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└ When cinnamon rolls members demonstrate how to start well and keep things interesting.

Cr: VS Arashi 20.07.2017

In all honesty, I believe that the webcomic Autophobia by GHST deserves waaaay more recognition! It’s amazing and I don’t see enough people talking about it or even acknowledging its existence. Please, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top read it when you have the chance !

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changkyun (monsta x) - "our flats are opposite each other..."; only if you have time, love! good luck i can't wait to read it :)

3:06 AM.
Sent from: Kihyun
What are you still doing up?? Turn off your lights and go to sleep!!!

The notification flashes across your computer screen with a barely audible ping, but it’s enough to momentarily distract you from the paragraph you’ve been editing. Suppressing a yawn, you scan the contents of the threadbare message and roll your eyes as best as your heavy eyelids will allow. Go to sleep? That’s a bit on the rich side, coming from a guy who stays up every night of the week to indulge in his anime marathon sessions.

Ping. Another message from Kihyun, this time accompanied by a slew of emoticons that make you think the man has entirely too much fun abusing the instant messaging system.

3:07 AM.
Sent from: Kihyun
I’m serious, I’ll go over there and tuck you in bed myself if I have to

You send him a poop emoji in return before closing the chat window. Behind his exaggerated nagging and endless stream of messages he means well, you’re well aware of that. But what you’re also aware of is the fact that three in the morning is perhaps (or at least, in your opinion) the best time to write and breathe to life all of those untold stories waiting to blossom in your chest. Your literary creations, your life’s most gorgeous accomplishments (“you mean your porn fics?” Kihyun had snorted when you’d tried explaining this to him), they simply glowed with a magic that only 3 AM could bestow upon them.

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time’s been kind to you, my love

Many thanks to @queenblackbetha for betaing!

[Chapter 1]

[Chapter 2]

Chapter 3: strange, the things we regret

Jon seats himself outside Sansa’s room- technically, it’s their room, but he’s fairly certain that Sansa doesn’t know that, and also that she’s distressed enough to miss the signs of his presence in them.

He settles against the floor opposite the door instead of knocking. He’s learned enough to recognize what her crying sounds like- she’s done it before, once, when she thought him deep asleep- but she’d shied away from him then and he’s certain that she’ll do the same now. So Jon pulls out his sword, balances the blade across his knees, and starts to sharpen it.

The metallic zing of the whetstone across his blade seems to rouse her, though, for it’s only a few minutes past him starting that Sansa opens the door. Her eyes sweep over the hallway once, then twice, before catching him. They narrow.

“What’re you doing?”

“Sharpening my sword,” he says, shifting it so she can see it better.

Sansa’s eyes are red-rimmed, and the tear tracks still gleam in the torchlight. It’s strange, Jon reflects; but Sansa manages to turn blotchy cheeks and graceless anger into something ladylike. Somehow, through some strange method, she still manages to look lovely.

“You look ridiculous,” she snaps. “Where’s your bedchamber?”

Jon lifts his eyebrows, tilts his head to the door open behind her, and Sansa flushes in sudden understanding.

“Well, then- come inside. People will talk if they see-”

“This is your family’s private wing,” Jon replies, easily. “It isn’t a problem.”

“The floor cannot possibly be comfortable.”

“I’m fine,” he says bluntly. “You needed- still need, likely- some privacy. Take it. I’ll be here.”

After a long moment, Sansa’s face softens. It’s no longer the exasperated look she’d sported before, nor the heartbroken one before that; there’s affection there, in the gentle swell of her lips, in the crow’s-feet along her eyes. Jon’s called himself a fool countless times: for seeing a flame-haired woman with more strength than was entirely healthy and falling head-over-heels in love with her- and there have been times when he hates himself for putting another man in her way, after so much has already been taken from her by men.

Then there are moments like this, when Sansa looks at him as if she could love him, as if some part of her already does, and he can’t quite stop his heart from quivering with delight.

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Last Goodbye (TOP Scenario)

Archived | Posted February 8

So… Surprise? Haha. With Tabi’s enlistment being tomorrow (February 9, 2017), this is something I wrote in honor(?) of it. He’ll be missed for the 2 years or so that he’ll be gone, but time will hopefully move quickly! We’ll wait for you to come back, you lovable and gorgeous dork. I hope you’ll like this, people. Enjoy~

Summary: His enlistment was creeping closer at lightning speed. You weren’t ready for it and he seemed to sense that.

