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It’s all he can see when he looks at you. It’s the color that paints your lips and it’s the only thing he’s been able to think about all night long.

When he picked you up earlier tonight, on your way to a dinner with a group of friends, his eyes had zoomed in on your lips the second you opened the car door to greet him - while you stepped inside and leaned in to say hello, placing a chaste and pert kiss on his cheek, his eyes followed your lips as you came closer.

“What color is that? Crimson? Bright red?” Is what he thinks, the shades of it swirling in his mind. He doesn’t know and he’s tempted to ask you but to do that was to show he’s been paying more attention to you than he’s got the right to and maybe it’d give you the wrong impression - he’s not interested in your lipstick but more on the way the color makes your lips look full and incredibly inviting.

Biting onto his bottom lip after greeting you quickly, his eyes fleet to his rear view mirror, spotting the patch of skin close to his jaw where you had placed your kiss - a lipstick mark remains, the shape of your lips stamped onto his skin in a bright shade of red.

The sight gave him goose bumps and he couldn’t explain why, but when you leaned forward on his front seat, the visor pulled down so you could look in the mirror and make sure your lipstick was not smudged, Harry felt his stomach sink - images of you on your knees, eyes hazy and lips swollen while you suck on his cock with greedy, swollen and red painted lips, leaving a stain on his length, invaded his mind without his permission and he feels his cock twitch in his pants, heat rising underneath his skin.

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Uptown Girl [4]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: everyone’s been so incredibly sweet and i can’t thank you enough for reading my work <3 there will be one last part after this one :) (this is in reader’s pov btw)

[Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

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“Peter! Stop!” I whispered.

“Stop what, Y/N?” Peter asked innocently. I reached underneath the table and held his hand. 

“I’m serious. You’re gonna get us in trouble.” I gave him a warning look and just gave me a goofy smile in return. 

“Well, you should be quiet.” He pulled out his hand from mine. I shook my head and continued to do my homework. Everything was okay for a good 2 minutes, when Peter’s hand reached out and tickled my side. I let out a loud squeal which made everyone in the library look at me badly. “Sorry.” I whispered. Everyone turned back to what they were doing.

I turned to Peter who was quietly laughing into his hand. He didn’t even stop when I slapped his arm. 

“You’re such an ass!” I said in a low voice. 

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Rescue •P1•

Avengers x Reader

Summary: reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Word Count: 1767

Warnings: I don’t even think I swore :o

A/N: Hey guys! I know a took a bit of a break from writing. Thank you to those of you who were supportive. That meant a lot to me. Anyway, I’ve had this idea for a while, and I felt like getting it down, finally. I’ll turn into a mini-series and go off there based on feedback. It’s mostly an Avengers fic, but there will be subtle Bucky parts, too. Enjoy💛

“And finally, the backup IT quarters. This is where all the out-of-building tech goes on, like our jets, safe houses, comms. It’s also a backup for our in-house systems. Makes things a lot easier.” Roland says.

Our small group nods in awe, twirling around, gazing at all the Stark technology like we have been since the beginning of our tour. “Many of you will be here, managing things that occur outside of the building.” Roland, our guide, continues, beginning to walk through the quarters.

We follow him like lost puppies, all seven of us. In our short introduction to each other, I had gotten three names: Henry, Mya, and Dania. I hadn’t gotten a chance to speak to the others, but I hope to soon. I want to have a good relationship with my coworkers.

We pass by a row of beeping silver computers, all with what look to be radars on them. In the centre of the radars are large, slanted As on top of a blueprints of different buildings, signifying the Avengers buildings. There’s nothing on the radars.

Roland clears his throat and I see him straighten his posture.
“Good morning, Mr. Stark.” I immediately stiffen, whipping my head from the computers to the group. Walking out of a glass room, a man with a manicured beard and a cup of coffee in his hand nods at Roland. It’s him.

“Mornin, Roland. These the rookies?” Tony fricking Starkloosely gestures his mug towards our group. His presence has earned the same reaction from the rest of us as mine, everyone staring wide eyed and silent. I grip the strap of my large purse.

“Yes, sir. Just giving a tour of their new workspace.” Mr. Stark nods, giving us each a look. When his eyes reach mine, I swallow and nod in respect at him.

“I don’t bite, ya know.” he cocks an eyebrow at us, sipping his steaming coffee. Still, none of us move. The blond-haired boy that can’t stop rubbing the back of his neck is the first to speak.

“It’s an honour, Mr. Stark.” he croaks. We nod, a few people—myself included—murmuring our agreements. He smiles like he’s praising a child for saying the alphabet and turns back to Roland.

“Hey, you mind checking the supplies for B12?” he asks. Roland nods curtly. I lean back into the row of computers and feel the heel of my hand press into something. I swallow and ignore it, pushing off. I can’t turn from the conversation while I’m the presence of Tony Stark. I’m not that stupid.

Roland looks like he wants to say something, but before he does, he turns to us.

“Um, why don’t you guys take a look around?” he smiles, “Just don’t touch anything.” Everyone slowly scurries off, but not before peeking in astonishment at the billionaire in our presence. Roland turns back to him and begins discussing something privately. I chew on my lip nervously and realize I’m the only one left standing. I should do something. I begin to pivot on my ankles in search of something to look at. I look down at the table of computers, each of the radars the way they had been when I saw them. There’s nothing on them but the constant circles exiting the centre point. My eyes pan over the room, at the bluntness of it all. At all the seriousness. The Avengers rely on so much just from this one room. It’s almost terrifying, knowing I’ll soon be one of those few people that the Avengers rely on. I even get a silly little thought: like we’re almost the silent heroes. The ones helping the Avengers behind the scenes when they don’t even know it. I shake my head at the thought. Hell, I’m just tech support.

I’m about to push off the table and look around when a mark on the computer in front of me catches my eye. I look down at it and furrow my brows. A small triangular shaped icon is heading for the tower. The side of the computer flashes with information:

Jet A2

438 MPH

Passengers: 3

Contact: 1489 MPH

I tilt my head curiously. The jet belongs to the Avengers, as it’s registered into the system. I frown as I realize something. That’s odd. They should be slowing down. I look at the building in the centre of the radar and recognize the blueprint, bird’s eye view of the building as the same one I’ve seen at every fire emergency map in the tower. The computer must be monitoring this building. 1279 mph until contact. I swallow.

They should be slowing down.

I frantically look at the screen. The jet isn’t heading to the landing site on the east of the building. It’s coming in through the west, by the bio labs. They’ll collide right into the side of the building. A wave of terror runs through my stomach. They don’t intend on landing. They plan on crashing.

I back up and look to Roland and Mr. Stark, still conversing.
“I just think that my office is a bit cramped…” Roland gestures. I need to tell them, but I can’t seem to find my voice. I inhale and straighten up.

“Um.” I blurt. They turn to me, cutting their conversation off. I close my eyes for a moment and open them again. “There’s-there’s a jet coming in.” I breathe. Tony stark smiles and nods his head.

“Yeah, that’s probably Cap coming back from Wakanda. Don’t worry ‘bout it.”

“But—” I begin, but he’s already turned away, walking into the glass room with Roland. I exhale in frustration and look back at the screen. 924 mph until contact. I shut my eyes and take a deep breath. I need to do something. I need to do something now, because there’s less than three minutes until contact. I have to change the jet’s course. I pan my eyes through the room, looking for the jet control. Computers flash and think and whir. The room is too big to go searching for the jet control system. There’s no time.
My hand reaches out and digs through my black purse, past my makeup bag, notebooks, and all my toiletries. My fingers reach all the way to the bottom of the bag to the most important thing I carry in it. My skin brushes metal and I pull it out. My USB, a small inconspicuous thing. I step to the computer and jam it into the open port on the side of it. The virus is in effect immediately, a pop up appearing on the screen, asking whether or not to accept the program. I press “Ok” and drag the window of the radar to the corner of the screen with the mouse. Pulling up the program, decrypting codes to get through the firewall, it takes less than twenty seconds to get to the control panel of the jet. A blaring alarm begins to erupt from the speaker above my head, making me wince. But I’ve done this before. I’ve heard similar alarms before. I’ve learned to drown them out.

“What are you doing!?” a voice says in panic behind me. It’s Mr. Stark. I curse under my breath as I pull up the destination of the jet. I’m so fired.

The destination is the tower, the forty-second floor bio labs. I begin to look for a place to redirect it, looking back up at the radar. 334 mph until contact. My breath hitches. Forty-five seconds. I whip through locations for the jet to land at, noting that the jet needs to be at least forty miles away from the building to keep it from being effected. It’s already too close and too fast to be able to land at the tower. It’s going to have to crash land.

