you look like an angry cat

To feel under the weather - To feel sick / ill

To get wind of something - To find out an information (a secret)

A face like thunder - looking clearly angry

To be snowed under - to have too much to do

To chase rainbow - to waste time trying to do something impossible

Coming up roses - going easily and very well

To make heavy weather of something - to exaggerate

To steal somebody’s thunder - to steal attention or the appreciation for somebody’s work

To lead somebody up the garden path - to deceive someone

Every cloud has its silver lining - there’s a good side of every bad thing that happens to you

To rain cats and dogs - to rain very heavily

To rain on somebody’s parade - to try to lessen somebody’s happiness

A fair-weather friend - a false friend who leaves you whenever something bad happens

To hear something through the grapevine - to hear about something from other person who has also heard about it from someone

To throw caution to the wind - to take big risk, often without thinking about the consequences

To take a rain check - to reschedule

To be on cloud nine / in seventh heaven / over the moon - to be very happy


he’s just looking out for your wellbeing, yurio, really. there’s more to life than skating (and plotting to undermine yuuri) and viktor wants you to experience that, he’s not trying to win a bet with the rest of the russian team or anything

(i saw something like this going around in script form and i couldn’t resist)

“Instructions for Taking Care of Yurio” -- Otabek Altin

Thank you for agreeing to look after Yurio while I am away. I appreciate it. He can be rather difficult at times, but I promise that his heart is in the right place. He has a small temper… 

Anyways, here’s some tips that might help:


  • Feed and Water — gets angry when hungry or dehydrated
  • Praise his grandpa’s prozhkis
  • Remain calm when he throws a fit
  • Bring cats (he likes them even if he says he doesn’t)
  • Nod when he badmouths Victor and Yuri and JJ and rest of the world
  • Call me if/when Yurio is too much to handle
  • Clean and pick up after him
  • Take him to the mall if he is bored
  • Save him if his fangirls are chasing him
  • Keep him busy and out of trouble


  • Assume he’s an angel because he looks like one
  • Make a move on Yurio while I am away
  • Mention JJ
  • Mention Victor’s promise to be his coach
  • Question his fashion
  • Suggest he should move his hair out of his face. He knows it’s there and he will tell you to “Go to Hell” –don’t take it personally
  • Take things personally when he cusses you out
  • Assume he’s angry when he looks angry, yells, or kicks things
  • Assume he is happy just because he is not frowning
  • Call the cops

Actually, on second thought, I think I will just take Yurio with me.

What your favorite Yuri!!! on Ice character says about you

Viktor Nikiforov: You’re a very passionate and emotional being. You’re in love with Yuri Katsuki. You are also very charismatic and have good hair. You have no shame and probably walk around the house naked.

Yuri Katsuki: You’re kind of anxious and nervous but it’s all good. You’re in love with/want to marry Viktor Nikiforov. You are a secret kinky bastard. You have good hair and cute glasses. And you like food a lot.

Yuri Plisetsky: You’re smol and angry. You probably have a cat addiction, too. You’re in love with Otabek Altin. You act like a hard-ass but you’re a softie who loves their best friend.

Otabek Altin: You’re tough-looking and cool. You have a crush on Yuri Plisetsky. You either own a motorcycle or want to. You don’t like ballet. And you have a cool haircut.

Phichit Chulanont: You’re addicted to social media and taking selfies. You want to be best friends with Yuri Katsuki. You have like 50 hamsters and you’re a cutie pie. Too pure for this world.

Christophe Giacometti: You’re a walking sex machine. You get turned on easily and aren’t afraid to share your sexuality. You’re probably gay and a cat owner.

Jean-Jaques Leroy: You’re a cocky bastard sometimes, but people love you because you’re hot. You’ve got anxiety but you cover it up with charisma. You’re secretly afraid of failure/everyone being better than you.

Seung-Gil Lee: You’re quiet and reserved most of the time. You have like 10 dogs and are very much a dog person. Your resting bitchface is super hot and everyone wants to see you smile.

Leo de la Iglasia: You are a cutie pie and love your friends 2 death. You want to be best friends with Guang-Hong. You’re probably very creative and like doing things on your own.

Guang-Hong Ji: You thrive on the power of friendship. You might have a weird crush on Leo. You’re a sweet bean but you can be intense when you want.  You’re a cutie pie.

