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I am having a hard week. My family disowned me. And I cried at school. I tried to ignore the pain but it greeps up on me when I least want it too. I am really tired of trying and just want to give up. Always trying to put up a brave face but I guess I can't anymore. And everyone tells me to get over it but they don't know how badly my family treated me and my parents and sister. And I am just really tired of being the strong one....

Growth is challenging. It comes in fits and starts. You’ll struggle, you’ll have hard times, sometimes things won’t make sense. This has nothing to do with you. This is just life. This is how it is. You’ll get lost. That’s okay. When this happens, just brush yourself off and make your way back to the path. Don’t spend any time beating yourself up. Just pick yourself up and take that next step forward. The path is always waiting for you.
I love you so much. Please, take care. You are not alone, you are loved and you are good enough.

But do you ever have life get really rough for a while and it’s like?? One thing after another, with little breaks of happiness between here and there, and you are just like

!!!! I’m trying so fucking hard!!! to be really positive!! and to keep my mind occupied in a nice way!! so I can cope with this day to day bullshit like everyone else!!! so! why! is! it! so! hard! for the universe! to give me a fucking break!!!

It’s just so wild to people think of children as mysterious beings and there’s been and will always be a ton of debate over how to rear them. But they really are just regular people, who just happen to still be small. If you teach them to be reasonable they can be reasoned with. Just like you, they can be calmed down by addressing their actual anxieties. They lack the emotional depth and reasoning skills to make certain decisions and for this parents should guide them. But you just treat them well and develop mutual respect with them and you’re fine. They’ll do silly stuff sometimes, they’ll get mad at you for not letting them do absurd things like eat 20 cookies at a time, but you really just have to treat and teach them well and generally they don’t just want to make your life hard for no reason. I have years of experience with children and they’re not a puzzle. They’re just like you, they see all the same things as you, but they lack the emotional ability to process like adults can and need some guidance. It’s not that deep.

Small Witchy Challenges to Reconnect to Your Practice

Sometimes it can be hard to really feel connected to the actual magickal side of being a witch. Personally I’m involved with my deities or other spiritual/personal things 110% of the time but I don’t always feel connected to my actual witchcraft. So here are a few small magickal challenges I thought up to help anyone in a similar situation.

✨ – Set aside a time once a week to burn a candle. Make it a color that connects to whatever aspect of your life you would like insight or growth in and spend 10 minutes watching the flame and opening yourself to whatever it is you’re seeking.

✨ – If you have any books with pre written simple spells in them (most intro to witchcraft books have a section) flip through it and find a spell that calls to you and do it! As written, just to practice getting out of your head and going through the motions of spell work.

✨ – Send out blessings. To your crush. A new friend. Your best friend. Your mom. Whoever.

✨ – Call up your energy into your palms and then place them on your own heart to send yourself love and healing and to connect yourself to your energy.

✨ – Spend some time picturing the kind of witch you wish you were, your ideal witchsona if you will. Then tell yourself that’s exactly who you already are. Keep reminding yourself whenever you feel disconnected from your craft that you are already an unbelievable witch.

✨ – Go back through your old book of shadows/grimoire and reflect on what’s worked for you in the past.

✨ – Wake up and tell yourself first thing “I am a witch. I am magick. My life is full of magick. I see and feel all the magick around me. I am a witch.”

✨ – Pick out outfits or accessories that make you feel witchy. (Bonus points for intentionally planning a super witchy outfit on the full moon)

✨ – Do a spell for anything that’s coming up in your life that you want to work out a certain way, no matter how trivial it seems. Test this week? Do a spell. About to start a work out routine? Do a spell. First date? Spell. Gotta stay on budget grocery shopping? Spell. Your worth it, it’s good practice, and if it all ends up working even better!

✨ – Write down spell ideas as they come to you. Save them as notes in your phone and then come back and flesh them out in your BOS later.

✨ – Come up with your own challenges! If you’d like to share, tag me on your post or send them to me, I’d love to hear your ideas!

How to tell if the signs like you

Aries: There is a good chance that they will be direct and just tell you or show it by some heavy flirting. They also get very nervous around and oh god, they blush a lot.