I don’t miss the commotion behind me as Mr. Stark realizes the alarm isn’t just because I’ve plugged a virus into his system, but because a jet is about to level the building. He approaches a panel of computers, but they’re just static. “The system is comprised.” he says grimly, stunned.vI chew on my lip, cringing. Thirty seconds. I take a deep breath until I spot a public water park. I quickly do a background on it, making sure it’s still closed and no one is on the property. I breathe a sigh of relief as I redirect the destination of the jet to the water and bring its speed down. Gasps erupt around me. I look up from the computer and see that diagonal to us, an aircraft’s smoke fogs the window. My eyes widen. That was too close.

I feel a pair of eyes on me. Ripping my gaze from the window, I realize Mr. Stark is staring at me in shock. My jaw clenches. The adrenaline is still in my system.

“There’s gonna be a crash landing in the Westward Water Park. The property is clear, but there’s still people on the jet.” I say. All evidence of uncertainty has disappeared from my voice, the same for my head. I turn back to the computer and reopen the virus, backtracking its effects. The sound of static on the computers seizes, and once I’ve uninstalled and blocked the program, I unplug the USB and return it to the bottom of my bag. The room is silent as I catch my breath that I hadn’t noticed I’d been holding. Mr. Stark clears his throat.

“Right.” he says, turning back to the panels. My eyes look around the room, trying to be okay with everyone’s gaze on me. They don’t know what happened, I’m sure, but they’re trying to understand. “Roland, get them outta here.” Mr. Stark says. I turn to leave when his next words make my heart sink to my stomach. “'Cept for you.” He doesn’t have to clarify who he’s referring to. I stop in my tracks and pivot. The new employees scurry out of the room, giving me wide-eyed, “You’re screwed” looks. I purse my lips and look down as Mr. Stark flicks through the jet’s status. It’s evident once it’s crashed, as alarms begin to beep and ring from his screen. He silences them.

“I’m sorry.” I say quietly. My voice echoes through the room, making it project louder than I spoke. “I didn’t know what else to do.” I look up, but he doesn’t seem to be listening. “Are the people on the jet okay?” I say nervously. He turns and shakes his head, but not in response to my question. It’s more like a shake of surprise.
“Person.” he says. “Only one. One very big, green person.”

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Love // Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader

Requests: “(Summary of request one) Can you make reader dance team captain and Monty fawns over them dancing.”


“Hey! I love your writing can you do a #1 and #6 from your prompt list with Montgomery de la cruz?

” Prompts: 1. “Why did you fall in love with me?”

6. “You are drunk, let’s get you home.”

Requests and ships are open




You are drunk, let’s get you home,” (Y/n) muttered as she tried to drag her boyfriend to his jeep.

“Nooo (Y/n) we need to partayyyy,” Monty groaned, about to throw up.

“No you are not throwing up on me,” (Y/n) pushed his face away.

“You love me,” Monty winked at her,“ You single? How about we go on a date sometime?”

“Okay you’re a dumbass,” (Y/n) rolled her eyes,“ Zach help me get him to his car.”

“On it,” Zach took Monty and slung the drunk boy’s arm around him. Zach put him in the passenger seat.

“You sure he’s okay? He looks wasted as fuck,” Zach looked at the girl.

“Yeah I’m gonna bring him to my house, no ones there until Wednesday so it’s okay,” (Y/n) smiled at Zach,“ He’s flirting with me though, but other than that everything’s fine.”

“Okay (Y/n) whatever you say. If you need me I’ll be here just call,” Zach hugged the girl goodbye and walked back to the party.

The first few minutes of driving was silent, only because Monty passed out.

“Hey cutie already taking me home??” He winked at her as he woke up.

“Oh god Monty we’re almost home and you can go to bed,” She rolled her eyes as she turned a corner.

“You know my name?” He slurred out,“ Do you have a name or can I just call you my girl?”

“It’s time to stop,” (Y/n) pinched his arm then parked in her driveway,“ Lets get you into bed.”

She walked around and opened his door, helping him up.

“C'mon Monty you gotta help me here,” She muttered while throwing his arm around her shoulders,“ Why do you have to be so heavy?”

“It’s all muscles,” He muttered back and started to walk, in zigzags

. “Okay muscle boy,” She pat his chest while unlocking her front door,“ Lets take your shoes off.”

“O-Okay,” He clumsily took off his shoes and looked at her like a lost puppy.

“Let’s go upstairs and sleep,“ She whispered as the two walked up the stairs, Monty with the assistance from her.

"You know, I love you so so much,” He whispered as she put a blanket over him,“ Why did you fall in love with me? I’m a angry guy who’s gets into fights all the time, you’re amazing so why?”

“Because when ever I’m with you I’m calm. I’m relaxed and you help me forget my problems. You remember my favorite snacks and my order at Monet’s,” She smiled.

“One hot chocolate and one (f/f),” He muttered while closing his eyes.

“Mhm, now lets go to sleep,” She whispered while laying next to him.

The next morning Montgomery woke up to the sound of music playing and the smell of breakfast.

He yawned and stretched, then walked down the stairs, stopping in the open doorway to the kitchen where (Y/n) was dancing freely to the music.

As the song ended and she stopped dancing, Monty started to clap.

“Beautiful dancing princess,” He smiled,“ No wonder you’re the dance team’s captain.”

“How long were you watching me?” She shrieked as her face turned red.

“I don’t know time freezes when I’m around you,” He smiled cheekily.

“Are you still drunk?”

Amends (part one)

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing. 

A/N: I started writing this about a year ago and left it alone after that. I was incredibly bored at work and managed to throw a little bit of it in there. For your information: the reader works as an optician (like myself!) but it’s not mentioned all that much. (I was actually looking for one of the most mundane-sounding job some one could do after modelling, and I found it XD) It’s been tweaked and improved (if I say so myself) and I hope you enjoy it! 

Originally posted by super-slick-imagines-chick

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes”

You looked up from your work to stare straight into the eyes of none other than Carter Baizen; fucking. Carter. Baizen.

Completely baffled you stared for a few seconds, but quickly turned back to what you were doing. The man had hurt you more than you could bare. The filthy rich guy who came to you, a former working class girl, every once in a while to have a little fun for some time; only to up and leave without a word when he found something better. Until you were done that is; done with the modelling lifestyle, done with the too bright spotlights and especially done with Carter Baizen. You decided that there was nothing more left for you in New York city, and packed your bags and high tailed it out of there to Europe, back to your home country.

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Genre: Angst, Fluff, Highschool!AU

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 9,909

Summary: Although she was considerably out of his league, he couldn’t help but fall for the girl who always stood up for him when no one else would.

Author’s Note: This took forever to write but I think it’s okay for what it is…Some parts really had me in my feels ;-; but I really hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think!

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Hell of a Girl (13 Reasons Why Jeff Imagine)

Description: Jeff invites you to go to a party with him, but you get nervous.

Request: @hxnnxh-bxkxr (aka the love of my life) said: can you do a jeff imagine where the reader is really shy and introverted [me] and he tries to get to know her but it’s really difficult because she’s so shy and stuff and they kiss and it’s fluffy? thank you! i love your writing sm. ☺️💜

A/N: thank you for always requesting stuff! I really appreciate it! Also I’m super sorry for not posting in a while. And if you’re a new follower, thank you and I hope you like this! Also I added stuff from the prompt list. 

“53. ‘It’s loney here without you’” and

“75. ‘You’re one hell of a girl’”

You were in communications class sitting across from Jeff. You’d never admit it to anyone, but you were basically obsessed with him. You were too nervous to talk to him though. Your friends told you to snatch him before the girls did, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to talk to him. You watched him silently as he searched for his paper. “Hey, do you have the homework from last night? I can’t miss another assignment,” he mumbled.

Without making eye contact with him, you gave him the paper on your desk, “Here, you can copy it.”

“You’re the best, (Y/N),” he smiled at you. “Thanks a lot.” He knew your name? You didn’t think he knew who you were. You smiled to yourself as Jeff handed the paper back to you. “I owe you one, thanks again.”

“No problem,” you mumbled.

“Alright, class,” Mrs. Bradely said as the bell rang. “Pass up your assignments, and talk to your group about your weekend plans. No one-word answers!”

“I don’t have any plans if you want to hang out?” Jeff smiled at you. “Make up for that assignment?”

