you make me feel hella rad

sometimes i feel real sad and then i remember:

the first time dean and cas met properly, dean stuck a knife in cas’ chest and then cas proceeded to say ‘i was the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition’ and then they had intense eye sex

the first time sherlock and john met, sherlock winked to make himself look more likable and approachable and then during their second meeting, started cleaning up the flat so john would consider moving in

the first time alec and magnus met, magnus introduced himself and alec fell over his words and started babbling incoherently, and magnus proceeded to also flirt with alec

the first time stiles and derek met, derek was talking to both scott and stiles, during which time stiles was absolutely speechless and his mouth hung open a little

the first time isak and even met, isak stared at even as he emptied the tissues, and then they proceeded to smoke the same cigarette, not to mention isak stared at even before, and was clearly checking him out

the first time harry and draco met properly, draco offered his friendship and harry only refused because he’s loyal quickly and draco was being quite rude

the first time sirius and remus saw each other after thirteen years, snape said “you two fight like a married couple” and remus was immediately on sirius’ side, without questioning anything

and then i feel happy, because even if most of the ships on this list aren’t canon and/or endgame, i will always regard them as canon :)

and if this list made you happy, then that’s a hella rad bonus


❛ i need a reasonable paying job, something like $2,000 an hour. nothing too wild. ❜
❛ idc (i do care) ❜
❛ ‘are you taken?’ yes bitch, taken for granted ❜
❛ half of me is a hopeless romantic and the other half is, well, an asshole ❜
❛ you’re yelling? at ME? the one person who has never done anything wrong ever?????? ❜
❛ you will find your home, you will find your place. you will find your people. give it a little bit of time but it will happen. ❜
❛ in order lead a happy life i’m gonna have to disappoint my parents a bit. ❜
❛ any body else here not good at anything??? ❜
❛ you can’t force people to appreciate you. ❜
❛ *puts on baseball cap* i am the dad now… ❜
❛ i fake smart.. like i’m honestly a dumbass idk shit but i know how to seem like i do.. i’m smart-passing.. ❜
❛ every straight woman who ever called her platonic friend her ‘girlfriend’ owes me $50 ❜
❛ i am a professional at misreading tones and overreacting to problems that most likely don’t exist ❜
❛ honestly if i survive the next 3 years of my life, i will be impressed with myself ❜
❛ you can’t cure sadnesses with a shower but honestly there is no purer place to suffer ❜
❛ patiently waiting for a kind soul to come along and make everything a little softer, brighter. ❜
❛ honestly i don’t even play an active role in my life, shit just happens and i’m like oh this is what we’re doing now? ok ❜
❛ no offense but if i die and no one uses a ouija board to keep me updated on memes i will literally haunt you all ❜
❛ imma start charging people for hurting my feelings $3 an hour ❜
❛ i have finally reached the age of most young adult protagonists yet my life is still uneventful??? where is my cool story??? my cool talents??? @ universe i’m pissed ❜
❛ hello, police? i accidentally stepped on my cats foot and need to be arrested ❜
❛ *tries to watch 45 minute episode in 20 minutes ❜
❛ please don’t just come in my life, take my heart and leave. please don’t do that. ❜
❛ concept: me, 10 years from now, living in a pretty house with my love, sipping a hot cappuccino on a rainy autumn afternoon. our dog curls up next to me in the window bench while our cat snoozes on the bed. i’m financially stable and i’m never tired anymore. the bees are safe. ❜
❛ i can’t believe what walkie talkies are called ❜
❛ the gorilla could have died and been done with in like a week but none of you know how to be normal ❜
❛ me: *is bitter but is also right* ❜
❛ just saw a girl in high heels long boarding to class. godspeed, my queen. ❜
❛ i’ve never belonged anywhere, i’m always just in between ❜
❛ too young for unnecessary stress, i gotta live ❜
❛ i may not be beautiful but at least i know a lot of useless information ❜
❛ i’m like always sleepy. i feel like i should be used to this by now and stop complaining about being sleepy but i can’t. always, i’m sleepy. ❜
❛ lmao no offense… but what’s the point of being mean to people for no reason ❜
❛ drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious, and most importantly, drunk ❜
❛ “alcohol isn’t supposed to taste good” buddy watch me drink the fruitiest/sweetest shit i can find and enjoy it because i don’t hate myself enough to even begin to consider drinking like.. beer ❜
❛ tfw you’re already fully aware of the unnecessary self destructive bullshit you’re doing but you can’t bring yourself to do anything to stop it ❜
❛ hey sorry for not replying i didn’t want to ❜
