you make me feel like a natural disaster

  • we still don’t have water (i live in an apartment building and we have a water tank, but many people don’t have ANY water at home)
  • classes at schools in lima (the capital city) have been suspended again - they resume on wednesday
  • my uni has postponed classes: i was supposed to start tomorrow but they will start on the 27th
  • right now, a jail is on fire
  • many bridges have fallen and cities at the north of the country are now completely inaccesible
  • probably the rains and mudslides won’t stop for at least a month

also: i’m temporarily closing my studyblr. from now on i’m only going to share info about the situation here in peru. i know i don’t have a lot of followers and many of you have been ignoring this (which makes me feel really sad and dissapointed at the studyblr community) but it doesn’t feel right to go on like nothing is happening. if you want to contact me and ask me how can you help, i’ll be happy to tell you all i know.


  • “ i’ll have what he’s having. no wait, i’ll have three of what he’s having ”
  • “ I achieved this drink only through some very determined pointing ”
  • “ There was also a woman who referred to me as her sweet peapod of love ”
  • “ You cannot blame me for every little natural disaster that happens! ”
  • “ I am relying on you to be … more reliable and less like you than you usually are  “
  • “ I must speak Prattling Fool, since I can understand you ”
  • “ I will find you. I will find whatever chest of absurd clothes you have. And I will bring a llama into the place where you sleep and make sure that it urinates on everything you possess ”
  • “ I would apologize, Except that I feel no regret at all. ”
  • “ I can’t get enough adventure, And adventure cannot get enough of me.”
  • “ it is wetter than a boar’s armpit and twice as smelly here ”
  • “ Picture this, Me with a little monkey friend. I could teach him tricks. I could dress him in a cunning jacket. He could look just like me! But more monkey-shaped ”
  • “  I begin to rather doubt the beauty of our friendship ”
  • “ I enjoy city life, you know, The glittering lights, the constant companionship, the liquid entertainment. The lack of sudden monkeys. ”
  • “ Pardon me. You were talking about bird droppings. ”
  • “ You think pirates are out to steal your bird droppings? ”
  • “ I spy dread pirates in the distance. Ready yourself for battle, my friend ”
  • “ Well, you should have thrown them out and bought clothes that were both more sweetly scented and more stylish ”
  • “ Don’t fight in front of the client, boys, or I will knock your heads together so hard, your skulls will crack like eggs. ”
  • “ I wouldn’t call that an instrument of music, An instrument of torture, perhaps ”
  • “ That explains the sound you’re making. Like a lost, hungry armadillo ”
  • “ I heard a cat making a most unearthly noise, From the sound of it, the poor creature must be direly sick. You have to help me find it! ” 
  • “  There really should be more roads up there ”
  • “ I can’t live a lie any longer! I have tried to be encouraging. Dignitaries of the town have been sent to me, asking me to plead with you to stop. My own sainted mother begged me, with tears in her eyes— ”
  • “ Furthermore, my hats are extraordinary ”
  • “ In five hundred years I have never desired the touch of another man, but I am suddenly possessed with a desire to kiss that boy on the mouth. ”
  • “ Please, Carry on showering me with compliments. This is an extremely pleasant experience for me, by the way, and precisely how I was hoping my day would go “
  • “ I’m surprised it even lasted this long; he was much better looking than you ”
  • “ I can’t settle down yet. I need more time to devote myself to debauchery. ”
  • “ That sounded like the question of a man who doesn’t need answers. That sounded like the question of a man who needs another drink. ”
  • “  You told us to leave you in the desert, because you planned to start a new life as a cactus ”
  • “ (name) , you were trying to flirt with your own plate ”
  • “ You’re an idiot ”
  • “ Run away with me. Right now. It will be the most amazing adventure, I promise you that ”
Multifandom Service Dog Headcanon  Series #3: Doctor Who: Psychiatric Service Dog

Welcome to the third part of the multifandom service dog series. This one is for the fandom Doctor Who and features a Psychiatric Service Dog. I hope you enjoy and please tell me what you think. 

