit was not my fucking forte,” he concludes. “But, you’re so good at it!” I exclaim with wide eyes. “Well I’ll only be good at it for you baby doll, because I’m not doing that shit again,” he scoffs. “Why not?” I ask curiously. “Have you ever worked in a public place, dealing with customers? They can be fucking assholes, and I don’t take that shit lightly, no sir. I am quick to shut that shit down! That’s why I’m a fucking gym teacher. These little young fucks are still moldable, and I can teach them fucking respect while teaching them to throw a fucking ball around, or do a push up. That’s what this fucking world needs. Respect.” “Yeah, I can’t argue with you on that. Shit, I’ve waitressed before, and it was the worst day of my life.” I slouch as I think back on that day when I had that customer who I couldn’t seem to make happy. “People can be so petty and rude. You do your best to serve them, and they leave you a fucking quarter! Who does that?” I say, as I jab my fork into broccoli. “Oh really? Well shit doll, if you serviced me, I would’ve left you the BIGGEST tip of your life,” he says with a deep growl and wink, followed by a soft laugh. “Ha ha! Lucky for me, you already did. I must say that your tip is certainly better than any.” I flash a seductive smirk before biting my lip. “You really push my fucking buttons, baby doll. You make me wanna throw you over this table right now and fuck you raw!” He growls while running his hand up my arm and looking into my eyes. I smile and take my last bite of food, “I try my best to get you going. It’s the least I can do after that long charade. Lucky for us, the build up now comes with release,” I say. He laughs and sits back in his chair, taking a deep breath. “Mmhm, those days of heavy blue balls are long gone,” he says, as we both rise from our chairs and make our way into the bedroom to lay down. He lays flat on his back and I cuddle him, putting my head on his chest, arm across his stomach and leg overtop his. “All that asshole talk got me thinking about Monica. What are you gonna do about that?” I ask. He huffs out a breath “You mean fucking level 9 clinger? I definitely gotta shut that shit down. I should’ve known better than to start it. She’s the fucking assistant principal at the school I work at.” “What? Oh God. That’s going to be an interesting dynamic after you dump her. I don’t trust her. There’s just something not right.” I roll my eyes and tense up exuding a deep breath. Negan must feel my uncomfortable stance because he turns over to me and pulls me into his warm body. “Baby,” he says in a low guttural tone “Number one, Monica is a non fucking factor, so don’t you worry those pretty dark eyes about that.” He runs his hand through my hair and rubs the back of my head, “Number fucking two, what WE HAVE is something. Something that I haven’t had with any of my prior acquaintances. She was a warm ass and hot piece of-” he stops as an expression of thought blankets his face. “She was a body I would use to relieve stress, that’s it. Nothing more, because she didn’t fucking stimulate me. None of them did. You on the other hand stimulate my fucking dick and my mind. So don’t you fucking worry about her coming between us. That shit will not fly.” A breath of relief escapes from within as a smile curls upon my lips. “That’s so sweet. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be so insecure I just..” I trail off and he kisses my forehead, “Darlin, I’m a man. I’m not some young, wet-nose boy who doesn’t know what the fuck he wants. When I met you I fucking knew,” he says, as he closes his hooded eyes dramatically before opening them again and bringing his hand to my face “I wanted you, and I’d wait until you fucking realized you want me too. I am not going to fuck this shit up after waiting so goddamn long to sink my time into something so fucking precious.” His last words are elongated and breathy as he brings his lips to kiss mine. “You sank more than your time into me,” I say with a laugh, playfully tugging at his nipple. “Yes I sure as shit fucking did, and if you keep fucking with me, I’m gonna have to sink my dick into that aching pussy again.” He smiles with a devilish grin. “Aching is absolutely right, and I’ll cool my jets because as fucking great as that sounds… I would probably split in half right about now.” We laugh, and I feel his hand trail down my ass and give it a squeeze. “There’s plenty of other stuff to fucking play with.” He groans. “Fuck, I just remembered. Not tomorrow night, but the following there’s a ‘Meet Your Teacher Day’ at school, and it would be fucking unbearable without you. I’d like it if you’d fucking join me as my lady.” I wrap my arms around his neck, pushing my bare breast into his face, “I’d be delighted.” He nips at my skin, “You know what would fucking delight me? If we go to sleep so morning will hurry the fuck up and I can fuck you then.” He wiggles his brows, and I laugh before kissing him and turning over on my side. I push my ass into his pelvis and he wraps his arm around me, trailing his hand up my arm to wrap his into mine. Our bodies rise and fall in unison as our breaths become soothing mechanisms. I soak in the blissful moment before closing my tired burdened eyes. I think to myself before drifting away, ‘Maybe Monica will get the actual picture if she sees us there. I’m that girl. I’m his girl. The girl that tamed him.’

