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First Date

BRUCE : you two stayed in the Manor. Bruce cooked you dinner and talked for hours, the you two decides to watch a movie, a horror movie. The movie was lame at first but then a killer clown appeared and made you jump hidding your face into his chest. Bruce laughed whispering comforting words about how it was just a movie. When the movie ended you Bruce had an arm around you, and you were pulled against his chest talking about how the movie was.

DICK: As he promised he took you dancing. When you walked done the stares his heart stopped. The low-cut black dress made him go crazy, thing that your brother did not appreciate. Being the perfect gentlemen he took you to this club where (your favourite music) was live performed. You two danced, talked and laugh all night long. “You know how beautiful you are?” “Well you’ve only told me a million times Dick.” “I just needed to make sure, baby.” When you two finished dancing, he took you back to the Manor, where obviously the while Batfam was waiting and gossiping about you two. “Get a life, would you?” “C'mon little sis, let us have some fun.” He personally walked you to your bedroom door, blushing like crazy from all the comments of the rest of the family. “I’ve had an amazing time, thanks Dick.” You told him and kissed the limit of his lips, walking in your room, leaving a really love-sick Grayson smiling like an idiot.

TIM: Tim took you to a little local book store, you two talked about pretty much every book you found, discussing which author was better and how amazing the book was. He bought you a book that he knew you fell in love with even though you told him not to buy it. “You didn’t have to.” “But I wanted, plus you love it, and I know and you look way too pretty with that happy smile now.” After that you took him to your favourite coffee place, and played 20 questions like the nerd you to were. “Seriously, 20 questions?” “What? I want to know you better.” You found out so much about how apasionante he was and how he actually loved his brothers. After your date he walked you home, shyly grabbing your hand. “You had a good time?” “The best I’ve ever had, thank you Drake.”

JASON: You prepared everything for you date. Cooking wasn’t your finest skill but you knew something about it. You ran up and down your apartment choosing a perfect outfit, checking your make up and changing your hair. You were really nervous. In a way, you were going in a blind date with a vigilante, crazy. The bell rings and you fly to the door, opening not believing the sight in front of you. “You’re fucking Jason Wayne?” “Just Jason but as a fact it is Todd not Wayne. You look amazing doll.” You were a little more nervous now, you liked him before but now everything you had cook looked so poor, however he loved it, just a beer and some Thai food with a beautiful girl, that was Jason’s perfect date. At the end of the night you two were in your couch talking and drinking beer, laughing at some jokes and stories about his vigilante nights. “So… I’ve had an amazing night. But you know what would make it an epic night.” “What?” “A kiss.” And with that he leaned in, cupping your fave with his free hand, smiling into the kiss. “I’m not sure that was epic enough, u think we need to make sure.” “Shut up Jason.” You laugh kissing him once again.

DAMIAN: You saw him standing on the center of the park, black shirt and jeans never looked so good on someone. “You look good out of the Robin costume.” You say making him turn around. “Are you going to tell me your name now?” “Wow, what a gentleman.” You sarcastically said. “Sorry, you look amazing, person I still don’t know the name.” “(Y/N). I go by (Y/N).” “Is that your real name?” “Is my name for now.” You smiled at him, as he offered his arm to  go for a walk. You two talked about everything and anything, forgetting the fact that he was a hero and you a criminal. Forgetting everything, now you were just two teenagers enjoying yourselves. “So are you going to arrest me and take me to the Bats?” You ask him. “Not tonight, I’m having too much fun.” He replies graving your hand. “Doesn’t mean I’ll stop chasing you.” “Wouldn’t dream of it, birdy boy.” You smirk at him. “I should get going, Ivy is weirdly overprotective believe it or no.” You laugh returning him his ledger jacket. “Keep it, you’ll be cold.” “Night Damian. "Night (Y/N).” And with that you desapeared leaving the young millionaire with a smile and a weird feeling.

Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue

Hey all, tonight’s kind of shitty, I know. But when I first saw the pictures tonight, all I could think of was Louis wearing Alex’s uniform. So here’s a quick scene from the OG verse I wrote about that. I hope it makes you smile tonight. I wrote in about twenty minutes so I’m sorry for any errors!

