you make a grown man cry

Dark Star // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Four [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Gun Play, Daddy Kink, Unprotected Sex, Rough Sex, and Swearing. 

Word Count: 7,758

Song: Dark Star by Jaymes Young

A/N: Thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading this. I am sorry for uploading this a day late, my weekend has been incredibly busy. I hope this part is worth the wait. I love you guys. Thank you for being kind and understanding. 

Mitch Rapp, the man I have given myself to both physically and emotionally, is a trained killer was the only thing running through my mind all of last night. There was no amount of counting sheep in the world that would be able to make me stop thinking about the imminent danger inside of my own home and fall asleep. My brain pounded painfully inside of my head as the tears continued to roll down my cheeks. I had already grown tired of crying at this point, but my eyes still did anyway. Whatever energy I had was drained from my body and it took all the effort I had to pull my numb self out of bed and into my bathroom. I closed the door behind me and all of the events from last night came crashing down as I stared at it.

“Well, Rosalie.” He sighed. “You’re a queen and I’m an assassin.”

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Two trucks having sex 
Two trucks having sex 
My muscles, my muscles 
Involuntarily flex 
Two trucks having sex 
Two trucks having sex 
My muscles, my muscles 
Involuntarily flex 

Two pickup trucks 
Making love 
American made 
Built Ford tough 
Two beautiful
Murder machines, American angels in the sky 
Grown man cry 

Two trucks having sex (Oh yes) 
Two trucks having sex (Oh yes) 
My muscles (Uh) my muscles (Uh) 
Involuntarily flex (Huh)
Two trucks, having sex (Oh yes) 
Two trucks, having sex (Oh yes) 
My muscles (Uh) my muscles (Uh) 
Involuntarily flex (Uh-uh)

Right by my side 
There’s ZZ Top 
And Robert Z'dar 
From Maniac Cop
1, 2, and 3 
This barbecue could bring you to your knees 
And so could these two trucks 

Aah chicka chicka
Aah chicka chicka
Aah chicka chicka
Aah chicka chicka


Two trucks holding hands 
Two trucks holding hands 
The passion, the passion 
Is more than I can withstand 
Two trucks holding hands 
Two trucks holding hands 
The passion, the passion 
My big fat heart expands 

Two pickup trucks 
One cylinder block 
Crush my body
Like a rock 
So beautiful 
No stars tonight just fireworks and eagles in the sky 
The founding fathers cry 

Two trucks having sex (Oh yes) 
Two trucks having sex (Oh yes) 
My muscles (Uh) my muscles (Oh) 
Involuntarily flex (pbbbbt)
Two trucks, having sex (Oh yes) 
Two trucks, having sex (Oh yes) 
My muscles (Uh) my muscles (Ooh) 
Involuntarily, huh, flex, yeah-eah, yeeeeeeeeeeah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa

Aah chicka chicka
Aah chicka chicka
Aah chicka chicka
Aah chicka chicka

Two trucks having sex 
Two trucks having sex 
My muscles, my muscles 
Involuntarily flex 
Two trucks having sex 
Two trucks having sex 
My muscles, my muscles 
Involuntarily flex 

Two trucks (having sex) 
Two trucks (having sex) 
Two trucks (having sex, having sex, having sex) 
Two trucks (having sex) 
Two trucks (having sex) 
Two trucks (having sex, having sex, having sex)

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if you are free, do u know a lot about roy harper and hal's relationship? i vaguely know he and dinah tend to look at for roy and i thought it was very sweet.


okay to be FAIR they dont have a LOT of canon interactions but theyre implied to hang out like… behind the scenes. but lets start at the beginning aka roy’s most important comic to this date probably… so “snowbirds don’t fly” (gl vol 3 #85-86), the iconic drug issue

you probably know the story as this is one of dc’s most famous comic, it won several awards yadda yadda, the long story short, roy turns out to be addicted to heroine but its interesting to see how people important to him react to that

ollie FLIPS and kicks roy out because he is really anti-drugs and he had a fucking lousy week tbh but hal BUT HAL

he finds roy going thru withdrawals AND HE!!! HELPS HIM, roy doesnt want to take him to hospital so hal does the smartest thing AND HE BRINGS HIM TO DINAH!!! LISTEN IM DEAD!!!!! he even asks questions, he wants to know how roy started how to help him etc

and look at this page im not crying ur crying

and when roy and ollie meet up again

listen im so Emotional abt hal and dinah being there for roy TOGETHER… and that gets us to 00s justice league but before that a bit of ACTUAL justice

okay so justice league of america vol 2… its a rly good series tbh and it starts off with justice league being rebuilt after it got disbanded, hal recently came back from the dead (long story) and this series rly shows the kind of relationship him and roy have. roy is no longer ollie’s sidekick, he’s all grown up but he recognizes who helped make him the man he is today


ARE YOU CRYING YET!!!! its canonTM that hal was a frequent visitor in arrowcave, fuck he celebrated thanksgiving with ollie and dinah rather than with his actual family, THIS IS WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SAY THAT HAL IS PART OF ARROWFAM but lets keep going

HAL REGRETTING HE WASNT THERE TO SEE ROY GROW (cause he was dead. long story)??? and also in earlier panels hes so!!! fascinated by lian and declares himself an uncle??? FUCK ME UP

DINAH CALLING HAL OUT holy shit theyre such parents tbh??? god i love them i love hal and dinah so much

also resolution to that target practice

kill me i love them so much

and at the end of the first arc in jl vol 2, roy becomes red arrow and those 2 cry??? i shit u not they cry

“family business. family name.” ENOUGH!!!!  E N O U G H…. theres more of that in the series alone and there are some other good interactions im forgetting about BUT THE POINT IS that hal is absolutely part of the family (mia seems to like him a lot, hal saved connors life etc) AND GOOD LORD i love that he loves roy i think he sees a lot of himself in roy and would hate to see roy make the same mistakes??? but he also recognizes that roy is his own person, not ollie’s sidekick or w/e, he respects him a lot and him and dinah just have the best relationship tbh idk i love hal and arrowfam i hAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OKAY

WTNV - Who should you fight?[Long version]

Cecil: Insult Carlos and you’re blacklisted forever. Will most likely say mean things about you over the radio and make sure everyone hates you. May or may not imply you’re doing illegal things in hopes you’ll get re-educated.

Carlos: WHY??? He’s so pure??? Do you just like hate science and want to see a cute man cry?? Monster.

Old woman Josie: Erika Squad will defend her. They will beat your ass and not gaf. She’ll knit a sweater for your corpse.

Tamika: Which book do you want imprinted into your skull? 

Kevin: I dunno man I mean he decorates his studio with blood and at least once that blood was that of several grown men that could have out muscled him but somehow didn’t. Good luck I guess? Try get him whilst he sleeps. If he sleeps.

Lauren: Apparently her weakness is books and she doesn’t have Strex behind her now so please, do : )

Dana: Do not be fooled by her adorable voice, she will wreck you. She has seen some shit man, she had been through too much and will dispatch your ass without thought.

Steve: Will probably let you win unless you insult his family. Compliments you on how well you decked him so you feel encouraged. Beating him will leave an eternal pit of sadness in your stomach.

Station Management: ???????????? hope there’s enough left of you to have a funeral with.

Earl: He’s a scout and a chef. He will go Hannibal Lecter on your sorry ass. This town is full of people that fight to the death every day and he was trained as a child to do this. Although if you remind him of how depressing his life is he’ll probably just sit and cry lmao

Computer: It’s a machine and you could literally beat it by picking it up and dropping it. Well done, you just robbed a child of her first/only friend, you monster.

Faceless old woman: Can’t hit what you can’t see lol

Hiram: L I T E R A L  F I V E  H E A D E D  D R A G O N

Roger Harlan: I mean he’s like eight so it’s an easy win but would you feel good about it?

Glow Cloud: Foolish creature how dare you try and strike the almighty Glow Cloud. That which rules over us all. That which knows all, that which is all. ALL HAIL. ALLL HAIIILL.

