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Preference #1

My first set of AHS preferences! These are a bit easier to write than full on imagines, but believe me, I won’t stop writing those! Are these okay? I didn’t want to put in detail but I also didn’t want to just put some meaningless little name without explanation…

Their nickname for you.

Tate Langdon: Sweet Cheeks (hehe) because everything that came out of your mouth sounded like a sweet melody to him. You had sweet cheeks and he would listen to anything that would come out of those lovely lips of yours.

Violet Harmon: Angel, because you were like a Godsend to her, something to distract her from the fact that she was glued to the Murder house forever with the crazy ex that raped her mother. 

(pre and post asylum) Kit Walker: Baby Cakes, because you were known for your amazing sweets, both natural and oven baked *wink wink*.

(pre and post death) Kyle Spencer: Baby, because he always wanted to cradle you in his arms just to know that you were there. All sorts of moods he would hold and rock you, angry, sad, and happy. 

Madison Montgomery: Doll, because she loved your perfect body, and though sometimes you were insecure she would always know the right way to make you believe her. 

Zoe Benson: Babe, and even though it was quite simple she insisted it held meaning because it showed that you were hers, and that no one else could have you. You were her babe.

Misty Day: Flower, because when you two met something burst into growth in her heart for you and grew with time. You were special and beautiful, and she loved flowers. 

Jimmy Darling: Weirdo, because even though you weren’t classified as a freak for your physical attributes, he still knew you were a little weirdo, but he loved you all the same. 

Dandy Mott: Now, Dandy wasn’t a person for romance and nicknames, but when you two were alone and vulnerable (which he hated) he would always find himself calling you darling. 

James March: The love of his life. Yes, at one point he believe he was really in love with the countess, but once he met you, he knew that it was true love then. He strayed from using any names he called the white devil herself, and chose the cheesiest, yet most fitting, nickname for you. 

Tristan Duffy: Sexy, which most of the time made you think he only liked your body, but when you got down and dirty, the thing he yelled out the most was beautiful. He was slightly scared to admit that he was in love with you, and that you were his new drug. 

Donovan: Beautiful, because unlike Tristan, he knew the feelings he had for you and frequently wanted you to know that he loved you with all of his being. 

The Countess: Love, because despite popular belief, Elizabeth was capable of falling in love and you were the one that broke her. Her games of breaking hearts was over once she laid eyes on you, and you had her on a leash more than she did on you. 

(Not doing season six characters because honestly it sucked. Don’t kill me, please.) 

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Hi. Your blog is brilliant. And the drarry asks as well. So are you. It's ridiculous really how I am refreshing every 20 seconds. And I have my exams coming up. And my mum's quite angry. But don't worry. I won't tell you I failed because I was too busy reading an interview with drarry😘😘😜

OMFG please don’t fail tho? D:

And thank you! I love you, you little weirdo. Stay fabulous! ❤️


friendly reminder that oswald is terrifying  ✿◕‿◕✿

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Peter Parker + s/o

my first time writing civil war!peter parker! let me know what you think!
  1. who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa?

you both have this bad habit, but it seems that peter does it more often. (you know those revolving doors? peter always gets stuck in them, and it’s fucking hilarious!)

      2. who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them?

you did once, and when peter saw - he relentlessly teased you, despite how red your cheeks were! (he made it up though, by telling you that it was cute and giving you kisses.)

      3. who starts the tickle fights?

neither of you do, because peter knows that you will not hesitate to kick him in the face if he even tries.

      4. who starts the pillow fights?

peter does, but he only does it because he knows that it well end in a makeout session.

      5. who falls asleep last, watching the other with an affectionate smile?

peter does! somedays, when he’s had a particularly brutal night, he’ll swing over to your apartment; and come in through your window quietly. he can’t bring himself to wake you up, so he’ll just crawl in to bed next to you. you’ll stir a little, and mumble something incoherent, causing him to giggle; wondering how he landed a dime like you!

      6. who mistakes salt for sugar?

neither of you!

      7.     who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at one a.m.?

peter does, and you’re just starting to think it’s an excuse for you to wake up and hang out with him!

