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BTS Reaction To You Praising Their Tan Skin

Anon asked: Since the bbmas happened and bts whitewashed their last pic (and it made me really sad) I was wondering if you could do a reaction where you constantly praise their beautiful tan skin   

!!!!!!! absolutelyyy the boys need support. Their tan skin looks absolutely beautiful I hate that they feel bad for it D: In this post I really tried to find gifs that showed of more of their natural skin. It was actually harder than I expected, but like the search system for gifs isn’t that great in the first place. Anyway, enjoy! -Spice

Rap Monster:

It’d immediately brighten his day when you complemented him on his skin tone. Your complement would also make Namjoon realize that he shouldn’t feel ashamed of his natural skin at all, and that you would love him no matter what.

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In his brief moment of self consciousness, Seokjin would be happy when you reassured him about his skin. He would realize that he could count on you to bring him back around to his confident self any time he needed it, and would love you for it.

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He’d never vocalize his self doubts about the beauty of his skin, but you could tell in the way he would avoid going out in the sun for an extended length of time. When you out of the blue praised his tan skin, Yoongi would get a little embarrassed that you noticed his self consciousness, but would be happy for the reassurance.

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Hoseok just made a simple remark about how he wished he wasn’t getting so tan; he didn’t expect for you to explode half in anger and half in love, ranting about how his skin was absolutely beautiful. He’d interrupt you mid rant and just hug you, words not being enough to express how much he appreciated you.

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Like Hoseok, Taehyung wouldn’t expect you to immediately defend and praise his tan skin. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling as you did so, and would say, “Thank you Jagi, your skin is beautiful too!”

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Having struggled with self confidence issues in the past, Jimin would feel overjoyed to hear you say that you loved his tanned skin. It wouldn’t make him feel 100% confident immediately, but having your love and support would make him feel so much better.

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Jungkook would probably try to act confident, but it wasn’t hard to see that he was using more sunscreen and going out less than usual. When you told him you thought his tan skin was beautiful, he’d smile shyly but still pretend he didn’t know why you were complementing his skin.

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Sam's heaven

(A/N): So I really miss writing supernatural and I had just watched the dark side of the moon and I wanted to write a lil something about it 

Summary: Sam and Dean are trapped in heaven, forced to relive their memories but what they both see is not what they expected 

 Warnings: angst? Swearing, that’s it :) 

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   Dean and Sam were trapped in heaven; no big deal, they just had to avoid any and all angels, traverse through their best moments, and make it back home. That wasn’t too hard, was it?

    Dean’s memories had all been of family, of a time much happier than the one now. Even Sam couldn’t help the small smile that remained on his face as he watched Dean interact with people from his past; Like their own mother Watching Dean with his mom pulled at Sam’s heart strings; he wondered if they had lived a normal life if maybe he would’ve been dressed up in small flannel and horrendously ugly t-shirts, maybe he’d have had the crusts cut off of his pb&j, maybe he would have actually had a nice, functioning family. But that’s not the way it played out and he was stupid to hope for such a thing anyways. 

   Everything had been smooth until they reached sam’s memories; his best moments. There was one with his dog, only weeks after he left John and Dean, there was another on thanksgiving with a family that had been much kinder to him than his own, but the ones that really stuck with him were the ones with (Y/N). They had been his significant other since the day he left John, not really, but that was the day he met them. He’d gone to a diner, plopped down and ordered himself the most expensive burger he could, he deserved to celebrate after all. 

    “Looks like something’s got Mr. Sasquatch down,” His waiter- (Y/N)- smiled at him softly. “You okay?” Sam’s nose crinkled a bit as he looked at the menu. Did they- had they just asked if he was okay? No one ever cared enough about him to ask if he was okay. This person had even noticed that he wasn’t feeling okay and they asked him about it.

    “Uh yeah- just a bit of a hard day really,” (Y/N) smiled as they set their little notepad down, instead taking a seat right across from Sam. 

