you looked fine baby

so this is a little fic i wrote of emma and killian talking about having kids. cause i have a lot of feelings.

this fic tbh is kind of born out of my own pettiness after that anon called me condescending for me not wanting cs babies or marriage to happen. well, this is actually something i’d be okay with so yeah. this fic is for you anon <3

Emma feels his eyes on her as she struts around their room, going through her nightly routine. He has already used the bathroom and now is just lazing on their bed on top of the covers, shirt and jeans disposed off properly in the laundry hamper, and his hook, brace, and rings all stacked neatly on the little table beside him with his book.

 If it weren’t for the fact that they had had a quite adventurous, more than adventurous, night – with them having to deliver Belle’s baby and all – Emma would’ve thought his intent gaze following her movements were lustful. Yet as she takes her shirt off and throws it in the general direction of the laundry hamper and is working in unhooking her bra, she chances a sly glance towards him to find his eyes fixed on her face, and not her now exposed breasts. She looks down his bare chest, trailing the dark hair all the way down to his boxers and…nothing.

She strikes down horny pirate in her brain as a reason for his staring, and after taking her leggings off and putting on a big sweatshirt, switches the lights off and slips into the covers, watching as he himself settles under the covers beside her.

He turns and faces her, his hand coming under his cheek as he peers down at her.

“Are you okay? Why are you brooding?” She finally whispers, bringing a hand to ruffle his hair back, her thumb rubbing soothing circles on the side of his forehead.

“Nothing, love, just thinking.”

“So brooding and thinking; that’s a classic combo.” She smiles as her similar words from so long ago make his lips twitch into a little smile. 

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Maybe she’s born with it,
Maybe it’s gender stereotypes.
Unwritten rules she has been taught to follow since she learned the word no.
Hold your tongue
Keep your back arched
Don’t open your legs to wide
Don’t keep them to tight
Don’t show too much cleavage
Don’t wear collars that are up to your neck
But I don’t need to wear something that will choke my neck when this patriarchal society already has one hand gripping onto my vocal chords,
Begging me do not speak because someone might finally reveal the truth.
99 percent of women in western societies have experienced sexual harassment by just walking down the street;
Hey baby you’re looking fine today-
Don’t touch me
But you’re beautiful-
I said don’t touch me
I know you want it-
I said-
Take a compliment!
My sociology teacher told us to read an article about sluts
It was a man who wrote it
It was a man who talked about how young girls are wearing things they should not wear
How about men are writing about things they should not be writing about.
Boys are out here stealing girls first kisses;
Her name was Virginia
But it sounded like virginity so he thought he could just take that too.
Rapists rape people not clothing.
Unwritten rules she has been taught to follow since she learned the word no.
Put your head down
Keep your head up
Play hard to get boys like a challenge
But don’t play too hard cause sports aren’t for girls
Boys seem to think that just because they use the pro noun he means that they are more important than she is.
I’m getting pretty sick of boys demanding I open my mouth for them before I can open my mouth for me just to speak.
And just remember, sexism doesn’t exist because a few decades ago women were granted the ability to put a check mark in a box beside the name of the next man who would get to order them around.
Unwritten rules she has been taught to follow since she learned the word no.
Learn how to put on makeup
But don’t wear to much
10 ways how to please your man
But if you do you’re a slut
Ladies don’t swear
Well listen here asshole
My gender does not limit my vocabulary.
And you do not control what comes out of my mouth.
And you do not control how I live my life.
They thought they got rid of dictatorship,
Well wouldn’t you know men didn’t get the memo.
Just like they never learned the word no.

Maybe She’s Born With It

aka A Slam Poem for All Girls Because Since 76% Of Main Characters in Movies/TV Are Men, You Finally Get Something That Is Just For You.

And watch the performance here:

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This is just the best though? Like, Bruce is this huge, buff, ultra-manly, competitive alpha male, you know? But he just doesn’t get sports. At all. It all seems pretty arbitrary, especially if you’re not even playing. He pretty much thinks everybody should calm down, the stakes are really not very high.

