you look more like your lovechild

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR POST OMG !! I've been looking for something like this for years,I'm a cs too (and I don't believe Lauren for a sec lol), I don't get why there aren't more demena shippers :( if you have no more blogs or theories I'd love to check them out AND YES I SAW THAT THEORY ABOUT CAMILA BEING THEIR LOVECHILD 😂 Btw have you noticed that Lauren is more similar to demi and she's c Freind with her and camila's more like Selena and she's freind with her 👀👀👀

You’re welcome, I apologize for it being ridiculously long lol. 

I think there use to be a lot of Demena shippers back in 2010 & 11 but then Sel & Demi faded (and never addressed any rumors). See if Lauren would take a page out of their book, Camren would blow over a lot quicker than it is   😂 😂

I actually did notice the similarities between Camila/Selena & Lauren/Demi. I refer to Demi & Lauren as my emotionally charged, bisexual, problematic studs lol. There’s so many similarities between Lauren & a younger Demi that it frightens me. Meanwhile Camila & Selena tend to not act aggressively, not engage in any drama (Sel’s had her moments this past year but she’s going through shit) & usually maintain generally positive & uplifting attitudes, while taking a much more feminine approach to their wardrobe.


Next batch of palette swap weirdness. Why do Kinosaki’s colors look so good on everyone? The usual bonus below, eyes of a dead fish indeed.

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