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For some reason all I can imagine is when Combeferre admits to Courfeyrac that he likes him, Courf is so surprised and nervous and so didn’t see that coming that he just jazz hands away backwards and into a different room so he can hyperventilate ecstatically in peace and Combeferre is just bemused like that did not go as expected

im just saying itd make perfect sense if bellamy and clarke were percys and annabeths reincarnations

Mikasa: …Wait… What.
Eren: You weren’t there at the shoot? Levi’s last name is Ackerman, too.
Mikasa: This is…
Eren: I know, it’s stupid. The directors never even bothered to tell us-
Mikasa: -amazing. Oh my GOD. (bursts into laughter)
Eren: …Are you serious?
Mikasa: (wheezing) I can’t breathe!
Eren: Mikasa, what the hell is wrong with you-
Mikasa: -wheeeew well this is awkward. So great. But so awkward. (soundless laughing) I bet he’s so red right now.
Eren: …You guys totally did it, didn’t you.
Mikasa: Last night after shooting. It just sort of, I don’t know, happened. But freaking hell, if that’s not irony I don’t know what is.
Eren: (in absolute shock) Oh my God.
Mikasa: The fans are gonna lose their shit, though. Hopefully we’re not actually related. Levi’s gonna die of a heart attack.
Eren: That fragile, huh.
Mikasa: Like you wouldn’t believe.

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Matchup plz? I'm 19, straight, female, Matchup? I'm a girl, 5'0", brown hair with blue highlights, brown eyes, glasses, a Leo, love cats, video games and anime, history nerd, a major dork with a huge ass imagination, prefers to be alone, and has anxiety ADHD and depression. I love mint chocolate chip icecream. I have no filter and tend to turn people off because of it. I love Saeyoung and Vanderwood! Did I say I love books and video games? Congrats btw!

yoooo I’m a leo too ♥ REPRESENT!!! today your match-up is *drum roll*


Seven is a major dork. You are a major dork. IT’S A MATCH MADE IN HEAVENNNNNN!!!! Seriously, you guys would be perfect together. The two of you would just sit in a room playing video games for HOURS, only saying a couple of words to each other because yours both so focused LOL


  • it’ 2am, and you juts finished re-watching your favorite history documentary
  • Of course, when you try to fall asleep you CAN’T because your damn imagination is ALL OVER THE PLACE
  • Soooo, you call your favorite person in the world
  • “Seven? Yeah, I can’t sleep.”
  • “Me neither. You wanna go get ice cream?”
  • “At 2am?”
  • “Yup.”
  • “I’m in.”
  • Since this wasn’t the first time you and Seven had late night ice cream adventures, the two of you knew exactly where to meet
  • As soon as you walked in you saw Seven holding two ice cream cones
  • “Here’s your mint chocolate chip!”
  • “Aww, you remembered my order?”
  • “Duh, you get the same thing every time!”
  • The rest of the night was spent gushing about your favorite animes, arguing over your favorite ships, and laughing
  • And the entire time all Seven could think about was how much he loved you

14/34: november third

(november third)

when he was eight, they held a dinner party for his birthday, celebrating the continuation of the black family name. ‘toujours pur,’ his parents would always say.

sirius hated it. he hated that he had to dress in his fanciest robes and chat amongst the other pure-blood snobs. all they did was repeat what they heard from their parents. he wished his cousin andromeda was coming, at least then he would have an intelligent companion. he supposed he had regulus. he would be fun if his parents weren’t around.

when he was ten, he was told to act like a black. but what does it mean to act like a black? all he knew was that he needed to protect reg. protect him from the wrath of his father, even if he was hurt in the process. all he knew was that his parents slept in different beds. all he knew was that he was expected to be someone he didn’t want to be. all he knew is that blacks hurt people, or were hurt by people. and frankly, he didn’t know which was worse.

‘happy birthday, si,’ his brother said as he handed him a slice of cake he had brought to his room. sirius had been punished by his parents again.

