you look so stoned


i simplified it a LOT more than to my liking but anyway this is the most important thing ive ever seen and i had to express it some way

Jonsa AU: Poldark

(i don’t watch the show but basically i saw the promo photos for season 3 of poldark and gasped really loudly and then proceeded to make this at 1am in the morning. what are priorities?)


The Librarians AU: Newsies

Tomorrow they’ll see what we are

And sure as a star, we ain’t come this far to lose



Recently got myself a beautiful Moonstone pendant, which i’ve actually just had to take off because it feels so strong. I took her in the ocean the other day and then lay in bright sunlight so i feel she’s overcharged and needs some peace for awhile. A shame, because she looks so beautiful but you have to listen to your stones.

🌙 The stone of new beginnings. Can be beneficial for adjusting to a difficult change or invoking a different path in life if you feel stuck in a rut.

🌙 Can calm and soothe hot headed, fiery or anxious people, especially passive aggressive or quietly threatening people, with its passive feminine energy. 

🌙 Invokes intuition, and encourages spontaneity.

🌙 Opens the wearer to the energies of others, giving a heightened ability to read and understand situations and the feelings of others. 

🌙 Encourages lucid dreaming and clairvoyant/psychic abilities (in the way that you may be able to tune in to more subtle energies and vibrations around you, giving you a better understanding of the space and the beings in it). 

So overall, Moonstone drastically boost perception, intuition and spirituality, and allows you to understand and perceive  deeper understandings of the things around you, which is generally why it is known as the Psychics Stone. 

This is why i needed to take it off: i was analysing everyone and everything around me to the point that my head god chaotic. I felt and understood too much, and got too deep into my own head. 


Jonsa AU: Lord of the Rings

happy birthday to my lovely @goodqueenalys!


I’m going to be by your side, like I always am, protecting you

Like Father, Like Daughter - Kakashi Hatake x Reader

Summary : The death of your father hits you full force right in the face, and you don’t think you’ll ever be able to feel ok again…Fortunately for you, a certain Copy Ninja is here to try and cheer you up the best he can. 

Well, I thought I’d just jump into it. Something completely unrelated to DC/Mavel, a bit of love for Kakashi from the anime “Naruto”…I just really wanted to write this piece with the scarecrow. Tell me if you want more of those (I’ve been binge watching Naruto, One Piece and Full  Metal Alchemist particularly lately so…send request about that if you wanna) I’m really REALLY unsure about that one…But hey, I’m posting it anyway. Hope you’ll like it 

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-Go fuck yourself you fucking stale baguette !!

…Stale baguette ? Where were you even finding your insults ? How was he suppose to punish you for using bad words when you were being so damn hilarious ? Stale baguette. He had to remember that one. 

Jiraiya looked at you tenderly. You. His daughter. A daughter he never even should have had. His daughter than never let anyone walk on her feet. His small little baby girl…who was already sixteen. Where have the years gone ? 

He was staring at you, his eyes full of awe and love, as usual, and couldn’t help but think you looked a lot like your mother right now, mad as Hell and ready to kick some ass. 

Your mother. Tsunade. The only woman he ever truly loved (though he’d never admit it, as the love was unrequited…or so he thought). Most people were quite…surprised to say the least, when they learned that you were the biological daughter of the two famous sennin, Jiraiya, and Konoha’s fifth Hokage, Tsunade Senju. 

You were the result of a very drunken night of passion, the only one they shared…It was Dan’s (your mother “only love”) anniversary of death, and she felt particularly bad. So she went out to drink her sorrow away, and your father went with…The rest is history. 

Nine months later, you were there, a surprised to both of them, but one they gladly accepted. They had a lot of flaws, those two, but being bad parents wasn’t one of them. 

You lived in Konoha until you were six, until your “Uncle” Orochimaru turned dark, betrayed the village, and your parents’ were too heartbroken to stay. Your life was shared between them. A few months with your dad, a few months with your mom…And you loved it. 

Ruffling your hair mischievously, your father lets out a loud laugh and says : 

-You’re a terrible flirt. Not as in you do it too often, as in, you’re bad. Like, really bad. Soooooooo bad.

-Yeah I know ! Like father, like daughter right ? 

-I don’t think I ever called anyone a “fucking stale baguette” while trying to flirt with them…How did that even come up ?

You shake your head vigorously, you have no idea how you ended up insulting the guy you were flirting with…Was it because he kept making stupid remarks about your boobs ? Or maybe your ass ? You couldn’t even remember, that’s how important to you it was. Yeah, you definitely couldn’t care less.

-No, but remember that time you waited an entire day in the public onsen just to see naked women ? 

-…Point taken. 