❛ honestly how am i gonna make it in the world???? i get a little teary eyed any time someone compliments my personality ❜
❛ true bonding is when you and your friends are all angry about the same thing ❜
❛ *touches your hand and looks seriously into your eyes* i am a piece of shit ❜
❛ lets play ‘how rude can i be until you realize i don’t like you’ ❜
❛ i love drunk me but i don’t trust her ❜
❛ hate when i am wearing makeup and still look shitty like what else am i supposed to do? get enough sleep? eat right and exercise??? as if ❜
❛ i’m not on a high horse. i’m not even on a horse. i’m face down in a ditch on the road of life ❜
❛ i hate when people ask me what i would do in their situation because 9 times out of 10 i would literally never be in that situation in the first place ❜
❛ i barely remember the last 6 months honestly like am i even alive ❜
❛ you had me at ‘hello’ and lost me at ‘i think your friend is cute’ ❜
❛ i’m pretty sure by now ‘tired’ is just a part of my personality description ❜
❛ wow i really liked that song now i think i’ll listen to it another seventy times in a row ❜
❛ ‘shit it’s 2 a.m.’ i say every day at 2 a.m. as if i’m surprised ❜
❛ i’ve been stressed out since like the third day of second grade ❜
❛ telling other girls they look pretty is like cracking a glow stick full of positivity and female friendship ❜
❛ i want to be sun kissed and also people kissed ❜
❛ about me: glowing, eating peaches, drinking wine in lingerie, not texting your desperate ass back  ❜
❛ i highly recommend never having feelings ❜
❛ due to unfortunate circumstances, i am awake ❜
❛ i’m gonna solve mysteries so fucking good ❜
❛ what did people even wear in 2008 ❜
❛ i’ll just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  my way through life ❜
❛ you know what sucks? everything bye ❜
❛ me? overreacting? probably ❜
❛ people asking me what kind of music i like is such a stressful experience ❜
❛ honestly if i survive the next 3 years of my life i will be impressed with myself ❜
❛ if you listen carefully you can hear me whisper ‘shut the fuck up’ at least once every five minutes ❜
❛ any time you like a boy just know you played yourself. always keep that stored in your mind for later ❜
❛ hopeless romantic with trust issues and a sex drive out the roof ❜
❛ what i lack in personality i make up for in…….. nothing ❜
❛ me? cancelled ❜
❛ an app that tells you how raven something is ❜
❛ be with someone who will take care of you. not materialistically but takes care of your soul, your well being, your heart, and everything that’s you ❜
❛ i love the infinite multiverse theory because that means there’s a universe where i’ve pulled every single fire alarm i’ve ever seen ❜
❛ name a more iconic duo than the lengths i’ll go to both get attention and to avoid it… i’ll wait ❜
❛ i just want to be treated very gently and smell like vanilla and wear only matte dusty rose lipstick ❜
❛ 2017 is going to be a very healing year because it’s going to force us to accept that 2007 was ten years ago not three and i think that’s the root of our collective issues ❜
❛ i just wanna do cute things with you like crush the patriarchy, fight for gender equality, and help to destroy racism ❜
❛ i may not be that funny or athletic or good looking or smart or talented… i forgot where i was going with this ❜
❛ how is 2016 already almost over?? like this bitch came in, fucked us up, then left like she gave us a gift ❜
❛ supercalifragilisticextentialcrisis ❜
❛ stop breaking your own motherfucking heart ❜
❛ co-napping is a beautiful thing. knock out with me so i know it’s real ❜
❛ *on the verge of tears* ok not that i care, but ❜
❛ it’s not you…. it’s your zodiac sign ❜
❛ i want to be loved so bad it’s pathetic and embarrassing ❜
❛ my heart is filled with hate and swag ❜
❛ ‘i don’t care’ i say, caringly, as i care deeply ❜
❛ i highly recommend never having feelings ❜
❛ we all ugly to somebody, don’t trip ❜
❛ do i have a crush or am i just idolizing this person for being vaguely nice to me? ❜
❛ my parents were arguing today and my mom said that justin timberlake wouldn’t treat her like this ❜
❛ kissing is hella rad but no one is kissing me so that makes me hella sad ❜
❛ everyone’s having their mid-life crisis at like 19 ❜
❛ there are just people out there that are the embodiment of the sun like the things they say do light up the world and make you feel warm they are human sunshine ❜
❛ dermatologists HATE me… everyone hates me. i’m so alone ❜
❛ you know when you realize and you just… realize ❜
❛ a girl can respect herself and still take booty pics wtf y’all talkin about ❜
❛ i’m not badass i’m sadass i cry about everything ❜
❛ inspired by animal crossing, i’ve started doing this thing where i mail my best friends a framed picture of myself and then never speak to them again ❜
❛ i didn’t know double texting was such a big deal?? i have a lot to say ❜
❛ can someone please just be proud of me like fuck i’m trying ❜
❛ cosmo sex tip #367: when you’re in the mood, tell you partner ‘my spidey senses are tingling’ ❜