‘thanks, reg.’

so maybe not regulus. he was too innocent to hurt someone. he wouldn’t let them damage him.

when he turned twelve, he spent the day in the hospital wing with james, remus, and peter. remus was recovering from the flu. again. he repeatedly apologised to sirius for ‘ruining his birthday,’ but sirius didn’t mind. james had even managed to convince madam pomfrey to get them hot chocolate and cake. james’ argument had been that if it helped against dementors, then it should help fight the flu.

sirius had the feeling that james could convince anyone to do anything if he tried hard enough. james made him feel like he belonged, like he wasn’t just a black. james made sure that two days later, when remus left the hospital wing, they were able to sneak out and have s’mores and hot chocolate in the quidditch pitch.

when he was fourteen, he spent the morning cheering on his best mate from the quidditch stand. he cheered as james made another spectacular throw.

he shouted as he watched one of the gryffindor beaters, tom belch, throw the bludger towards regulus. it was at times like this where he felt like a traitor. how could he truly be a gryffindor when his blood was made of green and silver?

he screamed as a bludger hit james. maybe his blood was green and silver, but his loyalties lied with james potter.

when he was sixteen, he attacked a boy the muggle way for making fun of remus and peter. it didn’t help that it was one of regulus’ friends. one of the boys who would grow up to be just like their fathers and marry someone just like their mothers.

james and he spent an hour being lectured by mcgonagall about keeping their tempers and how barbaric it was to duel the muggle way. they spent an hour in detention that night, something they were quite used to at that point.

they didn’t regret what they did. if anything, sirius would have gone for another had the professors not shown up. he refused to let anyone get away with hurting his mates. he can’t save regulus, not anymore–but he’ll keep trying for the time being–but he’ll save them. he has to.

when he was eighteen, he felt loved. he received presents from monty and emma who had adopted him as their second son when he was sixteen. he received a birthday card from them too, they wanted to celebrate his birthday during christmas break–even if he no longer lived with them.

it was a thursday. and they all went to class, but it was implied that the four boys would all go to hogsmeade tonight.

‘bring evans with,’ sirius told james as they walked to the great hall for breakfast. peter and remus had gone to the kitchen, he would later find out, in order to convince the house-elves to sing him happy birthday. it was peter’s idea, and it was peter who had been able to convince them.

‘i thought it was supposed to be us. it is your birthday after all,’ he tried to play it cool, but sirius knew that james wanted lily there.

‘i want my friends with me, and lily is my friend.’ he nudged his mate lightly, even if she does lets you snog her.’

james laughed, ‘prat,’ he uttered before ruffling his own hair.

but james was giddy the whole day, even when lily kissed sirius on the cheek and told him she’d be happy to come tonight.

when it was ten at night, they snuck out past curfew. peter and sirius took the cloak and trailed behind remus, lily, and james. the latter three argued that they didn’t need the cloak because, if they were caught, they could always say they had some prefect duty to handle–unless it was mcgonagall of course.

he watched as james helped his girlfriend into the secret passage, holding her hand and making her laugh the entire time. he included the rest of them as well, making sure they knew he hadn’t forgotten about them.

‘i bet ten galleons they’ll be married this time next year,’ he whispered to remus and peter.

he saw peter analyse them, ‘all right, i’ll take it.’

‘you in, moony?’

‘i don’t bet when i know i’ll lose, i like a challenge,’ sirius laughed.

‘what’s so funny, black,’ the head girl asked him.

‘your love life,’ he teased her.

‘oy,’ james shouted, but there was a small smile on his face as he saw lily laugh.

‘he’s not wrong,’ she admitted.

that was one of his happier birthdays, one of the ones that kept him a little sane in azkaban.

he remembered lily trying to outdrink him.

‘a bit of a lightweight, aren’t you, black?’

‘i’m not drunk yet, red,’ he said as he took another swing.

‘but you stopped drinking firewhisky, you’re drinking the weak mead,’ she pouted, her green eyes fluttering slightly.

‘let’s get you some water, lily,’ james said trying to sober her up. the redhead shrugged him off, ‘no,’ she said slowly, ‘i want to dance with pete.’ she slid out the booth and was clumsily walking over to peter and remus who had gone to get their order.

sirius eyed james with a smirk, ‘did your own girlfriend leave you for peter?’

james was holding back a grin, ‘what can i say? pete’s charming.’ sirius’ doglike laugh was heard from tables away.

‘thanks for inviting her, i know it meant a lot to her.’ he hesitated for a moment before adding, ‘and me.’

‘i meant what i said,’ he looked over fondly at the girl who was drunk and still attempting to dance with their mate. her feet stepping on his. ‘she’s my friend too.’

when he was twenty-one, he spent the day with two of his best friends and his godson.

he watched as james held harry on his lap, bouncing him up and down as harry laughed and smiled.

sirius smiled down at him. his godson possessed james’ mess of a hair, and lily’s mesmerizing eyes. he was only three-months-old and already he was so loved.