The Beagle:  ẃ̲̞̠ͅh̸̡̥̹̫͇̻͍̱̯̰͎̪͇̦̺̟̯͍͢͡ó̸̸̮̮̬̗͘͠s̩͕̝̩͍̕͡͝͞ͅ ҉̸̣̖̣̣̦̲̲̜̗̞̘̗̕͞ͅa͇̜͇̹̱͜͠ ̛̱̳̱͓͖͍̻̜̼̰̖̻̯͝ͅg̝͓̲̘̙͈̳͇̙̩̖͝o̷̹̣̤̱͟o̴̧̙̜̞̦͙̼̩͍̤͍͡d̵̵̢̗͖̯͈̪̻̗̫̝̘̩̣̹̦̺͎̕͟ ̢̘̣̲͖̜̤̻͙͙̘̘̼̪͕͚̣̕͘͡ḅ̸̶̰̤̳̲̬̥͍̩͓̰̼̪̰̣̝͖̤͟͠͞o҉̛̹͈͚̤̲̙̦̝̖̪͡y̶̨͖̘̖̳̗̜̣͚̦̼̞̘͈̯͍͝ͅ?

Kiwi || Part Five.

I smashed out part five quicker than i thought. please let me know what you guys think of this… feedback is always lovely. Part six will probably be next weekend.

Also here you can read PART ONE || PART TWO || PART THREE || PART FOUR ||

Harry-” His eyes scan you from head to toe, lingering a little longer on bump more than anywhere else. You’re eyeing him up and down too. His hair is messy, his eyes are red… You’re not even sure he can stand up by himself let alone how he walked up two flights of stairs in the dark to your apartment. How did he even know where you lived?  So many unanswered questions, but right now you weren’t getting any of those, and you knew it. You grab his arm over your shoulder, helping him to balance and walk him to the dining room table where you seat him fetching him a glass of water. 

When you return and sit next to him, it becomes more and more evident that the Harry that you loved, isn’t here anymore. This is a dark and bitter Harry, the anger swelling in his eyes. You want to talk but the recollection of him yelling drunkenly on the phone at his mother stops you. You don’t want him to yell, you know you’ll cry and you don’t want him to know that he can still get the better of you so easily. So you just sit there and wait for him to talk. The awkward silence is broken by the buzzing of your phone.

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#43 The Gang Leader (Harry Styles)


Where are you?

The light flashed on the screen of my mobile, stealing my attention away from the class. Annoyed, I took it off the table and threw it in my bag. After class, still vibrating in intervals, I took it out.

Call me ASAP.

What does ASAP mean?

Honey, I need to talk to you now. Where are you?

Have you seen the update? I need to talk to you before that.

Okay, I think you must have seen it. Is that why you aren’t talking?

It’s been 2 hours! C’mon! I need to talk to you.

Pick the fuck up.

I picked up the incoming call to avoid answering the texts.

“Where the fuck have you been?” He yelled.

“In class! My gosh! If I’m not answering your messages or your call, I would be busy, right?” I yelled back.

“No, you’re supposed to answer my texts!”

“When have I answered texts!” He wasn’t making sense.

“Okay. Point. Where are you?” He asked, calming down.

“Just got out of class! She took a two-hour lecture. My head hurts.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Wait, Mike is right outside the building. Climb into the car, and come here.”

“Where is here? I rather go home, Harry,” I told him, already tired of the long day.

“It’s not safe right now. Come here and rest.” He cut the call, and I had to climb into the car. Mike was sitting there, smoking away, and he straightened when he saw me.

“Sorry, Harry asked me to take you back to his house.” He told me, starting the car. They worshipped him, it seems. I’ll never understand gangs.

Harry was the son of the leader of one of the two biggest gangs that ruled this city. And I, a normal international student, who came here on an exchange program and chose to continue my degree here, became his girlfriend. I didn’t know how, because I recently found out about his affiliations with the gang. I was just quite into my course, studying Media and Culture and he just was nice to me from the start.

“We are going to his house? But, that’s so far away!” I groaned.

“Don’t you have a week off, now? Festival and stuff?” Mike asked.

“At least, stop on the way to my place so I can collect my things. I’ll work there.”

“Umm, it’s not safe. We shouldn’t stop.” He fidgeted.

“Please Mike,” I sugar-coated my voice.

“Okay, you will have five minutes, though!”


I ran up the stairs to my room and took the largest bag out. Dumping some clothes, my prep kit, books, laptop, chargers, everything I could possibly need in the week, and rushed down.

Coming down the stairs, the main door was blocked off. I called Mike, “Dude, the doors shut! What’s happening?”

“Fuck! Charlie’s guys are here! Listen, climb down the back balcony, I’ll pull the car there!” He said, hurried and tensed.

“What? What’s happening! Climb down where?” I tried pushing the door open, but it didn’t budge.

“Call the Boss. We got the girlfriend.” I heard a voice claim and bang the door from outside.

I climbed the first floor and saw Mike pull the car. “Catch my bag!” I threw it down, and he caught it, dumping it in the backseat.

“Be careful. Harry will have my throat!” He said as I climbed down the pipe. Slippery as it was, I twisted my ankle as I hit the ground. But, Mike picked me up and made me sit in the car, before rushing to his side and driving off.

Hitting the main road, I turned around to get my bag, “Mike, we have cars following us!”

“Oh shit! Fuck!” He increased the speed and speed dialled Harry.

“Where the fuck, are you?” He screamed.

“Harry! We have cars following us! We stopped at my place to get my things, and they shut the door, and they said we got the girlfriend, they are catching up, Harry!” I yelled.

“What! You stopped at your place! What did I tell you, Mike! Straight home!” Harry’s voice when angry could make a grown man cry. A little harder, and he could pee in his pants as well.

Mike, increased his speed with Harry’s voice increasing.

“Jason! Tell the lads to leave the warehouse! Keep talking to me, baby.”

“Harry! What is happening?” I asked, scared now.

“Nothing honey, I’ll explain when you reach.” Within no time, we had two cars, right beside us acting as protection against the cars that were following us.

“I hurt my ankle too,” I said, watching the cars following us stop, as we enter the Styles’ Land. The car slowed down as we reached the mansion, and I saw Harry standing outside, with five bodyguards around him.

He opened my car door and picked me up. My hands went around his neck, and he placed a kiss on my lips. “I am sorry for rushing you.”

“I am sorry for delaying the plan. I wanted my stuff,” I whispered. “It’s not Mike’s fault.”

Harry nodded, “Get her bag, and keep it in my room.” He told Mike. We walked inside the lobby, where a nurse was ready to fix my ankle.

“I don’t think it needs more than a spray,” I told her. She checked it and shook her head.

“I am wrapping it up, don’t put pressure on it,” Harry grumbled, in anger.

“It’s my fault,” I repeated.

“No, it’s mine.”

“What happened? Tell me now?” I was genuinely worried now. “Where is your father?”

“He is out of the country. Will come in a week, I messed up.”

“What did you do?” I asked, pulling him closer.

“Old beef with Charlie. Raised it up, again. Family rivalry. It’s just worse this time because, we fought,” Harry sat closer to me, pulling me in his lap. I checked his body for injuries. “I don’t have any, he does though,”

“So, are we having an off because of this? The entire week is off, will it continue for longer?” I asked.

“Till everything calms down,” I sighed. “Well, it’s not my fault that our party’s ruling.” He smirked.

“Take me up.”

“Harry, you’re in the news,” I called for him.

“What?” He ran and sat next to me.

The Styles family clashes again with the Shaw’s. Is it just a fight between the big boys or will it take a political turn?

“What sort of reporters are these?” I said, disgusted.

“I don’t know. You’re studying Media,” He giggled.

“So, I can’t leave the house?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you entertained,” He laughed as pushed me down on the sofa, and climbed on top.

“You guys fight was no reason.”

“Hmm,” He said kissed up my neck.

“You think, I can talk to Charlie? Put some sense into him, too?” He stopped and looked at me. I tried to reach his face, but he held my wrists.

Anger filling his expression, “No, you won’t talk to him.” He said, tightening the hold.

“He was my friend, you know?” I whimpered.

“I said, no.” And he climbed off me.


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It's rant time.

If you ever DARE to call yourself a fan of a group and you single out one or two members and call them names, pick on them for physical features, try and make them insecure or try and make them feel like they should not be in the group in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM….you are NOT a fan. You’re a real shitty person. There are whole twitter pages right now dedicated to hating on members from certain groups. Taehyung from BTS is one I saw today. Saying he can’t sing or dance and picking on his physical features, saying he isn’t a visual and saying quote “ot6 will rise without Taehyung because he’s ugly.” And people are actually agreeing with this awful human being. And she stans Seokjin. Literally tweets about how she loves the other 6 but singles out Taehyung and gives him disgusting hate for NO REASON.

