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Hey lovely ❤ I'm wondering if you have any low-impact workouts to recommend? I can't run or jump but just about anything in-between is fine. I've been doing diagonal crunches and planks lately but I need something to target my core, thighs and butt (hoping to get a cute little one instead of this tubby saggy fat one). Every time I look up a workout it's always like 300 jumping jacks!!!! And I just. I cannot.

Squats are good. Step back and forth in your plank (like step both legs to the right them back to center then to the left) do yoga or Pilates. Sit ups with a kettleball ect

Lots of love


Once Chowder gets over his initial shock of Jack and Bitty’s announcement, he begins to gush about Jack and Bitty and also ask a bunch of questions (when did it happen, how did it happen, etc).

Meanwhile, Nursey and Dex have turned so they’re face to face (their faces only about a foot apart) and begin having an entire conversation only using facial expressions.  It goes something like this:

Dex: so Jack and Bitty
Nursey: pretty cool, huh?
Dex: yeah
Nursey: so
Dex: hoe don’t do it
Nursey: what? I just think now would be a good time
Dex: you’re literally suggesting we try and steal their thunder
Nursey: no I suggest we piggyback
Dex: that is the same thing
Nursey: c’mon this is the best time
Dex: it’s not the best time
Nursey: Dex…we’ve been looking for the right time for ages…now is the best chance we’ve had yet
Dex: okay fine

By now, Chowder can’t gush any longer, and has run out of questions to ask, and they’re all just staring at the two of them.

“Uhhh,” they both say in unison, before they proceed to elbow, jostle, and generally push each other around, trying to get the other person to say it first.

“Y’all, what’s going–,” Bitty starts to ask before both Jack and Chowder shush him.

“Let them figure it out,” Chowder says.

After a long minute, they both stop before blurting out at the same time, “We’re dating!”

Bitty’s eyebrows arch high into his hairline.  He’s genuinely and incredibly surprised.

Chowder just looks at them both with the most unimpressed look on his face.  “No shit,” he says, with more sarcasm than anyone thought he could muster.

Then Ransom and Holster enter the room, and all hell breaks loose.

One thing I love about Tales from the Borderlands:

You can ship Rhys with everyone and it would be at least half canon because he flirts with everyone.

Rhys and Vaughn have been really close for a very long time, and when Rhys finds out that Vaughn’s weirdly buff, he makes an awkward joke about how good he looks.

Rhys flirts with Sasha practically the whole game, and you have the option of making it canon in the last episode

Rhys can choose to trust Fiona instead of Jack which strengthens your bond, and you can choose to tell Fiona that he doesn’t love Sasha, but he loves another (implying Fiona) at the end of the game.

Rhys is literally obsessed with Handsome Jack, as mentioned multiple times. Like a lot. You can choose to rule Hyperion with Jack, which was Rhys’ dream since he was a kid

Rhys even flirts with Zer0 a lot, and giggles excitedly every time Zer0 talks to him or does something amazing.

Conclusion: Rhys is an awkward bisexual ball of flirt; can be shipped with anyone.

Zimbits WIP

I’m rewriting part 1 of my 5+1 fic for the fourth time because I wrote it in Jack’s POV and I want it to be in Bitty’s POV so take this away from me so I can stop obsessing over it. 

Jack comes home to Bittle passed out on the couch in the Haus.

“You should have gone to bed when I told you to, Bittle. Did you even make it to your early class today?” Jack asks as he toes off his yellow sneakers. There’s a pie on the counter, golden brown and untouched. “What kind of pie is that? Bittle?”

Bittle doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t chirp Jack about his shoes or the distressing state of the sweatshirt he’s wearing. He doesn’t move to greet him. Jack can see his phone on the coffee table and his hand extended towards it but not quite touching it; like he fell asleep reaching for it and that’s so unlike Bittle who usually has the thing glued to his hand, that makes Jack step into the living room.


He groans when Jack steps in front of him, eyes barely open and he tugs on Jacks plaid flannel so it’s tucked up further around his shoulders.