‘don’t hog him, prongs,’ he said, stretching his arms out for the boy in question. james kissed his son’s head softly.

‘be careful,’ james warned him as he carefully placed him within his arms.

‘you like me more than your dad, yeah?’ the little boy giggled in his arms. ‘yes, you do.’ he tapped the boy’s nose gently.

‘who knew sirius black would be so good with kids,’ a voice said as they approached. the baby’s eyes immediately drifted toward her, just as his father’s always did.

‘don’t get the wrong idea, evans, i’ll always be a bachelor.’

she laughed, ‘and it’s potter, sirius. james and i have been married for two years now.’

‘two wonderful years,’ her husband said as he stood up to wrap his arms around her.

‘mmm…i could have done worse,’ she teased.

‘only harry and the cat love me,’ he said as he let go of his wife.

lily laughed at him, ‘james, love, our cat hates you.’

‘lies!’ he cried. ‘godric loves me!’

‘you’re such an idiot,’ his wife said turning to face him, ‘but i love you.’

‘i love you too,’ he kissed her lips gently.

‘and when you’re older and you realise how both your parents are major dorks, you can come live with me.’ harry tilted his head to the side as the cat came walking in, head held high.

‘sirius is corporating our child against us, love,’ james nuzzled into her neck, placing a small kiss there.

‘it was bound to happen, although i suspected it would begin with firewhisky or helping him do something illegal first.’

sirius laughed. ‘his father and godfather are illegal animagi, lil. your son is going to be a trouble maker.’

‘especially if he gets his mother’s tongue and her temper.’

‘i don’t have a bad temper,’ she glared at james.

‘no, you don’t,’ he agreed, ‘but when you hold things in, then you snap.’

she pouted. ‘you even scare me,’ sirius added.

‘give me my son before my temper to hex both of you wins,’ lily took the baby who happily went into her awaiting arms.

‘not fair, i just got him,’ he pouted.

lily placed a loving kiss on her son’s head, ignoring her friend’s pout. ‘have you been a good boy for daddy today, har?’ the boy giggled, not understanding a single word she said. all harry knew was the smell of his mother. all he knew was being held by someone that loved him.

‘i made you a birthday cake,’ lily said as harry snuggled into her. ‘i was hoping remus and peter could join us, but they got called in for the order today.’

there was a moment of silence where no one dared to speak, ‘let’s have cake then. i’m sure it’s delicious, my love.’ james gave a kiss to her temple before dragging sirius with him to the kitchen. lily followed rolling her eyes at her boys. and sirius black was definitely one of her boys.

when sirius was twenty-two, he spent his birthday in azkaban. three days prior, his best friends had died, and he had been betrayed by someone he thought was his friend. three days ago he lost everything–including the will to live. because what was a life worth when there was no james and lily potter.  

when he was twenty-two, all he wanted to turn back time. because when he was twenty-two, he stopped believing he was worth saving. lily had once told him he was worth saving, but how could he be when he was the reason that they were dead?

maybe he wasn’t. maybe they were his punishment.

-excerpt based on my love for sirius black and my need to honor his memory

read it here on ff. feel free to request a topic for me to write an excerpt on.

prompt(s): sirius’s birthday

Let My Love [Ch. 5]

Pairings: Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei, Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru

Summary: For Kuroo, finding love was all about patience. He had no problem with waiting for the right person to come along, no matter how many awkward dinners or weddings he had to endure as a single man until they did. Regardless, meeting Tsukishima was something he’d never been prepared for. The feelings were overwhelming and intoxicating, ones he was sure he’d do anything for. However, it seemed his endless waiting wasn’t over.

Rating: T

Warnings: none

Note: Heh…so I know I’ve taken forever to update this, but I’m still here! I love this story too much to abandon it, but I’ve been super busy with school and other projects, so thanks for understanding! I hope I can have another chapter out soon, enjoy! Big thanks to @emeraldwaves for reading this over for me!



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Wawawaaaa~ those reactions for the princess gown ask were very cute!!! Especially Bokuto's! If u dont mind, can I request again for Iwa-chan, Kuroo, Oikawa, Bokuto and Akaashi headcanons as to what they will do or say when they enter their crush's room and its filled with things and is super cozy! like there are sensory bottles, snow globes, posters, wall filled with pictures, scrapbooks, plants, glow in the dark stickers and dorky lil things u'll find. Tysm!!

hello!! thank you so much aaa it was one of my very first attempts i’m glad you liked them  ☆(❁‿❁)☆ hopefully this fulfills your request, i’ve sort of gave each of them a theme for their rooms; hope you like them (◕‿◕✿)

IWAIZUMI (Iwa-chan!):

Originally posted by sukerokus

You were a major space dork. Ever since you were young, you had been fascinated about space. Maybe it was because your father often left his astronomy books lying around in the house for you to pick up. Maybe because your mother had a slight obsession with constellations and their names. Nevertheless, you were a space dork. You had collected almost everything nebula related and space themed from the tender age of five.