Kenjirō Minami: You are smol but powerful. And you’re cute. You idolize Yuri Katsuki. He’s your senpai.

Georgi Popovich: You are a drama queen. People sometimes forget about you but you’re very important. Your favorite song is ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen.

Emil Nekola: You’re adventurous and daring. You’re probably in love with Michele Crispino. You love hugs, too. And your hair is 10/10. And you’re a PewDiePie fan.

Michele Crispino: You’re protective and loving towards your family, and especially your sister. You’re in love with Emil Nekola probably. You’re very supportive of your peers.


Graves: No, I don’t want to hug you, Mr Scamander!

The Auror department goes silent in horror

Newt: *stares at Percy like he’s about to cry*

Picquery: You done messed up now, Graves

Newt: *cuteness intensifies by 1000x* You-You don’t. Okay … I’ll just to go hug Tina then … *hugs Tina who sends angry, judgemental looks to Graves* 

Later that day at Graves’ house…

Graves: I’m sorry I said I didn’t want to hug you. I simply have an image to uphold among my peers and it would destroy the reputation of my peers if they saw hugging you *nuzzles Newt like a cat and tightens his hold on Newt as they sit on the couch* 

Theseus walks in

Theseus: Newtie, I’ve come to visit! Where’s my hug?

Graves: Fuck off, wait your turn. Newt’s hugging me right now. 

  • 1: Do you have any nicknames for your TC?
  • 2: Is your TC in a relationship?
  • 3: Your TC's hair color?
  • 4: A song that reminds you of your TC?
  • 5: Name 3 things you love about your TC.
  • 6: Name a thing you dislike about your TC.
  • 7: Best thing in your TC's looks?
  • 8: When your TC is angry, what is he like?
  • 9: Is your TC a cat person or a dog person?
  • 10: Tell about an embarrassing moment with your TC.
  • 11: Where would you take him/her on a date?
  • 12: What kind of music your TC listens to?
  • 13: Have you told to your friends about your TC?
  • 14: Last text message from TC?
  • 15: Age gap?
  • 16: How often you see your TC?
  • 17: How do you act around your TC?
  • 18: How would you react if they confessed their love to you?
  • 19: How does your TC act around you?
  • 20: What is your TC's best outfit?
  • 21: Is he/she a good teacher?
  • 22: Do you tell your problems to your TC?
  • 23: Does your TC have any nicknames for you?
  • 24: Do you flirt with your TC?
  • 25: Would you kiss your TC? What would the situation be like?
Small things that remain great no matter what

The sunrise, singing angry or hopeful songs with friends, the fact that cats’ paw pads look a little bit like beans, having a really good swear, the sound of the rain on the roof when you are snuggled up and warm, baby hedgehogs whose bristles are still a bit soft, the turquoise of lakes high in the mountains, people who are kind for the sake of kindness, arranging fallen leaves by order of colour, mooncake, putting numbers together on a way that works, the sound of a gentle breeze making its way through a forest, surveying the road at the start of a journey to somewhere you like, chocolate, finding new good art, mutually agreed hugging, air guitar, the sight of distant hills, dogs who think everyone is the best person ever and you are the best best person isn’t that amazing, when you learn something new and it makes other things make sense.

Lance: I’d recognize that mullet anywere-

Pidge: How though??? I mean I know several dudes with mullets-

Lance: Oh boi I’m glad you asked cause let me tell you about how it’s perfect shoulder length and it does this little curl thing at the very bottom right that never wants to straighten out but that wouldn’t matter anyway because Keith doesn’t do anything with his hair at all besides putting it up in that ponytail occasionally so it typically looks a messtm cause his bed head is atrocious and he never does anything about it beside brush it a little so it frizzs up like an angry cat but one of those cute angry cats that get scared of cucumbers and did I mention that it also bounces at a certain speed compared to other hair since his is so thick and the texture is a bit course but its actually kinda cool cause it moves in a slow motion sorta way with it being so flowey which is crazy since he does n o t h i n g with it but that’s besides the point because it also is hella soft looking and wavy and shines a lot which is surprising since I don’t think he uses any hair products but have I forgotten to tell you about how it’s also a different shade of black??????? because there are definitely different shades of black don’t sass me on this I know my hair and his is more of a midnight black while that other dude Jerry from the corner store on earth was like a gross moldy black and it’s ew but Keith’s is wow but aha wait there’s more have I ever mentioned his bangs because they are also very curly and bouncy and black and they hang in his face and he’s definitely got the edgy black emo hair but it fits him well so no complaining on this end-

Pidge: …..

