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“I Am Majestic” Bath Ritual

  • Lavender buds
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • Lush’s Rose Jam shower gel, inscribing @sigils-in-your-area‘s “I am majestic” sigil
  • Lush’s Brightside bubble bar - SMALL AMOUNT! A little goes a long way!
  • Handful of oats
  • 16oz of almond milk
  • Assorted flowers
  • Half dozen roses - use 3 for petals and toss 3 whole heads in
  • Medium sliced orange
  • Small sliced lemon
  • White candles

Layer ingredients as listed above, running the bath water after you have added the oats. As it fills, feel free to mix in the milk. Be sure to stir the water with your hands as the water rises, gently whispering your intent. You may also light your candles as you wait and be sure to exercise fire safety! 

This bath is one of self care and love. Speak softly and kindly phrases such as “I am powerful” and “I am knowledgeable” when stirring - we want it to be brimming with lovely positivity! Once the tub is full, shut off the water and add your flowers and fruit. 

Whilst in the tub, visualize any negative thoughts or energies being washed away. Deeply inhale the lovely fruity, floral scents around you. Think of yourself as royalty! You deserve this luxurious soak!

Remain in the tub for as little or long as you see fit. I stayed in until the water got chilly!

After your soak, be sure to drain the tub carefully - little bits like lavender buds and oats can clog your bath. 

And that’s it, loves! You took a bath worthy of the majestic creature you are!

Note: You may use as many or as little of these ingredients as you like, or substitute if need be - whatever you need to make YOU feel great!

Li’l Lou

Pairings- Loki Laufeyson x Reader, starring dense!reader.

Requested by anon and based on this imagine of mine.

Warnings- this is probably not as romantic as you expect. I had no idea what to write, so I came up with something which I hope is kinda funny?

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OK THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL AU MADE FROM THE MINDS OF @decaf-for-cutie @majestically-fangirling AND I. It really started with decaf’s doodle of a tiny link and it just grew from there. An AU where its Okami but the wolf is shark and is accompanied by a tiny sassy linky.

Ammy - Sidon

Issun - Link

Isshaku - Old OoT Link

Waka - Rivali

Oki - Wolf Link guy

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Cliché


I don’t have a specific story line to request but I really really really need Reggie x reader angst that ends in fluff. If you can’t do this without a specific plot it’s fine!

A/N: I was writing another fic then this spilled out and I didn’t fit the other fic that well, so I decided to turn it into this and hopefully you guys like it. I don’t know if this angsty enough though. Enjoy and I’ll update my masterlist later. Sorry for the delay in posting I have been sick and finals have arrived. Have a lovely day you beautiful majestic creatures/humans/witches/wizards whatever you want to be. If you’re following me and I haven’t followed you back slide in my ask or inbox and tell me please. 😍 I was supposed to post this yesterday but apparently there is a limit to how much a person can post within a day (blame Tumblr not me).

Words: 2500

Summary: You and Reggie have been friends since as long as you can remember. You both like each other but won’t admit it until Chuck messes with you.

Spoilers: Like one swear word I think. Reggie being protective af.

“So you guys have been inseparable since your childhood and never dated, or even thought of it” Veronica continued as you sighed at the reference that was always directed at you.

You’ve been best friends with Reggie Mantle for as long as you could remember.

That phrase always directed towards you both and it made you groan annoyingly at the person who directed it to you. You couldn’t understand why people couldn’t see that a guy and a girl could totally have a platonic relationship.

You loved Reggie as a friend, and you were pretty sure he felt that too. Sure you had a flirty way of communication towards each other, but you had always been like that.

“Were just friends. Best friends for that matter, can we just drop that” you spoke hating when people expected you to be a bigger cliché.

You couldn’t stand clichés you already were one, the sweet girl that kept to herself and tried to get along with everyone; although you always had Reggie who stood up for you if anything ever happened. That being the biggest cliché, being somewhat popular having a jock best friends who made sure you were always protected.

Growing up though Reggie got handsome and you contemplated your feelings, but pushed them aside because you couldn’t stand being so ordinary and becoming a bigger cliché.

“So, he’s available” the raven haired girl hinted at you.

“From what I know, yes” you answered you took a sip of water.

