you make me feel like getting a desk job isnt that bad of an idea

Why Olivia Dunham is So Important

Olivia Dunham is one of my favourite fictional characters ever, for so many reasons, the biggest being just how important she is.

The media now is full of Strong Female Characters, and while that is good, it is often done in a way that isn’t quite what we want - in my opinion, Olivia is Not one of these characters.

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anonymous asked:

rfa + v and saeran comforting mc after she failed the college entrance exams and it's feeling like a failure because she has to study another year to take them again and it's turning 20 years old so she feels like she's old and should be already in college (self incert much? hahahah)


~femC, second person


  • he hates seeing you down
  • he just wants you to cheer up!!!!
  • Yoosung has had a rough relationship with school, he was a star student in high school but then when he went to college he started flopping
  • of course, he doesnt know what its like to fail a college entry exam
  • if he says something like “college isnt everything” or “dont worry, lots of people struggle with this” you’re just like “well thats easy for you to say, you passed your entry exams right out of high school!!”
  • so Yoosung decides that actions speak louder than words
  • Yoosung tutors the shit out of you!
  • makes you study hard and helps you with anything you dont understand
  • late nights studying with Yoosung!
  • you sit in his lap while he quizzes you about world history
  • falling asleep at his desk together
  • tells you all the time how proud he is of you
  • spews random questions at you all the time!!!
  • *in like at starbucks*
  • “that one is easy, babe! adam smith”


  • Zen is the most comforting boyfriend on the planet
  • he would see that you’re upset and sit down on the couch, then hold out his hands for you to come sit with him
  • he lets out a long sigh
  • he hates that so much pressure is being put on you to go to college
  • “princess…you know i didnt go to college, right?”
  • “yea…”
  • “well, do you think less of me because of that?”
  • “of course not!”
  • Zen reaches his arms out, pulling you into his lap
  • “MC, you have no idea how proud i am that you finished high school, even if you’re having a hard time passing your college entry exams”
  • he holds you tightly, closing his eyes
  • “please dont think pooly of yourself, alright? you mean everything to me, you’re a smart, capable woman, and a failed exam isnt going to change that”
  • “Zen, i-”
  • “now, i’m not book-smart enough to help you study, but i’ll support you in any way i can”


  • Jaehee tells you that stress is bad for you and it can make you sick!!!
  • you need to relax, you both do
  • so she takes off of work and plans out a day for just you two to take some time off together
  • you guys watch your favorite movies, cuddle, and eat yummy, sweet snacks
  • its a good way to take you mind off of things and enjoy some quality time with you girlfriend
  • you two are snuggling under some blankets and you watch funny movies that make you laugh and sad movies that make you cry
  • you drink hot chocolate and coffee
  • she kisses your forehead and tells you how smart you are
  • tells you that your hard work will pay off in the end
  • Jaehee would run her hands through your hair and say “if anyone knows how rewarding hard work can be, its us”
  • she relaxes you so much and the day leaves you feeling energized and revitalized! 


  • he is ready to give you anything you want
  • what would make you feel better? a puppy? you got it
  • but when Jumin asks how to make you feel better, making it clear that he will give you anything, you answer with amusement park date!
  • and he’s like, you want an amusement park date? YOU BOUTA GET THE BEST AMUSEMENT PARK DATE OF UR DAMN LIFE!
  • (he has never done this before)
  • he tries to wear a long sleeve button down to the park and youre like honey, honey NO
  • the day at the park is so much fun! its the most fun youve had in months!
  • he only brings up the exam once all day
  • and its to tell you not to give up hope, ever
  • he hugs you and tells you that you’re more than your exam scores!!!
  • you’re everything to him!!!


  • he actually gets upset
  • “fuck college”
  • “Seven, college is important and i-”
  • “no, seriously! i am so tired of people assigning others worth based on their level of education!!”
  • he grabs your shoulders and shakes you a little bit
  • “your. college. entrance. exam. scores. do. not. define. you”
  • “Seven, i know that, i just-”
  • “nope! say it with me”
  • you sigh and put your hands on top of his while the two of you speak in unison, foreheads pushed together
  • “my college entry exams scores do not define me”
  • he pulls you into a hug, squeezing you tightly
  • “i mean it, alright? not everyone is good at tests”
  • he pulls away from you, keeping both hands on your waist
  • “and that doesnt change that fact that your sweet, loving, beautiful…youre everything to me”
  • he gets so emo and you’re like ok chill and he’s like I WILL NEVER CHILL WHEN IT COMES TO YOU


  • he thinks this is BULLSHIT
  • its the angriest you’ve ever seen V 
  • “any college would be lucky to have a wonderful girl like you!”
  • makes a list of everything he loves about you and reads it out loud
  • makes your favorite meal
  • tells you 100x a day that you’re incredible, amazing, and worth everything to him
  • and he really means it


  • he honestly tells you that it straight up doesnt matter
  • as long as you both have each other, why should that matter?
  • why do you even wanna go to college anyway? so you can do into debt just to struggle to get a job, just to pay off said debt?
  • he just doesnt think you should place so much importance on it
  • “its not worth your tears”
  • just keep your head up and try again next year
  • and if you still fail, try again the next year
  • he would tell you that he believes in you, he believes that you can do whatever you set your mind to
  • he tells you to learn from your failures
  • and he tells you that college aint worth shit