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Imagine Bitty and Jack spending Christmas together omg:
-you know Jack has 100% insisted on a real tree in his apartment
-they probably went to one of those cute little family owned tree farms to pick one out
-Bitty spends a lot of time excitedly considering trees and assessing their merits
-Jack and Bitty both talk about their favorite Christmas memories when they were younger
-Jack gets this dreamy look when he thinks about when he got his first really good hockey stick for Christmas
-once they get the tree home, they decorate
-there’s probably an argument over white vs. Colorful lights, think of that how you will
-they probably have a neat mix of sentimental childhood ornaments, store bought ornaments, and a couple promotional falcs ornaments
-bonus: SMH ornament handmade by Shitty, probably reads ‘Merry fuckin Christmas, ya beautiful bastards’ there are crudely painted hockey sticks on the reverse side
-on Christmas Eve they set presents out, but they don’t open them until the morning
-Bitty requires that they wait, 'to keep the magic, Mr. Zimmermann!’
-after they set out presents, Bits sets up a mini hot chocolate bar with toppings and whipped cream
-Jack squirts whipped cream on Bitty’s nose (prompting a long string of names from bitty)
-they cuddle up on the couch with hot chocolate, and put on the 24 hours of A Christmas Story marathon and they’re all warm and basking in the glow from the tree
-just two content hockey boyfriends on Christmas



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“Do you know that it won’t be my first time with a girl, right Atlas?” - a funny Jack looked at his colleague surprised for the conversation they both were having.

“Right,  I’m just warning you. When you fuck you can have a good incredible time, or fuck your life forever. Specially if you’re a children, you know.” - Danny said lightly, without giving it much importance but wanting that Jack felt attacked.

“Is it based on your own experience what you’re saying, maybe?”


“Wanna get out of here?”

You see someone across the room at a club. They catch your eye, wink discreetly, and sidle out. You follow them into the dimly lit street, where you find them leaning against a wall and looking up at you with keen interest. You approach them, and they murmur to you, softly…

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Mika Has a Dominance Kink (Kinda NSFW?)

So I lost the name, but I’m pretty sure it was still an anon. “I don’t know if I’m doing this right, I’m on mobile so of course tumblr is jacked up. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind recording Mika talking dirty to Yuu or vice versa?”

Have you been a good boy, Yuu-chan?

If so, you might get a reward…if not…you might need to be…punished.

Oh, you look really excited at the thought of being punished. Maybe I need to make it more…severe. Would you like that?

You’re supposed to say no, my pet. Every time you say yes, I think of new ways I can truly…punish you.

A-ah ah. No touching. That is only as a reward, pet. The punishments…they’re going to leave you begging for me to stop.

You know, as we come to the end of this phase in our life, we find ourselves trying to remember the good times and trying to forget the bad times, and we find ourselves thinking about the future. We start to worry, thinking ‘what am I gonna do? Where am I going to be in ten years?’ But I say to you - hey, look at me.
Please, don’t worry so much. Because in the end, none of us have very long on this earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re every distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day, make a wish and think of me. Make your life spectacular. I know I did.
—  Robin Williams as Jack Powell

Jack Kelly: Slytherin

Okay, so, I’m prepared for this to be unpopular. When I sorted him into Slytherin on my main blog, it was probably my most unpopular Slytherin. So, I just want to remind you all that while many Slytherins are evil, so are many Ravenclaws and Gryffindors, and it’s in no way, shape, or form one of the house’s defining traits. Many good guys are Slytherins, and Jack is one of them. Let’s take a look:


having or showing skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion

We can knock this one out in the second song. He wastes no time in letting us know what he’s about.

If I hate the headline, I’ll make up a headline, and I’ll say anything I have to.

You also see it later when he’s showing Davey how it’s done.

“You just made that up!”
“I did not. I said he heard it right here, and he did.”

From the beginning, he’s practically screaming that he’s a Slytherin. You could argue that this doesn’t reflect his character, because he has to sell the papes just to stay alive, so of course he’s going to do what it takes, but he’s not just selling enough papes to stay alive- he’s selling more than anyone else, as demonstrated in the scene after Carrying the Banner:

Selling with Jack is the chance of a lifetime! You learn from him, you learn from the best.

In fact, though, the following lines also demonstrate how cunning he is, so let’s not stop there!

“If he’s the best, what does he need me for?”
“Cause you got a little brother and I don’t. See, younger sells more papes, and if we’re gonna be partners-”


having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties

For this, we have to look no further than the scene before Something to Believe In. 