Pidge: … And… You hate him?

Lance: Oh yeah, definitely, fuck that guy.

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Isn't it ironic that you're telling that anon to "get a grip on your life" when you're the one deep in this CC thing that you don't even know is true. It's all just....... Schrödinger's cat ✌🏻

Schrödinger’s cat

Sometimes the “concern” of the nonnies like you astound me. 

You, sweet cupcakes. What i adore the most it’s the fact that you all keep on coming here telling me things that I don’t give a wonderful damn hoping to mock me or make me angry or look like a person who’s saying silly nonsense.

“When you’re the one deep in this CC thing that you don’t even know is true”

The fact are always the same: Me talking here or under our posts and you (in this case, or other nonnies intruding when something you read is against your believing.

Sometimes when one of you seems to be less “vagina centered” (you seem pretty cultured than the others) my heart starts fluttering in my chest. But my mind start wondering at the same time: why they don’t try to analyze themselves sometimes? But then i remember that the attack is the best defense so… i started to don’t give a damn again.

“That you don’t even know is true”

The point is… you don’t even know what i possibly know about all that stuff. And to me it’s perfect as it is. I don’t need you or anybody else know what i could know. it’s not your business at all. But it’s more than enough for me.

The thing is that anything you and the other nonnies say… it’s useless. Because most of you are trolls or people who genuinely believe all the crap. And in this last case….poor souls: they think they talk to people like them. In other words haters who don’t have a life and that don’t have nothing to do in their life but anonymously stalking every person who believe in something different. 

 And here there’s my point: i don’t need to stalk, offend or mock people in their ask box telling them that they are wrong even when I know for sure that they are. But I’m entitled to defend my fellow cc sisters or brothers and tell to anonymous (it’s almost always the key “word” here) people to seek help or to stop bothering us when they lose their shit the time they find, thanks to our common fav,  that the tinhatters were right since the beginning on a particular topic.

Have a nice life anon. You need it.

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like your dog will also look to you for cues on how to behave. Its behaviors will be typical of a highly domesticated version of a social-family predator species.

your cat will also look to you for cues on how to behave. Its behaviors will be typical of a domesticated version of a semi-social colony-forming solitary hunting predator.

these are highly domesticated animals and when we socialize them to be used to us they will depend on humans for their food, water, shelter, enrichment, and other elements of basic welfare. They are more likely to read when we are scared, angry, affectionate, aggressive, submissive, than a wild relative. We can assist them by adopting behaviors that are less confusing to an organism like them.

But none of them really think you’re a misshapen one of their species. it doesn’t matter what funny memes say about your cat thinking you’re a huge useless kitten. And stuff about dogs looking towards humans who are the ‘alpha’ in the house are complete bunk.

So is material that says your horse will ‘disrespect’ you if you don’t assert your aggression.

Just because a domestic animal will look to humans for guidance or certain cues doesn’t mean that you speak their language.

Rest In shIT Sweetie (Fluff [I think])


Main Idea (you forgot the food you were cooking) :

You were basically playing with it with a red flash light, you look over to (who ever you like) and call their name, they look at you confused, and suddendly the light is on them resulting into having the cat Jump on them suffocating them with the it’s fluff, the cat sits on them because it thought it caught the light. While your partner is trying to breath, you laugh your butt off, but while having your episode of you crying tears of joy, you smell something in the air, realizing you forgot the food you were cooking

Alternative ending (all nighter scenario) :

They dodge, much to your dismay, you begin to pout that you couldn’t prank them that time, suddendly they call your name, you turn your head over to them confused by the sudden call, only to have them Glomp you with the cat. Poor you getting suffocated between both the weights, you try and move to get some oxygen, only having them fall asleep on you, since you two were pulling an all nighter. The warmth was unbearable but thank the Lords that the cat decided to snuggle with something else (?), anyway, looking at your partner, you kiss the top of their head and slowly doze off into a deep slumber

Ohmygosh, what a cute scenario??? GET WRECKT READER. Thank you so much for the submission!

