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Request: Hello~~ Can i request #2 with Seungkwan since he’s my ub and i realised that you’ve never written any seungkwan fics before >< and can you please make it extra fluffy? Thank you ♡

2) “Okay…so like…there’s only a 30% chance that we’ll die.”

Member: Seventeen’s Seungkwan x Y/N

Type: Fluff

You heaved a sigh as you shimmied out the stress in your shoulders and tugged down at the top you had on. Another scheduled date night had come to fruition with your boyfriend, and you were trying to prepare yourself for the usual theatrics. You began to go over your mental checklist of how to properly go on a date with Seungkwan.

Step one, show up on the doorstep of the dorm at exactly six p.m. You always had to meet him at his dorm. If you ever mention him taking the bus to your apartment, you would never hear the end of the whining. It wasn’t specifically that he didn’t want to take the bus (granted he was a bit high maintenance for public transportation) but he loved to show you off. If he could mention that he had a girlfriend to his members at least once a day, he would be a happy Boo. If he could actually get you in front of them, he shined with pride. 

And you weren’t about to be the one to dull Seungkwan’s shine. 

Step two, he will probably be coming out of his skin with excitement, knowing you’ll be arriving soon, but will literally act as blasé as he can when he answers the door. He’ll offer an eyebrow wiggle, or maybe a sassy sentiment about how your clothing choices were getting better since you started dating him, but more often than not he’ll just tug you in. As much as he loved to parade you around for a meet and greet, Seungkwan wanted it over as quickly as possible. 

At his core, he wanted you all to himself. Which you were more than at peace with. 

Step three, spend a moment with each of the members in the dorm at the time. On this evening, it was your favorite duo, Hoshi and Seokmin, lounging in the living area. 

“If it isn’t our favorite inconvenience,” Seokmin grinned as he enveloped you in a hug. “Seungkwannie didn’t tell us you were coming.”

“He never does,” Hoshi grumbled, standing as well to wrap you in a hug. 

“Why should I have to tell you when MY girlfriend is coming over?” Seungkwan spat, rolling his eyes. 

“I don’t know, maybe because-” Seokmin began, but was instantly cut off by the sound of heavy footsteps on the hardwood. 

“Noona!” you heard a bright voice call from down the hallway. You turned just in time to see a charging Chan take you into his arms, much larger than you had last remembered. 

“What have they been feeding you?” you chuckled, hugging him tightly in return. 

“For a kid who is so shy around girls, he has no problem getting comfortable with Y/N,” Hoshi clucked, shaking his head. You knew he was trying to tease Seungkwan, and judging by the look on his face, it was working. His cheeks were now a bright red as he took a step toward you. He pulled you back from the youngest member and wrapped his arm protectively around your shoulders. 

Step four, have Seungkwan actually get mad about showing you off to his members because somehow his feelings get hurt. 

“Aish, you can’t just grab someone like that,” he clucked with a pout. “You might’ve surprised her and she may have gotten scared.”

“Only you are frightened that easily,” Seokmin cackled, his usual bright smile present on his lips. 

“Like the time I brushed my hair against your arm and you thought it was a bug and you nearly scalped me,” you chuckled along as well, sending fluttering fingers into Seungkwan’s ribs. 

“Yah, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he muttered, unwrapping his arm from your shoulders. “I do know that we have to go.”

“You always bring over Y/N just to take her away again,” Hoshi pouted, crossing his arms. 

“I’ll come over sometime just to visit with you guys,” you smiled. “And I won’t even act like Seungkwan is here.”

“Impossible,” Seungkwan hummed, shaking his head. 

“Old Divaboo is right about that one,” Seokmin sighed. “He’s too loud to be ignored.”

Step five, Seungkwan rolls his eyes and stomps out as he tugs you from the room. 

You chuckled to yourself as he was quick to intertwine his fingers between your own. He moved swiftly down the hallway and into the elevator, launching you to the ground floor of the building. 