Taurus: It will take sometime for them to actually admit that they are falling for you. They will really hard at your jokes and will laugh with their whole face, especially the eyes. They will also do sweet little gestures and would like to be around you a lot.

Gemini: They will naturally flirt, but will make you feel extra special. They will listen intently to what you are saying. They will call/text you at weird times and would would like to share more of their private life.

Cancer: There is a very small chance of them telling you that they like you, but they will enjoy spending time with you. They will go that ‘extra mile’ to make sure you are happy and comfortable with them.

Leo: They aren’t shy to show how they feel. They will direct their attention to you instead of themselves. They will also include you in their ‘day-to-day’ and express their future with you and show you off to their friends.

Virgo: They will be quieter around you and will try to help you in every way possible. They try not to be overbearing, but will want you to know that they are thinking about you a lot. They also want to do all the little things for you.

Libra: They make many sacrifices and put great effort to spend time with you. There would be so much body language and they will charm the hell out of you. They may introduce you to people in their life as well.

Scorpio: They inquire a lot about you, because it makes them feel closer to you. They make themselves available to you. They will also really look at you when you are talking or doing anything for the matter.

Sagittarius: They will make time for you, which is very rare. They would want adventurous memories with you. They show their ‘softer’ or more ‘vulnerable’ side, and want to share many memories with you.

Capricorn: They have that look in their face while you talk. You can easily make them laugh and they get shy when you give them compliments. They make it their mission to make you notice them.

Aquarius: They will ask many questions about you and text you a lot. They smile a lot and become lost in your stories or views on life. They will show, in their own way, how you’re different than others.

Pisces: Freaks out if you don’t text and they expect a lot of hugs. They become quite relentless in getting to know you and they will share ‘dreamy’ thoughts with you.

Here’s to the girl who cares too much, who laughs too much, who smiles a lot, who treats you better than anyone. Here’s to the girl who can’t sleep at night because of over thinking somethings, who sometimes cry herself to sleep, who talks to herself more than with other people, who stays and will always stay no matter how hard things might be, who listens to music just to escape all the pain she have inside. Here’s to the girl who loves to day dream, who makes you giggle with her little crack up humor, who talks to her sleep, who looks messy, who gets jealous so easily, who gets really sensitive, who values about life too much, who loves too much, who kisses you randomly at any moment. And here’s to the girl who doesn’t know how beautiful she is every morning until midnight without even trying to and without her knowing it. Here’s to you beautiful human being, you matter, you are okay, you are fine, you are amazing, you are perfectly imperfect, you are one of the best art, you exist and somebody out here or there that loves every little piece of you. You should know that you deserve the whole damn universe and your smile lights up the world. Keep slaying 🌹💕

I’m stable right now. A lot of you sent me so many messages, and it really made me feel loved.

It’s hard for me, because I don’t have anybody in real life to turn to. And sometimes when you don’t have a connection in the real world, it can make you feel alone.

A few of you I spoke with were so kind, and one of you even emailed my idol. (You can see a photo of me with him below).

It really made me feel genuinely appreciated and I’m sorry for frightening you all. I was just very emotional and hurting because I love my parents, even if they can’t stand me.

I’m okay right now, I’m in my bed, I’m listening to my favorite band, and I’m calm.

I’m so sorry everyone. Thank you for being so supportive in my time of need.

- Elliot

I’ve been thinking about this over the last few days. You can have the same trauma and one person is triggered, and one isn’t. Triggers are weird. Sometimes they don’t make a lot of sense. 

If you live a life without them, great. That’s wonderful, and I am so happy for you. (not even sarcastically, I am seriously happy for you.). What warnings do, is let me, and others like me, have that life (or something closer to it). 

I’ve seen a couple posts in passing (I didn’t look that long) mention that it’s hard to manage what you’re posting, and unless someone has PTSD they’re really just being a special snowflake. 

I do have PTSD. Creepily, I have child PTSD, so my responses to trauma aren’t even what the medical community was looking for when I first presented as an adult victim. So I have to be treated for both, and it takes time. A really disarming part of treatment is taking down the shields I have against being hurt, because they’re coping mechanisms.