   "Wanna tell me about it? I’ll even buy your food for you,“ No one had ever been that kind to Sam, no one but (Y/N). It felt nice to finally have someone care, even if it was just a stranger. So that day Sam poured his heart and soul into his conversation with (Y/N), telling them all about his shitty childhood, about his father, about dean. For hours he talked with them and during some point the conversation had drifted from his past to other things, things like law school, art, nature, even animals. Not once in his life had Sam felt so comfortable around someone, (Y/N) was different like that and Sam absolutely loved it. But for now that wasn’t the memory he was reliving, in fact, it was a memory from months after they first met. 

    "Who the hell is that?” Dean whispered as he watched the memory unfold. 

   It dark outside, but the stars above seemed to illuminate everything splendidly. It was a large field, much like the one from Dean’s memory and in the middle of it was (Y/N). Sam’s throat choked up a bit as he looked at them, at their curious eyes, and beautiful smile. 

   "Sam, the hell is this?“ But Sam wasn’t listening, he was too focused on (Y/N). "Sam- Sammy, the hell are you doing?” Dean whispered as Sam walked forward, completely ignoring his brother. He was almost dazed really to see (Y/N) after all this time, even if it was just his own memory. 

   "Sorry I’m late,“ Sam breathes out as he sits down beside (Y/N), still in awe over how beautiful they looked. "I got lost on the way here,” (Y/N) smiled and laughed softly, their nose crinkling in a way that had his heart aching. 

   "It’s okay, you’re actually right on time,“ (Y/N) pointed to the sky, directing Sam’s gaze upwards. Above them millions of stars shined brightly, creating a sight too beautiful for words.

    It was their annual date night (every Friday to be exact) but rather than stay inside and watch some shitty tv shows (as per they usually did. They were poor college students after all) (Y/N) had hauled Sam along to watch the stars; They had always been a bit of an astronomy geek so they were more than excited to show Sam the starry sky.

    "Isn’t it beautiful?” (Y/N) asked softly as they looked to the sky in awe, their eyes twinkling so brightly that Sam wanted to cry. 

   "Yeah,“ Sam nodded as he stared at them. "It sure is," 

    "Who the hell was that?” Dean asked as they traveled along, coming to Sam’s next memory. 

   "I dated them in college,“ Sam Shrugs a bit. "Just a fling really," 

   "That sure as hell didn’t look like a fling,” Dean scrutinized as he glared at Sam, eyes narrowed and lips pursed. “We’re you in love?" 

   "Dean-” Sam sighed as he smiled just a bit. “I’m telling you, it was nothing," 

   "Uh huh,” Dean clicked his tongue as they walked along. “I’m sure," 

  "I promise you, it was nothing-" 

   "Sam!” Sam was interrupted by yet another memory and by no surprise it was another one involving (Y/N). 

   They pounced upon him like cat, pulling him into a nearly bonecrushing hug. 

   "I was so worried, where have you been?“ Sam had gone away for a day or two, just for a little getaway from Stamford. He hadn’t told anyone where he was going and he stupidly left his phone at home. He wouldn’t need to contact anyone, he knew how to fend for himself after all. It was such a peaceful trip that Sam honestly didn’t even think about the consequences that was until (Y/N) was cupping his cheeks and staring at him with tear filled eyes. 

   "I’m sorry (Y/N),” Sam whispers, his heart clenching as he stared at (Y/N). Even after all these years seeing their expression still hurt him, seeing their worried face and pained eyes still had the same reaction as it did years ago. “I was jus out on a trip, I didn’t think to tell anyone,”

    “You fucking idiot,” (Y/N) chides although their watery chuckled completely betrayed their words. “I was so fucking scared, I was damn near close to calling the police. God- fuck you you fucking prick.” Without any warning (Y/N) leaned in, connecting their lips to Sam’s. It was their first kiss and god it had been amazing. (Y/N)’s lips felt absolutely perfect against Sam’s and if he could he’d have let them linger there all day but there was something pulling him away, forcing their lips apart. 

