you lost all credibility as a wife

OK, Josh Duggar, I gave you a fair enough shake. When the molestation allegations came out, I condemned your actions along with everybody else, but I recognized that you had at least publicly apologized and it seemed you were trying to make things right, which is more than I can say of certain other celebrities connected with the molestation of their siblings.

But then this happens. You decide to betray the woman who decided to give you a chance even after you had confessed your previous sexual deviations to her. You, the leader of the family research Council, constantly calling people out on what you deem to be sexually inappropriate behavior. The molestation charges were one thing. They happened when you were minor and they were inside a sealed record. That certainly didn’t minimize the vileness of your behavior but at least it could be understood why you were not completely candid about it. But this happened far more recently and you betrayed people who have decided to stand by you despite your previous issues. You spent nearly $1000 actively betraying your family and lying about it to the public, while continuing to tout sexual wholesomeness and family values. This is the last straw. You’ve completely lost all credibility and if I were your wife I would strongly consider drawing up some divorce papers right about now.