“Only one problem, we got no way to print this.”
“Come on, there has to be one press he doesn’t control.”
“…Oh no.”
“I know where there’s a press no one would ever think we’d use.”

You have to admit, that one doesn’t take him long to come up with. Also, I mean, he is using Pulitzer’s own press against him. You can’t deny that it as a solution is both quick and clever. He’s a creative fellow. 


a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work

Okay, so, really all Jack seems to want is to go to Santa Fe, and then he doesn’t in the end, so I guess he really didn’t have his heart all that set on it- but I guess you could argue that the strike is ambitious. It certainly does require determination and hard work, at least. He does waver in it, but in the end he does come back to it. Like a lot of characters, he gets a little lost sometimes. but he finds his way.


firmness of purpose; resoluteness

You know, I think one of the most determined lines I’ve ever heard in all of musicals is definitely one of Jack’s-

And the strike starts right damn now!

That guy knows what he’s about. As I said before, he does kind of give up on the strike, but the strike isn’t just about wages. He says the union is formed to watch each other’s back. In the moment where he’s giving up on the strike, it’s because they failed to do even that, and they didn’t just fail, they failed Crutchie. Crutchie is objectively one of the most important people in the world to him.

Jack displays qualities of all the houses. Except Ravenclaw, really. He’s got the lowest connection to that house. He is indeed brave bordering on reckless, and he’s loyal to a fault, so let me address those for a second.

We can rule out Gryffindor because of his decision to take the money and speak against the strike. Yes, he’s doing it because if he looks at it as a whole, it’s what’s right. But a Gryffindor probably wouldn’t- helpfully enough, we actually have an example of a Gryffindor put in the exact same situation who doesn’t take the money, and that is Bobby Strong in Urinetown. Yes, taking the money would be better, but it would still be doing something against his ideals, so he doesn’t. Jack is very much an end justifies the means kind of guy, which is usually not a Gryffindor task.

As for Hufflepuff, yes, he works hard. Yes, he is loyal to the boys. But I just don’t see him as really belonging in that house. He fits it, but he fits Slytherin more. Like Angelica, yes, one of his defining qualities is his love for one specific person, but other houses can love other people, too. 

Musicalssorted official stamp on Jack Kelly is that he is a Slytherin! We’re off tomorrow, but come on back over on Thursday for a Ravenclaw!

Tin Man

I am waiting for the next big thing to blow,

or a blow job;

anything but staring at my bookshelf,

or my fucking phone;

memories are like a garden of dead roses

that still smell faintly sweet,

but only if you take the time to smell them;

i look at my face in the mirror;

i cannot tell if I am handsome or a joke; 

but my wife is a great beauty,

and i have beat the system anyway,

won the game everyone is playing;

because she also has brains,

and a soul and love literature and fucking; 

I longer have to primp or pimp

or look good for anyone, Jack,

yet i comb my hair, 

listen to the echo of my vanity;

some habits are harder than others to break;

and, for me, vanity has been harder than Jack Daniels

or cocaine;

we’re all so desperate to be admired,

that we never stop competing for admiration.

we are cops behind two way mirrors

hoping for a confession to our own crimes;

we dream of awards and applause,

somebody blowing smoke in our faces

and telling us the jig is up, yet if somebody

applauds me or tells me my hair looks good,

I feel sad, wonder what is wrong with them;

my ego is as fragile

as a tin man in the rain.

Each morning,

I think this will be the day

when I show the world I am somebody,

and by nightfall

I am happy to be alone.

During the second night they spend together in Providence, Bitty is woken up around 3 AM.

“Bitty,” Jack’s voice hisses over his shoulder, “Bits. Hey.”

Bitty blinks heavily, but he’s waking up fast. Had Jack had a nightmare? Is something wrong? “You okay, darlin’?”

“I’m sorry I told you it was a lucky shot.”


Jack’s face suddenly appears in his field of vision, and the bed shifts to accommodate an NHL player trying to lean over his tiny boyfriend. “I never apologized. After the Yale game? That was a really shitty thing to say, and I woke up and thought of it just now, and I wanted to tell you I’m sorry as soon as possible because that was. Not good.” He looks stressed now, concerned that his apology will be rejected or that he’ll be chewed out for feeling the need to have this conversation at whatever godawful time it is. “So. Yeah. I’m sorry.”

