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03.26.17 // @gradblrchallenge day 21

Today I spent 4 hours traveling back home from the island, bought myself a pint of vegan ben and jerrys, ate some, sent in my overdue assignment, took a nap, and did more research on schools for my PhD. I also did some more of the math practice for the GRE and it’s incredible how much you forget after six years without a math class.

I’m still not super happy with the assignment, but at least it’s done. I beat myself up over that one way too much - for it being late, for it not being good enough. I really let my imposter syndrome get the best of me this time, and that sucks, but it happens. Time to move on!

I have no pictures of my work set up or books I read because neither of those things really happened today, so here is my face with my current favorite Snapchat filter. You’re welcome.

It’s 2am and I swore i’d never let you get to me again. I swore I wouldn’t miss you, but god I fucking miss you and I swear I can’t love anyone like the way I loved you. It’s been six months. Six months babe, and i’m still not over the fact that we didn’t make it. I always thought about what it would feel like to find the love of your life, how it felt, how you knew that was your person. And then, I met you and i just.. knew. As young as we were, don’t you remember? I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember and I know that I love you because everyday that we go our separate ways, every day that we grow farther apart, I know I’ll always find myself back to you.
—  Excerpt from a book i’ll never write // unsaid words
main tlc ships- beginnings and ends



“What did you think was going to happen?” Pearl waved the gloves at Cinder, the empty fingers wagging helplessly. “Did you think the prince might actually like you?”


“Cinder,” Kai said, “will you marry me?”



“The street fighter?” Scarlet squeezed her eyes shut as a headache started to throb against her forehead. “Really, Ém?”


“You are the one. You have always been, and you always will be, the only one.”



“Captain,” she murmured. “I think I’m in love with you.” 

An eyebrow shot up. She counted six beats of his heart before, suddenly, he laughed. “Don’t tell me it took you two whole days to realize that. I must be loosing my touch.”


“And it’s different with you. This is the first time I’ve been scared. Scared you’d change your mind. Scared I’ll screw up. Aces, Cress, I’m terrified of you.”



“But when I’m on duty, that’s all I can be. Your guard. Not your friend. Levana already knows I’m too close to you, that I care about you more than I should and I’m not going to give her anything else to hold over me. Or you. I’m not going to another pawn in her game. Got it?”


“I love you, Princess.”

charmer week day 1: meet-cute

wow, me actually try to keep up with a writing challenge? sounds fake. but it’s only day one, so we’ll have to see. anyway, @charmerweek, this one’s for you.


Six minutes before his 9 A.M. class started, Chowder was in his usual seat when the girl who always sat two seats over from him came in. Normally, this wouldn’t have been remarkable, but today it was, and it was for a few reasons.

1. She had a massive coffee stain down her white t-shirt.
2. Her right wrist was in a black brace, the kind kept together with velcro.
3. She was crying. Not quietly crying, either. Big, ugly, snotty sobs. Her face was blotchy and red, shiny where she had wiped tears away.

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