you looked it up

  • alec: did you sit in a pile of sugar?
  • magnus: ? ? ?
  • alec: 'cause you have a pretty sweet ass.
  • magnus: :) :) :)

I was tagged by @jjilljj for this tag (lock screen + home screen + last song + recent selfie); thank you for showing me your beautiful face, Jill~ 😘
(Jimin is my all time favorite wallpaper, 2! 3! is one of my 15 favorite songs from the WINGS album, and yes Jill, the SNOW app really is amazing, making someone like me look half presentable)

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There’s a great mammal in the ocean known as the 52-hertz whale. All year, he practices his love song for the female. Travels thousands of miles to find her. But when he finally gets the chance to serenade her, she doesn’t give him a call back. Why? His love ballad is sung at 52 hertz, a sonic signature one note higher than the lowest sound of a tuba. The average female hears at 10 to 15 hertz. So she never hears his song.

but can you imagine if jesus were actually the real son of god™…can you imagine the disappointment

like he literally came here to make friends, drink some wine, feed the poor&the hungry and to tell us to be nice to one another and christians elected donald trump


Lowkey been feeling really ugly lately so tonight I felt good and said I’d take selfies and try to create an aura of confidence??

can you believe there are people out there who speak MULTIPLE languages and then APOLOGIZE for not having perfect grammar in their third or fourth language?????? like do you know how incredible you are???
Jorge R. Gutierrez on Twitter
“Who wants to see this movie? Asking for a friend.”

idk if anyone on tumblr has seen this yet but….. go blow up Jorge’s twitter feed and let him know y’all want more Book of Life!!!

It’s not unusual for him to like your tweets back too, he’s such a cool dude.  Keep this man making movies.



save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)


Third Wheelin’ with Jaha