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RFA reacting to an MC with really interesting moles/beauty marks? like maybe one set of moles is in a triangle and she likes to make jokes about how the thug lyfe chose her lmao. just moles in interesting patterns

Ooh! I love this. This is cute. Aww~

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[ Admin Jiyeon ] [ Female MC ]
it’s female because the person who had asked specified a gender.

RFA reacts to an MC who has beauty marks


  • “Gurl omg you look so pretty and so beautiful omg dont hide those beauty marks. they’re called beauty for a reason”
  • Honesty hands down, he;d love it, even her lame ass jokes
  • “See this mole? Its my sign of thug lyfe.” MC patted her shoulders and Zen just burst out laughing
  • “You’re so cute, MC dont ever change!” he cheered
  • he would love having selfies with her when her mole is showing because yas boi he really loves it
  • if Mc would feel insecure, he’d make his own fake beauty mark
  • “See?! We’re twinning! We look so adorbs together omg!”
  • selfies
  • lots of them
  • he loves the jokes too even if its weird
  • “hahaha!! yeah..!”


  • This baby would also love it, because he thinks she’s beautiful in her own way and that’s with her mole too.
  • he would grin everyday, thankful that MC was so beautifully breathtaking with her own unique way
  • he would show it off to the RFA of course
  • it made him differentiate MC and Rika better now
  • “Thug life chose me, yoosung and not you.”
  • He loves (laughs) at your jokes! They’re literally hilarious meaning, he chose a girl who is beautiful and funny
  • but all in all, I really dont think he would find it weird and he’ll just fall for you all over again
  • “I really love you MC.”


  • baeehee would really dig it
  • you know because even if she’s met a lot of ladies with these moles, they would always hide it but when MC did not and just showed it off proudly, damn did she like the confidence
  • All she cares about is that you look beautiful and confident with your beautiful beauty mark
  • its very attractive for her and of course, somewhat like Zen, she’ll subtly show off your good looks
  • And for the jokes, she would tolerate it but would look at you with a death glare
  • “MC.. dont you dare tell one more joke I swear.”
  • and she raged, throwing a random thing at you to shut up


  • he’s literally like a cheerleader just havin ur back
  • “He insulted your mark? He’s fired.”
  • “He didnt like it? Well, I’m not going to sign our partnership then.”
  • “Jumin you didnt have to”
  • “what do u mean”
  • he would literally make you the face of the C&R along with Elizabeth 3rd
  • “No no no if her mole is not seen, then at least half seen. We need it.”
  • “You’re very beautiful MC, screw what other people say.”
  • “where did you even learn the word ‘screw’?”
  • For your jokes, he wouldn’t really get it because he’s Jumin Han
  • “The thug lyfe chose me and not you, Juju.”
  • “What.”

707/Saeyoung Choi:

  • zooms in your face and grins
  • wow i made him sound like a stalker im sorry
  • saeyoung would be the one who would also take a few selfies with you but he really wont mind if the mole is in or not because either way, you’re still beautiful in his eyes actually
  • if you’d be insecure, he’d shower you in compliments and memes about your moles honestly
  • for the jokes
  • let’s just say
  • there would be a day where Saeran runs away from home because he’s sick of all the mole jokes

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Okay pleaseeee post a list of skincare products and makeup products that you use because im stunned omg your skin looks so pretty, and you're so beautiful omg 💘

can you believe ive waited my entire life for someone to ask me this question wleijfjfe

ok i have a very long skin care routine are you ready

((( my skin type is very oily so its heavily focused on cleansing and acne control bc i had a lot of acne in the past so if you have a dry skin type this might not be fit for you))))

((( also i try to use exclusively organic/cruelty free brands )))

  • first i wash my face twice with acure’s cleansing gel
  • then like every 2-3 days i exfoliate with mario badescu’s almond and honey exfoliator ((( always exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells it’ll help even out your skintone a lot and also make your skin smoother)))
  • and depending on the day/how much time i have ill use a face mask ((i usually use one of those korean sheet masks bc i have 193984 of them)))
  • also sometimes i use manuka honey as a face mask bc it really helps with redness and acne
  • i tone using mario badescu’s cucumber cleanser ((this really helps with cleansing and disinfecting your skin so it really helps with acne))
  • i also use glossier’s super pure serum to help with my acne
  • then i spray andalou naturals’ vitamin c illuminating toner ((vitamin c really helps with dark spots and evening out skintone so if you have a lot of acne scars itll help with that))
  • i then have like 4 acne spot treatments that i rotate through bc i hate my acne so much and its been a problem forever –> i use mario badescu’s acne serum, nature republics bee venom spot treatment, acure’s spot treatment, and also when i have a really bad pimple i use a clean and clear one
  • i use rosehip oil on my cheeks and temples just to keep them smooth ((rosehip is really good for problem areas so it keeps the area hydrated and it also helps with acne spots))
  • then i go in with a moisturizer ((any works fine really i use andalou naturals’ brightening cream and also for the day i use mario badescu’s oil control cream bc i have so much oil laweijefij))
  • for the night i use a mario bedescu drying cream for my pimples
  • and for the day i put on a 50 spf sunscreen ((anything about 25 spf works pretty much)) which is super important bc sun exposure makes darkspots even darker :((

i also recently bought murad’s post-acne lightening gel ((i think its called that)) and its supposed to really help remove acne scars ((which i have soooo much of you just cant see it in the pics bc of lighting tbh)) but ive only had it for like 2 days so idk about results yet

also some other tips to maintain clear skin:

  • sleep (relatively) early so like before 12
  • drink lots of water
  • dont wear a lot of heavy make up ((honestly i never wear foundation or concealer or bb cream bc im lazy but also it lets your skin breathe))

the world needs more Miles screencaps so here’s a compilation of some scenes which don’t get capped enough!!!

I really dislike kpop fans who tell Asians that they look Korean as a way of saying someone is pretty??? Like wtf just tell them they are pretty. “Omg you are so pretty, you look totally Korean I wouldn’t even know that you where Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai” …. yeah because other Asians can’t be pretty??? It’s a really weird and kinda makes it seem like looking Korean is the only way to be pretty. There’s a lot of ugly and average looking Korean people just like any other country in the world. I have the same problem with “you don’t look black/you look mixed” “You are lucky you don’t look like Y Z X Asians” as a compliment it insinuates that being black/other kind of asian is ugly and therefore it’s good you don’t look like that. I have especially seen this with white kpop fans (not exclusively) it’s extremely rude and condescending even if you don’t mean it that way.


He goes from Angelic Princess to Sass Demon in 3 panels flat…

A present for my Absolute Best Ever Friend™, @laumatsu !(*˙︶˙*)☆*° Ily Lau!! Happy Birthday!!!!!! <<33

Bonus Devil wallpaper:

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This is so late now, but a cute AU art thingie for @ginrou. I totally meant to draw something sooner, but I lost track of time and I also have a shit memory D: I wasn’t sure if I was gonna include their Pokemon or not. Maybe next time! I had fun drawing this and it makes me want to doodles some things for my version~ Anywaaay..Happy Super Belated Birthday XDD;