you made me so happy today

Happy Birthday Freddie

I know technically his birthday is tomorrow but with my health the way it’s been lately I decided to make the post today. It’s image heavy but I have no apologies for that :) <3

Under the cut you will see my many favorite pictures of the adorable little boy we’ve come to love. Freddie Reign Tomlinson.

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some people’s company is just magical.
it’s magical how they instantly make you feel better and make you forget all your worries and fears and all the “but what if’s” in your life.
they make you so happy from within and i think that’s the most beautiful thing that can happen; having a person who can bring out your best by just being in your presence.
—  e.s. // to my dear friend who made me feel this way today and always does. the love i have for him is unconditional ❤
The Signs as Deadpool Quotes

Aries: This last shot has to pull out, but it’s the only thing pulling out tonight

Taurus: I’m touching myself tonight

Gemini: Sorry, I use humour to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I’m hilarious, so don’t hate.

Cancer: You’re about to be killed… BY A ZAMBONI

Leo: Whatever the did to me made me totally indestructible… and completely unfuckable

Virgo: Shhh… My common sense is tingling

Libra: Yeah. That is a gun in my pants. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see you

Scorpio: Today was about as much fun as a sandpaper dildo

Sagittarius: I look like a testicle with teeth

Capricorn: Captain Deadpool! No? Just Deadpool.

Aquarius: Fourth wall break inside of a fourth wall break? That’s like… 16 walls!

Pisces: He got Ajax from the dish soap !

Alistair. Because I love him and I needed to finish something happy today. I needed to spread something happy today. It’s a paltry contribution but if it helps even for a moment…

I tried to combine Origins and Inquisition versions as best as I could. Leaned more Origins I think? I don’t know, it was hard to do this kind of expression without reference for him so he’s probably off.

 I made it big enough to print but I didn’t want to put it up on RB unless someone really wants it. If you do let me know and I will post a link on my tumblr.


happy taehyung day | 30.12.95

happy birthday to one of my favorite people on this earth today. you are such a light in people’s lives and i wish i could tell you personally how much you’ve made me happy this past year. you inspire me to be more positive, more loving, more open; you make me believe that it’s okay to be exactly who you are without worrying about what people might think or what they might say about you. you work so hard without complaints and you do it all with a smile on your face. i wish that one day i could be half the person that you are because everything about you is so incredibly special and the world needs a lot more like you in it. i love you with everything i have ♥

Just Another Monday

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N (reader) Sam Winchester,

Pairing: Dean x reader,

Warnings: I honestly can’t think of any.   

Wordcount: 2500ish

A/N: This is written for @mysupernaturalfics - she turns 20 today. Go send her a lot of love and help me wish her a happy birthday.

Sorry Rach I wrote this kinda fast and without an outline so it is a little messy, but I hope you like it still.

See bracelet and Y/N’s dress here

Thanks to the ever amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this silly Dean fluffiness for me and thanks to @bkwrm523 for giving me a Title :D

Birthdays had never been a big deal for Dean. Not his own anyway. He always made sure to pick something up at a convenient store for Sam on May 2nd. He would also try to be less annoying to his brother on that day. He would not sing along to the music blaring from the Impala’s stereo (or not as loudly anyway). He would not make fun of Sam for eating his rabbit food or ordering his chick latte.

His own birthday came and went. Sam would alway give Dean some tools or something for Baby, and Dean loved that. Still, it was just a day like any other day to him. He had no idea why he wanted Y/N’s birthday to be different., but he did. He wanted her to feel special. He wanted her to have a day she would remember.

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OMFG This happened to me today! Richonners Unite!

So I was talking about episode 708 of TWD with my colleague/friend, and how excited I was when the gates opened to reveal Michonne and Rick holding hands. She made a face and I asked her why. She responded: “I get why *you* would be happy about that, but I was super excited when Rick let her hand go to run over to Maggie.” When I asked her why (purely out of friendly curiosity), this biatch replied: “Because I really want Rick to get back to his own kind, like Maggie. I get that Michonne is exotic in Rick’s eyes, but you can’t turn an animal into a housewife. Phases come and go and so will Michonne.”

I can’t believe that I’ve been working with this ignorant chick for 5 years! Like what the hell?

Real talk tho, she about to end up missing..


So against my better judgement (and the advice of my wonderful fellow richonners/richonnettes), I spoke to my coworker and former “friend”. More like I listened to her speak because she begged for the chance to explain her previous statement after she figured out that that was why I was pissed at her.

She said that when she called Michonne exotic, she meant that as a compliment not just to the character and the actress Danai who plays her, but to all black women as she thinks of women of color “in high regards”. When she called Michonne an animal, what she really meant was that Michonne is a fierce warrior type woman who fights like an animal, and that she (my coworker) has a hard time seeing Michonne in a more domesticated housewife and mother figure role. She feels like because Maggie, Rick and his children have a similar look, they can be more cohesive as a unit, and Maggie would fit the domesticated role better.

But here is the fucking kicker; the best for last. When she said that Rick should be with his own kind, she was actually trying to convey her disappointment in the show. She feels like the show is trying to push the affirmative action/interracial agenda, and while she’s fine with that because she understands the need for diversity, she feels like they’re pushing it too much. She wants Rick to get back to basics and restore his image, and she feels like he can’t do that if he’s behaving like the others below him.

The others being: Glenn/Maggie, Abraham/Rosita, Abraham/Sasha, and Tyrese/Karen. They were enough in her eyes to create diversity and equality in the show. And with Richonne as canon, and now that it seems like Carol and Ezekiel (or Morgan alternatively, but both men of color) might get together, she thinks it’s too much. She wants the writers to dial it back a bit so they can focus on “other” things, whatever the hell those other things might be.