“I…I don’t know, Jeff.”

“Do you not like me?” he looked at your curiously, “I’m sor-”

“I do!” you said a little too quickly. “I’m just awkward…and I don’t want to ruin a date.”

“It doesn’t have to be a date, we can go to Bryce’s party tonight. Other people will be there so it’s not a lot of pressure. Is that okay?”

You couldn’t believe how sensitive and considerate he was. “Okay,” you mumbled.

“I’ll see you there?”

“Yeah,” you smiled.


That night you looked at your phone and realized that it was already 9:30. You got nervous, and you knew you might have disappointed Jeff, but parties really weren’t your thing. You were only going to go for him, and you didn’t want to seem like a lost puppy following him the entire time. Suddenly your phone beeped. 

It’s lonely here without you :( -Jeff.

You felt bad, but you did want to go.

I’m sorry. It’s just hard for me to hang out with lots of people. 

Come to the party and I’ll stay with you. I wanna get to know you :)


You grabbed your keys and drove to Bryce’s house. It was a lot bigger than you expected, and you wondered if you could even find Jeff in all the craziness. You walked in and the people were already starting to leave. You hoped Jeff hadn’t left yet. You went out back and saw Jeff sitting by the edge of the pool with a towel around his waist. “(Y/N)!” he yelled when he saw you. “Took you long enough!” he laughed. He got up and walked towards you. “I’m just kidding.”

“I know,” you giggled. “You don’t have-”

“I said I want to get to know you, and I do. Let’s start, what’s your drink?”

“I don’t really drink…”

“Okay,” he said as he grabbed a beer for himself. “That’s cool.”

“I guess,” you rolled your eyes are yourself. “I’m not the most interesting person. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. You’re one hell of a girl. I just gotta get to know you is all,” he smiled at you as you both went inside.

“Petty Bitch”

Request: Could you do a club smut where Justin spots her in the crowd and invites her up to VIP then they talk for hours before she finally gives in and they have sex.

Warnings: Smut. Language!!

set during Bizzle days

Originally posted by biebsbuggati

The hoots and cheers from the crowd, accompanied by the screeching music conceived by the DJ was enough to make a person go deaf. The pounding of the music had my eyes bulging and bones vibrating through my body - but I must admit that part of that had something to do with the extensive amount of alcohol I had consumed so far tonight.

a girl to my left and my boys to my right - I could definitely say tonight was a success so far. The boys jumping around to the music, partying with the crowd while making jokes at how tipsy Za had become after only a few rounds of shots. The girl grinding up my leg had me gagging at the job she was doing. Her lanky body swaying from side to side while attempting to act sexy.

She was a bad turn on, and it wasn’t hard to tell she wasn’t worth the fuck. As we continued to party, a few people had began noticing us, coming to crowd around. And after a good 20 minutes of shuffling around in attempt for some space, I had become fed up with the main dance floor. 

Gathering all the boys back up, with a little convincing, we made our way back over towards the VIP section, settling down in the booth we had claimed for the night. J-blaze - one of my dancers who came along tonight - was smart enough to order us another round of shots, coming back to the table with a sigh.

“Shit Bieber, why you gotta be so well known?”

“Don’t remind me.” I groaned, rubbing my face with the palm of my hand.

“Let’s not think about the fan’s tonight.” Maejor began. “Lets just concentrate on having fun and getting wasted!”

The boys around us all began hooting and hollering, lifting the glasses of shots a bartender had brought us. After drowning the content, I couldn’t help the groan that escaped my lips, as the fire-like liquid ran down my throat. 

“Shit, there are no girls worth fucking in here tonight.” Khalil announced, eyes wandering around the crowd we were previously dancing in. “Everyone here is wifey material. Guess the one night stand felt like staying home tonight.”

“Or they’re all already off fucking each other in the back.” Lil twist commented, causing everyone to laugh. That’s when suddenly, Khalil’s hand shot out, slamming Za in the chest a few times for his attention - yet his eye were diverted to something off in the distance.

“Man, get your hand off of me.” Za frantically shouted, leaving Khalil to slap the back of his head. “Nigga stop tryna act important and look!” 

Khalil’s hand shot out towards the public dance floor, pointing towards a stunning young women dancing amongst the crowd. She sported a beautiful strappy, satin silk slip that only came past her mid thigh, with a pair of Kylie inspired knee high heels. A thick choker wrapped around her neck, completing the look with beach wavy shoulder length hair.

A few other girls surrounded the girl, some with similar outfits, others with different but just as stunning outfits. But this girl of all stood out the most.

“Damn…. Dibs on the one in the silk slip!” Za called.

“Which one? Half of them are wearing silk slips.” J-blaze commented.

“The one with the short hair.”

“Nope!” I immediately shouted. 

Za craned his head to look my way in surprise, eyebrows furrowing. “What? Why?”

“Cause. I already got my eye on her.”

“Nah boy.” Maejor interjected. “She’s mine.”

“All of you find another girl. I saw her first.” Khalil said.

As the boys where arguing, I took this is my opportunity to slip out of my seat, and silently began making my way over to girl, leaving the boys to argue in the dark. 

It wasn’t long before I was back on the dance floor, glancing around the swaying crowd in search for the dancing beauty. That’s when the similar satin silk caught my eye, leaving me staring at a sight for hungry eyes. Damn, she looked even better from down here. Licking my lips and rubbing my hands together, I was finding myself strutting my way over without even thinking.

She was facing the opposite way, swaying her hips to the beat with her friends. I smirked as I watched, enjoying the way she moved so fluently before deciding to slide my arms around her waist, leaving her jumping back in shock.

Her back collided with my chest, giving me perfect access to her ear. “Hey baby girl. I’m Justin. I saw you dancing back from the VIP section. Damn you got moves.” I growled.

“Is that so?” She smirked.

“Mhmm.” I mumbled. “Why don’t you come over and join me and my boys? What do you say….” I trailed off in search of her name.

“Y/N.” She answered my unspoken question. I smirked. “Beautiful name for a beautiful face.”

“Depends.” she shrugged, grinding her ass against my dick. “Can my friends come?”

“Whatever get’s you on me faster.”

“Then sure. Why not.” she smirked. 

Grabbing a hold of her hand as she shouted to her friends to follow along, I guided the girls over towards my booth, where the boys where all now watching with a burning fire. 

“You a stingy fuck Bieber.” Khalil growled, glancing at Y/N on my arm. 

“Don’t worry bro.” I smirked, gesturing towards her other friends “I got you some friends as well.” 

“Petty bitch.” Za whined. His eyes wondered over the other girls, before stopping and widening against one. He suddenly shot up, wrapping an arm around a light skinned beauty, licking his lips before swiping his hands down his chin. “Hey lil mama. Aha, I’m Za.” 

Khalil was next to find a girl, eyeing a similar one down. “You got lucky.” He muttered towards me, making his way over to the girl.

I chuckled, sliding into the booth as the rest left to go talk to a girl they found attractive. Once seated comfortably, I immediately pulled Y/N against my lap, gliding my finger around the top of her thigh. 

“So, you into…One night stands?” I questioned, looking down at the finger drawing patterns against her skin. 

Y/N chuckled, using a hooked index finger to draw my hand up to her face. “Uh-uh-ah. Not so fast, pop star.”

I pouted. 

“You can’t just call me over and expect a fuck. I need some kinda seducing.” She smirked. 

“How about I take you into that dark corner, and seduce you in a different way.”

“Or..” She began sliding off my lap. “How about….You come and get me.”

She used her finger to motion a ‘come here’, slowly strutting backwards. Like a lost puppy, I followed a long, shuffling off the seat to follow her but by the time I had gotten up, she had already lost herself in the crowd, leaving my eyes to wander over the place.

Oh how I like a girl who plays hard to get.

Quickly darting after her, I had just managed to catch sight of her silk slip, weaving through the crowd. Her giggle the only thing audible above the beat of the music and cheers of the clubbers. 

I took off running after her, bumping into a few people and not caring to apologize. I kept looking, following the beauty until I had finally reached a pair of stairs. Looking up, I spotted her at the top, hands either side of the railings, teasing me with her posture. One leg crossed over the other.

Quickly wasting no time in climbing the stairs, this time she stood in place, following me with her eyes. I began jogging towards her, finally reaching out to take hold of her wrist which I managed to succeed in. 

She smirked down on me with lust driven eyes, leaning forward to nibble against my ear, “You got me.” She whispered. 