- Mod-Mellow

“His engines screaming murder and his face set in a grin; the seagulls started lifting like an angry banshee choir, he hit the rocks at 50 clicks and the sky lit up with fire; if you don’t take fright, you can smell that french perfume.”
well hello there handsome~
we love our pirate cat son so much, eh, @marinette-buginette? B) as promised, he’s for you!

ps in my au Adrien doesn’t exactly look like Adrien because:
-he’s not 15 years old
-he’s not a cute guy from high school
-he’s from AU
i think this was needed to be said.

anyway, rawr, aye aye captain


“Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me Alec!,” you warned the taller Shadowhunter in front of you. “The plan sucks and you know it! You just don’t want to agree, because I said it.”

He was looking back at you, not replying to anything. A silent challenge.
It was always like this between the two of you and you wished you could hate him but honestly… you loved him. But you would never say it out loud because clearly he wasn’t feeling that way about you.

“Okay enough!” It was Jace, Alec’s Parabatai, who cleary was done with both of you. “This is crazy! You two are going to talk now! I have no clue why you are like a cat and a dog with each other but this has to stop now. You two remain in here until you have cleared your situation.”

You didn’t say anything but looked angry at Jace. He had no clue what he was talking about but he wouldn’t argue with you or his Parabatai. This idea was stupid but he left the room and closed the door behind him.

He wouldn’t let you out… so you looked at Alec, who didn’t look happy either.

“We shouldn’t fight”, he signed. “I just…”
“What? It is it because you can’t stand me? That’s why everything I am suggesting is stupid or wrong?”, you accussed him, even though the words hurted you inside.

But Alec didn’t reply the way you were thinking.
“That’s not true, (y/n)”, he gave back. “I just… I don’t know how to handle…I like you… I like you too much.”

“You like me… too much?”, you repeated confused.
“Well you clearly don’t like me so I tried to stay away by doing the same.” Alec looked at you in a way he never did. His emotions seemingly always under control, he never showed his vulnerable side, like he did now.

This is why you took the courage to tell him the truth.
“But… I like you too.”

requested by silviaheriyanto
hope you like it ^^

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Imagine being Jared’s new roommate (P2)

Continuation of THIS imagine

Quick note: If you liked the ending of the first part, you don’t have to read this one (Really, I won’t get mad). I like open endings, and this one gives a little twist to the story. I wasn’t supposed to post this story, I didn’t like it when I finished and I was going to start a new one. But, since I haven’t post in so long, I decided to share it. Anyway, if you do decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it.

Gren looks at me from my bed, meowing loud every time I return the look. For a cat who looks permanently angry, today he seems way more pissed. He likes the new apartment, and he seems to enjoy Jared’s company better than mine so I don’t really know what’s wrong with him today. I turn again to face the mirror, applying a last coat of lipstick before checking everything looks perfect.

Before leaving the bedroom, I check Gren’s food and water, making sure to let the window slightly open for him to go out whenever he needs to.

Gren meows even louder when I get near the bed to pick my purse, “What’s wrong with you?” I ask him, before being completely ignored and left alone in the bedroom.

I follow Gren outside, where I found him already by Jared’s side, rubbing his tiny head on Jared’s legs. My new roommate leaves aside a brush and lowers his body to take Gren into his arms.

“Hey, little buddy” Jared giggles, patting Gren’s head.

It’s already been a few weeks since my arrival to the new apartment. And even though I thought it would be weird to share all my most intimate moments with a person I barely knew, were the little moments like this one, in which even my angry cat seemed to enjoy Jared’s company, that I realized that I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

Jared spends most of his day at school, leaving early in the morning, only to arrive when the sun is about to set. My schedule is not like his, I could spend only the morning at the library, sometimes afternoon, and there were days in which I would take both shifts, all in favor of a little extra cash at the end of the month.

As I meet Jared in the living room area I admire what he’s been doing for the last couple of hours, checking how his walls are even more covered with art than when I first arrived. The doodles and splashes have become minimal in comparison to the infinite verses that have started to cover the walls now. I wasn’t able to understand them, because of Jared’s handwriting and because they didn’t make any sense to me.

Jared finally acknowledges my presence in the room, Gren still in his arms.

“You look nice, where are you going?”

“Shannon invited me for a drink” I say, walking to stand by his side, “Want to come?”

“Shannon invited you?”

I let the question hanging for a bit as I try to decipher the still wet verses on the wall.

“Yeah, we want to catch up” I finally answer, still lost on the words, “What does it say?”

