you made our day

We had fun right? I mean I laughed every day with, or at you and I know you did the same. We would spend our days apart but messages from you made me feel less alone. 

You kept it light hearted, almost as if you knew that I needed the break from my own thoughts. Our ending wasn’t your finest hour, although maybe it was who you were but I was having such a good time that I let myself suppress caution.

You are a possessive person, I know this now. But what I should have told you from the start is that I was never yours to possess. 

Sometimes I miss the conversations we used to have. Sometimes I miss how you only knew me on the surface, how I didn’t have to explain why you don’t have to worry about me. 

Cutting contact from you was hard, because you had become a constant. But it was the right thing to do, before it was taken to a place where I couldn’t look back on our time together and smile despite the ending.

—  To a former flame, I am not sorry that we burnt out. Although, sometimes I wish I had of watched us burn a little longer.
Dear Felix,

So, I’ve watched your ‘My Response’ video. I have to say that when you teared up, my heart broke. I’m sorry that you are being attacked like this and from your videos, we can see how this issue has been going on for quite some time. Years in fact. I don’t know why there are people out there who seems like they’re holding some sort of grudge towards you. Now they pushed it to an extent where your show got cancelled (THIS PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH), the contract got severed, and people labelled you as anti-semantic. I mean, yes, i have to say here that the joke went a bit too far but for the media to take things out of context is downright unfair from the way i see it.

You contribute a lot more than you did any harm. Why is that not in the spotlight? Push charities aside, you saved so many lives out there as PewDiePie ( @pewdie ). You made our days better, you made us laugh, you helped some of us walk through difficult lives and situations. That is what the media needs to shine their spotlight on!

Despite all these bullshit, I just want you to know that there are still many of us bros that stands with you, supporting you. Yes, we made fun of you, your hair, calling you names, calling you the Kazoo kid, sassing you, teasing you and all that but in the end, we still love you. You did so much for us. Now, we will be the one that will held your hands and we will walk with you through this.

p/s: Be careful with your jokes next time buddy. Don’t push the boundaries too far. 

2.00 am,

You can watch the video here

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Can we give a shoutout to straight/cis guys who don't mind sharing restrooms/locker rooms/dorms with guys that are gay/trans/etc? Like y'all are great and you've made my life a lot better❤️

heck YES. every cis guy who’s just left me be when i obviously don’t pass as male, but still want to use the right bathroom, ya’ll are the BEST. whether you realise it or not, you’ve always made my day better <3 here’s to our bathroom buddies!

- moth

Happy Peeta Sunday!

Here’s a little Peeta eye candy to brighten your day!

That Jaw

Those Eyes

Dear Lord, The Hair 

Those Arms

That Stare

The Shy Smile

The Total Package

Dear Diarist

High school AU where Dean finds a diary, and it just so happens to contain his name - and details of the mystery writer’s intense crush on him. But Dean’s also got a crush… it’s too much to hope for that the diarist is Castiel, right?

happy birthday to @destieldrabblesdaily!!! love you Shirley <3

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Dear Diary,

I think I’m a ghost. No one ever seems to see me at all.

Dean frowned, staring down at the first page of the book that he’d found on top of the lockers, pushed back out of sight. He’d never have found it at all, if Sam hadn’t taken his Physics textbook and hidden it up there, just to show off that he was taller than Dean now.

I don’t talk to anyone and no one talks to me. It’s not that they don’t like me, it’s that they don’t seem to see me at all. I swear I really am a ghost.

Dean stopped reading, frowning. Was this supposed to be an actual diary, or some kind of story? He checked the front cover of the book for a name, a clue to whom it might belong - but found nothing. He opened it up again.

One day, I think I’m just going to stand up and walk right out of class. And no one will even look up. I’m going to walk out of class and never come back and not one person at this school will miss me. And I won’t miss any of them, either. Except…

Dean leaned back against his locker and flipped the page, his attention caught. He wondered briefly whether he should stop reading - but then he got a glimpse of the next few words, and his curiosity escalated out of control.