“So can I have his number?” Veronica continued giving you her phone as you placed in Reggie’s number.

The bell rang indicating that lunch was over and you all made your ways to class.

You were going to be late to class since you forgot your notebook at your locker. The hallway being empty because everyone was now in class, or so you thought.

You soon became startled by a hand brushing against your behind as you turned shocked as to what just happened.

“WHAT THE HELL CHUCK!” you exclaimed as he smiled all you wanted to do now was go home and put on some pants instead of the flowy dress that was on you.

“Pipe down (Y/N), it was an accident” he lied as you saw from the side of your eye that the rest of the football team leaving the locker room after their meeting.

“Just leave me alone, and don’t you ever come near me again” you hissed at him not wanting to make a scene.

“What’s going on (Y/N)?” Reggie made his way to you with worry and anger flooding his eyes.

“Nothing Reg, it’s fine, I’m fine” you reassured him not wanting him to get in a fight with his fellow teammate.

“Yeah I handled things pretty well” Chuck spoke with a devilish smirk on his face not even sorry about what he did and that made you feel more violated than ever.

“How dare you?! You asshole!” you continued at him while slapping his face and Reggie pulled you away.

“Chuck what did you do?” Reggie questioned his teammate.

“Oh, C’mon Reggie she was asking for it” Reggie’s blood boiling not knowing to what he was referring but nobody spoke about you that way not with him around, not ever “don’t act innocent ever since the day she started developing your eyes linger longer than ever too” Chuck continued as Reggie threw the first punch.

It almost was a full on fight until the coach Clayton emerged and broke it up protecting his kid.

“Don’t come near her again I swear your dad won’t be able to save you every time” Reggie hissed as you two were dismissed from school.


You both walked to your house quietly, until he finally broke the silence.

“(Y/N) I’m sorry, I just, I hate how I wasn’t there to protect you. (Y/N) you have to tell me what he did” he spoke with worry in his eyes you stayed quiet “(Y/N/N) I know you hate it when I fight, but I hate it when people mess with the things I care about.”

“I- h- he-, I just want to go home and put some pants on” you ignored the question not wanting him to go crazy as you opened the door to your house.

“I’m going to go change, be right down” you proclaimed.

You changed and made your way to the kitchen as Reggie was making himself a sandwich.

“(Y/N), you have to tell me what he did, please, I’m your best friend” this time he ordered and you sighed in defeat.

“You can’t go fuming mad man on him Reggie, or I swear I won’t ever trust you again” you lied knowing you had to tell him before anyone tried to mix up the story as he nodded.

“He- uh- he touched my ass” you spoke softly looking into his eyes hurt in them for what had happened to you.

Reggie grabbed you by the waist pulling you into a hug, and you thought that maybe he wouldn’t go hulk on Chuck although you kind of wish he would because he deserved it.

“I’m sorry (Y/N)” Reggie whispered to you as he ran out of your home and you couldn’t catch up to him.


An hour later you heard the doorbell ring as you opened the door to reveal Reggie with blood in his knuckles and a small scratch on his forehead. You smiled internally because you knew Chuck got the worse of it, but worry is what showed in your eyes as you pulled him in to the kitchen as you looked for the first-aid kit.

“Dammit Reggie, what did you do?” you asked knowing the answer, as you climbed the counter to reach the kit and you missed a step and he caught you.

“You don’t deserve being treated like that (Y/N/N)” he pointed out still holding on to you.

He finally settled you down as you cleaned up his wounds.

“Look you have to keep quiet about this, we both got in trouble at school for going against Chuck” you pronounced soon to be cut off by him.

“No (Y/N), I can’t do that, you’re my girl, nobody messes with us” he raged.

“No Reg, I know what he did was wrong, but this, if the school finds out. They will call my mom, look I don’t want any more trouble. If my mom finds out I- I- Reggie, please you’re my guy too, you know that. I just want to forget about this.” you pleaded as you heard your mom pull up in the driveway.

“(Y/N) what is this about you slapping Chuck Clayton at school today, and why did I have to find out from a call from the principal and not you” Your mom interrupted you and Reggie as she stepped in the house.

“Shit” you mumbled under your breath and stayed quiet.