(  you can find the other popular text posts memes on my old blog: 1, 2 )

What is a Family?

Trigger warning: physical & emotional abuse (please do not read if you are triggered by abuse as it gets quite descriptive)

Note: sorry i haven’t published anything in a while…i haven’t been in the right mindset for the past two weeks or so and i hope this little drabbley/one shot explains things. it’s 4:30am and I literally just wrote this straight through. i can’t make any promises, but hopefully i’ll be starting up with my writing again because after writing this, i feel like a huge weight has been lifted :)

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anonymous asked:

i feel like calling myself ace is enough of a descriptor for my sexuality. like while i do describe myself as panromantic, my aceness is the most important part of my identity to me. it feels like there's a huge pressure to have a romantic orientation though, especially because I'm currently dating someone. what are your opinions on ace people having no romantic orientation?

No romantic orientation? Do you mean like no romantic attraction or simply not wanting to label themselves? If you mean the first it would make them aroaces and hella rad but every romantic orientation is hella rad!

- Paula

anonymous asked:

Hi just wanted to say I think your art is hella rad, and I love your blog. I've just followed you on twitter and I'm super lame lel

aaah thank you so much ;; if you follow my twitter you probably know i’m not doing too hot rn but i’m trying to get past it.. and comments like this make me feel a bit better <3 also feel free to talk to me through twitter! i’d love to make more friends in the fandom.

anonymous asked:

tbh i really like you. you seem super chill and i'd love to hang out with you sometimes. you obviously love mp100, so that automatically makes you a cool cat, bc mp100 is hella rad. also sometimes i see you like things i reblog and it makes me smile, bc i feel you're kinda popular and i feel honored bc i'm a tiny bug. i hope you find five dollars on the ground. peace out hommie!



• you always thought he was intimidating bc of that little glare he does every so often so you never talked to him and he thought you hated him which was why he never talked to you

• but it was really just lack of communication and the both of you had this mutual attraction towards each other but couldn’t bring yourselves to say it

• but you’re good friends with jongin and chanyeol and the both of them are just stuck in the middle and have to listen to both you and kyungsoo babble on and on about how cute the other person is and how they wished they could talk to you

• it just reached a point where they got v fed up and was like ‘yo we gotta make them hookup i can’t take this anymore’

• so jongin convinced you and chanyeol convinced kyungsoo to go on a blind date w each other // which was a v V close call btw bc chanyeol doesn’t know how to be lowkey

• jongin wanted to go for something big like that expensive french restaurant downtown that serves fucking escargot and champagne or whatever but chanyeol was like ‘nAAAhhh fham, it’s too much effort, just make em go to the moo milk bar or smth’