   "I love you (Y/N),“ Sam spews, like word vomit that he simply could not control. "I love you so much,” It was the first time he’d ever admitted to loving someone. He hadn’t even ever told his father or brother that he directly loved them, (Y/N) was a first. Sam’s breath was shaky as he looked at (Y/N), his heart pounding wildly just as it had the day he said those three words to them for real.

    “I love you too Sammy,” (Y/N) sobbed happily as they threw their arms around his neck (or at least the best they could). “I love you so fucking much,” Sam sighed again as he wrapped his arms around their waist, tugging them impossibly closer to him. His scruffy face nuzzled into their neck and he couldn’t help it when his own soft little cry fell from his lips. God- he missed (Y/N) so much, more than anyone ever; he’d give anything to be back there, back in their arms, safe and happy, oblivious to the evil around him- 

    “Sam.” Sean’s voice is softer now than it was the first time. “Sam c'mon on, we gotta go,” Sam didnt want to leave, he couldn’t leave (Y/N) a second time but he knew he had to. So with the utmost reluctancy Sam let go, letting Dean drag him away from the best thing to ever happen to him. 

   Now they were walking down a lonely stretch of road, different from either one of their memories. The air felt heavy, depressed really, so much so that it was nearly impossible for Sam to breathe, or perhaps those were the tears building behind his eyes that were making functioning so hard. 

   "So what happened to them?“ Dean asks softly, his hands stuffed in his pockets. Sam sighs as he walks on, heart heavier than it had been in a long time.

    "After a run in with a ghost I decided that it was too dangerous, the whole together thing." 

   "So you left them?" 

   "Yep, left them heartbroken too.”

   "I’d imagine so, seems like you two were really close.“

    "Yeah,” Sam sighs as he looks behind him, back at his happiest memories, or at least where they used to be, for now it was just the same never ending stretch of road. 

   "So- did you really love them?“ Dean knew he was treading on thin ice but he was curious, mighty curious.

    "Yes,” Sam nods, looking down at the water covered asphalt to avoid looking at anything else. “More than anything in this world," 

    "Y'know…if we ever get out of here you should give them call, get some closure.” Sam chuckles dryly, a harsh sound that hurt his throat.

    “They probably hate me now or some shit.”

    “Never too late to try,” Dean smiled softly as he walked on, down the endless stretch of highway that only seemed to get longer as they walked. Yeah…maybe Sam would give them a call if he ever got out. That was his motivation now, a phone call to (Y/N) if he survived.

    Sam sighed as he picked up his phone, eyeing the small thing warily.

    “Come on man,” Dean said trough a mouth of food. “You promised yourself," 

   "Yeah, yeah,” Sam dials in their number, or the number they had previously used years ago. “I know,” He stared at the numbers hesitantly, his heart racing uncontrollably. This was it. If no one answered that would be it, that’s the last time he’d ever try to contact (Y/N). 

  So with a shaking hand Sam pressed call, waiting for some message stating that the number was now disconnected or something but to Sam’s surprise the thing actually began to ring. The number was still up and running, that meant either (Y/N) hadn’t ever changed their number or someone else was now using it. 

   Sam gulped as it continued to ring again and again and again, it was almost to the last ring when it suddenly stopped, meaning that someone had finally picked up.


    “Hi, uh (Y/N)? This is Sam Winchester-”

after 12.23

(yes, more angst. i love to suffer.)

He’s seeing him again. Everywhere. 

Back when he was fresh from Purgatory he couldn’t be sure that what he was seeing was even real, but he knows now that this is not. 

Well, except that it is, in a way. Shimmering blue light in the distance, not grace but something else entirely. Real as the far-off twinkle of the stars, beautiful and unreachable in all the same ways. He stares for a very long time into the burning center of wisping shapes, cold and familiar. The heavy expression fixed on the face is endlessly unnerving, like the eyes see right through Dean and into the fabric of the world behind him. Dean always ends up turning his eyes down in shame. Out of grief that he’ll never get to move past.

