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remember when kaz brekker told inej ghafa he refused to be the one to mark her body after everything she had been through?? because i sure do. the tattoo was mandatory for everyone in the dregs except her bc self-proclaimed monster kaz brekker had the decency to respect her past trauma & he didnt want her to feel like anyone owned her. and the first thing he did after purchasing her indenture was get her proper clothes?? and a knife??? lbr when will your fave ever


Matteusz x Charlie + Hands - requested by @anon 

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Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?


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Pairing: Florist!Steve x Reader x Biker!Bucky
Summary: Steve and Reader meet the man behind the sunflowers.
A/N: Okay so this is based off an ask here. This is written in collaboration with @writemarvelousthings. Emily wrote this chapter so please go tell her you love it because she did it beautifully. Come let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.
Word count : 1,921

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Chapter 4

You stand nervously staring at the chipped red door of Bucky’s apartment building, the sound of Steve pressing the buzzer sounded around you as he steps back to stand next to you.

“I don’t know why I’m nervous” you mutter, clutching the six large sunflowers. You had your bag of planting tools slung over your shoulder as Steve carried the bag of fertilizer with ease.

“It’s just dinner with a friend (Y/N)” you look up at the slightly tight smile on Steve’s face and you swear you see a look of nerves pass across his face.

“Nothing to be nervous about” you nod, still fighting away the butterflies in your stomach as the door buzzes open gaining you entry. You both climb the stairs to Bucky’s apartment number that he had texted you earlier that day.

“I’m gonna grow old watching the two of you climb those stairs” you look up to see Bucky’s face grinning down at the two of you over the railings.

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The Summer Fling (Chapter 5) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Doug’s 2015 Nissan Sentra”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: this chapter will be the death of me. I’m sorry it’s so long. it’s mostly just spacing for song lyrics and text messages.

Additional Note: Songs played, in conjunction with reading if you’re fancy. True Care


I Lie Awake Every Night.

Summary: Julia O’Brien throws a party at invites you,  but not before Dylan had already done the same or something.. Idk, just read it. It’s good. 

Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six

Originally posted by connectingsilence

“Why are you being weird?”

“I"m not being weird. What am I doing right now that is me being weird?” You looked back at Sarah, your best friend and Julia O'Brien’s college roommate.

“That is like the fifth time you’ve checked your makeup in the mirror.” Sarah said with a grin.

“No, it’s not.” You rolled your eyes, and pushed the visor back up against the roof of the car.

“David, she’s looked like five times, right?!” Sarah said, her words slurring slightly as she had pre-gamed at your house before leaving while you were getting ready.

You glanced over at your Uber driver and he contorted his face. “It’s Doug, for the third time… and yea, you kind of have checked a lot.”

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anonymous asked:

Love your stories!! They way you characterize Bakugou and Kirishima is so three-dimensional. Do you have any Bakushima fics that you'd recommend?

thank you, i’m so glad you think so! i am probably not the most up-to-date with every great fic out there, but i’ve included a list of some fics i’ve enjoyed below. 

my bakushima fics are here.


canonverse/future fic

alternative universes

sexy stuff



It’s like the worst things get with my parents. The better things get with you. Are things really awful with your parents? It’s a war zone. And I’m stuck with whoever’s got the best lawyer.

COMPANY || one.

◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.2k

◦ a/n: We’re jumping right on into the smut, my loves xD Here’s the first installment of COMPANY (CEO!Hyungsik) for all you Hyungsik fans

table of contents | one | two | three | four | five | six

m a s t e r l i s t

“Did you really think you were hired just to schedule my appointments and take notes during meetings?” Somehow his words floated through my mind every time I ended up like this: my head spinning, a certain numbness humming violently through my body. My fingers clung uselessly to the fabric of his shirt. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me up, flowering bruises against my flesh for me to find hours from now. In one swift motion, he slammed me back down against his length. “S-sir,” I stuttered, and he loved that. He let out a moan into the skin of my shoulder, my blouse slinking down my arm. I must have been one hell of a sight. How did I get here? I wondered. To think I stepped into this office a year ago with the expectation of getting some valuable experience seemed like a joke now.

“You’re my personal assistant, and I’m going to need…company, from time to time.” He had paused with a smirk painted across his lips, undoubtedly studying my wide eyes and stiff stance. “Of course, I can always hire someone else.”

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The Town of Forgetting: II

Slow Burn!Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: Things have changed for the worse at Derry, and even Beverly didn’t know. Mike looks murdurous, Bill’s bones are showing, Eddie’s eye is always twitching and Richie looks like a zombie, Ben and Stan are still missing and you have never felt more alone in a school full of kids.

Warnings: Cursing, minor violence, an appearance by a certain evil clown.

Words: 974

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“You lied Bev.”

“Good morning to you too.” Beverly replied sleepily, yawning through the crappy payphone. “Why the hell are you up so early? It’s like six a.m.”

“School starts early. I-” You pause. What would you tell her? That you’re scared of her old friend? That you bumped into Gretta Keene on the second day of school and made another enemy? That everyone in Derry was lifeless and cold? “You lied to me. About the losers.”

She hums slowly. “How so?”

You tap your foot rapidly, knowing the payphone would need another quarter soon and you were all out. “They’re-they’re dark.This whole town is gray-and there’s red! Just flares of red and I don’t know why! It’s fading! Can they fade? Bev you gotta help me, I think-”

“Whoa, slow down.” Beverly says, now very awake. “You mean their auras? That bullshit?”

“They’re grey, Bev.” You say, nervously playing with the phone’s cord. “I don’t know what grey is! I saw a girl in the alley and there were some boys… S-she almost got hurt and no one helped. They walked by like it was nothing.”

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