And then you’ve got Tim, who wears the grossest seven-year-old jersey (that used to hang almost down to his knees, but he grew into it) that is literally falling apart because he’s got spirit, and he talks about stats and different plays and how maybe, for the first time in nine years, Gotham might make it to the playoffs. And he’s not delusional, Bruce, he gets that they won’t win, but it would be so nice to not finish at the bottom of the league this year! Right?? And!! Tim could wear a Gotham jersey– wait for it– outside of Gotham, Bruce!! Proudly.

And Tim, cool and collected Tim, YELLS AT THE TV IN THE MANOR when games are on, wearing his falling-apart clothes and four-day scruff and he’s throwing his arms and too worked up to even sit, and citing like. Obscure as shit rules and violations while he paces, and the TV is blaring at full volume and Tim, also blaring at full volume, is shouting back at the commentators and every ref’s decision. 


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Request: Steve comes back exhausted from a mission and runs a bath, but once he's relaxed falls asleep. He wakes up when the water is cold and it triggers a panic attack. So Bucky saves the day and gets Steve back out of his head and into his loving arms <3

Steve wakes up surrounded by cold water. Suddenly, it’s like he can’t breathe. The water is lukewarm, but it feels as though it’s degrees colder, bitter. Like it was biting into his skin, cutting into his soul, he was drowning again. He was under ice, it was dark and terrifying. He couldn’t sense anything, couldn’t see, couldn’t feel, his heart was racing and - and - 


He was sinking, he can’t - he can’t

“Sweetheart, look at me, you’re okay. You’re fine, baby doll.” 

He was falling. Bucky was leaving him, he was alone, alone

“Baby, open your eyes for me, sweetheart,” Bucky says, softly cupping Steve’s face. The man was shaking in the bathtub, numb and freezing, water splashes up against the walls, over Bucky’s clothes. 

Bucky,” Steve sobs, eyes still closed, “don’t leave me, please don’t leave me -

Baby, baby, I’m here,” Bucky replies, “open those pretty blue eyes for me. C’mon doll. Stevie, please.” 

Steve’s eyes slowly open and he lets out a whimper and then a broken cry, surging into Bucky’s arms, unable to believe that he was here. Bucky wraps his arms around Steve, picking him up and out of the bathtub, gently wrapping Steve up in fluffy towels. 

“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky,” he cries into his shoulder, latching on tightly. He can’t stand, his knees buckle each time he tries. Bucky lifts Steve up by his thighs, coaxing him to wrap his legs around the brunette’s middle. 

“I gotcha, Stevie, I gotcha,” Bucky whispers as the blond melts into his arms, snuggling into his chest and neck, small whimpers muffled by towels and Bucky’s clothes. 

“Bucky, please don’t go,” Steve sobs, sniffing and digging his fingers into Bucky’s back, “don’t leave me again. I love you. I don’t wanna be alone.” 

“Oh, sweetheart,” Bucky says, kissing Steve’s temple as he walks them back to their bedroom, “I’m never leavin’ you again. I’m always gonna be here. I love you so much baby. I’m sorry we were apart but it’s never gonna happen again. I promise, baby doll.” 

Steve sighs relieved, finally melting against Bucky and lets the latter look after him. Bucky wipes him down and changes him into clean clothes - a pair of boxers and one of Bucky’s large shirts, that still hangs a little loose on Steve’s frame. Then he tucks the blond into bed, and joins him, cuddling him close, Steve’s face buried in blankets and Bucky’s chest, safe and warm. 

“It was just the bathtub, Stevie,” Bucky reassures him, “you were safe. It was just the bath, not ice, never ice.” 

Steve nods and sniffles, clutching onto Bucky’s chest, “stay.” 

“Always,” Bucky replies, kissing Steve’s damp, fluffy hair, “’till the end of the line.” 


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You sighed once again as you heard Owen whining from behind you,”Owen please…I’m fine…They’re just babies..” You looked back at him with a sigh.

He looked at you, tone serious, “They are also ten times your weight…I’m worried about this baby right here,” he put a hand gently on your slightly distended belly. 