“And what are you laughing about?” he hummed, eying you carefully. He attempted to show disinterest as he gazed at you, but it was difficult to hide his enthusiasm. While Seungkwan was his own biggest fan, he was also your biggest fan as well. 

“How your members like me more than you,” you muttered, batting your eyelashes. “Bleach my hair and give me suspenders, I’m joining Seventeen.”

“That was one concept!” he sighed. “Have you ever seen me in suspenders since?” 

“No, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be,” you laughed. 

“Well, on our next date we’ll go suspender shopping,” he grinned. “All suspenders, all the time. Sleepovers; suspenders. Water park; suspenders-”

“Do they make swim suspenders?” you asked curiously. 

“I’m positive they have everything on Amazon,” he nodded. 

The elevator doors opened, exposing you to the busy street before the dorm building. The streetlights were bright on your faces as you stepped out and onto the pavement. Seungkwan quickly guided you in the direction he planned on going that evening. 

Step six, you have no idea what Seungkwan has planned, but you pray it isn’t karaoke again. Granted, you loved his voice. You recognized the talent that lived within your boyfriend’s vocal chords and complimented him as often as you could. You did not appreciate, however, the occasions when you were forced to go to karaoke and listen to him freestyle every Mariah Carey song known to man and make sure the crowd knew he was singing about you. In his best go at English, he would mutter a small, yet enthusiastic speech about how the song was dedicated to his girlfriend. God heaven forbid if someone in the room didn’t realize you were together.  

“Seungkwan, I love you…” you trailed, looking toward him cautiously. 

“Why do I feel like a ‘but’ is following that statement,” he muttered, continuing to saunter down the sidewalk. 

“But please, do we have to go to karaoke tonight?” you whispered with a wince. 

“Why on earth would you not want to go to karaoke?” he hummed, batting his eyelashes innocently. 

“Well…uh…for as much fun as it is,” you continued. You tried to pick your words carefully as you spoke. “I don’t…I don’t really get much time with you.” 

Yes, you’d go that route. That was the reason why you didn’t want to go to karaoke.

“Oh, jagi,” Seungkwan clucked. “You get to hear my gift so often. These people aren’t as privileged. You have to learn to share my talent and quit being so selfish.”

You grimaced and let out an unintentional sigh. 

“Quit being so upset,” he hummed. “I know we aren’t going to the karaoke bar, but you’re going to have to contain your disappointment.”

You couldn’t help the slow smile that spread across your face. Your ears immediately perked up as you focused on your boyfriend. 

Step seven, immediately regret not actually going to karaoke. 

You stood before a small restaurant, it’s roof nearly caved in, and no clear door on the front of the building. 

“Mingyu hyung said it was really good,” Seungkwan whispered, a slight panic in his tone. “So like…there’s only a 30% chance we’ll die?” 

“From the food or the ceiling caving in?” you muttered, searching the front of the building in the dim evening light. You had long since turned down a vacant alley to actual find the location Seungkwan had been searching for, so it wasn’t the most well lit area you had ever ventured in around Seoul. It seemed as if the man beside you was legitimately had begun shaking as he glanced around, not at all at ease with the situation he had put the two of you in. 

“Is it too late to turn around and go to the kara-” he whispered. 

“Door, found the door,” you nodded, a bit too enthusiastically as you shuffled to the entrance hidden behind a beaded curtain. “Found it, that means we go inside now. Into the restaurant and not karaoke. Waiter is probably watching us and waiting for us to come in. No turning back now.” 

Seungkwan deadpanned as he looked at you, not at all amused by your antics. 

“If you think I’m dedicating ‘Hero’ to you ever again, you’re wrong,” Seungkwan pouted, yanking open the door of the restaurant and gliding in. For a moment he had seemed to forget how natural of a coward he was as he led the way. 

You hurried behind him, afraid to enter the falling down restaurant, but more frightened by the idea of being left alone in the alleyway. 

Step Eight, no matter the situation, Seungkwan will probably get frightened at some point.

