you made our day

We had fun right? I mean I laughed every day with, or at you and I know you did the same. We would spend our days apart but messages from you made me feel less alone. 

You kept it light hearted, almost as if you knew that I needed the break from my own thoughts. Our ending wasn’t your finest hour, although maybe it was who you were but I was having such a good time that I let myself suppress caution.

You are a possessive person, I know this now. But what I should have told you from the start is that I was never yours to possess. 

Sometimes I miss the conversations we used to have. Sometimes I miss how you only knew me on the surface, how I didn’t have to explain why you don’t have to worry about me. 

Cutting contact from you was hard, because you had become a constant. But it was the right thing to do, before it was taken to a place where I couldn’t look back on our time together and smile despite the ending.

—  To a former flame, I am not sorry that we burnt out. Although, sometimes I wish I had of watched us burn a little longer.
OTP Things:

1. “I’m not dancing in the rain. Why? Because I’m not getting wet and you can’t even dance.”

2. “Canned spaghetti rings is not gourmet. I don’t care what you did in college.”

3. “No cats, no dogs, no ferrets. Just a fish. No that doesn’t mean a frog, turtle, or fucking lizard.”

4. “I don’t wanna go to your moms-s-s.”

5. “We can share the shower, you know that right? It’s actually encouraged at this point.”

6. “Hey, buy me a cookie or no sex for like two years.”

7. “I was gone for two days and every dish in this freakin’ house is dirty.”

8. “All of our white clothes are pink because you just HAD to wash your new tee shirt.”

9. “Have fun explaining to the priest why you have a boner during our wedding class.”

10. “This is my desk. This is my office. This is my space. You’re only allowed in here when you’re sick, so I can keep an eye on you.”

11. “I thought you were drinking water for once…that ended with me choking on vodka.”

12.“Dude, you’re more of a man than me. Wtf.”

13.“Wait, your dad isn’t going to walk you down the aisle with a shotgun?”

14.“Babe, we need to talk. When you cuddle with me, your knee always squashes my junk.”

15.“Your nail polish got all over my Xbox paddle!”

16.“If you want to get to the coffee pot, kiss me and end this war.”

17.“I lock the door every night so no one can steal you from me.”

18.“That’s my ex. Makeout with me and make him jealous.”

19.“Scrape your goddamn plate off BEFORE you put it in the sink!”


21.“Thanks to you, the whole house smells like Taco Bell.”
“It’ll smell like something different soon, just give it a couple hours.”

22.“You’re my best friend.”
“My dog’s my best friend.”

23.“Did you just poop with the door open?”

24.“I didn’t have any underwear, so I stole yours.”

25.“No, you ARE talented. You’re the only one I know who can lay in bed and watch the same TV show for 47 hours straight.”

26.“Don’t go to work. You’re mine, not theirs.”
“But you don’t pay me to be here?”
“Are you a prostitute?”

27.“My car’s broken, I have to walk to the store.”
“My nephew’s bigwheel is in the garage. Take that, I have.”

28.“It’s just a little cut, don’t worry.”
“No, let me be your doctor.”
*gets peroxide and box of Hello-Kitty Bandaids*

29.“Hey, babe, does my makeup look okay?”
“I like you better without it. But you’re gorgeous, as always.”

30.“Pink and blue only go together if it’s cotton candy. Go change.”

31.“You have a huge job interview. Get dressed, or I’m throwing your PS4 in the pool!”

32.“You drool when you sleep, and I don’t know. I might just go tell everyone if you don’t give it back NOW!”

33.“Baby, I’m sorry. It’s checkers, please talk to me.”

34.“You didn’t text me back, so I checked your Facebook to see if you were dead.”

35.“You made me breakfast? You know our anniversary is in two days right?”
“Fuck. I was pretty fucking close this year”

36.“Rock, paper, scissors to see who gets up and turns off the light.”

37.“Look, cousin Larry will flirt with you. We’re pretty sure he’s got diseases. So if you do cheat on me, you’re fucked.”

38.“I really don’t like it when you get mad and you start mumbling in another language.”

39.“Footy pajamas! Now we can match!”

40.“Oh, so you think you’re a better driver? Prove it?” *lets go of wheel*

41.“You bought tampons when you went shopping? That’s some Prince Charming shit, right there.”

42.“Why aren’t you wearing lipgloss? I like tasting strawberry when I kiss you.”

43.“Can you explain why there are sheets strung up around the apartment?”
“I built a fort.”

44.“You scare me when you watch those cop shows. You could kill me and no one would ever notice.”

45.“Did you just fart?”
“If you want to live, don’t lift the blanket.”

