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Twin Andrews Part 2 | jughead x reader

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a/n: part two of twin andrews is here!! if you love it and want more make sure to send me a request for a part three!! love u nugs🌹

“wow V” i chuckle as we walk out of the gym “i can’t believe you got Betty onto the squad” we all laugh and Betty smiles admiringly to her friend.

“it’s about time we had a cooper on the squad” i chuckle looping my arm in the blondes “thank you both- this has been a dream since like forever-” she swoons grabbing her heart.

“you wish is our demand” Veronica tells her friend as we bow jokingly in front of her we all laugh holding a new uniforms in our hands “should we try them out for size?” i nod eager to get into something that was familiar.

we pile into the girls change room and put on our uniforms “im a vixen!!” Betty squeals jumping up at down and swishing her mini skirt.

“B can you zip me up?” i pull my red hair aside as she zips me up

“wow (y/n/n) looking hot!” Veronica exclaims fanning herself cause me to stick my tongue out at her “why thank you miss V”

we walk out of the changing rooms head held high, it started to finally feel like i was finally getting back into my old life, the one i left a year ago for with my mum. I find myself smiling at my friends glad that i came back, i needed them and I didn’t know that till this very moment.

“have you spoken to Archie?” i was snapped out of my thoughts

“spoken to him about what?” i ask stopping at my locker to grab a few books “Betty didn’t tell you?” i shrug feeling someone’s eyes on me “tell me what?” i press.

“she doesn’t need to know-” Betty stumbled with her words, i furrow my eyebrow hitting myself in the head with my chemistry book “if this is about B having a crush on him then yes i know” i roll my eyes.

walking backwards i giggle at Betty’s blushed cheeks, ronnie joins in on the giggle nudging the blonde with her elbow “approve?” she questions and i nod winking st the girls

“look i gotta go- Pop’s after school to celebrate? we have our very first Cooper and Lodge girl that means milkshakes and burgers on me” i ask glancing at the clock it was the last lesson and I was craving one of pops famous burgers

“sounds like a good idea!” Betty smiles at me “good see ya’s later”

i turn on my heels and collide with another body sending me to a heap on the floor, i land on the victims chest and we bop heads “fuck!” i cuss rubbing my head.

i didn’t get a chance to see his face before i tried to stand instantly going dizzy, hands dart to my waist keeping me steady.

“woah easy there Andrews” i instantly recognised the voice “Jughead?” i exclaim glances at his face taking in all his features and that old beanie of his “oh my god” i throw my arms around him as he circle my waist.

“i wow you look-” i step back glancing at him “you look good juggie” i hug him once more and he freezes before hugging me back. “still not a hugger?” i ask and he shakes his head.

“no but you’ve always seemed to be the exception” i laugh “id love to stay and talk but i have chem-” he smiles “me too, walk together?” i nod following the boy

“so how come you weren’t at Pop’s last night for my big return, i knew something was missing but Archie didn’t mention anything” he goes quite so i figure I’ve hit a nerve.

“how are things?” i ask changing the subject “yeah okay” his voice sounds strained “are you sure?” i press “im here aren’t i?” i bite my lip and walk next to him in silence earning a few glances from peers, a river vixen walking with an ‘outcast’.

“this is us” he point to the class i follow him in just as the second bell rang others scrambling into their seats as Mr Hill slips in behind us “seats everybody” i gulp glances around desperately for a seat i forget we’d be in pairs.

all eyes are on me and within seconds the class is buzzing in soft whispers “Andrews” i hear jughead call sitting a few desks back, he gestures to the open seat next to him and gladly slip into it “thanks jones”.

he nods glancing to the front of the class “welcome back miss andrews” Mr Hill greets me “good to be back” i clear my throat awkwardly the eyes of my classmates piercing into me.

“so the hotter Andrews is finally back” i turn in my seat to see Reggie smirking in his seat running his hands through his hair “Reggie Mantle, god even Chicago couldn’t erase your idiot voice from my brain” i smile sweetly batting my eyelashes before facing forward rolling my eyes.

jughead laughs at my comment and i smile at him “baby you couldn’t forget me if you tried” i shake my head facing forward “oh but baby It’s not your devilish good looks that made you memorable it was more what you were lacking in you know where”

the class erupts in laughter and i smirk at my victory “ive always liked you feisty my little river vixen” he purs.