• jongin actually wanted to protest against this ‘moo milk bar’ idea but the blind date was so last minute that it ended up getting planned so poorly and later when you both start dating, kyungsoo blames chanyeol for taking his first ever date w the girl he likes so lightly

• the both of you were fuming when you found out that a suggestion that sehun made, just to be a brat, was to make your first date at fucking Subway and chANYEOL ACTUALLY TOOK HIM SERIOUSLY

• but then mama suho came along and saved the day all like ‘nono u idiots, u gotta take her to AT LEAST a sushi buffet cmon’ so everyone settled on that but made suho pay the bill bc he always has the money $$$$

• so you show up and kyungsoo showed up but the second you saw him you were fuckfuCK GOTTA BLAST-

• kyungsoo was v mad at himself for not knowing it would be you bc cmon, who ELSE would they put him on a blind date with

• but more than being angry at himself, he was v angry w chanyeol :)))) and he was just messaging him all like


• everything was just a huge fucking mess, both of you barely spoke a word during dinner, the people behind you had an obnoxious seven year old that just would :)) stop :)))) rocking back and forth in his chair :))) and kyungsoo tripped on his own feet while pulling out your chair to sit just to be a gentlemen

• but you told your friend abt this blind date and you asked her to call you and pick you up in case it was going to shit but the second she calls you, the fucking darth vader theme just resonates throughout the whole restaurant and you’re fumbling your phone bc it was so loud like ‘fuck shit wa itoka y i swear i wasn’t trying to bail out on you i jsut-’

• but kyungsoo is like ‘hold up ,,,, you like Star Wars?“

• so ya you both ditched your meal imMEDIATELY after you both finished it and paid and just went to your unit in your condo to watch Star Wars movies

• everybody was getting so worried but when kyungsoo busted in the dorms looking tired as shit with prominent eyebags, everyone was like ‘kyunGSOO FUCKING SHIT, YOU GOT ACTION RIGHT ON THE FIRST NIGHT !!!!!!’


• but that was most probably the best shitty date he has ever been on

• you constantly argue over anakin skywalker

• ‘no, christ, kyungsoo, you don’t understand okay anakin jUST MADE A MISTAKE HE JUST NEEDED A LIL LOVE-’

• tbh kyungsoo couldn’t care less abt anakin, he’s more of an obi wan kenobi person but he only snaps back at you bc 1) you only like anakin bc he’s hot and 2) he doesn’t want to know which celebrities you find attractive other than him

• but really, he tries to avoid ACTUAL arguments as much as possible bc when he gets way too into it, he literally will not stfu and sometimes he talks so much that it results into you crying bc you got so frustrated with him and kyungsoo is just like 'agh fuck :)))’

• v afraid of your parents, esP your father

• when he came over to your house to have dinner for the first time, your dad was generally nice and was like aye whattup and put his hand on kyungsoo’s shoulder as a casual man-to-man welcome and he literally tensed as harD AS a fucking rock

• he was sweating profusely during dinner and your mom was just like ??? u good fham ????

• 'wh- whAT ??? ohOHOH O me ??? im pERFEC T :)) fAntAS TIC ACTUALLY !!! hOoO boy, it suRE IS A LIL HUMID IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME !! :))))’

• kyungsoo is usually v composed and calm and chill and hella rad but all it took was one dinner to send his walls crashing down

• overall, dinner was a success bc aside from, you know, your boyfriend being a nervous wRECK- he was v v polite and respectful and made his intentions w you clear + your parents liked him bc he was talented

• your parents invite him over for karaoke night a lot and always make him sing open arms by journey // and if they’re feeling pushy, maybe sabor ami

• you call him 'mom’ as a nickname bc cMOn okay, he can cook, sing you to sleep, clean up after your mess, look out after your needs and once you proposed to him w a ring pop

• probably the furthest you ever took this joke was when it was 2 in the morning and you wanted to text your mom who was on a night shift at her work to get you some on sale cereal on her way back home in a couple hours but you accidentally called kyungsoo

• he still brings it up to this day w a scowl on his face and uses that as his excuse every time he does something wrong