It’s sad that people are so fucking unhappy with themselves and their lives that they have to make someone else feel like shit. Especially someone like him. He has so much love to give and so much warmth in his heart and soul. He loves armies and he loves children, he looks at them with such adoration. He cares for his group members and he is sensitive. He’s such an amazing human being. If you hurt him and insult him, you have no fucking right to call yourself an ARMY. None at all. Armies don’t consider you an army. And you can be damn well sure that bangtan wouldn’t either. As the other 6 absolutely adore Taehyung. He’s one of the most gentle and loving people I’ve ever seen. How dare you insult him and then call yourself an army.

This goes for every other group too. I’ve also seen twitter pages insulting Taeyong from NCT because of mistakes he made when he was what? 12? He’s a GROWN MAN NOW. Are you seriously saying such disgusting and nasty things to him because of mistakes he made when he was a child? I have seen videos of him talking about it and I’ve seen him cry over it. He is absolutely genuine and he is sorry. That’s all he can do. That’s what human beings do. They make mistakes and they apologize and learn from them. He takes care of all of the members and he is a genuinely good person. I really believe that. Wholeheartedly. And if you insult him and then call yourself a fan of NCT, you got some real nerve.

Now I’ll move on to Vernon of Seventeen. Picking on him because he’s half Korean and half white? Really? I’ve heard people say he’s lying about being Korean at all. This is so dumb on every level possible. I’ve seen people pick on him also for his physical features and even his personality like??? Don’t you have better shit to do than pick on this precious fucking gift to the world?

This goes for any group. These are just a few I’ve seen floating around. You can’t bash one member of a group and bully them and then call yourself a fan of the rest. You can’t. It’s all or nothing.

Anyway I’ll never understand why people are such pieces of shit goodnight.

PSA; Guys it’s Shameless. These starters are vulgar and not always the nicest. Be kind and don’t send anyone triggers that you know will hurt them.

  • ❝ You came all the way down here to talk about my pubes? ❞
  • ❝ This ain’t Macy’s bitch, you ain’t window shopping. ❞
  • ❝ The front door was locked so I came in the back. No pun intended  ❞
  • ❝ And everyone looks at me like I’m fucking up…. which I am! ❞
  • ❝ Whores dont get cars. ❞
  • ❝ You’re like a fucking cockroach. Able to live anywhere and feed off anything.  ❞
  • ❝ That bitch is crazy and not crazy like ooh you so crazy bitch, no! She almost beat me to death because i asked if there was any more broccoli. ❞
  • ❝ I totally almost drowned a slut! ❞
  • ❝ I’m the only guy I know that’s been given last rights 3 times  ❞
  • ❝ Circle doesn’t start with an ’S’. What the fuck?  ❞
  • ❝ I believe in a force that thinks it’s greater than myself.  ❞
  • ❝ The best gift you can give is neglect. Neglect fosters self-reliance.  ❞
  • ❝ … I’m talking hold-on-to-the-grass so- you-don’t-fall-off-the-Earth hammered.  ❞
  • ❝ The bat is for killing, not playing. ❞
  • ❝ Doctors are thieves, they just have degrees to keep them out of jail  ❞
  • ❝ What kinda hard liquor you got…and how much?  ❞
  • ❝ Welcome to the predictable consequences of using crystal meth  ❞
  • ❝ Liking what I like don’t make me a bitch. ❞
  • ❝ There’s no such thing as casual sex anymore. ❞
  • ❝ In the end there will be only the rich and the fucked. ❞
  • ❝ The one fucking day of the year I need to take a shower and the goddamn water’s turned off! ❞
  • ❝ I’ve been spending all morning talking about what a cow says. It’s moo, motherfucker. ❞
  • ❝ I’m fucking busy, Peppermint Patty  ❞
  • ❝ I believe the answer to that question, like the answer to most questions, is fuck you! ❞
  • ❝ Not everyone just gets to blurt out how they fucking feel every minute. ❞
  • ❝ Fuck you, fuck you, and especially fuck you. ❞
  • ❝ Give me liberty or give me meth. ❞
  • ❝ People fuck up. That’s life. ❞
  • ❝ But no one likes to hear a grown man cry. It’s like the verbal equivalent of a man wearing uggs.❞
  • ❝ That’s why women were invented. To think for you assholes. ❞
  • ❝ You were nicer when you were asleep. ❞
  • ❝ You need to stop biting, punching, and hurting people. ❞
  • ❝ The first rule you learn in this house, you hide the god damn money.  ❞
  • ❝ Did the two of us finish off an entire gallon of box wine last night? ❞
  • ❝ Because it’s never about me, and i’m finally making it about me! ❞
  • ❝ I trust you. That’s bigger to me that ‘I love you’. ❞ 
Not so sure anymore (1/?) - Archie Andrews Imagine

Summary: You and Archie are getting closer by the day. It’s still a flirtatious phase, but you both know you have strong feelings for each other. It’s clearly heading towards a steady relationship, until one night it might have fallen apart.


You left your house with excitement boiling in your veins. You and Archie were flirting for a very long time and things were about to happen for the two of you. After so many cuddling sessions, movie nights together, deep conversations and lots of PDA, you finally felt like tonight was the night he would kiss you. So you headed towards Cheryl’s party like a girl on a mission. 

As you made your way down the streets, you remembered the many moments you spent with him. The way he looked at you in class. The hugs he gave you after his important games, like you were the only one he wanted to share his happiness with. The way he held your hand tight when boys tried to flirt with you. You couldn’t stop yourself from smiling. 

 “What about homecoming?” he had asked the previous day. 

“What about it?” you asked. 

 “Well… do you wanna go with me?”

 You left out a giggle. Butterflies flew around your stomach. 

 “Archibald Andrews wants to take humble and poor me to the homecoming dance?” you asked, jokingly. 

“Even though your stubborn little self tries to tell you otherwise, you are the most gorgeous girl to ever step a foot on this city” 

You smiled over that memory. 

You were very near Cheryl’s now. You didn’t knock on your way in. You were already two hours late, so that meant everybody else was probably inside and way too wasted. 

You guessed right. Lots of teenagers crowded the room, smelling like cheap booze and sweat. Since you didn’t see any of your friends in the living room, you decided to go look for them on the basement. 

“Hey you guys” you cheered as soon as you went downstairs and saw Betty, Jughead and Cheryl, reunited with a group of people apparently playing a game. The last girl, Blossom, happened to be your best friend, which was very weird to your other friends, but felt absolutely right to you. She was just a sweet misunderstood girl and you had wanted every since your first day in Riverdale to help her out with her difficult life. You noticed someone was missing. “Where’s Archie?” 

You heard Reggie’s laugh. 

 “Definitely not in that closet” he pointed. You took one step in that direction, but felt Cheryl’s hand on your shoulder. 

 “Y/N, you don’t wanna do that” she said softly. 

 You felt a bitter taste on your tongue. Ignoring your best friend completely, you headed towards the closet door and opened it. Inside, you saw your red headed boy in the middle of a hot make out with Veronica Lodge. 

 “Well, don’t let me stand in the way” you stated, coldly, surprising both of them. Archie looked at you with complete desperation. He rushed towards you, but you took a step back. 

 “Y/N…” he began. 

 “Save it” you mumbled, then left the house. Archie followed you outside. 

 “Y/N, please, look at me” he begged, but you didn’t stop walking nor did you dared to look at his handsome face. “Listen, you have to believe me. I was- I am drunk. And that with Veronica was a dare” 

 “I don’t care” 

 “Yes you do. That’s why you have to believe me, please” 

 “I do, Archie” you stopped walking. “That only makes things worse” 

 He frowned. 


 “It was just a game to you. It didn’t mean anything and you still thought it was worth losing what we had for it” you crossed your arms protectively. 

 “It’s not worth it! That’s why I regret it deeply! You know how much you mean to me” he ran his fingers through his hair. 

 “No I don’t. I thought I did, but I was wrong. Whatever silly crush you have on me, it is nothing compared to what I feel for you. If you liked me half as much as I like you, the mere thought of kissing someone else on a damn dare would make you sick” 

 “It does. It does make me sick” 

 You snorted. 