Bitty smiles. “I love you, baby.”

Jack fidgets. “But-”

“-and I forgive you.”

He relaxes. Bitty feels him slide back into position, one arm around Bitty’s waist and the other tucked under the pillow.

A moment passes. Bitty’s eyes drift closed.

They fall asleep together.

Drunk Fights // Jack Gilinsky

Another Imagine yay!!! I love writing them, so remember to send requests<3 Love you guys lots and lots and I hope you enjoy! :) No hate on Madison, it just worked well in this situation idk

Another shot burned down my throat as music blasted in my ears. I began feelings tipsy, but I was having a good time. Nate and Sammy cheered me on and I giggled as I took another one.

“I’m gonna go dance,” I giggled as I walked out to the living room, where most of the party was. I looked around for my boyfriend, Jack. It was difficult to find him in the huge crowds of people but I eventually saw the tall brunette I was in love with. I glanced around and saw there was a girl. After staring for a little longer, I realized it was Madison Beer. I felt anger boil up inside me. I had to constantly deal with rumours being spread about her, and I honestly felt so fed up right now. I walked over to them and smiled.

“So, I see the second I leave you throw yourself all over my boyfriend?” I asked.

“It’s a party, we’re just having fun,” she smirked.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t be here since you’re like 12, maybe find someone your own age or at least someone that isn’t taken,” I snarled. All my anger was just coming out right now, and I was an honest drunk, I just sort of said what came to my mind at that moment.

“I have to deal with constant rumours about you and see pictures! Can’t you just fucking go away!” I yelled frustrated.

“Babe,” Jack said.

“No! Firstly, you’re not even stopping her!” I said, tears stinging my eyes. He opened his mouth to talk, but didn’t say anything.

“Now, if you don’t mind, would you scoot aside?” I asked, waving my hand. The room began spinning slightly, but I tried to focus on what was happening.

“Make me. Besides, don’t you think there’s a reason that there are so many rumours?” she asked. 

“That’s it,” I said before I swung my arm back and collided my hand with her face. She grabbed onto my hair and yanked it, so I did the same back. Eventually we were kicking and hitting each other. I felt arms wrap around my waist and get pulled away from her.

“We’re going home,” Jack mumbled into my ear as he carried me back to the car. The drive home was silent, and I stared out the window at the street lights quickly passing. I stumbled into the house and Jack stared at me.

“What?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“You can’t just go around hitting people, Y/N!” he said loudly. 

“She was all over you! Why can’t you see how obessed she is and how much attention she wants?” I screamed back.

“What are you talking about? She’s just a friend!” he said.

“She said maybe there are rumours for a reason, are you cheating?” I asked.

“Are you fucking insane? No, I’m not!” he said.

“Why are there so many pictures of you with her then?” I screamed.

“Why do you care so much?” he screamed as he approached me. I flinched and backed away. Honestly, I was scared. I turned around and walked into the bedroom, crying my eyes out. I was horrible. I shouldn’t have said anything, I shouldn’t have talked to her and I definitely shouldn’t have hit her. There was a knock on the door and I turned to face the window.

“Go away,” I said. The door opened anyway, obviously. I turned around and stood up, backing up all the way to the wall. Jack approached me and reached out and I flinched back again.

“Y/N…are you..are you scared of me?” he asked. I looked at my feet, not answering him or looking him in the eyes.

“Baby oh my god,” he said as he pulled me into his chest and I began crying again, sobbing violently into his burgundy shirt.

“I would never hurt you, please don’t be scared, I’m so sorry,” he said.

“I just got nervous, I’ve never heard you yell like that before, I was just intimidated,” I cried.

“I’d never ever hurt you,” he repeated. 

“I know,” I said. I pulled away and he placed his fingers under my chin and lifted my head up so I was looking at him.

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

“I’m sorry too. I over reacted. You’re allowed to be her friend,” I sighed.

“You’re right though. She’s being a little weird,” he said. I nodded, since I already knew that.

“I also shouldn’t have hit her,” I said.