(and thanks @tommostummie for inspiring the title by sending me UNCALLED FOR lyrics to an old ‘soldiers coming home from war song’) 

“Where’re you, baby doll?” Alex called.

He had stepped out for maybe ten minutes to get a fresh set of milk bottles, a box of oats, and a tin of Vaseline, and in that time Louis had completely vanished from his favorite spot on the living room sofa. The book he had been reading was settled on the kitchen table, a cloth napkin holding his place, and Alex just gave it a glance and sighed.

“Louis?” he called again, and he didn’t get an answer that time, either. But he could hear the radio in their room, and he knew Louis couldn’t have gone far if he had turned it on.

Alex wandered into the next room, and the bedroom was empty, too, but he could see his chest of drawers was open, and he could see movement from between the half-open crack of the bathroom door.

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New Girl (chapter 2)

The losers club x reader

Word count: 912

First one is found here, losers: New Girl 

Requested: oh yes,,,by a lot of you lmao

Summary: Reader is the new girl and makes friends with the losers club cos she decked henry in the face 

Side note: a million apologies for making this super late. hate me. dO IT

Originally posted by kingkaspbrak

You and the losers went to the local pizza store to pick up a few boxes of pizza.

While you were walking with the losers to the pizza store you noticed a very interesting dynamic between the group. It was like they all had a role in some way. 

It was obvious that Bill is the leader. Mike seemed to be the brains and it seemed like Ben was too. They shared strong similarities. Eddie was kind of like the carer of the group, the nurturer. Stan was the one that thought of situations most rationally and didn’t talk much around you. Only spoke up when he had a question/comment on his mind or to tell Richie to shut the fuck up. Richie is the trash mouth, duh. But he was like the rainbow that came at the end of the heavy rain, he always managed to bring joy and make people smile even though he could be a little shit. And Beverly was just such a light in the darkness. Her smile is the most contagious thing you’ve ever seen. 

Once you were all inside the losers started to take out money to give to bill. 


“W-what’s w-w-wrong?” Bill asked.

“I’m sorry guys, I didn’t bring any money.” You were about to turn and leave. 

“That’s okay. There’s always next time,” Bill smiled at you.

You looked at the rest to see some sign of disapproval towards you, but they only smiled at you. But you waited a second longer for someone to say ‘nah, go home.’

Bev noticed. “It’s really okay,” She chuckled. “We’re all sharing so it’s fine,” She smiled. 

You smiled back and Bill ordered the pizza.

“We never got your name,” Ben stated. 

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N,” You told them. 

Bill came back with a few boxes of pizza. 

“Got the p-pizza. Lets eat.” You all went towards the table near the window.

“NOPE.” Richie called out. You all turned around and see Richie at another table with his face flat against the surface and his arms hugging the edges.

“What are you doing?” Mike asked. 

“I want to sit at this table,” He groaned. 

“The fuck. Why?” Eddie questioned. 

“It understands me,” Richie whispered. 

You raised a brow looking towards the group. “It understands him?”

“Ignore him, he’s just being an idiot.” Eddie told you.

“Eddie spaghetti come here and sit.” 

“Nope, you know how much that name annoys me.” Eddie huffed.

“Okay, fine. But everyone please come sit here.” He whined. 

Nobody moved. 


“OKAY! WE’LL SIT WITH YOU.” Mike shouted. Everyone walked over to Richie who had a grin plastered on his face. 

“You’re quite interesting, Richie.” You stated as you sat beside Bev. 

“It’s the stupidity and emptiness up here,” Eddie said tapping Richie’s temple, only for RIchie to grab his hand and lick it. 

“YUCK. FOUL.” Eddie screeched as Richie chuckled. Eddie whipped out hand sanitizer and vigorously rubbed and applied it around his hand and between his fingers. “Gross,” He muttered. 

You found yourself liking their friendship very much. They were different in every way but fit perfectly together.