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Psychiatric service dogs:

This versatile category of service dog assists people who are suffering from issues like depression, anxiety, and most often post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD can afflict people after they’ve served in combat, worked as a first responder, or experienced abuse, natural disasters, terrorism, and other life-altering events, such as car crashes. The human handlers in this category can feel hyper vigilant about their safety, and service dogs can make them feel safer by doing things like entering the home before the human, and turning on the lights with a foot pedal. These dogs can also help PTSD sufferers who feel overwhelmed in public places by creating a physical barrier between the handler and others, giving the handler more personal space. Many PTSD sufferers find that having a service dog to care for forces the human to also take care of themselves, by getting out into the world and getting exercise with their dog.

Service Dog: Psychiatric Service Dog (PSDs):

Job: To assist their handler with a psychiatric disability such as anxiety, depression or PTSD via specific, trained tasks.

Handler: Can vary widely in presentation but often appears to not have a disability. Often cited as having an “invisible” disability.

Gear: No special gear required.

Notes: Psychiatric Service Dogs are protected under the same federal laws that protect other Service Dogs. They must be given the exact same treatment and access rights. Note: Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) and Therapy Dogs are NOT the same as Psychiatric Service Dogs and are not covered under the ADA, and nor do they have any public access whatsoever.

  1. The Doctor was confused about it at first because you seemed so normal. Though after having a full mental breakdown from seeing the inside of the TARDIS for the first time, he let you and your dog stay.
  2. You do get separated from your dog a lot, especially when you travel in the past; those people have no sense of respect. Weird though is the fact that when you do get separated your dog a (type of dog) named ______ always seems to find the Doctor and led him to you.
  3. Missy has even commented that out of all the silly things that humans do, keeping dogs and training them the way you did, is not one of them.  She even jokes that the Doctor should have one. The Doctor always has to comment back that one is enough and that (dog’s name) has helped him out plenty.
  4. Most enemies stop and stare at you when they first see you. This is a great distraction and gives the Doctor a chance to do something clever.  
  5. Or they do the exact opposite. They see you with a Dog and see how scared you are and take advantage of that.
  6. Your dog is sometimes very much like the TARDIS; people sometimes just can’t be bothered to look at it or care that you have (your dog’s name) with you.
  7. Whenever you are separated from your dog it is always a great relief when you are reunited. Your mood always gets ten times better.
  8. You dog is very well known for its calm nature. Contrary to that, whenever you are around large groups of kids, like when the world was taken over by trees, you dog always seems to take on a playful nature.
  9. You are with the Doctor and on the TARDIS so much that the TARDIS got good at putting out a bowl of food and water for your dog. You sometimes forget that you have to actually feed (Your dog’s name) because you are so wrapped up in what you and the Doctor are doing.
  10. After tough adventures the Doctor understand that you want to be alone with just your service dog. He doesn’t always agree to your decision but with the thought that you will never truly be alone, having a furry friend, he lets you every time; as a good friend himself.

a song for…
An Earth Sign in love

“ Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby
As long as you’re with me you’ll be just fine
Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby
Nothing’s gonna take you from my side”

An Air sign in love

“ Love is such a sweet thing           “Maybe, maybe it’s all meant to be. 
Maybe we should try it out                Maybe not, I don’t know.”
See what love is all about “  

A Water sign in love

“ Through drought and famine, natural disasters    “This feels like summer
My baby has been around for me                          Boy you make me feel so alive
Kingdoms have fallen, angels be calling               Just be my lover
None of that could ever make me leave”               Boy you’ll lead me to paradise“

A Fire sign in love

“We could conquer the world
Would you be down to roll with me
Like my partner in crime
Till the end of time “

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Bakit Ang #SarapMagingPilipino?

Tomorrow is the Philippines’s Independence Day and in celebration of such an important event, I’m listing down my top 10 reasons why #MasarapMagingPinoy! 

1. Let’s cut to the chase – THE FOOD. Filipino food is ah-may-zing. You’ve got Lechon, Kare-Kare, Liempo, Adobo, Lehon Kawali, Tapa with egg and achara – and those are just a few of my favorites. 

2. Shopping. Cheap finds, great deals, knowing how to haggle for lower prices. It’s definitely a perk, because who doesn’t want to save more money so you can shop for more? Haha

3. How certain jokes/quips are 100% funnier in the Filipino language  compared to when translated to English. And how we can converse with just two letters, “Bababa ba?” “Baba." 

