you love each other don't deny it

  • otp: both have a severe case of abandonment issues that they don't discuss and use anger or jokes to avoid talking about them.
  • me: yes...
  • otp: hate and annoy each other at every turn and have an overtly antagonistic relationship yet have more in common than they think.
  • me: niceeeeeee
  • otp: form a begrudging friendship that they deny to other people while still obviously caring about each other.
  • me: incredible
  • otp: fall in mutually beneficial love where they subconsciously help each other become better people just by being together.
EXO'S singles in a nutshell
  • History: the birth of EXO-K and EXO-M. That weird dance where they put their hands in their pockets and shake their ass. Everybody tryna look all mysterious lmao if they only knew how Baekhyun would turn out.
  • MAMA: when the skies and grounds were one of legends. So much metallic ???? Kai screaming for no reason ????? Superpowers are hella cool tho and we still get goosebumps from that intro don't lie. Hella woke song.
  • Wolf: quite possibly the most iconic intro to a kpop song. CHOGIWA. Everyone turning into wolves and wanting to eat you like cheese. Disturbing lyrics but the beat is lit. It's that one song that you hate to love.
  • Growl: legendary beat, just an exo classic. If it's not done in one single shot, then it's not an exo video. When suho has a court battle at 8 but a game with the homies at 9. The main vocals' ad-libs throughout the whole song are life. 3:01.
  • Overdose: shhhhh, you can almost hear everyone crying bc it's the last ot12 video ;((( we ain't over it fam. Mazes.....killer dance moves.......Kai looking like an escaped mental patient.........."someone call the doctor"...........baek's vocals got even Bobby shook.
  • Call Me Baby: Suho gathered all his cars and got the whole gang together. Everyone looks badass and then you have Xiumin in a blue velvet track suit I'm???? Honestly you can't love exo more when you find out the demo for this was originally 'call me daddy' jfc.
  • Love Me Right: exo trying their damn best to put a smile on their faces after all the bullshit, and they damn well succeed. Aesthetically pleasing video with everyone high on drugs. Running ??? Sleeping in the forest ?? Alice in Wonderland??? Birth of ot9.
  • Lucky One: bruh none of us know what this video even is, but it's exo. Patients in a hospital. Highlighted for the gods, esp my mans Chen. D.O's stone face. "The moment I *explosive hip thrust* discover you" yas bitch. Tryna escape while Kai is being a good homie and distracting the nurses (???).
  • Monster: exo is bruised and is bloody and angsty and fighting everything in their way. Baekhyun is a lil snake, but what's new. That clap between Lay and Kai @ 3:00 is all we ever needed. The dance routine that gets everyone hyped, yet no one is able to master. That synchronization of everyone harmonizing during the chorus is actually perfection.
  • Lotto: the one exception where autotune makes a song even more lit. Baek's iconic "lipstick chateau" made everyone's titties fall off from all the shook. Suho out here burning our tuition money like it's nobody's business. Hella references to Wolf. This is everyone's era tbh, don't fight me on this.
  • Ko Ko Bop: exo back at it again with the colorful fruity drugs. We're all ignoring the fact that Lay wasn't in this comeback, he's probably hiding behind Chanyeol's giant ass. The routine for this dance should actually be illegal. Their superpowers are finally back and it's so satisfying seeing tiny suho in a washing machine.
  • BONUS (their annual Christmas singles):
  • Miracles in December: kai's obsession with puppies is exposed. Everyone looks soft and fluffy af. The lyrics are so cute yet depressing. Yes I can still hear yall crying bc I am too.
  • Lightsaber: promos for star wars never looked so good. Sehun snatched us all with his hair and leather jacket. The birth of all the exo/star wars fanfiction. Gonna save you the time and assume Chanyeol's part is probably your favorite.
  • Sing For You: Legend has it, Sehun has never returned from space, and is in fact married to that whale. Honestly this video is depressing even for me that I can't make jokes about it tbh......basically it's about exo missing their former members and getting into fights with each other and imma stop before real tears come out :))))))
  • For Life: here we go again with the depressing Christmas songs. "Giving you my heart and soul" aka just kill me suho I don't wanna live anymore. Everyone goes wild for exo's ballad songs and this ain't no exception, we all cried lmao don't even deny it.
Dating Hannah Baker Would Include

Anonymous said: Dating Hannah Baker would include please? 

@laurnecohan said:  okay so may i ask if u write girl x girl imagines? and if u do can u redirect me to some? if u haven’t can a i request dating betty cooper would include and dating hannah baker would include?

A/n: I was honestly so fucking excited to write this.  I don’t know how good it actually is but Hannah Baker is such a cutie.  I mean ughhhhhhhhh, I can’t control my excitement!!!!! 