 “What’s making you sick right now is the ridiculous amount of alcohol you drank like a 13 year old boy trying to look like a grown man” 

 His chin dropped for a little while. 

 “O-okay. I’m an idiot, I’m immature, whatever you say I’ll agree. But please don’t hate me” 

 “I don’t hate you, Archie! Honestly, I wish I did! It would make cutting you off my life a lot easier!” you felt warm tears run through your cheeks. 

 “Baby please don’t cry” he tried to wipe them away with his fingers, but you pushed his hand away. 

 “Stay away from me, Arch” You turned your back to him. Then you felt his hands on your waist, pulling you back. You stood there for a few seconds, silently, both in tears. He placed a gentle kiss on your lips and moved his hands until they were cupping your face. You slowly walked away from his embrace. 

“I’m sorry Arch, but I think you really blew it”

Ramsay Bolton – I Care

Words count: 1588

Warning: None

Summery: Ramsay Bolton is a hard man to deal with and that’s an understatement, so what happens when he’s in love with a Stark and has another in his cell. 

you all know i suck at summaries.

A/N: This is my first non requested one shots in a long time, I’ll be back to requests but I’ll be posting some of mine in between, because I have written around nine or so of my own and some ideas that needed to be written so yeah… ENJOY!!

 There’s always a Stark in Winter Fell. That’s how it is supposed to be. Winter fell is not winter fell without a Stark in it. And it is very unlucky and haunting to be a Stark now a days, in time of war, vengeance and death. It’s also very unlucky to be a woman. And it’s just your luck to be both. You’re the only Stark in Winter Fell. As years pass you changed, that was expected. But you changed in a way no one has expected. From all the things you have seen and been through. You now chose and do things you never thought you’d ever do before.

I mean what else would possess you to love such a heartless man like Ramsay Snow, recently Bolton. That man is dark and pure evil, yet you fell for him and he fell for you as well. He’s different in your presence. He’s very kind to you and possessive, over the top possessive. Yet he’s very protective as well. It does help him so much that he has a Stark by his side, and Ramsay knows that very well, it gives him an advantage. Somewhere in your mind, somewhere deep there you knew Ramsay had to be stopped. Not killed. Stopped.

The fate has decided to test you, when Jon Snow your half-brother decided to take back the North. And kill Ramsay. Also you have found out that Ramsay has been hiding Rickon in Winter Fell. Your instinct kicked as an older sister and rushed you to the barn which was now used as cells. Ramsay has once told you not to go there, you have been warned, but nothing matter only Rickon. You found Rickon in a cell siting huddled up on the corner, shaking from the cold. Winter is coming and no one would be able to handle the weather without fire or tons pf clothes and furs.

“Rickon.” You said and fell to the floor in front of the bars. Rickon slowly looked up at you, his eyes full of fear.

“(Y/N)?” He asked, his voice shaking and cracking, you nodded furiously and held a hand through the bars for him to take.

“Yes, Rickon it’s me.” Rickon rushed forward and into to your outstretched arms, you hugged hi htrough the bars, “Oh gods, Rickon.”

Tears escaped both your eyes. It has been so long since you saw any of your family members. Rickon started sobbing quietly.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” You asked him and pulled away inspecting every detail looking for any signs of pain.

“I’m fine, I’m okay.” He said smiling through the tears. “Just cold.”

You quickly stood up to take of your fur cloak when a voice stopped you, you froze and chills ran down your spine in fear. Not for your life but for your brother.

“That wouldn’t be necessary.” Ramsay said. Rickon gasped and moved back to the far corner of the cell, you slowly turned around to see Ramsay standing by the doors to the barn.

“Ramsay I-.” “Shush.” Ramsay interrupts you, putting a finger in front of his lips. You stopped talking immediately and your fear increased and it was very visible to Ramsay and Rickon. Ramsay walked towards you taking his time, with every step forward he took forward you took one backwards, until you pressed your body to the bars, in protectiveness of your young brother. Though you doubt he still feels young.

“(Y/N) step away.” Ramsay said as if talking to un-tamed animal that was about to attack. You shook your head no, and tears started falling once again. “Love, just step away.” He said this time with a little bit of force. Sobs left your body, and unknown to you that with every tear every sob that left your body, Ramsay’s heart broke a little. He hated that you feared him and were crying because of him. He had once flayed a man for bothering you, now imagine making you cry.

“(Y/N).” Rickon said from behind you. He was now standing and it was then you realized how much he has grown. He was so tall. “Do as he says.” He was stern with his words. He was protective of you too.

“R-Rickon.” You whimpered. Rickon nodded and gave you a reassuring smile. You moved to the side of the door, far enough for Ramsay to open the door, but still near to step in if you needed to. It didn’t matter that you loved Ramsay, your love for your family is far more important and your bond with them is unbreakable. Blood is thicker than water, especially in your family.

Ramsay slowly walked to the door, trying not to frighten you anymore. He opened the door, and motioned with his head for Rickon to get out. Rick quickly did as Ramsay said trying not to tick him off. “You can take him to our room.”

This surprised you so much, your eyes widen and your silent crying came to a halt along with your breathing. Rickon threw himself in your arms, your hugs reminded him of your mother’s hugs. “He can stay with you.” Ramsay told you, he gave you a nod and you quickly took Rickon into the house of the Starks. Two Starks now in Winter Fell and two more are on their way. You pulled Rickon into your shared room with Ramsay, and ordered for a warm bath to be drawn for him. The maids quickly heated the water and made the bath, as they did that you covered Rickon with fur to warm him up. You gave him a loving smile. Rickon’s heart warmed up with a familiar feelings. Love. Comfort. Home.

“I’ve missed you little wolf.” You told him and kissed his forehead and hugged him, his arms wrapped themselves around you easily.

“I missed you too.” His voice shook a little as he said this, you just squeezed him a bit more.


It was night now and Rickon was sound asleep under the furs. He was all clean and warm, and his stomach was filled. It was probably the first time he was sleeping in a bed in a very long time. You sat beside him watching him sleep. You were afraid to fall asleep and wake up for him to be gone or for all this to be just a dream.

Suddenly you felt the door open. You quickly stood up and grabbed the dagger that is always in your room. You relaxed slightly when your eyes a met a pair of shiny blue orbs, you lowered the dagger but was still on your guard.

Ramsay left the room indicating that he wanting you to follow him. You left the dagger on the table as you walked out of the room, you silently closed the door behind you, trying not to disturb the sleeping figure in your room.

“Thank you, for- for allowing him to sleep with me and…” You stopped talking and looked at the ground, you were beyond nervous, it was like you were talking for Ramsay for the first tie after you realized your feelings for him. Besides now that Rickon is here you felt as if you had to think thousands of times before you said anything.

Ramsay closed his eyes and sighed, before he closed the distance between the two of you. He pulled you and pulled you into his arms and hugged you. You knew in that moment that he wasn’t angry, and that he loves you no matter what. Ramsay laid his chin on top of your head. You both stood in silence for a moment before you pulled back to look at you, this time your eyes met.

‘(Y/N), love, I want you to know I love you, I would do almost anything and everything for you.” Ramsay said and his hands cradled your soft cheeks. “Within reason of course… but I would never hurt you and you are the only person who gets to have that advantage and I just want you to be happy.”

You stared at Ramsay in surprise. It wasn’t every day that he spoke about his feelings for you, but when he did it usually left you speechless.

“I love you too Ramsey. I really didn’t want to go against your words, but when I found out Rickon was in the cells couldn’t help myself.” You said eyes wide with a hint of innocence in them, that Ramsay loved so much, he loved seeing you when the last bit of innocence came out. “He’s my family the only one that I have seen in gods know how long.”

“I understand that my love.” Ramsay said with a loving smile, Ramsay closed his eyes and started leaning in, your eyes fluttered shut after what felt like forever but was in fact only seconds, your lips met, it was soft and had a sense of calmness, which is a first. Your kisses with Ramsay were many things but calm and soft aren’t one of them. Tour titled your head to the left slightly deepening the kiss. Ramsay hands pulled close so you were pressed up against him. You gasped giving him the chance to sneak his tongue into your mouth.