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I get it, “Lancaster” is cool ship name, but, seriously, how is this ship not called “Dorks”.  Just “Dorks”. I mean, look at them…





Idk, I think I’m too invested in Arkos to actually truly ship this pair, I just needed to do some super dork appreciation. They are the best. KEEP BEING YOU YOU AMAZING LOVABLE PAIR OF DORKS!

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Jumin reacts to MC being a total lovable dork?

- You make him smile so so much
- You do all these cute cheesy things that sends his heart soaring.
- The way sometimes you kiss his chest wanting to ‘send love directly’ to his heart always has him chuckling and ruffling your hair
- Or how you always cuddle up to him on the couch, trying to be interested in the boring project files he’s reviewing
- How you try to talk about said projects and pretend to know what you’re talking about- That makes him smile too. He knows youre trying, he just doesn’t want to correct you at all
- He loves you trying to cook for him too. You promising you can make something just as good as the chefs can, and even if you mess it up, he enjoys watching you bounce around the kitchen, chattering about
- Or how you make him gifts. Cute little cards that you’ve written your feelings onto, or gifts you bought for him that he treasures so much.
- There’s just so much about you that he loves, that it’s always hard for him to narrow it down.


Imagine being best friends with Jeremy and having feelings for him but not telling him because you don’t wanna ruin your friendship

Requested by Anon

Masterlist + Request + Mobile Masterlist

Jeremy Gilbert was your best friend since you were basically in diapers. As you were growing up, you developed a crush on your lovable dork. You were with him through thick and thin, like when his parents died and through his drug phase, you helped him. And as for growing up, he had gotten hotter. But after everything that has happened, and a lot has happened, Jeremy always looked at you as his bestfriend and sister. This sounds really cliche but it was true, you just wished Jeremy wasn’t so oblivious.

You sat at The Grill, sipping your drink and hanging out with Jeremy. You sigh, continuing to drown your sorrows as a girl, a very attractive girl, walks up to Jeremy, his attention clearly on her. You continued to ignore them laughter and their chat about some weird shit. You didn’t mind, since girls walked up to Jeremy a lot. But you had the final straw when she gripped Jeremy’s neck and kissed him on the lips. You got up, feeling slightly dizzy and walked out the Grill into the cold air. You sat down on the ground, your back against the brick wall, and head in your hands.

When the kiss between Jeremy and the girl broke he looked around, not seeing you anywhere. His smile faded, as he got up and walked out the Grill, leaving the girl behind who was now very pissed. He exited and saw you immediately. “Y/N?” You looked up, hearing someone call your name. “Yes?” You reply with a small smile as Jeremy sat down next to you. “Why’d you leave?” He asked, his voice quiet, and you reply with a shrug. “My question is, how could you be so oblivious?” You ask, standing up and your voice getting louder.

Jeremy started to talk but you cut him off with your rambling, “I have been in love with you since forever and you don’t ever notice. Your attention is always on some random girl who’s flirting with you. I seriously don’t mind that because well, you’re attractive, but the point is that you’ll never see me for more than just a sister, and I’m sick of it.” You conclude, angry tears streaming down your face. You fall onto your knees, crying into your hand. Jeremy looks at your sad state, moving your hands and cupping your face, giving you a light kiss on the lips. “You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” He smiles before kissing you again.

I Love You (Yoseob)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hola~ can you write a scenario about Yang Yoseob from Highlight where he wakes up beside his girlfriend and while looking at her sleeping he realizes how much he loves her and then she wakes up and he pretends he wasnt staring at her and jokingly says something like “who’d like you omg noo” while blushing because she got him~ does this make sense?

Yoseob groaned lightly as he opened his eyes but soon closed them as he had the bright light of morning blind him. His skin had warms against it as he felt your body pressed against his. He smiled as your face had buried itself into his chest during the night. He loved it more than he thought, though you guys had been dating for a long time neither of you had really said that you loved each other. His lips pressed against your forehead as his fingers stroked your back lightly.

“I love you” he whispers softly, he knew he couldn’t say it to you while you were awake so this was the next best thing. You smiled softly as you slept. Yoseob had no idea how long at passed as he just stared at you more and soon it became slightly spaced. He snapped back into it and saw that you were staring up at him. His body pulled away from yours as he quickly looked everywhere but at you.

