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I’ve been shipping these gross old men for over a year. I thought it only appropriate to celebrate with some music! An oddball collection of some of my favourite songs that remind me of these old farts, specifically for the twilight years of their rekindled relationship.

Includes: Tom Waits, The Magnetic Fields, Ylvis, Leonard Cohen and more…

“Dear Mr Gimple”

This post is a vent of my feelings around recent seasons of TWD under the showrunner Scott M Gimple.  

Puttng under a cut since I know not everyone is interested in my feelings on this issue, and many love the TWD as is. 

Dear Mr Gimple,

You stand accused, before this court of fandom, of comitting murder with reckless abandon, of a show many previously loved and now mourn. From season 4-B the first real arc you ran, you offered bottle episodes, arcs for elevated redshirts and characters behaving in ways they had not in any season suddenly lost their damn minds and skills.

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You love him, but he isn’t worth the trouble.
You love him, but he’ll never care.
You love him, but it doesn’t matter because in the end, you’re the one getting hurt.

The spark he started in you is still burning, but you have to let him go.

—  Silent screams of my heart// 10pm
Dear Future Wife...#644

You weren’t feeling well today so I went downstairs to make dinner after I tucked you in. You knew that I had work to finish up, so you adorably asked, “You’re gonna come back up and finish work here right?” I answered yes…


“Yes, I promise,” I responded, smiling as I closed the door gently.

I come back after dinner and brushing my teeth and you’re fast asleep. I crawl into bed as gently as I could, dimming my laptop, and settling in. Your even quiet breathing tells me you’re not bothered by my typing and clicking. 2 hours later, I finish and close my laptop, wrap up the cords, and get myself ready for sleep. You rolled over and tucked your cute little self into my side and now you’re snuggled up with me, my arm trapped inside your safe and warm arm+chest cocoon. I’m not doing this justice exactly how cute this is…maybe because I can’t bear to move my arm to type with both hands. But I love how we make sure we’re touching when we’re asleep. Just a reminder “hey, I’m here. I love you. You’re safe.” And also in this specific moment, you’re cute as hell.


Stop the guys who broke in here. Right now.
- Why should I?

the creators in this fandom are all so amazing; the writers, the artists and editors and gif makers and all !! u guys can make me cry sometimes (of laughter or sadness,it doesn’t matter). a small fic or a 50k fic or a gifset or a silly comic; everything is incredible !!!!

the dedication and love y'all pour into your work makes me feel fuzzy and warm,your love for rhett and link is just so beautiful…this fandom is truly something special

thurindos  asked:

if you could draw a hufflepuff (i might be able to write something about them)

I wasn’t totally sure what you meant but I drew an OC hufflepuff?! He’s a first year 

//I’m probably going to regret putting my two cents in, but with the thing regarding LGBT+ characters in RW//BY, they’ve been promising that they’re there since season one, but we still haven’t seen any.

I’m not saying they had to show up immediately or anything, I’m just saying we’ve had lots of het coded interactions. Examples include Pyrrha liking Jaune, Jaune liking Weiss, Weiss liking Neptune, Neptune liking anything with a skirt, etc. But we haven’t had any LGBT+ characters with casual interactions like that. (And I know any of those characters can be bi but without being told the majority of people will assume they are straight)

I know they’re at the age where you find yourself, but there are kids at 17 who know they like the same sex. I just need casually flirting like we got above with 2 girls or 2 guys. We’re not asking a lot. Just the same sort of casual representation that straight people get.