He bundles himself up in jackets like he had when he was young and just as scared and alone as he feels right now. Swimming in them because of all the weight he’s lost. Not on purpose, it just… happened that way. The joints in his hands stick and crack when he cleans his guns. He takes up smoking again just to get some warmth back in his chest.

We could make this go away, Sam tries to tell him. Dean won’t have it. The chill in his bones is a comfort, and he’ll fight to keep it even if it ends up freezing him from the inside out.

Them in the passenger seat again together. The Impala’s chassis doesn’t balance out the way that it does when there’s two people in there, leaning on the turns and squealing in the wheels, but he can still pretend. He hangs an elbow out the open window and taps his cigarette out onto the oil-slick asphalt. He keeps his eyes straight ahead when they pull up to a red light. He shivers and fights the urge to turn his head, stare into dead eyes.

Dean tried to talk, the first few times. But there’s just not enough of him left to dredge up an answer, Sam thinks, not even the affectionate syllable of a name. There’s not much they can do about that, but Dean loses sleep over it anyway.

It’s Dean’s curse to be haunted by what he wants and loves. Ghosts, sometimes, they’re not tied to things. They’re tied to the people that hold too tightly to them.

Cake- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so this turned out super cute and I really like it and seriously hope you guys do too! Ok so enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: I love you so much!!! Could you do one where you’re cooking with Andre and it’s just really cute and fluffy :)


              “Älskling will you help?”

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Revenge, Interrupted (Part 9)

[Ch 1] [Ch 2] [Ch 3] [Ch 4] [Ch 5] [Ch 6] [Ch 7] [Ch 8]

Caroline sat on the floor of her new room; back against the door, hands in her hair, clutching her head.


What on earth was wrong with her? She was ruining the plan. It was so incredibly simple: pretend to date, and have a messy pretend breakup to get back at their friends. Key word being pretend.

The butterflies and all were just a… biological response, nothing more. Seriously, wanting to kiss a hot guy who’s face was millimetres away from yours and who had amazing muscles and serious green eyes, was freaking natural.

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Peter accidentally is given love potion right in front of Tony and he's been acting super lovey all day only for Tony to find out it hadn't actually affected him he just wanted to have an excuse to love Tony. Weird Wednesday

VERY LATE. Hope you like it anyway! :>


“You should try this drink.” says the barkeeper and gives Peter a lovely pink cocktail. Peter grins.

“I like the color.” says Peter and shrugs. Tony next to him looks at the cocktail and shakes his head.

“I wouldn’t drink that.” says Tony. Its not his first time in a spacebar, but he knows a few drinks thanks to Rocket and Drax.

“Why not?” asks Peter. They were drinking colorful cocktails tonight, because Peter said he is only ever drink beer and nope. Thats not a good way to celebrate another victory.

“It’s a love potion.” answers Tony and grins. The pink cocktail even has a heart symbol in it. The woman behind the counter smiles and doesn’t take the drink away.

Tony hates her.

What if Peter drinks that and falls in love with her?

When Tony was in a spacebar for the first time Gamora had received such a drink from a stranger and…lets just say it didn’t end very well for the man.

Gamora told him then that the drink makes you fall in love with the person you first see after you finished the drink.

Tony shudders.

“Cheers!” says Peter and he still smiles. Tony wants to take his glass away, because he doesn’t need to see Peter flirting with that girl behind the counter, thank you.

But Peter is faster and downs the glass in one gulp. He has his eyes closed and then turns towards Tony.

He opens his eyes and Tony squawks.

“What are you doing?” whispers Tony and Peter smiles. His normally blue eyes are surrounded by a light pink ring. He still looks stunning.

“Hey there.” purrs Peter and he looks Tony up and down.

Tony hopes so bad that he isn’t blushing.

“Peter.” says Tony and he tries to stay calm. But Peter just smiles.

“I love how you say my name, doll.” says Peter now and Tony gets goosebumps. Wow that voice can go really deep.

“You don’t know what you are saying!” says Tony and he is sooo fucked. In the bad way.