46.“Toast. T-O-A-S-T. Is it that hard to put bread in the toaster?!”


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Happy Peeta Sunday!

Here’s a little Peeta eye candy to brighten your day!

That Jaw

Those Eyes

Dear Lord, The Hair 

Those Arms

That Stare

The Shy Smile

The Total Package

i cant explain my love for nu’est

anonymous asked:

Hi. I kind of ship you and @l0vegl0wsinthedark. Because you two are very sweet and my favorite blogs in the world. Sorry I am just weird, but I send lots of honeydukes chocolates to you both.


@l0vegl0wsinthedark finally I can stop pining because SOMEBODY SHIPS US and I’M GIONG TO CRY can we have a ship name noooooow?????????? 

chibaglows? loveken? o0o-love-o0o??? IS THAT EVEN A NAME??? Would it be pronounced eggs love eggs????!?!! HELP I’M IN AN EXCiTED PANIC


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Marta here! Yesterday we reached 10k followers, which is absolutely insane, and we want to thank every single one of you who are following us! This is so amazing, we are so dedicated to this blog and we love when one of you tag your posts with #Architstudy so we know anybody out there want us to see anything! And thank so much to everyone who sends us lovely messages in our post and in our ask, you always made our day! 

So, we did blog rates when we reach 2k followers and it was really great cause some of you who had never talked to us before did and it was lovely to meet you and get to know you a bit better, and we want to do it again!! Btw, I (Marta) am thinking about doing a sleepover party soon, in case you don’t know, it is a day dedicated to talking to everyone who wants in the community (I’ve never done one before) and I wanted to ask you if anybody would want to talk with me if I decided to do it at the end!

Some rules for getting a blog rate from us:

  • You have to be a studyblr or any kind of blog study related!
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That’s it! Easy-peasy right? So, we’ll check out every blog who wants a blog rate and we’ll follow most of you cause it’s been a long time since we don’t do a follow spree, so don’t be shy! 

This ends on July 31st of 2017! We’ll tag them with #Archiblogrates in case you want to blacklist them and the format of the blog rates under the cut!

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BTS reaction seeing you practicing pick up lines dressed sexy in front of mirror.

anon: Hi! Can I request BTS seeing yourself in front of the mirror wearing lace tights,their shirt and full glam of makeup practicing pick up lines to get them turned on but, the pickup lines would be weird and you would make the most unattractive faces while practicing.For example “ Would you like a burrito and a relationship well I could be your baerrito” or “ Do you like Nutella well you could look into my hazel brown eyes” their is hazelnut and the color of chocolate is brown. Lol I’m so sorry😄           

I still can’t get over this request. I spend 5minutes dying from laught with my bff 😂 I can imagine how can this look like and omg 😁 You made our day! I hope you’ll enjoy this ^^


Originally posted by suga-com

y/n:“Jinnie, are you a Disney princess? Cause you’re cinderHella fine!”

After hearing it he sneak in your room and watched what are you doing. There you’re - in lace, in front of mirror, talking to yourself. He was surprised and now he knew how boys felt when he is making his uncle jokes. He don’t want to distrub you so he go to the kitchen thinking what he can do when you’ll use it. You look sexy in this lance but your faces and pick up lines can ruin atmosphere. Really hard thinking how to play it out. Then he’ll back to you and start kissing you before you would say anything.

“Is Y/B planning to use it at me? Gosh. No. Maybe I’ll just act like I didn’t hear it?”


Originally posted by yoonmin

y/n: “How much does it cost to have you to night? Cause damn, you look expensive!”

He were just standing in the door trying hard to not laught. But he can’t hold it and started to laught. When you turn on to see him you were schocked. Yoongi looked at you, walking closer to you and eyeing you. He’ll remeber this for all his life and sometimes tease about that.

“Y/N is this t-shirt mine? I want it back so take it off. I would say that you look so damn sexy but it was too funny.”


Originally posted by huang-zitao

y/n: “Didn’t You Wear That Yesterday? Your shirt has to go, but you can stay. ”

You wanting to lure Hoseok on with this lines was the most hilarious thing that he saw today. He knew that you are trying hard so he won’t tease you and just back hug you, softly touching your lance thights and starting to taking off his t-shirt from you “playing your game”

“Yees. I wear it yesterday. Maybe you’ll do something about it?”


Originally posted by ksjknj

y/n: “You like maths? Cause I want to ADD to you my life, SUBTRACT your clothes, DIVIDE your legs and MULTIPLY ourselves.”

Seeing you dressed like this would turn him on without even your trying. Buut look it’s not over. You wanted to play it like in drama witch you were watching in last week. Namjoon was focused on your legs, ass and everything. After hearing your pick up line he get distracted. What are you trying to do? He didn’t think too much about it and go towards you to started what you planned.