It wasn’t until I then realised she had led me to the bathroom that I realised her motives, and that quickly lead me to drag her through the door of the women’s bathroom. With the click of the lock, I spun around on my heels to face her, still smirking. The lighting in here was much more efficient then the few flashing ones down in the club, giving me a much better view of her body.


Y/N chuckled while I walked towards her just as she started giggling, backing up until her back made contact with the sink behind her, halting her movements altogether.

I was quick to approach her, placing both hands on either side of her waist. with one swift lift, she was seated on the basin, legs spread and wrapped around my own waist. With my hands flat against her thighs, I leaned in, kissing up her neck. One hand kneaded through her hair, as my lips trailed closer and closer to hers, right before connecting. Moaning against her lips as she returned the gesture.

Slowly, my hand on her thigh began inching upwards, drawing the satin silk further up her thigh until the material of her panties brushed against my fingers. Her moans echoed throughout the empty bathroom, leaving me smirking as I slipped my finger passed the fabric and against her soaking clit. 

Her lip hooked underneath her pearly white teeth, drawing back the moan which threatened to spill and I smirked leaning forward to grab a hold of her lip with my own teeth, pulling it loose. “Don’t hide your pleasure.” 

And she nodded.

My fingers slowly began circling her soft bundle of nerves, leaving her breathless in a matter of seconds  “You’re so fucking wet” I hissed hungrily, kissing her passionately as my fingers began to run up and down the slick folds of her pussy.

“I can’t wait to taste your pussy baby” I moaned against her lips, simultaneously beginning to rub her clit faster than I thought possible. She gasped as the pleasure began to take over. Her lips moved to my neck as I continued to move my fingers faster and faster against the bundle of nerves between her lusciously long legs. And that’s when the mouth watering desire to taste the girl over took me, causing me to leap to my knees and cradle my head between her. 

The room in my pants continued to decrease as the woman before me succeeded to turn me on. She looked down on me in sexual distress, squirming around against my touch. I smirked and proceeded to lick my lips, using my index and thumb to spread her pussy open. The air flew past my lips as I began blowing cool air over her clit, causing her to let past a small moan, pushing me to my tempting limit. 

I dove down, dragging the flat of my tongue along her pussy, tasting the arousal between her legs - the arousal which I had formed from my teasing. “Fuck you taste good” I moaned, sucking her clit before simultaneously slipping two fingers past her tight pussy.

Her back arched in pleasure, a moan escaping a little louder than I suspected she intended it to be, as she leaned down to weave her slender fingers through my locks. She felt so good against my tongue that I forgot the fact we were in a public bathroom for a moment, and that I really needed to spead things up before someone came knocking for the bathroom. The surprise didn’t disappoint, and as I released her clit from my mouth, her moans seized into small whimpers.

I smirked and brought my lips up back to her own, attaching them as my hands fiddled with the buckle of my jeans. Her passionate kisses eventually subsided, becoming inpatient with my fumbling.

She swiped my hands away, swiftly unbuckling the strap herself with ease, leaving my jeans to pool around my ankles, soon followed by my underwear. Deciding against jumping straight into it, I began rubbing the tip of my erect dick against her pussy, leaving her even more hot and flustered then before.

“Justin for fuck sa-“ She began but as if that were my cue to begin, she was cut off by my smirk then the feeling of the head of my cock being pushed inside. I let out a load moan and she kissed me passionately, pushing the rest of myself inside of her until I was right up to the hilt.

I wasted no time in beginning my pumps, starting fast and only excelling in my thrusts from there. “Oh fuck Justin! right there.” She practically screamed as the head of my cock pressed against her G-spot. 

My movements grew much more aggressive as I kept moving my hips towards hers, thrusting deep and hard inside her. She moved her hips against my own, attempting to raise the pressure and intensity of our approaching climax’s. 

“Fuck baby!” I moaned out, my thrusts becoming deliberate and forceful against that spot inside her. My fingers snaked in between us and began rubbing at her clit as fast as they could. Her body racked and shook in pleasure, head lolling against my shoulder and eyes rolling to the back of her head.

“Come for me baby” I whispered against her skin just as her teeth sunk into my neck, tipping me over the edge instead. My cock began spasaming inside her pussy as I reached a climax like no other. She moaned over and over, her back arching against my body releasing delicious noises of release. My name and various expletives falling from her lips as her high over came her. 

I was quick to remove myself, pumping a few times into a tissue which O had retrieved from the dispenser besides me. Leaving us both in tiresome positions, panting fan gasping for air. 

“You’re incredible” She chuckled and I smiled at her, kissing her once more.

“No baby, that was all you.”

“I can’t believe we just had sex in a public bathroom.” She chuckled causing us both to erupted in a fit of giggles at the realisation of what we had done.

After standing there for a while, we helped each other get dressed, and represented ourselves to look half decent, riding of our sex hair. But she showed no intention in sticking around for long, since she began making her way to the door. 


She spun and raised her eyebrows. 

“Can I at lease get your number?”

“You already have it.” Was all she said, before strutting out with a smirk. 

My eyebrows furrowed as I thought on what she just said. Already have it? Since when? Shoving my hands in my pocket in thought, I suddenly felt something rolling around inside. After pulling it out I couldn’t help but smile.

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Its sloppy I apologise. But it turned out okay! I think…

BTS REALITY SHOW “The Reunion Special”

Heechul: Welcome bitches ~ I’m Heechul and tonight I’ll be hosting the reunion special you’ve been waiting for.

Key: /struts out as a crew member drags out a chair for him to sit in/ Make way peasant the queen has arrived~

Heechul:/what the hell/ Um wait what the fuck is this?

Key: Your co-host /smiles as he sits flawlessly/

Heechul: Um excuse me? I think you’re mistaken. If you’re looking for the “bad girls club” they’re down ratings.

Key: And if you’re looking for “Botched” I can call and have you set up an appointment. Your nose is looking a little crooked.

Heechul:/sips his tea/ And so is that hairline

Key:/scoffs/ Someones having a dry spell

Heechul: Jonghyun your bitch is barking!

Key:/lets out a petty laugh as he looks at the camera/ You’ve watched them’ve watched them grow. Army I give you BTS! 

BTS:/comes out all fly as fuck/ 

Heechul:/looking at himself in the mirror touching his nose/ Nose crooked my ass~

Key: So boys it’s been quite a while since we’ve last seen you, what have you been up to?

Namjoon: We’ve been doing great~ I mean we’ve been on tour and recently won a billboard award. Its just been crazy and hectic in a good way. Our time has been mainly consumed with hard work you know preparing for our next album.

Jimin:/smiling as he happily shows off the billboard award/

Namjoon:/chuckles/ He hasn’t put it down since we won

Heechul:/laughs/ That’s so cute

Hoseok: And Jungkook hasn’t put him down since../forgets what he what he was gonna say cause he high af/

Jungkook:/holding Jimin/ Hyung I have no idea what you’re talking about?

Key: Wait…I thought Jimin was with Suga and jungkook was with v? 

Heechul: /scratches his head/ Did..we miss something?

Jimin:/laughs/ It’s complicated~

V:/expensive laugh and talks in a rich high voice/ Oh yeah you did~/crosses his legs as he pushes his Gucci shades up and sits in his expensive fur coat/

Jin:/sighs shaking his head/

Heechul: Um..V…you seem different..

V: You know I just feel like this year is about, like, the year of realizing things and stuff. You knoooooow?

Key:/whispers to Heechul/ why is he talking like that?

Jin: Taehyung has been on a bit of a do you say..Gucci High

Yoongi: Everything he has must be first we uh thought nothing of it you know. We just thought “oooh heey it’s just’s just a brand” but oooooh were we wrong

V: You know you’re just too much hyung~ he’s just ungrateful of what I’ve done for them


V: /sighs/ I helped you..I helped all of you~

Yoongi:/scoffs/ Yeah right


Jungkook: No one!You literally dressed Jimin by force this morning 

Jimin:/in a small voice/ Yeah..he…he did

V: Well at Least I’m not on steroids /glares at Jungkook/

Hoseok:/laughs all chill/ I knew it 

Jungkook: Bitch you don’t know shit! My muscles are as real and natural as Jimin’s ass

Jimin:Jibooty is all real and natural~ I even joined Sehun’s twerk team


Jimin: /pouts as he sighs/ Come on don’t be like that


Hoseok: Me bitch these hips do not lie

Jin:/pulls out a a bottle of vodka opening it/

Key:/gasps/ Jin when did you start drinking?

Heechul:/notices Jin’s sudden dark demeanor and choice of style/ Jin what the hell are you wearing? /gasps/ Are you going through menopause? 