“Well then what do you want me to say?” asks Peter and he takes Tonys hand in his and kisses his knuckles. Tony nearly swoons.

“Rocket!” squeaks Tony and a moment later Rocket shows up, with Groot on his shoulder.

“Whats up, Stark?” asks Rocket and then looks at Peter.

“He drunk a love potion.” says Tony and smiles sadly.

“Ah. I understand.” Rocket nods at that, jumps on the counter and then gives Peter a hard clap on the forehead.

“Are you out of your mind?” he hisses and looks around for other people who could have heard that.

“No i’m in love with Tony.”

Tony nearly dies. He squeaks again and Peter smiles just even more sweetly at him.

“Okay we are leaving. Drax? Take Gamora and Yondu.” yells Rocket and stands up again. Tony wants to go after him, but Peter stops him and tries to hold his hand.

“W-what are you doing?” stutters Tony and Peter even interlock their fingers. Tony blushes a deep red.

“Holding your hand.” replies Peter and he squeezes Tonys hand.

“P-please…” says Tony. stop that, he doesn’t say.

Ten minutes later they are at the milano again and Tony is still holding Peters hand.

“What are you doing?” asks Gamora and she smiles at them. Tony looks down.

“I’m courting Tony.” answers Peter finally and then shrugs. Tony says nothing.

“Oh then have fun.” says Gamora and with another wink in Tonys direction, she is gone. Drax just shrugs and follows her.

“This is not how i imagined you would come together, but whatever.” grins Rocket and with another wave, he yondu and Groot leave as well.

“Okay.” says Tony loudly at the now nearly empty room.

Okay.” he says again because what the fuck is his life.

“Well i think you are a lot more than just okay.” grins Peter and Tony facepalms.

Not okay.” he says and tries to be confident.

“Why?” Peter frowns and when Tony looks at him again and the pink in his eyes glints even more.

“Look i think we should just go to bed and…” starts Tony and holds his hand up to open his room. But Peter is faster and holds the door closed.

“Huh that fast hm?” he purrs into Tonys ear and Tony gasps quietly.

Peter is pressed against him and nuzzles his cheek. Maybe this is just a dream. Or Tony drank a poison, too and that killed him.

“T-that was not w-what i wanted to say.” stutters Tony when Peter puffs against his ear. Tony shudders.


“You are so beautiful.” whispers Peter and kisses Tonys cheekbone. Tony is jelly. Wobbly jelly. Peter holds him mostly up now.

“I’m in love with you.”

And then Peter kisses him on the mouth and Tony can’t help himself.

He slaps him.

Ow what the fuck!” says Peter and stumbles back. He had closed his eyes for a moment and holds his cheek. When he opens his eyes again there is no pink left.

“Goodnight.” says Tony shortly and this time Peter doesn’t stop him, when he opens his door.

When it closes behind him, Tony cant hold back those tears that flooded his eyes since he saw Peter drinking that love potion. He sobs quietly.

Well not really quietly it seems. Because half an hour later it knocks on his door.

“What?” whimpers Tony and holds his pillow against his chest.

It’s Peter.

“Hey i uhm… came here to apologize.” says Peter and Tony looks at his pillow. He feels so dumb for crying.

“ ’s okay.” says Tony and shrugs. Its not really, but he doesn’t want to tell Peter about his feelings. Peter sighs and climbs the ladder to Tonys bed up. He has a loft bed. Even with a slide.

Peter smiles sadly.

“Its not. Listen i didn’t want to make you feel this uncomfortable. I thought well… doesn’t matter what i thought. I think i read some signs very wrong and i’m sorry. Wait. That sounds like you did something wrong too, which you didn’t and…” Peter rambles and Tony sniffles.

“Peter. Stop.” he says and he is so tired.

“I’m sorry. Really.” says Peter again and he looks like he wants to touch Tony. But he doesn’t.

“Not your fault. Just the potion. You couldn’t know that you would play with my feelings.” says Tony and Peter opens his mouth.

He closes his mouth.

Then opens it again.