You chuckled softly as you grabbed his face and brought him in for a kiss. “By the way the way you looked at me. It’s almost like you love me” you tease as he makes a sound. “Who could love you?” he asks as his cheeks started warming up. “I was thinking my lovable dork Yang Yoseob” you say as he looks at you “if I do?” he asks “then I might have to say how much I love you too” you respond as he looks at you amazed. “You really do?” he asks “of course I do” you say as it was obvious. He smiled as he brought you in for another kiss.

“Then I really do” he whispered “good” you tell him as he pulls you close to his body again. “How much do you love me” he asks as you make a sound thinking about it. “Enough” you tell him “what does that mean?” he asks with a chuckle. “That I love you” you spoke as you press your lips to his again as he smiles. You two passed many kisses back and forth before he pulled away “I’m gonna get a shower. Want to join?” he asked teasingly. “I would love to” you tell him as his eyes went wide. “Really?” “Really” you tell him. “Alright” he say as he sits up and you quickly follow him.
Idolize (Yoongi/Suga x Reader Fluff)

Summary: “I’m just such a huge fan of your work!”

(( Note: I’ve been working :( I appoligize for the lack of stories but here’s a request done! I had a bit of problem with this one believe it or not but anyway… Awkward Yoongi is actually so adorable I’d die if I was in Y/N’s shoes. Enjoy! ))

You slowly pushed through the glass doors of the usual tall building of your work on that bright almost-summer day as you balanced your huge bag on one shoulder, new demos in one hand, and a scorching hot latte in the other. Fortunately, you did not drop a single item and make a complete fool of yourself in front of everyone in the large lobby and you let out a breath with that note.

Although right as you waved at the front desk ladies just when you were about to walk the corner towards the elevator, Taewoo, your lovely colleague whom you’d consider an older brother, suddenly burst from nowhere with a loudest, “Good morning, Y/N-ah!

You stumbled at your steps almost instantaneously and less than a second later, with the entire incident to seemingly play out in slow motion, you found your coffee and demos leaping across the air. Luckily, Taewoo was fast enough to save the cup of coffee before the damn thing burst onto the newly waxed lobby flooring (which would’ve no doubt be a pain the ass to deal with, cleaning-wise and embarrassment-wise), although the demos hitting the floor with a loud chorus of obnoxious clatters did not fail to achieve some of the embarrassment factors, that is having every single head in the damn lobby suddenly turn towards no other than you, Y/F/N.

Kim Taewoo!” You hissed at the older once everything seemed to go back into normal time with your face quickly blushing absolute crimson. “What the hell?!“ 

"Good morning, Y/N!” Taewoo wheezed between silent laughs and he proceeded to hunch over, holding onto his stomach.  

You frowned at the man and held up a tight fist before landing a moderately hard hit on his shoulder, earning a small ‘ow’ from the taller, “Yah! Not funny!”

“Oh, trust me, it was funny, Y/n-ah,” he shook his head as he rubbed his shoulder, still laughing.

You shot Taewoo a glare before dropping down to pick up your demos, at which he soon lent some help after finishing his laugh.

Once the two of you collected every single demo and Taewoo had handed back your coffee, which was then followed by a series of apologies in the elevator, you and he started heading to the studio room together when the elevator doors opened to your floor. It was then that Taewoo began speaking. 

“I got an email today,” Taewoo said as you two walked down the hall. 

You took a sip from your slightly warm coffee, noticing the change of tone, “Well… Good for you.”

“Actually, it’d be more appropriate to say that it was you who received an email.”

“What do you mean?” You turned to the taller, suddenly interested in what he had to say.

Taewoo continued, “It’s from a company. BigHit, if you know them.”

“I’ve heard of them. What’d they say?”

“They want you to help on a group’s upcoming album.”


“But it’s more of a collaboration,” Taewoo said and you tilted your head. “You’ll be working with the artists.”

“Oh, wow,” you remarked.

Taewoo nodded, “Yeah, they have a couple of pretty talented producers in the band.”

You nodded, sinking in the information you’d just received, before asking yet once again, “Why’d they ask me though?”

Taewoo laughed, “Why not you?”

You rolled your eyes, “Taewoo—”

“You are a prodigy, Y/N-ah. Only twenty-three and you’re one of the best producers out there already.”

