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Hello!! I love your writing so far, and I wish you luck with your new blog! :) do you mind writing about nic as a father? Thank you so much!

I’VE BEEN WANTING TO WRITE THIS FOR SO LONG. Ever since I got this ask, no joke, I’ve been wanting to go straight for this one, but I knew if I didn’t work through the others, I’d just lose it and go crazy with this one. So some notes!!! First of all, I couldn’t decide what age I wanted to write Nic’s kids. Second, I think Nicolas has genetically inhereted deafness. I think his mother probably was deaf or hearing impaired. Compounded with the Celebrer, which I think really magnifies specific genetic stuff, I think if he has a kid, they will also be deaf/hearing impaired. I did a little bit of research, and the website I ended up trusting was this one. So I believe it’ll be a case of Autosomal Dominant Inheritance, but I’m not versed in medicine at all, so that’s probably wrong. (I suck.) If this is an offensive website, or I have done/written anything wrong, please let me know! I want to be as respectful as possible to the Deaf community. You guys are the real mvps. And you’re super cute. Anyways, here you go!! Also, I gave him a son, because reasons. ^( ’-’ )^ I’m not big into kids, so yeah.

Nicolas could feel two things. His heart thudding in his chest…, and the wriggling body he was holding. It was so soft and sweet, bundled loosely in the fleecy blanket. 

He chuckled when they sneezed. It was so cute. They looked so surprised. Every experience was a new experience. It was all new. All of it. And it was so precious.

He pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and tried his hardest to be careful with their tiny nose. Sometimes having big hands didn’t pay off.

He adjusted the blanket so their vision wasn’t obstructed. What a little miracle. He never thought he’d see twenty, so this was definitely an experience. Never in his life did he think he would be sitting on the front step of Theo’s clinic with a child. 

His child. His baby. 

Nicolas felt a thump and looked up to see Theo leaning against the door frame, looking worn out as usual. “Just you and the sprout today?”

Nic nodded. He didn’t need to explain. Things were hectic now.

He moved over to let Theo sit. 

The doctor put his hand on Nic’s shoulder, leaning against him to peer down at the infant. They smiled, squirming even more. Theo reached down to place one finger in the child’s hand. 

They sat like that for a while – two grown men grinning like idiots at a beautiful little baby.

Nicolas had completely lost track of time. He could do this all day. Well, he did, now, for the most part. He tore his gaze away from his son at Theo’s gentle tap on his shoulder.

Nic focused. Today wasn’t just a regular check up with the doctor. Today Theo had tested his baby’s hearing. He knew there was a strong possibility his child would be born partially or completely deaf, regardless of his partner, so he had already accepted whatever results Theo had.

“Well, he is deaf. Complete hearing loss, although it’s difficult to tell in children this young. Not to mention, I’m not exactly running a state of the art clinic. There is something I could do, though. I know I’ve mentioned it to you before, but a cochlear implant is still an option. For both of you, if you wanted.”

He waited just to be sure that Theo was done before looking back at the baby he had cradled against his chest. Nicolas couldn’t help but smile. His son, almost lost in the plush fluff, looking up at him, blinking and reaching for tags just barely out of his reach. His own tags were wrapped up in the blanket around him. Nicolas checked again to make sure they were close enough to his skin to pick up his heart beat. He had never worried too much about keeping his tags close, but his son wasn’t going to be a stray. He didn’t want to admit that he had become a bit obsessive about it.

He cursed that either of them had to wear the damn things.

His thoughts wandered back to Theo’s blank expression. 

Deaf, too, huh?

Theo had told him this was a possibility – years ago now, when he was convinced he would never meet anyone. When he and Worick ran the streets in their twenties, two hellions wrecking Ergastulum without regard for life or limb or Chad’s blood pressure. 

Nicolas turned to study Theo, who was regarding him with a contemplative look. 

“I don think tha’s necssary,” he growled out. “It’s his decsion. If he ants to do’t, he can.” 

Theo didn’t respond beyond one raised eyebrow and a shrug. He watched as the doctor yawned and propped his head up on his hand. 

Nicolas looked back to his son, wondering what life would be like in the coming months. He drew his legs together and laid the tiny boy down, his feet kicking Nic’s stomach.

Nicolas smiled at the little face all scrunched up, probably giggling. 

I’ve never talked to you like this before, but I’m your…

He paused in his signing, feeling a little shaky.

I’m your father. You’re a lot like me, and that’s fine. I’m going to teach you everything I know. 

I love you.