I have to let them go to get to the problem. So my world is more terrifying than it has been for most of my adult life, so I can get to the little girl who was hurt and help her heal. 

Even if I didn’t have PTSD. I matter. One doesn’t have to have a diagnosis to ask for accommodations. We’re a kind enough community that we can do that. Most people I’ve met on tumblr, no matter what they ship, or what characters they dislike, are good people. 

Anyone who struggles to say they matter, matters. Not speaking up is a common thread among the abused, because many of us were told not to, in clever manipulative ways.

Some of us did speak up and weren’t listened to, so had to relearn that our pain is relevant and important. 

If you don’t have triggers, warnings let me live like you. I can prepare and avoid. I suggest the handy Archive of Our Own list as a good tagging start point. 

If you’re posting fic on tumblr, it would be great if you’d put these at the top of the post, not just the bottom. 

  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence
  • Major Character Death
  • No Warnings Apply
  • Rape/Non-Con
  • Underage
  • Choose Not to Include Warnings

All of these give your reader consent. They’re pretty fantastic. I think I might start putting ‘no warnings apply’ on all my fics that fall into that category just because it’ll help normalize that ‘nothing’ isn’t helpful. I want my readers to know what they’re getting. 

If you do have triggers, hugs and comforting beverages for you.  Here’s to a better year ahead. 

It’s kind of annoying seeing quotes like “the right one won’t make you cry” or never give someone a second chance to hurt you again. I feel like it sends the wrong message and makes people think that relationships are perfect, you’re feelings will never get hurt with the right one because that’s how I felt. I went into relationships thinking if he loved me he wouldn’t hurt my feelings or walk away. Like that’s life. You hurt each other feelings, you make each other cry, you get frustrated and may second guess. But that’s a relationship. It’s not always flowers and sunshine. Shit is HARD. Of course you’re gonna hurt each other’s feelings and you’re gonna cry. You’re gonna snap at each other when you have a bad day. You’re gonna bicker about them not doing the dishes. Nothing is perfect and you have to work on it everyday. Nobody really tells you how hard relationships are. Some things are unforgivable but sometimes shit happens and one of you leaves, it hurts like HELL but makes you realize how much you want each other. I think sometimes you need to fall apart to be reminded of how much you love that person. There’s nothing wrong with giving someone a second chance if you want to because sometimes it actually works out the second time. Im living proof of that and so are many others. I just feel like society paints this fake picture of how relationship are and it’s totally different. You have your good times and pretty bad times. You both have to work at it everyday but I think the hard times makes it more special because you made it through all that and some come out stronger than ever.
—  A chapter from my life

Give everything you have to God!

Prayer is something I feel like is meant to be the most peaceful feeling. I sometimes think that when I center myself in His presence, I have to act like all things are daisy’s and roses. But there are times where my jealousy, confusion & frustration in certain areas of my life make it really hard to come into prayer confidently saying “Your purposes and plans prevail.” To me, to receive the most peaceful thoughts and really hear God, we have to get through the nitty giddy subjects. He says to talk to him about everything on our minds. Everything. Even the things we “think” we can do on our own.
I have been reading a book that explains prayer as oil and vinegar. In the beginning of prayer sometimes we have to pour out all the vinegar we have in order to get to the good stuff. This may be the fears, doubts, frustration, confusion, jealousy, etc.

This act of prayer helps me realize how much I actually am unknowingly covering up from God. I don’t have the answers to why things go certain ways in our lives, and sometimes I don’t think we are supposed to understand. If we understood and knew everything that was going to happen, we would think we didn’t need God or His help ever. I think that’s why he places each event perfectly.
Sometimes we truly don’t understand why things go a certain way in my life, or why we have had to wait years and years and still have no answers. But it’s those unanswered prayers that seem to be the greatest blessings later in life.