“Well are you going to tell her?” Reggie added with anger in his voice not wanting you to keep quiet about this whole ensemble.

“Reggie shut up!” you ordered.

“He touched your ass (Y/N), that’s harassment!” Reggie stated harshly and your mother stood there with wide eyes.

“Look mom I didn’t want to tell you because I- its embarrassing okay! I- Don’t you hear what they say about the girls that this happens to. They get slut-shamed even if they’re like me and never have gone out with anyone. It’s so degrading and I can’t stand it, but I hate getting myself or even other people in trouble. Yes even if it’s Chuck and he wasn’t sorry because I hate conflict” you finished tears finally leaving your eyes.

“Oh honey, you’re not a slut. You are not anything they will try to say about you.” your mom pulled you into a hug “but we all need to speak to the principal about what really happened that boy needs to learn there will be consequences to his actions.”

“No mom Reggie is going to get more in trouble if we do, he just went on a punching spree on Chuck” you added as your mom pulled away from the hug and gave a small hug to Reggie.

“Did you get him good?” your mom encouraged.

“MOM!” you chuckled at her comment.

“Well, I need to know that if he’s going to get in trouble it’s going to be worth it” she explained.

“So worth it” Reggie gushed as he brought you both in for a small hug.


Later Reggie “left.” It really just means your mom kicks him out of the house because it gets too late, but he always climbs through your window into your room.

As Reggie was climbing your window he accidently hit his cut on the forehead.

“You’re getting too big for my window, I’m going to have to find a bigger one, although that will make my mom figure out our arrangement” you chuckled as he sat next you in bed.

“Yeah, she’s going to ruin our sleepovers”


1 new message:


Hey Reggie hope you don’t mind (Y/N) gave me your number. 😉

-Ronnie xx

“Now why did you do that?” Reggie asked you as he showed you his phone.

“She asked for it, she asked if you were available; I thought you were” he looked down “so who’s the girl then? I’m sure if I tell Ron she will understand that it was misunderstanding” you gave him a puzzled look.

“No girl, not important I’m just not interested” Reggie fidgeted as he typed down a message letting her down easy.

“Oh c’mon you’d never turn down a girl like Ronnie, who has you like this” you grinned but at the same time sad that there just might be another girl that was going to take up Reggie’s time.

“I think we should just drop it” he ignored the topic “So how are you holding up?”

“I wish it was me that punched Chuck” you said softly laying your head on his shoulder.

“I’d like to see that” Reggie chuckled.

“I’m still mad at you, you know; but I can’t stay mad at you forever because I don’t know what I’d do without you Mantle” you commented looking to his bruised fists.

“I had to he disrespected my girl” Reggie retorted placing his arm around you “I’m just happy I saw you slap him, I never thought I’d see the day you hit someone” he laughed as you playfully punched him “ow, I’m injured, how dare you” he continued.

“That’s not my fault” you defended.

“Oh but it is (Y/N/N), I punched the hell out of him for you” he looked directly at your eyes.

The atmosphere changed within the second you both laid eyes on each other, Reggie looked vulnerable like he wanted to say something, but was scared of the outcome that could come after if he spilled his feelings.

“How are we still friends?” you broke your gaze as he squeezed you tighter to his side.

“What do you mean? We’ve always be friends” Reggie declared but it hurt. Reggie had grown fond of you the moment he realized you were the only one who was ever there for him. In the absence of his family you were there, the coach pinned him against Archie you were there, when he lost his friend Jason you were there.

He knew how you felt about clichés, but all he wanted was to be part of a different cliché with you. He wanted to be the jock that got the sweet girl. The guy best friend who got to date his best friend because he knew that you were his soulmate.

There you both sat knowing your feelings for each other, but afraid to speak of them. He was afraid of rejection and you your excuse was a cliché which you came up with in middle school because you were tired of everyone and their assumptions about you and Reggie. Most importantly because you fell in love with your best friend and you had to make everyone think otherwise.

“I know, but I mean were both a bit different in most stories we were supposed to fall apart and forget each other. You with your popularity and me the shy quiet one” confirmed.

“Are you hinting something?” Reggie gave you a sad smile.