As you had lived in this house ever since you grew up, your room had gone through various space-themed age transitions. Your room, despite not resembling a giant galaxy (but with one feature wall) was decorated to your inner space nerd desires. There were Star Wars posters, Doctor Who posters and all sorts of space related movies. There were glow in the dark stars pasted all over your ceiling, and as your dad couldn’t stand looking at the ceiling with incorrect stars, he had painted your favourite constellations on your ceiling just to please both you and him.

Fairylights were strewn over your bed frame, along with many many photos of space, the planets, astronauts and newspaper clippings of various famous astronauts. To contrast from the space theme, your bedroom had many throws and patterned rugs. Plants lined your window sill and there was a small lava lamp at your study table. At first, you were shy to show Iwaizumi your room, as the both of you decided to take the pair project to your house. A little apprehensive, you pushed the door open, that had your name over a watercolour galaxy.

“Woah.” was Iwaizumi’s first reaction as he stared in awe at your room. It was truly like visiting a planetarium. He dropped his school bag to the side to admire your room. “Oikawa would be jealous of your room.” he stated, still transfixed by the constellations on your ceiling.

“Did you paint them?” he asked, awestruck. His eyes darted around the room, unable to focus on one single object where everything was just so beautiful. Space was beautiful. He could now understand why his best friend was an alien-obsessed nerd.

You shook your head. “My dad did. He majored in astronomy.” Iwaizumi was still trying to take the whole scene in, for it was simply breathtaking.

“Truly amazing.” he breathed. “I just want to live here forever.”

A chuckle escaped your lips. “You’re always welcomed.”

note: i just had to. oikawa loves space, his crush loves space = what better match right?


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Everyone had a secret obsession. Something that they would hoard with pride and joy in their rooms. And yours so happened to be cats. Of all the obsessions you could’ve had, it had to be cats. To make matters worse, you were allergic to cats - but that didn’t stop you from hoarding many cat related items.

Your room could pass off as a lonely cat lady’s room. There were many pictures of cats arranged neatly over your bed, and a small cat plushie sitting on your bed. You had begged your parents to buy an entire cat printed bedding set but they had refused, so you decided to get cushions with cats printed on them. There were a few slotted in between other cushions of neutral shades such as vanilla and beige. You adored the idea of having an ‘aesthetic’ room and despite the cats, you can proudly say that your room met your aesthetic standards.

Moving on from cats, you were a huge fan of tiny figurines and knick knacks. The more unique the knick knack, the more you wanted to collect it. There were tiny figures of Gudetama, more cats, small action figures from shows that you watched and some hand made plaster creations. They were arranged in a neat row on a shelf, one of your proudest displays. You were also a huge fan of scented candles: in which your parents fear but you still collect the small ones anyways.

Unlike most other girls at your school, you hated sticking posters on your walls. Pictures of cats? Hell yes. Posters of a popular boy band? No thank you. Thus, leading to your room being filled with pictures of cats but with your friends as well. You had also strung up bunting across your room because it added a soft, delicate touch to the room.

When Kuroo suggested to go to your house to plan a birthday party for Kenma, you were absolutely ready to take Kuroo to your room. There had been rumours that he’d melt at the sight of a cat and you wanted to see that reaction. Sneakily, with your phone out, you had recorded the moment where he pushed your door handle, revealing your cat themed room.

As he laid his eyes on your favourite cat plushie, his eyes softened and he stared at you in excitement, rushing to the cat plushie. It was white with splotches of black, and coincidentally, it reminded you of Kuroo. It had never reminded you of him, but watching him hug the life out of the plushie, you finally found a resemblance.

“_______, CAT!” was the first thing he uttered. “You have so many cats in your room! Do you have an actual cat? Here kitty kitty.” Kuroo seemed more interested in the cats rather than the overall decoration of your room.

You giggled at Kuroo’s excited response. “No I don’t have a cat, I’m allergic so I’m stuck with photos, gifs and these plushies.”

“Can I please take this one home? I’ll name it after you!” Kuroo pleaded, widening his puppy dog eyes.