“I’m still working on it, they are just words…”

“Come on, read them” I elbow him, a shy smile appears on his lips.

“I’ve…” He starts saying, right at the moment we hear knuckles on the door.

I smile apologetically before heading to the door. Shannon hugs me before I can even greet him, squeezing me and putting me off the ground for a few seconds.

“Hey, dork” He says, finally letting go of me, “Jared” He nods to his brother.

“Shannon” I scold him, punching him on the arm, “Stop it with the nicknames”

“You didn’t like Bunbuns, now you don’t like dork”

“Bunbuns?” Jared asks him, still by the wall, Gren playing with the drawstrings of his foodie.

“Don’t waste your time listening to him” I laugh, heading back to my room, “I’ll get my jacket”

I leave the brothers alone, going back to my room. I take a few seconds to check Gren’s stuff, and give myself a last look in the mirror. Everything is perfect.

When I return to the living room, both brothers have shifted to the kitchen area. Jared holds a cup of tea on his hands, Shannon laying on one of the counters. I get closer to them, noticing something new on them, something untold. I don’t dare to ask what happened in the few seconds I was in my room.

“Ready” I say, a little smile on my face.

Shannon nods and walks to the door, not even saying goodbye to his brother, enough confirmation that something is up between them.

We spend a few hours of laughs and drinks, catching up with our lives and our plans for the next few months. I’m in debt with Shannon, because of him I have a place to stay, and I’m scared to ask him about what happened with his brother before we went out.

I avoid the topic for most of the evening, but once I’m opening the front door of the building it just comes out of my lips.

“Did you and Jared discuss a while ago?”

“What are you talking about?” He asks, his eyelids heavy due to the alcohol.

“Before we went out, you two…”

Before I can even finish his lips are on mine. We’ve kissed a couple of times before, when we were going out is was the main thing that we used to do. But now… why now? Is this the reason why they seemed angry at each other?

“Shannon…” I stop him, pulling away from him slowly.

“I’ve been thinking about it since you called me a few weeks ago. It didn’t work out before, but what about now?”

“I don’t know” I say, starting to walk backwards towards the door, “We are both pretty drunk, why don’t we both think about it?”

I don’t even hear an answer from him, I just get inside the building and close the door behind me starting to walk upstairs. Each step feels like a heavy burn on my chest, my head spinning with the movements. By the time I reach the door, it takes me a few tries to get the key in the lock, but once I enter the apartment, I’m welcomed by the strong smell of paint. Jared’s back faces me, his hand energetically working on covering all of his work.

“What’s going on?” I ask Jared, who keeps painting as if I didn’t exist.

Gren comes running from the bedroom to stand by my side, caressing my shoes with his head. I take Gren in my arms, getting closer to where Jared stands.

“Hey” I say, taking his earphone out.

“Hey” He jumps a bit, surprised to see me there.

“What’s going on?”

I take a good look of what’s around me, merely white walls, most of his work gone by now.

“I tend to erase everything after a while” Jared shrugs, leaving the brush aside to take Gren from my arms.


“Don’t worry, this will be filled again in a few weeks” He assures me, a big smile on his face.

I nod, already missing the colored walls.

“Do you need help?” I ask him, feeling a bit more dizzy do to the smell, but in need of distraction.

“Nah, I’m good” He says, giving a quick kiss to Gren before returning him to me.

“Ok, try not to go to sleep too late”

“I won’t” He laughs.

When I get to my room, something above my bed catches my attention. A picture of the verses I had tried to decipher before leaving the apartment, with a sticky note on the back. And the reason behind their discussion appears right in front of my eyes.

“I’ve been thinking of everything, of me, of you and me”

The signs as Norman Reedus things
  • Aries: licking everything
  • Taurus: his favorite number being 3 as a kid bc it looks like boobs
  • Gemini: speaking of boobs, his breast implant
  • Cancer: the story of how he got his cat
  • Leo: honestly just his thing for cats
  • Virgo: his love for Andrew Lincoln
  • Libra: "yelling Irish, you can sound like an angry leprechaun."
  • Scorpio: flipping people off
  • Sagittarius: screaming and falling off a chair when that guy pulled the walker prank on him
  • Capricorn: his ugly-ass masks
  • Aquarius: the story of how he started acting
  • Pisces: "you don't wanna marry me, I'm a mess."

honestly, I draw my main bill so small and i love it. He reminds me of like a very small angry cat.