You smiled at him, and shook your head, “It’ll be fine, Owen. I promise. I’ve been working with them since they hatched,” You shooed him away, “Shoo..Don’t you have raptors to tend to?” you questioned, getting a quiet groan from him.

He nodded,leaning forward and giving you a kiss, “ Stay safe?”

You laughed and pushed him away, “Always, Alpha.” You winked, getting a grin from him, before he saluted you and ran off. You shook your head, turning your attention to the baby dinosaurs, smile on your face. 

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May I please have Aomine+Kiyoshi+Kise+Imayoshi walking in on their s/o while she's undressing?

AOMINE: When you didn’t notice him coming in, he stood by the door with a sly smirk painted on his lips. His eyes dragged along the smooth contours of your body, every inch of your skin. Damn. Licking his lips, he approached you just as you started taking your bra off. His hands slipped around your body and cupped your breasts. You jumped only to have Aomine attach his lips to your neck. “Damn, baby, you look fine. Is that a new perfume you’re wearing?” He whispered on your bare skin all the while his hands massaged your boobs.

IMAYOSHI: With a small smile, he watched you quietly. His eyes skimmed down your body, and up again to that enticing curve of your neck. He took steps towards you and kissed the back of your neck, which made you jump slightly. “Calm down, ___, it’s just me.” He whispered breathless kisses up your neck. “You’re very beautiful, you know that? So, so beautiful.” Slowly, smoothly, he led you to the bed and laid you down before hovering over you. “Ready to sleep?”

KISE: His heart nearly stopped when he saw you shimmied out of your panties and tossed it aside. His eyes glazed over with lust as he rushed to your side, hands grabbing your ass. “Ryouta!” You chided with a blush. “You’ve got a gorgeous figure, ___-chi. You should undress in front of me more often.” He whispered huskily in your ear, hands sliding up your body, feeling the softness of your skin. “How about we skip dinner and go straight for dessert?”

KIYOSHI: At first, his conscience stopped him from going any further however his hormones seemed to have led him astray. Kiyoshi had touched your body before, seen every inch of you, but observing from afar, watching you move your hands down your sweet, sweet body was ten times better than he expected. He approached you and greeted you quietly, “Good evening, ____.” You whirled around to meet your boyfriend’s huge figure. “Don’t you look beautiful?” and then frickle frackle vice claw everywhere

Dating Tristan Evans would include:

- Calling you Darling in a very posh way.
- Calling him muppet
- Nigh endless Disney marathons
- Stealing his beany’s/Jumpers/Jackets/Hoodies
- Very slow kissing
- ‘You look fine papi, you look fine’
- Calling him baby boy
- Calling you little mama/mami
- Lots of bracelets and necklaces
- Endless cuddling sessions
- Ass slapping
- Lip Biting
- Very dominant Tris
- Very submissive Trus
- Cutest PDA ever
- Tris feeling insecure when you talk to other guys- Telling you he loves you in a lot of different accents
- Silly dancing
- A tinge of BDSM
- Tris giving you model faces
- Mutual Stripteases
- Very experimental sexlife.


“Come on (y/n). If you don’t go with me then I’m going to have to take Caitlin.” Cisco said continuing his begging as the two of you made your way to the lab. “No. You just want me to go because you know that if you take Cait she’ll start looking for your baby pictures.” You argued. 

“Alright fine, you caught me, but still I’d rather have you there than Caitlin, and not just because of the pictures. Please I just don’t want my family to keep putting me down, besides I know I can count on you to tell my brother to shove it if he gets too annoying.” Cisco said making you roll your eyes. 

“Alright, alright. I’ll go to your brothers party, but if he gets handsy or says something about you I swear I’ll kill him.” You said Cisco grinned. “Thank you, thank you. I love you.” Cisco said before running out of your area of the lab. 

“Why do I do this to myself?” You whispered as you buried your head in your hands. “Do what to yourself?” Barry asked as he zoomed into your area. 

“It’s nothing, Cisco asked me to be his ‘date’ for his brothers birthday party.” You explained. “Just tell him. Trust me, nothing good comes from waiting too long.” 