• 'okay yeah, i might’ve eaten that last slice of cake in the fridge that was primarily for you but remember that one time you called me at 2am :)))) a night before a concert, mind you :)))) thinking i was ur mom and asking me to get you some fucking honey nut cheerios :))))’

• 'ok listen that was oNCE’

• you guys sing in the shower a lot

• w8 don’t misunderstand, not tOGETHER IN THE SHOWER but when yall have your separate turns both of you sing a lot which causes the other person who’s in the kitchen or smth to hum along :)))

• he always cleans up after your messes

• when you have some friends over and have a makeup night or smth and they leave, your whole room is just a mess with bread crumbs everywhere, maybe some spilt water, and kyungsoo will literally stop whatever he’s doing to help you clean up bc 1) he hates mess and 2) he feels uncomfortable with the sight of you cleaning alone

• isn’t a fan of couple items so when you asked if you could at least have like, something v discreet like couple rings, he was like ,,,,,, yo idk ,,,, if the media and the company finds out about us i ,,,

• this slightly upset you but you gotta understand his point of view bc idol life is hard so you just smile all like lmao right i got you its all good, i didn’t really want em anyway but the idea just sounded cool hahahHA

• but lay awake at night just thinking about it and is all like yo jongin, u up

• so he just kinda chats w him for the next hour or so just contemplating bc he’s just like 'ik she wants these rings man gdi she told me she doesn’t want them bUT I KNOW SHE DOES so like ??? what should i do ???? i kinda want them too they’re cute af but the manager might bust my ass joNGIN DID YOU FALL ASLEEP’

• but one day when you’re both watching those star wars cartoons on teletoon or smth, he’s like hey gimme ur hand and you’re like k and she just kinda slips that ring into your finger

• you’re just kinda staring at it wide eyed and before you can say anything, he’s just like 'w8 ok this is not a proposal, i would’ve given it much more thought than this if it was’

• so he has this habit now that he takes your hand and kisses your finger that the ring is on

• gives you tremendous support in your studies

• when you’re confused w something, he’ll either come over or FaceTime you to help you study or when you’re distracted, he’ll get your focus back on track like what would u do w/o do kyungsoo honestly

• whenever you both watch a romantic drama movie that he’s starring in that has many cute and romantic scenes w his costars, he points at a close-to-kissing scene all like 'i was thinking of you when i had to shoot this okay’ or 'don’t pay attention to this, let’s skip it forward’ or 'im just going to remind you right now that you’re my number 1 and i love you so much’

• and you’re like chill soo, i know

• probably willing to buy you pads or tampons

• literally willing to do anything or try anything for you

• one time he asked you what your favourite dish was and you said smth like idk, beef stroganoff ????

• he was like hm i dont know how to make that and you were like lmao it’s chill, only my mom knows how to make it and if you thought he would let go of the topic so easily, guess what’s coming

• you come back home from school or work, tired as shit and ready to take a nap but the second you enter your house, a smELL SO GOOD AND SO FAMILIAR WAFTS TOWARDS YOUR NOSE AND YOURE LIKE WAIT IS THAT-

• yes fam, it’s kyungsoo in the kitchen cooking your favourite beef stroganoff

• you’re like holy shit and he’s like try it !!! and it tastes exactly !!! like !!! your mom’s !!!!!! and you’re like hey how did you get this recipe, its my moms secret and soo was like lmao i asked for it :))

• he rarely ever cries but the only time you remember him crying was on his birthday and he was in another country on tour so he couldn’t spend it w you but the boys planned smth and next thing he knows, your face is on the big screen on stage and the fans have their flashlights out and waving it all around and everyone including yourself is singing him a happy birthday and he just :’)))))))

• so when the concert is over, the whole fandom knows about your relationship but let’s not talk about that bc its kyungsoo’s birthday and he spent the whole night facetiming you and just expressing his gratitude

• 'i love you so much for this, you know that?’