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Can you do a smut where Bts gets a new member and it's a girl and rapmonster falls in love with her if you know i mean i hope it's not to complicated thanks!

Iloved this request! It made me so happy! I hope you enjoy this. Our ask is always open!!!!

 You had been a nervous wreck since you moved into the dorm. You had joined the group BTS a couple months earlier as a female rapper and you’d gotten to know almost all of the boys as friends. When the manager told you that you were going to move into the dorm with them and you had a mini panic attack.

You were ok with the idea of living with all of them except Namjoon. He made you nervous. When he would walk into the room, you became painfully aware of his existence. He would look in your direction, your face would get hot, and you’d start to stutter and lose your trail of thought. You got along with him fine. He would always ask for your help with a move in dance practice. He would bring you breakfast in the morning if you didn’t have enough time to make it yourself. He’d would even talk to you about his favorite music and ask you about lyrics. Despite everything, he’d done and how welcome he made you feel you still could not bring yourself to look him in the eye. The only time you would even look at his face was when he was looking the opposite direction.

You were stuck with bedroom right next to his. Each morning you would walk out of you room to see a shirtless Namjoon walking out of his door. You’d mistakenly make eye contact with him and he’d smirk down at you. Then you’d mutter about forgetting something and hurry back into your room. But the worst thing about you room were the wall. They were so thin you could hear him snoring at night. Embarrassed you would always contemplate if he could hear you snoring as well.

You awoke, one night, to a knock at your door. You glanced at your clock, it was 2am. Pulling down the over sized sweatshirt to cover your backside, your bare legs remained uncovered as you slid out of the bed and scurried toward the door. Standing in your doorway was a red faced, concerned looking Namjoon. Surprised you backed up a few steps turning red in the face as well.

“Is everything ok in here _________” he mutter looking down at his feet and playing with his fingers. “I thought I heard you calling my name so I thought maybe you needed something.”

You stood there to trying to wrap your mind around what he just said. You were calling his name? You realize in horror that it must have been in your sleep. You quickly try to remember what kind of dream you were having. To your dismay, you start to slowly remember the sexy dream you had.

“I’m so sorry if I woke you. I didn’t mean to call you; you can go back to bed.” You stammer as you start to close the door. His hand reaches out and stops you. He looks into your eyes.

“Why do you treat me differently than the others? Do you not respect my work as much or do you not like me as a person.” He started to step into your room. Shocked you backed up and let him enter, not trying to resist “Tell me what I can do to make you like me. I really want to get to know you. How can I make this better?” His arms fell to his sides and he slumped over in defeat.

“I don’t feel that way… I-I actually really respect you. You’re my inspiration.” You offer, hoping to make him feel better. Your feelings for him were so strong. Nervously you played with a lose strand of hair that had come out of your ponytail. You never thought you’d make him feel like this.

“Then why do you avoid me? Every time I walk in a room you leave as fast as possible.” He moved to sit on your bed. You turned your face away from him. How could you tell him that you had feeling for him? You were shaken out of your thoughts by a hand pulling you towards the bed. You fell backwards and landed in Rap Mon’s lap. He wrapped his arms around your middle and rested his head in the crock of your neck. His hot breath made your heart skip a beat.  “You make me feel so unhinged. Why do you make me feel this way?” he breathed into your ear.

His cold hands on your skin started a fire inside of you. One of his hands moved to rest on your inner thigh while the other found its way into your shirt. His finger brushed the bottom of your bra.

“Oppa, I don’t think we should be doing this.” You say shakily, but you don’t pull away.  You cursed yourself for saying that. You enjoyed his touch more than you should. You didn’t want him to stop. When his hand slid into your bra you couldn’t help but to think that this must be a dream. It was to perfect.

“Jagi, I wanted you since the day I saw you. Please let me make you feel good.” He said in a low voice. You shivered.