4. The kindness of Filipinos towards other Filipinos, especially abroad. The kindness showed and the feeling of familiarity, despite being strangers, suddenly makes you feel at home in a foreign land.

5. We have a few of the most beautiful beaches and beautiful reefs/marine life in the world, and we’re lucky enough to have it in our own backyards, sometimes just a drive away!

6. When you hear a man yelling "Taho!” outside your house and you run like hell to call the “taho man” and then gather change so you can have a cup of the tasty treat. It’s always such a rush, and makes me feel like such a kid! 

7. We can make light of any negative situation we’re in, even when the worst of disasters strike, and because we’re naturally positive people, we survive.

8. We’re probably not the only people in the world who are hospitable, but our way of hospitality definitely make other people feel like they’re part of the family. Which is nice. Who doesn’t want to feel welcomed and shown kindness? I know I do!

9. Because we can eat with our hands without it being primitive, because it’s a part of our culture – and it makes eating twice more fun and somehow makes the food taste twice as good!

10. And last but not the least (and also my favorite), the fact that we can download torrents without it being a big deal. Haha! Although torrenting is bad, if you’re not selling it for profit, you’re kind of in the gray area. :-P

Here’s a video made by Jollibee showing different foreigners who have lived here in the Philippines talking about what they love about the country and the Pinoys so much. It’s heartwarming, made me smile and nod in agreement. Ah, ang sarap talaga maging Pilipino! :-)

I’m inviting you all to spread the love and pride on social media, post your reasons on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #MasarapMagingPinoy and see what our fellow Filipinos have to say as well!

Happy Independence Day, Philippines & fellow Filipinos! It hasn’t been all great, but I do hope we’ll stay united and work towards a better future for our home and our countrymen :-)

in this movie there are spies. entrusted with international secrets, they steal through frozen forests in some arctic nation a million miles from here. in this town it’s hot enough to melt our sandals to the soles of our feet. our friends all talk about the leading man’s muscles, but you are more interested in the woman spy, running faster and shooting sharper. cold and beautiful in a fur coat. you catch me blushing when you talk about her, crook a teasing finger into my ribs. i dream of snowfall for a week.

in this movie, nothing much makes sense. it’s an art house film, the kind you love and i just don’t get. i know nothing of the plot or cast, only how the scenes look reflecting off your eyes, only how you bloom under the weight of me watching you. in the dark i can look at you and the way i feel isn’t wrong.

in this movie there’s a natural disaster, everyone in dire peril, and we kiss like our lives depend on it. the whole world outside is a hurricane, but we are the eye of calm and i can whisper your name like the blessing it is, in the back row of our hometown movie theater, our dilapidated church, the place we always come to be saved. this is where we hide our love–in between the velvet seats, among the detritus of popcorn and junior mints, this thing neither of us yet has the courage to name.

in this movie a woman is brutalized by a man, and the critics call it revolutionary. but last week at a party a boy hit you when you told him no so i fail to see how this is anything new. in the bathroom you try once again to scrub off the feeling of his palm on your cheek. i want to patch all your wounds with my callused fingers. this movie is a box office hit, and we are drowning in the blood of girls like us.

in this movie there are no men at all. just two girls who kiss and are not ashamed. who hold hands on the street and don’t care who sees. who are never hurt for entertainment, whose love unfolds unapologetically. it only runs for a week. someone complains it’s indecent, and a blockbuster rom com takes its place. but we cannot unsee it. it remains burned into our brains like the sweetest of visions. if we can escape the cul-de-sacs and fenced in soccer fields, somewhere, there might be a place for us. i start saving up for a car.

in this movie, the quarterback kisses the homecoming queen, a pop punk song plays as the credits roll, and we have to laugh. the people who make these movies don’t know about the girls who watch them and dream of something more. girls who fall in love by the light of that flickering screen. girls who will make their own happy endings. we stop going to the movies soon after that.

–I FELL IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND AT THE MOVIES, valerie d. gray (insp. by a prompt “hometown movie theater”)