As you all ate the pizza you got a bunch of questions. Like your favorite comic series, favorite ice cream, color, school subject and etc. You answered each one honestly.

“What’s you favorite animal.” Ben asked. 

You thought over it. “I don’t really know…” You trailed off. “Oh! I guess I like birds a lot.” You didn’t notice Stan’s head snap up and looked directly at you. 

“I think they’re pretty neat. So yeah, I guess I love birds.” 

Stan grabbed your shoulders and looked right into your eyes, “You are now my favorite person.”

“Damn it, Y/N. You took my place.” Richie whined. 

“You weren’t even close,” Stan said. 

“Ouch.” He huffed placing his hand over his chest. “Thou hast hurt me.”

Stan rolled his eyes and tried to hid his smile. It seemed like Stan didn’t like Richie but if you looked closely you can see he fiercely cares for him. He just doesn’t show his affectionate that much, it’s just eye rolls and ‘shut the fuck ups.’

The pizza was finished. 

“We r-ready to g-go?” Bill asked. 

Everyone nodded in response. 

“Well we don’t have any money left for ice cream so we might as well go home.” Ben sighed, 

“O-oh, are you d-d-doing anything t-tonight?” Bill asked you. 

You shook your head no. 

“Well, we’re g-going to m-my house and h-having a h-huge sleep o-over if you w-want to c-come.” 

“On a school night?”

“Yeah, we do it all the time,” Mike chimed in. 

You nodded. “Yeah, I’ll come.”

Bill grabbed a pen from his pocket and took your hand. “G-go h-home and get a s-spare change of c-clothes, a pillow, and a s-sleeping b-bag and c-come to t-this address.” He finished writing down his address on your hand that now had blue ink printed on it. 

“Okay, sweet.” You smiled. 

“Do you want me to come with you?” Bev asked you. “In case you just want someone to come along? Keep you company, make sure you don’t get lost? I would say maybe in case you run into some trouble but it looks like you could already handle that.” She smiled. 

“Yeah,” You beamed nodding. “Lets go.”

“We’ll see you guys at Bill’s.” Bev told the boys. 


Bev linked her arm with yours and went onward. “Okie dokie, lets go.”


nitrabant  asked:

Hi Mark! Today five friends and me drafted Unstable. It was a BLAST! My girlfriend still suffered from a cold but joined as well, assembled Contraptions, let loose a ton of goblins and resolved two hand Homunculus and the same time – we all had so much fun! Thanks for making this possible! YOU ROCK!

All these positive posts bring a big smile to my face.

I (and many others) put a lot of sweat and tears into making Unstable happen, so seeing it embraced so warmly means a lot.

Mini Zukka Headcannon Thing

Insults are pet names

  • A few include, on Sokka’s side, jerk, jerkbender, and emo lord
  • –There’s never, ever, any comment on Zuko’s scar.
  • Zuko’s include idiot, fishbrain, and the occasional peasant.
  • –If anyone calls Sokka an idiot though he will fight them.

They just casually insult each other all the time. Like that’s their thing, purposefully annoying each other and insulting each other, ect.

  • It works better than one might think. It makes Zuko smile, and occasionally laugh and boy let me tell you that does things to Sokka.
  • –Like if Zuko’s smiling, it will immediately make Sokka smile. No question about it.

Zuko is always the little spoon. Always. Zuko loves being held, and Sokka loves holding.

Sokka is the first person to make Zuko laugh after his mother left.

They are literally definitions of “marry your best friend.”

“The way she touches me satiates this desire inside of me.. filling me with this burning, this hunger.. this unrivalled need and want to please her like she’s melting right in front of my eyes and the only thing I have to clean her up with is my tongue.. and feeling her body writhe and buck below me in the throes and fires of that sensual passion.. lights me off in ways that she could never understand. There’s nothing quite like feeding her closer and closer to the orgasm that is creeping forward, between her thighs.. the feeling grows and tingles until she is driven wild by an explosion from inside of her.. that makes her smile from time to time and that’s what it’s all about. That’s what you do for someone you love..”