So, I just want to remind you: Give everything you have to God. I mean everything. The good, the bad, the confusion, the non-understanding, the frustration- all of it. Giving Him all of you, will give you all of Him. Prayer doesn’t always have to be the most perfect painted picture. The power of the listening that awaits us in prayer is what is the best.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. -Mark 11:24)

- written by Carli Stump

Meeting albanian girls in real life is sometimes really hard as a feminist. No it’s not cute that he’s jealous. No you’re not a ‘good girl’ because you know how to make pite. No it’s not okay that you judge other girls because they live their life differently.




Well fuck me sideways ladies and gentlemen, the time HAS COME!!

I am utterly amazed that I have actually come to this point…I honestly never thought I would have this blog for as long as I have, nor did I imagine I would ever reach this milestone.

But here we are! 

This makes me so happy and grateful to you all who stuck around! You’re all wonderful and amazing people that I have had the pleasure to meet and chat with and forged wonderful friendships with! I just want to take this moment to really just thank you all! You’re all wonderful! 

Keep your chins up! Life may be tough and sometimes it’s hard to but know that you’re not alone and you have others whom you can rely on! Don’t ever think you’re alone! 


Sorry got a little emotional right there :’D

But i truly do appreciate you all and I wish you all the happiness in the world~! You all granted me that happiness and I want to give you all the same~! <3


Lmao, I’m not gonna do a giveaway this time ( because I still owe the others their prizes from the last one >_>;;; )

So I’m just going to do a small thank you! It’s not much but I just want you all to know that I really love you all! <3


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life is really simple but people keep making it seem so complicated and hard it sometimes feels like a video game but you gotta remember it’s an open world kind of game and there are many side quests you can choose to do

Sure she’s quiet, and I know it’s hard to talk to her, but you have no idea how much it would mean to her if you just smiled and said hi. If you just asked her how she’s doing, talked to her for a minute, or told her something you knew would make her laugh, you’d make her whole week. Sometimes, all she really wants is someone to try.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 16
“The shy ones are the ones who need acceptance most”

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Are you going to tell us something about your weekend? The gathering? The panel? How was it with Sembell and JHH? Love your blog btw!

okay here we go :D

I was there for a week, got myself a tat, had dinner at the ivy which is overrated if you ask me tho :D and the whole week involved way to much vodka and cocktails… :D

We met up before the event and hung out and talked about everything and nothing…. We had the worst pizza I ever had in my life. So never eat pizza at the topolski bar you will regret it!! Drink a cocktail because they are amazing! 

Me and Jhh had seats in the middle of the panel so it was not to close and not to far. I really like Jennifer because she really is open and talks a lot about her real personal experience so it makes it really easy to connect with what she is saying. And I loved her boots :D When they got to the questions it sometimes was hard to hear them because of the mics and you never really knew who was asking because you couldnt see them but luckily on the huge screen someone typed the questions out. So all in all the panel was good :) 

The only disturbing thing was people beginning to get up after 15 minutes to leave and that did happen till the end… which was disturbing and weird. Because when they finished one whole row next to us was empty also seats in front of us. I don’t get that in generell, same with leaving a theatre play early. You got the ticket so get through with it!! It wont kill you and it’s just annoying for everybody. 

Afterwards there was the siging and the line was huge… So they told us they would sign an hours and than thats it. we were at the end of the line and there was no chance in hell we would get to the signing room in that hour. Also I needed to get to the bar because of the reservations we had. So I decided to leave. If I had known she would sign for everyone I would have stayed but well that happened. 

So we went to the bar and it was amazing to meet up with fellow tumberlinos. I had a blast, drank shots, had very tasty cocktails, choked one or two beers and made out. :D And i had the best chilli banana in the world!!! We stayed there till they closed than went off to another bar. and I got into bed at around 5am :D 

@duchov @justholdinghandsok @sembell @songrememberswhen @sunshinetoday @dsistella @stardustwords @feministbynature portia, Jodie, natascha, meghan and everybody who was there thanks for making this evening awesome ! I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to everybody for long but I hope evenings like this will happen more often in the future! And next time somewhere less crazy maybe :D  I hope you all got home safely and had a great time in London!!!

How to Motivate yourself

All of us have different ways to stay focused and actually do the work. I thought I’d share with you guys what I do to stay on top if things. If you have any other ideas reblog this post putting yours in the caption! Let’s spread the motivation!