“Well no?” he says and Tony looks up. His eyes are so light with all those tears in it. Peter wishes he could paint that.

Not that he likes Tony seeing in pain…but you know.

“Maybe you don’t remember. Look we were at this spacebar and…” starts Tony and Peter shakes his head.

“Okay. Wait. Yeah i knew i drank that but… well do you know how it works?” asks Peter carefully and Tony nods.

“Yeah. You love the first person you see and …well you looked at me right after you drank it.” answers Tony and Peter holds his breath.

“Oh. Well thats not right.” says Peter and he smiles shyly. Its strange to see Peter this shy. He even blushes a bit.

“Gamora told me. I saw it.” says Tony and exhales loudly. He seems so stressed. Peter smiles sadly.

“Yeah well you are talking about the Knowhere love potion. That wasn’t what i drank.” says Peter calmly, even though his heart beats so loud.


“Hm. Well you see i drank the one from Asgard. And it has other effects.” says Peter and Tony wipes away his tears.

“What effects?” he asks and its Peter now who looks down.

“Okay so when you drink it…. you already need to be in love… otherwise it won’t work. So if you drink it you get finally the self-confidence you need to…ask your crush out.” rambles Peter and its silent after that.

Tony looks a bit shaken up, but then he sits on his knees and leans in Peter direction.

Peter smiles. Oh god finally. He closes his eyes and leans towards Tony and…

Promptly gets slapped again.

Ow!” he says. Well at least it was now his other cheek.

“You asshole! I thought this was just the potion but you…you love me!” says Tony and he grins so wide, that Peter forgets his pain for a moment.

And before he can do anything, Tony leans again towards him and this time he gets his kiss.

“You are such an idiot. But i love you anyway.” whispers Tony against his lips and Peter giggles into their kiss. Tony pretends to slap him again at that.

Peter shrugs and kisses him even deeper. His cheeks are hurting like hell. Tony is a strong man. But…

Worth it.

BTS reaction to them noticing you having heterochromia

Anon said:  HEY THERE!!!! can i have a bts reaction pls where they notice you have heterochromia? (difference in color in your eyes, but its not very visible at first. for example one green eye and one blue eye but the colors are close to each other) i hope its not too difficult 🤗 thank you!!

A/N: WHATS GOOD! I hopee you likee this and enjoy it! I TRIED REALLY HARD TO MAKE IT GOOD ^^

Jungkook: *stares at you eyes* “Wow” *gif*

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Jimin: *gif*

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Taehyung: “You are even more beautiful.” *gif*

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J-Hope: *gif*

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Suga: Since the moment he saw, he doesn’t stop looking at your eyes and just doesn’t believe how beautiful your eyes really are.

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Jin: *gif*

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headcannon for @finnreyfridays​​: Finn and Rey + climbing trees

Finn is terrified of heights. Not of flying in speeders or ships, but of leaving the ground without anything below him but branches and sky. Safety regulations exist for a reason, and he’s more than happy to follow them.

Rey, though, is a climber both by nature and profession. Long years of scaling star destroyers have prepared her for any tree or cliff in the world. And she’s curious about them all.

After the war, Finn and Rey return to Takodana with a group of volunteers to help Maz Kanata rebuild. It takes Rey approximately 3 minutes to find a climbable tree once they land, and she’s a hundred feet up by the time Finn turns around and realizes she’s gone.

“Finn!” she calls out merrily. “You have to see this. The view is great!” And it is. From the top of the tree, she can see more colors than she’d seen in her entire life before the war. Before Finn came to Jakku and pulled her by the hand into this glorious new world. 

Rey wants to share all this beauty with Finn, so she calls again, impatient this time. “Finn! Come see this!” 

Finn looks up and nearly faints at the sight of her so high off the ground. Rey realizes this belatedly, when Finn projects his wild panic at her through the Force.

Hey, it’s okay, she projects back, instantly.  I didn’t think - I didn’t mean to worry you. I’m safe up here, okay? We’re both safe now.

Finn projects back the Force-equivalent of a glare.

