you look more like your lovechild

  • JIDA soldier: Like, we are not implying anything weird, but aren't you a little too young to... Have a kid his age? Is that really yours?
  • Yuu: *nervous sweating*
  • Yuu: Erm, well, you see...
  • Michael: T-that's right! He's my Papa!
  • Yuu: Michael, wait... A min!!
  • Michael: Look, we h-have the same eyes! Proof!
  • Yuu: (Michael...! You know this is... Supposed to be top secret!!)
  • Michael: Oh... S-sorry Father...
  • Michael: G-go to sleep and when they wake up, t-they will kill t-themselves!
  • Yuu: MICHAEL NO!! You can't hypnotize people into KILLING themselves, stop that right now!!
  • Michael: B-but... That's what Nii-san told me t-to do if something like t-this ever happened...
  • Yuu: Okay, but your brother is god damn EVIL, understand!? When it comes to these things, listen to ME, not HIM!
  • Yuu: Just, umm, tell them to forget everything that happened the past 15 min instead.
  • Michael: O-okay! That s-sounds smarter!
  • Guren: I forgot he could do that. Pretty sweet skill.
  • Yuu: *picks up phone*
  • Yuu: Bae, I need you to pick up Michael and take him home.
  • Mika: < Yuu-chan, I am busy. Walk him home yourself. >
  • Yuu: Bae, you are not tricking anyone. I know you are looking at me right now.
  • Yuu: Just come and get him before they all wake up!
  • Mika:
  • Mika: Fine.
  • Yuu: OH MY F--!! Don't sneak up up like that!!
  • Mika: What are you talking about, I walked normally... -_-
  • Guren: Oi, Mi-chan, my son in law.~
  • Mika:
  • Mika: ...GUREN.

Next batch of palette swap weirdness. Why do Kinosaki’s colors look so good on everyone? The usual bonus below, eyes of a dead fish indeed.

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sarah-nghaee  asked:

Hi, do you know how a sniper works?

The best phrase I’ve seen to sum it up comes from a Cracked article on weapon myths; they called it “weaponized math.” Though, “weaponized physics” would be slightly more accurate.

It’s about knowing the variables, and being able to predict where the bullet will land, rather than lining up the cross hairs with someone’s head in a scope.

Bullets are physical objects. Things like gravity and wind affect them. At short ranges this isn’t really an issue, but at long ranges physics start to apply in ways you’re used to seeing, but don’t usually associate with firearms.

With gravity, bullets drop at the same rate as any other object. There’s a fun little demonstration where a bullet fired in parallel to the ground will hit the ground (from drop) at the same time as one simultaneously dropped from your hand (at the same height as the gun). The round that’s being fired has a much higher velocity, but gravity affects them both equally.

This isn’t much of an issue if you’re firing at something 50 feet away, but it’s a huge problem if your bullet’s going to spend the next 5 seconds in the air.

For very long range sniping, this is why identifying things like wind direction and speed, distance to target, and even elevation are so important to long range sniping. Getting and relaying that information to the sniper is the spotter’s job, and part of why they’re a team. One is tweaking their aim for the conditions, but in order to avoid losing their work, or needing to keep it all in their head, they have someone else feeding the information to them while they work.

The second part of this is getting close enough to get the shot. This varies based on where the sniper’s target is. In urban environments, this is more about getting a line of sight, with a lot of the extreme long range considerations becoming secondary. After all, if you can take the shot from a nearby building and get out before any perimeter is set up, you can potentially be less than a block away. At these ranges, your sniper might even opt for weapons that don’t quite match the normal definition of a sniper rifle, like a scoped battle rifle on semi-auto.

In wilderness environments, this usually means camouflage, called ghillie suits. These are the suits that look like the unholy lovechild of a Tom Clancy fetishist and Swamp Thing. When properly matched to their environment and used these are incredibly hard to see in the field. It’s the real world example of the “there are five ninjas in this picture” meme. One of the biggest rookie mistakes with these is, apparently, “tree tumors,” where the sniper will try to disguise themselves against the base of a tree resulting in a weird lump that draws attention to the suit.

Rifles designed to break down so they can fit in a custom attache case do exist. I don’t know much about them beyond that, and have no first hand time with any. Based on my experience with the Kel-Tec Sub-2000, I’d expect these to be exceedingly unforgiving of mishandling of any kind. But, if your character only needs a single shot and is going to toss the gun after anyway, then that’s not as much of a problem. I also suspect you’re paying for the format with some of the accuracy of a preassembled platform, but, again, at the ranges your character would be using them, that shouldn’t be a serious issue.

Anti-Material Rifles are the exact opposite end of the spectrum. These are very heavy scoped rifles that fire rounds in the 12mm to 13mm range. This includes the Barrett .50. Video games and some films like to present these as a kind of ultimate high power rifle. And, they do have an effective range of over a mile. (1.8km if you’re curious.) But, these are actually intended for use against vehicles. This is a rifle designed to kill trucks, not people. Shooting a person with one is just extreme overkill. Shooting a ten foot tall mutated Jackson’s Chameleon in the post-apocalyptic Mojave… that’s probably legitimate.


anonymous asked:

I love your drawing so much omg senpai is so kewl! Anyway, what do you think aoki lovechild would look like? Is it a girl or a boy? (Or maybe both? :333)

Hi Anon!! Here are the AoKise love-children:

The one on the left is Aomine-Kise Ki, and the one on the right is Aomine-Kise Yuu. This is when they’re both about 7-8 years old; you can find more information on Ki and Yuu when they’re teenagers under the [YuuKi] tab~

anonymous asked:

Shoot, I submitted the ask before I got to add this: it's incredible how you're able blend attributes from both Korra and Asami in the sato baby/babies. Like a lovechild generator but in your specific art style. Girl!Sato looks more like Korra but has Asami's softer smile, while Boy!Sato looks like Asami with Korra's grin. You're so talented! :D

haha thanks anon! I was just playing around with features but all in all this is just the age old artist trick of adding small notable feature of the on the same face model. I actually thought Girl!Sato is too much like Asami and Boy!Sato too much like Male!Korra I drew a while back (with Asami’s eyes). I am glad you see them differently.