“Baby, it’s okay. I probably would have done the same thing. As long as it’s not a usual thing,” he said.

“It’s not. I don’t even know what came over me, I never do that,” I said.

“I know, you’re usually as harmless as a butterfly,” he said.

“Butterflies are pretty scary, man,” I shrugged and he just chuckled.

“Come, we should get to bed, you’re not gonna feel good in the morning,” he said. I groaned as I flopped down onto the bed.

“Jack?” I asked, opening my eyes slightly.

“Yes, baby?” he asked. 

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you way more,” he smiled.

“Impossible,” I grinned.

“Keep telling yourself that,” he winked as he climbed into bed with me, pulling me close to his bare chest.

“I’m pretty sure no one will want to mess with you anymore after tonight,” he laughed.

“Better not, you’re mine,” I smirked as I turned around to face him.

“You’re my world, Jack Finnegan Gilinsky,” I grinned.

“And you’re mine,” he smiled as he leaned in and pressed his lips against mine, and of course, I happily kissed back.

In regards to the LGBT YouTube thing and Mark/Jack. It took them weeks to talk about Felix and in those videos they didn’t defend his actions at all. Also both of them have many times talked about how YouTube screws things up how the entire system is a mess. Again, it took weeks for them to post a video about Felix, so how do you expect them to post the day this is all literally happening? You all are just looking for things to be upset about and someone to blame. These are two good (flawed) people who are really trying and have apologized to doing and saying offensive things in the past (Jack). Idk what I’m trying to say but just take it easy maybe before you all get bend out of shape.

Meanspo - 1

Look at you. Look at yourself. Stand up, and go to the nearest mirror. Look at how flabby and fat your arms look. Do you see your thighs? I’m surprised you can even walk! Turn around. Look at your back! Those love handles are so huge!! No wonder you have no real friends!!! You want to be good enough for your boyfriend? FUCKING WORK FOR IT. New rules: No binging. No eating after 7. Work out all the time. No excuses.
Stop reading this right now! Go do 50 jumping jacks. 60 squats. 40 leg lifts. Go until you’re so out of breath you can barely breathe. You have to stop? You can stop after 10 more minutes bitch. You want a pretty body? No back flabs? Thin upper arms? A THIGH GAP? WORK. FOR. IT.

Sorry if this was too harsh 💕 if you ever need anything you can text me / ask me whatever you want 💗

I just looked down at the time on this episode and it’s almost over. Is this… a two parter? Because wow, season 3 is so vastly different to what came before that it’s kind of blowing my mind. Jeeze.

Oh you fool. You complete and utter maroon. What have you done?

Karma always deals in irony.

Welcome back, Jack. So much for that two-parter idea. Ah well, for the best. A shakeup of that level, I wouldn’t be prepared for it.

No but seriously, screw that wizard!

Me too, Jack.

Good lord, that was an experience. Still, this episode was batting at a way higher level, musically and artistically, than previous ones, which really surprised me. It deserves a healthy 8/10, and I’m very excited for what might now come next. See you next time.

Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself and yourself alone one question. This question is one that only a very old man asks. My benefactor told me about it once when I was Young. And my blood was too vigorous for me to understand it. Now I do understand it. I will tell you what it is: does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good. If it doesn’t, it is of no use.
—  Jack Kornfield
Cameron Dallas (Smut)

Request: Can you do a cameron dallas smut where you flirt with nash so he gets angry and so you have rough sex
✧・゚: ✧・゚: *:・゚✧:・゚✧✧・゚: ✧・゚: *:・゚✧:・゚✧✧・゚:

“Cameron?” I startled a bit not seeing Cameron by my side. I lifted the sheets seeing Cam on his phone like always. “Yes?” He turns his head looking at me. “Good morning dumbass” I rolled my eyes, he always on that stupid phone every time he wakes up and before he goes to sleep, what’s so special about Candy Crush. that game is like fucking drugs, but that’s not the only thing I get mad he doesn’t pay attention to me since he finish his second movie with Nash. “That a good way to say good morning” he sigh, looking back at his phone. I groaned in annoyance. that’s it I’m going to make him go wild today.