      8. who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order?

peter does! he might be A Mess, but he’s an Organized Mess.

      9. who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies?

you both do, and it’ll usually end in a playful argument, and batter smeared on your faces.

    10. who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion?

“hey, peter?”


“why are there three scented candles on the table?”

“i may or may not have saw the special at bath and body works.”

“you beautiful weirdo i love you”

     11. who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen?

peter does, when you’re in class. you’ll come out with little doodles of spiderwebs and hearts.

     12. who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation?

because peter goes all over the world with stark and the avengers, you’re not able to travel with him as much as you’d like! so he started buying you little magnets from everywhere he’s been. you got a nice little collection going on!

     13. who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the backs of magazines?

neither of you do, you’d rather look at the horoscopes and check your compatibility!

Minions || t.c

sista4life ”Can I have a cute Taylor Caniff imagine?You can choose the theme but I just want it to be super adorable!!! Thanks😎”
: it wasn’t the best, but I tried, sorry.

The It was 1 in the morning, and Taylor and I had just gotten to bed.

“Taylor…” I whispered as my hand drew circles on his bare chest.

“Mm?” mumbled Taylor. He was already half asleep.

Damn, he’s a fast sleeper.

“I hate the minions.” I spoke, listening to Taylor’s heart beating, his chest rising every few seconds.

Taylor opened both his eyes and stared at me, “Girl, you high?”

“Stupid yellow sized midgets.”

Taylor let out a chuckle and wrapped his arms tightly around me, “You’re crazy, you know that? But I still love you, you’re my little weirdo.”

“Tay!” I laughed as he ruffled my hair “Get off!”

He kissed my nose and said, “Little punk ass” he proceeded to my forehead “My little princess” and to my cheek “My little geek” lastly, to my mouth “Mine.”


Hope you liked it 😅

I’m sort of better at writing cheesy stuff when I know what kind of plot it is, which direction I’m going.


Love Nest- pt2- 1p2pCanAme poly foursome

Al corners Alfred after his shift at the science museum, and he smiles down at him. There’s something enticing about Al to him, but Alfred already has two really great boyfriends. Courting another- one that neither Matt nor Matthew had met- seemed like a bit hard to swing… or at the very least embarrassing for Alfred. He’s really bad at dealing with relationship things which is rough for a guy in a polyamorous relationship. In those tight black jeans, Al is making it especially hard for Alfred, and then he flashes a grin so teasing and flirtatious that Alfred’s ears turn bright red.

“So hot stuff,” Al says, voice practically a purr. “Have you thought anymore about that date night I offered last time?”

“Weren’t you just teasing me about that and bein’ a jerk though?” But Alfred blushes darkly- he knew the other had been serious.

Clearly, Al detects the lie too, and he puts a hand on Alfred’s hip. His expression is one of hurt and frustration. “You know it was real. And you flirted back. Look, if you’re not interested, all you gotta do is say as much.”

“It’s… I mean it’s not that I’m uninterested or whatever but…” Alfred huffs and shrugs. “It’s just…”

After a moment of quiet, Al’s eyes go wide. “You have a boyfriend don’t you…? Fuck me…” He takes a step back and he runs a hand through his hair. “That’s why you were so reluctant to flirt back…”

“Well yes and no…!” Alfred says as he grabs Al’s hand, trying to pull him back. “I mean technically I have two boyfriends—“ Al starts to interrupt, looking a bit startled, but Alfred talks louder over him. “AND I kinda have to introduce you to them first. We, uh, we only date people we all like…”

“Oh…” Then Al’s surprise fades into naughty excitement. “..ohhh lemme meet the boys then~”  

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Anonymous request:

Can I request an imagine where stiles thinks you are cheating on him for whatever reason even tho your not and just a fluff ending:)

Stiles has always been very insecure but when he started dating you it got even worse. You were so out of his league he couldn’t believe that you agreed to go on one date with him let alone be his girlfriend. Lucky for him you loved the whole adorkable thing he had going on, it was kind of your type so you obliged to both request.  He was always worried that someone better would come along and take you away from him so when you and Isaac magically became best friends he got a little jealous.