Eue - Reminiscent of treasures past - lighting her fire

tur-nerd-tle-girl  asked:

You were the last thought I had before slipping off into sleep and the first thought I had as I woke this morning. I can’t stop the smiling, in fact I don’t want to stop. I want the world to see how happy I am. It’s all because of you. 💜💜

Oh Wō-ya you’re the most amazing thing ever to walk into my life. I honestly don’t know what I’d ever do without you. You mean more to me than anything. If I could give you the whole world I would. You’re always on mind all the time my love. You make me the happiest turtle in the world.

If you think I won’t scroll through 3000 notes just to look at the tags you put on my posts, you really underestimate your importance and how a cute tag can make my day 100 times better

BTS Reaction - when you refuse to make noise during sex

So I took liberties a little bit from the original request, just to make sure they weren’t all too samey.  Forgive me. 


“Jagiya, what’s wrong?”  Jin directs the question up to you from where his head is nestled between your breasts, and even though there’s concern in his eyes it doesn’t do anything to still the graze of his thumb across your swollen nipple.

You’re confused; nothing’s wrong.  It’s just the opposite, in fact, and when you lift your head from the pillow to look down at his painfully handsome face and he sees that befuddlement in your expression Jin smiles kindly, turning his head to briefly kiss your breast.  

“You’re so quiet,” he explains further, and suddenly you understand what it is he means.  

You and Jin have only very recently started having sex - in fact you could probably count all the occasions on just one hand - and the last time you had your boyfriend had very firmly planted his over your mouth to silence you.   With no explanation at the time, and none afterwards to speak of either, you’d taken it to mean that you were clearly too loud in bed and that this wasn’t something he liked nor appreciated.  So of course, in an effort to please him and save yourself the embarrassment, this time around you’d made a considered effort to bite your lip and keep all those usual moans in.  It wasn’t easy, by any means.  

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anonymous asked:

Gosh, some sleepy paladin headcanons would be nice rn...

this is my aesthetic 

  • hunk is the best cuddler and keith is the clingiest cuddler
  • shiro can fall asleep with his eyes open like gandalf in lord of the rings. this makes mission debriefings very interesting 
  • lance needs warm milk with honey to feel sleepy. once keith (who is pining) finds out, he always goes to get a cup late at night so he can bump into lance whose hair is mussed up and who smiles softly at him
  • allura gets cold easily so she wears fuzzy pink socks to bed
  • keith doesn’t wear his altean pyjamas because he sleeps in his clothes. this leads to pidge stealing them so she can wear a red and green Christmas fusion 
  • coran has an extremely elaborate night-time routine which includes spritzing his moustache, doing 10 jumping jacks, and checking under the bed to make sure pidge isn’t there to scare him again 
  • shiro carries blankets around with him so that he can tuck in his kids when he finds them asleep in random places. hunk is almost always sleeping in the rec room
  • when allura was little, coran would read her altean bedtime stories to make her sleepy. she still asks him to do it if she’s been having a bad day. if coran can’t, shiro does it because he has the most soothing voice
  • pidge has an eye-mask with actual eyes printed on it and it makes everyone scream at breakfast
  • coran: ‘hunk, would you like to help me clean the pods?’ hunk curling up into a ball on the spot: ‘no. goodnight.’ coran: ‘it’s 3pm my dear boy’ 
  • keith always falls asleep halfway through movie nights. one time he falls asleep on lance’s shoulder, and he looks so peaceful that lance just lays down on the couch and holds keith close. when they wake up, they’re both soft from sleep and smiling sappily at each other like pining losers, and then they both turn red and jump away
  • allura talks in her sleep. according to the mice it’s all poetic wisdom like ‘don’t eat eggs on a tuesday’ or ‘lance put that vase down before i make you regret it’ 
The Signs as Led Zeppelin Lyrics
  • Aries: I Can't Quit You, Baby, so I'm gonna put you down for awhile. [I can't quit you]
  • Taurus: Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. [Going To California]
  • Gemini: Her style is new but the face is the same as it was so long ago, but from her eyes a different smile like that of one who knows. [Heartbreaker]
  • Cancer: If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me. [Thank You]
  • Leo: There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold and she’s buying a stairway to heaven. [Stairway To Heaven]
  • Virgo: Working from seven to eleven every night, it really makes life a drag, I don't think that's right. [Since I've been loving you]
  • Libra: You've been coolin', baby, I've been droolin', all the good times baby I've been misusin', way, way down inside, I'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give you every inch of my love. [Whole Lotta Love]
  • Scorpio: Lots of people talking, few of them know, soul of a woman was created below. [Dazed and Confused]
  • Sagittarius: Oh let the sun beat down upon my face with stars to fill my dream. I am a traveler of both time and space to be where I have been. [Kashmir]
  • Capricorn: Communication Breakdown, It's always the same, I'm having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane! [Communication Breakdown]
  • Aquarius: We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. [Immigrant Song]
  • Pisces: Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan. It's got what it takes to make a mountain man leave his home. [When the Levee Breaks]