“enough” our teacher yells standing and scribbling notes on the board “good to be back” i mumble catching Reggies sleazy glances in the car of my eye “gross”

i mumble copying the notes “you okay?” jughead whispers “yeah just sleaze ball taking a little bit of a long look” i gesture to Reggie with my pencil and Jughead narrows his eyes at the boy.

“yeah he definitely hasn’t changed since you left” i laugh trying to hold in my giggles and people’s eyes start to stray from the board to me.

“hey juggie” he murmurs glancing to the board then back to his book “Betty & Veronica wanted to go to Pop’s after school to celebrate them making the team- do you maybe wanna come?”

he puts down his pencil facing me “andrews are you asking me out?” i jolt up shaking my head furiously

“no i um no i was just-” i give up when i realise im no longer speaking English “what i meant to say is that no the whole gangs going to be there and i want to hear more about what’s happening around here- Betty told me you’ve been writing about Jason”

he turns to the front nodding “ill be there, we can talk about Jason another time when it’s just the two of us” i nod returning to my work.

“why aren’t we celebrating you becoming a vixen?” i roll my eyes “ive been on the squad since freshman year juggie it’s not that big of a deal” i tease clicking my pen.

“noted” he replies focusing his full attention to the white board.



i turn to see my brother jogging over to me looking slightly puffed “you good?” i ask continuing to walk my brother following hot on my heels, i was eager to get out of this damn school and to Pop’s.

“are you going to the dance tonight?” i knit my brows “what dance?” i question approaching my locker to grab a few books slipping them into my bag.

“the school dance- its tonight- Betty asked if I’d go with her and Ronnie” i close my locker “she what?” i say surprised.

“i- i dunno she just asked if I’d go with them and i said yes which means you have to okay!” i grown “arch i don’t want to go to a stupid school dance” he grabs me by the shoulders pulling me toward him “please!” he begs.

i remove his hands from his shoulders and start the walk to his car, “please please please please please” i block him out taking long strides to reach Archie’s truck.

“open the damn truck arch” he shakes his head “Archie! Open the damn truck” i yell frustration consuming me at how annoying my brother was being “i swear to god Archibald is you do not open this door i will kill you!” i hiss and he shakes his head.

“ill open the door if you come to the dance” i groan resting my head against the door “fine fine! ill go” i say in defeat earning a happy yell from my brother followed by the beeps of the car being unlocked “hallelujah” i mumble getting into the car.

“Betty and Veronica are going to the mall to buy a dress so ill drop you off and you can pick out something nice okay” he teases smiling stupidly at you “why don’t we both ditch and order in watch a movie something actually enjoyable” i offer clasping my hands together to beg.

“no, i can’t let them go by themselves” i smack his arm “um why the bloody hell not? we can take care of ourselves yanno” i tell him irritation itching at me.

“oh well it’s your first social event back- you need this” i ignore him glancing out the window as he pulls into the parking lot of the mall “bye sissy” he teases. i slam his truck door and flip him off as he drives away.

“jerk” i mumble

“you made it!” i walk toward the blonde and the raven headed girls “i made it” i smile at them as they loop their arms in mine “let’s get you a killer dress” i tell Betty as we walk into the complex and she blushes

“archie tell you?” i nod “when were you going to tell me you asked my brother out?!” i exclaim bumping her shoulder “i didn’t ask him out i asked him to the dance with V it’s not like it’s a date”

“whatever you say coops” i wink at her and run my fingers across the nearest dress rack “wish i had someone to go to the dance with” i think aloud flicking through the hangers.

“what about Jughead? Yous seemed pretty cozy in the hall” Betty speaks up curiosity filling her voice “oh my god!” i exclaim cursing.

the mention of his name reminds me that we were supposed to be meeting at Pops now “shit shit shit” i smack my forehead trying not to think about how hurt he’s going to be when he shows up and none of us being there

“what’s wrong?” Ronnie asks concerned her arms full of dresses “i invited Jughead to Pops tonight and i totally spaced” i tell them guilty “im sure he’ll understand” Betty tries to comfort me placing a hand on my shoulder.