You and Stiles were walking in the hallway hand in hand, this was actually the first time you had been alone together without your “twin”( as Lydia would say), or the rest of the pack around. It was refreshing. 

Stiles: So what are you doing tonight?

Y/N: Um…Isaac and I are having our annual video game pizza night, what about you.

Stiles: Well since your busy with your twin and all, I guess I’ll actually do some homework and chill afterwards. 

He tried not to sound jealous or hurt, he just felt like he was living his worst fear, losing you. You noticed the tone in his voice you’ve heard it before every time you and Isaac hung out. You knew Stiles was self-conscious that’s why you didn’t want to tell him who you were hanging out with but you two don’t keep secrets from each other.

Y/N: We can hang out this weekend just the two of us.

You assured him by tightening your grip.

Stiles: You promise?

Y/N: I promise, you stated smiling widely.

Stiles: Good because I’m gonna hold you to that.

A wide grin spread across your face as Stiles kissed your cheek, walking backwards holding two thumbs up. You couldn’t help but love that goofy weirdo and all his little quirks. You never understood why he was always insecure because you could never leave him for anyone else.

You walked towards your car noticing a very bored Isaac leaning against it, he looked like he was waiting there for a while. When he finally noticed you approaching, he engulfed you in a hug.

Isaac: Finally I thought you were never gonna get here.

Y/N: Well I’m here now. I also had to wish my beloved a lovely departure.

You hoped in the driver seat putting the key in the ignition leaving the school parking lot taking the normal route to your house.  

Isaac: You’ve been spending way too much time with him.  And are you sure your “beloved” is okay with me hanging out with you.

Y/N: Yeah, I mean I guess he seemed okay with it. Why did he tell you otherwise?

Isaac: I mean kinda.

Y/N: Isaac…. Isaac have you been reading my boyfriend’s chemosignals again!

Isaac: I’m sorry, its just I smelled something off and it just so happens to be your boyfriend. It won’t happen again I promise.

Y/N: It better not because you won’t have to worry about him kicking your ass cause I’ll do it myself.

Isaac put his hands up defensively in surrender. You both laughed as you pulled up to your house. You climbed up the stairs entering your room as you lounged on the bed, you put the game in as Isaac got the drinks. Twenty minutes into the game the doorbell rang you stared at each other wondering who was going to get it because neither of you wanted to go back down the stairs, of course you gave in.

Y/N: Fine I’ll get but no cheating.

Isaac: Wouldn’t dream of it.

What a big fat lie that was because when you came back he already had the game stated back up and to top it off he didn’t cover you so you died.

Sometime between Isaac’s cheating and both of you scarfing down two boxes of pizza you both fell asleep. You were both on the bed your head was on Isaac’s shoulder when he pulled you closer to him to keep warm.


You weren’t answering your phone so Stiles decided to check to make sure you were okay. When he got there let’s just say he wasn’t pleased.


You and Isaac jolted awake with oddly confused expressions written upon your faces. You checked your phone realizing it was the next day and about a hundred texts and calls from Stiles. You also realized what position you and Isaac were just in. Isaac took it as his cue to leave. An angry Stiles waiting on an explanation, you picked your words very carefully before speaking.

Y/N: Okay…Stiles it’s not what you think.

Stiles: Really….that’s how you’re going to start off.

Y/N: Stiles, I promise it’s all just one big misunderstanding.

Stiles: Yeah, well you promised a lot of things.

Y/N: What’s that supposed to mean?

Stiles: You know exactly what it means, we were supposed to hang out this weekend like you promised, remember.

Y/N: I’m sorry I totally forgot, please just let me explain.

Stiles: You don’t have to it’s pretty obvious what was going on here. All those times you said you were going to “hang out” with Isaac it was all a lie. If you didn’t want to be with me you could have just told me instead of cheating on me, it would have saved me a lot less heartache.

You looked at Stiles shocked and hurt that he could think you would do something that low, trying to hold back the tears that were forming in your eyes.

Y/N: Stiles…. Stiles we were just playing video games like I told you and we must have fell asleep along the way that’s it. Stiles please you have to believe me I would never want to hurt you I swear.