1. Think why is it worth working hard? What’s your goal, dream? Think that working hard will let you get a job which will allow you to travel the world, or that you will be able to live a comfortable life. Write the goal down and put it above your desk to remind yourself of it.

2. Stay put together if you feel like it! It might sound really stupid/vain/shallow but I work best when I am all put together. Sometimes I even put make up on (don’t judge). It gives me the vibe of “put as much effort into your study as you do into your appearance”

3. Study with a friend! If both of you stay focused you will just control each other and make sure that neither of you slacks and messes around. I always do it with my friend at a cafe or someones house. Avoid more than two people thought, distraction guaranteed.

4. Do checklists. Small points, one at a time. It feels great to see that you are making progress.

5. Stay positive! Believe it, achieve it!

For more tips follow How To Study Quick!!

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salaam alaikum, i am fairly new muslim man, and young so a lot of friends at university dont understand why i want to stay away from drugs and alcohol. not only because it is haram but also because i am recovering addict, i seek Allah to be on the straight path and not hurt my body and family anymore. but sometimes it is very hard to not crave alcohol and drugs, any advice of hadith i could read or dua to make to keep my heart clean from wanting these hurtful things? peace

Wa Alaykum as-Salaam!

Welcome to Islam brother. May Allah keep your heart firm on Islam. Ameen.

You message really motivated me and made me reflect on my life. Keep staying strong, Allah is with you.

Here is something that would help you insha'Allah

Holy Qur'an, at-Talaq 2-3: Whoever keeps from disobedience to Allah in reverence for Him and piety, He enables a way out for him (of every difficulty), And provides for him from where he does not reckon. Whoever puts his trust in Allah, He is sufficient for him (for all his needs). Allah surely executes what He decrees; assuredly Allah has appointed a measure for everything.

The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “Verily, you will never leave anything for the sake of Allah the Exalted except that Allah will replace it with something better.” (Musnad Ahmad 22565)

This ayah and ahadith shows us that when we are motivated to give up a sin for the sake of Allah, Allah not only will help us but also will grant us something better.

You can look at it this way:

Whoever abstains from objecting to what Allah decreed, and acknowledges to his Lord in all his affairs, Allah will bestow upon him satisfaction and tranquility. He will show him good consequences, which may never come to his mind.

In other words, whosoever gives up smoking, and all other intoxicants: alcoholic drinks and drugs, Allah will aid him and will provide him with His graces. Allah will compensate him with health and true happiness rather than that fake and transient happiness.

Regarding your friends who do not understand you: Whosoever gets rid of bad companions whom he thinks that in accompanying them he will attain his utmost intimacy and pleasure, Allah will reward him with righteous companions, with them he will find pleasure and benefits, and by keeping their companion and association he will gain the best of this worldly life and the Hereafter. Whoever stops fearing others than Allah, and singles Allah alone with apprehension, he will be protected from illusions, and Allah will provide him with security against any dangers, so his worries will be turned into safety, coolness and peace.

And Allah knows best

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hi rev, i just wanted to let u kno that i really appreciate you, and that youve helped me get through really hard times in my life (including now) and while sometimes i kno chat doesnt like it when you get sappy, i just wanted to let u kno that it makes me happy and feel like ive got a purpose that even tho im just a fan, that i can make u happy, we can all make u happy by being there. thank you for being a wonderful human being 💕💕💕💕

I’m glad I can help man. Life is hard sometimes do your best and don’t let it get you down too much.

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I wanna know... what does it feel like for you being in love with, well, the person you love of course? How do you describe the feeling?

Honestly the best way to describe it is that it really makes me feel alive. I know its cheesy but its how I feel. Its one of the reasons why I get up every morning and go to bed each night. I never have felt so happy before in my entire life. Sometimes its hard to breath. It would destroy me if these feelings went away but I would never force my feelings on someone even if I do love them. I would do it the right way and see down the line if our friendship could maybe develop into a romantic one or not. If it doesn’t happen I could be ok with it but I would let the person know that they will always have someone who cares about them deeply. Its just a great feeling to have and it makes me happy which means the world to me.

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