you look stupid uwu

toddler!klaine at the playground uwu

“You look stupid.”

“No, you look stupid!” Kurt glares up at the boy, who’s towering above him and Blaine. He’s older, Kurt can tell. He glances over his shoulder, looking for his mother, who’s sitting on a bench not too far from the sandbox they’re playing in, and chatting with some other adults.

“Whatever,” the boy spits out, flashing a wide tooth gap. Kurt turns his head back, wrinkling his nose in disgust at seeing the many dirt stains on the other boy’s shirt and pants. Kurt is just about to counter again, when the boy cuts him off. “Your shirt is for girls and your pants are pink. It looks stupid.”

Feeling a small spark of insecurity flaring up inside of him, Kurt looks down on himself, his eyes roaming over his new shirt, the one with the unicorn and a princess his Mom had bought him just this morning at the store. Then, he glances down to his pants, that are indeed pink.

Maybe he’s right, Kurt starts to wonder, feeling his heart sink. It’s not the first time someone is making fun of his clothes.


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