-Aren’t you suppose to scold me for using bad words anyway ?

-…If I buy you your favorite flavored popsicle, will you shut up and not tell anything to your mother ? 

-Buy me two and we have a deal.  


You nod, and he puts a protective arm around your shoulder (as a reflex, because if he was honest with himself, he knew you didn’t need protection…You were your parents’ daughter, a very powerful kunoichi, bound to even surpass them one day), his giant frame dwarfing your small one…That, you took from your mother. 

It was moments like that that you loved the most with your father. Just silly time with your big idiot of a dad. You two had always been close, ever since the moment you were born. He swore, the first time he held you in his arms, that he would never let anything happen to you…He just didn’t plan on leaving you so soon…

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Guardian (X)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,959

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. (AU: Chen is your guardian angel)

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Sedona, Arizona

When I told folks in my office I was zooming west for a long weekend to see the Grand Canyon, three of them said, “make sure you go to Sedona.”

I had heard of Sedona, but had no idea why I had heard of it, or why it was famous, but nonetheless my mom and I decided to listen and go; good thing we did!  

If you ever drive (in the day time) from Phoenix to Flagstaff make sure you drive through Sedona. It’s incredible!  The city’s main attraction is its collection of beautiful red stone formations every which-way you look.  

It was so gorgeous that my mom and I went twice; after we got back from the Grand Canyon tour, and the next day on our way back to Phoenix. 

The first time we saw it, we had just missed the sun set by about 10 minutes, and I think that’s when this place must glow.  

We drove to Chapel of the Holy Rock (recommended by our Canyon guide), but unfortunately it was closed. Still, we got to see this remarkable church built into the rock (hooooowwww?!?) 

As the sun finally disappeared and we headed back to Flagstaff for the evening, we decided to get up early to go again the next day, especially as it’s right on the route back to Phoenix!    

Initially we had planned a day in Phoenix, but instead of half-assing Phoenix, and doing it in a hurry, we decided to explore Sedona this time around, and next time see Phoenix properly. :)

The 89A (recommended scenic route) drive down from Flagstaff is steep and beautiful! You drop in elevation from 2,106 m (6,910 ft) to 1,319 m (4,326 ft) so your ears will pop! 

Neat, eh? 

Sedona did have a city center (below), but it looked very touristy. Not sure I’d want to stay there personally, however many people do!  (Would be good to see sunrise/sunset here)

It also looked like a wealthy retirement area. Lots of large homes built into the rock, and golf courses! 

My mom and I wanted to do a hike, but we were too limited on time, so we only managed to park the car and do a ten minute walk (our own path, woot!) to try capture views of the “finger” type rocks. 

It was very exciting when we saw them! As we dropped in elevation we went from the heat on in the car and Ugg boots on, to t.shirts and air-con! 

After a stop for some coffee and snacks, we hit the main interstate road and headed back to the airport to drop off the car, and catch our flights. 

There were thousands and thousands of cactus (what’s the plural for cactus, cacti?) lining our route. I’m sure Arizona folk don’t blink an eye towards them, but they were so cool to see!! It takes about 20 years to almost attain one foot in height, so these are old cacti. 

And then suddenly I was on a plane back to Detroit (my mom on another one headed back to Toronto) after a whirlwind, wonderful spontaneous Arizona , Adventure! 

anonymous asked:

Such a good chapter! If there is any chance, may I ask that Jamie get a little break with the lawyers and the judge since he sure didn't with Ned and the Laoghaire situation in the book?! I always thought it was so ridiculous the way that whole part was written. Laoghaire cleaned him out after almost killing him. So unrealistic considering Jenny Murray was sitting in that room ready for bear. - haha. Thanks for listening Lenny and have a nice weekend!

Thanks, I’m glad you liked the latest chapter!

This is definitely a situation where canon isn’t at all applicable to what I’m writing. It’s a completely different situation so I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking/requesting (and I already know how it goes down so even if I did understand what you’re after, I’m not changing it from my original plan). 

As for my opinions on Jenny Murray and Voyager, I have an analysis/meta post planned focusing on her and Claire’s relationship, especially in Voyager but it’s going to be a while before I get to it (spoiler: I see and understand where Jenny is coming from and knowing she’s a Fraser and how they react, I have zero problems with how it’s handled in the book; I don’t dislike Jenny for it, any more than I dislike Bree for throwing a poker through a window when she heard that Frank wasn’t her father).