You shook your head firmly. “It’s my favourite!” you argued. However, his puppy dog eyes were far too cute to resist. “One night. I want her back.”


note: i mean, kuroo + cats. isn’t this the perfect opportunity?


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Whenever you weren’t pouring on homework, or doing chores, you always resorted to TV shows. You had watched God knows how many TV shows in your lifetime that are a) still running b) re-runs c) finished. You were an avid watcher of TV shows, dedicating all your free time to TV shows - reflecting in your room.

Your room is covered in posters of TV shows and movies. As you streamed most of them online, because most of them were American or British, you had the leisure of lounging about in your themed room while watching the show. Some of your favourite shows included: the X-Files, Law and Order SVU, Two Broke Girls, Sherlock, and the list went on. You had begged your parents to buy you countless merchandise and it all went to decorating your room.

Other than merchandise, you were a huge fan of scrapbooking. You couldn’t make it one step in your room without finding a scrap piece of paper or a snippet of thread. You have a cupboard solely dedicated to your craft supplies and some of your DIY handiwork had been put on display in your room such as: wall arts (with your favourite lines), bunting, DIY photo frames and much more. You were also a collector of mugs, resulting in a mug in almost every corner of your room.

Your room was your version of cosy: with plush pillows, soft carpets and soft lighting in your room. You were a huge fan of scented oils, with your mother being a professional masseuse, you had access to the many scented oils and sticks. Your favourite scent was the scent of the sea and you always had a fresh sprig in your room. You were also quite the fan of plushies and stuffed animals. You had a giant green alien head sitting on your bed and it was your favourite plushie to cuddle every night, despite having an array of other plushies or stuffed animals.

Oikawa and you were meeting up to study. He excelled in sciences, which was a subject that you were particularly weak at and he had offered to help you study. As the two of you walked to your room, you had forgotten that you had laid out all your stuffed animals in the open. Oikawa’s eyes were transfixed onto your giant green alien head and he rushed to grab it.

“_____-chan! You never told me you had an alien pillow like this!” he gushed, hugging it close to his chest. As Oikawa was a rather open and comfortable person, he laid on your bed amongst your other stuffed animals. “Your room is so cosy.”

You had recently invested in a more comfortable comforter and smiled to yourself. “Out of everything I have in my room, the first thing you went for was my alien.” you chuckled, joining him on the bed.

“Well it’s so cute! Just like you _____-chan!” he giggled, still playing with the plushie. His words registered in your mind and you blushed furiously, before pushing his shoulder lightly.


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As your family was quite big, with two older siblings and three younger ones, your household was never quiet. Shared rooms were common but since both your older siblings had already moved to Tokyo where they were furthering their studies, you were finally able to have the room to yourself and decorated it to your heart’s content.

You were very influenced by the Western, ‘Tumblr’ culture. You had seen pictures of bedrooms with throws covering their beds, giving it an indie vibe with world maps pasted on their walls. Their rooms often had earthy tones and that’s what you tried to replicate in your room. You had painted the walls beige and tried to find similar looking throws to cover your bed. Your mother was more than willing to purchase giant pillows and patterned cushions, for she was also interested in that culture.

Your room had also been carpeted, with a soft brown carpet resembling the earth. You were rather proud of your handiwork, a project that lasted you a month. There was something about your family that loved travelling, it was in every single one of you. There were atlas and travel books stacked on your bedside table, snow globes from the different countries that you have visited as a family along with a giant corkboard of plane/train/bus tickets from around the globe and ticket stubs of the various places visited and not to forget, post cards. You collected them all.

And because you were fascinated by the earth, geology and geography were your top subjects and passions. You had three rock crystals that you had bought online sitting on the window where it would sometimes catch the sunlight and reflect their coloured rays into the room. You also had frames of pressed flowers and leaves hanging in your room, along with scrapbooks of them.

Bokuto and you had agreed to walk home after school and hang out together before preparing for an small party that was to be hosted at Akaashi’s house tonight. “Mind you, it’s like crazy in there.”

“Crazier than my hair?” he chuckled, pushing the handle slowly. You nodded and he opened the door. “WOAH! Would you take a look at that!” he jumped right into your room, spinning himself around to get the whole view of the room. “It’s like camping, but at home! Is that an owl feather?”

Bokuto had gone slightly crazy, jumping up and down at your displays, flipping through your books and most importantly, bouncing on your bed. “______ SO. COOL.” he gushed, hugging a pillow to his chest. “Can I move in here please? It’s really so cool. I have to tell Akaashi how cool your room is.”