Jin: No you dumbass! Since the show started these little assholes have been driving me crazy and namjoon /sighs as he sips his vodka/ his ass just…

Namjoon: Jin’s just under a lot of stress that’s all


Jin:/drinking his vodka/ I mean do you not hear this shit?! And fucking Namjoon started a fire in the shower this morning…a fucking fire..LIKE HOW DOES ONE EVEN DO THAT?!

Heechul:/looks into the camera as if he’s in the office/

Key: And I thought suho was fucked..


Jungkook:/stands up holding jimin like he’s a puppy/ UM JUNGKOOK DIDN’T AGREE TO ANYTHING /turns to taehyung/ The fuck is he talking about?!



V: Oh now you want to talk about our son?

Jungkook: Don’t you fucking start with me! He’s not mine!

V: I was better off as a single parent anyways YOU DEADBEAT!

Key: Hoseok looks like he wants to say something!

Hoseok:/seriously lost in thought/ Why do we get IN a car but ON a bus?

Jin: I’m fucking out of here /gets up and walks off/


Jin: TO KEN’S /keeps walking/

Namjoon: THE HELL YOU AREN’T /gets up storming after him/

Jimin:/pouts/ eomma and appa are mad~

Yoongi:/watching hoseok/… Dude…what the hell are you on?

Hoseok:/smokes his blunt/ some bad stuff dude

Jungkook:/arguing with Taehyung like he on an episode of maury/

Jimin:/trying to wiggle his little body out of Kookies strong grip/

Key: And that’s all the time we have folks!Thanks for watching this trainwreck~ I need a drink /gets up and leaves along with Heechul as chaos errupts on set/


I Shouldn’t - Theo Raeken Smut

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Fem. Reader

Warning: Basically just smut 

Requests: none 

A/N:  I wrote this out of sheer bordem so sorry if it sucks, also REQUESTS ARE OPEN if you want me to make your wildest dreams come true ;)) Enjoy!

I strolled down the loud and crowded halls of Beacon Hills High School. Hopelessly searching for the boy who makes my heart beat quicken and makes my breath gets caught in the back of my throat just with his piercing eyes. The entire pack has told me countless amounts of time I shouldn’t get close to Theo, especially my brother Derek Hale. But I couldn’t help myself stare when I saw him in the hallways. One day, in particular, Derek and the pack went over to Scott’s for a pack meeting and Derek decided to leave me at home since he didn’t want me to deal with their problems as a way to keep me safe. 

I lazily laid sprawled out on the grey couch beneath me when my head perked up to the loud clang of a knock coming from the large metal front door. I let out a deep sigh before strolling up to the door and tugging it open to reveal Theo standing in the door frame with a smug smirk taped to his face.

“Theo?” I choked out in disbelief to see him at my front door. “W-What are you doing here?” I timidly asked, unsure of what his plans were. 

“Heard you were going to be alone for a bit and I thought I could keep you company,” He smirked at me as he leaned against the metal fence surrounding the balcony. His way with words constantly made me melt and at this point, I was putty in his hands, ready at his disposal. 

“How did you know I was going to be here alone?” I questioned as I tried to keep a wall of confidence up, but alas it was slowly crumbling.

“Let’s just say that Scott needs to get better at keeping his plans secretive.” Theo chuckled at his response and pushed himself off the fence and casually welcomed himself into the house. I watched in awe as he simply gave the house a view before plopping down on the couch I was just sitting on not too long ago. I pulled the door closed and followed him over like a lost puppy, overjoyed by the fact that Theo Raeken was in my house.

“Why did you come here?” I asked and he looked at me with a devilish smirk.

“I see the way you look at me in the halls, it’s like you’re undressing me right in the middle of the hallway, I can constantly smell the arousal on you whenever we’re close, you’re heartbeat quickens and I’d be lying if I didn’t do the same.” He looked at me with dark eyes and he leaned in closer. My brain exploded with a thousand questions and also with excitement over the idea that Theo felt the same way. Instead of replying with words, I replied by rushing to place my lips onto his as if it was the last time I’d see him. He happily replied to the kiss by turning it rougher as he lightly bit down on my bottom lip causing me to let out a soft moan in pleasure. Theo pulled me into his lap quenching both of our needs to be closer to one another. I let my hands trail down his torso as I felt his abs through the thick fabric of his sweater. Once my hands proceeded to reach the bottom of the cotton I held onto the hem of it and yanked it over his head, exposing the toned werewolf physic he had. Theo began to leave rough kisses down my neck and leading to my collarbone but quickly got frustrated when the shirt I was wearing made an inconvenience to him, which led to him ripping it over my head and raking his eyes up and down my body at the new land of skin he bestowed his eyes upon.

“God, you are absolutely breathtaking,” Theo murmured sincerely with a grin as he made his way back to my lips, kissing them now with a soft and loving passion to it. As my hands cascaded down his body like a waterfall I could feel his hard on being contained by his jeans and I slowly began to palm him through the fabric allowing him to let out a deep growl in satisfaction. I grinned into our kiss with content at his sounds and began to move faster. Theo pushed me off of him and took me by surprise, now my back pressing up against the couch and Theo hovering above my face with his strong arms capturing around me.

“I love the sound of your heartbeat picking up when I’m around you.” Theo seductively whispered into my ear. Soon following, he planted small kisses down my collarbone, through the valley of my bra clad breasts, and down my stomach until he grew closer to the waistband of my jeans. He looked up at me with longing eyes as if it was his way to ask for permission. I answered by giving a slight nod and Theo wasted no time in yanking them down my legs and removing his pants as well. The lean cut werewolf returned to his position and confidence growing inside me allowed me to unclasp the bra and throwing it down to the side letting my bare breasts be at his viewing pleasure. I watched as his eyes sparked with yellow and his pupils dilated. His smile grew animalistic and he dipped his head down, taking one nipple into his mouth and lightly biting down, motivating my back to arch and my hands gravitate to his blond hair, tightly pulling at the strands emitting a moan to release from his mouth. Theo moved from my breasts making me whimper from the lack of touch and he discarded his boxers allowing his constrained boner to spring free from the fabric prison it was just in. Theo did the same with my panties and I grew wetter at the impending pleasure I was about to receive.

“Tell me what you want (Y/N),” Theo said licking his lips hungrily.

“I want you to fuck me, Theo,” I whispered into his ear and he groaned happily at the response.

Wasting no time Theo filled me up with his large length and I instinctively let out a large moan, pleasure coursing through my veins and I could feel my eyes shift due to the foreign feeling. Theo looked at me perplexed at the ice blue glow in my eyes as he slowly began to thrust in and out of me. Soon the pleasure faded and craving began to take over, craving for more strength and faster speeds.

“Theo, please go faster,” I whined and he happily complied, picking up the pace sending new waves euphoria as he constantly hitting my g-spot. With each thrust granted Theo with a moan to slip from my lips. A knot built up in my stomach and I bit my lip from the beautiful feeling.

“Theo, I think I’m-” I started but Theo stopped me by pressing his lips to mine, tenderly.

“I know me too, just let it go.” At his words, I came crashing down like a tsunami and the pleasure built up like a wall came crumbling down. I couldn’t contain the feeling of screaming Theo’s name and running my fingernails harshly down his back. From the pain of my nails to my erotic noises, Theo too came crashing down from his high after a few more rough and sloppy thrusts.

Theo contently rested down on my and I softly ran my hands through his now sweaty hair.

“Thanks for keeping me company,” I said, my voice quiet and my throat dry.

“Always happy to help,” Theo grinned and lightly pecked my lips with gratitude.

@marleyrose - prompt: “hey i got your package and opened it on accident and wow why did you order that??”

Moving in together was something that Alex had taken with stride. They moved into Alex’s apartment because it was nicer - then they moved into another apartment because it was bigger. 

And now they share a room, and bed, and a have a door that actually separates said bed form everything. And it’s all very domestic, and soft. And if Maggie and Alex weren’t so happy about it, they’d probably tease each other more on it.

But they had been dating a while now. 1 year, 6 months and 23 days to be exact. Not that she’s counting or anything. 

But she might have been. She might have been waiting since 9 months, 7 days, and 38 minutes into their relationship to find the perfect time to ask Maggie to marry her.