Y/F/N. You. Also known as one of youngest producers in the music industry. You were born as a music prodigy and soon after graduating college your talent became well-known as you put more of your hard work out there. A couple of years and hard work and swear later, here you are living your life-long dream. Fame, money, you couldn’t care less about those things, the most important part of achieving such goal was that you were happy.

“You’re exaggerating,” you rolled your eyes.

“Whatever you say, ma'am,” Taewoo shook his head with a laugh at the younger. “So, what do you say?”

You remained silent for a while, pondering. You’d never had an offer like this ever before, much rather working with a Kpop group and you really wondered. A small curious smile slowly found its way onto your face and you placed a hand on the knob of your studio once at the end of the long hall, “You know, I can’t see why not.”

“This is a producer of /COMPANY NAME/ here to collaborate on your upcoming album. You all must already know her, the famous and wonderful, Y/F/N.“

You stood a week after Taewoo had told you about the offer under the roof of the BigHit building in front of seven boys, known as Bangtan, as the kind manager (whom you had come find out was Taewoo’s close friend) introduced you.

“Oh, Manager-ssi, that was unnecessary,” you shook your head and the exaggerated adjectives.

The manager shot you a playful eye roll before continuing , “And Y/N-ssi. This is Bangtan.” 

The seven lively boys then greeted you with an energetic group introduction which was then followed by individual equally-energetic introductions. Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, Taehyung, Jungkook, Jimin, and Jin, you came to learn. And from the second you got a glimpse of the boys personalities simply within the introduction you knew right off the bat that you were going to have a blast working with BTS.

You then spent almost every single day of the week at BigHit after that, working on producing songs as their comeback was fairly soon. And just like you’d predict the very first day, you were having such a great time working with these lovable dorks. And you couldn’t lie that you hadn’t become a fan of these talented losers. But such loser, seriously.

It was another day at the job and you walked into the Bangtan practice room to the boys dancing to the song you and Namjoon had just finished producing a day ago.

“Y/N!” Hoseok called the moment you stepped into the room. 

“Hey!” You smiled at the guys, “Practicing already?” 

“Of course! This comeback is going to be huge,” Jimin commented.

Taehyung nodded, “People are anticipating a lot and no doubt is this one going to be fire.”

“Especially when the Y/N is helping us produce the songs,” Jungkook smiled and you took no time but to cringe at the boy. 

“When did Jeon Jungkook get so cheesy?”

“He’s just trying to get parts in the song, Y/N-ah” Namjoon shook his head. 

“Hyung! No, I’m not! I’m being serious here!” Jungkook frowned at the older and the group laughed at the youngest’s whine.

"Yah, we’re just joking,” Hoseok ruffled Jungkook’s hair.

“We all know Kookie’s too awkward around girls,” Jin joked and instantly received a bigger frown from the bullied boy.

“Okay, okay, enough bullying Jungkook,” you held your hands up after a while, Jungkook letting out a ’thank you, my god,’ “I have to go to the studio at work. You guys should go back and practice, too.” 

“She’s right, we’re keeping her from work and we do need to practice,” Hoseok nodded and ushered the guys to get into places to continue the practice. 

You waved them goodbye and was about to walk out the door when you remembered why exactly you walked into the practice room in the first place. You quickly popped your head back into the room and asked over the loud music, “Do you guys know where Yoongi is?

You found out that Yoongi was already at the studio from the other guys and you took no time but to rush over to the studio, afraid that you’d left him waiting for a while. With others, you knew they wouldn’t mind, but with Min Yoongi, it was a whole other deal. 

As you had gotten closer and became friend with the other member it was obvious that your relationship with Yoongi was as if you two had just met. Out of the one and a half weeks you’d spent at BigHit, you’d probably spoken to him about five times. You tried talking to the guy, but each time you initiated conversation he would just stare, nod or shake his head or a simple sentence of an answer, and go back to what he was doing. So after a while of trying, you gave up and decided that the guy just did not like you. You’d catch yourself look longingly at him wondering what you’d done to make him so uncomfortable, though you never came to a conclusion as to why. Although sometimes you’d look up at you’d find him looking at you but it was either he looked away extremely fast or you were just imagining things… Yeah, you were imagining things.