“No, I’m just glad we’ve actually stuck to each other” you smiled back.

“Good, different is good, I like our story” Reggie added and you blushed.

You both laid down in your bed and fell asleep to wake up to your alarm ringing a bit earlier as it always did when Reggie would sleep over so he had time to back to his house to get ready, he lived next door anyways.

You opened your eyes as you were cuddled to Reggie, your head resting on his chest and his arms around your waist.

“Reggie it’s morning” you spoke as he held you tighter not wanting to get up.

“Just five more minutes, please” he wouldn’t let go.

“Mantle the magnificent, I hope you realize my mom doesn’t knock and were supposed to go with her to school today about you know who” you started poking him to get up even though what you wanted was to keep cuddling with him.

“Fine” he let go as you both stood up.

You had a very nervous expression about the whole situation, you wanted justice but Chuck always seemed to get away with it and you two were alone in the hallway when he touched you, there was no witnesses and it all just dawned at you and Reggie saw your expression as he was about to climb out.

“Hey” he grabbed you by the shoulders “It’s all going to be okay, your mom is going to be there and so am I” he grabbed one of your hands as he intertwined his with yours which sent butterflies in your stomach.

“But that didn’t stop him before, I mean no one saw, I have no witnesses.” You freaked as he let his hand go from your shoulder and placed in your chin.

“(Y/N)?” he looked you straight in the eyes.

“Yeah” you said a little short of breath.

“No one messes with what’s mine” he commented as he placed his lips on yours and it shocked you at first but you kissed back.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that for” he confessed as he rested his forehead on yours.

“Probably not as long as I have wanted that to happen” you spilled as he gave you a wide smile.

“So can you tell Ronnie I’m taken now” he beamed.

“As long your there with me” you approved.

“So you don’t mind being a cliché with me?” he questioned you.

“I’ll be your cliché” you announced as you placed one last kiss on his lips so you both could get ready for school.


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Won’t Go Near You - part 10

Series masterpost

John Winchester x reader series.

Words: about 2200

Beta: the lovely @mamapeterson

Warnings: serious conversations, oral sex (female receiving), slightly angsty feels.

A/N: I know this chapter is a long time coming. Sorry. On the upside: we finally get some insight into reader’s background.

He’d pulled up to a diner, and sat you both down by a table. You’d had to try your very hardest not to freak out. You knew it would be a real, scary, serious talk when he’d refused to talk while he was behind the wheel. You were almost sure this was it. That it was over and you’d have to go back to your Winchester-less existence.

But no. That hadn’t been it.

Not at all.

A third son.

John had a third son. He had left you to go be a father. He had left from guilt and crushing responsibility. He had wanted to spare you from it, he had wanted to not accidentally make a fourth with you.

“I just couldn’t stay,” he shook his head a little as he said it, “I needed to process it. I needed time to get to know the kid. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I didn’t feel like there was any other way to go about it, you know?”

“Why didn’t you tell me, John?” You tried your very hardest to hide the hurt you were feeling.

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  • Harry: *confused but adorable*
  • Draco: stupid potter *heart eyes*
nestled // newt scamander

request(s): Hi. I loved your story “snatchers”; you are such a great writer. I was wondering if you could please write something about Newt teaching the reader about his creatures. Thank you! (by @tigerinravenclawsclothing


Newt showed his lady friend (for Who he has feelings for) around the habbits of the creaturs. The creaturs will think that she is his mate. Later newt and the girl fall a sleep. And the creaturs wanna help him out so they build a nest a round them. (by @ship-it-girl)

a/n: lololol kieRA wrote this but i (roxanna the evil piece of shit) snuck into her draft so hemhem anyways a big THANKYOU to the account that said i was a good writer because i felt super freaking fly afterwards ;-) ANYWAYS ENJOY KIERA’S AMAZING HARD WORK YALL

kiera: … oh well


nestled // newt scamander

Newt’s case was officially the most exciting place you’ve ever been in.

It was a whole new place, a whole new world, you’ve never even heard of! It was totally devoid of any humans, yet filled with the most interesting beings on the planet. Your eyes were wide with disbelief as Newt walked through the lands purposefully in front of you, the buckets of food in his arms, like all these creatures were a sight he already grew used to. You supposed he would have, after all these years, but what you didn’t know was that Newt wasn’t as confident as he looked–on the contrary, he was terribly on the edge, wondering if you would be impressed by what you saw.