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oblivious (part 3)

a/n: s i’m so sorry this took so long i’ve just been crazy busy but i’m not now so there will be loads of updates love yah!

pairing: chris schistad x reader

word count: 937

warnings: none

part 1

part 2

the night y/n had spent with Chris had been one of the most amazing nights of her life, but she had grown to worry that this was the only thing that would be going on between them, sex. Chris would act like he didn’t know her at school even going as far as to tease her when she walked past 

for example yesterday y/n had been walking down the school corridor with Eva by her side when she saw Chris and William walk past them, but Chris looked back, not at y/n, but at Eva, he winked at her and mumbled a little ‘hi’

he would then look back at y/n and smirk knowing that what he was doing hurt her he would then turn back to William and act like nothing had ever happened, 

Eva was beyond shocked as she knew about the relationship between Chris and y/n and a part of y/n felt mad that he would always play these games with her but the other was completely destroyed and depressed, she had no idea what Chris wanted from her, it was like he didn’t want to give her up but he also didn’t want to be seen around with her and y/n was sick and tired of playing these games with him.

but there was nothing she could do about it she liked him to much to confront him afraid she would lose him, so she sat with the girls, laughing at what Vilde had said her nose scrunching and lips opening wide as the all so pleasing sound fell out of her mouth, her laugh was like music to Chris’s ears and he smiled looking at the beautiful girl that sat with her friends not acknowledging the fact that Chris had been staring at her for the last two minutes without looking away.

It scared him that he liked her so much, it scared him that he wanted nothing more but to call her his, so only to avoid his feelings he pretended he didn’t have any, he pretended that she was nothing more than a girl he had sex with. but he had started noticing how much it pained her when she woke up and he wasn’t with her, the only morning he had stayed was when they did it for the first time it was also technically because it was at his house and where would he go? 

he had never brought her back to his place after that as he didn’t like the feeling that he would get when she would wrap her arms around him so he did what he did best he ran away from it, he buried the feelings he felt for y/n deep in his head and tried his best to make them go away but every time he touched her he felt something.

did he love her? he wasn’t exactly sure but he knew that he felt something for her that he hadn’t felt for anyone not even Iben. So he flirted with other girls right in front of her and didn’t realise how much it hurt her and how it destroyed her confidence, he kept doing it over and over until what he had feared the most happened 

Chris was sat in the small apartment he lived in, head in his hands as he thought about the whole y/n situation, it destroyed him knowing that what he was doing took just as much of a toll on her as it did on him.

a knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts furrowing his eyebrows as he looked at the clock and saw it was only 10pm. He stood up walking towards the door slowly twisting the doorknob that lead to the hallway. When he opened the door he was shocked to see y/n standing there, but he still pulled her in to his apartment pressing her up against the wall as he figured that was the reason she was her.

but to his surprise she pushed him away rather harshly stunning Chris a bit as he stumbled back “that’s not why i’m here you ass” she grumbled “then why are you here?” he asked going to put his arms around her only to have her push him off “don’t” she mumbled going to sit on his couch, he trailed after her like a lost puppy sitting down next to her, he went to put his hand on her thigh “would you just stop” she yelled, he nodded looking down ashamed his cheeks flashing a deep shade of red 

“i’m ending this, whatever it is it’s over” she looked at Chris hoping that he would fight for her, but that didn’t happen he didn’t show any kind of emotion, he simply sat there face blank “okay” he said surprised that his voice hand’t cracked or that he hadn’t started to cry, y/n was stunned to say the least, she honestly thought that Chris had cared for her

“okay!? that’s all you have to say to me” he winced at the harshness off her words, but he swore to himself that he would never open up to anyone afraid of getting hurt in the process, so he simply nodded. he didn’t dare to look at her knowing if he did he would crack

“i hate you Christoffer Schistad” she cried starting to walk towards the door that led to the empty hallway. She hoped he would stop her, run after her but he did no such thing he just sat there face blank still showing no kind of emotion, she looked back one more time before slamming the door shut and walking away from him and their relationship.

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3 with 76 please?

I could imagine both of them saying this lmao (compounding this into one thing since they’re the same prompt, just different characters)

3. “I’m not jealous.”


It was a very, very warm day. You had taken it upon yourself to plan a day at the beach with the former Overwatch hero, despite his numerous protests about being in a public setting without his mask.

You were laying on a flower-clad beach towel, soaking in the warm sunlight while the white haired man had disappeared off somewhere, presumably to get something cool to drink.

As you laid there, you noticed a sudden lack of sunlight hitting your face.

This made you open your eyes, and you were greeted with the sight of a tall, brown-haired man standing above you.

“Enjoying yourself?” He spoke, chuckling a bit as your face turned to that of annoyance.

“Yes, actually. Now move.” You sneered.

“Easy, now. No need to be so hostile.” The man spoke again, this time waving his arms in front of him as to dismiss your annoyance.

“The girl said move.” You heard suddenly, which made you sit up and look over in the direction of the voice.

Soldier stood there, his face extremely angry as he stared at the intruding man, his jaw visibly clenched.

“Beat it, kid.” Soldier spoke again, motioning with his hands to leave.

“Alright, sheesh.” The brown haired man sighed, walking off without another word.

You giggled a little bit at the older man’s irritation, making him raise an eyebrow at you.

“What?” He asked, sitting down next to you, handing you a blue colored drink.

“You sounded jealous.” You laughed.

“I am not jealous.”


You were pacing around the Blackwatch headquarters, waiting impatiently for Genji to finish his training for the day.

He’d recently gotten his cybernetic enhancements, and it was taking a while for him to get used to them.

The Blackwatch employees had taken the liberty of assigning Genji to do hours upon hours of training in order to grow accustomed to his enhancements faster.

Which left you in your current situation, pacing around the hallway outside of his training room, hopelessly bored.

“He’s gonna be a while, darlin’.” McCree spoke, approaching your pacing figure.

“I know that, Jesse.” You retorted, stopping your pacing in order to face him.

“Then why’re ya’ waiting around like a lost puppy?” He chuckled, earning a him a squinted glare.

Because,” You spoke “He might get out of training early. And I want to be here when he does.”

The cowboy snorted.

“Fat chance that’ll happen, but do whatever ya’ want I reckon.” He walked off, throwing his hands up in a shrugging motion.

“I don’t need you to tell me what to do.” You rolled your eyes, and looked through the observer’s window, noticing Genji staring at you from inside the room.

Well it looks like he’s done.” You thought to yourself, a little bit of excitement building up inside of you.

Genji had finally exited the room, and you couldn’t be happier. You’d been waiting at least two hours outside of the room, and your feet were sore from pacing.

“Genji!” You shouted, your arms wrapping around the cyborg man, taking him by surprise.

He flinched at your sudden action, then patted your head once he realized who had hugged him.

“What were you talking to Jesse for, dear?” He asked, looking down at you, catching your eyes as you looked up at him.

He was scowling, and it made you chuckle.

“Why?” You asked innocently.

Your question made him scowl even more, and he brought his hand up to his face, pressing a small button on the side of his head, releasing his mask.

His lips were pressed together tightly, and he sighed, his other hand sliding down to rest on your back.

“I am merely concerned.” He spoke, a slight annoyance in his voice.

“You mean you’re jealous.” You shot back playfully.

“I am absolutely not jealous.”

Last (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Word Count: 1502

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

You and Peter Parker had been friends now for a very long time, eight years to be exact. In your eyes he was the perfect guy with his messy brown hair, cute dorky glasses and the adorable smile that appeared on his face whenever he saw you. Knowing he would only ever see you as his friend, you never attempted a relationship between you both. Never even told him your feelings, you didn’t want to lose him.

Peter was like a song that you could never ever get out of your head, on your mind everyday. There’s not been one day since you’ve met that you hadn’t thought about him at least once. Peter on the other hand, he had no problem not thinking about you romantically, well, that’s what you assumed anyway. He’s always going after girl after girl, from Mary Jane to Gwen to Liz. You knew you could never compete with those girls, all of them being smart, gorgeous and kind, well, maybe only Gwen on the kind part. 

But you knew you could never be what he wanted, you were the complete opposite of his type. You weren’t the smartest kid, you were just average with no talent to offer. The hair on your head didn’t look gorgeous everyday like the other girls, yours was always frizzy and often full of knots, you try to make it look nice but you’re far too lazy to spend time on your hair every morning. There were permanent dark circles under your eyes from those late night TV show marathons and you often wore nothing other than a simple jeans and t shirt combo. There was literally nothing exciting about you. You were kind to those who deserved it, not those like Flash Thompson who you didn’t have an ounce of respect for after all the kids he’s bullied over the years. 