I Saw An Angel (Part 2) [a future!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Yea hi, i’m gonna need a part two to the i’m an angel one omg. It was sooo good! My heart aching. I need more, ya know I like to torture my feelings.

a/n: why y’all want me dead. THIS IS NOT A HAPPY STORY OML

Part 1


Barry can’t get you out of his brain. Not since past you made that short appearance a few weeks ago. He needs to see you again. Staring at the tombstone in front of him, the wind blows his long dark chocolate locks around. “I guess we really are Beauty and the Beast now…” he mumbles in a gruff voice, thinking back to that Halloween. “But, with you gone… Does that just make me a beast now?” he wonders, squinting at the letters to your gravestone.

When the autumn air picks up, the speedster shoves his hands in the pockets of his dark petticoat, gritting his pearly whites. The single pink rose sets on top of the smooth granite, rolling back and forth but never falling off. “I feel like a beast without you here. Everyone left, Y/N. I…” Barry makes a choked noise, moisture in his throat drifting to his eyes.

A door sound clicks behind him. You tap the timer on your watch, coming to stand next to the man. He doesn’t look at you. “So… this is it…” you breathe, focusing on the stone with him, hands in your jean pockets.

“Why are you here?” Barry croaks, scrutinizing your tombstone. “I thought you left me.” he bites.

Sighing, you turn your head to peek at the speedster, wind whipping your hair. “You know why I can’t stay, Barr.” you mutter quietly, gazing down at your slip on Vans. Should you say more or let him talk? Biting your lip, you peer out at the gray sky. It looks like it’s going to rain.

Unexpectedly, he spins towards you, hands grabbing your upper arms, blazer scrunching under his touch. “Then why come?! Why come if you can’t stay?! It’s-it’s not fair!” Barry fumes, thick brown locks draped over his hazel eyes. “If you stay, this future won’t happen! You can stay with me! Please.”

“Exactly. If I stay, this future won’t happen. You’ll find someone else back in 2017 and you know what will happen?” you ask sadly, cupping his freckled cheek. “All the memories of me- of us, will be gone. And I’ll slowly fade from existence…” you explain, pushing his hair behind his ear as you place your palm on his gray henley.

Barry frowns, traveling his hands down to your waist. Another sigh tumbles from your mouth, already knowing the next question he’s going to ask. “If you come with me, you’ll disrupt the timeline, too.” you mutter, rubbing your thumb across his wet cheek. “I’m afraid there’s no happy ending for us, Barry.” you whisper, tearing up as he sobs.

The timer on your watch goes off and Barry holds you tighter, hiding his face in your shoulder, hair blowing in his face. “No… no, don’t say that, please…” he sobs, thick eyelashes dripping with tears. “Don’t leave me again, Y/N. What-what if I speed back in time-”

“Oh, Barr…” you sigh, removing yourself from his embrace, despite his protest. “You know what happens when you try that…” you sniffle, clicking on your watch; a blue door appears behind you. “I’ve spent as much time as I could, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!” you sob, feeling something inside you pull towards the door.

His face drops, “No… No!” Barry shouts, hair in his eyes, watching the door close. “Not again!” he cries, falling to his knees. Slowly, he peers at your grave. “I’m just a beast without you…”

Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 1

Since I did all the rest I figured I might as well translate the voiceover commentary in the choreography footage too. As this was not very long, I translated the complete script, it’s not partiaI (I actually wrote down all the Japanese and translated it). The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-”tn” in square brackets are translator’s notes.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.
I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Actually, one of the reasons I am translating all the content (booklet, commentary etc) is to encourage people to purchase the BDs/DVDs. I know many hesitate because they are expensive and they are only in Japanese, but you have the subs online and now you have translations for all the contents too, so it’s not like you will “not be able to enjoy the contents at all because of the language barrier”. The best way to support the series and help in the possible creation of a 2nd season (or a sequel in any form) is to buy the discs.

Miyamoto: Hello, I’m the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.
Kubo: Hello, I’m the original planner Mitsurou Kubo. Thank you for today.
M: Thank you~.
K: Thank you for coming. Well then, this is Victor Nikiforov’s free skating, “Aria (Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite)”. So, regarding the choreography, what did you pay attention to when you created it, Kenji-sensei?
M: Yes. Regarding Victor, I created the choreography trying to make his throat and chin look beautiful, like in the stone statues you see in museums.
K: So basically, it’s important to have a clear image when you create a choreography, isn’t it?
M: Yes. When you want to show something, you have to make it so that it comes forward.
K: So that it comes forward.
M: Yes. If you try to express too many things it will just get confusing, so I always try to show the points I want to convey as much as possible.
K: Ok. Regarding this choreography, well, it’s not really the choreography itself, but I would like to explain the reason Kenji-sensei’s clothing style is a bit unfashionable. If the right & left arms and legs don’t look different in some way there is a high chance that they’ll get mixed up when creating the animations, so we asked him to make them look somewhat different, and that’s why he’s like, showing only one sock, using different gloves, and so on.
M: Exactly. And it just happens that I was wearing striped socks that day (LOL). If I think about it now it’s quite embarrassing (LOL).
K: He’s also changing outfits a few times, and this is because from time to time we would like, retake the sequence, or ask him to skate again a part we didn’t have enough material for, and such.
M: This outfit [tn: the white shirt] was used to check how to depict the fabric fluttering because of the wind.
K: Though it was just in the beginning, right? (LOL.) But yeah, Victor’s skating in episode 1 is really, you know, the animated scene was really amazing, but actually “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite” is also the first program that was choreographed.
M: Yes. At the time there wasn’t a clear image for it, but I received lots of input from sensei, so…
K: Yeah, we requested the choreography when the story wasn’t completely decided yet, and I was kind of worried that we had made Kenji-sensei uneasy, but he came up with such nice steps.
M: Well, indeed, I did make it so that you could get level 4. In the program I used deep edges, choctaw, bracket, rocker, counter and all kinds of steps, so if you use it in a tournament you might actually get a good score. I mean, you will get a good score.
K: You do?
M: Yes.
K: See, we can feel at ease because we know that Kenji-sensei will think about all these things too when he creates the choreographies… Ah, this is my camera (LOL). [tn: when Miyamoto looks like he’s skating toward the screen]
M: This is when Kubo-sensei asked me to bring out a man’s sex appeal…
K: Yes, that’s right… (LOL)
M: That was really embarrassing (LOL).
K: I was gripping the camera and going “haaaaah” inside (LOL).
M: I see (LOL).
K: But I think that anyone who watches the final footage that was created for the broadcast will understand right away that Victor is a great skater, I mean, we could get a convincing sequence that conveys that. Thank you very much, Kenji-sensei.
M: Well, I’m not Victor, so it was really hard to skate that (LOL).
K: (LOL). Ok, so this was Victor Nikiforov’s free skating, “Aria (Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite)”.

K: Ok, next up is Yuuri Katsuki’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Eros~”. Regarding this short program, in the anime it’s said that he’s skating it picturing a katsudon, but actually that’s something I added afterwards, so I never told anything about katsudon to Kenji-sensei when we requested the choreography. How did you create it?
M: I created it expressing the passionate feelings that a person straightforwardly directs to the thing they like.
K: Since it’s eros it’s about sex appeal, so we wanted athlete Katsuki to skate it with plenty of sex appeal. When we were creating the image, you know, I believe there are many child skaters who use sexy choreographies, and I heard that when Kenji-sensei teaches children how to perform the choreographies he tells them to imagine having honey on their hands and such, so I thought, “oh, it’s possible to compare it to food”, and that’s how I came up with katsudon.
M: I see (LOL). It happens pretty often that I teach athletes using expressions such as “like when soft ice cream melts”.
K: As a result, I received quite a lot of comments like “what a naughty katsudon”, so I was really happy to have done it, even though the impression might change at some point. Also, I think you have already noticed from the footage, but here we are shooting the sequence without using the full rink. I think it takes a lot of stamina to skate this using the full size of the rink, doesn’t it?
M: Yes, normally it would take about 3-4 strokes to reach top speed, but here I’m using 1-2 strokes, so if you were to do the same using the full rink I think it would require lots of power and skating skills (LOL).
K: But really, I mean, since we have recorded this footage as a bonus, I really would like some people to try and actually skate it in real life (LOL).
M: That’s right (LOL). I also would like to ask my students to try their hands at it (LOL).
K: (LOL). But yeah, this Kenji-sensei… The footage is made by putting together parts recorded at the Edogawa rink and at the Chiba rink, but isn’t your body shape a little different from part to part? You look like you’re getting a lot thinner… Is it fatigue?
M: No well, that’s because here you were saying, what was that…
K: “Do your best Kenji”? (LOL)
M: You said “do your best Kenji” and so I was doing my best moving around as much as I could (LOL).
K: Thank you (LOL). Ok, this was nice. Thank you. So, this was Yuuri Katsuki’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Eros~”. Thank you, Kenji-sensei.
M: Thank you.
K&M: See you~.
K: I’m waving my hands (LOL).
M: Waving them a lot (LOL).

Just a final note in case you’re wondering: Yes I am planning to translate all contents of future volumes (from 2 to 6) as well. I’ll be very very happy if at least a few people decide to buy the discs thanks to the translations.


Here’s to the book that started it all. The book that changed my life forever. To the story that shaped me into the person I am today. To the place that always feels like home. Thank you Harry, for everything.