You finally got to the door out of breath, as you had to run across the entire floor, and had to lean against the frame to catch some breath (when did you get so old?). When you gained back some breath you grabbed the knob and pushed the heavy door open.

“Hey, sorry I was late—” you said as you walked up but suddenly halted your steps and words as what greeted you was Yoongi. But it wasn’t his presence that stopped you but the fact that he had his back turned, his headphones on, and that… He was rapping. 

It didn’t seem like he had noticed you walk in because he continued to do so and you were about to get his attention, but— You couldn’t…

Because you listened.

You stilled at the moment the words he was rapping became very apparent to you, there was no song, no music, no melody, but the words you were hearing didn’t need them. It wasn’t like it was your first time hearing Yoongi, but somehow it all engulfed you, within seconds, you found yourself completely immersed with Yoongi’s words, Yoongi’s voice.

apman bogo dallyeotji
juwireul dulleo bol teum eobsi
eoneusae naneun gajogui jarangi dwaetgo
eoneu jeongdo seonggongeul haesseo
sachungira malhaneun geujjeum
saenggagi nane mundeug
geu dangsi naneun eoryeotgo museoul ge eobseotji
myeoch beonui jwajeol geugeon amugeotdo anyeo
dallajin georagon geuttaee bihae jogeum keojin kiwa
dong naidaee bihae jogeum seongsukhaejin siya
namsandongui jiha jageobsireseobuteo


At that moment, Yoongi stopped rapping and it immediately snapped you out of your daydream(?) and you watched at he proceeded to leaned over the soundboard and hit pause before slumping back into his chair, groaning out loudly as if he was unsatisfied. You tilted your head at the action. Yoongi then ran his hands over his face a couple times and huffed out. You were confused as to why he was doing so… Because what you’d heard was just—

It wasn’t long after when you found yourself walking over to light haired man.

You then didn’t hesitate to bring your hands to his headphones, slipping them off before saying:

“I don’t know what you’re so upset about, because, in my opinion, that was phenomenal.”

Yoongi spun around within an instant and you immediately met his round, widened eyes. His mouth was slightly hung open as he looked up at you in utter shock. 

You softly smiled at the guy, “Hey, sorry I was late. May I?” You gestured to the seat next to him. Yoongi slowly nodded and you could feel his eyes follow you at you took the seat. After you had sat down, silence quickly filled the air as neither of you said a word.

“I really liked what you just did there, Yoongi,” you broke the silence. 

“Yeah…. Thanks,” he only murmured.

You nodded, “What were you working on?”

“Uh,” Yoongi trailed. “I was thinking about making this the intro to the album.”

“That’s great! It’ll make a hell of an intro with those lyrics, seriously.”



“W-would you like to listen to it with the track?”

Would you like to listen to it with the track? Did Min Yoongi just ask you something? Did he just really— You stared at the man who raising his brows and handing you his headphones, that had to be the longest the two of you had kept eye contact. 

“I’m guessing that’s a no then—”

“No!” You cut the man off as your hand flew automatically to his hands that were retrieving his headphone. “Of course, I’ll listen. Please, actually.”

You used your hands to remove his hand off of the headphones, you were too excited to not let this happen. Yoongi stilled for a short second before speaking once again, “But I’ll have to go into recording for it, though.”

“Yeah, that’s fine! You have a great voice, it’ll be great!” Your enthusiasm was so apparent at that point and you weren’t a tad bit ashamed of it. Yoongi didn’t say a word but quickly shuffled into the recording booth it would’ve looked like he was flustered but you thought it had otherwise. 

Yoongi walked up to the mic, placed the headphones over his ears, and turned to you as you mouthed to him “ready?” He nodded and you flashed him a thumbs up before hitting the play button…

“That was even better with music, isn’t it?” 

“I wouldn’t say so,” Yoongi came out of the booth, “It still needs work.”

You nodded, “I agree, it’s amazing so far, but that doesn’t mean it’s polished just yet. Though I do have to say, your lyrics are phenomenal.”


“Hey, of course, you know I’m only speaking the truth.” 

Yoongi didn’t reply.


It was silent.


Silence then filled the air or what seemed like the twentieth time within the fifteen minutes that had gone by. The only thing you could hear was the AC roaring and the leveled breathing of Min Yoongi who sat next to you and who you had your eyes glued onto. He was tensed, biting down on his bottom lip, and was fiddling with the edge of his sweater. You inwardly sighed at how uncomfortable Yoongi was around you.