Stiles: I really want to.

Y/N: Okay then do it believe me. Please just believe in me, believe in us. I love you and only you.

You walked closer to him putting his hands in yours, his tear-stained eyes looked at you with less anger.

Y/N: Stiles just tell me how we can fix this because I refuse to let someone else I care about walk out of my life again.

He nodded his head as if agreeing to talk it out because the truth is that he didn’t want to lose you either.

Y/N: Stiles if this is going to work we have to learn to trust each other. Stiles I love you, you’re the one person I care about the most. I never meant to hurt you and if I did I’m so sorry because you mean everything to me. Nothing happened between me and Isaac and it never will because you’re the only on for me.

Stiles: Y/N I’m sorry, I was an idiot to ever think that you would cheat on me, I’m just so afraid to lose you. I’m sorry if I hurt you and I’m sorry that I let my insecurities get the best of me, I love you.

Y/N: Its okay, I understand but you’re going to have to learn how to trust me, we have to trust each other.

Stiles held your cheek pulling your face close to his.

Stiles: I’m willing to do whatever it takes because I love you and only you.

His eyes cast down to your lips as his own hovered over yours before attacking them with hunger and passion. He slowly pulled away putting his forehead on yours as you both tried to catch your breath.

Y/N: Do you just want to watch some movies?

Stiles: Sounds great.

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Princess mechanic for OTP ask meme definitely


Which one sexts like a straight white boy? C L A R K E

Clarke [6:03PM]: what r u wearing

Raven [6:04PM]: clarke i’m on the subway what the hell do you THINK i’m wearing

Clarke [6:04PM]: idk why don’t u tell me ;))))

Raven [6:05PM]: i’m not doing this right now i’ll be home in literally fifteen minutes

Clarke [6:06PM]: aww babe come on don’t be like that
Clarke [6:06PM]: i’ll make it worth ur while


Clarke [6:12PM]: [photo attached]

Raven [6:13PM]: …
Raven [6:13PM]: ……….
Raven [6:13PM]: i hate you
Raven [6:13PM]: you’re such a fucking tease
Raven [6:14PM]: you couldn’t wait TEN MINUTES LONGER
Raven [6:14PM]: i did NOT ask for that
Raven [6:14PM]: you better take the rest off before i get home

Clarke [6:17PM]: [photo attached]
Clarke [6:17PM]: kk 

Raven [6:17PM]: CLARKE

Clarke [6:18PM]: ;))))) see u when u get home babe

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Happy 27th Birthday Alex William Gaskarth!

I honestly don’t know where I would be without this little weirdo that I love. Alex you have saved my life and taught me that me that you should love yourself and that you should be happy with yourself and your life. Alex you are one great man and I hope you have a wonderful birthday! You have saved lives with your music and that is just amazing. I hope one day I will meet you! I have gone to one of your guys concerts and it was absolutely amazing! I hope you have fun with Rian, Jack, Zack, your family and everyone else that loves you! thank you for being you! Thank you for making amazing music. I hope you have a wonderful day and a beautiful christmas! Again thank you for everything you done for everyone you love and us the fans! 

Love Sophie and everyone else.

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Senpai, I've had a really crappy day. I found out my friend is in a coma and my dog got ran over. I slipped in PE and ripped a very important assignment. I feel like shit right now and my other friend harassed me for shipping gay couples. I feel so alone and sad right now. Could you cheer me up? Please, I'm really depressed.

Sebastian: You are nothing more then a little brat (talking to Ciel)

Ciel: And what the fuck are you! You cat loving weirdo! (to Sebastian)

Sebastian: Listen here you little shi…(to Ciel)

Mey Rin: Omg shut the fuck up we all know you two fuck every night anyways. (to Sebastian Ciel)

Sebastian and Ciel: Well damn

I hope you feel better anon and there is nothing wrong with loving what you do!

Dear followers and friends, 

no matter which holiday you celebrate or if you don´t celebrate at all, I wish you a peaceful and joyous time.

Thanks for sticking with this little weirdo. I love you all.

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