But apart from being a nice person you had nothing to offer, there was no way Peter would ever like you the way you liked him. You often caught yourself day dreaming of what life would be like if you and Peter were together, being able to kiss him and hopefully be his last first kiss and being together for the rest of your lives. But you knew that was far from reality and not ever a probability, you were just the friend.

It was a Friday night and Peter had been invited to a party at Liz’s and somehow managed to drag you along with him. You had actually tried with your appearance tonight, brushing your hair and applying makeup since you had more time and were in the mood to walk in looking like a badass bitch. Maybe it was the fact that you knew girls who liked Peter were going to be there tonight and you feeling and looking confident was like your war paint going into battle. The cherry red heels you wore were clicking against the concrete as you and Peter made your way up Liz’s driveway, stuffing your hands into the pockets in your jacket to hide them from the cold air. 

You felt a little giddy tonight after Peter had complimented how you looked when you arrived outside his apartment before. He had told you that you looked breath taking and that was enough to keep a smile plastered on your face for the rest of the evening. You were glad you decided to wear jeans though, you couldn’t find it in yourself to wear a dress, no matter how hard you tried to look good tonight you weren’t prepared to freeze off your legs in this weather. 

“You ready Y/N?” Your friend asked, linking his arm through yours causing chills to travel down your spine at the touch. “As I’ll ever be.” Your confidence was wearing thin now, nervous to be in a room full of people whom you mostly disliked. But Peter wanted you to come with him so here you were, like a lost puppy obeying to his every command. You couldn’t deny you were lovesick for the boy.

Entering the house you found yourself inching closer into Peter, the crowds of teenagers let wild in the living room. The music was thumping so loudly that you couldn’t hear yourself think and sweaty bodies were grinding against each other on the dance floor. “So this is what a high school party looks like?” You looked up at Peter with an uneasy expression, this was going to be a long night. He chuckled at your reaction to the drunk teens and pulled you further along into the crowd.

Looking around you could see a kitchen where bottles of alcohol were lined up and a few people were doing body shots. You could have sworn you just witnessed some random guy taking a body shot off of Jen from your math class. Never would have pegged her for a party type. Peter’s eyes brightened a little as he saw something behind you. Curious to see what caused him to act like this you turned around to be face to face with Liz, oh god help me.

“Peter…and Y/N, it’s so nice to see you here!” You could evidently hear the fake excitement she had when she noticed you with Peter. You couldn’t help but stand up straighter, she was not getting anywhere near your guy tonight. You faked a friendly smile towards the girl as your friend on the other hand did the unexpected. “Wouldn’t miss it.” He was smiling so brightly at her as he gave her a friendly hug. You felt your heart drop at the sight in front of you, Liz noticing your changed emotions as she sent you a wicked smirk. Oh great this was gonna be one fun night.

Somehow you were dragged into a game of seven minutes in heaven along with Peter. You didn’t realize they played such primary school games at high school parties but you shrugged and followed your friend over to the group of people playing the game. It’s not like you knew anyone else at this party but Peter anyway.

Nervously taking a seat next to Peter on the ground you lean your chin against your knees, your nerves not doing a great job at hiding themselves. Peter was too busy staring at Liz to notice though, you could literally feel your heart breaking at this sight. He really liked this girl didn’t he? Suddenly Liz stood up gaining everyone’s attention. 

“Okay so, whose gonna be the lucky person to spend seven minutes in a closet with me tonight?” She held eye contact with Peter as she spoke, causing the boy to visibly gulp nervously. You considered getting up and leaving but didn’t want to ruin your friends night over a look a girl gave him. She wasted no time in spinning the bottle and just your luck it landed directly next to you, onto Peter.

You gasped bringing your hand up to your mouth, this was not happening. A huge grin appeared on both Peter and Liz’s faces and your heart was just breaking more and more by the second. This could not be happening. 

“I’ll be back soon, wish me luck!” He patted your shoulder before rising to his feet and following Liz down the hallway. You were shattered, completely broken. You’d never felt so much pain and such, rejection before, especially not from your best friend. Your eyes began to sting, you could feel the tears starting to fall. There was no way you could stay here whilst you knew the boy you were in love with was with Liz Allan in the other room. 

You quickly rose to your feet and sprinted out of the house, not giving a damn that you had no way of getting home. So be it if you had to walk, at least you had time to cry without anyone else seeing. Wrapping your arms around your body you tried to keep yourself warm but it was useless in this cold weather. You sniffled tried to wipe away your tears, but every time you tried your throat would rack up a sob and the tears would start up again.

It wasn’t long before your phone began to ring, you knew who it was but you didn’t care right now. You let it ring out, not caring if he was worried about where you were or what happened to you, he was the reason you were in tears. After your phone had rung for the fourth time you gave in and decided to send him a text so he would stop calling you.

Y/N: I’m fine, walking home. Please stop calling me.

You weren’t going to wait for his reply, turning off your phone and stuffing it into your pocket. The salty tears were still streaming down your face and you weren’t sure if they were ever going to stop. Why did you have to be in love with your best friend?

Gang! AU - Kwon Jiyong

Pairing: Reader x Jiyong

Genre: Gang! AU / fluff / angst

Warnings: strong language, voilence, creepy men hitting sleazily on you

Prompt:  “Oh my gosh!!! Are you jealous?” + “Hey! You talk like that to my girlfriend again and I will end you.”

Word count: 1.1k

A/N: I wanted this to be a short 400 word drabble but it just kept growing xD I’m not even sorry lmao. Here’s post number 2 for today since I’ve been gone for so long~

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The Bully

Modern High School AU

Thomas Jefferson x Reader 

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Request: Request: Hmm could you do a Thomas Jefferson x Reader in like a modern AU(or Hamiltime) where Thomas is the school bully all because he’s a senior in highschool and thinks he’s all that then the reader(a new student)walks by and he’s just like :“Hello there XD” and flirts with her but Peggy rescues the reader from the dreaded Thomas Rex? XD - Anon

Words: 2133

Warnings: Swearing, bullying, kissing

A/N: I hope this is what you were wanting when you requested it, anon. Thanks again for requesting! 

“(Y/N) (L/N), I presume?” The principal, George Washington, peered down at you from over his desk.

“Yes, sir.” You gulped, his intense stare making you completely uncomfortable.

“Well then, welcome.” His once serious expression changed into a warm one. “We’re very glad to have you here. I will be having one of our top students show you around today. I hope that you enjoy your time here. Do not hesitate to come to me with any problems you have.” He smiled at you, calming your nerves at once.

“Thank you, sir. I really appreciate it.” You smiled back at him, feeling much more relaxed than you had when you first walked in the building. A short knock at the door, caught both yours and Washington’s attention.

“That must be her.” He got up from his desk to open the door to his office. There stood a young girl in a yellow dress. “(Y/N), this is Peggy Schuyler. She’ll be showing you around the school today. Peggy, this is (Y/N) (L/N).”

“Come on, (Y/N)! You’re going to love it here!” Peggy exclaimed, grabbing your hand and pulling you out the door.

“Please, don’t get them into any trouble, Peggy.” Washington sighed, watching the two of you leave.

“I’ll try, G-wash!” Peggy smirked at him before pulling you full force, to the foyer of the school. “Welcome to the best school you will ever attend!”

“Are you sure about that?” You asked, glancing nervously at the enormous amount of people you have never talked to before.

“You’ll love it, trust me. The people here are great…at least most of them.” Peggy reassured you, pulling you through the crowd.

“Where are we going?” You asked, feeling completely lost.

“I’m going to introduce you to my sisters. You can’t survive high school without a couple of good friends, can you?” Peggy smiled.

“I guess not.” You smiled back. First day at a new school and you had already found a group that wanted to be friends with you. This was like a dream come true.

You approached two very pretty girls. One wearing a blue dress and the other was wearing an orange dress. They were talking to a group of four energetic boys that were basically bouncing off the walls. Peggy looked back at you with a thumbs up before finally reaching them.

“Everyone, I would like you to meet (Y/N)!” Peggy announced proudly, presenting you like a prize on a gameshow. “(Y/N), these are my sisters Angelica and Eliza. And these are our friends Alexander, John, Hercules, and Lafayette.” They each waved at you when Peggy introduced them.

“Hi, nice to meet you guys.” You said, looking down at your hands.

“And it’s wonderful to meet you too!” Eliza said warmly.

“This is their first day here and Gwash wants me to show them around. I like them already, so I vote let’s keep them!” Peggy wrapped her arms around you tightly. “I mean, look at them. They’re like an adorable lost puppy!”