… there is one boy. Dean Winchester, his name is Dean Winchester. 

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Story Time!

I can’t believe I almost forgot to post this on tumblr!

Well my friends and I decided to hit up NYC for an afternoon and we went out to eat and watch the Upright Citizens Brigade and on our way we saw a nail salon on the other side of the street that did manicures for cheap so we went to it. Then on our way to the theater we passed by this restaurant that immediately reminded me of the one from Matt and Karen’s first date in Daredevil because well they had chilis hanging from the ceiling. I turn to my roommate and I didn’t know if she got that far into the season 2 so I went “isn’t this… Well… Ummm… This looks like… Eh…?” And she went “OMG THIS LOOKS LIKE THE ONE FROM THE DATE” (which means she’s saw the episode). So we freaked out and went into the restaurant and she asked the waiter if a show was shot here and he said “yes, Daredevil I believe” then the screaming and fangirling commenced. We took pics and legit couldn’t believe that at one point they were shooting one of our fave shows here. And to think that if we didn’t decide to get an impromptu manicure we wouldn’t have been on that side of the street and wouldn’t have seen the restaurant

We decided to get manicures that led us to see the restaurant where Karedevil went on their date

peace_._frog Picture of the photo my friend and me had the pleasure (and honor) to take yesterday in Edinburgh with @samheughan! So amazing to spot him yesterday in the city center, out of nowhere, after months spent wishing to meet him! And here we go! :))) Naturally thrilled (and a little intimidated) to talk to him, we forgot to tell him most things we wanted to XD So we’d like to thank you now and let you know that your charme and friendliness conquered us! You’re definitely one of the nicest, most easy-going person and most talented actor we’ve ever met!! Thanks a lot Sam, you made our day, or better, you made our wishes to come true!!! *.* | Edinburgh May 1, 2016

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(( Cosmic and Sun, your live stream made my day 😊. From making me laugh to questioning what the fuck I just saw. All in all it still made my day. Thank you both.))

Ayyyy lmao I’m glad our stream made your day! Even tho there was a few dicks here and there that probably would have not been neccasary to see lol.

Hopefully we’ll be doing more streams in the future! 

- Sun

To My Grieving Friend

Whether or not anything I say will change the way you feel or make anything better, I cannot say. All I ask is that you listen, consider, and I hope that I may be able to put a bit of a spark into your life.

When I look at you, I see someone who is strong. And admittedly, someone who has been through a lot. But your strength has gotten you through every single battle you’ve had to fight. I see that. I admire that. I respect that.

Your strength is a big reason why you’ve made such a positive presence in our lives. Every day you come in, you end up with a smile on your face. And you’re able to translate it into an influence that puts smiles on the faces of countless others. I’ve seen it. I see it every day.

And I know you’re struggling right now. You’re in a bad position that I could never understand, but I want you to know that I’ll be there to help in any way I can, always. And all of those people that you make happy? They will be too.

And I know you ask, “what difference would it make if I weren’t here anymore? If I disappeared?” And I’ll tell you, the difference would be that that light you give off would be gone. That positive influence you create every day. The smiles you put on people’s faces. EVERY. DAY.

They would be gone. If you were ever to disappear, they would disappear too.

So, for the sake of the happiness you bring into so many people’s lives, and for your own sake, I ask that you consider what I’ve said, and I hope that I give unto you a positive influence of my own.

Everything happens for a reason. These tough times? They’re going to give you strength. And I have full faith that one day you’re going to take that strength and use it to make a huge difference, maybe even beyond your own comprehension.

You’re going to take the light you bear inside, and with it, my grieving friend, you’re going to illuminate the world.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you or anyone you know is going through a tough time, I ask that you consider using this poem as a token of hope. It’s true, I’ve written it in dedication to a grieving friend, and I’m praying that I am able to pull them back into a better state of mind. Stay safe and spread happiness, my friends. Warm regards - A Little Eloquence