“I want you too.” You admitted. He sighed in relief and pulled you closer to his body. His arousal pushing into your butt. He roughly squeezed your breast before he pulled you sweatshirt over your head. He moved you farther back on the bed. Your head rested on the pillow and he climbed on top of you.

His lips touched yours and something sparked inside of you. You wrapped your legs around him and you moaned into his lips. Never breaking the kiss his hand snaked underneath you and undid your bra. The cool air hit your nipples and they hardened. Namjoon kissed his way down your jawline to your neck. You moaned, and you could feel him smirking into your skin. He kissed his way down onto your chest. His lips capturing your hardened bud. Your fingers snaked into his hair, pulling him closer to your chest.  

He kissed his way down your body. His hands spread your legs. His fingers slowly moved up you thigh teasing you. You were already breathless from the anticipation. His fingers softly brushed your panties. Your hips jerked upward involuntarily. His eyes met yours and he chuckled darkly before brings his lips to kiss the skin dangerously close to your core.

“You’re so wet for me already. Tell me how much you want it.” He demanded kissing your pelvic bone.

“Please, I want it so bad. I can’t stand it.” You breathe desperately, wiggling your hips trying to get some kind of satisfaction. Your eyes close as you try to compose yourself. You were quickly coming undone and you didn’t want to seem so needy. You try to concentrate but your mind spiraled out of control as you feel his hot breath between your legs.

“I’ll give you what you want,” he started smirking in your direction. “But only if you tell me how you feel about me.” His fingers drawing circles on your inner thigh.

“I-I’m in love with you.” You manage to say. You cover your eyes in embarrassment waiting for him to respond. You gasp and your back arches off the bed as you feel him push two fingers inside of you. Your eyes shoot open and you look down at him.

“I like that answer.” He said as he slipped your panties off. His tongue hit you clit and he lazily made circles with it. His fingers moved in and out of you at the same slow pace. You grabbed his silver hair and moaned as his tongue continued to work on you. One of his hands reached up and pinched your nipple. All the pleasure washed over you at the same time and your vision started to become white.

“O-Oppa, I’m so close.” You whine. He started to softly suck on your sensitive bud and it sent you over the edge. You moaned his name as you rode the wave of your orgasm.

You could hear his sliding out of his pants and getting off the bed.

“Get up,” he commanded. You crawled to the edge of the bed on weak legs and you stood next you him. He turned you around so your back was against his chest and grabbed your breast before he bent you over the bed.

Without warning, he plunged into you causing you to cry out in pleasure. He gripped your hips slamming into you from behind. You screamed “Namjoooon!” Your fingers gripped the sheets. The knot in your stomach started to tighten. “Faster” You begged. He grunted and moved faster than you thought was possible. One of his hands slid up your spine. Causing you to arch your back.

“Shit.” He muttered as he moved his hand from your back, and snaked it around your body, finding your clit. His thumb rubbed it causing you to become weak in the knees as your second orgasm shook your whole body. You hear him groan as your orgasm sends him over the edge with you. You both fell onto the bed sweaty and out of breath.

“I love you too,” he said as he looked over at you and smiled. You moved yourself into his arms and started to close your eyes. He pulled the blankets onto the both of you as you started to drift into sleep.

Suddenly you door is thrown open. An angry J Hope stood in the doorway. “Seriously guys, please don’t bang so early in the morning, or do it quietly.” He turned around and left, closing the door behind him.

Namjoon chuckled, “I guess we’ll have to be quieter next time.” You laughed as you snuggled into his arms and fell asleep.

Sorry I took so long to write this. I had too much fun.

I hope this was what you had in mind… I tried my best.

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terrestrialyarn  asked:

Now I come to do this myself it's really hard to think of words! Let's try: Dizzy, American, Unrestrained.

(ngl i sat in ur askbox for like 20 minutes thinking of words omg it’s hard)

Viktor is always impressed that Yuuri got into an American university. Not only that, but he graduated from a university which taught in his second language while also skating at the Grand Prix Final. Viktor thinks in italics a lot when he thinks about Yuuri.

So, when Yuuri is asked to attend an alumni event, Viktor is adamant that he should go.

After some arguing (”I don’t want to!”) and anxiety (”What if everybody is really successful and I’m just me?” - Viktor cannot understand how Yuuri can consider an Olympic gold medal to be unsuccessful), Yuuri caves and they fly out to Detroit in First Class.