Preparing for cold winters by always staying warm  ♡

End of the World

Title: End of the World

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 3722

Warnings: not proof-read, swearing, mentions of violence, fluff, slight angst if you squint and turn your head to the side, semi-anxious reader

Authors Note: first Steve/Stranger Things fic because I think we can all agree that Steve Harrington gives us all the feels *throws confetti* this is set directly after the events in s2 (also the title is kind of misleading it’s not quite what you think, take a listen to this to understand my weird train of thought)

Originally posted by stoncyy

If someone had told Steve Harrington three months ago that his car would be crammed with middle schoolers and a quiet girl with powers that he didn’t fully understand, he would have outright laughed in their faces and asked them how much they had had to drink. The only part that made any sense was having his best friend, Y/N, by his side, even if she was being a little quieter than usual.

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Everything I Forgot To Say - To Taylor

We talked about music

We talked about my cat

You called me an angel and gorgeous, I will never forget that.

I fell over your couch

We danced all night

But most importantly, you hugged me tight.

I forgot to tell you so much

So I’m saying it today

Here is everything I forgot to say:

Thank you for being there since I was six

For making me smile

And teaching me how to do awesome hair flips.

Your music was there when my house burnt down

Through the high school problems

And when I have a frown

Thank you for hanging out with me online

For being so inpsiring

And making me smile all the time

Because of you I play piano and ukulele

I paint your lyrics

And listen to your music on the daily

Most importantly thank you for wanting to meet me

October 18th was truly a dream

I miss you dearly

I forgot to tell you how much I love you

I forgot to remind you to have a great day

I think that was everything I forgot to say.

Thomas Sanders — Losing my Motivation {Sentence Starters}

  • “Can I take a stab?”
  • “Who gave him a knife?!”
  • “Oh, I like dramatic twists!”
  • “No, you can’t play with us!”
  • “I’m not always the bad guy.”
  • “That was dark even for ME.”
  • “Avoiding things is my specialty.”
  • “I’m sorry, what is happening here?”
  • “I am a knight, thank you very much!”
  • “How could you do it? I trusted you…”
  • “Feelings… the bane of my existence.”
  • “Can’t be a bad video if you never make one.”
  • “Bleak. But, I appreciate you trying to contribute.”
  • “And, as usual, you were completely unnecessary.”
  • “Well, if it’s not a perfect idea, it’s not good enough!”
  • “Look, I am out there living the fanciful dream, okay?”
  • “HA! I LIKE that nickname and I’m gonna use it, now!”
  • “Did you actually look in a mirror when you put that on?”
  • “Um, rude much? I was just touching up my eyeshadow.”
  • “Shush and make a face of agreement like everyone else.”
  • “I have reason to believe YOU are the cause of our conundrum!”
  • “Whatever comes, you have to allow yourself to make mistakes.”
  • “Yeah, that has put me in some bad last-minute situations, before…”
  • “And, when in doubt, remember everything we do is all pointless, anyway.”
  • “I am the cause of this. But I’m also the solution… to a problem I had caused.”
  • “It was in my cardigan since my character was first introduced, isn’t that something?”
  • “There’s an infinitesimal amount of things in this bizarre, massive universe, brimming with exciting mysteries, and you don’t really know what to talk about?”
  • “Am I in a paradoxal loop where I endlessly generate a problem and try to solve it like a snake devouring its oWN TAIL IN ORDER TO SATIATE ITS HUNGER?”
being the middle wheeler child [headcanons]

