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First Generation Elvenkings

Thingol - Sindarin king of Beleriand

Ingwë - King of the Vanyar in Valinor

Finwë - King of the Noldor in Valinor

Seriously, Thingol is having none of your sass.  None of it.  Ingwë looks like he invented Elven sass, and Finwë actually looks pretty nice. 

(Art by: Star)

(The only mistake, which is probably not a mistake and just perspective for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, is the Ingwë appears to be taller than Thingol, and at 9′ / 3m tall, Thingol Greycloak was the tallest Elf, period.  Perhaps that is because the Elvenking with the longest rule is Ingwë, so he appers the highest.  Finwë was killed by Morgoth and centuries later Thingol was slain by dwarves over the Nauglamir.  Ingwë was never killed, but he never returned to Middle-earth either.)

“What does he see in James?!?”

(Thanks to @mxlfoydraco‘s ship ask earlier, my “jealous!Albus angsting over Scorpius liking James” plot bunny has returned so here we go, with less angst that I intended but maybe one day I’ll write a much longer piece.)

“What does Scorpius see in our brother, Lily?” Albus hissed in his sister’s ear while eyeing a very besotted Scorpius, who was gazing at the Gryffindor table. 

“Well, James is one of the most popular boys in school and is apparently very attractive. And I’m gonna quote here: “has an arse to die for!”.” answered Lily while helping herself to a baked potato.

“I have a nice arse too!” 

“And nobody can tell. You hide it under those robes all the time. Besides, James is nice to Scorpius, he pays him compliments. He’s taller than you and has a nice hair. Unlike your birdnest. He’s a Quidditch captain as well.” Lily continued to list random things about James, not very interested in Albus’s problem.

“Hey! Dad has a birdnest and he was voted “Sexiest Man” 7 times in a row by Witch Weekly.”

“Yes, but it was because he’s moderately attractive and is The Saviour. People love him because he killed Voldemort. What have you done lately?”

Albus’s cheeks burned and he huffed.

“I pay Scorpius compliments as well!”

“Like? Last time he did his hair nicely, you told him he looked like a posh snob.”

“I didn’t say it like that! And it was supposed to be a compliment!” Albus interjected but Lily continued, as if she hadn’t been interrupted at all.

“And James told him he looked like a dream. You see the problem, Albus? You permanently have a foot stuck in your mouth. But your worst trait is that you’re so completely oblivious about some things, it’’s unbelievable!” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?!?”

“Figure it out yourself!” Lily hissed with finality, turning her attention to her baked potato and ignoring her angsting brother.

lesbian-penguins  asked:

Hello! I’m writing a paper for school on gay Hamlet... do you happen to know of any good critical sources I could use for research/backup? Thanks so much, love your blog 😃

Hey, thank you so much! I really appreciate that!
In terms of academic sources for queer readings of Hamlet, the short answer is unfortunately no.
For one thing, I’m not a literary student. Im actually a video editor and cinematographer. I have a lifelong love of Shakespeare, it’s like, my all consuming passion. But I do not actively study it. I didn’t go to college to study Shakespeare or classical it.
More importantly, despite the fact that readings of Hamlet as gay or bisexual or gender fluid are now fairly common, the interp is often completely disregarded or look down upon by many in the academic Shakespeare community. There are an uncomfortable amount of articles about queer subtext in Hamlet that are needlessly condescending.
Queer interps of Hamlet have existed for literal centuries now. This is not a new idea. Probably the most well known is the book The Mystery of Hamlet, which, while initially viewing the text through a very straight, cisgendered lens, has now weirdly kind of turned around and become a good example of queers subtext in the piece.
The film adaptation (with Asta Nielsen) is actually well known for being aggressively queer.
The Christopher Plummer Hamlet, made in the 60s (a time when it was actually illegal to portray homosexuality on tv), heavily relies on the gay Hamlet theory.
Yet most academic articles I’ve read about queer subtext in Hamlet often have question marks in the title, or will start with stuff like ‘I absolutely hate this interpretation, and anyone who disagrees with me will probably just call me a homophobe.’
Which is really shitty, because you’re basically immediately undercutting anyone’s counter argument by saying they’re just an asshole who make snap judgments about you.
And this is not specific to Hamlet, by any means. P much any queer reading of a Shakespeare play that is not Twelfth Night or As You Like It is often looked down upon by Shakespeare snobs.
Going back to Christopher Plummer’s Hamlet, I actually got into a fight once w a real snobby asshole about queer subtext in Shakespeare, and when I mentioned *that* production specifically and what it did, they legit said like, ‘oh, really?’ in a tone indicating that what they really meant was, ‘I’m disappointed that he would stoop so low as to gay it up like that’. And I s2g, I almost wanted to pull out an ouija board and summon the ghost of Achilles himself to murder that bitch. Just,,murdered w gay incarnate.
So yea, I feel like that does really indicate that there’s a serious divide between the people publishing these academic papers and the Shakespeare fans who are actually reading the plays daily, and who are putting them on, and who are engaging with the community.
So, while I unfortunately can’t give you a lot of good recommendations, I *can* point out all the examples of queerness in the text for you if you would like that. I would also very highly recommend you ask this question to @thinkofaugust, who is like, a legitimate Shakespeare/lit scholar Who I’m sure can name way more academically published papers about the topic than I can.
I am genuinely flattered that you asked me though.
I hope you find what you’re looking for!!