I walked to the bathroom do my routine which was brush my teeth and take a shower, once I was done. I decided to wear a clothes that he doesn’t like me to where in front of the guys, only him to him see. I wore a tank top that you could see my cleavage and a pair of yoga pants.

I proceed down stairs seeing Cameron and Nash eating breakfast.
“Good Morning” I said loud enough for Cam to hear.
“Good Morning, Y/N” Nash said, he quickly glance down at my cleavage. I knew Cameron saw him glancing at my breast, you could see him getting mad when he clench jaws. I pick  the box of cereal pouring my self in a bowl I read the nutrition facts that’s said 6 ounces per serving. fuck serving size bruh.

I sat in the kitchen table, looking at Nash intensely he stop pouring the juice to look at me, “what are you looking at?” He ask, “your finger, they’re so long” I said biting my lip. “Oh, I know where you want them-” Nash stops talking as he realized Cameron was right there. I wanted to laugh so hard but I just kept in. Cameron throws his empty plate on the ground thanks god it wasn’t glass because I was not going to clean it.

Cameron roughly grabs my hands taking me to room. I erupted into laughter at what just happen downstair with Nash but quickly my laugh died down as Cameron sends me a hard glare. I haven’t seen him so angry so before. “So you think is funny” he said angrily between his gritted teeth, grabbing my hips into his so I could feel his erection touching my thighs causing my breath to hitch in my throat. He lean in to kiss me but the door knock, I smirked knowing who it was, my baby boy Nash probably to say sorry to Cameron. I walked opening the door. “What do want baby, a blowjob?” I said, Nash eyes winded in surprise he was about to say something but Cameron slam the door right in Nash’s face. “What the fuck was that” Cameron spats. “Just giving an offer” I innocently said, Cameron picks up me up throwing me on the mattress, he hover over me, ripping my tank top and my yoga pants in half. I stop him “Don’t you dare rip my underwear-” I was cut off by him ripping my lace panties, I literally pay like 50 dollars for a Victoria secret panties and he fucking tore it apart but now for now on I’m going to start buying panties from Target  for 2 for 10$ so he can rip it often.

I was going to protest but his lip crashes into mines. I squirm as his finger dances around my needy body. “Fuck” I moaned as he plunged his index and middle finger viciously thrusting making my legs quiver as I was getting closer to the edges, just went I was about to release he pull his finger out, he slid his sweatpants soon following with his boxer, I lick my lip in anticipation at the sight of his length slapping on his lower stomach,leaking precum from his red tip.

“Nash should join” I tease, he shakes his head, before thrusting roughly. I bit down on his shoulder as he harshly roll hips against mines.
“You like to be fuck like a slut don’t you” he between his moans, thrusting relentlessly hitting the headboard on the walls numerous of times, I stretched my arm out wrapping around Cameron neck pulling him down to kiss him.
“Fuck right there holy fuck” I moan, as his length brushed my sweet spot. He buries his face in my shoulder. I knew he was close when he started to thrust sloppily. “Fuck Y/N” he groaned as hit high, it took me a few seconds after for me to release. “Im actually sad you didn’t want Nash to join” i chuckled, “please don’t mention his name” he breathe out, I smile “mission accomplished” I said to myself.

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Ralph's thoughts @chapter 1
  • Ralph @first chapter: Mmm, who's that red headed hottie? Man, he looks so good with sweat all over his body, dat crotch smh. I wonder how can I talk to him without those lil shits interrupting us... Oh I have an idea! I'll go on an expedition with him to "explore" the island, I'm a freaking genius. Let's bring another one of those fuckers so it doesn't seem suspicious... oh right, that epileptic kiddo, Simon, he's perf. I mean he wouldn't talk too much and wouldn't distract Jack's attention from me. Brilliant, Ralph, what a foolproof plan, you'll be snogging Jack in no time.
  • Ralph: nO PIGGY YOU CAN'T COME WITh us jeez

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Hello!! I LOVE your art style so much!! it's so cute! and i saw the picture of handsome jack you did and omg i love it, he looks so good in your style!! will you ever do more borderlands pictures? also have you ever played until dawn or the evil within? ily!! <3

thanks much friend! 

and… possibly?? i havent played much borderlands (though i would like to). And i havent played until dawn or evil within either XP

im such a bad nerd, maybe one day when i actually have more free time!