Rey looks around, trying to find words for the elation she feels this far from the ground. There are none. Instead, she embraces the sensations around her - wind teasing her hair, bark biting her palms, cold air fresh and harsh in her lungs - and combines them, along with the view, into a single wordless thought.

She pitches the thought toward Finn like a softball, and hopes that he’ll understand. She knows it worked when she feels his anxious thoughts go still.

That looks nice, he projects, and she feels him relax. I’m still not going up there, though.

She laughs, and he feels it, and she makes a mental note to ask Maz for some climbing harnesses for next time. Because the cliff they flew over on their way here is just begging to be climbed, and she’s spent too many years climbing alone.

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There are a couple of stories with Link getting turned Zora by a magic mask but what if: Link and Minami both buy/find masks? Link ends up a Zora and Minami gets turned Hylian? Sidon having to try and find out how to undo the magic (at least on Minami, Link looks so beautiful)

First answered prompt of the weekend and I turned it into waaaay more than a drabble woohoo!! 

What can I say? This was a fun one! 

Few quick notes though: in order to keep this one to a one shot length I didn’t quite answer this one exactly as you requested, so sorry XD I hope you still like it! 

I also definitely used this as an excuse to insert the second kid of the SidLink family lineup: Rho! Those of you who have read the fluff pieces that take place after Sidon’s Epic Pining Adventure probably have already noticed that I’ve made a lot of changes to some sequences of events as this story has evolved. So another slight change has occurred: I keep calling Rho “Rhonin” in my head and it seems super fitting for him so he still goes by Rho, it’s just now a nickname that’s short for Rhonin.

(Also this post of Mipha and tadpole!Sidon inspired the visual I have of Sidon using Mipha’s old champion sash as baby carrier~)

The version of Zora!Link that I’m using in this one (and any others that come up probably) was designed by the lovely @gaelfox. Go check it out! 

That should be it. Happy Request Weekend guys!! 

(the one shot is under a cut due to length)

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59 with svt Jeonghan please :)

59. “Don’t touch what’s not yours”

You had waltzed through the halls of the art exhibit hand-in-hand with your boyfriend, memorizing each pattern of every piece that littered the wall. He watched you in wonder, more than he looked at the paintings, it seems.

You had let his hand drop to his side as you let go of it, feeling as if you were in a trance as you walked over to the most beautiful piece of artwork that you had ever seen in your life.

He chuckled in amusement as you stood there like a kid in a candy store. The colors that flowed against the beautiful canvas warmed your heart, as it showed a picture of a lovely, beautiful sky and a beautiful town that laid beneath it.

Before you could even notice, your hand was reaching towards it, desperate to feel the emotion that the artist had put into the painting, but you were pulled out of your trance quickly.

Don’t touch what’s not yours,” Jeonghan whispered in your ear, looking around as the security looked at you both suspiciously, “you act like a kid sometimes, i swear. We should go now before they think that you stole paintings.”

Viviane x Kallias

Hey, guys! It’s been a while (so sorry i’m busy with college). Anyways, after reading acowar I was dying because I loved Viviane and Kallias so much. So here’s my attempt of writing a fanfic about them. This is just chapter one, please let me know if you have some thoughts about it or if you think I should write chapter two (I don’t know if i’m in the mood). Dedicated to my beautiful wife, mate and best friend @feyrearchsron  ♡

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Pretty in Pink

So, this is my giveaway fic for @kotyonoksnz! Yuuri and Viktor go to the cherry blossom festival and Yuuri has a Fun Time. I hope you like it, kit!!!


In theory, Yuuri thinks, the cherry blossom festival sounds like fun. The blossoms themselves are beautiful and he knows there are usually magic shows and music, two things he likes. In theory, he loves imagining Viktor’s shining eyes and soft smile, cherry blossom petals raining down on him. Pink suits him. Yuuri knows this.

But in practice Yuuri knows that he won’t survive the afternoon. So why is he trying to pretend? Well…

“Oh, Yuuri, look!”