Seungkwan gripped your hand in his, his knuckles turning white from the pressure of his grip. 

“How are you so scared?” you whispered. “Do you really think a serial killer is going to use a restaurant as a storefront for his nefarious activities?”

“Well, I didn’t before,” he gasped with wide eyes. “But I am now!” 

“How many?” a waiter asked, seemingly appearing from no where. 

“Yah!” Seungkwan shouted, spinning with a jump as he realized the new person’s presence. “TWO PLEASE.”

You couldn’t help but snort at your boyfriend’s polite yelling. The waiter lifted his brows, muttering something to himself as he led you to a booth. You looked to Seungkwan who still had his hand placed over his heart. All color had drained from his face and he looked wearily at the back of the waiter’s head as he shuffled along behind him. 

You held to his hand as you crossed the dining room, closing your eyes for a moment as you took a deep breath in. The restaurant smelled amazing. That was a good sign at least.

“What can I get for you to…” the waiter trailed, halting his sentence as he watched the two of you curiously. You looked down at your menu, thinking nothing was out of the ordinary until you looked up again and noticed Seungkwan had slid into the booth on the same side as you. 

“I’ll have a soda,” he hummed nonchalantly, looking at his menu. 

“And I’ll have…a tea?” you answered, tilting your head as you looked from Seungkwan to the waiter. 

The waiter’s eyebrows were lifted as he watched Seungkwan. Without speaking, he spun around, off to fetch your drinks and contemplate how strange the young man was that he was now serving. 

“Uh, jagi,” you whispered, sending a soft elbow into his arm. “Why are you sitting on the same side of the booth as me?”

“So I can protect you in case the situation presents itself,” he nodded confidently. You remained silent, now your turn to lift your brows as you stared at him. 

“I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because when you’re afraid, you get clingy,” you chuckled. 

“I do not!” he gasped. He looked up from the menu and eyed the restaurant warily. “I mean…we are the only people in here…so no one would hear our cries for help…but who’s thinking about that? Not me.” 

Step Nine, no matter the situation. You love Seungkwan anyway. He was difficult to consciously not love to be honest. You couldn’t help but grin like a fool as you watched Seungkwan try to occupy his thoughts by reading the menu. He was probably the squishiest human being you had ever come into contact with and you were constantly reminded by how much excitement he brought to your life. 

Whether it be sass, unnecessary memes, sensitive emotions, or a capacity to fear everything - your boyfriend had it covered. He was obviously the complete package. 

“Hey,” you cooed, wrapping your arms around his. “Get the wrinkles out of your forehead.”

“What?” he grumbled, not looking up from the menu. 

“It’s okay to be nervous,” you hummed. “But I’m here. And I love you.”

The worry lines on Seungkwan’s forehead flattened out as he looked at you. His eyes were soft as a smirk tugged at his lips. “I love you too, but if you tell me not to worry, and we die, my ghost self will never forgive you.” 

You rolled your eyes and placed a light kiss on his cheek. “Deal.” 

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I was pondering the fact that I’m so attached to Sir Angelo, and it finally hit me:

He reminds me of my older brother.

To give you an idea: I’m six feet tall, and I always assumed I was average-on-the-side-of-short because I’d hang out with my brother and his friends. He’s in high demand anytime somebody moves, because his specialty is hauling refrigerators up staircases by himself. A favorite party trick for him was bear-hugging me and picking me up while I was holding another one of my friends in my arms.

In short: he’s a big, strong guy.

Also he’s incredibly loving, protective, and kind… which makes it especially cringeworthy when he says something… unfortunate. To know the guy is to know that he means well, and that he sincerely doesn’t mean to offend or be hurtful. You understand that he doesn’t understand why it was wrong. Unfortunately, half the time the thing he says makes you angry enough that you can’t articulate why it’s upsetting, and at that point he starts getting upset that you’re upset for seemingly no reason, and it turns into a bit of a mess.

