you majestic creature


I’d forgotten Kassia’s mount of choice was the bog unicorn :D Scary to look at, but tries its hardest to help and do what’s right. If you ask, she’ll admit she feels a weird kinship.

She and Solas had spent time looking it over and decided it was something similar to Cole, either the spirit of the horse itself or a sympathetic spirit come back to help. 

After Corypheus is defeated, she rides it out to a quiet place in the Hinterlands and thanks the spirit, telling it can leave if it wishes to rest now. It’s a long walk back to The Crossroads. 

bfketh asked:


BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.

TEAL = We have a lot in common.

OMG bfketh I AM NOT WORTHY. I have butterflies in my stomach. aljfkjfkldjfk

You are a perfect being too good for this world, and yet you have a tumblr crush on me??? Am I dreaming? Have I been sleeping??

THE FEELS. I adore you (in case you couldn’t tell). :D