Dippers face looks so weird here omf

art is mine. dont repost without credit, thanks! <3

(also im not forcing you to ship it. if you dont like it then ignore it.)

Send me a number!! Through ask :)

1: Do you have any nicknames for your TC?
2: Is your TC in a relationship?
3: Your TC’s hair color?
4: A song that reminds you of your TC?
5: Name 3 things you love about your TC.
6: Name a thing you dislike about your TC.
7: Best thing in your TC’s looks?
8: When your TC is angry, what is he like?
9: Is your TC a cat person or a dog person?
10: Tell about an embarrassing moment with your TC.
11: Where would you take him/her on a date?
12: What kind of music your TC listens to?
13: Have you told to your friends about your TC?
14: Last text message from TC?
15: Age gap?
16: How often you see your TC?
17: How do you act around your TC?
18: How would you react if they confessed their love to you?
19: How does your TC act around you?
20: What is your TC’s best outfit?
21: Is he/she a good teacher?
22: Do you tell your problems to your TC?
23: Does your TC have any nicknames for you?
24: Do you flirt with your TC?
25: Would you kiss your TC? What would the situation be like?

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I love Grimsley so much but like I go into his tag and everyone's like "ewww he looks like he aged 20 years since the last game wtf?" Like... no. Fuck off. That's my husband and he was a wonderful man who loved me and our pokemon and was dealing with illnesses I will not let you hate on him! - A very angry, very upset Ilima

Kuroo x Reader x Bokuto Angst Part 2

You can have her. It didn’t register in your mind that this was his way of saying he was getting bored with you. This was his way of saying he wasn’t in love with you anymore.

    A growing look of concern made its way on Bokuto’s face. The look of concern soon distorted and now the third year was angry. “What did you say?”

    "I said you can have her.“ he repeated in a nonchalant tone.

    You took Bokuto’s arm off of you and went over to the tall, cat like senior. Reaching up to his face, and taking it, you turned it so you could fully see the tattoo- Or for that matter, what was left of it. Within a few hours he had realized he wanted no more. He was done with you. 

    "Well that was fast…” the familiar feeling from earlier this morning rose in your throat. “Telling me like that wasn’t really necessary.. Even though I feel the same it still hurts you know..”

    You could tell that Kuroo was resenting his way of saying he wasn’t in love with you. It wasn’t suppose to come out that way. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes momentarily. "Look, that’s not what I meant to say.“ he said in a somewhat of an apologetic tone. "I didn’t want to tell you like that. Really, I didn’t. And you didn’t deserve that.”

    Before he could say another word, you were pulled back by Bokuto and into his chest. “No, she didn’t deserve that. And you don’t deserve her.” His tone was unusually harsh for the normally upbeat and happy Bokuto. He didn’t let Kuroo have another word. The taller male took you over to his side of the court where his team was warming up and made you sit down on the bench. “You’re sitting on Fukurodani’s side today." 

    A smile was set on your pink lips as you looked at the agitated boy. "I appreciate it Bokuto, but I’m their manager so I have to be on their side." 

    His upset attitude was now gone and he pouted. "But I want you to cheer me on and be on my side.”

    "If I could, the trust me I would.“ you stand up and take a light hold on the collar of his jersey to make him come down to your level. Your lips make contact with his cheek and his own are set ablaze as he realized what you did. "Good luck Bokuto!”

    He watches your fleeting form as you go to sit on your school’s side to do your manager duties. His golden eyes take note of a tattoo at the beginning of it’s stages that he had never noticed before- an owl that was swooping down into a pond and picking up a koi fish in it’s talons- that was on the back of your thigh.

    Bokuto grins and scratches the back of his neck where the same tattoo was, but in a smaller form. “I hope you’ll find that soon.”


    And you did end up finding it. It was a few weeks until you had and you racked your brain to see if you recognized the tattoo from anywhere. Had you seen it before? You could have sworn that you had but where? 

    The day you saw it you were at the summer training camp. When saw who it belonged to, you remember smiling so hard that your cheeks eventually started to hurt. Unfortunately, he was in a match at the moment and you weren’t able to run to him like you wanted. But luck was on your side and your team had finished, so when Fukurodani’s match did end, you would be able to go and see him.