Bokuto’s excitement never failed to amuse you as he began reading each scrapbook in detail along with challenging himself to upturn every single snow globe you had collected under thirty seconds - which he failed - but you weren’t going to crush his spirit. He marvelled at your ticket stubs. “I’m jealous, you’ve travelled to so many places!” Bokuto pouted.

“We can always travel together in the future.” you suggested playfully, shaking the snowflakes out of one of your snow globes.

“Good idea. Let’s go now!”

“I said the future you idiot!”


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Photography was your passion. You could never leave the house without your camera tucked safely in your carry on bag or slung around your neck. SD cards cluttered your table along and your walls were plastered with your successful photos. To upload a photo without going through VSCO would be a crime.

As you had a passion in photography, it was not hard to picture how your room would look like. Clean, white walls with a matching bed spread and lots of minimalist designs. However, you managed to make the whole minimalist space look cosy with bright photographs and plants. You had a green thumb and grew plants in your room (even though it’s bad but they were so small, what harm could they cause?) As you grew older, your photography skills drastically improved from when you were a young preteen with your father’s camera thanks to the many photography books your parents had invested in.

Your favourite medium of photography was humans. There was something so beautiful about humans and their faces, and how they were constructed and shaped. Someone you found beautiful and was also the muse of some of your projects was Akaashi Keiji. There was something so beautiful about that boy, your fingers could not resist pressing the button whenever he’s around. However, those photos were stored in a scrapbook that is kept safely away from any outsider.

Other than photography, you loved books. Books filled every nook and cranny possible in your room. You had attached extra shelves to your walls because you needed more room for your books. Along with books, you had quite the interest in sensory bottles. You have many of them lined on your wall, be it filled with glitter or pastel colours, they were just so aesthetically pleasing to watch. There were Mason jar versions of them as well, lining your study table.

You were often quite frugal with decorations, as you spent most of your money on editing software, developing photo books and printing out pictures. Most of your decorations were often from your parents unwanted collections like small painted jars, ancient tea pots and other odd bits and bobs your parents did not want, they passed it to you. Your room also had a special corner where there was an electric kettle, different coloured mugs and packets of tea and sugar. You practically lived in your room with all the commodities, which was why your parents decided to allow you to keep one of the kettles in your room.

Soft music was playing in the background of your room where a loud knock interrupted you from your editing. It was your father. “There’s a boy for you. Are you two going anywhere?” he asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow. You walked to the front door to see Akaashi standing there with a stack of books in his hand.

“Um, you said you wanted to do the project today?” he scratched the back of his head. He was still dressed in his volleyball gear, which meant he had rushed from practice. Looking down at the watch on your hand, you gasped and quickly let him in, apologising for not contacting him earlier. Your father gave you watchful eyes as the both of you disappeared into your room.

Akaashi was in awe at how neat and clean your room was. “Whiter than Bokuto’s hair.” he commented and the both of you broke in laughter. He admired your photos, unable to believe that some of them were taken using your phone. There were many photos involving people as your subject and he stumbled upon one of your photo books. You shrugged simply, thinking that it was your nature photo book when you realised it had gold etching on them.

“Wait!” you lunged for the book but Akaashi had already flipped through them. Now he was going to think you’re some creepy girl. There were many photos of him in there, mainly playing volleyball or simply in his school uniform.

“This is me?” he asked, as if he couldn’t believe the person in those photographs were him. “You made me look so… so… nice.” he mustered out. “I love it.”

That comment made you blush as you scratched the back of your ear. “Really?”

“Really. You’re a great photographer _______.” he complimented. “Onto the project?”

“We shall.”

Bottled Up // J.G.
Anonymous requested:
A Jack G imagine where Y/N keeps her feelings about him bottled up but eventually confesses

I guess having a guy best friend has its perks sometimes. I mean, they give great advice on boys, and drama with them is usually harmless. It’s all fun and games until they introduce you to their bro friends – and you start to catch feelings for one of them. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about crushes. It’s not awkward or anything; it’s just exceptionally hard for me to act on these feelings. Unlike a lot of other people, I don’t have a legitimate reason for keeping this “secret.” I’m not shy, I’m not teasing or playing hard to get, and I sure as hell am not intending on waiting for Jack to make the first move. I just have never been the kind of person to voice my feelings about a lot of things, especially crushes.