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  • This girl is the epitome of cuteness
  • She doesn’t even know she’s being cute, she just is
  • So after the incident with Courtney, Hannah realized she’s bi
  • She starts to see you in a new light
  • Asking Tony and Clay loads of questions about you
  • “Did (Y/n) just get cuter? Is that even possible?”
  • Even before you got together, you always called her ‘babe’
  • She adores it
  • You notice that she’s behaving different with you
  • Using your nickname for her to finally ask you out
  • “Go out with me babe?”
  • You smiling ear to ear
  • “Of course babe!”
  • BABE
  • Honestly though, that nickname never gets old between the two of you
  • She loves calling you ‘cutie’
  • “You’re such a cutie!”
  • Tony being your #1 shipper
  • His heart overflows with happiness when he finds out that you’re together
  • Clay laughing his ass of at Tony’s reaction
  • “I think he’s happier that you two are dating than you are!”
  • Hot chocolate dates at Monet’s
  • Sky knowing as soon as you walk in that it’s going to be one of those days
  • “Hot chocolate ladies?”
  • “Absolutely!”
  • Always arguing over who is going to pay
  • “It’s on me babe.”
  • “No cutie, I got it.”
  • Sky smirking and laughing
  • “Quit fighting like an old married couple.  It’s on the house.”
  • Blushing profusely 
  • Cuddle time
  • All the time
  • Running your hands through Hannah’s hair to calm her down and vice versa 
  • Threatening Bryce when he’s being an asshole
  • “Stay the hell away from my girlfriend, or you’ll find more than just your head up your ass!”
  • Being protective of each other AF
  • Hannah gets jealous easily 
  • You don't 
  • You’re more laid back, but Hannah gets insanely possessive if someone starts to flirt with you
  • Teasing her for being jealous
  • Joking around with her
  • “I can’t help that everyone wants me babe.  I’m a catch.”
  • “Shut up.”
  • “You were so jealous.”
  • Her not denying it
  • “I was.”
  • Kissing her happily 
  • “I love you babe.”
  • “I love you cutie.”

Please don’t fuck up the quality you dumb site

Have some love for these two, ‘cause I couldn’t stop drawing them and I felt like sharing. There’s not enough 2russ art out there, why? this ship is 💕pure💕lov e💕 Whatever, enjoy the gay trash y’all 👌👌👌

shadowhannibad  asked:

I have this cute theory that Jikook are still unaware of each other feelings. They're still on the will-they-wont-they phase, with the teasing and flirting, but they don't realize it, kind of still in denial. It would explain they're relationship really well to me, especially jeonlous.

That’s quite possible. What you’re suggesting is a classic case in romance genre where everyone except the main characters know they’re deeply in love with each other. The characters flirt around pretending it’s all casual ultimately denying themselves (and the readers) mental peace. This theory is indeed very cute and also frustrating. Makes you want to push these two together and shout, “Just kiss already!”

To me it seems as if they’re aware of each other’s feelings, but they haven’t committed themselves to anything. Like testing the waters, you know. I love their relationship dynamics, but I must admit they’re still in a volatile stage. Like people who were close friends first, then ended up falling for each other and now have to rework their whole relationship. It can be pretty messy. And they’re popular idols to boot. I’m of the firm belief that being in love and pursuing love are two different things, and that romantic relations vary from person to person. We can’t really fit everyone in one mold.

What we can be sure of is that Jikook are in love and EXTREMELY attracted to each other. Other things are just speculations. We die each day thinking of them and it’s quite possible that when we die once in for all, we would still have no answers.

senpianotice1  asked:

Levi x Eren or Mikasa X Eren If you don't wana decide your thoughts on these? Ps: you can get a free virtual brownie if you can guess which one I like 😂💕

I’ll do both of them :D

Levi x Eren:

OTP 100%. Okay but for real here guys; I love their dynamics, their bond in general, I love that Eren has always looked up to Levi and is finally close to him, etc. They obviously have strong feelings towards each other and romantically or not; you cannot deny their canon relationship of looking out for each other and caring for each other. I mean come on even the animators and some voice actors ship them! (And if I remember correctly: Isayama himself ships them as well)

Mikasa x Eren:

They obviously care for each other, they have basically been side by side for years now. But because I’m going to be brutally honest here; I don’t ship it. I don’t even like the ship, but I don’t hate it either. It just feels so forced and even if there were romantic feelings involved; it would be one-sided. And you can’t forget the whole adoptive sister/brother thing, they are not really related but Isayama himself has stated that Eren sees Mikasa as a mother figure and he will eventually leave her. 

I’m gonna guess you ship Ereri because you’ve found my tumblr and I’m basically Ereri trash :D

Send me a ship and I will give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

anonymous asked:

You know sometimes I think they are dating and then other times I really don't. And tbh I doubt they will ever confirm/deny it haha.