    You couldn’t help but chuckle at the way you remember seeing the tattoo on his neck. The boy was in his famous ‘Emo mode" as his teammates called it. His head was drooped and shoulders slumped as he yelled out to his setter, “Don’t toss to me anymore!" 

     Akaashi had no problem with saying that he wouldn’t, which slightly surprised the ace. But it took him almost no time at all to regain his composure and once the ball was tossed to him, he spiked into the ground with a loud grunt, scoring the winning point. When his feet touched the ground and the ref blew the whistle to show that the point counted and that Fukurodani had won.

    You knew better than to interrupt a team meeting so you let them all talk after the game had ending. You were anxious, and maybe a little bit nervous as well. You were only nervous because what if this ended like Kuroo? This little thought caused you to stop for a moment and rethink your actions.

    His voice rang through your head and you were quick to snap out of your thought. ”(Y/N)!“ Bokuto ran to you with his hands in the air and a goofy grin plastered across his face. "Did ya see that?!”

    "Yeah I saw Bokuto!“ you chuckle, returning a smile back at him. "That was awesome!”

    "I know wasn’t it?!“ the owl boy boasted about himself proudly, his hands were on his hips and his chest was puffed out. After a few seconds he deflated. "So do you wanna come and get some dinner with me?” he asks you hopefully with his eyebrows raised even more than they already were.

    "Sure I’d love to! I’m starving!“ with that you both went to the cafeteria and got your food. Needless to say you didn’t sit with Nekoma, choosing to sit with Bokuto and his team instead.

    After everything had gone down that day when Kuroo had pretty much told Bokuto to take you, the two friends hadn’t said a word to each other. Sometimes you caught Kuroo stealing a glance in yours and Bokuto’s direction, but the third year would always play it off like he was simply looking over your head. Was he jealous? Was he angry? Probably both.

    Bokuto just completely ignored him though. He was a simpleton, so he just acted as if the boy with awful bed head wasn’t even there. He didn’t make any sort of effort to even look in his direction. The only place his golden eyes were looking was at you. You were the only thing that mattered to him, and when you were talking, all of his attention was on your mouth and the words coming out of it. 

    The two of you ate your food pretty quickly- Bokuto going to get seconds- thirds- and even fourths in between your conversations. The boy could eat that’s for damn sure. But you just patiently waited for him to finish his meals before you stood. "I’m going to take a walk. Wanna come with me?” you give a small smile as you stretch your arms over your head.

    "Sure!“ he shot up with food still in his mouth and he shoveled a few pieces in and threw away the plate. You did the same and he followed you out of the cafeteria and into the chilly night air.

    The two of you walked in silence for a few minutes, just making small talk here and there. Sometimes you hummed to a song you were singing in your head and you couldn’t see but Bokuto would look down at you, his lips set in a soft smile as he listened to you. Soon you made it to where you had been coming for the past few days after dinner- the small grassy hill that was near the gym. You usually came and looked at the moon which was one of your favorite things to do. Lucky for you, tonight it was full.

    Flopping down on the cold grass you shiver slightly, then grin up at the ace as you pat the spot next to you. "Lay with me!”

    He returns the grin with a laugh. “I was planning to anyway!” he flops next to you and scoots closer, wanting the distance between you and him to be almost nonexistent. Of course there aren’t any complaints from you. 

    "I like laying out here.“ you break the silence. "It gives me time to think and be by myself.”

    "What do you think about?“ Bokuto inquires, curious as to what runs through your mind.

    "Oh just everything.” your shoulders shrug slightly and you sit up, your back now cold from the grass. “I think about how much I love the moon." shifting your gaze up to the rock in the sky, you smile a little. "I love it. I always have, but I’m not really sure why. No real reason behind it." you pause for a moment, but before you could think over the words you were about to say, the just spilled out. "You know what else I love?” you didn’t give him a chance to ask what it was before answering. “Your tattoo~”

    "My tattoo..?“ his voice trails off slightly before he finally under stands. "You found it!”

    That was when you saw his smile, wider than you had ever seen it before. It certainly wasn’t the last though, because that was the same smile you now saw everyday when you woke up in the morning.

    But there was another all too familiar smile- a sly one- that kept lingering in your thoughts. You weren’t sure if you missed it; surely you didn’t. You were perfectly happy with your life. But Kuroo Tetsurou was turning it upside down again and you hadn’t even spoken to him in years, all with a smirk that you remember too well.