• 'yes soo, ive only known in the past five times you’ve told me in the last ten minutes’

• he also gives the best hugs

• usually, he’d just lazily snake an arm around your shoulder to pull you close and give you a forehead kiss or smth; kinda like a half hug

• but in times when you haven’t seen each other in long whiles, like when he’s back from tour and you come to the airport to meet him, he will put both hands around your waist and clasp them at your back so you can’t get out and lean back a lil so you gotta go on your tippy toes

• he’s also gonna put a hand at the back of your head and kiss either your temple or your hair

Tag Meme

Heyyo, I was tagged by @i-give-no-quiznaks for a thing so i’m posting 5 things that make me happy:

5. Glitter

I love glitter because it adds a little sparkle to days where everything isn’t as great. It also pisses people off sometimes because of how it never comes out of anything and i’m a little shit that likes to annoy people so >:p 

Words can’t really explain the whole reason why glitter makes me happy it just does

4. Music

I love music in the fact that I can lose myself in a song. I love that lyrics combined with different rhythms and beats have the ability to speak to your soul even if what’s being said explicitly has no correlation to what emotions you feel that’s hella rad. 

Sub-section of music would be trombones since I used to play and i’m still kinda a huge band nerd. So yea trombone inside jokes are the best and a great way to appeal to my inner middle-schooler nerd. I’ll probably love you if you make brass section jokes with me.

Currently my fave genres of music are Pop, Indie (mostly folk, pop, and rock), and Hip Hop Beats (cause they’re great for studying). Fave bands include:

Oh Wonder, Honne, Mitski, Hozier, Of Monsters and Men [all of which i have seen too omg]

Neon Trees, BOY, Troye Sivan, Noah Kahan, Alt-J, Sam Smith,Regina Spektor, Lorde, Gabrielle Aplin and Paramore [who i haven’t seen yet but hopefully will]

3. Nature

The Ocean is my love, i’ve been fascinated by it since i was a kid and i’ve always loved water. My mom still calls me her little fish sometimes because of how much I love the water. I could sit and watch the ocean for a thousand years and be at peace with my life.

The Stars are so beautiful. I love looking up at the sky and seeing a whole universe above me. It’s oddly comforting to think about how small we are in comparison to everything is out there.

The Woods have me shook 24/7. I chose my school because of the woods. Whenever I feel bad (or went out partying the night before) i’ll go out to the woods and get ‘lost’ it never fails to make me feel happy. Seeing the beauty that is all around me just makes me feel like the embodiment of ‘!!!’ inside. Giant trees, tons of wildflowers, and weird shit are what makes the woods amazing. 

2. My cat (aka my smol son) Ponyo

He’s such a pure soul and has been my best bro since we met a couple years ago. He is my son and i miss him a lot since i’m in college.

I rescued him when he was a baby and have raised him since then. He’s a little shit and can be really bratty sometimes (which i still love him for because he’s still hella cute even when he’s being an asshole) but he’s always there when i’m feeling shitty (both physically when i’m sick or emotionally when i feel like i’m dying). He’ll come up and sit next to me and follow me around until I feel better which helps a lot. Sometimes he has bad nights where he just wants to be held for a while so I think it’s a good system that we have. We’re eachother’s comfort buddies. 

Also he takes legit selfies which is the best fucking thing ever. Like this cat will literally pose with me and sometimes even match my facial expressions which makes taking selfies a wholesome and extra experience. One time I did a mini selfie shoot with him and I did a silly face and he matched it…squad goals honestly, like when will your fave ever be as great at selfies as this cat

1. My Family and Friends

They might as well be the same thing since I consider my friends to be my family. 

My Actual Family: It’s complicated right now and while this past year has been literally hell I still love them. They’re here for me and believe in my abilities to do things even when I don’t.

TPS Family: they made coming to college easier and made me feel like I could be myself which is gr8. Y’all have been a big help in getting me out of my shell and also in helping me become an adult.Thanks for sharing memes with me and for being my support system. 

Poultry Squad: the best group of ag scrubs you’ll ever meet (probably the worst too lets be real). Y’all made my last 2 years of highschool great and made ag fun again. I miss you scrubs so much and I’ll never forget all the times we sang “IDFWU” at competitions as a warm-up. I also won’t forget all the mistakes experiences we went through together. Also thanks for adding the word Scrub to my vocab scrubs. 