TGWTG - Cinnamon Roll Meme
  • looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: linkara
  • looks like a cinnamon roll, can actually kill you: nostalgia chick
  • looks like he could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: cinema snob
  • looks like he could kill you, can actually kill you: spoony
  • sinnamon roll: nostalgia critic
  • Good Rivals to Friends to Lovers Trope™: you know you're good looking so you acted like a lazy snob when we met and I admittedly acted as a smartass because you were so annoying but then we had to do class work together like a year later and um maybe you're not that annoying and you make me laugh and maybe let's have a beer one day and oh fuck you're opening up about your sensible side and holy shit I think I actually like you
  • Bad Rivals to Friends to Lovers Trope™: you have been in like three of my classes and can never keep your mouth shut about bigoted racist and misogynist opinions and I can't stand not shutting you up so we spend half the class arguing when I wish we could really just be learning and you're condescending and disrespectful but somehow everyone is now convinced we must like each other because hate and love and all that but honestly if I could send your ass to another galaxy I would in a heart beat.
It’s Just A Movie

Chris Evans One-Shot

Summary: You get a main role with a very attractive man, but the thing was, it wasn’t Chris. 

Word Count: 906

Warning: Jealous Chris .-.

You scanned through the clothes that were hung upon the clothes rack. You suddenly feel two arms wrap around your waist, you giggle and start to blush.

‘’Hey! Hands off her!’’ You hear Chris’s voice boom.

Your heart skips a beat, it wasn’t chris holding you, it was your co-star, who had a crush on you, but you were in no way interested in him.

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“You can’t heat taquitos in the microwave, you goddamn Neanderthal.”

Prompt: “You can’t heat taquitos in the microwave, you goddamn neanderthal.“
Main pairing: AkuRoku
Rating: M
Word count: 3,194
AO3 collection:

Provided By: anon

It was two-thirty in the morning when Axel slouched his way into the first gas station he’d come across since getting back into town. For eighteen hours he had been behind the wheel of his banged-up, dusty Kia, and right now he was halfway to dying. Visiting the folks for their crystal anniversary had seemed like a good idea at the time, but oh, man, the logistics were killer. He was exhausted, grimy, itchy-eyed, sore all over, and had a weird taste in his mouth. He was also hungry.

With the Kia sitting outside, all fuelled up for the week ahead, Axel planned to use the last of his money to buy something to eat. Scratching his impatiently growling stomach as he passed through the automatic doors, he half-glanced at the cashier, a guy of about nineteen with sun-bleached hair and a bored expression texting on his phone behind the counter, and made his way into the aisles to browse the snacks. He passed by a trio of what looked like chronic pot-heads loitering by the chips and gave them a wide berth; they gave off an aggravating air, like they were looking for trouble. One of them, a guy in a trench-coat and beanie, levelled a long stare at Axel as he went by, the redhead noticing but ignoring it, avoiding eye contact, not in the mood for any shit right now.

