you look stupid at shows

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dipper:</b> Is it weird that I love him so much it makes my ears sweat?<p/><b>Mabel:</b> No, no.<p/><b>Dipper:</b> Is it weird that I think about him all the time, even in the bathroom?<p/><b>Mabel:</b> *chuckles* No.<p/><b>Dipper:</b> Is it weird that I made him a deer teeth ring and I want to ask him to marry me?<p/><b>Mabel:</b> <p/><b>Mabel:</b> Well, yeah. That's— that's completely weird.<p/></p><p/></p>
Into You

Summary: Y/N really likes Bucky, but she’s sure there’s no way in hell he likes her back.

Request: Hi could I make a request, with Bucky and reader, where reader really likes Bucky, but she’s really self loathing, and doesn’t think she’s good enough for him, and tony throws one of his party’s, she’s gets dressed up, but she’s Bucky with another girl, and leaves the party, but what she doesn’t know is Bucky likes her and wasn’t even listening to the girl, he sees her run and goes after her and confesses and it’s all really fluffy ending of that makes any sense 🤗

Author’s Note: Guess who did a one-shot for the first time in a hundred years? Okay so I strayed a bit away from the ending, but other than that it should be what you asked for. Hope you like it! x

Bucky Barnes Masterlist


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“You nearly done in there?!” Natasha exclaimed, hammering on the door.

“Good god, woman, give me a minute!” you yelled, giving yourself one last look in the mirror, before rolling your eyes, muttering a “fuck it” under your breath. You unlocked the door, and no sooner than you’d placed your hand on the handle, Natasha yanked it open.

You muttered profanities under your breath in surprise, before chuckling in amusement as she slammed the door shut.

“You ready?” you asked Wanda, who nodded.

“Yes, because unlike the two of you, I plan ahead when I know I’m having a night out,” she said smugly. You groaned quietly, causing her to let out a soft laugh.

“Tasha, you’ve got five seven minutes before we leave you here and take the taxi without you!” you yelled, causing her to slam her fist on the door in frustration.

You chuckled, before slipping your heels on. Glancing up, you saw Wanda looking at you; a smug smile on her face.

“Heels?” she questioned, hinting to the fact that you rarely, if ever, wore high heels.

You shrugged.


She didn’t say anything else, just raised her eyebrows and nodded exaggeratedly.

“I don’t get why you’re so surprised, we are going to a party, after all,” you grumbled.

“No, I know, I know, it’s just unusual. You dressing up for anyone in particular? Anyone special?” she asked, causing you to roll your eyes.

“For God’s sake, Wanda,” you huffed, before walking over to hammer on the bathroom door. “We’re leaving!”

Steve had a tendency to pair the same people up with each other during trainings and missions. You’d been paired with Bucky, mostly because the two of you fought very well together. To take the piss, Wanda and Natasha would tease you about it, saying you had a crush on him. It was understood by all three of you that this wasn’t, of course, the case.

Except that it kinda was.

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How Do I Look? (Jughead x Andrews!Reader)

Prompt: Hi :) could you please do a female JugheadxReader where the reader could be Archie’s somewhat younger sister and she’s always had a crush on Jughead. And then like one day she asks for Jughead’s opinion on her prom dress and then it kind of just escalates from there and turns into like hot smut. Um, haha, so yeah. Please and thank you! :)

A/N: Guys. This took forever to write. Hopefully you like it! I’ve been a bit of a slump but I’m hoping to upload some more. I’m also in the process of moving so my requests are closed until I move! Also I hit 4.7k? Thank you loves xxx

Warnings: Heavy Makeout Session (sorry it’s not the heavy smut you wanted), Archie is a cockblock as always. 


How Do I Look? (Jughead x Andrews!Reader)

As the youngest Andrew, you always hung out with Archie and the gang. Over the years you developed a crush on your brother’s best friend.

Prom was approaching and you had hoped that a certain boy would have asked you. Of course he didn’t. In fact, you didn’t know if he was even going at all.

It was 3 days before Prom when she cornered you.

“Little Andrew!” Her voice rings in your ears as she wraps her fingers around your arm.

“Hey Cherry. Whats up?” You smile at the Blossom twin.

You guys weren’t usually super close but after Jason died, you were the only one who had been there for her.

“So I know you wanted that freak to ask you to the dance-” Cheryl waves her other hand as you blush and try to interrupt her. “Don’t deny it. We’re besties. I know you like him.” She grins and pulls you to walk with her.

“Cherry, Where are you going with this?” Her fingers tighten slightly as we past my brother and his friends.

“Go to Prom with Me.” She shrugs. “Since the freak clearly is too stupid to do anything. Show him how hot you look in a dress.”

“Cheryl…” You shake your head but she waves you into silence again.

“Too late. I already bought your dress and it’s sitting in your room as we speak. Try it on when you get home and ask him for an opinion. Thank me later.” She yells as leaves you by your next class.

Why do you hang out with her again?

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Illustrated Haiku // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: a soulmate!ten au where y/n loves to write poetry on her arms, and ten likes to illustrate them.

words: 4157

category: fluff

authors note: this isn’t a request, it’s just something I was working on so I hope you guys like it! (also appreciate the gif below of my lil bub)

– destinee

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anonymous asked:

I'm sure you've heard but what are your thoughts about people boycotting ep 16 because of the POSSIBLE no Magnus? I think it's ridiculous and won't do anything besides make the show less money. Also this is a big episode for Simon and Maia separately and it's just sad to see that nobody really cares.

I mean…. don’t get me wrong, I get that you like one character more than all the other ones on the show. After all, Shadowhunters is still an ensemble show with 7 main characters which you’re all bragging about normally. But when Magnus is not in it, you boycot it? Are you guys for real? 

Boycotting a whole episode just because of the slight POSSIBILITY that Magnus isn’t in it? Which is still nothing more than a fucking rumor (if you even call it this way) and only started when Isaiah said that he won’t be in 2x16. Magnus can still be in it. But yeah, go around and tell people to boycot the show. That clearly helps everyone here. Especially the show and getting more seasons…. oh and yeah, seeing more of Magnus in the future. Honestly, what is this? Kindergarten?

so anyway.. last time sarah and cosima saw each other they were both under surveillance and were, for all intents and purposes, imprisoned (sarah under DYAD,  cosima on the island) like…. those were Not Ideal circumstances for either of them but like… there was no acknowledgement from either party that like “hey you’re okay i’m so glad you’re safe!” when they finally skyped??

and like… i get cosima getting right down to business because, hey! kira’s in major trouble and cosima’s got Vital Information about all that but…. sarah nearly died??? at the beginning of this season??? trying to rescue cosima from the island??? and we don’t even get to see her tell cosima “i’m so glad you’re okay and that you’re home safe” like?!!?? goddamn that’s all that would be needed, just that one line. just /one line/ and /then/ you can proceed to The Plot okay. 

The night we met

I have been obsessed with the song “The night we met” by Lord Huron for the past few days. It inspired me to write this “little” fic about our wonderful blue boy, Ethan. 

I would recommend that you listen to the song when it’s mentioned in the text, I think that would help settle the mood. Here’s a link:

tags: @justwritingscibbles

notes: the segment between “~~~” is a happening in the past, just so we’re clear


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You didn’t really know why Mark had invited you to a talent show. Of all things he could invite you to, it had to be a talent show. You could’ve gone to the cinema, or maybe go for a walk with Chica in the park. But no. It had to be a talent show. It took a lot of persuasion from Mark’s side to get you to come.


“Come on, (Y/N). You’ve been locked up in your apartment ever since you and Ethan broke up; it’s time you did something!” Mark had exclaimed.

“I have done things!” You said defensively. Mark looked at you as if you were an idiot.

“(Y/N), watching five seasons of My little pony in one day is not ‘doing things’.”

You crossed your arms and looked away. “It was only three seasons.”

“Only,” Mark made air quotations. “Those three seasons take about 24 hours; you spent 24 hours watching a show about ponies! It’s ridiculous!” He threw his hands up in the air, trying to show his frustration. You still just sat on your sofa, not looking very impressed.

“If you want me to come to the stupid talent show, then making fun of me will not persuade me to come.” Mark sighed as he sat down beside you, looking at you seriously.

“(Y/N), I know these past months have been really hard on you. Believe me; it’s been hard for us too. We miss you a lot, and it would be nice to hang out again. I just think it would do you good to go out. I still care a lot about you, and seeing you in this shell just breaks my heart. Please, come out with us. Ethan won’t even be there, just Amy, Kathryn, Tyler, me and you.” He took your hand and stroked it, and your lips twitched into a small smile. It felt nice to have someone care.

“Yeah okay, I’ll come.”


You still didn’t know why you’d say yes. You still didn’t know why you were at the talent show. If you asked any of the guys, they’d just answer “talent shows are fun!” That’s a fair point, you thought, but you had never seen any of them enter a talent show in the five years you’ve known them. As the show progressed, the gang seemed to get more stressed, Mark especially. He was biting his thumb excessively, as if he hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. Their strange behaviour made you extremely sceptical.

“Now for our last performance, we have Ethan Nestor with ‘The night we met” by Lord Huron!” Your blood froze. No. Without realizing, you stood up, ready to leave. Mark grabbed your hand, and you glared at him. He told you Ethan wouldn’t be here.

“(Y/N), please,” you yanked your hand away and headed for the exit. Mark tried to stand up and calling after you without making a huge scene, but Tyler pulled him down before he could do anything stupid. As you excused your way out of the row you were sitting in, you could feel eyes burn in your skull. It felt awkward and rude to just stand up and leave, but right now, you couldn’t handle seeing Ethan. It had been three months since you last saw him, and just thinking about him made your heart ache. When you finally got to the door, you caught a little glimpse of Ethan. You stopped for a moment, actually looking at him. He looked the same, yet so different. The light in his eyes were gone, and he seemed so… stiff. It seemed like he was drained for energy, and his blue hair seemed so flat compared to before. His eyes caught yours for a split second, and for that single split second, you could see nothing but pain. As you tore your gaze away from him, you grabbed the door handle, ready to leave.

But, you couldn’t.

It was like a force pulling you back. You just couldn’t leave. Even with your hand resting on the handle, it seemed like your body had frozen and would not pull it down. So there you stood, lingering in front of the door, unable to move. You could hear the sound of Ethan speaking into the microphone, but there were only sounds. No words, no sentences, only sounds. Your brain had completely zoned out, trying to shut you off from the world. It felt as if you were in a small barrier, protecting you from the outer world. Even though you couldn’t understand what Ethan was saying, it was still his voice. It was still his voice, and you could feel knives stabbing at your chest just listening to it.

And suddenly, your barrier shattered, and all the sounds became clear as day. He wasn’t talking anymore, but he was playing on a guitar. It surprised you, because you didn’t know Ethan could play the guitar. You knew he played ukulele, but he never told you he could play the guitar. Then you realized, you hadn’t talked for three months, a lot had probably changed in that time.

              I am not the only traveller

              Who has not repaid his debt

              I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again

              Take me back to the night we met

As he started singing, you looked up at him again, and he were still staring at you. For some reason, you didn’t look away.

              And then I can tell myself

              What the hell I’m supposed to do

              And then I can tell myself

              Not to ride along with you

Suddenly it all became clear to you. This song was meant for you, and that’s why Mark had dragged you to the talent show. It was so that you could hear this.

              I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you

              Take me back to the night we met

              I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you

              Oh take me back to the night we met  

Ethan poured all of this emotions into this song, you could see it. You could see it through his body language, the way he sang, and the way he looked at you. And you started remembering the night you had met. All the laughter, the smiling, how you and Ethan both fell asleep at Mark’s place because you talked for so long. But you also remember the last night you were together, how you fought for hours, screaming, shouting, crying. You couldn’t even remember what you had fought about, but it had been the reason for you breaking up. But if you couldn’t remember it now, was it really worth breaking up over? If it had really been that important, then you would have remembered it.

              When the night was full of terror

              And your eyes filled with tears

              When you had not touched me yet

              Oh take me back to the night we met

You realized how much you had missed him. How you had missed his hugs, the long talks, the long nights, his sweet kisses. And you realized how this song was a wish from Ethan, for you to go back to how you were initially. How you never left his mind, even after all this time. And you realized that this is how you felt too. Even if you wanted to deny it, Ethan never left your thoughts.

              I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you

              Take me back to the night we met

              I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you

              Take me back to the night we met

He lingered on the last note, and as the audience started applauding, you found yourself unsure of what to do. Should you leave, or should you stay? Memories started flooding your brain, both good and bad. But without thinking, you walked out of the room. It seemed like your body had a mind of its own this day. Even when you started feeling that you wanted to stay, you just kept walking towards the exit.


You stopped in your tracks, and turned around. There stood Ethan, his eyes rimmed with tears. And you just stood there, looking at him. It felt as if you were just seeing each other for the first time, unsure of what to say, what to do. It was so overwhelming, finally seeing him again after all these months. Your eyes filled up with tears, and you could feel them run down your cheeks. Ethan quickly walked up to you, and a little hesitant, he pulled you into a hug. It had been so long since you were in his arms, and a feeling of safety washed over you. He pulled away, and just looked you in the eyes, drying your tears.

