you love your little companions

A Cycle of Stars

Once upon a time there lived a lonely little princess. The little girl was sad and friendless since having lost her mother at a young age.  Her father was busy ruling the kingdom to pay her any attention. Only the stars kept her company, and while she was grateful – she was also very sad.

One day, she wished with all her might upon the stars for a friend.

She was visited by the Maiden of the stars

“Little Princess,” She asked, “Why do you cry?”

The Little Princess looked at the Maiden and answered, “I cry because I am lonely.”

The Maiden of the Stars smiled at the Little Princess and touched her cheek, “Do not cry Little Princess. You will be loved.”

The second day, she wished again with all her might for a friend to love her.

She was visited by the Water bearer

“Little Princess,” She snapped, “Why do you cry?”

The Little Princess looked at the Water bearer and repeated her answer from before, “I cry because I am lonely.”

The Water bearer frowned at the little princess and rained water down upon her, “Do not cry Little Princess, if you want a strong friend, you must be strong yourself.”

The third day, she wished again with all her might for a strong friend to love her.

She was visited by the King of Lions.

“Little Princess, you have been visited by the Maiden and the Water Bearer,” He asked her, “Why do you still cry?”

The Little Princess looked at the lion sobbed, “I cry because I am still lonely.”

Curious, the Lion asked her, “Are the stars no longer enough for you?”

The Little Princess shook her head in despair and lifted her hands to embrace the lion; “You cannot stay with me when the sun rises.”

The Lion heard the desire in her words and touched the little Princess’ cheek.

“Then you wish for a friend who is strong, will love you, and will be your companion?” The Lion asked.

But the Little Princess, too stricken with grief from the passing of her mother, shook her head. She did not want a temporary companion, and did not understand in her young heart what her wish could mean. She did not understand the power of her words, or what the yearning in her heart could mean.

“I want him to stay with me,” She wished, “I wish for a strong friend, who will love me and remain by my side forever.”

The King of Lions tried to reason with the Little Princess, but she would not listen. So he returned to the stars.

There, he searched high and low for the strongest of the stars. Eventually he settled on Draco the dragon. Leo plucked his constellation from the sky, whispering quiet words of encouragement to the young, fiery star.

Draco was cast down from the sky, falling among the summer leaves and discarding his starry form behind him in the realm of the celestial spirits.

As he was not from this world, his body was unusual. He possessed rosy hair, sharp eyes, the fangs of a dragon, and a smile that glowed like the flames of the rising sun. Around his neck he wore a white scarf, a curious oddity but one he seemed just as attached to.

When the Little Princess saw her new pink haired friend, she was delighted. In celebration of the season he first appeared, the Little Princess named him ‘Natsu.’

For the first time since her mothers passing, the Little Princess was happy and allowed for her new friend to call her by her name, ‘Lucy.’

They spent many days together and enjoyed one another’s company. While Lucy studied to one-day rule her country, Natsu trained to be strong and protect his queen.

Together they played together as the seasons passed in a blur around them.  Soon the Little Princess was a young maiden, and her companion a strapping young man.

He was her dragon, and she was his princess.

And as the years passed, they fell deeply and happily in love.

Not once did the princess question her wish.

But as time progressed, and the Princess became a beautiful Queen, it stopped for Natsu.

Her dragon grew not a day older.

His love for his Queen grew by the day, but as time marched on it dragged them further and further apart.

It was only then did Lucy truly become aware of the weight Natsu would have to bare.

The stars shone for eternity, but all mortal life extinguished with time.

So when their beautiful adventure ended, Natsu was left alone. His northern star gone and nights moonless.

Now he is aimless. The dragon walks among men, searching endlessly for his sun to rise again. Wrapped around his wrist remains the tattered remains of the red ribbon worn from his love’s favored white dress she wore as a child. It weighs as heavy as a chain, his body shackled to his immortality as he searches for Lucy. His precious scarf is gone, returned to the stars, a guide for him to know when he has found her again.

Should he be lucky enough to find her, Natsu never leaves her side. Falling deeply in love all over again. Their hearts were born from one another and joined again no matter the circumstance.

And such as the first time, whether be to war, famine, or time. He will lose his Princess all the same.

And the cycle of the stars begins anew

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