“i hope so” i sulk “do you know what happened with him and my brother?” she shakes her head “they haven’t really spoken since before summer break i don’t think they spoke for the whole summer” i gulp, great what the hell happened.

the rest of the shopping trip i spent too engulfed in my own thoughts and theories about my brother and his former bestfriend that i barely noticed buying a dress and getting to Betty’s house.

“earth to (y/n)” im snapped out of my thoughts by Ronnie, she waves the curling wand in front of my face “you almost ready Arch will be here soon” i nod finishing off my hair and grabbing my dress “ill just change and ill be down before you know it”

“okay we’ll be outside”

i nod closing the door and quickly changing into my dress sliding on my heels and applying another coat of lipstick before glancing at myself in the mirror. i didn’t look half bad i smile at my reflection before the tooting of a horn brings me back to earth

“really archie? i was coming jesus” i complain opening the front door of Betty’s house and walking down the driveway to meet my brother the girls already tucked into the car

“wow little sis you look decent when you put in effort”

i gasp shoving him in the chest “your 10 minutes older than me okay-”

he rolls his eyes at me and mockingly opens the door for me, i smile sarcastically at him and slip in the passenger seat “the quicker we get there the quicker we can get home” i think aloud

“c'mon it can’t be that bad” Veronica teased but i just shook my head “you have no idea”

a/n: sorry for it being long and kinda poopy im in the midst of starting a new part it’s just with the ending i wanted for this is would’ve taken SO LONG! but be excited for part three because their will be lots of jughead x reader fluff! so if you’d like that PLEASE (im low key begging you) to just type a ‘part 3’ or ‘i really like this series or just SOMETHING. silent readers get me down!

and as always requests are wide open my friend feel free to drop a question or a request, love hearing from you nuggets!


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When I think of him,
I think of dark evenings around 8 p.m., of pathetic pop songs and late night Internet - stalking. Of the tears I cried when he had another girlfriend, I think about timid smiles and soft hello’s, about unexplainable, mixed signals and confusing information.
I think of the way he smiled at me, giddy, like a schoolboy, of the way he smelled and how no cloud of smoke could make him less attractive.
I think about the songs ‘Razorblades’ and ‘The Ghost of You and I’ from Story of the Year. I think about the arguments about him with my parents and friends.
I think of Sundays and eye contact during church services. I think about always having to worry about him and the time he was in jail.

And eventhough overall it aren’t happy feelings, I would give so much to have it all back

—  confessions


No but really I am so thankful to them? Because of them I’ve met so many amazing and kind people? I just feel happier every day? They’re all so talented, amazing, dedicated, hardworking and so supportive of each other. They make me smile and laugh at random times of the day just like that. You know that person who is randomly and creepily smiling to themselves on a train or something? Yeah that’s me cause of Astro. Also because of them Aroha’s exist, you know Aroha’s, actual gifts from the heavens - kind, smart, beautiful and so loving? Ya’ll are so accepting of people as they enter the fandom it’s just so wonderful? I can’t even put into words how amazing you all are and how amazing Astro is – all I know for sure is that I hope this never ends.

So thank you - all of you - Astro and Arohas.

Jung Ho-seok As Your Boyfriend~

OMG I love Hobi so much! He make me smile a lot and I bet he make you smile too <3

⁃ He would make you laugh all the time. 

⁃ Sexy when dancing (most of the time for you). 

⁃ And taking you dancing with him. 

⁃ He would take you to the best places. 

⁃ Walking while holding hands. 

⁃ Doing aegyo when he wants something. 

⁃ Doing aegyo when he screws up. 

⁃ Very caring and loving with you, specially when you’re sick. 

⁃ Make you feel better when you’re down. 

⁃ Make you feel special and important all the time. 

⁃ The best part is the sex. 

⁃ He would be rough and easy at the same time. 

⁃ He would love you kissing his neck. 

⁃ Whispering sweet words on his ear, would make him crazy. 