The thing is, when you can properly explain to him what’s wrong and why, he makes every effort to change his behavior immediately. It’s just getting to that point can be a bit… trying.

remember when kaz brekker told inej ghafa he refused to be the one to mark her body after everything she had been through?? because i sure do. the tattoo was mandatory for everyone in the dregs except her bc self-proclaimed monster kaz brekker had the decency to respect her past trauma & he didnt want her to feel like anyone owned her. and the first thing he did after purchasing her indenture was get her proper clothes?? and a knife??? lbr when will your fave ever


Matteusz x Charlie + Hands - requested by @anon 

Last night I had a dream that maybe this is more than it is. We spoke about things that weren’t sending us to hell and I didn’t come round only when your parents weren’t home.

I think I’m falling in love and that is so fucking typical because I’m always falling off cliffs I should never be standing near in the first place and the first thing you said to me the first time you took everything was “don’t catch feelings”. But look, I’m catching feelings like you’d catch a cold and there’s no way back now. I’m already six feet under.

The only time you want me is when I’m giving myself up for you. So I loose myself every god damn day because it means I can have you for a little while at least. You have me. Don’t you see that? You can take anything you want. It’s yours it’s yours it’s yours.

the air in my lungs feels heavy. like a long rain is coming. i see how you are with him. like the moment the sky kisses the ground in lightning. he seems wonderful and i’m not drowning. you seem happy and i haven’t cried in six months. the thunder shakes my house. why am i never enough.


(m)- mature/smut (f)- fluff (a)- angst

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Camp Camp Characters as shit my friends have said
  • David: I am one with the tree
  • Daniel: Well damn it's just poison drink it you pussy
  • Gwen: I'm going on 2 six-month vacations
  • Max: *strums guitar as loud as possible* ALRIGHT LISTEN UP BITCH
  • Niel: It's a matter of science and fuck you
  • Nikki: If we die my name is going on the gravestone first ok bitch
  • Erid: *leans back so far on their stool that they can't be seen* So cool
  • Space Kid: T H A T S A F R I C K E N S T AR
  • Harrison: I can make all the fucks I give DISAPPEAR
  • Nerris: *regretful dungeon master noises*
  • Nurf: The only reason I pack pineapples in my lunch is so I can torture somebody with them if need be
  • Preston: So stop acting like a Heather Duke bitch, and start acting like a Conner Murphy. DEAD. *a group of theatre kids stand behind him, screaming.*
  • Mr. Campbell: Oh shit the FBI
  • Jasper: Hit me with a truck I'm already dying
Fic Recommendation List pt.2

So here is the 2nd part of the list since the it’s too long that the links aren’t appearing or working (however you say it). Hopefully this works on mobiles as well. I checked the entire list and it’s not working on mobile and on the actually blog site too. 

Tell me if it works this time. :) ➡pt.1 of the list

Symbol:  ❗ - Favorite

Written by @hobibliophile :

Stormy Weather [Jungkook|M]

Blue Blooded [Seokjin/Jin|Angst, smut, fluff] (Royalty AU) ❗

In An Instant [Suga/Yoongi|M]

Laundry Mishaps [Jimin|M] (RA!Jimin)


Written by @seokvie :

Pamper [Suga/Yoongi|M]

Roommates [V/Taehyung|M]


Written by @hallyuwriters :

Guardian Demon [Jimin|M] (Demon AU)  ❗

Suit & Tie [Jimin|M]

Heat [V/Taehyung|M] (Dogboy Hybrid AU)  ❗

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Whatever you’re doing, don’t imagine Bellamy sitting on Clarke’s bed in her cell on the ark. Don’t imagine him looking at the drawings on the wall and on the ground, tears streaming down his face. Don’t imagine him having his heart broken and telling himself on repeat in his head “I should have told her”.
Don’t imagine Bellamy Blake thinking Clarke Griffin is dead for six years.

Okay, I’m done, you’re welcome, bye.

Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?

Irate - 2

(Part 1) | (Part 3)


Y/N’s curious, clumsy, and has a knack for asking the wrong questions at the wrong time. Bucky’s a hot-headed prick with a dark past and communication issues. Both are paired for training, and neither party is all too thrilled.

Word count: 791

You find the training room at precisely 6:28 a.m.

You’re rehearsing every possible angry excuse in your head. You’re new here. It’s not your fault the hallways are like the fucking labyrinth. It’s not like anybody was kind enough to provide you with a map of the place. And six a.m.? That’s less than four hours after your absolutely wonderful trainer had made it very clear that he was far from happy with having you as his trainee, which doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to sleep.

When you look around the room though, you realize it’s empty, and you almost sigh out of relief. There’s no need for excuses when there’s no one to give them to. Plus, Bucky can’t be mad at you when he’s late himself.

You decide to wait for five minutes, then scan the room one last time. He’s not here, and you doubt he’s going to show up. You’ve got better things to do anyway, like go back to sleep, so you’re not going to wait around any longer.

Bitter thoughts cloud your head again, and you mutter to yourself as you turn to exit the room, “If he couldn’t be up at six in the morning, why didn’t he just set a later time? What’s up with that attitude anyway? Why is he so–”


You feel it before your brain can ever process what happening. The bullet whizzes past your ear, so close that the rush of air it leaves as it goes raises the hairs on the back of your neck. The sound registers later, and you jump, whirling around with eyes wide.

“Tip number one,” Bucky says, standing up from where he was crouched behind the pile of sandbags. “Always be aware of your surroundings.”

Your heart feel like it’s caught up between two paddles of an intense game of table tennis. Your eyes narrow dangerously at how relaxed he is, just standing there, disassembling his gun as if hadn’t just shot a bullet inches from your head.

“Are you insane?” Your voice is so shrill it sounds foreign to your own ears. “You could have killed me!”

Bucky shrugs. “But I didn’t.”

You can’t believe your ears. Steve you can handle. Sam’s nice enough. But this guy? He's– he’s an absolute psychopath! It hasn’t even been twenty minutes into training and you know exactly how you’re going to die: with the contents of your brain splattered across the pristine floor of the training room, all thanks to Bucky Barnes.

The look on your face must speak for itself, because Bucky’s expression changes from nonchalant to serious again, and he strides up to you until he’s closer than he needs to be and his hand is grabbing your wrist firmly. Every fiery insult that’s manifested inside your head dies tragically somewhere on the way to your lips.

Bucky pulls out a roll of boxing wraps from his pocket and starts wrapping your right hand. “Tip number two,” he says, voice dangerously low this time. “Shoot where you aim.” He moves onto your left hand. “Misfiring can be fatal.”

When both your hands are nicely secure, he steps back. “You’re not ready for a gun yet. We’ll start with the bags.”

Turns out, you’re probably not ready for the bags yet either. When Bucky tells you to have your best at it, the punch you throw is so pathetic, you wince on behalf of your trainer.  For a moment he just stares at you with an impassive look on his face. Then his eyes close and his hand passes over his face as he inhales sharply. When he opens his eyes again, there’s a tick in his jaw.

He positions your hands so that they’re right in front of your face. “Drop them,” he explains, “and you drop your guard. And when you punch, all the power should come from here.” His hands settle on your hips, and you can feel how cold they are even through the fabric of your tights. You flinch.

He steps away, and you try again. This time, you can feel the strength behind your punch, and you swell with a little pride. So you’re not that bad.

Two hours later, Bucky’s showed you a whole lot more about punching. You’re drenched in sweat and your arms feel like they’re going to fall off. When you can’t do anymore, you stop, dropping your arms to your knees and taking a moment to catch your breath.

When you glance up at Bucky, he nods, then studies his watch for a moment. When he look back up, a lazy smirk manages its way across his face.

“Do it again.”

(You’ve decided. You hate Bucky Barnes.)

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