“(Y/N)?” You both pulled back when you heard a panicked Rickon call from inside, you gave Ramsay an apologetic smile, a quick pick on the lips before you rushed inside. Leaving a hot and bothered Ramsay outside.


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Chapter One

 There were only a few weeks left of Initiation and Chenille Pyke was ranked number one. She was a quiet girl, in fact, she’d hardly said a word the entire initiation process. She was standing among the other Dauntless born initiates and Eric was watching her at an angle, he’d always watched her. The differences of her now were blinding. He’d known Chenille for almost a decade. She used to be this shy little girl that followed her father around, holding his hand. Eric remembered the first time he met her, he was eighteen and she was nine. Hugo told him to keep an eye on her while he was busy around the compound. Eric had stared at Hugo for a questioningly long moment before he nodded. He’d never dealt with a child before, he hadn’t had any siblings and wasn’t fond of kids but Hugo Pyke was the director of the entire faction and what Hugo wanted Hugo got. Chenille had folded her arms when her father told her Eric would be watching her. She gave him the dirtiest glare a nine year old could. Her eyes like two pieces of coal.

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Grand Blues 741 Investigative Zeta

[In order to find a solution the cataclysms, one group went to the great library to research.]
Johann: “Hmm… as I thought, the cause of the cataclysms seems to be the primal beasts that are involved with the four major elements.”
The Crimson Blooming Shadow, Zeta: “Really!? If it’s a primal beast, then I’ll hunt it down!”

Beatrix: “Huh… Zeta? You’re not in armor today?”
Ze: “Ahh… it just seemed easier to move around in town, so I bought some clothes.”
Ze: “What? Is something strange?”

Bea: “Nahh, honestly it’s cute and it suits you!” /BEAM
Bea: “You really have great style, don’t you, Zeta!”
Zeta: /BLUSH

Ze: “Je… jeez! Don’t surprise me by saying such embarrassing things!” /GRAB
Bea: “Owow-!? ‘the heck are you doiiing!?

Crying-Under-the-Watefall-Outside-Over-Just-How-Good-Their-Relationship-Is Jin: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Get Her Back (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! This one was very fun to write, I had to research what Stockholm syndrome was and turns out it’s a fun one (jk it’s horrible) but yeah 😂
Warnings: brainwashing, lots of angst
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: Reid and the reader are newly married and loving life with each other and one day the Reader goes shopping for dinner and asking Reid what he wants over the phone. Then the reader is taken and the unsub brainwashed her to fear and hate her husband. It takes years to find the reader but when they do she has Stockholm syndrome
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: Reader has been kidnapped and escapes…
You pushed the shopping cart with one hand and held your cell phone to your ear with the other.
“What sounds good to you, baby?” You asked your husband, Spencer, as you looked at the new wedding ring on your finger.
You and Spencer got married last week and you are finally having some down time for yourselves.
Spencer suggested that you both cook dinner as a bonding activity, which made you laugh, and that’s what brings you to the store.
“Umm something sort of simple. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a master in the kitchen.” He said adding a small giggle that made a smile creep upon your lips.
“How about spaghetti?” You said turning down the noodle isle.
“That sounds great!” Spencer said happily.
“Alright, I’ll let you go. I’m at checkout.” You said putting the two items on the conveyor belt.
“Okay darling. Call me if you have any questions, concerns…”
“Spencer I’m 5 minutes away from the house. I think I’ll be okay.” You said staying on the line longer than you had hoped.
“Hold on Spencer.” You said as the cashier asked “cash or debit”.
“Debit.” You said taking your debit card out and swiping before taking your groceries and leaving.
“Hey I’m back.” You said holding the phone to your ear again.
“Hey. I can’t wait for you to be home.” He said letting out a huff afterwards.
“Spencer I’ve been gone for 10 minutes.” You said getting your car keys out of your purse.
“But it’s felt like an eternity.” He said.
“Damn it.” You said dropping your keys on the ground.
“You okay?” Spencer asked worried.
“Yeah I just dropped my keys.” You said putting the key into the lock and opening your car door.
“Well I should be home in…”
Your sentence was cut off and interrupted by your own scream as a masked man swung open your door and pulling you out.
He put a damp rag over your mouth, and being in the position on the ground you were in, you couldn’t defend yourself.
You kicked and punched but he had a tight grip around your throat as he drug you farther away from your car and closer to his.
You couldn’t hear them, but Spencer was screaming your name from the other line.
He begged that whoever had you to let you go, but it was no use.
Soon enough, you blacked out and were taken to an unknown destination.
You woke up with the disability to move your hands or legs.
There was a white screen in front of you and the room was dark.
You looked around the room, trying to identify your surroundings, but your attention was brought to the screen when a man appeared on the screen.
“Your awake.” He said looking into the screen.
All of a sudden the door opened and the same man entered and stood in front of you.
“You see this man?” He asked holding a picture in front of you.
“No no please don’t hurt him. He’s innocent please leave him alone.” You begged as tears pricked your eyes.
“We aren’t going to hurt him. This is the last thing your going to see of him so take a good look at him.” He said holding the picture in front of you.
The picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.
You and Spencer at your wedding.
He was smiling so big and hugging you to his side.
You felt something set on your head.
You jerked your head forward, trying to avoid whatever was being put over your head.
“Stay still.” The man said putting the picture on a stand in front of you before pulling your hair back and placing the helmet like contraption on your head.
You heard a switch and then a loud buzzing.
“That man… you are going to fear him, despise him. He is your worst fear and he’s done horrible things to you.” He said spitting lies into your ear before feeling a contraction on your head before a immense sharp pain.
You screamed and attempted to thrash in the chair you were bound to.
You slowly felt the happy memories of you and Spencer slip out of your head and replace with horrendous, painful thoughts.
You tried to deflect the lies that were being put in your head, but then you couldn’t reject it anymore.
You had no clue how long these images were being set into your mind but it all stopped and you felt the biggest relief in your life.
You opened your eyes to see blue eyes, unrecognizable ones.
The man sat in front of you and held up a picture of… a man.
You looked at the picture and then to him.
“Do you know who this is?” He asked.
You tried to pull memories from your mind, seeing him for a second and then vanishing the next.
“Maybe… I’ve seen him before but…”
You were interrupted by a slap in the face.
It wasn’t even painful compared to the consistent zapping at your brain.
“Look at him!” He yelled putting the picture in your face.
“I don’t know who the hell he is!” You yelled back, earning another slap in the face.
He harshly put the picture back on the stand and slammed the helmet back over your head.
You felt the agonizing pain shoot through your head as you let out bloodcurdling screams.
It stopped and you saw the man sitting in front of you through your tear-filled eyes.
He reached across and wiped a tear from your cheek.
“You know I’m doing this because I love you, Rosie.” He said stroking your face.
That wasn’t your name.
“Let me go please. I won’t tell anyone I promise.” You begged as your wrists burned from the rope that was holding them to the chair.
“I can’t darling you know that. I have to see if something worked.” He said turning around and picking something up before showing you a picture.
Your eyes ran across the man in the picture and an overwhelming fear flew through you.
“No no get that away from me! I-I don’t want to see him ever again! Please get it away.” You yelled thrashing in your chair.
“Perfect. You did so good, Rosie. We’ll be perfect together.” He said stroking your cheek.
After seeing that picture of that man… this caring one wasn’t as scary anymore.
“Oh and please… call me Sebastian.” He said untying your wrists delicately.
You nodded and smiled, feeling at ease with Sebastian.
“I won’t let him come near you again.” He said kissing your forehead before taking your hand and leading you to another room.
Spencer was absolutely devastated knowing you were out there probably scared and hurt.
He didn’t sleep or eat for weeks due to stress.
He kept himself isolated other than getting more information on how to find you.
Eventually months have passed and the team was slowly losing hope.
There was no body, no more clues, no more time.
But Spencer will never give up.
The team would start a new case and he would work both; the case with the team and yours by himself.
When he would get frustrated, he would cry alone by himself or to JJ.
He had this feeling in his big heart that you were alive and out there somewhere, and sure enough you were.
You were out there, with Sebastian, belonging to another man.
A man that used his sick tricks to make you fear the love of your life.
To hate him.
The months have grown into years, and there was still no evidence or body belonging to you.
Spencer has been told that you would have wanted him to move on, but he remembers promising he would never leave you; to always belong to you.
And you promised back, long ago.
You sat at the clean breakfast table in yours and Sebastian’s house, your wrists loosely chained to the chair.
It’s been years and you’ve always felt… safer this way.
Sebastian had control of you, he kept you safe.
Being limited to space made you feel secure, like no one else could get in or release you; except Sebastian.
He was running his hands through his hair, he does that when he is nervous.
Earlier, you and Sebastian went to the park and a dark haired woman followed both of you.
Sebastian instantly prompted that you both go home and that you were in danger.
At that moment, a pair of handcuffs would have made you feel safer, but Sebastian quickly leaded you too the car where you drove to your secure home, where you ended up now.
You heard sirens in the distance, nothing new, but Sebastian quickly unlocked the chains from your wrists and took you downstairs.
“They’re going to try to take you Rosie, but you’ll be safe down here.” He said cuffing you again and kissing your forehead as he went back upstairs as you sat in the underground attic.
A few minutes later you heard yelling and the door being slammed open.
You jumped at the noise, instantly curling into a ball.
It went silent, but was soon disturbed by close footsteps and someone calling… your name.
The voice was closer, probably right in front of the little opening.
You saw light stream in and a man walk in.
It was…
It was him.
“No no get away from me! Don’t touch me! He’ll kill you if you touch me! Sebastian!” You yelled as the man crouched down in front of you.
“Y/N it’s me.” The man said reaching out to touch your face but you screamed as he got closer.
He instantly walked back, tears flooding his eyes.
“It’s me Spencer.” He said quieter as you looked into his dark eyes.
“I know who you are. I hate you. I hate you so much please don’t touch me. Don’t hurt me please.” You begged as tears rolled down your cheeks.
He flinched at the word “hate” but didn’t leave.
“Please remember me sweetheart please.” He begged covering his mouth to muffle sobs.
Spencer knew what had happened.
Hotch say the brainwashing helmet.
He saw the chair.
And Spencer was right behind him.
JJ climbed through the little opening and he turned into her shoulder and started sobbing.
She looked at you on the floor; crumpled in a ball with chains on your wrists.
Little did everyone know, that’s when you felt the safest.
“He did this to her. She-she’s scared of me JJ I can’t scare her.” He said pulling out of her shoulder.
“It’s okay Spence. Give her time and we will fix this. He’s going to prison for the rest of his life.” JJ said.
“No! He didn’t do anything wrong! Don’t take him away you have no proof!” You yelled at them.
“Y/N! You’ve been kidnapped for 2 years, brainwashed and tricked into…” you immediately flinched as he yelled at you.
“I-I’m sorry I didn't…” before he could finish his sentence, he bolted out of the basement.
“I’m going to take the handcuffs off of you okay?” JJ said slowly approaching you.
“I-I don’t want you to take them off. Where’s Sebastian?” You asked.
“What Spencer said was true. Sebastian had kidnapped you, tortured you and made you think that you were safe. He made you hate Spencer, Y/N. Your husband.”
You woke up to a bright light.
You have no clue when you blacked out or how you got to the… hospital?
You looked to your side and saw the man again, sleeping in the chair next to your bed.
You tried to move away as best as you could, the heart monitor beeping faster and faster.
His eyes shot open and he immediately stood up and walked to the far corner of the room.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” He said putting his hands up before rubbing his eyes.
“Leave.” You said weakly as you realized all of the tubes and needles in your arms.
He hesitantly looked at the door and back to you.
“Can I ask you a few questions please? I promise I’ll stay on my side of the room.” He said.
“If you have questions have someone else ask. I don’t want to talk to you.” You said.
You saw his eyes gloss over as he bit his bottom lip.
“Do you really not remember me?” He asked quietly.
“Yeah I remember you. I also remember that I hate you and every time I see you, I want to run away. So yeah I remember you.” You spat making him quickly leave the room.
“Stockholm syndrome. It’s a very rare illness where the victims actually become attached to their abductor on an emotional and sentimental level. That’s why she is refusing to testify against Sebastian and why she feels safe in chains or handcuffs, she feels he’s the only one who can release and put her in them.” Spencer told the team with his head low.
“Fortunately it is somewhat curable but it will take time. Slowly introducing people should familiarize her surroundings hopefully making her feel safe. I know I can’t be the one that helps her… she’s too scared of me. That monster turned my own wife against me and every time I see her… she says she… she hates me. I can’t stand looking at her gaze into my eyes and all I see is hatred.” He added.
JJ walked across the little circle the team has formed and hugged Spencer.
“She’s not gone Spence. Like you said it takes time but we will get her back.” She said rubbing his shoulders.
That’s all Spencer could hope for right now; that they can get you back.