Originally posted by stilinskikissme

Request: @xbarrjallenx said “can I please request a ‘being mike and nancy’s sister…’ head canon? thank you!“

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader (platonic, family), Nancy Wheeler x Reader (platonic, family), Steve Harrington x Reader (oops it’s romantic)

this is so long and all over the place and i’m thinking of doing a steve story based on this headcanon. thoughts?

  • being a Wheeler has made your life…interesting.
  • to start, you’re the awkward middle child, three years older than Mike and a year younger than Nancy.
  • even though you’re closer in age to Nancy, you can’t help but feel closer to Mike.
  • you‘ve always been the one who watches over them during their campaigns, even joining in when you get bored of doing homework
  • (the whole party loves you)
  • ((in fact, Dustin, Lucas, and Will all have secret crushes on you but shh))
  • but of course you’re still pretty close with Nancy
  • I mean
  • who else are you gonna go to for advice?
  • and gossip?
  • she’s your role model.
  • surprisingly, you fit in with the popular crowd at school
  • which means that you catch the attention of King Steve fairly quickly.
  • you can’t help but fall for the big-haired dork
  • I mean, he hangs out with you a lot and he’s actually showing interest in you
  • just when you think he’s about to ask you out…
  • he goes after Nancy.
  • you can’t help but feel heartbroken
  • and Mike notices, so he tries to distract you, using D&D in order to keep your attention focused away from Steve & Nancy
  • when Will goes missing, things get worse
  • you thought Steve asking Nancy out hurt?
  • imagine losing someone who you’ve known all your life.
  • you go to the search party, tears in your eyes as you search for little Byers
  • when you don’t find anything, you sneak out with the boys
  • you’re just as surprised as they are when you find Eleven
  • you are the one who she trusts the most
  • you give her your old clothes and help the boys set up a small fort in your basement
  • this whole thing has definitely kept your mind off Steve
  • too bad Nancy has to ruin it and drag you to his house the next night.
  • the party is lame (in your opinion) but you just don’t want to see Steve and Nancy making out
  • so when Barb cuts herself, you jump at the chance to leave
  • you take Barb’s side in her argument with Nancy, causing Nancy to say some pretty mean stuff to you
  • (like, even Tommy and Carol are shocked)
  • ((so is Steve but he decides to stick with Nancy instead of you))
  • so you stand up straight and hold back your tears, following Barb outside..
  • …where you are both taken by the Demogorgon.

  • you wake up disoriented, not knowing where you are
  • you’re blinded by bright lights, and when your eyes adjust, you can’t help but smile.
  • sitting around you are Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Will.
  • you shift around, trying to get comfortable
  • this automatically wakes up Mike, which wakes up Dustin, which wakes up Lucas, which wakes up Will
  • the four boys surround you in a hug before Mike sits up straight, grinning widely.
  • in stumbles Nancy, eyes red and swollen and hair all over the place
  • she lets out a sob as she throws herself on you, apologizing profusely as she realizes just how close she had come to losing you
  • you’re super confused for a few minutes before it all comes back to you
  • Eleven, Barb, Will, the place that the kids now call the “Upside Down”
  • your eyes widen as you look at Mike
  • please tell me no one is dead.”
  • Mike looks at Nancy, who looks right back at him
  • they speak in unison
  • El is gone”
  • “Barb is gone”
  • you look down slightly before getting up, making your way to the door before you feel your legs give out 
  • you begin to fall, feeling two sets of arms steady you
  • woah there kid. take it easy.”
  • it’s Jim Hopper, who you haven’t seen this sober in years. 
  • (Y/N) you’re awake!”
  • all of a sudden, you’re being embraced by someone and you can’t help but smile as you recognize the familiar scent of Farrah Fawcett Hairspray.

