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im just saying itd make perfect sense if bellamy and clarke were percys and annabeths reincarnations

Only A Little - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

A Stiles imagine where the pair of you are major geeks/ dorks.
Best friend fluff
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Being Stiles’ best friend was sometimes difficult, but most of the time it was the two of you geeking out over things no one else understood. Today was one of those days.

“But then he was all like ka-pow and just straight up, out-of-nowheres this guy and it’s all over. That quick. A little bit of a let down if you ask me, I was definitely expecting a little bit more from him.” You were rambling again but Stiles’ didn’t mind, considering that’s all he ever did. 

“I know right! Nobody else thought so though, which was strange. I mean, We’re right, right? Of course we are, we always are.” He questioned himself but quickly shook that off. Of course you two were right. Everyone else in the room was staring at you tow like you both had grown an extra head as you both began to make strange hand gestures to show how happy you both were that someone thought the same as you.

“You pair are actually the strangest people I’ve ever met.” Lydia’s voice seemed to break you both from your silent conversation.

“Only a little bit. Most days, that is.” You answered while Stiles sat there looking completely bewildered by the fact that those words had just spilled from her mouth. 

“You’re all just jealous you don’t understand the awesomeness that is us.” Stiles huffed. “We are amazing people that you just can’t handle.” He said, both of you doing your secret handshake without turning away from the group. 

“We are quite strange aren’t we?” You questioned turning back to face the Stilinski boy.

“Only a little.” He grinned at you. Then you both proceeded to dive back into the conversation that was at hand.

Owen Grady would never make you feel bad about yourself. Owen Grady would tell you you looked mighty fine and wave at you like a major dork when you drove by him in the park and he’d probably not think of getting you flowers himself but once he realized that it would make you happy he’d probably pick the flowers himself and make some messy wild flower bouquet and look like a giant dork when he tried giving it to you.