The ultimate nerd Susan (@sakurazukamouri) who, let’s be real you deserve your own number, has been my friend for 7(ish? im bad at math…) years. How she managed to deal with my bs for that long is really beyond me? Real mvp over here just saying bc I am a piece of work. She’s really rad, is the godmother of my child, and is a big player in the fact that i’m still currently alive right now. So lot’s of love to her <3. She’s also hella creative and y’all should check out her blog because her editing skills are on point and im cry. We currently have a 100+ day snapchat streak and have the double heart emoji so that’s rad. She also sends me posts about cats, vnc, and yuri on ice which is gr8. And sometimes she makes edits which (ask my roommates they’ll confirm) I usually cry over. She’s a great person and my closest friend. Love you nerd.

Im gonna tag: @aeroja, @ke-cii-chan, @anthonywonder, @catherinecries, and @sakurazukamouri 

Also anyone else that wants to do this :)

asmayflies  asked:

❛ kissing is hella rad but no one is kissing me so that makes me hella sad ❜


Anansi bends just enough to be able to press a gentle kiss to the corner of Rose’s mouth.  He smiles, still close enough that she can feel the way his mouth moves against her own.  “Now you don’t have to be so sad darlin’.”

The Bite: Part One

Please ignore the crappy title, I couldn’t think of anything at the time! Inspired by this post. Be kind, this is my first fanfic I’ve written since I was about 16 years old so I’m a little rusty! (Also I’m open to people RPing this that would be hella rad so feel free! Just make sure you tag me so I can see it!) 

“Please my Lord, I-I beg of you…not my son.” Lucius choked. The once powerful and regal man was reduced to a whimpering mess on the floor, his face was pale and gaunt and his once long blonde hair now hung tattered and greying over his shoulders. He clutched feverishly at the robes of the tall figure, their piercing red eyes showed no emotion, but a quiver of a grin curved the corner of his thin lips.

“I’m sorry Lucius.” He said unsympathetically “I favour you greatly, you have done a good service to both myself and the other deatheaters over these trying years. However…you made a rather fatal error that was very costly to me. And for that I must make an example to all others who follow me, that these mistakes will not be taken lightly.” Lucius’ hands fell limp at his sides. “Call in Draco.” Voldemort hissed. Lucius’ mouth quivered. Small whimpers escaping it as he rose weakly to his feet. He turned his head towards the door reluctantly. 

 “Dr-Draco! Come in here please…” tears fell silently from his already reddened eyes as the knob on the door turned and the door creaked open. The tall, blonde haired boy stepped in, along with his mother Narcissa following quickly behind him, one hand placed firmly on his shoulder. The two stood in the door way, blissfully unaware of the conversation that had just been held between the two within the room. Voldemort beckoned Draco forward with one of his long, boney hands outstretched towards him. He slowly walked towards the man whom his parents had idolised all these years, and had been raised to do the same. He made a glance toward his father, a feeling of unease creeping over him as he noticed the dampness of his cheeks, he had never his father cry.

 “My dear boy, I’m afraid your father has let you down.” Voldemort spoke almost softly to him. “I recently gave your father a very important task. He was asked to fetch something of great importance to me, it was a very simple task. But unfortunately, he failed. For this, your father has agreed to some terms that will grant him my forgiveness.” 

“What do you require my Lord?” Draco spoke politely, his fingers trembling slightly. He’d always thought meeting the dark Lord would be an exciting moment. That the war was a necessary thing that needed to happen. But now that he was standing face to face with the man behind it all, his piercing red eyes burning into him like hot irons, he was not so sure. 

“I require to use your family’s estate as my base of operations, meaning there will be many death eaters coming in and out of your home frequently, and I expect you too to become a death eater, as I’m sure you’re parents have expected of you and you yourself have prepared yourself for. Correct?” His grin growing wider as he placed a hand around the back of Draco’s neck. His skin was like ice, and it made Draco physically shiver and jolt back slightly. 