EXO Reaction to: You Being Sassy

Xiumin: was kind of taken aback the first time you sass him. is proud that you have such a fiery spirit though. he never has to worry about having to protect you bc you’re well able to take care of yourself. his new hobby is sitting back and watching you put people in their place

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Luhan: gets you to defend him whenever people say he looks like a girl, cheering you on with a manly whoop. no one ever listens to him but you make damn sure they listen to you

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Kris: would go quite if you directed your sass at him, mainly because you made a good point and he had no argument against it. but other times, he would lowkey sass you back. he wasn’t trying to beat you at being sassy or anything like that but if he felt like you were being too much, he would voice that

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Suho: both likes and hates your sass. he hates it directed at him or if you go too far. but if you’re sassing the other members for something like not listening to him, then he’s a total fan of your attitude and so he’s just a whirlwind of mixed emotions

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Lay: is such a gentle guy. he’s the peacekeeper of the group. so he usually tries to calm you down. but whenever you make an excellent point, he sits back and claps, silently cheering you on

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Baekhyun: watching you sass the other members is pure gold. he’ll pretend they’ve done something to him so you’ll become sassy and defend his honour. but if you find out he’s lied, he runs and hides in chanyeol’s closet. sometimes, he joins in on the sassing, since he’s not a stranger to it himself

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Chen: beyond happy. he tends to set up situations to bring out your sass, so he can watch the scene unfold, wishing he had some popcorn right then

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Chanyeol: usually just laughs at your sassyness but every so often he’ll blurt out something sassy himself that leaves you in shock bc wtf where did this come from?? then he’s back to being a cute, toll elf

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D.O: externally, he’s quite and serious but inside, his mind has enough sass to make a grown man cry. you two spend most movie nights either bitching about exo’s stupidity (mainly baek or chanyeol) or about the actors and actresses in the movie. he’s a sassy mofo, no joke

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Tao: tries and fails to out-sass you so he might get annoyed over that. but if you’re defending him then he’s not so annoyed anymore and will probably run to you from then on to sort out anyone who’s bothering him

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Kai: felt that your sass was a reaction to you being upset or angry so he would do his best to make you happy again

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Sehun: has found his soulmate in you. you two unite into a sassy force to be reckoned with and exo hates it unless it’s not aimed at them. then it’s 100% free entertainment

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Part 3

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  1,557

Author’s Note:  Here’s Part 3! Please enjoy and, if you’re feeling generous, please continue to leave feedback, it’s really helping!

Table of Contents Here

The threat of hyperventilation bubbled in your chest until you got back to your temporary quarters and securely locked the door. Pressing your back against the steel, you slid to the floor and cupped your head in your hands and took a shuddering breath. Five years, gone.

These people… they showed you so much kindness, concern, but you didn’t know a single face aside from Kirk and Spock and only then because their faces were plastered all over the Enterprise propaganda when you enlisted.

And Scotty… Uhura was right. You’d never seen a grown man cry like that. All you wanted to do was promise him it would all be okay, but what would those words do coming from the mouth of his own wife? And then, you weren’t sure you could make it sound convincing in your state, when every touch made you want to recoil, to protect yourself from this stranger. Guilt tore at your stomach. He didn’t seem like that kind of man, but you couldn’t keep the thoughts from forming.

When you looked at him, you saw nothing. He was a perfectly average looking man, or at least you assumed he’d be if you saw him without red-stained eyes. You didn’t take a close enough look over dinner; you wished you had. His face, his voice, his home meant nothing to you. Like you’d just met for the first time.

What now? you mused.