“I second the vote!” John yelled, followed by many more shouts of agreement. A bell rang through the school, and slowly all the students began to leave for their classes.

“I got to get (Y/N) to class, but we’ll see you guys at lunch!” Peggy said, the two of you waving to the group as you left.

The classes leading up to lunch, followed the exact same routine. The teacher making you stand in front of the class and introduce yourself as the new student. It was exhausting and completely annoying.

Luckily there was one upside, you were able to find something that caught your eye. Or more like someone. He had big puffy hair and a magenta sweatshirt on. He had been in all of your classes. Every time you had been sent up to the front to introduce yourself, his eyes never strayed from you. Even when his friends would try to make a comment to him, he would just brush them off.

As the bell signaling lunch rang, you silently hoped that Peggy would introduce you to him. Sadly, instead of doing that, Peggy walked quickly past him with a look of disgust. There was obviously something you didn’t know about him.

“Hey Peggy. Who was that guy in the magenta shirt that’s been in all of our classes?” You asked.

“His name’s Thomas Jefferson, and he is the worst person you will ever meet! He’s a bully to everyone. Just because he’s a senior and is a high honor roll student, he thinks he can just push everyone around. Trust me (Y/N), you don’t want to get involved with Thomas Rex.” She shuddered at the thought.

“Thomas Rex?” You asked, giggling slightly at the strange nickname.

“Yeah, Alexander came up with it because just like a T-Rex, he destroys everything in his path.” Peggy said, her cold tone making your giggling cease.

“Good to know.” You said, feeling much sadder than you should have been. You didn’t even know the guy. Why were you sad about this?

“I just remembered, I need to go talk to my English teacher. The lunchroom is just at the end of this hall. Will you be fine walking there by yourself?” Peggy asked, looking behind her anxiously where the classroom most likely was.

“I’ll be fine, Pegs.” You smiled at her, despite the fact that you were freaking out inside.

“Okay, sweet! Everyone will probably be sitting at the table in the back right corner. You won’t be able to miss it!” Peggy quickly turned around and almost sprinted to her english classroom.

You took a deep breathe in before continuing your walk to the lunchroom. You didn’t know why, but it completely terrified you having to make this walk alone. You felt so vulnerable and small in the almost empty hallways.

“What did you say? You do know I could beat you to a pulp right?” A voice growled not too far from you.

You gulped, slowly approaching the voice. You could hear grunts of pain and the low chuckles of two people. When you turned the corner, you saw Thomas Jefferson and someone else standing over a freshman’s shaking body. Looking at the small boy  filled you with adrenaline.

“Excuse me, what do you think you’re doing?” You called, quickly approaching the group of boys.

“Well, hello there.” Thomas looked at you and smirked, quickly forgetting the crying boy behind him.

“That didn’t answer my question.” You said, walking past Thomas and approaching the small boy.

“It’s nothing that concerns your pretty mind.” Thomas watched you crouch down next to the boy.

“Are you okay?” You asked the boy softly. “Why’d you do this?” You glared at Thomas, helping the boy slowly rise to his feet.

“I told you, it doesn’t concern you. Look beautiful, I know you’re new here, so I’ll excuse this little mix up if you let me finish what I started.” Thomas said.

“Can you walk to the nurse’s office by yourself?” You asked the boy, who quickly nodded. As he left, you turned back to face Thomas. “You are terrible! What you think you’re all that because you’re a senior? Guess what buddy? Nobody even cares! That gives you no excuse to be a jerk to people for no reason!” You fumed, Thomas’ face began to drop from it’s usual smirk.

“I-” He tried to explain himself, only to be quickly cut off by you.

“I don’t want to hear your excuse! The worst part of this all is that I was really excited to talk to you. You’re stupidly cute, but you turn out to be a complete asshole!” You almost yelled, not even realizing what you had said until you saw Thomas have an amused smile on his face.

“Stupidly cute, eh?” He raised an eyebrow at you.

“Forget I said that. Because in the end, you being a bully and thinking you’re better than everyone else makes you completely unattractive.” You said, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks.

“You’re blushing, sweetheart.” He smirked as you silently cursed your bright face. “If I wasn’t a bully, would you go out with me?” His smirk faded completely.

“Yes, I would.” You said honestly, his face lighting up with a small smile. Without knowing it the two of you had gotten closer and closer, now only inches away from each other’s faces.

“(Y/N)!” Peggy sprinted down the hallway, a look of horror on her face. “Don’t touch her!” She screamed.

“Um, this may be my cue to go.” Thomas said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “But I’ll keep in mind what you said about bullying.” Thomas turned and walked away quickly towards the friend that had been with him earlier.

“Yeah! You better run, Thomas Rex!” Peggy snarled, grabbing your hand firmly in hers. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

“No, everything was fine. We had a slightly pleasant conversation. I think I may have convinced him to stop bullying.” You said calmly, while Peggy on the other hand looked ready to slap someone.

“Don’t get your hopes up. Thomas, wouldn’t change for anyone. I know he’s dreamy, but he’s a lying snake.” Peggy growled, leading you to the lunch room.

Her words swirled in your brain. He wouldn’t change for anyone. He wasn’t going to change for you.


The following week passed quickly. You still saw Thomas daily, but your newly acquired friends wouldn’t let him come anywhere near you. Peggy had told them of your encounter with him and they all had become extremely protective of you. And the thing to increase their protectiveness was, that the day after you talked to him he had become kind.

No kids had been bullied since and he was kind to almost everyone. That didn’t mean he had gotten rid of his massive ego, but still he seemed a changed man and you were to thank. Just the thought of it gave Alexander a stress ulcer.

It was lunch break on Friday, when you finally got a moment away from your group of friends. You loved them, but their protectiveness had almost made you go insane. You had to stop yourself from punching Hercules in the face a couple times. If Thomas even glanced at you, Hercules would try to go and beat him up. It was getting completely out of hand.

“Hello again, lovely.” A deep voice said from behind you. You spun around to be inches away from Thomas’s face.

“H-Hi.” You stuttered, the close proximity making you extremely nervous.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but I have stopped being a bully…Not completely, but baby steps, ya know?” Thomas smiled at you.

“Trust me, I noticed.” You smiled back, only making his brighter.

“Am I allowed to date you now? I mean, if I’m still stupidly cute and all.” He smirked slightly as your face flushed.

“I guess, that could be okay. As long as you don’t go back to being a jerk.” You said, his face getting closer to yours as you spoke.

“Am I allowed to kiss you?” You could feel his warm breath on your cheeks.

“I don’t think I’d be able to say no.” You said softly, bringing your lips softly to his.

You don’t know why, but this kiss was unlike any you had ever had. His lips molded perfectly to yours. He put his hands on your waist, pulling your bodies closer together. You placed your hands on his chest, clutching his signature maroon sweatshirt. Getting lost in the moment, you didn’t hear the approaching footsteps and whispers.

“(Y/N)?” Angelica yelled, terror laced in her voice.

You pulled away to see your whole group of friends standing there in shock and horror. Thomas still held you closely to his chest, neither of you making a move to step away from your close embrace.

“I like him. Can I keep him?” You asked quietly, imitating the way Peggy had introduced you earlier in the week.

“But-” Alexander tried, glaring at Thomas.

“Please? He’s been good. He’s stopped bullying people and he’s not going to do it again.” You pleaded, showing them your best puppy dog eyes.

“(Y/N), it’s only been a week.” Lafayette protested.

“But Laffy Taffy…” You pouted, seeing his hard expression crack.

“Fine, you can keep him. But if he messes up at all, he has to deal with us.” Eliza said, her voice venomous.

“Yes ma’am!” You smiled, watching them turn around and walk back to the lunchroom.

“So, you get to keep me?” Thomas asked, chuckling at the phrase.

“Oh, shut up.” You groaned, before pulling him in for another memorable kiss like before.

Zero to Hero || Veronica Lodge

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Requested : R is friends with the gang but in the background (shy, quiet, awkward) They think she’s a cinnamon roll, that’s why everyone keeps her out of the investigation/dangerous stuff. R likes V but doesn’t think she has a chance. One night, when the gang is investigating, they get attacked and R shows up in the badass clothes from the Serpents, leather jacket and all, along with people to help her and they save them. Afterwards everyone is just like ??? And somehow her and V become a couple?

[A/N] : The reader’s characterization is oddly alike me. thats really creepy anon but I dig it.. well I hope ya like it? Oh by the way, this is an AU where Archie and Veronica never got together, and Cheryl didn’t try to commit suicide..


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