Newt had loved you ever since you defended his creatures back in Hogwarts.

You were the only person who truly related to his love of these beings, often wanting to learn as much as you could from him and his extraordinary ‘pets’. Later on, you moved to America before you could graduate from Hogwarts, completing your education in Ilvermorny. It wasn’t until lately that Newt sent you an owl, informing you that he was visiting in New York, and wondered if you would care to meet.

You never thought that a catch-up session would turn into a trip into his magical suitcase. Stunned by the majestic creatures, you reluctantly shuffled forward as Newt moved on, determined not to make eye-contact with you if he could help it.

Newt had thought that what he had on you was merely a crush. But seeing you again after all these years, it had obviously grown into something much more.

And Newt had no idea how to deal with it.

“Scamander! Can we please slow down so I can look at them?” you begged, refusing to tear your eyes away from a large creature the size of a horse, spikes running down from its head to its long, strong-looking tail. It had something like tentacles sprouting from its mouth, and would have looked quite aggressive if it wasn’t tending to a younger one.

Newt’s heart skipped a beat when he realised, as beautiful as you may have grown to, you were hardly any different on the inside. Smiling when he heard you call him “Scamander,” which was something you loved to do, he spun around, clutching the metal bucket tightly as he walked back to you.

“This,” he attempted to sound professional, “is called a Graphorn. They are often found in Europe mountains, and the mountain trolls just love to ride them. They hate it, though.” Newt placed the bucket on the floor, casually tossing the mystery meat out of it.

The Graphorn lunged after it, tackling the meat and tearing it apart savagely. You looked in wonder as it paid you no attention, only looking up to nuzzle Newt in thanks.

“And this, is a Nundu,” the two of you stopped beneath a large rock, where a large, lion shaped creature with tiny sharp pikes on its body lay, resting. “This was incredibly hard for me to capture by my own. When it roars, it inflates itself like a pufferfish would, scaring off and eliminating any competition.”

Newt lifted his shirt to show a large, jagged scar that ran from his bellybutton to the side of his stomach. You blushed when he did, his muscles not going unnoticed as you stared intently at it. (a/n: go search up eddie redmayne shirtless because it might be the best fucking decision you make :-D )

“I got this scar when the Nundu attacked me. I was very lucky though. It’s spikes didn’t go deep, just scrapped the surface of my flesh. It could have been fatal.”

You ran a finger tentatively across it, and Newt repressed a shudder from your warm fingers.

You smiled softly at him, looking up into his pale blue eyes. “This place is wonderful,” you breathed sincerely. “I could live here forever.”

Unknown to you, Newt’s heart melted.

The two of you carried on, Newt continuing his commentary and you looking at everything in awe. You learnt that a Diricrawl was know as a Dodo bird to Muggles, and because of their teleporting abilities, they thought that they were long extinct. You gasped when the Mooncalves appeared from their burrows, earnestly crowding around Newt as he tossed them food. You laughed when you watched Newt attempt to place his Bowtruckle, Pickette, back onto the tree where the others were playing. Pickette held onto his hand for dear life, and Newt gave up after a while, grumbling that it was too attached to him for its own good.

By the time you arrived back where Frank the Thunderbird was perched at, you were exhausted. You collapsed onto the ground dramatically, spreading your limbs as you sighed out loud. “This place is amazing!” you yelled to Newt.

Frank flapped his wings in agreement, creating such a wind that Newt laughed as you quickly got up to avoid Frank’s claws, Repositioning yourself below his perch, you rested your head against your arms.

Newt came to join you, lying by your side as your eyelids fluttered open and close. The two of you lay on the straw, comfortable silence taking over.

He looked over at you when you shifted to lie closer to his chest. His heart jumped in his throat.

“(Y/n)?” he asked softly.

You were out like a light in less than a minute. You sighed against his clothed chest, unconsciously muttering his name. “Newt…”

Newt lay back, content. Everything was perfect in this moment.

Then he too, let sleep overtake him.

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