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All Apologies [Pre- AND Post-Death Tate Langdon x Reader]

Request: “Can you do a imagine where the reader is Tate’s childhood best friend turned girlfriend in HS but then time skip to the present when he just broke up with violet and then the reader comes back not knowing that they were together and him not remembering who she is” - @endlessescape24


Word Count: 1.4k 

A/N: This turned out WAY longer than I expected. Maybe I should’ve broken it up into parts? I don’t know, but please ignore any timeline errors, as I’m sure there are a few in here.

1987 - Summer - Ten Years Old

“She’s starting school in the fall.” Your mother says proudly, holding you close to her. The blonde woman across from her smiles. It’s then that you notice the boy standing next to her. He was a smaller child, with dark blond hair and deep brown eyes. You couldn’t help but notice how pale he was.

Pulling her son over to her, she speaks. “Tate here is going to the sixth grade. Isn’t that right, Tate?” He mumbles something almost inaudible. She pushes him towards you, glaring at you. “Why don’t you two run along now? The adults need to discuss. Privately.”

Obeying, Tate grabs your hand, leading you through the hallway of the foreign house. “Where are we going?”

He grins. “My secret place.”

Turns out, his so-called “secret place” was the basement, which scared you. Even though the two of you were a whole decade old, the dark, creepy place still terrified you. As he dragged you down the steps, he flipped a light on, revealing several rusty surgical tables and blood-caked tools, among other things. Overcome with curiosity, you willingly entered the room and examined everything, begging him to show you more of the house’s secrets.

That’s when Tate knew he loved you, even though you had only met him one time.

1992 - Spring - Fifteen Years Old

“Tate, no, stop it! Come here!” You shout, running after the blond boy. He was currently holding the textbook you needed to study later, running around his house with it. It had gotten to the point where you had chased him outside, and into the front yard. Somehow, neither of you were tired yet.

“No! You have to watch TV with me and tell Parkinson to shove it!” He yells back. Even though you can’t see his face, you know he’s wearing that signature shit-eating grin. You sigh, trying to run even faster. Eventually, he trips on a rock, landing against his mom’s boyfriend, Larry’s, car. This gives you the opportunity to jump on top of him and grab the thick book.

He yelps out in pain, suddenly banging his head against the car door. After a moment of panic, he starts laughing. Soon enough the two of you were (rather intensely, might I add) making out in the yard, ignoring all of the passerby.

That was the first night the two of you made love. And no, it wasn’t on the front lawn. It was in the back one. No, no, kidding. It was in the private comfort of his living room. That’s a story for another time, though.

1994 - Autumn - Seventeen Years Old

“I just don’t see how In Utero is better than Nevermind.” You exclaim, barely paying attention to the lunch in front of you. Tate goes to say something, but you quickly cut him off. “And don’t you even bring up Bleach! Or the MTV Unplugged!”

He sighs in defeat. “Fine. I guess we’ll just have to bang it out later.”

You laugh, looking down at your ugly blue tray. “I can’t tell if you mean actually bang or binge all the albums. I have time later for either.”

The blond smiles, bringing his hand to his backpack. Reaching in, he grabs  his black leather notebook that you had gotten him for his birthday last year, digging for a pen. He sees the confused look on your face as he jots down a simple note. Or so you thought. His pen scribbles on the paper for a much-anticipated second, unreadable to you on the other side of the table. Finally, he tears the page out, folding it neatly, still having not said anything.

You quickly unfold the sheet of paper, seeing the three words in the messy red ink.

Be my girlfriend?


“I loved this house.” You say, tracing your hand over the front door, the memories rushing back to you. “He lived here.”

“Who?” The man next to you asks. He was some real estate agent showing you the house. You had no intentions of buying it, but the only way to get in, to relive your times, was to make an appointment. Damn realtors, right? At least you didn’t get the sketchy lady who sold the house to that Harmon family. And that couple who lived in the house before them. You were certain she had sold the house to everyone in the city of angels by now.

Turning around, you can’t help the coldness coming from your voice. “You know exactly who lived here.”

The young man blushes, turning to his bag. He fishes around for a second before revealing a small, golden key. You step aside as he inserts the object into the doorknob, trying to mentally prepare yourself.

Would everything be the same? Or would the furniture be different? Would the walls still be that cream color that Constance loved so dearly? Would the lights still be the same? The floors? Would the bloodstains still be upstairs? Would Moira still work here? Foolish of you to think anything would be the same, it’s been twenty years! But, you still clung onto that little sliver of hope in your mind.

Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the door clicking open. Immediately looking around, very little is the same. The walls were now painted a very ugly color, the floors were blood-free, and the lights had been replaced in some rooms. The furniture was nice, but it was not the kind you were used to seeing in the house. Not Constance’s old vintage stuff. It was all new things.

“… but I’ve been told the Estate is open to sales. I’ll make myself useful in the kitchen, you just… Explore.” You suddenly hear the man speak from behind you. You shoo him off, closely examining parts of the foyer. He rushes off towards the kitchen and you follow into the living room.

It’s a blur of how you found yourself in Tate’s old bedroom, a hysterical mess balled up in the corner. The corner where the two of you would sit and read that stupid book about birds, and he would be so excited to share the moment with you. A grown woman crying in the bedroom of an emo teenager.

“Hey.” Someone says, lurking in the doorway. Nodding, you stand from behind the dresser. Looking up, you see just who you least expected– Tate Langdon himself. “You okay?”

“Tate!” You cry out, rushing towards him.

It’s another blur of how you found yourself clung to his cold body, him being very confused. He lets you hug him for a second, but gently eases you off a few seconds later. 

“Do I know you?” He asks, still confused.

“Do you know me? Of course you know me! We’ve been best friends since we were kids!” You exclaim, grinning. Your happiness is quickly brought down the he says… 

“I don’t think I know you?” In that moment, your heart crumbled. You were absolutely distraught. You were too busy trying to get him to remember instead of getting yourself to remember. Tate is dead. Tate has been dead since that day in 1994. He was shot some ten-odd times. You went to his funeral, you saw him be buried. Well, not technically, as it was a closed casket, but still… He was dead, but he was standing in front of you.

The time passed by so quickly that you didn’t even register that the realtor had forgotten about you. Two or three hours back, he locked up the house and drove home. 

“Remember that time when you took my science textbook the day before Parkinson’s quiz? I think we were fifteen, because it was a couple years before we started dating. You started running, and I chased you all over the house for that thing.” You laugh quietly. He stares, blank. “You slammed your head on Larry’s car and we kissed for the first time. Later that night we… You know.”  Blushing, you glance over at him, half expecting him to suddenly know. He didn’t though.

As the night grew darker, your ambition faded. He bid you farewell as you stood at the top of the stairs, exhausted and depressed. As you turn around and take the first step down, you feel yourself fall. And fall. And fall. 

Sweeter than cherry.

Pairing: Negan x Reader.

Warnings: Smutty smut, (NSFW).

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You went to scavenging with some Saviors and Negan. Old stores inside a big gallery, was like a shopping, but smaller. You went checking places to try find something interesting. You find a old hairdresser store. “That was probably ones of the fancy one” You thought.

“I’m going inside” You said to the saviors and to Negan.

“Be careful doll! Don’t loose your brain for a fucker because you want some hair spray.” Negan say with his grin face.

You hit the front three times and wait a time to see if had any walker. After 2 minutes it came 3 walkers, 2 walkers whose seems being woman before, they still have some things in their hair. You quickly manage to kill three of them. You enter the place checking to make sure. You look outside and see Negan smashing a walker with Lucille. And the other men around getting whatever they want, and breaking the rest in middle time. You roll your eyes seeing them being so childish.

You look some creams, hair dryers, some cute hair accessories. “Probably to use on marriages and other nice rich partiers.” You get in the back and see some nice hair brushes, products for make hydration and other things you can use. You shoving it on your backpack and keep looking forward. You get in a session of wigs. Have some that you think totally ridiculous, but you found one, a black chanel cut wig. You take off the pack of others and start imaging you using it for “funny business” with Negan later. You bite your lip thinking about the scenario of you using it with some music playing softly while making a lap dance. Goosebumps on your skin just about the thought of Negan grinding under you.

“Doll, we better going. Is gonna get dark soon.” Negan say outside the store.

“I’m going.” You put it inside the backpack.

“You okay? You look a little flushed.” Negan say looking inside trying to understand what happened.