The event is formal and seeing Yuuri in a suit still makes Viktor weak at the knees. Ever since he’d forced Yuuri to get a tailored suit, formal events became infinitely more enjoyable. Everything was infinitely more enjoyable when Yuuri’s butt was well-displayed.

The room set-up is reminiscent of the many banquets Viktor has attended over the years and, judging by the soft blush on Yuuri’s face, his darling has noticed it too. It’s endearing how Yuuri still gets embarrassed about their first banquet together.

They’re greeted first by two men, one around Yuuri’s age and one significantly older with a grey beard, both holding flutes of champagne. Viktor gleans from the conversation that they both now work for the US government. 

Viktor keeps his arm looped through Yuuri’s while he lets his mind wander. Ever since Yuuri came into his life, Viktor has enjoyed himself at these formal dinners much more. He remembers too many years forcing smiles and laughing politely at dull conversation with uninteresting people. He remembers being alone and tired and never quite drunk enough.

And then Yuuri. Oh, Yuuri. What a light he has brought to Viktor’s heart.

When Viktor tunes back into the conversation, three women have joined their circle. One is chatting animatedly about her work in clean energy and her husband. 

The man with the grey beard laughs and says, “Ah, marriage. The old ball and chain.”

Viktor stares. He doesn’t understand. But then the woman laughs too.

“Well, we put up with each other. That’s as good as it gets, right?” She says. 

Viktor can’t breathe. He doesn’t understand. What does she mean by ‘putting up with’ her husband? That doesn’t make any sense. Don’t they- don’t they love each other so much that it hurts in their chests?

Viktor can’t breathe.


He curls away from the crowd at the last minute with a hand over his mouth, taken completely by surprise. What the-


The sneezes are strong and unrestrained and he hears a chorus of amused bless you’s from the group. Yuuri offers him a handkerchief as he straightens up but he finds himself snatching it without offering thanks before he’s thrown forward again.

hhiHHSHoo! inGISHHOOO! hhh…

Viktor sniffles, rubbing his itchy nose through the fabric and offering a general apology. He nods vaguely to Yuuri’s worried “Vitya?” and then he’s sneezing again. And again. And one more time for luck.

“Oh, excuse me,” he says sheepishly but then he sniffles and he smells perfume and his eyes scrunch shut again and-


He leans heavily against Yuuri after that last one, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. He feels dizzy from the sudden onslaught.

Yuuri takes his hand, squeezes it tight, and says, “Sorry but I’ll have to bow out early. I’m afraid my husband isn’t feeling well.”

And then he drags Viktor to the bathroom. He sits Viktor up on the ledge between the sinks and washes his face with paper towels doused in cold water and gently, lovingly, kisses the tip of his pink nose.


Viktor waggles his eyebrows in an attempt to look seductive. “You want to make me feel all better, Yuuri?” He asks, voice low as he walks two fingers up Yuuri’s chest, delighting in the way his husband shivers under his touch.

“You’re a bad man, Viktor Nikiforov,” Yuuri scolds.

Viktor laughs. Yuuri delights him every single day.

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Originally posted by heytheredeann

Pairing: SamxReader
Word Count: 2,697
Warnings: Swearing, smut

Before you became a hunter, you were a stripper. You weren’t ashamed of it, but you didn’t exactly offer that information up, either. People would look at you differently. Hunters wouldn’t take you seriously, no matter how good you were at your job. The only one that you were in contact with that knew, was Dean. You didn’t travel with them, but you did cross paths now and then.

Dean was always good for a night out. You’d never slept with him, always talking him up to whoever he had his eye on. His wingman, of sorts. It always amused you how into Dean they became once you opened your mouth. You knew you were attractive. Your Y/H/C fell down your back in waves, your Y/E/C could be accented with pretty much any shade of eyeliner or shadow you chose, and hunting kept you in even better shape than you had been in before. You could walk into a room and be completely at ease. Confidence was no problem for you.

And then you met Sam Winchester. He hadn’t been with Dean when he had saved you from a vamp. You met him a year later when you met up at the Roadhouse. He was there visiting Ellen, and you were there for some down time. There was something about him that made you go weak at the knees. You didn’t know if it was the perfect blend of boyish smile and manly physique or what. You’d walked in on him putting a shirt on once when looking for Dean and let out a small gasp. Seeing his muscles move under his skin was damn near erotic. You had bit your lip and walked back out.

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