you lucky person omg

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Wait when did you get to see namjoon/bts in person? You're so lucky omg and did you take pictures

It was during TRB in Manila. I flew to philippines to watch them~ and we also got to meet them the night before the concert for a hi-touch event.

We werent allowed to take pics/or even hold cameras while it happened, but we were lucky enough to have the organizers hire their photographers/videographers for the event to take photos/videos, and I was extra lucky that they took good photos of me with RM. T^T (I edited the shots, bc there were too many ppl in the background~)

I gave our leader a good 90-degree bow (which the photographers were able to shoot)

And he also bowed back to me~ <3

And this is the part where I totally fallen into his charms for good. (I was previously actually scared/intimidated of Rap Monster before this happened.. HAHAHA)

I’m now a lost cause. But I don’t regret it. He really is so charming and handsome in person, photos don’t do justice compared to seeing him in person~

  • Me: I am literally a god
  • Tumblr user: OMG lucky, you have so much confidence!
  • Regular person: Gosh you're so arrogant, what makes you think you're so much better than the rest of us?
  • Me: *leans in close
  • Me: I am an excellent liar
  • Me: and it took me six years to develop this faux confidence
  • Me: so no
  • Me: luck has nothing to do with it
  • Me: and arrogance has nothing to do with it
  • Me: it was all me
  • Me: and that's why I'm a god
  • Me: I'm my own god

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Hey I hear you're feeling sick. I'm so sorry you don't feel well. I'll keep praying to god you get better soon. We need more people like you and aoimotion in the world because you guys make people smile and have better days just by being you! I absolutely love you art work and I come here everyday just to see what amazing things you do! I hope you never stop and that you get better real soon! I send you good health! <3 Who ever is your partner in life is a lucky person.

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omg thank you! I’m thinking to stamp your ask. <3

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I'm from Barcelona and I visited a Barca training session with my friend. We waited for Ney to come and greet the fans and we held a huge sign that said "AMO A NEYMAR." My friend tried to flirt with him but he was super shy, sweet, and quiet! He signed my jersey and he's soo ADORABLE and SWEET in person! Who knows, he might be more crazy and wild with his guy friends.

Omg you are such a lucky person! Great experience, love to read these things..