“Yes, I am. Let’s go back to the Sanctuary?!” You say walking on his front swaying your hips. You can feel a gaze and when you look behind you can see he smiling. “That fucking smile.”

After getting back in Sanctuary you went to a shower, you washed your hair and put some new product on it. You shave your whole body and put some lotion for make it smoother than already is.

You get outside your bathroom and get into your closet for put your most sexy lingerie. You have a few ones since Negan give you everyone he think is gonna look good on you. You choose the red ones for make some contrast in your skin and the wig color. You put it, put the wig, a silk robe, some mascara and a red lipstick and stay getting ready to go see Negan. You look yourself in the mirror and as Negan could say ‘Hot diggity dog’.

He knocks in your door. “Doll, are you there?”. You close your robe and answer him. “Hm.. Yea.. yeah. Go to your room, I will go there asap with a surprise.” You see his shadow under the door and he lean back and then he left.

You go to his room and knock softly on his door. He open it, he mouth flash open when he saw you. “Fuck” was all he managed to say loving the beautiful heavenly vision of you.

“Can I come in? Or you want me stay here for everyone see me?” You speak with a smirk. You can see his Adam’s apple moving. He open the door widely for you get in.

“Hot damn it Y/N. We already had done all sexy things but you still making me surprises like that. Is like I made you by myself.’’

You pass through him to go to a vinyl player he have in his bedroom. You search a disc that you think it would be sexy to making him almost cry of arousal. You pass through some when you finally see one that would totally do the job. Warrant, one of your favorites bands, even being younger than Negan and you don’t exactly lived when those bands start making success; But you always love them, way better than those pop songs or those raps ones talking about “getting high and fuck a few bictches”.

You put the vinyl and Cherry Pie start play and you turn around to Negan who was still in the same spot shocked with his whiskey in his hands. You walk through him with the song playing.

She’s my cherry pie
Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise
Tastes so good makes a grown man cry
Sweet cherry pie

“A real fucking sweet surprise” Negan said while you take the whiskey off his hands and start guiding him into the massive bed and putting him sitting on it.

Swingin’ on the front porch
Swingin’ on the lawn’
Swingin’ where we want
Cause there ain’t nobody home

You start moving down in your knees looking into his eyes and going up. He start caressing your hip outside the robe, you get his hands and put it away. You get in your feet and start dancing putting your hands on the robe and start playing with it to tease him even more.

She wanted me to feed her,
So I mixed up the batter
And she licked the beater

You turn around and start putting it away moving your hips always knowing it drive Negan crazy. You put the left part of the robe off your shoulder looking at Negan giving a wink. You did it on the right one and take it all down letting he have a great view of your ass with the sexy red thin panties.

Looks so good
Bring a tear to your eye
Sweet cherry pie

Negan get up, hold your hip tightly and push your body on him. You swing your hips and then you start grind where his fresh erection start to grow.

I scream you scream
We all scream for her
Don’t even try ‘cause
You can’t ignore her

Negan slid his hands up on your neck and grip it and start licking/biting your shoulder together with hot breaths. You start getting wetter with him doing that, but you can’t lose that one. You fastly turn around and make him sit in the end of the bed again. You sit on his laps and his eyes widening open looking at your red lace bra that is made only with lace and a cherry figure on the nipples part and his eyes go darker with desire. You slid your hand up his chest getting on his chin make him look at your face, you smirk and start slowly kissing his cheek, his nose and his bottom lip; And when he try to kiss you, you pulled away. “Na ah ah, not yet honey.” You grind on his hips and start kissing his neck.

Swingin’ on the floor
Swingin’ so hard
We forgot to lock the door
In walks her daddy
Standin’ six foot four
He said you ain’t gonna swing
With my daughter no more

You slid your hands under his shirt and gently pulled his chest hair making him moan, you get up and look into his eyes and start taking his shirt off. You pushed him down and start kissing his chest looking up on him. You sit into his lap with him still laid and you get his big hands with those fingers that he know so well how to use. You put them on your ribs and slowly drag them up to your clothed breasts his fingers start moving making your nipples needy for attention. You grind harder with him doing it, your eyes get back into his again and you slowly bring his hands to your face, kissing his hands slowly and then you put his thumb around your lips kising it soft with your eye closed and start sucking his right thumb slowly while open your eyes to look down to him, you take his thumb out of your mouth and kiss it again. Then you take his index finger and move it on your lips knowing that your plump rose lips is a weak spot for Negan.

Bring a tear to your eye
Sweet cherry pie
Sweet cherry pie

When the song finish you let his hands fell to your thighs, you get your index finger up and move it on a “come here” gest making him sit down again. You two finally start kissing and you can tell how much desperate Negan already is for you.

After a feel seconds, after getting lost in each other mouth you realized ‘Uncle Tom Cabin’ was playing.

Say it take you down to hell
Over in the bushes
And off to the right

Negan moved you so now he is on the top, he start kissing your collarbone and desperately go to your breasts taking the bra off and attacking your left breast with his mouth and your right one with his huge hand. You moan and start squeezing his bare back. You start trying take his pants off, Negan realised and get out of your breats and start taking his belt off of him. He take off his pants and now the Sactuary King is only in black boxer, that are so tight because of the erection.

You get up and start taking off of him and let it free.

You start moving your hand up and down on his length while looking at him over your lashes, he’s desperate. You love see Negan like that, you having control of him. The man who is the cause of so many nightmares wrapped around your finger. Suddenly he bring you up and start kissing you hugely biting your lips and tongue in the process.

“You think you can drive me crazy like that and keep teasing and teasing? No Doll, I will fuck the shit out of you.” He says letting his hands slides into your left ass cheek gripping hard making you purr in his face.

“Do it Sir.” And then Negan push you into the mattress putting his hands up and down your sides. He start kissing up where your pantie start. And start taking it off. When he see you all shaved just for him he groan like a wild animal. You were always hygienic but today with all the wig thing and the vanilla-strawberry lotion on your whole body making you smooth as a feather. Despertated the animal on him. He waste no time and attack your pussy licking it and you moan with the sudden action. He start biting your thighs and moving three of his long fingers up and down on your pussy lips that are glistening, making all your juices go to his fingers, you was expecting him enter his fingers on you, but instantly he bring it to his lips and sucked moaning. “Girl I could ate you forever..” he did the action again collecting more of your juices, your eyes close trying to feel all you can of the pleasure. He stop and brought his fingers glistening with your wetness he mix it with his pre-cum around “..but not today.” And then he slid his breath-taking cock inside you making you scream and bucking your hips. Negan get down and start kissing your breasts widely making you grab his hair and start pulling it making him moan and turning you on even more.

More deeper the trust go more moaning messes you two become. Negan brought his right hand up to your neck. “All fucking mine babygirl. All mine.” Negan saying devilishly biting your cheek and moving faster.

“Yours baby, I’m all yours. Only yours Negannn” You moan while scratching his back.

The fire start on your belly and start going straight to your core. Negan felt it because he moan harder.

“Damn, you’re so tight Doll. Fuckkk.” He start going slower but you desperately start moving your hips upwards to met his own.

“I’m gonna cumm.” You say practically out of breath and moaning desperately.

“Cum all over my cock babygirl. Let me see how you like my huge cock inside that pussy.” He say in your ear with a hot breath and biting your earlobe. And with that you get over the edge. And then Negan did too. He fall above you and move slowly out of you.

He laid on his back and you two trying catch your breath. “Fuck, .. That one was … Fuck.” Was all Negan had to say.

“So, you liked the surprise?” You ask biting you lower lip.

“I fucking love it doll, Damn seeing you in that way made me hard as a fucking truck.” You get in your stomach to look at him, making your ass perfectly viewable to him.

Then he get your wig and took off and start playing with your real hair.

“But honestly, I love to pull that one when we fuck.” He say making his sexy grin. You kiss him and then you two realised the disc was still playing but now in the last song of the album, it was ‘Sure Feels Good to Me’.

You bring out the beast in me
It might be dirty and it might be bad
but it sure feels good
sure feels good to me
Yeah, sure feels good to me

And when the silence came, Negan give you a deep kiss; Then kiss your nose and your forehead as a love sign. ‘’Goodnight Doll. I fucking love you.” He say kissing your head.

“I love you too Negan! So much.” You say and lay your head on his chest hearing his heartbeat’s.

 And then you two fall asleep.


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