My feelings for Jack weren’t gradual. In fact, one day I looked at him, and it’s like my views on everything changed. And now I’m here, dreading our lunch date as friends. I was more so anxious about the idea of spending a whole couple of hours alone with him. We’ve been alone before, of course, but I knew it would be increasingly harder to bottle up my feelings for him.

My hands trembled slightly as I walked up to the little coffee shop he told me to meet him at. It wasn’t that busy; there was a comfortable amount of people inside. As soon as I spotted Jack in the corner, my heart rate went through the roof. Somehow willing my legs to move, I weaved through the tables and found myself at the table in no time.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed, setting his phone down before standing up to greet me with a hug. His hugs were the best.

“Hey, am I late?” I questioned awkwardly after we pulled out of the embrace and sat down.

“Nah, you’re good. But even if you were late, I would’ve waited all day for you.” He flashed that smile of his and laughed a little. He was joking, but that didn’t make my heart swell any less.

“Shut up.” I laughed it off, lifting the little menu in attempt to hide my bashful demeanor. Let’s be real, though, even the most oblivious person could notice it.

“So what do you wanna eat?”

Not surprisingly, lunch with Jack was a blast. I admit, I might have withheld myself a little bit, but I was gradually easing into comfort as time went on. Jack wanted to walk around the park for a while, and I agreed considering it was a nice day out. We were quiet for a couple minutes until he spoke up with a question I was dreading to hear.

“You seem a little quiet today, Y/N. Everything alright?” I might have looked a little too caught off guard as he rose his eyebrows in response.

“Uh– Yeah, I don’t know, I’m just a little tired I guess.” I thought that was convincing enough, whereas he didn’t buy it one bit.

“Mhm… And is there anything else on your mind?” He paused, and I swear I could hear my heart in my ears. “– Like a boy, perhaps?” My heart nearly stopped. Apparently Jack noticed my shock, and he laughed. “It is! See, I know you. You’ve got that kind of look in your eyes that says you’re thinking about somebody. Aww, Y/N’s got a little crush!” Well at least he doesn’t know who it is… Warmth spread across my cheeks as soon as he put his arms around my shoulders and shook me a bit. It wasn’t because I liked him, but because it was embarrassing. How will I ever be able to tell him now?

“Don’t make it weird…” I muttered, crossing my arms as I tried to seem collected.

“Aww, I’m just teasing.” He laughed whilst lightly pinching my cheek. “So who’s the lucky guy? Do I know him?” I stayed silent in hopes that he’d drop it. Knowing him, however, he wouldn’t stop until he got all the answers he needed.

“That is none of your business, Mr. Gilinsky.” I turned my nose up like I held some special answer.

“Is it Nate?” He poked, a growing grin on his lips as he got right up in my face, “You two are pretty close.” I rolled my eyes, pushing his smug face away.

No, I do not like Nate. He’s like my brother.” I scrunched my nose to emphasize my opposition to the idea. No offense to Nate.

“What about young Wilk? Do you like him?”

“I’m not telling you who I like, Jack!” I laughed, but inside I was dying. He was so incredibly oblivious.

“So it is Sam! Ooh, wait ‘till I tell him–”

“No, it’s not Sammy! Just shut up, ‘cause I’m not spilling.” I laughed again, shaking my head. He laughed as well and put his hands up in surrender.

“Fine, fine. I’ll give it up – for now.” I shot him a glare, and he responded with a cheeky smile. “But you have to at least tell me about him. Is he good to you?” The butterflies in my stomach resuscitated as I started thinking about my answer.

“Yeah..” My eyes took an interest in the sidewalk as a soft smile curled on my lips. “Yeah, he really is. The best.”

“Good. He better, otherwise he’s got four Omaha boys coming after his ass.” That made me laugh, but I knew the boys had my back. “What’s he like then?” I had to take a moment to think about it because if I started, I might not be able to stop.

“He’s really funny,” I started with a nod. “Like, he’s a major dork, but it works out because it’s cute. He knows how to make me feel better too, no matter what.” I began to list off a couple more of my favorite things about him, and I managed to stop myself before I could get too specific and he’d figure it out.

“… Yeah, he sounds like a major douche.” Jack retorted once I was done. I gave him a incredulous look, and he burst into laughter. “I’m just dicking around. He sounds chill. Good for you, princess. Have you two gone out yet?” My insides were a roller coaster. One minute they were calm and swooning, and the next they were everywhere in a frenzy.

“Uh… Not exactly. He doesn’t know I like him.” I answered uneasily whilst wringing my hands together. A look of surprise washed over his face as he stopped our little walk.

