you look sensational

Your smile faded as a nuclear bomb exploded inside you.

“Is that true? You and Jai Courtney are just friends.” The reporter asked as she pushed the microphone in your face. Your smile returned strained. You could feel your cheeks quiver from trying to keep the smile on your face.

“Yes….we are just friends.” You confirmed as your heart fell to your feet. Your boyfriend of the past five months had just denied your relationship in front of millions of people on live television.

“Well you could have fooled us. You two look sensational together.”

“Thank you.” Jai said into the microphone before putting his hand on the small of your back, gently pushing as a signal to move on.  How could he do this to you? You started to tremble a little as the next reporter stopped you and Jai. Please don’t ask if we are a couple. You prayed to yourself, as you knew you could not go through the humiliation again. You forced yourself to look up at Jai adoringly as the reporter quickly interviewed him. He was stunning in his tailored made tuxedo by a designer whose name you could not pronounce.  He was clean-shaven for a new role he just started a few days ago and even though you loved his beard, you loved him clean-shaven as well. Either look suited his handsome face but it was nice to have a break from the sometimes itchiness of his beard especially between your legs.  You sighed with relief, as the reporter did not ask who you were and Jai ushered you to the next interview. Your relief was short lived as the next few reporters asked who you were and Jai continued to state that you were his friend.

About the time, you two took your seats at the 88thannual Academy Awards you were radiating with anger and to add insult to injury Jai seem to not even notice the change in your emotions. Half way through the ceremony, you could not take it anymore and decided you needed to get away from him.

“I’m going to the restroom.” You told him during a commercial break as other guest and celebrities got up to mingle.

As you walked up the aisle to the exit, you pulled out your phone and tapped the Uber app. You needed to get home you could not hold back the tears that were threatening to spill down your face any longer.  You rushed outside before the tears could fall and your makeup would be ruined at the Oscars.

“Where you heading beautiful?” a voice called to you. You looked in the direction of the voice and smiled when you saw Jared Leto standing a few feet away smoking a cigarette.  You thought he had quit. Seeing your questionable look at his cigarette he told you nights like tonight made him nervous.

“I only smoke one.” He said dropping the cigarette to the ground and stubbing it out with his shoe. “You not staying to see if your man wins best supporting actor?”

“According to him we are just friends. That is what he told every media outlet who asked who I was tonight.” You frowned a little trying not to show Jared how much you were hurt.

“Well he is a fool.”  Jared pulled you into a tight hug. “Don’t let it upset you too much. Sometimes pretending to be single is part of the business. Just know you go home to him every night.”

“Thanks Jared.” You gave him a small smile as you pulled from his embrace. “I’m going to head home. If you see him let him know I went home.”

“Alright. I better get back in.” Jared said as he heard the orchestra start up signally they were returning live.

You bypassed all the fans and photographers and walked a few blocks to meet your Uber ride. You were half way home when your text alert sound. You pulled your phone out your purse and looked at Jai’s text. He just now was texting you after twenty minutes. Your blood started to boil.

Where are you? His text read.

On my way home. You quickly replied. You saw that he had read your text but it took a full five minutes for him to reply.

Home? Are you sick? Why didn’t you tell me?

You rolled your eyes at his ignorance. You debated whether to even respond and after a few moments decided not to.

You sighed as you kicked off your heels once you got home. It was actually Jai’s home but you semi-officially moved in a month ago. Turning on the TV to the awards show you started to undress just as your phone started to ring. It was Jai. You hit the ignore button and continued to undress.  Face washed of all makeup, hair pulled into a bun and in your comfy lounge pants and tank top you sat on the couch with a big goblet of red wine to finish watching the show.  At each commercial break Jai blew up your phone with texts and calls and you continued to ignore all his calls and texts. You had a good buzz going when the announcement for Best Supporting Actor was announced and you smiled at how handsome Jai looked when the camera zoomed in on him. He was announced as the winner and despite how pissed you were at him at the moment you stood up and did a happy dance. You knew he deserved the Oscar as he worked really hard on the role. You sat back down as he gave his speech. He thanked his colleagues, the director, his family and finally said “Lastly I want to thank the person who has been by my side since the beginning of this project and has been there through the ups and downs. I want her to know I appreciate her and I don’t know what my life would be like if she were not by my side.” Jai smiled his handsome smile into the camera and the music started to signal the end of his time on stage.

Was that part supposed to be about you? That could have been about anyone. His assistant, his lawyer…hell even his housekeeper. 

“Fuck you Jai!” you yelled at the TV screen wanting to hurl your half full wine glass at the TV but that would be alcohol abuse.  You slouched into the couch and guzzled the rest of your wine.

“Fuck you Jai.” You said again before grabbing the remote and cutting off the TV.