Honey, I am right there with you, I doubt myself every other day, but whatever is happening they’re cute as fuck around each other and I love seeing them interact.

anonymous asked:

You seem really confident in something romantic happening between bellarke next season. If it doesn't turn to be truth, will you finally believe that the writers will never put them together? Or will you say that will happen in season 6? I don't believe they will do it anymore. JR will keep them in this limbo where no one can confirm or deny their feelings for each other

I think you’re putting too much weight into JRoth’s most recent interviews (the ones where he basically says no interpretation of their relationship is wrong because they haven’t committed one way or another, yet). As it stands, he’s not wrong. Until the moment that Bellamy and Clarke kiss or have sex or confess their romantic love for one another on screen, Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship is up for interpretation. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you should disregard the very obvious buildup to romantic Bellarke. And yes, even if Bellarke doesn’t happen in S5, I will still believe they will happen in S6 and so on and so forth (unless and until the show gives either of them a partner with as much buildup as they’ve had), because endgame relationship doesn’t always mean you get to enjoy watching them together for Seasons. Sometimes it means they don’t get together until the very last episode of the Series, and while that would suck in this case because half of the fun is getting to see your otp together in several episodes, that would still qualify as an endgame ship. 

But anyway…canon Blarke in S5!

  • me, before marrissey wrecked my life: wow this smiths song is pretty romantic, wonder who it's about
  • me, after marrissey wrecked my life: the entire smiths discography is about johnny marr also did i mention that the first time they met in morrissey's room johnny put on you're the one which was practically symbolism about their tumultuous but loving relationship to come and johnny also sent a letter to morrissey after the smiths ended because he was concerned that morrissey was unhappy and that time morrissey thanked john maher of wythenshawe (which was where johnny grew up) when he received an award and they have admitted multiple times in interviews how much the other meant to them and even though i don't believe in soulmates or fate you can't deny that these two were made for each other and were truly in love MARRISSY WAS REAL YOU HEAR M

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A jon/sa named 13irgit just denied that jon and arya unconditionally love each other with I don't even

Well then I guess they’re just seeing what they want to see. In the beginning, Jon and Arya most definitely do love each other unconditionally. There is nothing about their relationship and feelings for one another that is tainted, unlike, say, Sansa and Arya, or Robb and Jon. 

You could actually make a case that Jon and Arya’s feelings for one another veer from “unconditional” to “grey” come A Dance with Dragons, and that’s all due to the way GRRM is portraying them now. Oh, Jon and Arya haven’t stopped loving each other, not at all, but how specifically they are defined to one another is becoming muddled. Arya’s identity is currently being tested, and so with all these personas she questions herself if even Jon, the person that loved her most in the world, would know her. Basically Jon’s entire A Dance with Dragons arc is about him trying to be a ruler and juggling his feelings for Arya against that; where his other siblings are still his siblings, he wonders if Arya was still his sister or if she ever had been.

That is interesting to me. Why is GRRM writing Jon with an identity crisis over Arya when she should be just as much his sibling as Robb and Bran and Sansa? That’s why I don’t count the romance of Jon/Arya completely scrapped. There are too many oddities in GRRM’s portrayal of them for me to dismiss it, and the relationship - though unwatered for several books - seems to be only growing stronger.

Meg calling Ryan “baby”

Meg drawing a picture of Ryan wiggling his butt with hearts around him and her apparent obsession with his butt

Ryan and Meg casually touching each other’s back and arms

Ryan and Meg grinning at each other and giggling together

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I just rewatched MajorLink's Timeless Lullaby film again, and just… HUNNGGHHHHH I know it's a fan film, but you can't deny that OoT!Zelink were very much in love with each other (which makes that ending ever more painful ;-;)

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m not good at handling angst/tragedy and sad things in general  because yes, I am a big cry baby and I live for fluff and cuteness hahahaha but that video… OMG that video. 

it’s simply fantastic. The music, their expressions, everything. I also loved the video MajorLink did that included fierce deity… Oh!  AND if anyone else is wondering, we’re talking about—-> THIS <—– video

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i kinda want to start watching Hannibal but i don't want to watch X seasons of nothing but queerbaiting. What do you recommend?

hannibal. The answer is hannibal.

And I wouldn’t call the show queerbaiting (unlike some other shows)? The producer knows the materials he is dealing with, he understands the fandom, the show is well written, well composed with great acting. Sure there are a lot of subtext and homoerotic theme, but the characters address their love and obsession towards each other explicitly. There are some good video essay explaining it so I would suggest you watch this before deciding:

this below is a really long video essay and i would suggest watching it AFTER you start watching the show or there will be lots of spoilers and lots of analysis

Also it is only 3 seasons with 13 episodes each…so

Like, Finn was risking getting captured and possibly killed for being a traitor by going on the rescue mission for Rey. But he didn’t make any accommodations for his own safety. All he cared about was getting Rey out of there.

And Rey was so touched when she found out it was Finn’s idea because no one has ever cared about her that much or had her back like that before. Rey has been alone her entire life so she probably had the mentality that no one would care enough to try to rescue her. But Finn did, even with all of the risks towards himself. Because Rey is also the first person he’s ever formed a deep and personal connection with.


I just love how they flirt/act like an old married couple/show that they care for each other when it’s just the two of them around.

I swear. They are secretly married.

  • stydia: *make eye contact*
  • me: you two are so fucking in love with each other don't even deny it

  And I won’t fight in vain.                                                                                                                I love you just the same.