  • things are finally going back to normal
  • no Demogorgon and no Upside Down to worry about
  • but then Christmas comes along
  • and you wake up sick
  • your mom forces you to stay in bed, and you listen
  • until you end up in the bathroom, throwing up like crazy.
  • when you see the weird slug coming out of you, you calmly stand up, flush the toilet, and sprint all the way to the Byers household
  • you flinch slightly at Joyce’s smiling face, not wanting to ruin her day
  • you ask her permission to talk to Will and she agrees, knowing that you two are the only ones who understand each other.
  • Will admits that he’s experiencing the same things as you but makes you promise not to tell anyone.
  • you reluctantly agree and he smiles before hugging you.
  • I’m scared (Y/N)”
  • you can’t help but feel protective over Will but you can’t find it in you to lie to him and tell him it’ll all be alright.
  • so you settle for the truth
  • me too Will. me too.”
  • you reject Jonathan’s offer to drive you back home, and although Joyce is worried, she knows that you need the time to yourself.
  • you’re stopped on your way home by a honk
  • you look up slowly to see Steve Harrington leaning our the window of his car
  • hey Wheeler. what’s a pretty girl like you doing out here all alone?”
  • you scoff and roll your eyes before walking away, only for him to follow you up the road.
  • c’mon Wheeler. what’d I do?”
  • Steve eventually gets out of the car and catches up to you, grabbing your wrist and bringing you in, eyes widening when you start crying
  • he wraps you in his arms and carries you to his car before driving off
  • wanna talk about it?” he gently asks. you nod.
  • and so you spill everything
  • and by ‘everything’, I mean
  • e v e r y t h i n g
  • the vague things you remember from the Upside Down, admitting that you remember Barb dying. everything.
  • including your crush on him and your heartbreak over his relationship with Nancy
  • yet you keep your promise to Will, and don’t say a word about the slugs
  • Steve stares at you for a moment before grabbing your cheeks and leaning in
  • your eyes widen and just as his lips brush over yours,
  • you open the door and dart out of the car, running all the way home
  • you couldn’t kiss Steve. you couldn’t do that to Nancy.
  • you start to avoid Steve, even though he always tries to talk to you about it
  • you spend even more time with the kids, immersing yourself in Mike’s search for Eleven.