(Viktor’s delight is like hypnosis.)

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I see your fingers walking on the silky table cloth, your eyes straining to see the corner view of my beauty.

Yes I see you biting hard on your soft lips while I try to read the French labeled appetizers and drink on the tap water they poured in their expensive glass.

The closer your fingers battle the flustered cloth to meet my resting arm the more the fine hairs on my arm start to rise, I feel the cool of your presence kiss the core of my soul and I look up to Meet your now focused eyes.

I’m locked in this moment captivated by the silly grin you release while grabbing my fingers and locking them tightly with yours.

Oh, you look to the door and I nod in agreement and we sprint like rabbits to our feet and leave it as the waiter comes to take our order.

We barely make it through the door a cold evening like tonight and we spring water like wells running down our faces and chest. I lean on the wall biting my lips, catching my breath taking a rest.

You press your skin next to mine and allow our lips to connect. We follow the beat of our hearts, dance within the limits of our bodies music intertwined innocently as one we love and live and laugh in bliss creating our own song.


The thing about how actresses “expire” so young in Hollywood is like have you SEEN women over 40??

So much more beautiful and awesome than men of a similar age, and yet we’re all conditioned to think that somehow men just get sexier as they age, while most women lose their looks and appeal after 40, and we just believe that’s true?

I’d say MOST of the biggest male “sex symbols” that come to mind are in their 50s and still kicking, but like Captain Marvel HAD to be a 30 year old and on and on ugg

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Can you do genji with a chubby s/o where she's looking at her stretch marks and love handles in the mirror feeling very insecure and genji confronts her with lots of fluff?

I am so sorry! This is so so short but I swear, if you want: I’ll write it again. I’m very tired and spending a lot of time on my fic so my writing on here has been very short.

Once again you stood in front of the mirror. You often found yourself looking in the mirror - more than needed. It’s just… You couldn’t help but feel insecure. Other recruits were so… Thin. And then there was you.

You couldn’t help but feel bad.

Your boyfriend noticed - it was obvious, though.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” he asked, hugging you from behind. “Nothing… Just…” you sighed. He nuzzled your neck, almost as if he was placing soft kisses.

“Sweetheart, you are the most beautiful recruit Overwatch has to offer. You’re so… Pretty, beautiful, hot” he complimented. You chuckled, “Thanks”.

“Is my extremely beautiful significant other happy now?” he looked at you as you turned around, “Very happy”.

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do u know other free adoption tumblrs with avalible spirits? i just want to increase my chances of getting a companion soon

Oh boy you came to the right person because I stalked spirit adoptions for a while (until I adopted my most recent companion from an RA and now I am pretty content lol). In no particular order:

I’m not sure what spirits they have available tbh, I used to get notifications from all of these blogs when I was looking for a spirit (I also just really liked reading the descriptions and stuff) but you should definitely check these out! There are probably more I’m missing lol

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What does inner beauty mean to you?

It sounds like warm words used to encourage young women of a certain age after they have been perceived as cast out or rejected by men for a lack of outer beauty or whatever. “Inner beauty” is pitched to be a viable replacement for outer beauty, but I don’t know any woman my age who actually pursues or believes in this concept, because it doesn’t pay the bills in many cases. Women like me don’t seek inner beauty anymore. Sure, we try not to be a shitty person, but that’s because you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. 

It’s probably not the answer you were looking for, but I would rather have agency, validation, and a sense of worth that exists well outside “being beautiful on the inside” I guess. 

NDRV3 Transcripts: Iruma Miu’s FTE#3

It’s been a bit of a wait, but here’s Miu’s 3rd FTE! Thanks to @ne0dym​ for the transcript, and @shinjiroaragaki​ for the icons!

This was… uh, something to translate. It was also very, very long for a FTE, almost 1.5x as long as the previous two.

This FTE has spoilers for Chapter 1, so please be careful when reading!

As always, the Google doc has been updated for people who’d rather read there for convenience.

Google doc link.

More translated transcripts.

I hope you all enjoy!

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