“Maybe we’ll skip this foreplay and straightaway go to the highlight?”


Originally posted by princejimineee

y/n: “Are you religios? Cause you’re the answer to all my prayers.”

Jimin wouldn’t care about your pick up lines or faces which you were doing. He focused on your look. Lances whiche bought you for your birthday, his shirt which was too big for you and you looked so hot. You transform Jimin from fluffy Mochi to Daddy Jimin.

“And now come to me. Your angel will take care of you.”


Originally posted by taedamn

y/n: “What’s that on your face? Oh, must just be beauty. Here, let me get it off. hmmm. and I’ll kis him and say- Hey, it’s not coming off!”

Thinking how cute and sexy you’re in the same time. He thinks that it’s weird but normal people are boring. Enjoing the view of you sexy dressed and imagining what he’ll do with you. Tae would let you end your pick up lines and after that he’ll take care of everything.

“Now let me take a lead. You started and I’ll end”


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

y/n: “ Which is easier? You getting into those tight pants or getting you out of them?”

Making fun of you so hard. He can’t stop laught even when you were calming him down. When his laught attack would end he’ll take to salon and starts playing Overwatch. You were so pissed that he ruin everything when you were preparing all day. Still wearing lances and his white t-shirt you were sitting on the couch cringed. When he finished, he looked at you focusing on your legs and gived you small smirk and this glance which you loved.

“I thought about your question and I think that for you, it’ll be easier to get me out of them.”

alurashards  asked:

Not asking, just good news! In Portugal we have Carnaval, where kids wear costumes and parade, and this year the girls favourite costume was Ladybug! In schools where the kids could choose the theme for the parade, many had girls as Ladybug and boys as Chat Noir! Good work ;) (note: girls don't usually wear superheroes - they always go for the princeses)

Wow, that’s AMAZING! That is so cool. Thank you so much for sharing— you’ve made our day!

To Have You Again - Thranduil

Originally posted by thranduillover2013

38. “Because even the sun can wish to be among the stars.”

43. “Do you think you could be happy here? With me?”

A/N: This request was also sent with another for Sauron. It will not be posted until all are done, just because I have no idea how to write it. :)

Warnings: Mentions of war

Words: 1500

My bare feet padded against the cold, wooden walkways that weaved their way through the realm of Mirkwood, the light clinking of elvish armor accompanying my soft gait as two elves, clad in golden armor, silken hair flowing behind them, led me to the throne room.

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AU: Star Trek (Sequel to Historical Fiction)

Board Location: B4

Obi had not anticipated the romantic possibilities of the laboratories, but Shirayuki was quickly remedying the lack. His head thumped against the wall of the lab as Shirayuki pushed him, the feathery tendrils of a Rigellian climbing fern catching at his hair, the light glowing purple from the Zilm’kach blooming overhead. She had climbed onto a germination pod to reach him and he laughed, reaching out to steady her, but she reeled him in, twining her arms around his shoulders like the vines she cultivated, stealing his senses and throwing him off balance. He tilted back to lean against the wall again and it was her turn to laugh as he pulled her along.

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trc month } day 9 - universe alterations

Syaoran loses his memories and Sakura has to look for them


“How could you betray YOUR FAMILY!, he killed your sisters! and you let him LIVE!”

“No, you killed them. You were made for one purpose, to kill. Our fate was sealed the day we were born”
I’m so proud of Ashi, she’s starting to realize that there’s more to life than one purpose. I love her so much and I want to protect her from Harm.

{Samurai Jack season 5 - XCVIII}

Samurai Jack belongs to Adult Swim, Toonami, Cartoon Network and creator Genndy Tartakovsky.

CS FF: Motherzilla

Summary: Emma and Killian want a small, simple wedding, but an overly excited Snow has some ideas of her own.

Rating: PG

Note: So I started writing this before I saw that sneak peek.   I didn’t expect Snow to want to have something simple at Granny’s and David to want something befitting a princess.  So I wrote this the way I think it should go.   Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Motherzilla: Part 1/1…

~Flashback: Emma at age 7~

Sarah and Rachel danced around Sarah’s room.  Sarah took a pillowcase and placed it over the back of her head as she pretended to march down an imaginary aisle.  

“I can’t wait to get married. It’s going to be in a big, beautiful church with lots of flowers.”

Rachel grabbed a bunch of fake flowers out of a vase on Sarah’s desk and spun around.

“I’m going to get married on the beach.  I’m going to wear a beautiful dress.”