You thought right.

And it was so clear…

“Yoongi,” you called to the guy and he still remained with his head hung low, you decided to continue either way, “Do I really make you that uncomfortable?”

Yoongi’s head snapped up at the question. You continued, “I can totally back out of this song, Hoseok or Namjoon can fill my place and—”


You looked up at him, “Huh?”


You tilted your head a slight bit, “Y-yeah. I mean, you don’t seem so relaxed when I’m around—”

Oh my god,” he covered his face with his hands and you raised your brows at so. “Oh, my god. D-do I really come off as uncomfortable?”

Yoongi’s POV

“Oh, wow. I—I really didn’t mean for it to come off as that—,” Yoongi inwardly groaned. “I—”

Every since Yoongi found out the Y/N was going to work on their new album with them, he hadn’t been able to keep his fanboy self to himself so much. He’d known you ever since predebut, a girl so young yet so talented, he kept up with your activity and was so mesmerized by your skills, songs, and beautiful voice.

He idolized you.

You were his idol.

The other guys teased him all the time about liking Y/N so much, him telling them nonstop about this young talented producer ever since their training days, and it was embarrassing but honestly, he couldn’t help it.

He couldn’t help his heart pacing and his face reddening with being in close proximity to you. Yoongi swore he turned into a middle school boy the moment you stepped into the building on the very first day.  Which was why he’d only kept the touching to a minimum, the talking to a minimum, and tried to keep the staring to a minimum. 

He didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.

But oh lord did it go the absolute opposite. 

“I am so sorry, I just—” Yoongi could feel his face reddening even more and the sweat building at his temple. You better explain now, you idiot. He sucked in some air before gluing his eyes to his palms and blurting out, “I—It’s just that I’ve been a fan of your work for so long! When you came here I didn’t want it to make it as if you’re interacting with a fan, I wanted to make it casual. B—but I just get so nervous and I can’t really handle myself around you. So I stayed away so I wouldn’t make you uncomfortable, but then—”

Yoongi hung his head lower and lower with guilt, “I am so sorry! I just really like you.”


Oh, no. 


Fuck, Yoongi. You messed up. You fucking messed up. Look what you—

Yoongi looked up within that moment and the sight that greeted him was absolutely shocking. Y/N was smiling. Smiling from ear to ear even as she leaning on the table and had her chin rested on her hand. The close proximity alarmed Yoongi a little but seeing her up close stopped him from jolting back. If she was beautiful on the TV screen, Y/N was absolutely stunning in real life and this close. Her grin was gentle and her kind eyes were heart-melting with her hair that fell flawlessly around her delicate face.

"You know what, thank you. I really like you, too, Yoongi.

God, he felt as if his heart was going to burst.

Vixx as boyfriends.

N: would be the playful boyfriend always trying to make you laugh.

Leo: would be the protective boyfriend shooting daggers at anyone that looks at you.

Ken: would be the sweet boyfriend always giving you kisses and hugging you and playful.

Ravi: would be the lovable dork boyfriend always making you laugh and cuddling you.

Hongbin: would be the sweet boyfriend getting you what ever you want and always smiling at you telling you you’re beautiful.

Hyuk: would be the goofy boyfriend always doing something weird to make you smile.

~Admin Zee~

Take Me or Leave Me

Summary: You cannot take all of Jungkook’s flirting with fans any more. (Based on the song Take Me or Leave Me from the musical Rent.)
Member: Jungkook x Reader
Type: Angst
Length: 1,045 Words

I’m not even kidding you, Rent is by far my favorite musical. I have seen it over a hundred times and I will never stop singing the songs. My sister and I used to sing this song on karaoke, and I would do the lines that Jungkook says. LOL. <3

-Admin Kat

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“Jungkook, stop it.” You yell at him as you push him away. He tried to hold you close, but you were clearly having none of it. You were absolutely pissed at him. This wasn’t the first time he had gone above and beyond in one of his fan services; wooing all the fangirls who screamed his name. You had thought it would be nice to surprise him and show up; supporting him even though the two of you couldn’t exactly be public about your relationship. But after seeing him with all those girls, winking at them, waving, sticking out his tongue in clearly provocative ways had angered you. You did everything you could to keep your facial expressions neutral to keep people from thinking you were some crazy fan.

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