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Imagine Deanna’s party

Your shawl hung from your shoulders as you uncomfortably pulled at the bottom of your navy blue dress. Rick had dragged you here, claiming that maybe you could help make the people less afraid of the man you loved. Some of the woman at the kitchen had already made comments about how the new group had a mysterious man in it, who talked to no one and hung to himself, for some reason they claimed he couldn’t be trusted and that he may be dangerous, seeing how he won’t surrender his crossbow. That was the last day you worked at the kitchen, you ended up punching the woman who said, “He was a man to be feared, and whoever loved him would be dead in a year.”

“Maggie, this is awful.” You hissed to your friend as you stood against the wall, watching the community members mingle among each other, as they drank more and more.

“You can not leave me here alone.” 

“You aren’t alone though, you have Glenn.” You smiled as you walked towards the drink section and stuck several beers into your purse, which you hid under your shawl.

“And I…” You continued as you hid the purse again, “have an anti-social boyfriend who won’t step foot in this silly, stuck up party.”

“Well at least she can’t say you didn’t come.” Maggie smiled as you spotted a old can of moonshine. 

“And with this, I’m off.” You grabbed the mason jar and snuck out the door

You saw Daryl walk out of the house of Arron and Eric as you walked out the door, and ran down the stairs, “DIXON!” you shouted causing him to stop in his tracks, you could see a bottle of wine in his hand as he did. 

“What are you wearing?” He asked, causing you to look at the dress and shawl you had just thrown on

You grabbed his hand and started walking away, “I unfortunately had to dress up and represent the Daryl Dixon, which I must say, didn’t work as well as Rick hoped. Turns out the moment I said the line, Oh no, I am not married to Rick, I am actually dating Daryl, People seemed to run away a bit. But I stole some beer, and this.” You held up the mason jar and showed him the clear contents inside.

“I’m sorry, but turns out I do have a job now. I asked Arron for the wine so we could celebrate, figured the party wasn’t your thing.”

“Well spill it. What dream job did you get?” You slipped the moonshine carefully back into your bag, before taking his hand again.

“I am going to do recruiting with Arron, and so are you.”

“What?” You stopped, as he turned to look at you, “After your little “Outburst” as Deanna likes to put it, she was gonna kick you out, Aaron stopped her though saying you were the only way I would accept the job. So he told her he would hire us both, have us work as a team, with Him and Eric.” 

“Wow, Daryl Dixon making friends with the neighbors.” You smiled as he looped an arm around your waist.

“I’m tryin for you.” 

“Daryl, I love the anti social you, so if you only want to befriend them, and no one else in this silly town you have my blessing.” 

“Ok, well I think I wanna crack into these goods we got, and maybe get you out of these stupid clothes. Makes ya look like a…”

“Stuck up snob.” You whispered as you started walking past him again, dragging him to your side.

“By the way, Aaron and Eric, make a mean Spaghetti, and I told him that he could invite us over for dinner whenever while I work on my bike.”

“He got you a bike?”

“I think I actually might like this place babe.” 

“I’m glad.” You squeezed his hand as you found your front door, and pushed it open, ready to get good and drunk with the outcast you loved.

Mun & Muse

tagged by timeywimeyten

6 Similarities between Mun & Muse.

  • Freckles + curly hair.
  • We’re stupidly brave and will walk right into trouble if nobody stops us.
  • We’re always trying out new things for the fun of it.
  • In a constant state of wanderlust. 
  • When things look bad, we try to stay positive for our friends’ sake. (Even if we’re dying inside)

6 Differences between Mun & Muse.

  • I’m more of a lackadaisical follower than a leader; he’s a leader.
  • He’s a child prodigy–I can’t even spell prodigy without help.
  • He is a romantic, I am aromantic. (HAH)
  • I’ve never even been to Missouri.
  • I am terribly allergic to cats and Tom would die from lack of cats.
  • I’m a pacifist. He will pass a fist through your face if you even look like a snob.

I tag: avatarwindboy, dysphoricangel, askjoeharper, & askcecewells but you don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna.