you look wonderful in pink dear

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND BELATED VALENTINES TO MY DEAREST, MOST FAITHFUL HUSBANDO @maqui-chan!! I felt the need to reward you for your undying loyalty :p This was my first time drawing them so I hope they look okay! I polished it up a little from the twitter version so it would look slightly more presentable D: I LOVE YOU DEAR AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY <33333

I want to thank the first Biker roleplayer I ever saw. I don’t remember your name, but I remember your theme, vaguely. We never interacted, but a friend of mine (can’t remember which now) was in your follow forever. Your theme was so cute it’s what got me looking into Hotline Miami. It was like… White and pink, and had a nice big drawing of Biker…

Without you I wouldn’t be here, producing what I do, and I wouldn’t have met my wonderful SOs, and I wouldn’t be happy and enjoying these games I hold so dear. Whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you, seriously. I owe you a lot.

I remember exactly how we met, every little detail. It was the 20th of May and she sun was shining and even though it was still a little cold outside I had chosen to go out without a jacket. I was in the park reading my book, I decided to share my bread with the ducks and than you drove past me on your crooked old bike and fell. ‘O dear god..’ I had whispered. ‘Are you alright?’ You looked upon me with that smirk of yours and said in the most cheesiest way ‘alright? I’m fine. But how about you? Are you okay? You fell straight from heaven and you’re wondering if I’m okay?’ I blushed, I don’t know why that didn’t scare you off. I must have been more red than a tomato. ‘You look stunning.’ You said, ‘what’s your name?’ You asked. I remember that I whore a pink top with black ripped skinny jeans and combat boots. My hair was up tight in a bun and I was to lazy for contacts so whore my glasses today. 'I’d like to remain anonymous.’ I told you and we both laughed. 'Well, mysterious lady, can I at least sit with you?’ 'I need to think about that.’ I joked. 'I have hot chocolate?’ You took a thermos bottle out of your bag. I laughed and had softly slammed my hand on the bench a few times and you sat next to me. We talked all afternoon about life and politics and books and movies and… We just talked. At the end of the day when I had to leave I didn’t even have your number. When I got home I realized I was still wearing your jacket and your phone and wallet was inside. I didn’t mean to be snoopy, I just wanted to know your name. Turns out you were a royal and 2nd in line for the crown. My prince on the white horse, or crooked bike…
—  Excerpts of stories ill never finish / #38
if Stranger Things was more like RuPaul’s Drag Race

Will the following girls please step forward: Eleven, Joyce, Nancy, Barb, Holly, Karen

Nancy, your gun was cocked and loaded but…it looks like you were firing blanks……, Nancy……’re safe.

Holly, your silence….spoke volumes. Condragulations my dear, you’re safe.

Barb, your commitment to your fellow Queens when they needed you was admirable. And tonight on the runway, your frilly ensemble is indeed Pretty in Pink. Condragulations my dear, you’re the winner of this week’s challenge.

Eleven, your…..telekinesis was….not so moving. I’m sorry my dear but you are up for elimination.

Karen, your casserole creation was……not the most appetizing dish that was served on this runway tonight. In fact, it has the judges wondering….Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Joyce, your Distraught Mother Ensemble is… of the Stranger Things i’ve seen

Karen…you’re safe. You may join the other girls.

Two Queens stand before me. Prior to tonight you were asked to prepare a lip sync to “Africa” by Toto. Ladies, the time as come….to lip sync….FOR YOUR LIFE. Good luck….and don’t fuck it up.

“What is it about ye, Sassenach, I wonder?” he said conversationally, eyes still fixed on Myers.

“What is what about me?” 

He turned then, and gave me a narrow eye. 

“What it is that makes every man ye meet want to take off his breeks within five minutes of meetin’ ye.” 

Fergus choked slightly, and Ian went pink. I looked as demure as possible. 

“Well, if you don’t know, my dear,” I said, “no one does. I seem to have found us a boat. And what have you been up to this morning?”

-Drums of Autumn