Emma watched them from her spot on Sarah’s bed.  They were all in the same class at Emma’s new school, her fifth in two years.  Every time she changed foster homes, she changed schools.  She didn’t usually make friends quickly.  But Sarah and Rachel were nice and welcoming.  She had been excited when Sarah invited her over for a sleepover.  

That excitement was quickly wearing thin as she watched them dance around the room, excitedly discussing a future Emma couldn’t fathom for herself.  

Sarah turned to Emma. “What about you, Emma?  What kind of wedding do you want?”

Emma’s mouth opened, but no words came out.  She finally dropped her eyes to the comforter and shook her head.

“I’m never going to get married,” she whispered.

Sarah and Rachel stopped moving and stared at her in shock.

“Why not?” Rachel asked.

Emma shrugged, unable to meet their eyes.  "Because nothing good ever happens to me.  No one in my life ever lasts more than a few months.  I’ll never have a real family that loves me.  I’ll never have anyone who loves me.“

The little girls stared at her awkwardly, unsure of what to say or do in response.  So instead they returned to their game of pretend. And Emma returned to watching them do something that she believed would only ever happen in her dreams.

Emma rolled over and was met by the beautiful blue eyes of her new fiancé.  He offered her a smile.

"Good morning, my future wife,” he said.

Emma felt a smile appear on her face at the mention of being Killian’s wife.

“Good morning, my future husband,” she said.  

He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her lips, neither concerned with morning breath.  They were just so glad to be back in each other’s arms again.

Emma reached out and caressed his cheek as he pulled back, her thumb tracing along his lower lip.

“I missed you so much,” she said.

“I missed you too, love.  I feared I would never see you again.”

Emma blinked back sudden tears.  "A few minutes later and I would have lost you again.“

"Hey,” he said, taking her hand in his and kissing her palm.  "You’ll never lose me.  I’ll always be by your side, remember?“

Emma shook her head. "Until the next time something separates us.”

He shook his head, taking her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “And if that does happen again-…”

“When,” she corrected.

“If it does,” Killian continued steadfastly. “Then we will do everything in our power to get back to each other, just like we always do.”

A tear slipped down Emma’s cheek. “Until the one day when we can’t,” she replied softly.

Killian pulled her into his arms and he felt her tears wet the skin of his shoulder.  After a few moments, he pulled back and cupped her face with his hand.

“I know you have a tendency to expect the worst, Swan.  I know you have a tendency to believe that happiness doesn’t last and good things always go away.”

“Can you blame me?” she asked.  "I never thought I’d get married as a kid. While all of the other little girls were pretending and planning their future weddings, I couldn’t even imagine it.  I couldn’t even fathom a time when I could be as happy as I am now, that I could find a love like this.  That I could find love at all.“

Killian smiled gently.  "But you did, Emma. You opened your heart to your family and you opened it to me.  Now we are about to get married.  And I know that’s frightening because getting everything you’ve ever wanted always is.  It means you have so much to lose.  But we can’t focus on the what if.  We can’t live our lives like that.  We need to focus on the here and now and the wonderful future I know awaits us.”

Emma nodded, as his thumb swiped at a tear on her cheek.  "How is it you always know exactly what to say to make me feel better?“

He grinned. "It’s a gift.”

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If I had the chance to speak with you for one last time I’d tell you how much I miss you. I don’t remember you too well anymore. The sound of your voice, the memories we’ve created, your face, all of it has become hazy. I was young when you departed from this world and I didn’t understand much of it. I couldn’t find the tears when I realised you were no longer here. I couldn’t feel any pain. To this day I don’t feel anything other than a sense of longing. I miss you so much. You kept our family together. You made every day full of adventures and excitement. You were more of a father to me than my biological one ever was. If I could talk with you one last time, I would tell you I miss you. The house we live in feels so empty these days. I wish I could hear your voice for one last time. I wish I could hear you sing “What a Wonderful World”. I didn’t fancy that song too much as a child but now I cherish it. Listening to it makes it feel like you’re standing right beside me humming along. I wish you were still in this world but I know you’re somewhere watching over me. I hope I’ve made you proud.
—  If I could see you one last time… // S.T.

Shiro learns some steps, and a few other things. (read it on Ao3)

“Lance… please. I don’t know how.”

The other man just swayed, smiling over his shoulder. It was warm; their lounge room, the glow of the kichen beyond, made soft by the setting sun, the way Lance was looking at him. Shiro could feel something tighten in his chest. He didn’t want to name it.

“I’ll teach you,” He said, steady enough to settle his pulse, even if it still throbbed, hard, below his skin. “Come here,” Lance said- the sweetest question he’d ever been asked -and turned back to him, body rocking to the sound of drums under a guitar. “And let me teach you?”

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