⁃ A lot of cuddling and hugs.

⁃ He would be an awesome boyfriend, the one that you can tell everything, and who gives the best advice.

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Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce? That's awful! Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids? What do you expect to happen exactly? And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories. J2 ate good men and especially would not put kids in that situation and wanting a marriage to fail is horrible.

OH MY GOD!!! my first het!!! i’m so happy!!! i don’t know what to do i didn’t think it would happen!! i honestly feel so honored that you wasted your time to try and put me back on the “right” track or make me feel ashamed or something lmao

no but first of all i wanna thank you for not insulting me, really, i appreciate that

and second of all you have no idea how much you made me laugh so thank you! honnestly you just put a big smile on my face because you have no idea what you’re talking about it’s incredible! you have no clue whatsoever holy shit 

i could try to explain to you how i became a tinhat but it’d probably be like talking to a brick wall so i’ll link speak the truth (come on, give it a shot, maybe it’ll open your eyes a little) 

so anyway, i guess i’ll answer your questions now

“Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce?”

YES that’s EXACTLY what i want! don’t worry about the kids, it’ll be better for them if their parents stop pretending they’re in love and stop using them like shields against gay rumors, and i can guarantee you that jared never wanted to marry gen in the first place

“ Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids?”

ok so you may wanna sit down for this one… it’s really sad but the society we live in is homophobic and so, gay people don’t say they are gay because they’re scared it will make them be treated differently than straight people that’s why they lie and will go as far as pretending to be in a fake relationship to prove they are straight. it is what jared and jensen did to be sure to have as many opportunites as other young actors and still do because if they say they’re gay spn will be immediately over and now they’re too deep in their lies to come out, and they’re in their 30s now so it’s normal they have kids even if they’re in the closet and have to lie to them too, let them live god damn it

“What do you expect to happen exactly?”

well i hope that jared will divorce soon to make it easier for his mental health since being in the closet really affects him and then some time after spn ends and after jensen divorces danneel i hope that jared and jensen come out to live like any other couple. that’s what i think could happen

“And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories.”

well yeah but knowing what i know:

“J2 ate good men”

holy shit for real? did you call the police? no cos lying to people i can understand but eating good men? that’s just going way too far

“ would not put kids in that situation”

and yet that’s what they do buddy, i really don’t like that either but it’s them you have to blame, not me

“ wanting a marriage to fail is horrible”

im sorry what was that? i can’t hear you over the sound of jensen telling everyone that jared and gen’s wedding is fake as fuck

have a good day and thanks for the laugh!

Okay, serious time.
Congrats to you, Jack! I am very happy to be apart of this amazing, lovely community!! I am grateful that I found you. You are really humble and very genuine. I can’t wait for more new videos to come, new adventures and more fun with @therealjacksepticeye himself!
This month has been a great month so far! And I can’t wait for more to come! Congratulations once again, @therealjacksepticeye!! 💚
And yes! This drawing is full of various games you played! (Including Obey w/ Mark, Wade and Bob, Pedestrian, Portal w/ Bob, Tattletail, Night in the Woods many more!!)

15 Million Subscribers!

CONGRATS ON 15 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, SEAN!! Yay! Celebration time! Thank you for creating this community to what it is. I’m so happy to be in a community where I feel like I can be true to myself and have people who care, even if I’m thousands of miles away. Thank you for all the time and devotion you put in every video and thank you for being the caring and sweet man that you are. It always warms my heart to see just how much you care about us, even if you don’t know all of us individually. (Seeing other people’s videos from PAX makes me cry of joy for them) But most of all Sean, thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me, even through the bad times and making me smile all the time. Hopefully I can meet you one day soon (hopefully PAX West) so I can meet my hero. Anyway, congrats @therealjacksepticeye dude! Hope you celebrate this day with lots of cookies and cakes :P (or with the snacks from your snourney yesterday with Signe) Love ya dude! Have a wonderful day!

And to you and this community, I FUCKING LOVE YOU! (You may now return to your regularly scheduled programs) P.S. BAYTINS! (Sorry I’m stupid)

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To the awkward girl,

I was planning to write a letter to you but I never got around to it until now that is.