At this point, I am SO done with this bitch. The fact that she justified her hate with MORE hate, is enough to make me cut ties with her for good. I’m keeping a log of everything she says from now on, and if she keeps it up, I will go to HR.

Thank you all for your support and love! I appreciate each and every one of you so very much! I might have lost a friend, but I feel as though I’ve gained many new, beautiful ones in return.

And for those of you that are curious, I did ask her what animal she had in mind when she said that Michonne was a strong warrior who fought like an animal. But I’m not going to say which one came to her ignorant ass mind first because I’m pretty sure Tumblr will crash soon afterwards, lol.

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anonymous asked:

Kayla, you are simply amazing. You have such a bright, sunny personality that I love hearing every day. I'm so glad you talk about having anxiety because trust me, I'm about to graduate college and I still have anxiety, but it takes a lot of will to deal with that. You're much stronger and much more resilient than you give yourself credit for. You also bring so much happiness to people - you're such a necessary person. Don't ever forget that!!

This nearly brought me to tears. I really needed to hear it right now. I’ve been having a pretty rough night/morning (#haha love being an anxious mess) and was worried about even being capable of finishing my video for today and that only made it worse. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.


05.01.2017: 1/100 days of productivity ♡

i decided to give the 100 days of productivity challenge a go so that i actually get somewhere with my korean. studied hangul again today and it’s starting to all make sense to me which makes me very happy.  ♡

ps. made an studygram today if you want to follow: @wanderlust.studies, i’ll follow studygrams back. x

  • what she says: thank u for that message <3
  • what she means: that literally just made my day so much better i have been beaming ever since i received this message i have never felt so happy i am glowing this is what has gotten me through today this and this alone i cannot tell you how thankful i actually am for it this doesn't even begin to cover it "thank u" isn't near enough but i don't want you to get creeped out and leave me if i send this to you but this message has made my day and i

Happy hatchday to me! Today I’m 4 years old. I wore the honorary birthday hat and mom made me a special treat. Insted of a cake though, she made me the tort version of a cheeseburger! It was so tasty! Of course I shared it with Mango and Torty too. Once we were done, mom gave me a card from friend Connie. It caught my attention from across the room! Thank you for another amazing hatchday!


Hello! Sorry for be so disconected from tumblr… I’m a mess right now and I’m trying to fix myself :/ (I’m posting this on my Instagram @ minemikomali, I’m more active there)
And also I wanted to show you all this! All of them are linearts for some new posters and for the Fanzine/Tribute Artbook I’m doing in collaboration with other amazing artists! Hope you like it! We’ll be selling it online and in events!
I wanted also to say some things about what this comic means to me, it made me in part who I am today, and I learned drawing by redrawing again and again this characters. (Specially Hay Lin because she was so amazin and calm and happy and…perfect) I have a lot to thank to Barbucci and Canepa.
They are comming back ♡

The best thing to happen today is that when my aunt got me a pair of gloves she said “grandma told me not to get these for you. She said ‘he’s a boy he won’t like those gloves’ but I thought you would like them.” And the whole exchange made me so happy. My grandma respects my gender enough to shove gender roles into me and my aunt respects my gender enough to know that I will still like stupid little knitted hedgehog gloves even though I’m a boy, and my grandma respects me enough to agree.

Okay so. My sister doesn’t even LIKE Bangtan like that, but when she saw how you drew Kookie (while being a creep over my shoulder looking at my feed), she absolutely fell in love and she made me send her those two pictures and she texted me this today. They are her wallpaper.


                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

                        ❝ Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time
                           with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts
                          is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words. 

The holiday season has officially started and since today is Christmas Eve, I wanted to write a little something for all the people I’ve met during my first year in this fandom; everyone of us had ups and downs, everyone of us had happy and sad moments and yet, somehow, we’re all still here. I made so many wonderful friends and more than once, I’ve been given affection and support and virtual embraces that helped me to stand up again whenever I fell - You could almost say that I’ve received my Christmas presents throughout the whole year. 
I personally love this period of the year !! I don’t know why, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially when I see that the people I care about are also happy and joyous - This is why I’m writing this little, super lame post with a very ugly edit ( I’m sorry, but I’m still sick and I seriously didn’t want to spend too much time on photoshop orz ) . 

I really hope that everyone will have a great holiday season, with a lot of warmth, happiness, fun and food !! I hope all of you will get to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones and I hope that we can all stay together even during the upcoming year - I’m really thankful for meeting all of you !! It doesn’t matter if we started talking months ago, if we just started or if we’ve never interacted just yet, your presence on my dash and in my life is extremely important and I’m genuinely thankful for meeting you all. I hope we’ll manage to stay together in the new year as well !!

I wish you all nothing but the best !!

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hi everyone! i would firstly like to thank u all for the notes on my last post about learning anything in 3 steps! i am so grateful and happy that i can help people study and achieve what they want to achieve! 

today i decided to make a post about the night before the exam. for me, i get incredibly anxious at this time and i start doubting myself and all the hard work i have put in. however, i want everyone to know that these feelings are normal, and in order to deal with them, i have made a post to help u out!! no matter what happens in the exam, you will come out a better person for it, knowing more than u did when u went in. this can be difficult to realise the night before so i hope this post gives u some tips in dealing with those nasty feelings!

i’m so proud of you and what you will achieve, no matter what!

best luck and wishes to all,


asmr channels that are 10/10 (idrk how to explain what it actually is, but all these channels should have some info on it in the description bar if ur unsure!!):

albinwhisperland // whispersred // psychetruth // lauralemurex