  • soon enough, it has been nearly a year since the events with the Upside Down
  • you find yourself struggling, visions of that place becoming more and more frequent
  • until it all culminates on Halloween
  • you get dragged to Tina’s party by Jonathan 
  • and you’re actually having fun, until Nancy and Steve get into their fight
  • Steve comes up to Jonathan, telling him to take Nancy home before turning to you
  • you stare at each other until Jonathan comes back, Nancy in his arms
  • you turn and walk away with Jonathan, grabbing his car keys in order to open the door for him
  • After placing Nancy in the car, you realize you forgot your purse so you go back, telling Jonathan to go ahead without you
  • you hear a small shriek from the woods behind the house and can’t help but go near it
  • you find some sort of small creature, which runs when it sees you.
  • you follow it all the way to the Henderson’s home before deciding to turn back…
  • only to find yourself in the Upside Down once again
  • you notice a large shadow looming over the town, and your anxiety skyrockets.
  • the thing makes its way towards you and all of a sudden, you’re in Jim Hopper’s arms.
  • you can’t speak. everything that comes out of your mouth are broken stutters
  • so Hopper takes you to a small, rustic cabin
  • where you find
  • “(Y/N)!!”
  • all of a sudden you’re tackled by a curly head of hair
  • Eleven?”
  • Hopper tells you everything that has happened since last year 
  • you’re just really happy that El is okay.
  • soon you have to go back, promising that you won’t tell anyone about El.
  • you eventually get dragged into the whole thing with Dart, and you have to run around looking for him
  • you run into El, and quickly help her get out of the school, narrowly avoiding Mike
  • you burst outside and find yourself back in the Upside Down
  • Will stands there, gaping at the weird shadow monster
  • you quickly run to Will, trying to get the monster away from him
  • you’re successful but know that it has infected Will.
  • ((you are unaware that a part of it has entered you now as well))
  • you try and help Joyce with Will, and eventually help Bob figure out where Hopper is located but you don’t go with them
  • Mike doesn’t want to let you go but you assure him that you’re going straight home
  • you arrive home, where you run into Dustin
  • and eventually Steve
  • the burning of the tunnels hurt both you and Will, although it hurts Will significantly more
  • Dustin and Steve don’t know what to do
  • eventually, y’all go to the junkyard, where you meet up with Max and Lucas.
  • the kids are all busy arguing, leaving you and Steve alone
  • hey (Y/N), I think it’s time we talk about what happened last Christmas.”
  • “no offense Steve, but now is not really the best time for that.”
  • Steve is so done with you ignoring him but before he can do anything about it, you’re all stuffed inside the bus waiting for the demodogs.
  • you’re on the floor with a demodog about to devour you when all of a sudden, they’re called off.
  • the first thing Steve does when he picks you up is dip you into a dramatic kiss, causing all the kids to groan
  • what about Nancy?”
  • “we broke up the night of Tina’s party. turns out she never loved me and I never loved her. we were always focused on other people.”
  • you eventually make your way to Hawkins Labs, meeting up with everyone else.
  • Nancy hugs you super tightly
  • so, Jonathan huh?”
  • “so, Steve huh?”
  • you find Joyce, Hopper, Will, and Mike and quickly drive to the Byers household.
  • (Y/N) I thought you said you were going straight home!”
  • “shut up Michael. something got in the way.”
  • you quickly realize that you must be sedated as well
  • even though you’re not completely possessed, you’re still a risk
  • you manage to calm down Will when he wakes, and smoothly translate his message towards the others: CLOSE GATE.
  • you’re taken to Hopper’s cabin as well, and the virus comes out of you much more easily than it comes out of Will.
  • eventually, Will is freed and you just know that El has closed the gate.

  • a month later, you find yourself fixing Mike’s tie before the Snow Ball
  • you and Nancy are also going, being in charge of snacks and drinks, respectively.
  • you can’t help but chuckle as Dustin walks into the school, hair all puffed up just like Steve
  • you really can’t help but smile as Nancy walks over and asks to dance with him
  • you find yourself swaying softly to the music, leaning against the walls before..
  • can I have this dance?”
  • you look over to see Steve standing there, a goofy smile on his face as he looks at you
  • you gingerly place your hand in his and squeak as he tugs you closer to him
  • you smile fondly as you spot Mike kissing El and turn to Steve when you hear his laugh slightly
  • what?” you ask
  • it’s just, I don’t know why I didn’t ask you out last year.”
  • “well you were in love with Nancy.”
  • “that’s the thing (Y/N). I never was. it was always you that I was in love with. not her.”
  • you find yourself unable to speak as you pull Steve down, pressing your lips against his in a kiss that leaves him completely breathless.
  • you bounce apart when you hear a squeal and look up to see Nancy and Jonathan standing there, the latter holding a camera up.
  • Jonathan smirks before handing you a polaroid. “congrats.”
  • Nancy follows, leaning up towards Steve and whispering in his ear. “if I see her cry you’re dead Harrington. got it?”
  • Steve chuckles and nods before coming face to face with Dustin and Lucas. 
  • if you hurt her, I will break you, you son of a bitch!” Dustin exclaims.
  • if you ever get bored, call me.” Lucas says with a wink, causing Max to snort.
  • Mike and Eleven are the last to speak. 
  • if you ever do anything bad to her Harrington,” Mike starts.
  • yeah yeah. I get it. you’ll hurt me.” Steve interrupts.
  • Mike snorts before speaking.
  • no. i’ll let el come after you.”
  • you can’t help but laugh at Mike’s words, bringing him into a hug that soon draws Nancy in as well.
  • even though the past two years have been terrifying, you’re just glad that you had such amazing siblings with you every step of the way.

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