‘Y-yes my lord.” He stuttered. A staggered breath escaped Lucius’ lips at Draco’s answer. Narcissa glared at her husband, it did not take her mothers intuition to sense something terrible was about to happen, and she knew whatever was about to happen was his fault. Her nostrils flared as she began to walk towards them but with a loud bang and a swirl of black clouds Bellatrix appeared before her.

“I’m sorry Cissy.” she said quickly before grabbing her sister by the arm and disapparating them from the room, leaving the three alone. Draco’s head whirled round, his heart hammered in his chest as his eyes darted around the room, but his mother was gone. Voldemort let out a sickening laugh.

“Good boy.” He sneered. “I have a friend that I would like you to meet, he will be watching over you from now on. I suppose you could think of him as your…mentor.” He gestured and out of the shadows appeared a man, broad and towering in size. His greasy, unkempt hair was pushed back from his whiskered face and his eyes appeared almost black, the iris’s bulging and swollen inside deep blue rings. He sneered, revealing a set of sharp yellowing teeth that were stained with what appeared to be blood. Draco knew who he was.

Lucius grasped Draco and turned him to face him. His eyes wide with panic and desperation as he stammered to get his words out as Fenrir’s stride picked up its pace.

“Draco forgive me!” He cried. Before he could utter a word to his father a heavy hand fell onto his shoulder, almost knocking him over from the force, thick nails dug into his shirt and within the blink of an eye, Lucius and Voldemort had vanished from sight. It was now just him and Fenrir Greyback, in the middle of a dense forest.

To Be Continued…

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Please, LIS fandom read this,

I’ve already posted about LIS but I can’t stop thinking about it, so I am going to vent out what I’m feeling right now and would appreciate it if you read this. This mini rant isn’t going to be me complaining like my last post, but instead I would like to thank DONTNOD because they made a an amazing game and know that that it must have taken a lot of work to make such a game. So can everyone stop arguing about how the ending was “homophobic” or that Max is a lesbian or straight(she is bisexual or pansexual) like can we just make a go back to making awesome fanart and hella rad fanfics? Yeah the ending threw a lot of people off and felt a bit off, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make up our ending. So please for love of god, let’s just go back to the way it was.   :)


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‘Six selfies that make me feel hella rad’

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I feel like so many people have been tagged in this thing that if I actually picked people, they’d probably have already been tagged before so I’m just gonna tag everyone, all of my followers. If you feel like posting six selfies that make you feel rad, then you do it and say I tagged you. 

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorder, Body Image

Hey! I’ve submitted a few times before, and it’s time to submit again. It’s coming up to summer which means social media, magazines, commercials and.. well.. basically most overheard conversations, are centred around weight loss; toning up, getting rid of tummy jiggle and arm flab. It’s hard, really hard.. when you don’t want to conform. Deciding to take the pledge against negative self talk is hard when you have a thousand voices telling you from every direction to strive for an unattainable ideal of perfection. According to these companies, if we aren’t deemed ‘beautiful’, we aren’t worth it. If we don’t buy their products, subscribe to the magazines, spend ruthless amounts of money on gym memberships- spanx pants, tummy controlling tights, and diet pills, then we will forever be unhappy with ourselves. But if we give them our money, we will suddenly be satisfied. It’s as if they want us to believe once we finally land on this perfect spot, we’ll be happy. But the trick is.. it doesn’t exist, because if they finally made us happy, we wouldn’t spend our money on them any more.

See, happiness comes from within. It isn’t stepping on a scale every week, it isn’t counting every calorie or every step- happiness doesn’t lie within a pill or pair of slimming underpants, it isn’t a toning belt or spending hours doing sit ups. Happiness is accepting your whole self, as you are. It’s holding your head up high and striding down that beach feeling hella rad without any one elses consent.

Your body is your own. No one else owns you. You are your own, you are yourself.

This is mine now, this is my shell. It does not define me, it is a tool.. it enables me to function, mostly. My eating disorder behaviours are still keeping me at a not-so-healthy place.. but I’m trying. Times like this, seasons like this, make it so much harder. So if you’re fighting the public pressure, keep fighting, screw ‘em. This is my recovery body and it’s been through hell, but here I am. 

Enjoy your summer.


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