You are something else, genuinely. Your smile, your laugh, your jokes. They all make me like you more and it isn’t fair. Your glasses as well damn them, you look so cute in them. Honestly at the end of 2016 I liked you and I thought you liked me slightly as well, but as Y told you he liked you, you were so stressed. I was going to tell you the next day before I knew that he told you. Like A says I have very bad timing. You were so stressed out by it I told you that I didn’t like you. When Y posted a photo of you guys in that shop I felt so triggered, imagining you guys going out together like that.

Everyday before I sleep I check dear my blank hoping to see a letter addressed to me. Wishful thinking. I know we’ve ‘talked’ about this, that we’ve sorted it out. But whenever I talk to you its as if you’re pulling away, not wanting to talk to me. It makes me sad that we aren’t as close as we used to be. I get that I’ve liked many girls and you think I’ll probably get over this soon, I won’t you are so amazing it’s unbelievable I won’t get over you that easily. I can see you don’t take this seriously and tease S about me n her, honestly it feels like you’re stepping all over my feelings. Treating them as a joke. I genuinely like you, just one chance to prove myself is all I’m asking. But yet if you read this you’ll probably just be mad at me for still like you or something.

This probably won’t reach you cuz I don’t think you read this blog as often?¿ I’m not sure.

Weird feelings are weird.

The upside down M

I just went back and read all of my posts from last night and it was… an experience.

Thanks again to everyone who sent me love last night! I literally can’t believe how sweet all of you are, I feel so blessed. I needed a night of positive feelings after everything I’ve been dealing with, so it was nice to sorta climb out of my depression for a few hours.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! Make it a goal to bring a smile to someone’s face today. 💕💕

Congrats on 15 million!! You deserve every one of them, you make me and others soo happy and you are so genuine and nice and you understand us, which is very good thing. You have made me smile at times, all I can think is just cry and suicide, you have no idea how much you have helped me, you mean so much to me. Everynight I wanna cry myself to sleep, I just turn on your video and I feel happy and I feel the pain is away. So thank you for making my life little better, you are amazing. I wish I could be a Youtuber like you but it’s hard for me.. Because of my bad anxiety and what others think of me.. I know I shouldn’t think that but I can’t think anything else. Anyway, keep doing what you do and keep me and others happy! Love ya Jack 💚😋 @therealjacksepticeye

I’m trying to remember the first time… back when it all started. We were so young and careless. We had no idea of the world of obstacles ahead of us. I always think, if you knew then what you know now, would you still choose me? Would you still share your deepest secrets? Would you still give me your most fragile kiss? Thinking about those moments brings a smile to my face. Sometimes thinking about the beginning makes it all seem so worth it. It was worth it then, you and me. But now… now, you don’t chose me. You don’t share the intimate parts of your heart. You don’t look for moments to steal my breath away. I sometimes wonder if it’s because you forgot what the first time felt like. Or maybe you didn’t forget. Maybe you just pushed those thoughts aside.
—  Just know that I remember

selfless1978  asked:

💕: how does my muse express their feelings? do they do through small but meaningful gestures, or through bold declarations? (Leo please)

“Oh my dear so many questions,  hmm well I express my feelings though small gestures more than large ones, those are more Mikeys thing. I prefer giving them what they want, in small amounts so I can build up the relationship over time. Loving them through all the small things” Smiling softly he glanced behind him as he took in Mikey making kissy faces, “ giving small more personal gifts has more meaning and can be looked at fondly. Relationships are more for the parties involved than those around…so when would you like me to give your first gift?” He asked leaning in letting his lips brush hers.

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cynthia and lucina?

- I don’t think I’ve ever given her a different father than Frederick.
- please reclass her to a wyvern lord, it makes her op as fuck.
- I would pay good money for a justice cabal dlc/spin-off featuring her, owain and morgan.

- most inspiring character in all of FE.
- no joke, I literally smile when I think of her. She came to me in a very hard time in my life, proving to me that you can overcome impossible odds and innumerable foes for the sake of your family.
- I headcanon her as ace, despite hardly ever keeping her single in game for the stat boost.

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.