“Dude, he asked me because he knows I don’t just sit back and take it when his brother starts talking smack, not because he’s interested in me.” You said not wanting to give yourself false hope. 

“I’m just saying you should tell him before it’s too late.” He advised. “I just need time. I don’t want to tell him if he doesn’t feel the same way.” You told him. 

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A fan meets Hayley Atwell and gives her a jar full of notes from her fans [x]


  • Declan: E-E..
  • Patrick: What? What is it? Egg? Eye?
  • Declan: Everything in this jungle wanna eat you, baby can't blame 'em 'cause you look so fine wanna give you sexual rabies gimme that sweet, sweet, monkey vagine though I wanna put your pelvis in traction on Pandora, the main attraction is blue rabbits fucking (Woo) blue rabbits fucking, yeah blue rabbits fucking you know, you won't see rabbit sex in The Lord of the Rings smack her in the ass with your ponytail thing Jake Sully was a soldier in a bad position he won't be scoring with that spinal condition they put him in a body with a tail and fangs and what we are presuming is an Indigo Wang (Indigo Wang) now he's gonna nail all the beaver he wanna while the animators spank it to Zoe Saldaña and now we've got blue rabbits fucking (Woo) blue rabbits fucking, yeah (Blue rabbits fucking all over the place) blue rabbits fucking (Blue rabbits fucking everywhere) blue rabbits fucking (This whole planet's got fuck stench) blue rabbits fucking, yeah (You can smell it on the other side of the sun or however many suns this damn planet has...)
  • Patrick: shit
Dirty Pref #34 - Thigh Riding

Harry: You were bare while he was fully clothed. Your heat grinded against the rough material of his jeans, rubbing against your clit and pushing apart your folds. “Just like that kitten,” he murmured out, taking his bottom lip between his teeth. His eyes were glued to you, watching your movements and watching your body build up with the orgasm. Your hands flew up to your chest, grabbing onto your breasts tightly when you did finally climax. “There we go darlin’,” he chuckled darkly, blowing out some air. “My turn now…”

Liam: Looking around, you moved to straddle his waist in the small area you had in your airplane seats. “Are you sure no one’s gonna see?” you whispered, trying to make it look like the two of you were just cuddling. “It’s fine baby, just be quiet,” he smiled softly, resting his hands on your hips. You nodded softly, beginning to grind your hips down into his, putting enough pressure against him to send a shock through your sensitive area. You lowered your lips against his to quiet the both of your moans as you kept going, trying to get each other off before anyone noticed. 

Niall: You were soaking through your panties, as you rolled your hips against his thigh. You whimpered out softly, reaching out to put your hands on his shoulders as you sped up, needing something to support yourself. “O-Oh…” you moaned out softly, letting your head fall back on your shoulders. “Baby, you’re gonna drive me crazy,” he groaned out softly, breathing out sharply. “Wait…” you whimpered out, digging your hips against his leg, feeling yourself build up. Niall got quiet, except for the few little moans that left his mouth. Your climax hit and your body shook with the release, falling against him.

Louis: He groaned out softly as you pushed yourself against his hardening length. His eyes were fighting to stay open, but you let out a satisfied giggle when he finally fell completely under your control. “You like this baby? Just wait until tonight,” you chuckled out darkly, pursing your lips as you continued to grind on his leg, making sure yours brushed against his erection. “Baby, please,” he whimpered out, tightening his grip on your hips and digging his fingers in. “I don’t wanna… yet…” he breathed out and you smirked getting up. “Take your pants off…” 

Zayn: It was your way of preparing yourself for the actual thing. He was sitting on the bed and the both of you were bare as you rode his thigh, wanting to get as close to climax as you could without actually cumming. Zayn’s and your breaths were hot and heavy, and through your pants, you couldn’t help but chuckle as he got harder and harder. “Are you close yet?” he groaned out, helping you move your hips in a uniform fashion. You nodded but you knew you could go a little further. “A-Almost,” you stammered out, swallowing thickly. “One more minute…”