“(Y/N)… I don’t really know what to say. These three months without you have been the three worst months in my life. I just… I just miss you so much, and I know our relationship wasn’t perfect, but I think that we could work it out. All those stupid fights didn’t really matter, I see it now. What I really want is for you to be back in my life again, (Y/N). So I guess that’s what I’m asking… if you want to give it another shot?” He couldn’t maintain eye contact with you. He seemed so insecure, so uncertain. You gently moved a piece of his hair away from his eyes, so he looked at you again. You smiled at him, now wholly certain of what to do.

“Yes, I want to give us another shot.”

Ethan lit up, and he almost lifted you up from the ground as he laughed wildly, raising his hands up in the air. He cupped your face, taking you all in. For a moment, you just stared at each other, and you couldn’t help but feeling so happy for finally being with him again.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked.

You chuckled and threw your arms around his neck. “Of course, you idiot.”

And the kiss was sweet.

It was so, so sweet.

meeting vigilantes

request: yes

plot/request:  For request: you meeting the batfamily cause that would be amazing. Also congrats on 1,000!!!!! - @gobydana

word count: 960

warning(s): lowkey trash

A/n: guys I have finals Tuesday (today) and Wednesday so I don’t know if I’ll be posting! May is the month I will be taking finals so I might not post a lot! I’m sorry!

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anonymous asked:

What are some of your fave chaptered mh fics?

Hi Anon! That is a very good question. There are a lot of chaptered MH fics I love, but unfortunately most of them aren’t complete and dropped. I’m not sure if you want recommendations or if you are simply asking my opinion, but I’m assuming the former. Usually I pick fics that aren’t the most popular since the chances that you’ve already read those are high and because there are a lot of great fics that are underappreciated, but for now I’ll just list every multichaptered fic that comes to mind. I’ll separate categories of completed and ongoing/dropped so that it’s easier for you to decide what you want to read. Also, please note that they’re not in a particular order.


Color Me in Love by AleishaDreams

Dead Reckoning by furiosity

Your Protector by cottontale

2 / 1389000 by tothemoon

You and I by themorninglark

Love is Blind by CassadyFlies as well as its sequel Give Me a Sign

An Infinity of Summers by dontsaycrazy

Shake the Heavens by Ad_Astra

The Realisation by LensMind

The Free Kingdoms by ScarlettSiren

look me in the eyes (and tell me you love me) by ZhenLe

A Truth So Loud by beepbeepbop

Meet Your Storm by RedScribbler

What the Water Said by themorninglark

The Free Fighter and the Evil Within by freaky_hanyou

The Sweet Salesman Named Makoto by otp_tears

Seven Days by RandomWriter57

Some Weird Things Have Been Happening To Me by AkikoDesu

Searching by Rainbowkiwii


Every multichaptered MakoHaru fic by Gariell

What a Precious Privilege by holly_writes_things

but maybe, for you, i’d go against all the odds by uchiuchi

His Protector by SparklingPopsicles

Beauty and the Beast by LilacChocolate

Top Shelf by Right___Meow

I Take You by makoharuheartandsoul

Forever Isn’t Enough by twinkiecas

Wait for Me by mamodewberry

These are all the ones I have for now. If there’s a fic that you think is really great but isn’t on this list it’s either because: 

1. I didn’t think of it

2. I didn’t read it

3. I didn’t like it (sorry)

Among this list there has to be at least something to your liking. Thank you for asking and please don’t hesitate to stop by again.

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Imagine Joji// Meeting Joji through Ian and Max For anon <3

“Hi, I’m george, uh you can call me Joji though” he says, reaching his hand out, you shake it lightly with a smile.

“nice to meet you” you say, Ian and Max are in the kitchen when you walk in, and Joji is the first person you see, you’re a bit nervous to introduce yourself all alone.

“Oh hey you’re here, great” Max says, grabbing the movie on the counter, you’re a bit late for the movie but you know they won’t mind that much. You don’t ever seem to get through the movie without laughing too much at Max’s commentary, or throwing shit at Ian for ruining the plot with his excessive knowledge of random facts.

“Hey, yea sorry, there was a bit of traffic” you say, Max rolls his eyes.

“Yea, i think the freeway here might be just as bad as the bumper to bumper shit in new york” joji says, you nod.

“Thats right, you live in New York, Max told me. Why does New York always sound like some glamourous city?” you ask, not really asking him, just asking aloud mostly to yourself.

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