“Whoa, what? You’re telling me that you’re in love with this guy, and you haven’t told him?”

“I’m not in love with him…” I mumbled, feeling my cheeks warm up again as I looked up at him. “It’s not that easy, okay! You know I’m not good at– speaking my feelings.”

“Oh.. my god, Y/N.” He ran his hand through his hair and did a little turn like he was frustrated, but he was laughing. “Come on, I’ll show you how the king does it.” Without much patience in waiting for my answer, he took my hand and pulled me off the trail and down to the duck pond. Once we were there, he turned to face me and placed his hands on my shoulders. “Now. Where would you like your first date to be?” I was a mess inside. I could barely focus with his gaze locked on me.

“I– I don’t know? I thought the guy would be picking the place.” I stuttered in a sort of flustered tone.

“Fine, fine. Uh– How about a dinner date? Simple enough, right? Now imagine this: you two go out – as friends – to some dining place. There’s live music and a dance floor, and y'all are having the time of your lives. Then suddenly, this guy stands up and asks you to dance. You say yes, and then you two head to the dance floor. What do you do?” I felt like I was being tested in school.

“Jack, what’s the point of th–”

“You slow dance! I’ll show you,” And once again, without much input from me, he put my hands on his shoulders before resting his own on my waist. With all the butterflies I felt, I was surprised I wasn’t shaking on the outside. This definitely wasn’t how I imagined my first dance with Jack would be. “Now pretend I’m your crush.” Ha, pretend. “I’m having a really great time tonight, Y/N.” He spoke in a lower tone of voice as if his regular one wouldn’t suffice as a male. Clearing my throat, I managed to gather myself enough to act normally.

“Me too.” I squeaked, and he urged me to go on. “Listen, there’s something I’ve kind of been meaning to tell you.” The words came out slowly, and all of a sudden I felt dizzy. My gaze dropped as I took a deep breath, then I looked back up into Jack’s eyes. “I– really like you. I’ve had feelings for you for a while, actually.” My heart stopped. I was hoping that he would get the idea, but after a moment of silence, he broke into a smile.

“See, I knew you could do it! I almost thought I was your crush for a second there.” He laughed, but I sighed in disappointment and unraveled my arms from his shoulders, just looking up at him. Gradually, his laughter stopped and a slight realization clouded his eyes. “Y/N.” He said as if expecting me to say something. “You’re not serious. – It’s me?” I contemplated making a break for it. Maybe I could run and never see him again. No, that’s stupid.

“Well, don’t act so surprised..” I mumbled, my gaze no longer on him. I felt the effects of embarrassment warming up cheeks again.

“Hey, hey, don’t sweat it.” He assured, touching my bicep as a smile curled on his lips. “I like you too.” I looked back up at him with wide eyes.

“Jack, if this is a joke, I’m gonna kill you.” I threatened, but I could feel my face getting hotter. He laughed whilst shaking his head.

“No, I’m serious! I actually was gonna tell you today, but then the whole crush thing came up, and I really thought you liked some other guy. I like you, Y/N.” He said again, his smile growing wider. Although I was inexplicably happy, I couldn’t help but shy back into my shell of unspoken feelings. Jack was quick to notice, and thank God he knew me as well as he did. “So, I know you’re like really quiet about this relationship stuff, but I’m completely okay with taking all the initiatives.” He held both of my hands and began to swing them side to side. “Will you go on a date with me, pretty please?” He smiled, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Of course I will, you major dork.”

I wrote most of this on my phone, so I’m sorry if it seems rushed and/or messy as I was trying to finish this quickly for you guys. But I hope you liked it nonetheless! Feedback would be greatly appreciated 

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     "He likes Wilf. He’s a good man. Gave him this job when he had nothing, really. No experience, no resume. Just walked in, said he wanted to apply for the job….The bell above the door jingles and he turns his head quickly to check but it isn’t [Rose]. Wilf chuckles. Donna rolls her eyes. 

He handles the customer and then turns back to Wilf. 

“What brings you here today?” he asks.

“I’m giving you the day off." 


“You heard me. Working all the time, overtime even, never a complaint. No, I’m giving you today for yourself”

     The bell rings and he turns and this time it is Rose. He can’t help the smile that breaks out…He holds his hand to her. Wiggles his fingers. She looks at him a moment and then grins, puts her book away, and grabs his hand.

     His heart soars.“  —weezly14A Place Where We Only Say GoodbyeChapter 7. Time Loop AU. 2013.